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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 13, 1925, High Point, North Carolina Pace 4high Point Enterprise sunday. December 13, 1925 the sunday Enterprise Pill Bocc pc Tery afternoon my j. P. Rawley he b. Terry publisher h. A. Choir Busto it manager c. M. Waynic editor Worth Bacon City editor Dan la. Schrode adv mgr. Cd on month. .&6 one week. La the associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All new dispatches 11 edited to it or not otherwise credited in thi paper and also the local new published therein. Entered a second class matter at the Post office at High Point n. C., under the act or Congress of March 8, 1872. Term of years. At the conclusion of it Greensboro will know whether her water Supply in sufficient to rely upon in All seasons As the City continues to grow. It is stated too that a a it will be possible to materially increase the efficiency in operation of the Plant due to a knowledge of the exact characteristic of Stream the City also will derive Quot Ald in the intelligent use of stored water in the Reservoir and indication of the approach of the time when additional sources of Supply must be this is Forward looking governmental action. The growing cities of the state have no higher responsibility than the furnish ment to the citizens of sufficient pure water not Only for Domestic purposes but for Industrial uses which Are increasing their demand. Adequate water Supply is one of the Points in favor of the Community that possesses it that had great weight in resolving the outcome of Competition for new industries. This Stream gauging that the state department furnishes at Cost or less is an important service available for any City that chooses to take it. Furthermore no pity should he without the data this kind of a Survey provides. We be Lieve that High Point should a a judge Over at Gastonia granted i quire the information As to the entry bemoan an individual athlete s Selling out to professionalism As Long As the universities themselves Are making a business of producing Money teams advertising department news department. Business department. 2725 .2355. -.2312 National represents advertising lives Frost Landis and Holm Brunswick building 25u Park ave., new York people s Gas building Michigan Boulevard Chicago. Sunday december 13, 1925. Three divorces in 29 minutes whih was better than wasting the whole morning on them. Fortunately seeded up transportation Hasni to served to increase the frequency of these visits of s. Claus. Character of its water Supply. There is a feeling Here that ultimately we must tap Yadkin River for water. It is an inexpert uninformed opinion a Mere guess but it May hit the Mark. At any rate the City ought to know. Foreknowledge of what our problems is in respect to water that Tan be secured for a Small expenditure might preserve High Point against the expenditure of a half a million dollars or american on a Chines train j More at the wrong place. Why not were caught squarely Between two Ollow Greensboro s intelligent Lead rival forces during a Battle and in this matter some of them were very nearly hit. Vice president Dawes seem to be realizing for the first time that lies really not a member of the Senate of the United states. Turk rebellious Over Mosul the Turk is preparing for War with great Britain and Britain in disposed according to the colonial Secretary to maintain her right a she a always Turkey declare she will not give up Mosul and yet turks in authority admitted that they expect the league of nation to award the province to Irak which is under British mandate. Trouble seems imminent in Tho matter Turkey would be Able to cause a Nasty crisis. With a standing army at about a half million already fairly Well armed it i said she could double her Man Power in Short order. A million men could conduct a War of major proportions for a. Time against the Best Britain backed by the league of nations could do. Mosul is Rich in Oil and. Therefore is important to Turkey As Well a highly desirable to the British. It is a prize Worth competing for and both sides passengers using Caviness to speak state Highway to at meeting of men get tojshebor0 hard surface Road is l aking away much of Railroad s a Fec Ngor traffic today Jih p. M. Members of a gang arid men s dub Are to hold the meeting that the Large majority of people Are using the hard surface Road in travelling Between High Point and Asheboro rather than making the trip by rail is evidenced by the records of the High Point Randleman Asheboro and Southern Railroad. In 1920. Prior to completion of the hard surface Highway Bot Ween the two foregoing cities 83, passengers were conveyed Over the rail to Road while during that period from november 25, 1 924 to november 25, 1925, the Railroad served Only 2,4 00 passengers. These figures Yvere revealed at a meeting of the Railroad directors Here recently and were made Public last night by j. Elwood Cox of this City member of the state Highway commission through whose efforts to the j the Highway was constructed. Dispute seem definitely committed to the notion that it is one Worth fighting for. The governments present policy some of the colleges which formerly were bidding for one Alioth or g Star players now Are forced to confine themselves to bidding for the other a coaches. Some interesting statistics next to the difficulty in holding the Star College athletes in Amateur circles is that experienced in keeping the coach who them. There s nothing wrong with football says Knute Rockne. Of course not. Has t Knute two universities bidding anxiously for his services right now one Consolation about the new Congress going into session is the furnish ment of a Good explanation if anything goes wrong in the country. If red Grange s football season cuts in anti Ehmu will the motion picture folks proceed with their plans to feature him at a Cost of $300,000? tile Man who become Shah Persia after years of service us a Hostler for cossacks probably will find his experience helpful in his new Job if he does his duty. Some sailors on an american naval vessel who were trying to offset the work of both volstead and Josephus Daniels by operating a Little still aboard ship Are now facing court martial we assume that the state administration has settled Down to the routine business of government since gubernatorial appointments to minor positions now constitute big Capitol news. When the state Highway commission approved the construction of the hard surface Road which directly connects High Point and Asheboro criticism of the preference of it Over certain other projects was based upon the presume develops j Hon that the Road was not needed greatly. It is interesting therefore i to get figures which throw Light upon the question raised. Such figures Are afforded by the Statis i tics of the Short line Railroad j which operates trains Between this City and Asheboro. I the Railroad s reports show that the passengers transported in 1920 i Between the two Points numbered j 83.000 while during tile past year Only 2.400 were carried. The tray tic Between High Point and Ashe a Boro certainly has t decreased noticeably in five years probably it. Has increased. The natural inference is that the thousands who i formerly used the trains now Are j catching Hie buses or driving their own cars Over the smooth Road. This illustration not Only supports the conclusion of the commissioner that the Road was a Public need of Large importance but it shows the effect Good roads can have on rail transportation. Fortunately for the railroads the general increased movement of Tho people and Tho enlarged volume of Commerce More than compensates for what business the automobile carriers Are getting but in certain a Short line cases the defection has a serious effect on passenger receipts. The Railroad company is having Little passenger traffic at present As compared with that of 19 20 and previous year before Tho modern Road was constructed. Buses Are operated Between High Point and Asheboro and those travelling be tween the two cities who do not have automobiles in a majority of j cases travel on buses. Or. Cox expects to leave High s Point tonight for Raleigh where j this week he will attend a meeting i of the state Highway commission. D at odell�?Ts1 an idea insinuated into the political thinking of the nation As often As Opportunity permits by those hostile to the party in Power is that. The administration is a government with a passion for things rather than people. Undoubtedly or. Coolidge is persuaded of the Virtues of our economic order but whether thi causes him to yield unduly to business interests or not perhaps is a question for the socialist to worry Over rather than j one to alarm the average american. Closing quotations Bai Lillav there is no evidence so far. As we j erf some what Irreg see it that Washington has Relin i quashed its authority importantly j there was a time in our history stocks Point to a higher ground arrangement were completed today for the meeting of Quot the gang and the men Christian evangelistic club in the y. M. A. This afternoon at 3 of clock. H. Levine or Greensboro will be the chief speaker. Or. Eer iness is an attorney and a splendid orator. Quot he i one of the finest speakers i have Ever heard a said brother Bill Stephens in speaking of or. Cav in Ess. The meeting this afternoon promises to be one of the Best the gang and men s clubs have Over held and it is hoped that every Man in Hie i City who is interested in tile work will make a Sproal Effort to be present. This afternoons meeting is to be announced in the churches of the City this morning this request having been made by Edgar Hartley chairman of the gospel team department of the organization. Or. Aik will make an address i will re heard at meeting Varent teachers on next tuesday night real Horsman dolls the Premier american playthings for Over half a Century the name a a Horsmann has stood for a a Quality in dolls. Is i a however of the bidding Foh and that not so Long ago when our very Rich men were colossi of menacing proportions. English statesman once exclaimed that such a Man a dangerous to the Well being of the world when or. Depew told him that one american citizen was Worth one Hundred million dollars. The englishman exaggerated the truth but within the memory of Young men the serious illness or death of one of our captains of Industry or great Bankers disturbed the markets created panics of More or less serious results and affected the livelihood of tens of thousands. Who worries Over much now about the Power of the very Rich what difference essentially is there Between the consequences of the death of a pauper and the passing of a Multi millionaire in America not much so far As the common wealth is concerned. The death of the plutocrats no longer affects the markets. Not so Long ago Market stories were invariably tons of interest when a very Rich Man Felt ill government is fostering business. It is encouraging big business. The present administration wants big business to become bigger business. But there is no relaxation of Federal control by commissions of the properties in new York. Dec. 12 map i a Stock prices pointed upward Dur ing the greater part of today a mar wet but a renew Al of profit taking j Dent in the High school will speak and sporadic Bear Selling in the from the viewpoint of the boy. Or. It. M. Andrews president of High Point College will be the chief speaker at the meeting of the Parent teacher association of Elm Street school on tuesday night at 7 30 of clock. The association will observe Quot father night at that time and it is hoped there will he a Large attendance of patrons of the school. Logan Porter will make an address from tile father s viewpoint and Wilbur Hutchens former Ray Street school Pupil but. Now a Stu Uit a bring the kiddies to o d e i is g r e e u s h Oro s greatest t o a land cute lovable personalities unlike the crude dolls which crowd the Market ilor Sman dolls Are real Little people with character most of them with distinctive names. Horsman dolls each and every one of them Are carefully made and critically inspected before packing. Every precaution is taken that Horsman dolls reach the Little folks free from contamination of any sort. Every doll represents the Best of everything that goes into doll making. Of course you la want to see the display of the Many Horsman dolls in our toy department. Come in tomorrow a. Last half hour gave closing quotation an irregular appearance appearance. Trading was in Lela miss Blanche Burgess Delegate to the state Parent teacher association meeting at Wilmington recently will make her report. An Tilly heavy volume for a half hoi of other feature of the meeting will Ida session total sales falling Hustle Christmas music by a group of school children and several violin below 900,00u shares. Selling pressure was again exerted against French francs which collapsed to another new Low record for the year. Commodity markets were quiet. Cotton futures were reactionary March contracts falling below 19 cents a Pound but wheat prices were slightly firmer on a resumption of foreign buying. Speculative interest in the Stock Market was confined largely to about a dozen specialities and rails. A sudden outburst of buying in Allis Chalmers based on reports of expanding business sent that Stock up to a new High record for t lie year. I he tic Maud for Stewart Warner Speedo _ meter which showed an extreme j gain at a new 192 top was Stimu-1 lated by reports of a heavy radio Marfi Festa i business. _ new Peak prices in the Indus i trial group also were attained by j american water works Art loom. Case threshing machine preferred j j Continental and Reynolds inter j National paper. Jewel Tea. Mathe son Alkali and Hon the Porto rican j sugar. American smelting Advance de fractionally the highest Price i in nearly Twenty years in Iii Early trading being attained but later which big bust tej Hack for a net Loc in the Day selections by a quartet from professor Elmore class. The program is one of the Best Ever arranged for a meeting of the association and it promises to be entertaining and profitable. Odell Piedmont Branch 519 5. Elm Street Greensboro x. China and gift shop first floor n Odell. Builder supplies 327 s. Davie Street athletic coaches More Tim half of the Money Rob looted for Federal uses pay for wars past present and prospective but some it it a la War profiteers probably think til Quot a Worth what the in 1 if most of the work was t Don by committee clerk and a few hardworking congressmen the world tear from rarely Many of the member up a Washington w Ould step oui and let it her ambitious americans take their place. Tile Western part with St it bearing the Brunt of the pre canvass for fund with w in ii buy the great smokes ii that the land May he tend government fur u Park. By movement succeeds the country will be benefited it to order a1 the if Hie whole a service Worth More than it costs Greensboro we learn from publicity of the state department of conservation and development has engaged the department to make a Survey of its source of City water. The contract Calls for Hie installation of Gauger on Reedy Fork and ii.-, tributaries above Hie City s in i or take. In addition to paying the try a Ost of this installation which is not purified in Ilie j re ii Shore will pay men i % 7a car f h t j Epati my is tic the it. Of of Federal i i Iii i. A Iii no t w ii inn ounce Merit rile depart i expense of by fun is a Odds. I last tor the Competition of the american College for athletic supremacy May become unwholesome it rather distasteful for instance to observe two great institutions of learning bickering about the services of an athletic coach i he Case of Columbia and notre Dame is in Point. Knute Rockne is Lamable lint Arn the College authorities cd together without fault in the course they Are pursuing in bidding for the service of successful t mines Rockne apparently misrepresented his. I us Columbia says he told her negotiators thai he was not bound by oat Rad to notre dam while developments showed tile contrary to be the truth. Blit regardless of his part in the Deal Columbia t caught trying to him away from Bel sister lust it it iou. Man who has did to anguished him Elf in nothing other than Tho development of a Tine Gridiron amp Ioup. Much emphasis is placed these Days on the athletic rivalry of the universities Anil colleges is it too much emphasis no such nastiness is displayed in striving to contract with a great teacher of mathematics or literature history biology philosophy or Chemis As is shown in the efforts to sign up tile Rockne. The Joneses and others of athletic coaching Fame. How Fai is i Competition Fen popular acclaim of athletic prow. Is to be carried by rite a morn tie.-? and Bow ran they consist Ness menus Money is invested. Recently issued figures indicate that the wage level has been raised materially in this country since i 1 920 and Tho wholesale Price of commodities reduced about one third. Government claims Large credit for Tinct economic in prove ment. Hoovers department interesting itself in transportation pin Linen titular by. Has served american business Well but Thoro is a difference Between government used and misused by business men end a government fostering business and regulating it. Up to the present time. Washington Hasni to surrendered to predatory wealth. Miss Nannie Hege to be buried today in Friedburg cemetery Steamer with lading of Coal it lost at tried Burg moravian Church this afternoon at 2 of clock funeral service will be conducted for miss Nannie huge one of Iii oldest Venin ibis Section of Tho state w to died Frida after on mis Meg had been making her Home with or and mrs a. N. Widener on West Lexington Avenue. Mechanicsville and the Lun eral party ill leave that Horn to Day at 12 30 o clock Rev. Jaa. Ecu vision. Pastor a it he Friedburg moravian Church will conduct the funeral services. Burial w ill occur in the Church cemetery. The death of miss Liege was due to the infirmities of Cid age. She a i a splendid Christian woman and her Many friends will regret to learn of Lier death. Gives report of the parents and teachers the i teat Bel Street Sci Teresing \ vestion of evident of the association of oui Bas pre Par report of i Iuri parents and Havana. Dec. 12.�? apr Tui port police yesterday issued a state meat that the t Namer cot pc i t which loft Charleston s. A vim j state convention of Day ago with a cargo of Coal for Havana had sunk and that the Crew had been rescued anti were being taken to Charleston. Nothing to substantiate ibis however bus been found Aud it would appear that the report a based on erroneous information. Tim Crew had not been landed in Havana a was previously reported. Tile Clinchfield Nav Iga Iuit company which yesterday a reported to have notified the Spartanburg 8. <�?T., offices of the Chuck Tlell fuel com Pally that the Crew Hail been a of. Is not listed in Havana i Pellay Brothers consigned of ill Cotopaxi a i argue. Bari no Oiler inform. Ion than thai Gifu oui by a the port Ila be Quot Thev Aid. Bes not arrived Hep ii id at ii in i ii be t in last in attended the convention the report Chow that ton entertained Hie during their stay in that tracts of the addresses o were Given a also Wen of i he response by no t he a i la i i Many inspiring addle delivered during the c while the social program by w Ilmington people lunch Ops i a i ions n a i t it j Rimes d in in Tate Coulee Che i Juth. She w Liming Las Royalty City. Sex we in of it portion out port ii o it in aug id. Drive a est in Nii in clip it go i in i been robbed i 2 i me. V i i nothing to Chicago p makes a Doz to. No hut d Al boost High Point and the Palace department store 110 South main Street Quot the Christmas store Quot gifts of apparel will Delight feminine fancy left Lovely frock is your Choice Here Are extensive a mein from which to make your i $2.98$39,75 desirable gift a coat Hie fabrics and trimmed children with finest Lur $4.95 $150 i a let s Aud ill a 111 cd kit $25 $350 a Dainty gift Rill e hider ear 98c $10 ladies and children a $1.00 $10 hats

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