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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 9, 1925, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise wednesday december 9. 1925 Pace 7 the links referee interpretations of the Rale of Golf by Innis Brown. Managing editor the american golfer a a two women golfers a our club were playing in a selected score event Best eighteen out of thirty six holes. At Tho first Hole a out drove b and after the latter had played her second shot they walked towards a a Ball. On the Vray they were met by a child who said a i found a it belonged to a and As neither knew what was to be done under the circumstances it was agreed to return to the clubhouse and ask one of the commit tee for a ruling. The Caddie was placed in charge of b s Ball. The committee stated that a should Lee another Ball and Start again. The round was completed and the member of the committee then informed a and b that he thought they were both disqualified hut that they had better play the second round As there was some uncertainty. At the end of the Day it was found that b had won the Competition and she was then told by the committee that she was disqualified for a coming now assuming that the advice to a to Start again was corrects it was obviously b s duty to be there to see her tee the Ball so of disqualification appears scarcely logical to other members of Tho committee. What is the answer a under stroke 2 i discontinuance of play Only entails disqualification when the committee considers that the reason Given by the competitor is not satisfactory and in this Case the committeeman raised no objection at the time under stroke Bult 2. It therefore appears unfair that at a later time either player should have been disqualified under this Rule by the committee. A a two golfers play in a stroke Competition for score for each other another player plays around with s pm but does not intend put Beauty dignity in bricks much can be accomplished by the intelligent use of color in permanent construction Light and dark Tan face Brick from our kilns Laid in special Bonds will add much Beauty and dignity to otherwise mediocre buildings. Cunningham Brick company offers the builder a wider variety of materials in Quality that is dependable. Conningham Brick company samples on display at Snow lumber co. E. R. Lyon representative Ting his total in. Can this in allowed a no. Playing three Halls in a medal Competition disqualifies the contestants because they have not conformed to the ruling that players shall play in couples. Q. In a match round a and c took out cards for a stroke Competition and agreed to waive stymies and play both competitions at the same time. They were disqualified by the committee for the match tournament but Tho cards were accepted for the stroke. It was then discovered that a had agreed with his opponent to waive stymies in his previous round. C contends that a riffs disqualified for that round and that therefore he should have had a a a default for the round in which he and a were disqualified has c any rights in this matter a. C incurred the penalty of disqualification for debarring stymies in his match with a. A should have been disqualified for the same reason after his previous round had the facts been known to the committee but As they were not known a and c were playing a round in the Competition. Q. In a medal event for women a returned a winning score and her name was posted As such. Two Days later she was disqualified by the committee because her card had not been signed. Was the committee right a. No. It is the duty of the committee to examine the cards before posting the names of the Winner. After having posted the names the committee must be held to have accepted the card As Correct and in order. Q. In a Boggy Competition a golfer sent his second stroke at the 3ixteenth Hole into a Bunker. Dis gusted at the snot be dropped another Ball saying a this is the Way it should have been done drove it Over the Bunker to the Green. He holed out with the original Ball. Did he incur any penalty a. Yes. He is disqualified for that Hole. Innis Brown will answer your question on the rules of Goff. Write him care of the sport editor end closing stamped addressed envelope if you want a personal re-1 ply. Copyright 1923 Bell Syndicate inc. That body of yours by Jas. W. Barton m. D. Another use for water it is a proven fact that most of us do not drink enough water. Some year ago folks were warned not to drink any water or other fluids with their meals because it was thought this liquid would dilute the gastric juice thus making it too weak to Start Tho digestion of food. It was proven later that a Little fluid was a Good thing at meal times because it really softened the food and put it into such a condition that the stomach juice could digest it More readily. Of course it is and always has been a mistake to take too much water or liquid with meals because the stomach can be distended to such an extent that part of it May drop slightly thus making it harder for the stomach to push the digesting food into the Small intestine. Now Many folks Are drinking water with the idea of cleansing the stomach the intestines and even the kidneys and the idea behind this is sound enough but another great Benefit from this drinking of water has lately been discovered. It has been found that where sufficient water is not taken into the system that the Little red blood cells the ones that carry food and oxygen to the tissues cannot do their work properly. The Lack of Yater seems to take away some of their ability to take oxygen into themselves for distribution. In other words the Little cells Only carry a partial Supply of that life giving element oxygen. Now what happens just what would happen if part of the Supply of air were Cut off. The experiments showed that the patients deprived of water became languid with an anxious expression upon the face. With an adequate Supply of water the languor and anxiousness disappeared. Although boxers and jockeys Cut Down on their liquid intake to keep Down their weight and they know their business Best nevertheless most of us could do with an extra Glass or two Between meals not Only As an internal cleansing help but also to actually help our lungs by increasing the oxygen carrying Power of the red blood cells. More Stout people Here some British physicians came Over to the United states to study diabetes because there were More cases Over Here than perhaps anywhere else in the world. One of their comments was that the people on this Side were a great Deal fatter than were people abroad and that there were More diabetic people forty years of age Here than Over there. Their explanation was that not Only were the people fatter but they took less exercise. A prominent Boston physician stated that one explanation might be that of the Nineteen million automobiles in the world seventeen millions were in North America. Now although this dread ailment is under control due to or. Bant -.�?�?.-�. Ill. I us a i a ill i i j. Inn discovery of insulin nevertheless tile two Points noted by these visiting physicians that our people wire stouter and took less exercise. Should make us do a Little thinking. None of us want to go Back to tier climbing to walking great distances to and from our employment. Nor to have our men perform heavy t ii is k that our labor saving machinery has made necessary but i m inst wondering if in accepting a1 t m be advantages of our land we Are not becoming a soft nation Phat sic ally. It is pleasing to see numbers of our youngsters play but in the Olden Days All boys and girls played or v. Worked or did both. And As to food As i be said before. Tim worlds products Are at hand All the year around with cooking to tempt the appetite it is going to be hard to persuade folks to walk when they can ride or to eat a reasonable Quantity of food when so much can be obtained. This lesson of the old testament that by Tho sweat of the brow we were to eat our bread would seem to be very timely with us. Our work does no to Call Forth perspiration often so we should take some exercise daily and reduce our food intake. Copyright 1925, Bell Syndicate Washington to study league nations offer Washington dec. a definite comment by Washington officials on the league of nations decision to invite the United states Russia and Germany to participate in tile work of a special com Mission on International disarmament will await a careful study of the text of the invitation by president Coolidge. Congress in ratifying the German Pearl treaty imposed limitations on Tho Powers of the president to Send delegates abroad for conferences and it will be necessary for the Washington government to have very full knowledge of the purpose of the proposed disarmament conference As Well As its exact relationship to the league of nations and to the. Versailles treaty before derision can be reached Here on the court to be followed. Employed women in Bible class Friday the employed women s Bible class plans to have an interesting meeting Friday evening at 7 30 o clock in the municipal building. Tile assignment announced for study this week is the third period Era of Moses and Joshua sex. 1 15. This class is carrying on regular study and assignments Are made for the members of the class to prepare in Advance of the sessions so that the work itself May be More Thor Ough. All the members Are urged to be present at the next meeting. Moving Otto Wood Statesville dec. a Otto Wood escaped of state prison captured yesterday near Mooresville left Here today for the Penitentiary at Raleigh in custody of police chief Woodside of Mooresville. Chief Woodside effected the capture. A Comfort picture in four words Home dinner a chair slippers there Isnit anything that appeals to a Man any More than those after a hard Days work. If he Hasni to the slippers make Quot a Quot Christmas note a right now. And see that he gets a pair of these Daniel Greene comfy slippers. We have a new and Complete line of Daniel Greene comfy slippers for women. Mother Fletcher Castoria is a pleasant harmless substitute for Castor Oil Paregori teething drops and soothing syrups especially prepared for infants in arms and children All Ages. To avoid imitations always look for the signature of proven directions on each package. Physicians everywhere recommend it. First mortgage real estate Loans on improved real estate 5v2% in High Point and Vicinity at see us for details Farlow insurance and realty co. 413 commercial Bank bldg. Phone 4212 amp re a win More Frier 50 Lucky strikes tax free we invite every smoker in this City to take advantage this startling offer. We be told you about Lucky strike superiority. Your friends have told you. Now know for your self the value of the toasting process we make this proposition to win More friends the regular Price of a tin of 50 Lucky strikes is 40c we pay the government tax of 15c you pay the dealer Only 25c a of rat tint Lar As dealers allotment Ljutvi Vij at this Price is limited get one tin person01 Kame Orff a office. The regular Price smoke these 50 Lucky strikes. Then you la know How the 45-minute toasting process adds to the flavor and improves the taste Lucky strike

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