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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 9, 1925, High Point, North Carolina High Point stores Are filled with Christmas merchandise Trade at Home Points population u s o of Ymeri on ii �?Tr23 22,279high Point Enterprise High Point the growing Industrial City of North Carolina has a total of 125 manufacturing plants weather forecast generally fair tonight 6c thursday colder in Northeast portion tonight Northwest wind vol. 34�?no. 65 full associated press. High Point n. G wednesday evening december 9. 1923 12 pages today Price five Coolidge delivers budget list to Congress and says Cost of government nears minimum no ii Quot room l ident figures Analysed show what the Federal tax Money is used for Washington dec. 8.�? apr the Story of where the governments Money comes from and where it goes in terms of the Avert age Dollar was told today in Estl a mates for 1927 submitted by the i budget Bureau As follows i a where it comes from income and profits tax 49.6 cents Mascel Laneous internal Revenue 22.85 cents customs Revenue 14.43 cents interest Premium and discount 4.95 cents fees fines penalties1 and forfeitures 0.84 cents repay ments on investments 1.62 cents Trust fund receipts 2.16 cents and other miscellaneous receipts 3.99 cents. A where it goes general functions of government 3.35 cents National defense 16.32 cents military pensions retirement annuities world War allowances and life insurance claims 16.55 cents Public works 5.60 cents promo tion regulation and operation of Marine transportation 1.88 cents. Other civil function 7.40 cents. Refunds 4.91 cents Public debt retirement from Ordinary receipts 14,76 cents interest on Public debt 22.75 cents and Trust funds 6.48 i cents. Who spends it legislative establishment 1.41 cent executive office 0.01 cent veterans Bureau 10.52 cents other Independent establishments 1.61 cents agriculture 4.33 cents Commerce q�8b cents Interior 7.66 cents Justice including judicial 0.70 cent labor 0.25 cent Navy 9.55 cents deficiency in postal revenues 0.71 cent state 0.47 cent Treasury 8.78 cents Public debts retirement 14.75 cents interest on Public debt 22.7 cents investment of Trust fund 5.60 cents War including Panama canal 9.94 cents District of Columbia 1.04 cents. A the expenditures of the Federal government for Tho coming fiscal year were estimated today by president Coolidge at $3,896,207,921, an increase of $160,083,326 Over the outlay for the current year. The bulk of the increase to the postal service which is operating under a new schedule of wages and tates and to Tho veterans Bureau to meet increasing requirements of Tho Soldier Bonus. The Post office department alone is allowed $103,-808,148 More than during the present year. The veterans Bureau gets an increase of $53,265,000. Maintenance of the army and Navy at their present enlisted strength is contemplated under the estimates but Tho aviation services Are allotted somewhat larger funds for purchases of equipment. The shipping boards expenditures show sharply the shrinking of that Agency through Sale of lines while expansion of the government Aid policy in building Post roads accounts for additional Money requirements for the department of agriculture. An estimate of $21,-9 40,529 for enforcement of pro i report of tampering in Rhinelander jury starts an investigation today White Plains x. Y., dec. 9. Map a the Westchester county grand jury today was directed to conduct an investigation into an alleged attempt to tamper with the jury which heart i Leonard Kip Rhinelander a annulment suit against his mulatto wife Alice Beatrice Jones. Frederick g. Sanford a juror in the trial told Justice mors Chauser that lie had been approached by a certain Yonkers Man who had broached the subject of the Rhinelander Case. A i gathered from his talk that he favored Rhinelander and was opposed to interracial marriages a a Sanford told Justice Morschauser who presided at the trial. Sanford said he had been approached by other residents of Yonkers during the trial of the Case but he was Only Able to give the name of one Man definitely. A stills sort of thing strikes at the foundation of Justice a said Justice Morschauser. A influence of outsiders brought to Bear upon a jury is harmful. It must Stop. I want juries left alone while they Are hearing a assistant District attorney Coyne after talking with Sanford said that the evidence would be placed before a grand jury and a searching investigation begun. Isaac n. Mills attorney for Rhinelander said today he would submit a 20-Page Brief Oil the Case next Friday to the ourt. Tax Bill is of fore Revenue Bill being House today for supported today l More spectacular issues Are held in abeyance by the Congress non partisan measure introduced yesterday and now under discussion Washington dec. 9.�? apr facing a Complete right of Way the tax reduction Bill was before the House again today for general debate. The non partisan measure carrying a $325,000,000, tax Cut was launched in that body yesterday on its legislative journey with the Good wishes of president Coolidge and of leaders of both parties on the ways and Means committee we hich framed it. In his message to Congress the president praised the action of the committee in drafting the Bill on a non partisan basis and endorsed it Quot in representative Green Republican Iowa chairman of the ways and Means committee in opening the debate lauded provisions of the Bill and told the House he opposed any attempt to increase the total amount of reduction provided. He was applauded by members of both sides of the chamber As he concluded his explanation of the . Representative Garner of Texas ranking Democrat on the committee also Drew applause from both sides when he gave his endorsement to the Bill and urged that it be passed As framed. He entered his remarks on Secretary Mellon and his democratic colleagues on the committee representatives Rainey Illinois and Hull Tennessee who have opposed the increase provided in personal exemptions. By endorsing the Bill or. Garner declared president Coolidge showed that he was not in Harmony with Secretary Mellon s tax views a for this is not Secretary Mellon a Bill a it does not include his recommendations a in women who Are sitting in never Congress Bills says the measure ought not be amended in important particulars is not wholly agreed some minor changes might be made to improve it he admits county Loans for state Highway to ultimately they will strike at states credit says business Man for split of surtax thinks imposition of a higher rate than 20 percent leads to evasion by the taxpayers Dull business in ask m m 1-5b0 tax Bill debate people continued on Page 4 Clove plans interesting meet coach Boylin to stage ath a Letic show and school to have program Washington dec. 9.�? a taxes and appropriations had to quote whole stage to themselves today on Capitol Hill while the More spectacular issues of the new congressional session including aviation and prohibition awaited their turn impatiently. Driving ahead with its tax Bill debate the House paused Only Long enough to receive president Coolidge annual budget proposing expenditures of $160,000,000 in excess of the appropriations for the current year. The Senate lingering Over the formalities of getting organized after the summer interlude was in recess until tomorrow. The budget estimates were sent to the Capitol by messenger and the president s accompanying message outlining details of the governments fiscal program was read to the House by its clerk just after the Days session began at noon. Several House sub committees already Are at work on appropriation Bills to fulfil the budget needs enumerated by the president. Two of these measures making Money available for the Interior and Post office departments Are nearing completion and will be brought before the House next week. John Morton injured Hickory dec. 9.�? apr John Morton of Conover was injured and his car was wrecked last night when struck by West bound Southern passenger train number 21 at the Conover crossing. Three Banks $60,400 to Christmas club members Here Washington dec. 9.�? apr amendment of the Revenue Bill in any important particular will be nothing Short of a National calamity representative Mills of new York a Republican member of the ways and Means committee which framed the $325,000,000 tax reduction measure today told the House. While not agreeing with every provision of the Bill or. Mills defended at some length its income tax rate schedules which he de scrib As the Best drafted by the committee in the last ten years. Discussing the proposed Cut in the maximum surtax rate from 40 to 20 per cent the new York representative declared he believed a any attempt to impose a High rate will inevitably Breed the kind of evasion that has characterised the administration of our postwar statutes while any lower rate will cause an unnecessary loss in or. Mills answered criticism that the Bill did not Benefit taxpayers with incomes Between $20,000 and $70,000 As much As others with the assertion tha this is due a Sta the arbitrariness of the ants Here Are the three new women members of the new Congress. They Are left to right mrs. Mary t. Norton of new Jersey mrs Florence p. Kahn of California and mrs. Edith Rogers of Massachusetts. From the Way their eyes Are cast Down it appears they Arentt As used As most congressmen to having their pictures taken. No formal policy governor Underwood to to opposed to the present plan but i9 silent Hill did his Best mining incidents Young Mother has of Federal plans cause police to found Rich Friend Given to Public make an inquiry in mrs. Whitney Large taxation increase necessary to stabilization of franc Paris dec. 9�? apr French one woman is killed and dwelling of a Miner is wrecked by explosion Pittsburgh pa., dec. 9.�? a. She will have her Chance to develop her voice for operatic career possibly the result of monday Bond Sale May have a influence on the county Loans approximately 1,500 local people received a total of $60,400 this week when the Wachovia Bank and Trust company the Atlantic Bank and the commercial National Bank mailed checks to the members of their Christmas savings clubs. This Large sum represents the savings from week to week of the people who made up the 1,500 accounts at the three Banks named during the past year. Due to the fact that the savings clubs last january got away to a late Start this is considered to be very Good and Banks Are now enlisting members for the clubs of next year. Under the plan for the coming year the Banks a re receiving one payment now in order that every one May Start the weekly payments on time. This plan of saving in order that subscribers May have ample sums to enjoy the holidays with has been a policy with local Banks for several years and the same general schedule of weekly payments is to be continued according to statements made at the Banks this morning. The merchants of the City feel that such savings mean Good business for everybody concerned. It enables the buyer to have Money with which to buy and a Good business season is to be expected As a result. This sentiment a embodied in a letter to the Banks from the merchants association which is at present carrying on a Campaign to encourage local people to investigate local buying opportunities before going elsewhere to shop. A physical education program is a to be offered at the Cloverdale school Friday evening at 7 30 o clock under the auspices of the teachers of that school d. P. Whitley principal for the Benefit of the athletics of Cloverdale. Health exercises pm ays and games will comprise the program in the primary grades and these will be under the direction of some of the teachers. The program for the higher grades is 10 be in charge of coach Boylin of the High Point College. He plan to have several athletic activities demonstrating healthful and generally beneficial exercise combined with really enjoyable play. He will be assisted by or. Bip-11i, of the High Point College and a member of the football team. Who will Lead the students in a calisthenic Drill. E plans for the evening Promise an enjoyable As Well As Benefi Lal occasion and at the same time hot athletics Are to be benefited it is hoped sufficient enthusiasm will in aroused in the health aspect of i a work to Odd Force to it. Seek at least $1,000 for City s ten neediest cases $181 raised in 1921 and 1924 and the necessity of now making the consequent a the Revenue act of 1921,�?� he said a reduced the 1819 tax of the $3,000 Man by 66.7 percent. The 1924 act reduced it further to a Point 87 1-2 per cent below the 1918 tax. For the $6,000 Man those percentages were respectively 36 per cent and 77.9 per cent for the $10,000 Man 37.3 and 75 percent for the $20,000 Man 34.6 and 61.3 pet cent As compared with 16.3 and 37.8 percent for the $80,000 Man 14 and 35.5 per cent for the $100,000�?TMan, 144.2 and 15.1 percent for the $200,000, or in other words the 1921 and 1924 acts granted to men with taxable incomes of $10,000 or less Over twice As much reduction and to the men with taxable incomes of $21,000 or less almost twice As much reduction As we Given to. The incomes in the High or. Mills on the other hand defended the argument of Secretary Mellon that the inheritance tax Field should be turned Over entirely to the states and the Federal tax repealed a the states need the Money a he said a to relieve in some measure the colossal Burden of the state and local taxes while the Federal government does no to. In the course of the last few years the latter has taken Over the Cream of the taxes and has Leftawe former to struggle along As Best they can with the skimmed a the Bill provides a a he explained a that upon notice of a deficiency the tax payer if he does not agree has Only the course open to him to petition the Board of tax appeals for a review of the decision of the commissioner and then if dissatisfied with the decision of the Board an Appeal will lie to the United states District court of appeals and from there by writ of get Teri Orl to the supreme court. Conversely like limitations apply to the commissioner. The amendment reports in my judgment a genuine improvement in procedure and will i think meet with your unqualified approval. To balance the budget and except Forth by Coal company officials and tonal revenues with which to found Sharif r. F. Woodside of allege und created by the Sec Eny county on one Side and the Ond Bill but pending receipts from United mine workers on the other. The latter the managers of Tho rhe truck ploughed into a group fund Are empowered to obtain the of persons causing the it death of 22s-7 Wiki a Spital y the mra Georee Viniko it 44 and the institution in order to Quot balance the budget a i have read with Mach interest your Appeal for funds for the ten neediest Case in Helgn reads a letter received from w. F. Pleming by the Enterprise. A being very Mach interested in work of this kind i want to help Carryon this Good work and i Ain enclosing herewith my Check for $25. Or. Pleming closed i Lett a with this paragraph �?~1 hop others who Are Able will contribute to this fund and that you will raise a sufficient mount to take care of All ten of the this is the spirit in which High Point must meet this condition and unless the citizens respond generously to the Appeal it will by impossible to fake care of Tho ten neediest cases. The fund today reached 8181, a total of having Hen received by tile Enterprise since yesterday. Chocks May be made payable to the ten neediest cases fund and May be sent direct to the Enterprise. The contributions will be acknowledged through the columns of this paper and will then be turfed Over to a he welfare workers for distribution among the ten neediest cases to take care of the cases which have been pointed out to Enterprise readers approximately $1,000 must be raised. More can be used to Good advantage however the estimate made by those acquainted with the circumstances being a most conservative one. Following ave the contributions received today previously reported. ,$146, w. F. Pleming. 25.00 h. E. Jack Field .10.00 taxpayers Are called upon in the pm authorities of Allegheny and two financial Bills Louis Loucher j Washington counties today Are i minister of finance Bas placed be-1 Vest gating two occurrences in open fore parliament to produce seven. Billion francs More next year to of mining Camps of the Pittsburg balance the budget and Institute a. J Coal company near Bere last Public debt sinking fund. J night one of which resulted in a in his preamble Loucher of woman being crushed to death in my that taxation la Tho in v Wall firms that taxation is the Only Way to obtain the necessary Money. Loans he declared Long have been for doomed to failure and to continue the policy of inflation pursued during the current year might Lead the in try to ruin. The first Mil provides for funds Der a truck and the other an explosion which wrecked the dwelling of a Miner. In the latter instance the Miner and his family escaped unhurt. Contradictory claims were put five billion six Hundred injury of another woman a Deputy sheriff and the truck Driver million i the Contention of the mine com Means proposed to raise this i 8p�kere�?o that As the Coni amount Are taxes on gasoline Alco 9 Liry tru neared a Stoup of hoi and automobiles and increases per9ons at Herod near Montour in prices of tobacco and higher.1.1 1.1�?� Ninf it it Liberty the postal rates Driver was attacked stones being the two billion five Hundred Mil lion francs needed for the sinking fund will be provided by a ten percent tax on sales of real estate and hurled at the truck one of which shattered the Windshield causing him to lose control of the vehicle. P. T. Fagan president of District businesses and a graduated tax on1 number 5, of the i Nion. Charged the a Driver deliberately drove the stabilization of the franc m.,into. He crowd while travelling at Loucher declares is subordinated High rate of Speed. Eagan also to two conditions first a balanced it said that following the Accident budget and a Treasury in a position Deputy sheriffs sent from the mine to meet All obligations and second j three quarters of a mile away fired a favourable Trade balance. A fifteen or Twenty shots and used m Loucher says drastic Steps 1 tear Gas to disperse the must be taken to prevent the illicit sheriff Woodside denied that his Export of capital which was one of deputies either discharged their the causes for fall in the value of the franc. But this he says will not Stop the government from continuing its efforts to have the league of nations adopt International measures against such practice. W. C. A. Defeats Trinity girls 29-15 High Point y. W. C. A. Girls Defeated the Trinity High school girls in a fast game of basketball on the local y. M. C. A. Court last night. The score was 29 to 15. Swiggett and Snyder starred for Trinity w. Gordon and b. Lohr were the outstanding players for High Point. Line ups Trinity Swiggett. Guns or used tear Gas. The explosion took place of Midland mine near Canonsburg Washington county. The wrecked House a company statement said had been occupied by the family of a Union Miner who had not been employed at the mine since it resumed operations under the 1917 wage scale. Fry is elected Des Moines la., dec. 9.�? apr fall Fry Belona la., has been elected Captain of the 1926 football team at Drake University. He is a quarterback and Junior Law student. Litchfield. Conn., dec. 9.- pm acquitted at her second tri i for killing John Bagnano father of her child miss Olympia Marci 20, a Singer who had operatic ambitions has been taken in charge by a wealthy woman who has provided her and her baby a Home. Irs. Joseph Whitney widow of a new York jeweler and a new Haven society Matron became interested in the girl during the first tri i in new Haven after the shooting which occurred in the lobby of a n v Haven theater february 26. Get that time mrs. Whitney offered to give the girl and her baby a Home if she were acquitted but the jury disagreed. May 25, and miss Macri had spent the intervening months in county jails and court rooms. Before she killed Bagnano a professional Singer miss Macri had taken part in Many new Haven entertainments both professional and Amateur Aud had looked Forward to study abroad. In both trials she claimed that Bagnano had refuse to marry her or to Suppi t their baby and that she killed him in self defense. The vote of the first jury was la to i for acquittal. . Whitney was a frequent visitor at the new Haven jail and a constant attendant at court is Sions in both trials. She was in the court room yesterday when the jury reported miss Macri not guilty Wall Street new York dec. 9.�?pri p movements in the Stock mar i followed a downward course at the opening of Trade today. Bear operators taking advantage of their Success in depressing prices late yesterday pressed stocks for Sale and moderate recessions were general among the Pivotal Industrial and Railroad issues. American can Chrysler moved counter to the general trend both rallying More than 2 Points. Up Sci Ai to Tim imtchp1hm Raleigh dec. 9.�?state High Way Otic vials have not received from governor Mclean any request us let up on county Loans so informs tion from that division goes but approach of Bond issuing time revives that Story every Day. The state will sell $20,000,00$ next monday. Of this amount $$�-125, will be Highway Bonds authorized by the 1923 general Assolin Bly a too too More will be asked for the schools but these were authorized by the 192&general Assembly. There will be another $5,000,-000 for highways which the 10t5 Assembly caned tor. And $3,000,00$ will be sold to replace the $5,000,-000 notes issued tor permanent inn prove ments by the legislature of 1923. Thus it will be seen that the state is still Selling paper which it ordered in 1923. I Here is $10,000,000 of that. The state has kept its Bond off the Market and in doing so has been Able to Trade Well but to that time there had been no count lending. The state had taken Over Many stretches of roads and maintained them but counties had paid for them. There has been no Wesalo dealing in county Loans. Good business men declare that these must cripple the state s credit in time mad commissioner John Sprunt Hill of Durham first tested the act under which these county Loans Are approved. Or. Hill carried the attorney general with him and he now appears to have the state but the Law is unamended. Governor Mclean has been quoted As disapproving More county Loans but the Highway commission has not heard any recommendations that he will make. Perhaps the result of the Bond lain monday will determine future course As to county Loans. But the state expects to sell its Bonds. It places i Hopes in governor Mclean who has kept the Bonds off the Market and hurried North Carolina paper As Little As possible. The buyers like his budget and the evident purpose of the state to live within its income. It did not care so much about that when the state was $20,000,000 in debt for Bonds but it does care now and it likes the Mclean Way. President c. P. Barringer has joined president r. W. H. Stone Uri false alarm. High Point firemen answered a false alarm shortly after 9 of clock last night. The alarm was turned in from Box no. 412. Corner of East Russell and Hamilton streets. Continued on Page la j Snyder of of y. W. C. A. W. . Jordan Meridith a. Lohr c Marsh. N. Gordon re count Salm will sue wife in american courts for decree and custody of his one year old son. A. Here Early today death results from stroke of paralysis funeral on thursday Waitsell a. Price died at the Home of his son w. A. Price jr., on Highland Avenue about 2 39 of clock this morning. Five years ago or. Price suffered a stroke of paralysis. Since that time he had been in declining health and on monday he suffered a second stroke which caused his Hellig b. Albertson new York Doc. 9.�? apr that it was necessary to keep the death saying his wife Bas keen a a heartless i infant in Hie South during them Price was born in Alexand i in not letting nil a a Lim see their baby Winter. Or county on november is. 1851 la total .$181.00 rooms. $4,000. Permits Are issued for eight dwellings to be erected Here. Building permits for the erection of eight residences in High Point a 3 been issued this week at the office of fire chief a. B. Homey. The 1 list follows Rufus King estate. Five room dwelling on Park Street. $2,500. Charles Barton seven room dwelling. Burns property. $2,200. C. C. Stokes five room dwelling on Tate Street $3,000. D. H. Elks five room House on East Russell Street. $1,200. C. H. Brown six room dwelling on Denny Street $3,000. Ida Tillman four room dwelling on Harrison Street $500. N. C. Weevil five room residence on East Russell Street $2,-000. Or. L. T. Wilson residence on Ottery and Hur Dover streets six . Ingram cd j referee a Rogers h go Point i College. Count Ludwig Balm Yon soon strap a this purposes a the statement and therefore was 74 years of age. Ten plans to sue her for Szpara j adds a is to establish that he Lias 13 More shopping. Days his attorneys announce they Are that the affection which his wife i. Drawing up papers for the suit. Had Lor him has been alienated the deceased is survived by the i at i1"1 where the for and that she sow or ins with Lier and i widow by four , mrs. Etta Mer Milliorn Rishi went with visors in rendering his efforts to j Frye Hickory mrs d. Isey Mccall her son and her parents or. And St his child table and Dif i Lenoir mis Annie Garrison Gas h. Rogers just Bufo. E her j Flou t. Tonia and w. A. Price. Jr., High title husband s a Ival flout la in est e counters i nil rates to t k Point ii also is survived by Brea a Ope a week ago the countess was Tome in new to k to accept die Brot Era Van Price and Calvin playing cards and puffing a Mono service the count will Ai k permit-1 Price of Gas Onia and William crammed cigarette when informed Sion of. The supreme court to serve i ice of Dallas Texas and by four of the suit. Not re of the suit by publication or Sisters mrs. Martin punch new ish it shrugged her shoulders flip in f Orida. Ped the ashes from her cigarette i the count has never seen his and said by r old son. A i have nothing to Millicent Rogers my count Saint count Salm was in his shirt j were married in the municipal j sleeves in his lawyers office Reading building Iii new York on january a pile of letters when his statement 8, 1024, when she was a to and her before Christmas i was made. J the statement said that on his arrival in new York the count sent his wife a Telegram asking Bluit he be permitted to see the baby in husband 40. They left soon after for a honeymoon abroad the countess returning without her husband several months before the baby was born. She went Back to her new York. The Telegram said he re Jents who had not approved of the Garde her conduct As heartless j match and has been with then Ever her lawyers answered he sets Forth since. A on. . Beckie Kan up Canover mrs. Rodie Poovey end mrs. Harriett a never. Hickory. The funeral services will is conducted at the Home on Highland Avenue by Rev. Or. Jones tomorrow afternoon at 2 of clock. Burial will occur in Oakwood memorial Park. Returned Homo to def or s. La a. Parker of Salisbury who has been a patient at the High Point Hospital for several Wyska of turned to Ber Boms Toda la i

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