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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 8, 1925, High Point, North Carolina Page 8high Point Enterprise tuesday. December 8. 1925 sub Rosa by Mimi the wandering Eye an eligible Young Bachelor much nought after by ambitious mothers and their eager daughters was asked Why be had so Little time for american girls Why he professed to like the youth and Beauty of other nations better than his own. A a of a he answered a american girls have it Over everybody else tor looks and poise and with but the trouble with them is that they All have a Ner Ous affliction called the wandering Eye. It makes a Man feel like a total loss when he discovers that his fair partner Bas this people were mystified. What they asked was the wandering Eye any popular girl with a guilty conscience could have told them just what made the Eye wander How far it wandered and to what purpose. For the roving optic is a common enough symptom among our modern girls. Watch them As they come into Dine at a popular hotel with some attractive men. See them chatter brightly to their escorts and notice How their gaze wanders to the doorway How their smile becomes More Brilliant As give yourself a Brand new lease on life do you feel As if your a please on life has expired there is no need for you to continue feeling tacit Way. With the Aid of chiropractic you can give yourself a a a Brand new lease on very often one adjustment is sufficient to remedy your trouble. You Are offered free consultation. Or. Paul w. Transou chiropractor 204-205 Penny building office phone a 2030 hours 0-12 a. In. A 2-5 p. In. At night by appointment As a tall stunning Man enters How they Flash him a glance of interest and then hastily return to the business of entertaining the poor old if the steady be a Wideawake Chap he s missed none of this by play and of what a Black Mark he sets Down against his slightly inattentive lady love. You la see the same thing at any dance you attend where a cutting in a a the practice of allowing one Man to Cut Short another Man s dance with a girl by simply tapping him on the shoulder is in practice. The Belle of the Ball will be found gazing rapturously up into the face of her dancing partner. She will undoubtedly he telling him just How much she hoped head dance with her and How she missed him at the last hop. Etc., Etc. This Happy prattle will last until she s danced once around the room with him. Then you will notice a gleam of anxiety creeping into her eyes. Will no one Ever Cut in she still smiles radiantly at her companions hut her eyes do not i remain fixed on his face no she is rolling them furtively in the direction of the Stag line. She says a a yes you do dance better than most of the boys Here a and she thinks a a there a that awful Porter boy who always cuts in on me. Why does no to lie do it now a of course she confidently believes that All this is lost on her partner but the chances Are he a faking it All in and scratching her off his list of permanent possibilities. Therefore if you Are Wise girls you will learn to control your eyes. No matter How Dull your companion and How attractive May be the stranger whom you can see clearly out of the Corner of your Eye done to let your gaze a Rocter. While you re with one Man done to try to collect a few others. You can not do Twa things like that at one time. Concentrate on the Man you re with while you re with him. If necessary Wear blinders but if you would be permanently popular curb that wandering Ole Mimi will be glad to answer any inquiries directed to this paper provided a stamped addressed envelope is enclosed. Also she will be glad to Send food for conversation and How to overcome self consciousness copyright 1925, Bell Syndicate administration is outlining plans for legislation continued from Pago i by violators by enforcement officials. He also renewed his advocacy of Railroad consolidation and development of Inland Waterways recommended retention for the present of property seized from aliens during the War reiterated that reorganization of government departments should be authorized and declared that states and local communities must co operate More with the Federal government in reclamation work. Urging Sale of muscle Shoals to the highest bidder who will agree to produce nitrates primarily with Power development incidental he contended that he muscle Shoals problem had a assumed a place All out of proportion with its real a a it probably does not represent in Market value much More than a first class battleship a he added a yet it has been discussed in the Congress Over a period of years and for months at a prefacing his recommendations with a statement that a the country does not appear to require Radical departures from the policies already adopted so much As it needs further attention of these policies and the improvement of details and an Appeal for continued vigilance against extravagant governmental expenditures the president emphasized the need for further tax reduction and declared he approved for three generations give dad a set of a Dunlop so for Christmas Dunlop tires Are guaranteed to serve you satisfactorily if you really want to lower your motoring Cost for this Winter use Dunlop tires. The Dunlop tire manufacturing company has been in business for three generations if you read a a system you will have read the memoirs of Harvey s. Firestone and the last Issue november carried a Story of How a Dunlop made the first tire for the automobile and bicycle of the a a clincher Type. Hen you buy Dunlop you arc fully protected with a guarantee of their High Quality. We Back this guarantee up ourselves and will appreciate an Opportunity to serve you. Sheraton motor company North Wrenn St. Phone 2410 a in principles the Bill drafted the ways and Means committee. A in so far a income tax exemptions Are concerned a he continued a it seems to me the committee has gone As far As it is Safe to go and somewhat further than i should have in a Long discussion of foreign relations or. Coolidge made these assertions that the Locarno Security agreements represents the Success of the policy of having european countries Settle their own political problems without involving the United states. That reduction of land armaments not Only is of prime importance hut a problem peculiarly european in its practical aspects and that a your country would look with particular gratitude upon any action which those countries might take to reduce their own military that a the general policy of our country is for disarmament and it ought not to hesitate to Daff it any practical plan that might reasonably be expected to succeed. But it would not rare to attend a conference which from its location or constituency would in All probability prove that american participation in world court would not mean involvement in the league of nations but would Quot contribute greatly to the advancement of our that debt settlements already negotiated a impose no undue Burden and Are mutually beneficial and that every reasonable Effort will be made to secure agreements for liquidation with the remaining turning to Domestic issues the president advocated a new enactment of a selective service act for mobilization of materials As Well As men in emergencies. The report of the air Board ought to he a a reassuring a he declared adding that the departments of War Navy and Commerce a a should each be provided with an additional assistant Secretary not necessarily with statutory to give Especial attention to air a we must have an air strength worthy of America a he said a provision should be made for two additional brigadier generals for the army air service. Temporary rank corresponding to their duties should he awarded to Active flying officers in both army and with reference to agriculture the president regarded its position As a whole improved although Many localities and individuals still Are in a distressing condition. In his opinion Farmers generally do not wish meddling by the government or direct or indirect Price fixing a which would result from permitting the government to operate in the agricultural markets and Power should be Given the department of agriculture to Aid marketing associations without undue regulation. In his analysis of the merchant Marine problem he took the View that while elimination of the regional representation feature of the shipping Board is not desirable a a it has become apparent that without centralized executive action the management of this great business xxx will flounder in incapacity and languish under a division of pointing out that the Federal government has Little to Deal with the situation in the Coal Industry he advocated authority for appointment of temporary boards with authority to Call for witnesses and documents conciliate differences encourage arbitration and in Case of threatened Scarcity exercise control Over distribution. As for prohibition the president said a under the orderly processes of our fundamental institutions the Constitution was lately amended providing for National prohibition. The Congress passed an act for its enforcement and similar acts have been provided by most of the states. It is the Law of the land. It is the duty of All who come under its jurisdiction to observe the spirit of that Law and it is the duty of the department of Justice and the Treasury department to enforce it. Action to prevent smuggling illegal transportation in interstate Commerce abuse in the use of permits Aud existence of sources of Supply for illegal traffic is almost entirely imposed upon the Federal government. F a through treaties with foreign governments and increased activities of the coast guard Revenue agents District attorneys and enforcement agents Effort is being made to prevent these violations. But the Constitution also puts a concurrent duty on the states. We need their Active and energetic cooperation the vigilant action of off Weir police and Tho jurisdiction of their courts to assist in enforcement. I request of the people Observance of the Public officers continuing efforts for enforcement and of the Congress favourable action on the budget recommendations for the prosecution of this with reference to railroads he recommended authority for consolidations under the supervision of the interstate Commerce commission and expressed gratification that Railroad employers and employees Are in substantial agreement As to legislation necessary to regulate and improve their relationship. Along with development of Inland navigation the president held should go every possible encouragement for development of Waterpower. He advocated investigation of expenditures and the Success of Laws in Alaska to determine whether too much Money is being spent for administration and urged increased authority for the governor of the Philippines with a View to preparing the islands for a a us Tel rate he also expressed the View that Tho Triue had come to consider civil service classification of a1�?T postmasters collectors of customs and internal Revenue and prohibition agents and advocated passage for the District of Columbia of a mothers pension Law that would serve As a Model to the states. Classified adds bring Quick results to a a a a a Issue invitation Geneva dec. 8. Map a the league of nations Council decided today to invite the United states Russia and Germany to participate in the work of the special commission which is to prepare for an International disarmament conference. Things that she will appreciate most is found at the wag Ger jewelry store at 25 per cent reduction in prices. 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