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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 17, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Court approves Oil leasing new York a the Interior department won a last minute appeals court decision Clearing the Way for the first Sale of Oil and natural Gas leases in the Atlantic Ocean today. Oil company executives will gather in a hotel ballroom Here to present sealed bids for the right to buy leases on 876,750 acres lying 60 Miles South of new Yorkus Long Island and within 45 to 90 Miles off the coasts of Delaware Maryland new Jersey and Virginia the Atlantic acreage known As the Baltimore Canyon trough is believed to hold As much As 14 billion barrels of Oil and up to 9.4 trillion cubic feet of Gas Worth together As much As $31 billion. The Sale a expected to bring As much As $600 million a was made possible late monday when the three Man 2nd . Circuit court of appeals overturned . District court judge Jack Weinsteinn a injunction delaying the proceedings. He had ruled Friday in a suit by the state of new York two of its counties and environmental groups that environmental interests should be considered More fully. Weinstein said the Interior department had failed to conduct thorough environmental Impact studies or to consider adequately the possibility that the states might Block pipelines and other facilities needed to produce and transport Oil. But asst. . Atty. J. Christopher Jensen arguing for the Interior department told the appeals court that any delay in the Sale would jeopardize the governments program to hasten the nation s move toward Energy Independence from foreign Oil. Jensen said it would be at least three years before Oil production could begin and that if the Interior Secretary meantime found environmental hazards the government could suspend operations. The appeals court called for hearings the week of sept. 27 on the environmental issues of Atlantic Oil exploration with a final decision on whether to permit actual drilling to come later. A we find nothing in this Case which satisfies us that the aug 17 Sale in and of itself will cause Appellee any irreparable injury Quot the appeals court said in its unanimous decision. A a on the other hand the National interests looking toward Relief of this country a Energy crisis will be clearly damaged if the proposed Sale is aborted Quot gjix66x-x-xx Szaf a a Ltd a xxx a a xxx xssss8fc#x6x<-2>x the weather xxx rfcs a f7t7t7tti no rain in sight the Chance of getting badly needed rain seems to have passed at least for a while. Mostly sunny skies Are expected for today and wednesday in the triad area. Tonight should be Clear. Forecast North Carolina mostly sunny today and wednesday with highs mid 70s to lower 80s Clear tonight with lows in 50s except Low to mid 60s along coast. South Carolina a few showers Early this morning East portion otherwise mostly sunny and warm today fair tonight and sunny wednesday highs in the 80s lows in the 60s. Three Day forecast North Carolina extended Outlook thursday through saturday fair with a warming trend in it is in the 50s mountains and 60s elsewhere thursday warming to 60s mountains and near 70 elsewhere by the weekend highs in the Low 80s, warming to around 90 by the weekend. Temperate res the High temperature both Days should be near 80. And the Low tonight should Range in the upper 50s the probability of rain is practically nil through wednesday. Volcano explosion causes tremor Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe apr the 15 French scientists monitoring the so Friere Volcano were evacuated from the danger zone monday night after an explosion inside the Mountain caused an Earth tremor Felt 20 Miles away. Or. Robert Brousse of the University of Paris the Leader of the team of volcanology its planned a helicopter flight today to try to penetrate the heavy Cloud mass covering the 4,813-foot Peak of la so Friere. The Volcano on Basse Terre Island has been emitting ashes steam and fumes for More than a month. The team of scientists says a major eruption is imminent and the 72,000 people living in the danger zone a More than 20 per cent of Guadeloupe a population a were evacuated last weekend a it s impossible to say when it will happen a Brousse told reporters a but i think that eight to 15 Days from now will see some very grave he volcanology its had been keeping watch on la so Friere from fort St. Charles near the Volcano. Slight tremors started rocking the area around 7 45 . Monday and civil Security chief Max Vincent telephoned one of the scientists. A the was really frightened Quot said Vincent. A they moved immediately into a shelter inside the the tremors continued. After the big one was Felt in Pointe Lapitre 20 Miles Northeast of the Volcano Jean Claude a Rousseau the administrator of the French islands ordered a Navy boat to move the men from Basse Terre to Terre de Haut Island about eight Miles from the larger Island and 14 Miles from the volcanoes Peak the scientists set up a new observation Post at it Napoleon where a Seismograph was already monitoring the Volcano. so Friere French for the Sulphur mine last erupted in 1956 but there was no lava flow and no loss of life then fissures opened in Side of the Mountain july 8 and began belching Gas steam Ash. Stones and mud. The activity intensified last thursday 24 Shourti ending 8 . Edt station la l or Asheville Eddy 80 of Augusta Eldy 05 70 61 Charleston Cid 91 69 i 18 Charlotte Eldy 87 68 Columbia Cid 97 70 Greensboro p c 77 63 1.37 j c. P c 83 68 02 Raleigh p e 83 64 Savannah Eldy 94 70 84 Wilmington p c. 90 70 2 26 the dignity of quiet comforting surroundings Harold c. Davis funeral Home of or to / of so twirl no Fath main Ai Farriss Avenue Call 885-5049 a select member of Ppd Coll Harold c Davis it Pak asks . Pullout in Korea Colombo sri Lanka apr North korean Premier Pak Sung Chul told the nonaligned Summit conference today that the United states has 1,000 nuclear warheads and 400,000 troops in South Korea. Pakus demand for the withdrawal of All american forces from Korea was seconded by president Tito of Yugoslavia who also told the 85-nation conference that a the Middle East is the most dangerous hotbed of crisis today Quot and a Israel supported by some big Powers is the main the North koreans figure of 400.000 american troops is to times the number the . Government says it has in South Korea. Washington has never Given any information on its nuclear Arsenal in Korea. A the real danger of War now in Korea is not the threat of southward aggression As clamoured about by the United states and the South korean authorities but the threat of northward aggression from the South Quot Pak declared. South Korea was not invited to the conference. Tito at 84 the last surviving founder of the no alignment movement told the conference it should support the North korean demands. He said Israel is to blame for the crisis in the Middle East because a it will not renounce its aggressive policy of annexation and occupation of Arab territories. Moreover it is even intensifying terror against the palestinian population a although the conference will adopt a lengthy political declaration most of the delegates feel that with the end of colonialism everywhere except Southern Africa they have achieved their major political goal. Now they Are concerned with their Campaign on the economic front. The Battle cry is for a new International economic order. A we Are linked with an iniquitous global system of in i Ter National economic j relations which works against our vital i president Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia told the opening session of the conference a monday. High Point Enterprise tuesday August 17, 1976 3a on foreign policy plonk Ford faces dilemma an a news analysis by Walter r. Mears a special correspondent Kansas City to. Apr Ronald Reagan a attacks on president Fords foreign policies touched off the dramatic recovery last Spring that rescued the Reagan Campaign from an Early demise. And Reagan obviously Hasni to forgotten. The former California governor has jabbed again at the same chink in the Ford Armor challenging the administrations foreign policy before the Republican convention. Last Spring when the Reagan Campaign appeared to be dying he by an assailing american policy toward the soviet Union complaining of negotiations he said were one sided and asserting that . Defences were in decline. Only then did he begin winning presidential primary elections. And the republicans who sit at National conventions Are among the republicans who vote in primaries. That is Why Ford strategists face a dilemma on the Reagan platform proposal which amounts to a deftly worded rebuke to the policies pursued by the president and by Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger. The Reagan amendment comes before the convention tonight As delegates Deal with a Campaign platform. Ford strategists have not decided How to handle it. President Ford is said to be studying the language which hardly seems necessary. It is not that much different from the language that clicked for Reagan in the primary Campaign a and led the president to announce that he would no longer use the word a Detent Quot but would speak instead of a peace through Ford strategists probably will not decide How to Deal with the latest Reagan Man Euver until tonight a convention session has done some preliminary voting so they can gauge their strength. But platforms Are soon forgotten anyhow. Nominations Are not and the Ford strategy is to avoid risky Advance tests in a closely divided convention where a setback could shake the support that now has them within reach of a nominating majority that is Why Reagan proposed the Plank on monday in Hopes of testing Ford where the president could be weakest. His amendment would have republicans declare that american foreign policy a must Merit the restored Confidence of our people Quot which is to suggest that the Ford administration has not had that Confidence it would declare that a we must make no undue concessions that in pursuing detente we must not Grant unilateral favors with Only the Hope of getting future favors in elect Marceline Burton Democrat for county commissioner Why because she cares involved in school Church amp civic organizations a paid Tor by Marc Aline Burton a a introducing. Parks leasing inc. 1-40 and route 66 in Kernersville a the Best Doest have to Cost the most a l Quot i Quot i Quot to Western sizzling Steak House i Lull values 272-8604 or 993-2101 800 n. Main High Point revival aug. 16-22 old time preaching of you Are burdened troubled sick or lost without Christ come hear his word see his Power feel his presence special singing sch night services begin at 7 30 Rev. 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