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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 17, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny and warm More data on Page 3a 92nd year no. 230 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation mm719 classified ads 185-2177 other depts. 885-2111 High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon August 17, 1976worst in history philippine quake toll 1,000 Manila the Philippines apr More than 1,000 persons were reported dead or missing today in the worst earthquakes in philippine history. The National disaster coordinating Center reported tonight that at least 811 dead had been confirmed 249 were missing and 251 were injured in two major quakes that hit the Southern Philippines just after Midnight monday and just after noon today. The . National earthquake information Center in Golden. Colo., recorded the first tremor at 8 0 on the Richter scale Only 0.2 less than the july 28 quake that devastated the Tangshan area of Northeast China. Today a quake reached 6 8 on the scale a major tremor also rocked Central China monday night the official chinese news Agency Hsinhua gave no damage or casualty figures but it said damage was very slight because the chinese seismological department had forecast an earthquake and the Sze Chwan provincial party committee had taken precautionary measures a Hsinhua said the tremor was entered about 135 Miles North of the Sze Chwan provincial capital of Chengdu and registered 7.2 on the Richter scale. Unofficial counts put the death toll in the Philippines at 917, with More than 500 injured and 400 missing. Among the missing were la children swept away by 24-foot Waves caused by the quake. The philippine disaster Center said 1,290 families were homeless and 315 buildings Bridges and other structures were destroyed in Only one of the areas hit by the quake southwestern Mindanao the first quake occurred at 12 13 a rn., when most people were asleep it sent High Waves crashing onto the southernmost coast sweeping away fishermen a Homes and collapsed schools hotels and stores on Mindanao the Philippines largest Southern Island. The heaviest casualties so far reported were in Southwest Mindanao where the High Waves from the celebes sea smashed houses along the 500mile coast As far Inland As 300 Yards. The government geophysical Observatory located the epicentre in the celebes sea Southwest of Mindanao the earthquake Center put it in the Moro Gulf which is on the North Side of the sea and has the Southern coast of Mindanao on its other three sides. The philippine news Agency reported one foreign casualty a 33-year-old australian named Roger Hub Biaka who died of a heart attack while helping to move his parents in paladian City. He had been working on a Road project. Foreign seismic stations said the chinese quake was entered near the Border Between Kansu and Sze Chwan provinces 600 to 700 Miles West Southwest of peking. Last months quake in Tangshan caused damage and casualties in the chinese capital but the chinese have released no casualty report or damage estimate. That quake and today a first quake in the Philippines were classified As a a great quakes capable of tremendous damage. Key vote be tonight 20 pages daily 15c, sunday 35 where two quakes struck in two hours a wire photo Ford within three votes of nomination Kansas City to. A it a with party rules and platform planks As the issues. Gerald r Ford and Ronald Reagan Are heading into the first critical test of their Delegate strength at the 1976 Republican National convention Reagan and his strategists chose the issues on which the key votes would be taken tonight but As the time for balloting Drew near Fords Delegate total in the contest for the presidential nomination moved to within three votes of the 1,130 needed for Victory the latest associated press Survey based on Legal commitments and publicly stated preferences gave Ford 1,127, Reagan 1.036, with 96 uncommitted. For weeks the Ford Camp has claimed the president had 1,135 votes while Reagan s managers have said the former California governor was certain of 1,140 votes on the first ballot for the presidential nomination. But those claims were viewed largely As part of the intense political psychological warfare the two men aimed at each other and at the uncommitted delegates who hold the key to the aspirations of both men. The Roll Call votes tonight occurring just 24 hours before the presidential balloting will be taken As a Clear sign of which Man will leave Kansas City As the Republican nominee for president. A decisive Victory for either Man could cripple the others Chance for the nomination. The Reagan forces Are geared for a floor fight tonight on their proposal to require that each presidential candidate name his proposed running mate before the balloting on the presidential nomination. Reagan backers Call it the a right to know Quot Rule. The Ford Camp describes it As Reagan s attempt to Force the president to endure an uproar similar to that which Reagan encountered when he named sen. Richard s. Schweiker As his Choice for the vice presidential nomination. Ford s backers called the Reagan proposal the a misery loves company Rule. The other major fight planned by the Reagan Camp involves the foreign policy Plank in the Republican platform which will be presented to the convention for approval. Entitled morality in foreign policy a the Reagan amendment to the platform would insert a statement implicitly critical of the policy of detente with the soviet Union pursued by Ford and Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger. The Reagan statement would put the Republican party on record As supporting Many of the criticisms of Ford foreign policy that the former California governor used As Campaign issues. Nonetheless some Ford advisers were recommending that the president accept the amendment and avoid a divisive floor fight according to see Ford on 2a for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge Eer one. Street scraping q. Are they Ever going to do anything about Branch Street because it is so bump. Thank you. Mrs. . A the assistant director of the Public works department. David Smith says this Street was put Back on the scrape list and will in scraped this week. Canine distemper q. What is distemper because my dog died with it a couple of Days ago. Thank you. . A it really hurts to lose a dog distemper is a highly infectious disease caused by a virus it is mainly airborne but can be transmitted by direct Contact with an infected dog s saliva or wastes even people can unsuspecting by carry it Home on their shoes or hands or clothing when the virus invades the mucous membranes of the dog s Mouth Gums and nostrils become inflamed the dog s eyes and nose Are Runny he sneezes arid has a dry hacking cough a poor appetite diarrhoea and a High temperature following this bacteria move in and can cause pneumonia tonsillitis skin eruptions and other problems this Combina Tion of bacteria and virus makes distemper very difficult to treat. Unfortunately Many dog owners think the first symptoms Are just a cold and Don t take the dog to a vet but unless treatment is begun in the Early stages the Chance of recovery is very slim that s Why an immunization program is so important for the dog As there is no permanent shot for Protection. And More Beans q. I did some Canning recently the first that i have done and i used the cold pack method of Canning. I Learned later that the jars were supposed to have been sterilized before beginning the Canning process but since they were new i merely washed them in soapy hot water rinsed them real Good packed the Beans in the jars filled the Jar with cold water with the Salt and i did boil them for three hours. They sealed nicely and Are very pretty. My question is i am so afraid of botulism is there any danger because i did not sterilize the jars beforehand i boiled the lids As i was told to do on the Container they came in but the jars i did not sterilize. Until i hear some word from experienced canners i am really afraid to eat them. I would also like some tips on freezing Corn and am afraid i have done that wrong too. I boiled that just a few minutes and put in ice and dried the ears. I put them in bags and sealed tightly and they look real pretty but i am afraid of that. A Little tip this time of year on Canning would certainly be helpful to me. Thank you. Anon. A sterilizing the jars is recommended by canners As an extra precaution but not doing so does no to pose nearly As much risk As your method of processing a i did boil them for three hours the botulinum bacteria can Only be killed at 240 degrees. You can boil something a til doomsday and the highest temperature will Only reach 212 degrees. It s the pressure in the pressure canners that boosts the temperature to the degree necessary. This is the word from the experienced canners the Home economics Extension agents who also stick by the saying a when in doubt throw it their Home freezing Booklet gives these times for boiling ears of Corn for freezing Small ears 11/4 inches or less in diameter 7 minutes medium ears 11/4-11/2 inches in diameter 9 minutes larger ears la minutes. Perhaps the Best Little tip is to get their Canning and freezing books. They should do wonders for your Confidence youth struck robbed by Young gang members sunday he had just left a Rock concert at Detroit a Coho Hall a wire photo police recalled to put Down Detroit apr on for four extra hours Detroit is rehiring 450 monday night and had 13 Laid off policemen two can from the tactical weeks Early and irn pos services division and 30 my a Curlew on persons men from other precincts under 18 to prevent on duty recurrence of what the authorities would not police chief called a say How Many police Quot Small scale riot Quot on the were on duty in the Down downtown streets after a town business District but sunday night Rock con confirmed that some of fert 450 policemen recently we re going to take Laid off in Economy moves the City Back beginning were Back on the Job to tonight a Deputy mayor Day to counter youth William Beckham or gang incidents. Said monday in announce cmdr Henry Majeski ing the measures and of the first precinct said police reported today the sunday night disturb that downtown Detroit Hance a seems to have was relatively quiet Mon been organized a police Day night As a result of sad an estimated iou to beefed up patrols 150 Black gang members in the Only incidents took control of Coho Hall. Monday a fireman was where a Rock concert was stabbed in the shoulder m Progress spectators while fighting a fire on the near East Side and six youths were arrested for i a a Fly. I refusing to leave a roller i 5 ii bloc skating rink after it amusements.5b closed bridge.7b no figures were in classified ads7-1 in mediately available on comics6b How Many teenagers crossword.7b were picked up for Viola editorials4a Tion of the to . Curfew financial2a for those under 18 obituaries .2b the downtown first sports3-4b precinct Center of the television .2b sunday night troubles women a news6-7a kept its entire Day shift weather.3a gang said Many members umbrellas while they beat some of the gang brandished As swords robbed and of the 8,000 persons attending the concert. Beckham and police chief Philip Tasman said police simply lacked the resources to Cope with the disturbance which spread from Cobo Hall to the downtown streets where assaults robberies and at least one rape were reported Tasman said 25 adults and 55 juveniles were detained. Eighteen of the adults and to juveniles were formally booked on charges ranging from larceny to causing a disturbance. A it was an outright flagrant Challenge to our Security and to police authority in Detroit and we failed to meet it. It wont happen again a Beckham said. The 450 police officers a Laid off because of the City s financial crisis a were to have been rehired sept. I with Federal funds and would have returned to regular precinct work decisions announced holdout delegates drop off Fence Kansas City. To. A president Ford moved to within three votes of the number needed for the Republican presidential nomination As uncommitted delegates whom his backers had Long counted in their Camp one by one publicly ended months of Fence sitting. From scattered states for diverse reasons the delegates announced their decisions amid the excitement and pressures of the convention s opening Day monday. By today Ford had gained to votes in 24 hours the continuing associated press Delegate Survey put Ford s Delegate total at 1,127, Only three below the 1.130 needed for Victory but there was no guarantee the president could keep the allegiance of All his delegates during the next two Days of political infighting Over rules and party issues challenger Ronald Reagan remained within striking distance at 1,036, having gained a single vote monday. The thinning ranks of the uncommitted delegates stood at 96. The first time it has dipped below too in the last four months of the Long primary and convention season Ford s total was increased monday by two delegates from Illinois and Wyoming and one each from Missouri. Pennsylvania Virginia Louisiana Delaware. West Virginia and South Carolina he lost one Delegate in new York Delaware state sen Charles e Hughes answered this Way when asked Why he decided to Back Ford after a Telephone Chat with Reagan and Brief meeting with Ford monday a. The electability of the Man i found the president willing to speak on any William Skaggs of St. Louis sat he had decided to vote for Ford two weeks ago but a i wanted to announce it at a time it would do the most Good Quot Wyoming state sen John Ostlund told Ford personally of his decision during a meeting with him monday afternoon the president Ford committee had been counting Ostlund and the two Illinois delegates As Ford supporters for weeks they had also been carrying Roger Campbell of Pennsylvania. Bryan Wagner of new Orleans and Richard Harmon of West Virginia As firm supporters of the president but the six had not told the a until monday that they would vote for Ford on the first ballot Sherry Martschink of Charleston. Sc., said she Hopes for a Ford Reagan pairing after the agony of her decision after Fords meeting with the Wyoming group Mary Carman of Sundance Wyo. Announced that a something drastic would have to happen to keep her from voting for Ford. One uncommitted Virginia Delegate. James Crockett of Wytheville va., announced he would support Ford shortly after leaving a meeting with Reagan Light turnout is reported in . Vote by the associated press Early reports indicated a Light to medium turnout today As voters cast ballots for governor lieutenant governor and a Host of other races in North Carolina s primary election the weather was sunny. The polls opened at 6 30 a m and close at 7 30 . State elections director Alex Brock said scattered reports from Over the state indicated a fair to moderate voter turnout. A spot Check of some polls in Yadkin. Surry and Yadkin counties showed voting Light to moderate in the Early hours in High Point voting was above what was expected in a Check of six precincts Bill Culp an elections Board official in Charlotte. Said a indications Are there will be a pretty brisk voting Day because there was a substantial number of people standing before the polls opened a in Cumberland a Check of 14 of 50 precincts showed the voting Light to medium in Only one precinct was the voting heavy predictions of a Light vote appeared to be accurate in Guilford county. Officials reported that Only one to two persons were waiting at some precincts when the polls opened Early voters were Able to move in and out of the voting Booth quickly a report from Asheville indicated the turnout was Light to heavy at 14 of 50 precincts checked. Campaigning in a primary that is notable for its blandness concluded monday with some Small amount of politicking continuing today mostly in the form of last gasp radio and television appeals for votes aimed at those who Haven t been to the polls yet. Elections officials predicted a Light turnout Only 670,000 to 700,000 of the state s 1.76 million democrats be Light on 2a

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