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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Aug 11 1976, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 11, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres Joseph p Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor a conservative View trivial item not when Washington burps 4a wednesday August la 1976 thoughts for today i said to myself. A i have acquired great Wisdom surpassing All who were Over Jerusalem before me and my mind has had great experience of Wisdom and a Eccl i 16 a experience it not what happen to a Man. It it what a Man Doe with what happen to a Aldo Huxley englith biologic. Who will be the judges by All rights across the face of the ballot for next tuesday s primary should be the inscription a vote for a Merit appointment system for the judiciary a it won t say that. Instead under the heading a for District court judge in the democratic columns will be the names of to individuals who want to serve As judges in Guilford county. Several of the to names Are unrecognizable even to members of the bar association. Politicking among the candidates has ranged from negligible to nonexistent. And so. As a result. High Point voters will be asked next week to make impossible choices in most cases for people who could be handling very critical posts. This comes about once again because North Carolina has thus far refused to alter its system whereby All its judges Are elected by popular vote. Other states have seen the immense shortcomings of that system and have moved on to Merit selection plans which put into the hands of Legal authorities not. Of course without some degree of politics the Elevation of qualified men and women to such sensitive positions but tar Eelia clings to the old Way which came perilously close in a recent year to putting a fire extinguisher Salesman on the state supreme court local voters May be As mystified by whose name is not on the ballot next week As by whose Are. Such judges As Byron Haworth. De Washington. Elreta Alexander and Dari Fowler Are missing because they have no opposition in the primary. Republicans have no primary at All but democrats must select nominees for four of the District court judgeship. Since candidates Are required to file for a specific seat there Are four different races to be decided now. Like most of you. We done to know All of these individuals. Only one of the group lives in High Point. Our news staff has scrambled just to be Able to present photographs and biographical sketches slated for later this week. We Are not therefore prepared to offer recommendations with which we feel particularly comfortable. We have nevertheless sought out the Best advice we could find by talking at length with people in the Legal profession who have some knowledge of at least some of the candidates. On the basis of this information and advice we plan to vote tuesday As follows first seat James Samuel Pfaff. He has Legal training and experience and has been a chief assistant District attorney for the District courts. Second seat John f. Yeattes or. He has Legal training and experience was assistant City attorney in Greensboro and has been an assistant clerk of Superior court. Third seat John b. Hatfieldjr. He is a practising attorney in Greensboro. Fourth seat Robert l. Cecil. He is an experienced practising attorney in High Point. Before this year s dilemma comes up again we earnestly Hope that the general Assembly of North Carolina will see fit to get us out of the electoral dark Ages and Stop presenting the voters with impossible tasks. By Jas. J. Kilpatrick Washington Star Syndicate at approximately 3 30 of clock on the afternoon of wednesday May 5. On Douglas Road just past its intersection with Monroe in the City of Toledo Lucas county Ohio the que occurred a four car Accident. The Accident was of a Type known As a sequential rear end multiple collision. And thereby hangs a tale. It is a sad tale in its Way for it illustrates How far our government has drifted into the Shoal Waters of sheer bal miness. What happened you see. Is that As a consequence of the sequential rear end multiple collision to which reference has been made Supra two Gallons of gasoline leaked onto the aforementioned Public Way. From that Point thanks to the efficiency of the Toledo fire department the two Gallons of gasoline were flushed into a storm sewer. The sewer runs into Peterson ditch. Peterson ditch runs into the Ottawa River. The Ottawa River runs into Maumee Bay which runs into Lake Erie All of which Are Waters of the United states within the Purview of Section 1321 b i of the Federal water pollution control act. And someone is in a Heap of trouble son. This All began according to the report of patrolman Larry Schultz badge no. 342, when an automobile driven by Gary l. Beckhoff 35. Proceeding North on Douglas Road stopped to allow another car to turn into a private drive. Just behind the Beckhoff car was an automobile driven by Michael e. Hark. 22. Just behind the hark car was a Van truck the property of Gogolin amp sons. Inc., driven by David l. Egan 24. And just behind the Egan Van was a red Chevrolet Nova Sedan driven by William d. Long 18. The Long car hit the Egan Van. Which hit the hark car which hit the Beckhoff car. When the tinkling of after compiling a list of \ vice presidential prospects \ whose Basic beliefs were compatible with my own. I i have selected senator / Schweiker. My position on busing is quite compatible with that of or. Carter. Wah Sutoh with principles want to nomination to Helli pus a in i nation a j translation we both want to be elected More than anything. I Haven to excluded anyone from consideration for the vice presidential nomination. I wont lie to you or mislead you translation in take at a the Hun if it would help me get re elected translation nov la never catch vie at of the Milwaukee Iii anal a. Rom we Ihm 5rt shattered Tail lights subsided there could be heard the drip drip drip of leaking gasoline. The Egan Van bearing a License number of 4df820, and having an odometer Reading of 44,500, had sprung a seam. Patrolman Schultz dispatched at 3 34. Arrived on the scene at 3 40. He summoned wreckers. He also summoned the fire department. And As Luck would have it just As these proceedings were proceeding a coast guard inspector happened to drive by on his Way Home. The inspectors Sharp Eye perceived the pollutant As it flowed into Peterson ditch. A this was noted by All witnesses he identified the pollutant at once As gasoline. A a All persons concerned agreed that the pollutant was gasoline Quot thereupon on a visible Sheen of regular Gas events floated into the bal miness alleged aforesaid. On june 9, Ensign James j Gordon or filed a report with the Marine safety office in Toledo citing David l. Egan Driver of the Gogolin Van As the discharge of pollutants to wit two Gallons of leaked gasoline into the Waters of the United states. Ski c j. Hoff. Usog investigated and confirmed Ensign Gordon s report mk3 Randall k Hever. Usog. Was dispatched to photograph the horrid scene commander h. E. Gafford reviewed the incriminating evidence and bucked the report to Captain w c Ochman. A mag chief of the Marine safety division on june 24, Captain Ochman wrote Gogolin amp sons in threatening the company with a civil penalty of up to $5,000 a the specific allegation a he wrote a is that on 5 May 1976 Oil was discharged in harmful quantities into Peterson ditch from a Gogolin heating company automobile an onshore facility within the meaning of the few pc and that you were the owner or operator of such onshore facility on that Captain Ochman asked How a $50 penalty would sit with Gogolin. A a i have preliminarily determined that amount to be an appropriate penalty after a careful review of the investigatory report based upon my assessment of the Gravity of the the Gogolin people outraged at the injustice of it All. Have walked absolutely. Says Elton e. Gogolin or a Why a Small businessman should be subject to this classic example of Federal harassment is beyond rational and indeed it is. But when this correspondent mildly suggested to Captain Ochman that the matter seemed too trivial to justify a $50 Fine the Captain s reply was a nothing is and the sad part of the tale is that in the Shoal Waters of the Federal bureaucracy tis True a tis True senator soaper physicians agree people age at different rates a lot depends on proper diet. Exercise and what Job they Are applying for the judiciary might set up some sort of special award for the probate court that accumulates the most Howard Hughes wills. Graffiti i. N a Gambier chooses the be pro was of use Hurricane Roulette letters to the editor without first hand experience with a Hurricane and unwilling to pay heed to the experiences of others a lot of East coasters decided that a storm named Belle was something they wanted to see for themselves. Largely because of pure Luck they Are alive to relate their own thrills. To say the least it s a Foolhardy thing to do. Absence of a major tropical storm from the Eastern shores for More than a decade As the pattern of hurricanes shifted during that period to the Gulf coast states produced a lot of bravado epitomized by the Rhode islander who took time out from her canned goods shopping to say. A we re battering Down the hatches. Well be ready for anything Belle can dish those who saw the fury and the after math of such As Hazel. Dianne Connie and Ione Back in the 50s could have offered her much better advice than that we d wonder for instance How she might believe she could Cope with fishing projecting the news pier pilings Flung about like so Many matchsticks. That happened on the North Carolina coasts More than once when the storms Tore the piers apart and used the huge pilings As battering rams against the front rows of Beach houses. No amount of a a battering Down is going to provide Security from that kind of intrusion. This kind of sneering at the forces of nature is a situation with which authorities have to Cope Only As Best they can. When the warning comes to evacuate it not Only represents Good sense but it is designed to head off future trouble and peril for those who must later attempt the rescues. As the Connecticut police commissioner said. A. When the water reaches the second floor they panic and then policemen have to risk their lives to get them nature gone amok is obviously a thrilling spectacle. The risk of being close enough to see it is so great that it is Seldom anyone wants to try it a second time we recommend against the first time. On senior citizens and who serves them civil aviation Jubilee some key dates in the history of american aviation Are familiar to nearly everyone dec 17. 1903 the Wright Brothers make the first sustained free flight in an aircraft at Kitty Hawk. Nch. May 21. 1927 Charles a Lindbergh lands in Paris completing the first nonstop Solo flight across the Atlantic but what about aug la 1926 a that was the implementation Date of the air Commerce act. Which inaugurated Federal regulation of commercial aviation including the licensing of pilots it was on this historic Date in 1926 that aviation passed from the stunt stage to become a vital instrument of world Commerce. According to John j Odonnell president of the air line pilots association. Needless to say. Civil aviation has come a Long Way in just 50 years but technological Progress was slow at first. Although the first coast to coast service entirely by air was introduced As Early As 1930, the trip took 36 hours and required an overnight Stop in Kansas City. Still All commercial flights in the United states that year recorded 384.506 passengers As against Only 5,782 in 1926, the first year in which such statistics were kept Domestic air passenger traffic topped the million Mark for the first time in 1938 and reached 3.8 million in 1941, the year America entered world War la and despite fuel rationing and travel restrictions Domestic passengers totalled three million or More in each of the War years and exceeded six million in 1945. The postwar expansion of civil aviation has been nothing Short of phenomenal according to the air transport association the aviation Industry Trade group the number of passengers on Domestic flights Rose from 25 million in 1952. To ii million in 1967. And to 189 million in 1975 because the level of International air travel is highly sensitive to economic fluctuations the growth of passenger traffic on such flights has been less spectacular for example. American lines carried 16 3 million passengers Over International routes in 1975. Or a too too fewer than they carried in the pre recession year of 1969 today civil aviation is one of the nation s most important industries trans world airlines and United airlines placed first and second respectively on Fortune Magazine s most recent list of the 50 largest transportation companies and three other air carriers were in the top to the airline Industry is never free of problems for Long wholesale changeovers from one generation of aircraft to another inevitably have created a Boom bust Cycle passenger safety is an Ever present concern both in the air and on the ground particularly since the Advent of terrorist attacks on or hijackings of commercial airliners and environmentalists Are resolutely opposed to supersonic passenger planes on the grounds that they use too much fuel make too much noise and pose a potential threat to the Earth s Ozone layer the fact remains though that air travel has revolutionized transportation just As thoroughly As radio and television have revolutionized communications a and in Little More than half a Century in both instances. The world May seem a smaller place than before but the possibilities for understanding Between Peoples Are All the greater because of that to the editor in a recent article columnist Jack Anderson spotlighted the National Alliance of senior citizens and its work w Hile the article was basically fair it omitted the key ingredient of the differences of philosophy Between the Alliance and the labor dominated National Council of senior citizens the Alliance rates the Congress on issues of fiscal responsibility in government to protect those living on fixed incomes from the ravages of inflation caused by deficit spending or Anderson correctly states that the Alliance accepts no government funding. The Council supports nearly All big spending issues before the Congress accepting much of its funding from the taxpayers under the programs on which it rates the Congress our organization is new lives within a Small budget from its members and contributors. But we feel strongly that we represent the Best interests of the senior Community. With this in perspective the difference Between the groups becomes evident and seniors May freely elect to join the organization of their Choice. Curt Clinkscales Washington. I the conclusion that sex has been around for sometime and that baseball and cold showers has not deterred it one mite it must be heartbreaking and extremely frustrating to have dedicated one s life towards saving the world from sin and to look around and see what a total failure one has been it is enough to make a Man a rabble rouser if you can t save them condemn them instead of running around in the Wood rows looking for Robins it might be advisable to sit quietly and meditate upon what went wrong review some of the fairytales one has been dishing out for years try to reconcile what one is saying with the facts of history and Bingo you May have a Winner. Personally i follow Christ s religion and not a religion about Christ there is a clue to the solution of the Christian Delemma in the above statement receiving numerous letters once again pro and con. Since Many of us Are set in our own ways. People s opinions Don t count too much but the facts should i would like to share these facts with the citizens of High Point that were printed in my Church bulletin a alcohol is a drug. Alcohol is the no. I drug problem it is a depressant drug retarding every function of the brain from the first drink alcohol is an addicting heroin. There Are More than 6.500,000 alcoholics in the u s some surveys say nine million. One out of twelve people who drink is an alcoholic. This Means that a youth starting to drink is taking a i to 12 Chance of wrecking his life As an alcoholic. Alcohol is the drug common to Beer wine and whisky. There is approximately the same amount of alcohol in the average drink of Beer wine and whisky. Not one Peson in a thousand realizes this and every youth deserves to know. Alcohol is killing people faster than the deadliest wars of our nation s history. B tobacco is a no. I killer cancer heart diseases emphysema Over 125.000 deaths per year result from use of tobacco. Compare this to the death rate from our War in Viet Nam 5.000 yearly. Dope is a drug whether it is in alcohol Beer wine Ltd. Or heroin parents Are dopes who warn their children against one form of dope and continue to use it in another form and to you people who say. A it s a free country Quot to we abstainers i agree on the Quot Freedom Issue my family has the right to also enjoy this tree country and live without being destroyed by people who drink and drive. Or being molested by people who arc High on any form of dope. Bonnie Frye flavor drive and. De Bettencourt Denton to the editor every Day i read the Enterprise from Kiver to Kiver but not having a lewd and vicious mind i did not dwell Long on the theatre ads that seem to have caused convulsions and other assorted sensations to individuals of lesser stability. Having the matter called to my attention by a letter to the editor i did go Back to the mentioned dates and reviewed the offending matter. I found absolutely nothing that i had not seen or known before that review i did take time to meditate upon the matter and scenes of Samson and Delilah David and Bathsheba Solomon and the Queen of Sheba came flashing across my mind in ail their vivid and torrid passion and i came coefficient to the editor on thursday july 29th, a fire took puce in the finishing department of our desk Plant located at of Lincoln drive and Ward Street although we incurred some damages they were kept at a minimum by the immediate response of the High Point fire department under the direction of or David Leonard we. At Miller desk would like for the people of High Point to recognize the High level of Quality service that the fire department provides Quick response and efficient service during and after fires of this nature have become the Standard for High Point flex Miller Jil Miller desk to the editor i realize the Issue of Abc stores in High Point has been resurrected and you will Bethe Art Buchwald column you Are what you Wear Washington a there is something going on in the clothing Industry of which you May or May not be aware designers and manufacturers Are now putting labels on the outside of their clothes instead of on the inside it started a few years ago when Pierre Cardin. Courage Christian dior Gucci and others discovered that since women had paid so much for their outfits they wanted everyone to know where they bought them the practice soon spread like wildfire and the saying a you Are what you eat Quot has been replaced by a you Are what you Wear a i was at a party the other evening and i noticed a lady with a Large a cd Quot on the Backol her Lur coat Quot what a Beautiful Christian dior coat Quot i said a How did you know it was a dior Quot she said in amazement Quot i just guessed from the Cut of it Quot i replied i helped her off with the coat and she gave me her silk Scarf it had Quot Given Hyp printed All Over it Quot what a Beautiful Given Chy Scarf a i said a ooh is that what it is i just grabbed one out of a Quot i d know a Given Chy Scarf anywhere say is that a Pucci Blouse you have on7�?� a a yes. It is How did you know7�?� Quot it says Puccio on the Collar the sleeves and the cuffs a a you Are observant you re the first person who Ever guessed this Blouse came from i blushed modestly and then said a it goes beautifully with your Diane von Furstenberg a Don t Tell me your wife has one just like it no she does t i just noticed the def embroidered along the entire hemp on the she looked Down Quot Why. Of course i never noticed that before a a would you be insulted if i told you i be never seen anyone look better in Pierre Cardin Black silk stockings Quot Quot now How on Earth did you know they were Cardin stockings7&Quot i was looking at your Gucci shoes with the big to on each too and my Eye naturally travelled up to the a which is stitched every Inch along the scams of your stockings a a you arc the wicked one she laughed Quot the Courreges leather Belt is smashing with your Hermes i said Quot you have very Good eyes a she said Quot i once read a Calvin Klein logo on a woman s sweater 200 feet away a i bragged Quot you re putting me a i am not this May come As a Surprise to you but i know you re wearing an Oleg Cassini slip Quot her eyes widened in Surprise a How do you know that7�?� Quot i can read his name on the lace through your Pucci Quot you Devil you a she parried. A a done to be embarrassed a i said. A i have Sears Roebuck stamped All Over my Boxer Well a she said a i guess there is nothing you done to know about me a a yes there i said a i done to know your name what is it7�?� she gasped a a its its of my god i forgot my own

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