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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 28, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Guilford Board High Point Enterprise sunday april 28, 1974 7a the people in the Mcleansville Community but the Plant at that location who a Community i a Quot Dens to development. -.j11.1 on of their major objections to the Plant i commissioners a i a to paying any attention. We can sit Down Here and think about what happened to Spiro Agnew when the same sort of overdevelopment took place in Baltimore county a mrs Crutchfield said. A the same sort of overdevelopment that has happened in his county is happening in Guilford mrs. Crutchfield is president of the Northwest residential area Assn. In Greensboro which has ought the relocation of Highway 220 North through a residential neighbourhood. Pat is when i realized what can happen to the citizens of a Community a a he said. A someone in a planning department can draw a line and say that is it. I Don t think that is right. The people ought to be involved and have something to say in planning and decisions that affect on the democratic Side l. Russell Clark has called for the formation of a Board of associate county commissioners As a Means of increasing citizen participation in county government. The chairman a teach of the Community councils in Guilford county would serve on the associate Board. Presently there Are four Community councils in Rural Guilford. I feel that by hav ing these Community Council leaders become an official part of the j meetings open government will be More fully promoted in Guilford county a Clark said in his proposal. A in this manner the needs of each a individual Community can be. Brought first hand to the attention of the a j open government is the Campaign theme of Dick Routh of Greensboro another of the democratic candidates for county commissioner. He is critical it of the Board s meeting time at 9 . On mondays As being inconvenient for the Pic from rage 2-a . Hall another of the democratic candidates seeking nomination to the Board says he decided to seek election because of his concern Over Lack of citizen participation in county government. Retired after More than 30 years As an agricultural Extension agent in the county. Hall said Quot it bothered me time and time again to see How citizens would be brushed aside when they came to the Board with their problems. They would express their concerns and then decisions would be made As though they were not there at All. A a it bothered me. I think the Board needs to be More attentive and More responsive to the concerns of the Hall also Points to other areas where he feels county residents Are being let Down by their county for Rural residents. There Are no countywide programs to help the elderly and to work with the Young people. It seems you have to be a resident of the City to get this attention. I think the county government needs to look More into these services for residents in our Rural Gaston d. Faison who has his own real estate business in Greensboro said he was concerned about development trends in the county. To think we need to Start thinking about a balance. How much development do we want or need and what kind of development is desirable for Guilford county a i just done to see any plan or direction along these lines for the county. Its like no one is being listened to. There Are problems with septic tanks in the Southeastern Section of the country yet More development is being allowed in that area. How Are these problems to be dealt with properly a these Are some of the things that worry me a said Faison. Other candidates for the democratic nomination to the Board of commissioners Are Zoe Barbee of Greensboro Archie s. Hill of Brown Summit and j. Robert Landreth of it. 6, Greensboro. The other Republican candidates Are William h. Anderson of Mcleansville John c. Hawkins of Greensboro and Donald b. Hubbard or. Of High Point. U.s., Sweden to Exchange ambassadors Stockholm Sweden apr Sweden and the United states will Exchange ambassadors next month thawing a period of frosty diplomatic relations that began when Premier Olaf palme severely criticized the american bombing of North Vietnam. Count Wilhelm Wachtmeister newly appointed swedish ambassador to the United states will be installed May 6, a foreign ministry spokesman announced Friday. The position has been vacant so he february 1973. The . Embassy announced that Robert Strausz Hupe the new american ambassador to Sweden would arrive in Stockholm during the last week of May. P Grubby a Forb to amp Hwy. 66 Kernersville . A kit a Cap As Low As $5 a Day Quot Small w9 do things a could t do big Quot 273-7438 fishy cough gauges Hazard by Brian b. King. Associated press writer Washington a Are the fish coughing in your Pond or the Creek behind your House if they re not coughing they re dead. If they re coughing too much your favorite swimming or fishing Hole probably is polluted a new study discloses. The environmental Protection Agency a Duluth minn., Laboratory reports that one preliminary result of a three year investigation of coughing Freshwater fish is that the creatures can Tell humans that their aquatic Home is getting hazardous to their health. Robert a. Drummond the biologist and project director said in a Telephone interview that the final report for the study is due in August. Then he said Epa plans to test their findings near sources of Industrial pollution in streams. Trout fishermen May be interested to know that their prey normally cough at a rate of up to three times a minute while Sunfish cough about once every five minutes Drummond said. Actually its As natural As a persons Clearing his Throat. Bluegills Sunfish fathead minnows and All species of Trout and Salmon Clear their Gills by coughing to remove debris that has Settle on them he said. The study of the relations Between coughing and pollution was initiated in 1971 and Cost about $40,000 a year Drummond said. What a the use it a could be a system for keeping tabs on concentrations of Complex Industrial wastes entering lakes and streams from waste treatment plants and Industry a Drummond said. Sudden increases in fish coughs for example could sound an alarm that unhealthy concentrations of such chemicals As Mercury or Copper have shown up in the water. Drummond said that even at Low concentrations of those metals coughing can eventually increase. The coughing fish Are monitored through a polygraph a similar to those used for lie Detector tests or plotting heart and brain impulses. The number of coughs per minute is associated with certain concentrations of pollutants to the Man to does More than he has to. Because he has to i to put a Exum i Maul mole inc i maybe you ought to think about Security per mile. Instead of Gas per mile there teems to be a tendency today to look at everything in terms of numbers o k. Let s look at some numbers. A bigger car is generally a safer car studies have shown you Are twice As Likely to have a fatal Accident in a Small car As opposed to a big car. This really ten t a matter of design it s Basic physics a larger mass can absorb More Energy than a smaller one mow Many limes have you read about a truck car Accident where the truck Driver walked Sway while the car s occupants Rode in ambulance generally a bigger car delivers less Miles per gallon than a smaller car. But the difference is not As much As you May think. Driven sensibly. A big car on the Turnpike will give you about 17 Miles per gallon. A forty five Hundred Pound car will do about 19 a thirty five Hundred Pound car about 21. A three thousand Pound car about 23 the difference from one weight class to another is about 2 Miles per gallon so when you re considering sayings consider Security too it $ very hard to put a Price on it. I less it s your family. Incidentally whatever Type of car you select. We have All sizes. Ifs your a a Acme a 1 805 n. Main Street Tel. 882-0116 you re the one who puts yourself through ital. But then you re the one who gets the real Reward loathe satisfaction More Complete than pay the Price for it though. Long hours. Hard work. And not enough time took after your own affairs. Which makes us at first Union National face a reality Are you care less about where you Bank. Just so things Are taken care of. And done to get in you Way and that the reason we re Here. To take care of things for you so you done to have to give banking a second Union National Bank ifs for people like you a decisions should t be made without the advice and consent of the Routh said and in his Campaign he is asking voters to communicate with him now about any questions or problems they May have with county government. Judge James candidate for the North Carolina supreme court High Point committee for Exum

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