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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 27, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Turns Down expansion no slaps line drive at Kuhn Chicago a baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn said he s Digap a tinted but the american Cague be happier that the National league voted Down expansion into Toronto and Washington d Cin 1977 Quot Well i quess ifs Back in my Lap Quot Kuhn said monday after the National league voted 7 to 5 to reject a proposal to move into the two cities. Earlier this month. Kuhn instructed the american league which approved expansion into Toronto on March 29, to include a plan to provide Washington with baseball or lose the right to place a. Team in the Canadian City to the no. When the american league owners failed to time up with a plan acceptable to Kuhn he gave the National league two weeks to consider expansion into the two cities. A i in extremely disappointed. My efforts to provide base by i for Washington will continue a said Kuhn who reportedly has received pressure from Congress to return baseball to the nations capital after a five year absence Kiihn said that now he is not certain what route he will take to restore baseball in Washington. At this Point i Don t want to try to answer that question precisely a he said. A i will be talking to the members of the con take with. Shinn by Paul Shinn the unexpected hot weather has certainly heated up the baseball season activities usually associated with late August or tight Pennant races Are popping up on diamonds from California to the East coast and Here it is Only late april. On the National level fist lights in baseball have taken some of the steam out of those in the Bockey playoffs. Ball players Are becoming Crannier earlier than usual. It makes you wonder if Spring training in t Good for getting teams in the right mental Frame of mind even if it does no to do much for the physical Side. If All this keeps up. A lot of minor league players May find themselves moved up to the big time by necessity. And about the time a High priced Pitcher Breaks his hand on the hard head of an equally High priced Batter somebody May get the message that baseball in t necessarily a game for Little boys. The local College play has had More than its share of flare ups recently Between coaches and umpires. Kor a tuna Ely. The players have had the judgment to remain reasonably Good sports about it All. In the recent game Between High Point College and Elon several players from the opposing teams were shaking hands shortly after the game had been declared a forfeit by the umpires and Elon coach Bobby Jones does t want his first year As head coach to give him a bad reputation so he issued a statement this week giving his version of Why he was thrown out of the game against High Point. Apparently some reports made reference to Jones and at least one of his players using bad words to the umpires during the disturbance. Jones says not so but does admit to saying the umpiring is bad. The umps Are earning their Money. Or. No doubt somebody will say they re stealing it. It Wasny to Tunny to High Point coach Chuck Hartman but to somebody who had seen the Elon game and then the Guilford game on sunday a chuckle was in order after watching Hartman charge the same Umpire who bad awarded him a forfeit Only Days before. The Veteran hic coach came fairly close to getting bounced himself alter some cutting remarks on a play he considered in the category of a Abarr Rygh a Hartman usually knows when to pull in his horns though and alter a game is completed so is his beef unless he feels he has a Case that can be backed up by the Rule Book. Gressional committee and the members of my own executive Council and after we get through that process. I will have something further to say about what the next step might meanwhile. Al president Lee Macphail clearly was thrilled by the no vote to leave the Field open to his league. That is tree Mendouse great news Quot he said asked if he had expected the National league to reject the expansion move. Macphail said Quot i tried not to guess what they would do a because i be been wrong so of ten but this sounds conclusive. I think it s a signal to us that our expansion to Toronto is proper and we will move ahead the National league took a similar expansion vote but Only for Toronto on the same Day the american league approved expansion into the Canadian City on that Date the National league owners rejected the expansion proposal to 2 with Cincinnati and Philadelphia casting dissenting votes the no Constitution requires a unanimous vote for tue High Point Enterprise expansion National league president Chub Feeney who announced monday s 7-5 vote did not identify the three clubs which shifted positions but one National league source said san Francisco was one of them. He explained the switches however saying a people thought it Over and decided it was not in the Best interest of the league Quot at this time. Asked if the negative vote meant the american league would be moving into Toronto Feeney replied a a therein nothing to Stop in Toronto Paul Godfrey chairman of the metropolitan Toronto Council. Said there have been discussions with directors of the new team a for some time Quot about leasing Cne stadium a we re on the verge of signing a contract Godfrey said. Quot we re just waiting for the lawyers to work out the technical details. A it s taken seven years to get a team in Toronto i could t big More delighted with the Way the Chicago vote spokesmen for Labatt breweries of Canada Ltd. Which has represented the Toronto ownership in its dealings with baseball were unavailable for comment. John Mchale. President of the Montreal expos of the National league and a Strong supporter of expansion to Toronto said a i guess i ii go Back to Montreal and lick my Mchale wanted a Toronto team in the National league to provide a natural Canadian rivalry although Macly Hail was encouraged by the no decision the american league president admitted that the league May have to come up with a plan to provide Washington with baseball. Quot of he asks us to reconsider the Al i Washington plan a Macphail said of Kuhn. Quot i think we would Quot the Al had drawn up a plan which would have scheduled 26 games in Washington s blk stadium but Kuhn said he wanted a minimum of 40 played in the nation capital by the 12 Al teams including 13 by the nearby Baltimore orioles. The Al later withdrew its offer and said it was going to Toronto anyway. Phil Smith til Breaks for warriors after stealing Ball from George Trapp 31 poise pays in Aba playoffs by the associated press poise. The ability to perform under pressure to Rise to the occasion when the game moves up a notch in Tempo and intensity. It s what playoff basketball is All about. The Detroit pistons Given Little Chance against mighty Golden state squandered most of a in Post Lead but held on to beat the defending Champion warriors 106-102 at Detroit tuesday night evening their National basketball association playoff series at 2-2. Quot we showed a lot of poise when Thev had us on the crowed pistons coach Herb Brown. Quot a lot of people say we can t win a pressure game Well this was a pressure game if there Ever was one in the last month and a half we be won a lot of pressure games a in another Best of seven Quarter final series the Washington bullets a beaten in the finals by Golden state last year a barely managed to stay alive. The bullets wasted a 17-Point advantage and had to go into overtime to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 102 98 at Landover my and even that series at 3-3 we did t Lay Down and die after we lost that 17-Point Lead Quot said a proud bullets coach Jones. A now that we re in a seventh game i guess the pressure is on both of us a a Cleveland coach Bill filch is confident his club. In its first playoff Ever will not buckle under the Winner take All pressure of thursday s seventh game for which the a Ava will have the Home court advantage. A i Don t think pressure will be the deciding said filch Quot our big pressure game was the second game when after losing the opener in Cleveland it it car a Bai k to a it the series by winning Here Al i an Over we were going a it i Umble the. Would have to n Iii tip for Phoeni Star a aul whose team holds a 3 2 Edge and ran wrap up quarterfinal series against by winning tonight s game in in one player who has managed to ignore the playoff pres ure Aller the suns lost tame five on sunday Westphal said Xii this Means a that we have i it play the Manorhn game no better Leam i going to win los Senes la they should a us to More tunes Thev deserve it Seattle Forward Bruce seals who Carne up with 28 Points and la rebounds in his Best game of the series is another xxii customer Quot i was pretty he said Quot i did t feel there was too much pressure of course if we had lost there Vias no tomorrow in the remaining Quarter final series the Boston Ell is Hoje to have Captain John Havlicek bark from a injury in the fourth game of their set against the bul tulo. Bravos in Buffalo xxx Milne Day Boston leads the series 2-1 crying towels anyone lie Felt that Way sunday after an interference Call on a High Point runner but without films and umpires standing firm it would t be a Good bet that the game will be replayed from the Point of protest. Of so. However it could change the outcome of the Carolinas conference race. It anybody knows it Tough to work a game though. It s Hartman. He catches it during the Winter calling basketball games. Maybe that show he knows How much he can get away with and still stay in the game. And speaking of games there was a Call last week about putting Only scores of High school and Junior High school results in the paper. The caller allowed that the coaches and players were upset that their names and full accounts of the games were not Given. No doubt All coaches and players and moms and dads feel the same Way but it has become a problem taking care of the proliferation of sports during the spi my period. Now that the girls have entered the Field so to speak with softball volleyball track Tennis and no telling what else there is the obligation to be fair to All about the Only Way that can be done is give scores of everybody which is after All the idea behind playing a game. Those who play for the publicity rather than the spirit of Competition and personal and team achievement or development have their values mixed up on the Junior High level for example there Are no conference champions allowed by the state so that sports at that level won t be Over emphasized. A Strong argument can be made that interest at the High school level outside of football and a few basketball games is minimal. Local radio reduced its coverage several years ago. There will never be a Way to satisfy All. But the High schools Arentt being picked on. Previous cuts in space to the local College basketball team and other sports Carne far in Advance of the High school. In fact there Are a number of examples of cuts because of space time and Reader interest Page 3b tues., april 27, 1976 Brady tops is qualifiers Pinehurst a Peggy Harmon Brady of Gautier miss. Former u s Golf association Junior girls Champion fired a Par 74 monday to Lead 31 qualifiers for the women s North and South Amateur Golf tournament match play play started today at the Pinehurst country club the defending Champion. Cindy Hill of Colorado Springs Colo. Who was exempt from qualifying met Mary Gayle of Rochester n who qualified with an 81. Women from 20 states played in the Quail my round it the 74th annual tournament and it took an 85 to make it. Mrs Brady 25, Drew As her first round opponent Judy Oliver of Pittsburgh an i qualifier Denver a it a done to be surprised if Kentucky coach Hubie Brown shows up at Denver s Mcnichols sports Arena wednesday night with a crying Towel it la be for his counterpart with the Denver nuggets. Larry Brown the Kentucky coach christened Denver s Brown Quot the league s worst crybaby after sundays Light marred 119-115 double overtime colonel Victory that tied the teams american basketball association semifinal playoff at 3-3. Wednesday night s game will decide the opponent for new York which won a spot in the final series with a 121-114 Victory Over san Antonio saturday. Quot what s he talking about Quot Hubie Bijj in asked after the Denver coach criticized Kentucky s Brown for letting his Bench warmer get involved in the sunday fight. A the s been around basketball Long enough to know that you can t control every player on your team when something like that Breaks out Larry Brown is the leagues worst the second period Melee erupted As Denver Rookie Marvin Webster cockeyed for position against Jim Mcdaniels the Kentucky Forward peacemaker Dan Issei tried to break it up and received a Haymaker for his efforts then Kentucky s Ron Thomas and Maurice Lucas clouded Webster from behind with what Larry Brown called Quot cheap shots a Quot i Don t blame Mcdaniels lies out there trying to protect said Denver s Brown. Quot but Thomas hit Webster from behind and Lucas came off the Bench Quot in a very disappointed that he Hubie Brown could t control his Bench in that situation and i told him so i kept my people Olf the Denver s players also were talking about the fight their 39 3 per cent shooting performance did t leave much else to discuss. A that s what i get for trying to break it up said Issei whose career was spent with the colonels until this season As he rubbed his Chin. A this has been a very physical series understated Denver Veteran Byron Beck Quot a lot of heavy work under the boards that a typical of playoffs be that As it May. That does t justify the tactics displayed by the colonels flt Eck i t to no a what started it he my Panioli just started s wringing said Webster a 1-iooc\ Rookie despite the fisticuffs it was the in use of Kentucky s Bird Averill that mud. The. It Jiff Eren a n the first double overtime play of i game in to. Arash Story Bird is our ca3a of Hubie Brown lha Rascal has meant much to us it the series without him. We be Miller a Larky Brown called crybaby team rested going into semis canadians have Edge Bonus Cash eludes Petty this time Daytona Beach Fla i a a it has been two years since anyone except Richard Petty collected Bonus Money for leading one of the three legs toward the driving championship of the National association for Stock car Auto racing Lascar. Petty however is virtually eliminated from the first leg of the 1976 grand National division Chase which ends with the 500-Inile event at Talladega Al sunday. Benny Parsons leads after nine races with 1,401 Points and Cate Yarborough is second with 1,360. Petty Winner of six National titles in All and four in the past five years is running third with 1,233 the Winner at Talladega will get a maximum of 185 Points with Lap bonuses. Last place gets 37 Points so All Parsons has to do to beat Petty is qualify and Start the race. If Yarborough wins the race. Parsons must finish seventh or better to take the first leg Bonus fourth in the Point standings is Richard Childress with 1,179, followed by Len Nie Pond and Bobby Allison 1,161 each Dave Marcis 1,148 Darrell Waltrip 1,115 j. D. Mcduffie 1,033, and Cecil Gordon 1,000 by the associated press they have played four games in 23 Days so if nothing else. The Montreal canadians should be Well rested when they open their Best of seven National hockey league semifinal playoff series at Home against the new York islanders tuesday night. The Philadelphia flyers meanwhile must put their penalty and arrest strewn seven game Quarter final series against Toronto out of their minds when they Trost the Boston Bruins in the first game it the next series that will test their reign As two time defending Stanley cup champions. Quot i Don t think in Boston there will be any discussion of violence a said flyers coach Fred Shero. Who looked on As four of his players were arrested on various charges in Toronto during a series which saw nearly 500 minutes in penalties called. A you can t win when you take to penalties to the other Guys one. In a satisfied that the Fellows Learned something about taking cheap penalties a despite their inactivity Golf payday set May 4 furniture City ladies Golf associations May play Day is set next tuesday at Willow Creek those planning to participate should Contact the Willow Creek pro shop by noon Friday to sign up for the 9 Shn Tunn atari the canadians have Learned the same thing a mostly because their semifinal opponents tied a regular season record by scoring 92 goals during Power plays a Mark set first by Montreal Quot it s going to be very important for us to Stop their Power play and for us to have our Power play going. Said Montreal Center pct m a to v Lith after the canadians went through their final rehearsal for the islanders the massive 6-foot-5 Pivot Man added monday that the canadians also must Stop new York defens Einan Denis Potvin Quot we can to allow him to control the play the Way he does by Mahovlich a no a Natter what Way you look at h. Potvin is throne we be got to Stop he s the Liny. Although they a it rot a line a do around ie1 hut so do the canadians whose free skiing offence is led by uie line for which Mahovlich is the Center with Steve shut on Eft wln8 my 56-go scorer let by Neuron the left he Trio accounted Loc 135 goals and 309 Points other Powers in a a thick that scored s37 Foa so a the regular sea01 include youngsters dog Risebrough Marl Quot Tremblay and Yvon and veterans Yvon Cournoyer Jacques i a. That complements a defense which had the league s Best regular season record with goalie Ken Dryden winning the Vezina 111 it Phy cd cd cd cd cd cd cd cd 8 s Roger 2 Good buddy % o to of s 8 8 cd Goodie available q communication up a electronics 2 i Zan ctn Unhul a �?�2-1019 wb4kpn and cd cd cd cd cd cd cd cd q Smy for new Low Price a a Frye roofing phone 882-3396 $1595 Square Black or White Snow lumber company a a a a a Aero from Southgate shopping conto 200 e. Springdale 7-5 High Point Petrr prose. Tuesday april 27. 1976 3h

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