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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 26, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny and cooler More data on Page 3a 92nd year no. 117 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation mm719 classified ads. 8h5-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., monday afternoon april 26, 1976 22 pages daily 15c. Sunday 35c Pennsylvania votes tuesday Carter Jackson clash on Job Issue Philadelphia a former Georgia gov Jimmy Carter says sen. Henry m. Jackson of Washington is being Quot absolutely ridiculous when he blames unemployment in the North on lower wages paid workers in the South. Quot i Don t think it s fair to say that we have unemployment in Pennsylvania because the South has cheap labor or night to work Carter said sunday on Abc to s Quot issues and answers program. Quot to blame the unemployment in Pennsylvania on right to work Laws that have been there Ever since Harry Truman s Day i think is absolutely Carter said. The program featured Carter Jackson and three other contenders for the democratic presidential nomination a rep Morris k. Udall of Arizona Alabama gov. George c. Wallace and sen. Frank Church of Idaho. All but Church Are on the ballot for tuesdays primary election in Pennsylvania. As the democrats focused their attention on Pennsylvania president Ford and former California gov. Ronald Reagan battling for the Republican nomination prepared for More work in Texas where voting is May i. Ford is scheduled to Campaign in Texas tuesday Carter Jackson through thursday and Reagan is due there thursday. Reagan picked up support Over the weekend from republicans in four states including South Carolina where he was assured of 26 of the state s 36 gop National convention delegates. South Carolinas state Republican convention gave Lour delegates Tofu Ord and six were not committed to any candidate. The challenger also won backing in Oklahoma. Missouri and Arizona while Minnesota s republicans favored the president in partial returns from gop District meetings. Jackson with Strong backing from Pennsylvania s labor leaders has argued in campaigning for the state s primary that Northern jobs have been lost to Southern states with right to work Laws among them Georgia the so called Quot right to work Quot Laws prohibit Union shops and Jackson maintain in �-2��b for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the fat reprise every request is considered but please understand that the s volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one temporary licenses for cd radios q. There Are Many people waiting in line for their citizens band License. They usually install a cd Long before obtaining a License due to the overflow of people waiting for a License i have been told that a person May Call out on their citizens band before they receive their License if they use the letters Kwh and the last four digits of their social Security number. The citizen band users must also have a cancelled Check or Money order stub to show that they have applied for their License. I have looked everywhere to be certain of this information because Many of my friends believe i am nuts. Please find an answer for me As quickly As possible. . A what you re supposed to do is fill out f orm 555-b which serves As a temporary License until your regular one is received this form is not to be mailed Back to the f cd but stays with the operator much like your motor vehicle registration stays with the can. The temporary License is Good for Only 60 Days from the Date you filed for your regular la Ente. The form states what temporary Call letters to use it will be a k followed by the operator s first two initials and his or her zip code. The forms for temporary licenses Are being sent out by the acc this week to cd outlets around the country you should be Able to pick one up from your dealer within a few Days although you can request one directly by writing the Federal communications commission f orms dept. B-10, 1919 m st., . Washington d c. 20554. In the Wake of f first mama s securing a temporary License Tor her cd debut the Washington office is awash Iii requests. So please have mercy and wait until the forms arrive locally Fine for lacking License q. What is the Fine for operating a citizens barn radio without a License . A it could Cost a person convicted $500 for each Day it occurred sound off to All cobers in the High Point triad area i think it is about time that All of us realize that the citizens band radio was intended to be operated by the citizens of a Community to assist or help make the Community a better place for everyone to live in. We should remember that anyone regardless of sex color Creed or nationality who can buy a two Way radio and pay four dollars for a License has the right to use the cd radio so Long As they stay within the rules and regulations of the Federal communications commission. In most any Community we find All types of people. For the most part we Are proud to say they Are decent hardworking and religious people. Unfortunately Here lately the cd radio has been taken Over with drunks bulgarians women looking for dates and preachers trying to give their views of the Bible. Between All this we have such confusion and hard feeling and carrying on that the cd radio has become a disgrace. The acc should do the Job they Are getting paid to do and clean up the eleven meter band once and for Alland keep it that Way. A concerned Cher. De that this encourages lower pay and thus flight by Industry to the South. He did t cite specific differences in pay Udall Jackson and Carter anguished meanwhile Over the halt in distribution of Federal Matching Money that has left their campaigns Short of funds. Jackson and Udall blamed president Ford while Carter admitting he too would like to hang the problem on f Ord faulted Congress for not swiftly reviving the Federal Campaign Law knocked Down by the supreme court. The High court said the Federal election commission. Which handled distribution of the Matching Money was comprised Congress did not reconstitute the commission by a deadline set by the supreme court and distribution of the Matching Money was stopped. A its really unfair and Gerald f Ord a aiding and abetting the whole Udall said Quot i can t get the Money i need to make my Case in Quot Well of course a Jackson said. Quot he f Ord does t want Ronald Reagan to get his Matching funds and the president has the most Carter observed Quot id like to blame president f Ord for All we can but it looks to me like the Congress is the one that Hasni to Udall agreed that some democrats May have gone along with a delay hoping it would Lead to a deadlocked convention that might open up a presidential draft for Hubert h. Humphrey of Minnesota but Udall insisted the chief culprit was Ford because he refused to Tell the country he would sign a Campaign spending Law expected to be passed this pay raise advised Raleigh a it. Gov Jim Hunt today recommended a 6.5 per cent pay increase to teachers and state employees that would Cost about $95 million a year. In a statement read to the Legislatures joint appropriations committee As it met to make preparations for next week s convening of the general Assembly Hunt suggested two sources for raising the Money for next fiscal year the lieutenant governor said part would come from increased Revenue collections from the state s existing taxes As the Economy continues to improve and part from a onetime wind part from a one time wind come from changing from quarterly to monthly the payment by Large corporations of the state income taxes they withhold from their workers. Hunt said that continued funding of the pay raise would depend on continued growth in the tax collections by the general fund and the remainder from a 3 per cent Cut in state jobs during the next biennium. The pay raise proposed by Hunt is not expected to satisfy the states school teachers or state employees. The teachers have scheduled a rally in Raleigh saturday to dramatize their Call for a Cost of living pay hike of 16 to 19 per cent spokesmen for state workers also have called for a larger pay raise than Hunt proposed Hunt the highest ranking Democrat in state government. Also called for the is teacher on 2a what s inside amusements.6-7b bridge.7b classified ads.7-11b crossword.6b editorials.4a financial. A obituaries.2b sports.3-5b television .2b women news.6-7a socialist party on to communists lose ground in Portugal Lisbon Portugal apr the socialist party stayed on top As returns were counted today from Portugal a first free parliamentary election in 50 years. But there was no Chance of its getting the majority it sought in the 263-seat parliament socialist Leader Mario Soares rejected overtures from the Center and right to join in a coalition government. Other influential members of his party said such a coalition was inevitable. The election outcome opened the Way for the ouster of the Moscow line communists from the government of this member of the North Atlantic treaty organization for the first time since the military revolution two years ago. With about 92 per cent of sundays votes tallied the socialists had 35.07 per cent of the vote compared to 37.9 per cent in the election for the constituent Assembly last year. The centrist popular democrats were in second place with 24 04 per cent compared to 26 4 per event last year and the communists had 14 54 per cent up slightly from 12.5 per cent. The Only big gainers were the conservatives of the social democratic Center. They had 15 83 per cent of the votes double their showing last year and nosed ahead of the communists to take third place this conservative gain was viewed As a backlash against the confused and ineffectual a leftist provisional governments that have held office since the armed forces overthrew the Salazar Caetano dictatorship two years ago the rest of the votes were scattered among to splinter parties final results were expected late today. Francisco a Carneiro head of the popular democrats and Diogo Freitas do Amaral presi Dent of the social democratic Center called on the socialists to join them in a coalition. Soares rejected the Center right offer and he also said an Alliance with the communists was out of the question but pressure was building up within his own party to come to terms with the two other major anticommunist parties. Soares predicted before the election that the socialists would get at least 42 per cent of the vote. He said if they could not govern alone they would Lead the opposition. Sales Strong furniture Mart traffic Good by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer manufacturers seemed pleased with business activity at the current Spring Southern furniture Market underway in High Point and in red Anont North Carolina As the event entered its fifth Day today. The Market which brings retail furniture buyers from every state of the nation and from Many foreign nations to factory showrooms and display buildings along the state s furniture Highway for eight Days to select their needs for the next few months has drawn a slightly better attendance than october. 1975, the previous record Holder in addition most furniture manufacturers expect business to continue Good Over the next few months and they Are hopeful Wisdom will prevail to keep the rate of inflation under control. Manufacturers interviewed today reported traffic in their spaces has been Good Over the first four Days of the Market and that retail merchants have been buying in some Quantity they said production at their plants remains at a High level and that backlogs continue Strong Ray cilium National sales manager for la a boy chair co., said sales thus far Are exceeding those produced at the october 1975 Market and that he is Quot looking for a great a 76 Charles Tompkins president of the resent furniture co., said the Market Quot has rampage leaves three dead Jackson a apr As he forged a bloody Trail through Georgia and Florida an sex convict snorted cocaine and bragged about his shooting and Kidnap rampage that left three dead and 13 wounded he ended the Saga by killing himself authorities Sav Quot when he talked about All those people being dead he would laugh about it a said Susie grit ton a hostage who escaped unharmed. Quot he was smiling about it like he was glad. He had no regrets. He just kept talking and sniffing the Moses Pearson jr., 31, apparently was angry at being cheated in a cocaine Deal when he started the crime spree in his Hometown of Jacksonville fla., on saturday night authorities said. He left two men dead there and six wounded. Then he fled North into Georgia killing a third Man and wounding seven others. Along the Way he abducted six women who escaped unharmed a three who drove him into Georgia and a Bay Village Ohio woman and her two teenage daughters abducted on a Georgia Highway. Pearson began his rampage with three shootings within a 30-minute Span in North Jacksonville police spokesman Mike Gould said. At All three locations he demanded Money. A robbery was at least a partial motive but we feel there s a Strong possibility of a drug tie in in All those cases either he was ripped off or had been ripped off in the past a Gould said. A we know he had an argument with some of these Gould said Pearson shot and killed Horace fallen the manager of a used car lot in fallen a mrs. Leslie Janda office. Two others there were wounded. Gould said investigators believe a cocaine Deal was the source of a bad blood Between Pearson and f Allen. As authorities reconstructed Pearson s wild Odyssey he then went to a Roadside wig shop where he shot and killed the manager George Quarles 52, who had sworn out warrants for Pearson after a robbery at the shop last week after wounding three persons at the nearby Home of a woman who worked in the wig shop authorities said Pearson abandoned his car at a drive in liquor store and abducted mrs Grifton and Anita Cockfield 22. And her sister Sharon 18 Pearson forced the women to drive him to a wooded area where he picked up a suitcase filled with Money two other guns and a change of clothes then they drove North to Georgia. At a truck Stop in Cordele ga., 170 Miles North of Jacksonville the four went inside for Coffee mrs. Grifton said. When Pearson allowed Sharon Cockfield to go to the bathroom she managed to Tell a Skol has Soares listens to election results observers said it would be difficult to put a coalition government together because of bitterness generated by the election Campaign during which at least live persons were killed Quot we have to be very careful because if we let the situation deteriorate Hying political Sparks might still ignite a civil War Quot president Francisco a Costa Gomes warned the armed forces were on Lull Alert during the voting but no major violence was reported. Mort than 80 per cent of the 6 5 million eligible voters cast ballots compared with 5 2 Jer cent in the constituent Assembly election last year victim of palsy recognized Washington a president Ford is to present the Quot presidents trophy to a 48-year-old w Inston Salem n a Man who despite near a in total disability has become an author and businessman and still wants to get married tile award will be presented tuesday to Forest w Quot Bill Quot Kiser at the annual meeting of the president s committee on of employ rent of the handicapped Kiser was afflicted with cerebral palsy when he was a week old lie is confined to a wheelchair with limited spastic motion in one hand and one leg a serious speech impediment prevents his communicating with most people despite his Handicap Kiser wrote his autobiography a Light of Hope Quot at the agonizing rate of too words an hour runs his own business the Bill Kiser news service inc., and writes radio scripts news stories and feature articles. He lives alone and cares for himself in a specially designed apartment he says he a ready Tor marriage he has broken the barriers and shown his Independence he says he believes he has something meaningful to ofter and Hopes he will find someone to share his life his life has been difficult while in his mid 20s, experimental surgery failed making his condition worse. Both his parents had died several years earlier and he was alone and helpless after the surgery. In his Book he describes his feelings then Quot so a Little less than a year after leaving Home for the brain surgery that i had pictured in my mind As making me Well or at least giving me a fighting Chance at my vision of a Good life i found myself com so victim on 2 a Boon fantastic for us Quot my added that Quot everyone we have talked to has had an sex Collen Market Henry Timnick Prest Dent of the Stanley furniture co said this Market is Quot sub slant to Fly up Over the october Market and noted that was Quot a sensational Market he said the Outlook of a 15 per cent increase for the year foreseen tiv the Southern furniture manufacturers association May he on so furniture on 2a waitress about the abduction when police arrived Pearson wounded two deputies arid two bystanders. The Sisters escaped but Pearson kept mrs Cotton As he sped away. In Pinehurst 20 Miles North of Cordele on interstate 75, Pearson tried to Rob a service station and shooting wildly killed attendant George Griffin jr., authorities said. During the shooting mrs Craton escaped a Short time later Pearson wounded another service station attendant in a robbery attempt on the Highway North of Pinehurst still driving North on i-75, authorities said Pearson rammed into the rear of the car of the Leslie Janda family heading Home to Ohio after a Florida vacation. Pearson shot Janda in the Arm commandeered the car and abducted mrs a rampage on 2a

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