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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1974, Page 2

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 21, 1974, High Point, North Carolina A Soma head favors change in markets _. . In c air Haw nit m by Forrest Cates in be got me one of those Little puddle jumper cars. You know the kind that i have been making fun of for All these years. Actually i did no to get it for me. I got it for my wife which is about the same except it gives me a Chance to blame it on her if puddle jumpers go out of style. I got this Little pee wee of a car when the gasoline was so Short. I was sitting in a Gas line before Daybreak one Day when it suddenly occurred to me that if i had a car which got twice As much mileage per gallon As my old Heap i have to freeze my Tuckus off in a Gas line but half As often. I wan pretty disgusted with the old Bun at the time. Having checked and found that it Only got eight Milen per gallon. That wan downhill. Gone known. What it got Uphill. So i went Down to my Friendly automobile dealer to buy me one of those Little cars. I always like to get on the Good Side of a car dealer before i Start talking Trade so i told my Friendly car dealer that the reason i came to him was because he was the Only car dealer in town i trusted but not very much. It seemed to sort of tickle him that somebody trusted him even though it was t very much. Anyway we made a Deal in which i lost my old Steed for a pittance because of its penchant for gasoline gained a puddle jumper and another one of those Damn payment books with 36 pages in it. The new car is japanese and that presented a Little problem at the Start. There was some minor problem with the carburetion possibly because we have better pollution Here than the japanese and there was a Little trouble Over the language. The motor on the Little car made a different funny Hoine from american Carn. It went Hinn while All of my american Carn have gone Clank. It was explained to me that it is characteristic for japanese to Hiss and americans to Clank. I was assured that the hissing sound had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the company in Japan who made All those darned Zero fighter planes during world War ii also made my car. I asked because you never know these Days who is still holding a grudge. There was also the problem of getting used to doing part of the cards work. It has what is mis appropriately called a straight gears a where my old cars All had automatic transmissions. Having straight Geom Means that one must depress a pedal and move a lever to Start the car moving repeating the process until the proper gear for exceeding the Speed limits in attained. For me it meant learning to Bend my left knee again after years of having no necessity to do so having no gears to mesh. After a while i began to understand Why everybody who drives these four Cylinder squirts seems to have a Superior attitude out on the Road. What happens is after you have mastered the straight gears and recovered from the trauma of having your Fanny Riding six inches from the pavement you do Superior to the Guys in the big Gas gulping boats. I mean there you Are Way Down there not taking up much room which Means that just maybe they done to have to tax the Heck out of everybody to build More roads. And out on the Highway you Are cruising along burning Way less than your share of the Gas and doing a lot less than your share of the polluting of the air. And. Up there the big. Eight Cylinder. Four barrel Sonora Tailin in trying to suck you up his exhaust pipe and you know in your heart that All that in Good and pure in on your Side. If i sound a bit Static about my puddle jumper it May be because i just took a 300-mile trip. I either got 32 Miles to the gallon or somebody was running along Side pouring Gas into my tank. I mean at 50 cents a gallon that s like a savings of $5 on the trip. And i May not understand japanese too Good but i can sure dig five Bucks. By Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer the president of the Southern furniture manufacturers Assn. Would like to see one major furniture Market each year. William p. Kemp jr., president of Kemp furniture industries said the Market should be followed by various regional markets and by a a dramatic Home furnishings particularly stressing the opportunities offered by opening showrooms across the nation to the Public Kemp said the furniture Industry needs a one big open House a to excite the people on the value and the use of furniture. An event such As this he said could whet the appetites of retail store customers to the Point where living room furniture could come before boats and automobiles in order to priority. Kemp made his suggestions which he emphasized in his personal opinion during an interview at the associations offices in the Southern furniture Market Center As the Spring furniture Market got under Way in High Point and along the states furniture Highway. Commenting on the situation the furniture Industry faces today Kemp said that backlogs at production plants Are now a Aback to Normal for april of each year a situation which generally Calls for deliveries within four to five weeks after a a unusual conditions which existed for about a year and a half. That period saw backlogs quadruple for some firms he said. Now. Kemp said furniture manufacturers have got to Kemp sell. He said this represents a a More healthy situation which makes it possible for retailers to fix their needs and come and get them. Also he noted that inventories Are being paired since store operators no longer have to wait Long for deliveries. Looking ahead somewhat he said he can to conceive that business will be poor. Noting that hourly wages Rose about nine per cent in North Carolina Over past year Kemp said incomes now Are High. He also said he knows of a no other Industry which has a better future Over the next six years in noting that expectations Are that More Homes will be built than Ever before Over the balance of the decade. Kemp said he feels that inflation will be a pretty constant in the future. He said he thinks the american people can expect to face inflation a for years to come and that they need a to learn to live with a he said the removal of Cost controls is expected to bring an important gain in the Price of steel with Little gain in productivity of steel. He also noted that Industry has already seen great increases in the Cost of Oil products. The furniture Industry he explained is a a heavy user of finishing materials and plastics. Commenting on production in furniture plants Kemp said plants have been faced with turn overs which have reached As High As too per cent in some facilities. There has also been More absenteeism he said in saying that this situation has brought cases of decreases in production rather than gains. However he did note an improvement in the labor situation. Kemp said that last year labor was a extremely critical but that this situation is a lightened considerably today. Most plants he said have Cut excessive overtime. Although it is much easier to get personnel it is still necessary a to do some looking a Kemp said. Kemp said the furniture Industry has been through a period when there was a move to plastics. He said that at present some firms Are beginning to hold Back from plastics and that he does not foresee a continuing increase in the use of this material. There is a Strong feeling Kemp said that people a want the look of real speaking of Federal regulations Kemp said that guidelines issued by the Federal Trade commission in december calling for information showing what a product is made of brought a favourable response from the so a Soma on 7a ii on the scene Spanish class Lexington a course in a business and conversational Spanish will begin tuesday at Davidson county Community College. Lynn Mack of Lexington whose parents were cuban and Spanish will be instructor for the course to meet each tuesday from 6 to 8 . In the gee building. The course offers an exposure to practical the High Point Enterprise Ettoil need 1884 Rubl Thad Lvi by afternoon and sunday morning an Independent newspaper Publ Thad by the High Point Enterprise. Inc. 210 Church a thu highpoint no 27261 member of the associated press rates by Mah payable in Advance i or. 6 to. 3 to. I to. Doily and sunday $36 40 $18 20 $9 to $3 05 sunday Only $13.00 $6 50 $3 25 $1.t5 by Carrier wkly $ 70 monthly $3 05 or. $36.40. Mail tube Cristion in tub Lect to 4% tale tax. The aug rated pre it entitled to the it for reproduction of All local Newt printed in thit newspaper at Well at Ell a Newt Dit Ohhet. Entered at second Cloit matter at the poet office. High Point n c under act of Anarch 3, 1879. Second Lati Pottage paid of High Point n c. All Cornett Dellert and distributor to Ore Independent contractor ond the High Point Enterprise inc it not Retro rumble for Advance tube Cristion pome not made to them or their representatives for Home delivery rate Contact your local Carrier. Word Griffith company notional advertising representatives tub High Point Enterprise sunday morning april 21, 1974. Page in not Likely to get away chair City jail has no prisoners medic Alert Bracelet mrs. Darrell Coltrane shows medic Alert Bracelet to Robert l. Carlson general agent Here for life of Carolina. Mrs. Coltrane a diabetic says that she has never removed the Bracelet since she obtained it five years ago. A it gives me a feeling of Security a she said. Life underwriters push medic Alert drive Here conversational Spanish aimed at enabling the adult to Converse Ore fluently using the Spanish language in communications. Eastern Star High Point police dept. Capt. O. H. Leak will be guest speaker sunday at the annual hand of Friendship program of the local chapter of the order of the Eastern Star. The meeting which will be held at 3 30 . In the masonic Hall on e. Kivett formerly e. Washington drive is open to the Public. Yacht club the Oak hollow yacht club Board of directors will meet monday at 8 . At the Oak hollow Marina driving course Greensboro the dept of motor vehicles four hour Driver refresher course will be held at the state Highway patrol station on e. Market Street in Greensboro monday april 22 and monday april 29, 7 . To 9 . Those attending these classes will not Only have an Opportunity to become familiar with new traffic Laws new Highway signs and markings but will become acquainted with the Content and format of the new Driver License tests. The course is free of charge and no preregistration is necessary. By Ray Hebbard Enterprise staff writer High pointers with medical problems not easily recognized Are again being urged to join the medic Alert program As a Means of possibly avoiding tragedy some time in the future. The High Point Assn of life underwriters is conducting its annual drive to get people to take part in the lifesaving organization. The medic Alert foundation inc. Of Turlock Calif is a nonprofit organization founded in 1956 and dedicated to educating and encouraging individuals to Wear on their person identification of any medical problems that need to be known in Case of emergency. The most common identification is a Small Bracelet on one Side is printed pertinent information regarding the medical problem on the other the Well known medical Emblem. Necklaces Are also available. Heart conditions diabetes severe allergies and epilepsy Are examples of medical problems knowledge about which can be critical in emergency treatments. The medic Alert Emblem is recognized the world Over. In addition to the nature of the problem printed on the Emblem is a file number of the wearer and the Telephone number of medic alerts Central file a in Turlock. Doctor police firemen or anyone giving Aid can immediately get vital information when the wearer is unable to communicate by calling that number. The file is manned 24 hours a Day and information about relatives the medical problem regular physician is contained in the file. Tragic mistakes can be made in emergency medical treatment unless the special problem of the patient is known. A diabetic could be neglected and die because he was thought to be intoxicated. A shot of penicillin could end the life of one who is allergic to it. Others dependent upon medications must continue to receive them at All times. Medic Alert helps insure that this is possible. Cost of lifetime membership in medic Alert is $7 a which pays for the Bracelet or necklace. It is estimated that about one in five persons in this country have special medical problems that Are potentially dangerous in cases of emergency treatments. By Ven Carver Enterprise staff writer Thomasville the still impregnable steel bars the tiny cells the permanently stained lavatories and commodes and the bunks their Springs rusting Are All intact. They re housed in a Section of the top Story of the Thomasville City Hall. Once comprising the City jail the Section is now serving As a storage area for old police uniforms and As a temporary photographic studio for the police detective Bureau. Mostly though the facilities remaining there Are unutilized. Along the floor of the 37-year-old incarceration Center there now appear deep surface cracks immune to waterproofing treatments. And that is one reason Why prisoners no longer bide their time within the riveted Walls. Drunks sometimes rounded up by the Carload on saturday night used to be detained routinely at the jail. They often vented their ire on the cell lavatory or commode. A they would put their sock in it to try to Stop it up a recalls police chief Paul m. Shore. A they knew the water would run out on the floor but it was their Way of getting attention a when the water reached the floor much of it was absorbed by the cracks. It would seep into the Walls of the City Hall and eventually come out in the offices on the lower floors of the building including those of the police dept. A the last flood we had Cost the insurance company $3,000,�?� says Shore. A they threatened to cancel our he frankly add a it s no so practical to open this jail up As some people now that the jail is closed Shore would like to convert the detention area into offices for his department. A the police department does not have a room to interrogate suspects for the detective or juvenile on occasions when interrogations Are required the chief explains Quot we have to run somebody out of his office and use he also proposes other uses for the vacant jail facilities. Shore says he needs a training area a Sec Tion for drug control operations quarters for his juvenile division and a storage area. Since there is no incarceration facility in Thomasville All criminal suspects who Are unable to pay or who Are ineligible for Bond must be transferred to the Davidson county jail in Lexington. According to some interpretations of state Law the county sheriff s department is supposed to provide transportation for persons charged with crimes. This responsibility has fallen to the police department however for most of the past 32 years since the jail was closed As a full time detention Center. Chief Shore says having his men transport the suspects present a slight inconvenience but the extra see chair City on 7a Fol Araco Daniel Brooks s so i clean up set monday the High Point housing authority and the City Public works department will work together monday in a crash clean up Campaign of the Clara Cox and Daniel Brooks housing complexes. Arrangements have been made to clean All streets and parking areas and to remove All dirt and trash from curbs. According to a spokesman for the project the residents responsibilities in the clean up Are to have All trash placed on the curb and to remove their vehicles so that Street sweepers and trash trucks can do their jobs. All streets in the complexes will be closed to All traffic from 8 . Until 5 . Or until the Job is completed. No cars May be parked on streets during this period. $ $ $ ii a $ v. By. S i Tarzan pitted against the exorcist All the arguments Over the discontinuation of the a Tarzan film festival by an area television station have been very interesting i was one of the Tarzan old faithful who was settling Down every Friday evening to watch my hero of yesteryear swinging and Yelling Over the Jungle. Not Only was i thoroughly enjoying the series but my 12-year-old son a who began watching them As a joke a had begun to admit the shows were pretty Good. On the one hand i can understand the attitude of the Blacks who protested against the series because they portrayed Blacks As some kind of stereotyped Savages. On the other hand while watching the movies i never thought of any correlation Between those Savages and the Blacks of today. My laughs came from the ridiculous casting of the hero Tarzan. When i saw him swinging on a Vine Way out Over the Forest giving his bloodcurdling yell it did t occur to me that he might be regarded As a stereotype of a White hero. The Black Savages really came off looking More intelligent than Good of but not too smart Tarzan. Also there were some pretty Crafty evil plotting Whites in every movie. They were what you Call big troublemakers. However As i said the position of Blacks who were offended by the series is not so unbelievable. The Blacks who protested Are probably not so offended by this particular series As they Are by the revival of that portrayal of Blacks a As a Breed of Savages. During the time the Tarzan movies were made the Blacks could not effectively protest against them because the Black communities As a whole did no to have that much voice. Now they do have a voice and television station officials found after talking with different civic and Community groups that while the movies weren to particularly hurting the Blacks they were certainly doing nothing for Black White relationships within the Community. So the series was cancelled and Many Tarzan fans were left Yelling a a whodunit a i done to think that All Blacks were offended by the movies but the ones who were should be More offended it seems by the Way Blacks Are portrayed in Many movies today. It a Correct and fair appraisal of Blacks on film is being sought then they have settled for much less accuracy than they should have. Many current films which Star Blacks Are cheaply made filled with degeneracy and seem to revolve around karate chops and Kung fun. In this instance i think someone among the Blacks should write to the movie producers or speak up in some Way and let them know that the Black culture does not revolve around sex and violence any More than the White culture often portrayed in movies in the same manner does. Movies which people should be worried about like a the exorcist a done to seem to cause the protest they should. I Haven to seen the movie and done to plan to eve read the Book and admit it is spellbinding. But the movie according to All reports is a real exploitation of personal emotions. Around by Faye Marks people have come out of the movie hysterical people have left in the Middle of the movie because they stand it any longer people have had to under psychiatric treatment As a consequence of the movie. One woman in a theater in Greensboro vomited during one scene but much to the discomfort of those around her just sat there As if mesmerized. There Are evidently Many adults who can to handle the kind of things portrayed in this movie but the sad part is that Many teenagers feel that they have to go to see it just to prove that they can take it. And Many unsuspecting parents pressured by their children done to see any reason not to let them go. In the cases of older teenagers the parents have Little or no control Over what kind of movies they choose to see. A Greensboro Parent wrote a very poignant letter to the Greensboro daily news last week about her family a experience with the movie. Her 15-year-old son was insistent about seeing the movie and she admittedly thought it was the a in things to do to take him. A thing she will probably regret for some time. Since seeing a the exorcist a the boy a former Honor Roll student and a Well rounded person refuses to stay in the House by himself night or Day. At night he wakes up in terror begging to be allowed to sleep on the floor in his parents room. His grades Are dropping and he has undergone a Complete personality change. The distraught parents done to know what to do. Perhaps you Are thinking the boy must have been nervous or highly impressionable to begin with. From All reports he was not. A More logical conclusion would be that teenagers Are still at a formative age still unsure of what they believe and this Large dose of symbolism religion and portrayal of the Power of the Devil is much too much for some of them to sort out in their minds. Judging from All that i have heard and read about the movie it s too much for me too. One scene in particular seems to me to supersede any kind of sensationalism Ever shown on the screen a ifs a desecration of the Cross of sex of life of the teenage actress who portrays the part of the Devil possessed girl. The Man who wrote a the exorcist reportedly suffers from deep guilt feelings in his own life. The movie manages to Transfer and share them with a Large segment of the population. Afterwards ifs each one for himself to sort out the implications of the movie As Best he can. It was a lot safer and Calmer and entertaining to me to watch Tarzan Riding an elephant into the horizon

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