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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 21, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Pace eight he High Point Enterprise Piedmont Cimieri of Industry High Point. North Carolina Friday april 21, 19.19 television to be available receivers to be put on Sale by radio corporation of America new Youk april 21�? to Pic the Advent of television ions heralded As the beginning of a new american Industry was announced today by Davy Sarnoff president of the radio corporation of America in a television broadcast from the rag exhibit building at the new York worlds fair grounds. A today we Are on the eve of launching a new Industry a Sara not said a based on . On scientific research and accomplishment. A we Are now ready to fulfil the Promise made to the Public last october when xxx the i radio corporation of american j announced that television program service and commercial television receivers would be made Avail Able to the Public with the opening the new York worlds the ceremonies at the fair grounds were attended by a group of business and professional men who inspected i be new Emmer a is television receivers which go on Sale this week. Fight Miles away in the Ria building at Rockefeller Center an audience watched and heard the ceremonies. _ Kein Drick wins i flux ship Chapel Hill april 21�?pp a John Kendrick of Greensboro a graduate student at the University of North Carolina has been awarded the Julius a Hohenwald Fellowship of $1,000 for study in sociology and economies. Serial Story Bop Der adventure by Oren Arnold copyright. I ass aka service. Inc. A amp in Vii i Obi a Lois a cast of it Hau Vitkus ii Tiv it i by Jordan a pretty Young Roft in r patrol service Secretary. Sheridan Starr handsome howler patrol officer. Hope Kildare a Starr a fellow officer also a Bachelor. La is Barro a mexican smuggler. Yesterday hefty sends a letter to the officers telling them of Lier discoveries that a woman and child Are involved in smuggling. Then she signals that she is Safe. Chapter Xiv Betty Mary deduced accurately that Al Casino tecolote and the place of the sleeping Monk two establishments with excellent in uric and excellent cuisine. Really were Luis Barros a favorite hangouts when he was in Jan Rex. Rut. He appeared to have business out of town a great Deal of the time. Betty liked the place of the sleeping Monk better. It was quieter than the first spot. It did not have a big gambling room adjoining. It seemed to enjoy a hotter class of customers from among the Many tourists who came across from Elpaso. A detail too was the fact that Luis Varro had ordered the proprietor and employees there to a show Senorita Jordan every possible con Rte y whenever she Rome she discovered that his order meant she could never pay her Check nor indeed pay for anything despite the Meti Culous service they gave her. In a Way she did no to like this but in her capacity of detective she knew it was a valuable Lead. By sketching there often and eating there at Icard once a Day she struck tip a nominal Friendship with the manager who sat in the Cashiers Booth. The fifth Day of her stay in Mexico she picked a moment in mid morning when flip place was almost empty and when Luis Barm had not been around for More than a Day then opened her purse in the cashier manager a presence. A ooh. Dear. I must have left my compact in the hotel Quot she lamented. A i Uil a v let a Robt. Ripley where do we get such1 unusual menus its easy j the news Comet recipe Book i you la like Rice Jamb Ala Yah its Only one of Many intriguing delightful Southern recipes in the new Comet recipe Book. Comet Rice for 36 year the Leader is unsurpassed in delicious flavor Rich Energy a Low coat Delight your family with new ways to serve Rice get this helpful color Booklet _ insist on Rice free copy see ,.w we a ear. Ice a. Top to cower Bier wins Helm Chi Ihm you save every Day in every Way at Beeson s super Market a disc eggs fresh country dozen 19c crackers 1-i a. 7c 2-lb s.13c butter in -25c % bread 10c loaf 7�/2c Squash la. 6k fancy yellow oven glow flour 24 lbs. 55c potted meats 4 for i cd beef roast la. 17c Oleo la. 9/2c mindless sliced to con la. 19 k Nice t Hick fat meat la. 6k Beesons Hiu 1536 English Street West end As a woman would she dished out All manner of purse trinkets. Lipstick. Handkerchief. Pen oils. Coin nurse. Note pad. Tiny Sci evors Nail file. A snapshot of her father. Mirror. And a 22 Caliper Rifle Cartridge. She called his attention to the Cartridge silently with her ryes. Instantly the Man turned in his Cash Register and pressed a Button. Quot cling Clang Quot a he machine sounded and a a no Sale Quot sign i pooped up. From a drawer he calmly took a 22. Cartridge of it. Own. Fingered it a moment for her to see. Dropped it Hack 1 end closed the drawer. Betty Mary Felt her pulse quicken. This was the third person today to whom slip had exhibited her Cartridge and the a time it had worked. The other two. A waiter and the traffic patrolman outside Al Casino had shown no re-1 sponge. A you you Are one of up Quot she murmured tentatively. A no one la near hut is Hest not to talk too much in a Public he suggested. A Luis gets careless. I think. He la too sure of a the is quite capable Quot Betty Mary Aid. A ooh of a certain Senorita rut j caution is always a surely Senor. I am. Us. New. In his his or Ratti nation. As you i Don by loss know a a Don in i never Speaks to int of his Helm the Ashier said. A i am interested in narcotics Quot site said quite frankly. A i know where perhaps a Largo Worth a Hundred thousand can be had. a a Hundred thousand peso for How much Quot a no dollars. American dollars. For a tenth of that. Can can j Don Lur Send it aah in across do you think i should Tell him where he might Contact this cargo i do not wish to us. Interfere too much in his plans and affairs. He might not even he interested in narcotics now. I heretofore i have helped Only with Altern a Quot a Senorita is indeed new with the grand one he has sent in More contraband chemicals than men. He ships it in sacks of Heans. He tits it on the in Dorsi de of freight cars that Erose i on the Railroad. He even has Little boys Transfer it to the american Side when they go wading in the Rio Grande he is i the smart one. This Don Luis a a then when i am it ure i can get the new cargo for him. I will Tell i Betty Mary was not look i ins at the Man. Lest her eyes re veal something of the excitement she Felt. Quot a Deal of this site should he profitable to us Quot he would Send it by submarine do doubt it is the safest a ooh you Means a a Quot is Senorita. To the Peraltas. They have hark Here Are people coming we talk to much Quot he turned to his Cash Register again rang up a sum As if for a meal. And was giving Betty Mary some Small change when four people filed in. Betty Mary took the j Money and departed. By submarine the Peraltas she wished she had Learned More she quite out two lid two together Here hut she j had enough to know that Luis j Barm had several avenues for j smuggling dope. And that his a suit Marine was considered Hest. J would it mean employment of an actual submarine off the Pacific coast up to California hardly that. He knew it would he far too expensive As Well As impractical. Well it was not yet noon. She could Cross to Al paso and Contact j Sheridan and Hope about of. She j Hadnot been there in three could legitimately go and Cal j at an Art store a restaurant then a picture show without losing her front of being a tourist on Leisure j in vacation. Tourists did Cross halt a and fort to every Day. During then last few Days Sheridan Starr and Hope kb-1 flare had asked for duty at tile in i Tern at Iona i Bridge where they i could be near if Betty Mary need de them and also he on the look-1 out for tile woman smuggling dope. The woman who Betty Mary s letter had hinted worked with a child. It was their task to inspect every vehicle that crossed during their shift on duty. They must investigate everything that looked suspicious must inspect passports pry into packages question foreigners. On every Street car and automobile that came along their Bridge. It was a task that required constant Alternet. They saw the Tafoya woman every Day and studied her covertly each time. She had a Little girl perhaps five years of age named Angelina. Angelina invariably carried her Dolly sometimes a big baby doll sometimes a big Teddy hear. Quot she a been arrest re Aud searched twice Quot Hope kept musing about her. A Ami yet they did no to find anything on either Mother or girl. We must be on the wrong track Quot that kid s Sherry ventured the fourth morning of their Vigil. A always cuddles a doll has a new one every Lime a a he romps j two Speed limits \ on the same a be get me Road Quot non intervention group Dies with Spanish War London april 21�? up a the International non intervention committee which tried to get foreign fighters out of Spain and to preserve neutrality of other Powers in tile Spanish civil War. Was buried quietly today. The committee formally terminated its land and sea observation schemes intended to keep men and arms from entering Spain in a final meeting under the chairmanship of lord Plymouth in the Locarno room of the foreign office. Japan unmoved by fleets Transfer Back to Pacific Tokyo. April 21�? up a Japaul took a Calm View today of the Transfer of the United Sta a Fleet Hack to the Pacific. The older to the Fleet whih followed president Roosevelt a Appeal to Germany and Italy Foi Al ten year peace agreement last sat i urday is regarded As a merely my return to its own bases and n of ii j ing More a a naval spokesman a i d. A we have no particular concern about a nay Wilson amp co. Woke stud us hum ave lived a runs along the cite county Boundary line that divides Detroit from Macomb county the Speed a won the Detroit Side is 40 Miles per hour a the Speed limit Quot Macomb maty is 45 Miles per hour r Long time. But the smoked Ham like the Laurence Kuykendall armless 3 basketball Star a Captain of the Anadarko. Oki High school the Aai is also plays on the football teak swims and wrestles of ill la pal Tom a Louii. Ltd it i a Mckenney on Bridges give your partner Chance to count when Long suit May doom contract by we. K. It let in Kan by Sec Yriart Amer kit contract Bridge Law Agni this i to a fifth of a a of Etc of Bridge quiver. Par is i int. Fie duct 20 Points if you answer incorrectly question no. I a for no. 2 it for no. I and a for no. I. Keep your Dally aeon anti i How High an average you eau maintain. I. Of the bidding goes South one Diamond. North two clubs f a he Quot Orn t limn should 6 v a785 a k 7 4 do a j 6 4 3 a 10 7 4 2 v q j to a Job a 5 2 n a s dealer a k 8 5 3 v 982 a 10 5 2 aka a a j 9 v k 4 3 a aq63 a 10 9 rubber neither Vul. North i. A Gnu Trump 2. What. Bouk West open against three no to ump. 3. When fast secures the Lead cd Touri he Lead the eight of a Pedes of the three of Spade 4. Must fast exercise further it Are in the play of the Spade suit solution to a Tuimil �%>1 in 1. North should bad three no Trump. His length in clubs will prove Mote valuable at a no Trump contract and to hid two to Trump his partner must lit Verne fit in clubs. 2. The fourth Best Spade the four Chonk he led As Tho oui a Hance to defeat the contract. Tho Hryce Cati Hea t suit should by retained As a possible re entry. 3. A at Sitoula re urn the Spade a Bree his original fourth Hen holding in the suit. The purpose of this return is to give West a Quot count Quot on the distribution of Tho suit. If he failed to do this. West would Fen to continue with Anomer Spade As probably establishing another trick of South. I. Fast must be careful to unblock with his eight spot Otter a is to St will Wilt the fourth Spud and now Declarer can make his contract. By unblock ing West will he Able to Cash the fifth simile in the Elling trick. Italian troops in Spain Bonnet urges denouncement concentrate for return of aggression As suggested Burgos. April 21.�? Large contingents of italian troops including the red Green and Black Arrow divisions concentrated at Alicante Almeria and Albacete today preparatory to departure for Italy. It was reported reliably thai Only the Littorio divisions commanded by general tin Stone Gam Bara. Would participate in the Madrid Victory review May 15 and that the rest would Start for Home before the end of the month. Cotton in Dustbin Down Washington april 21. A the census bureaus reported today the Cotton spinning Industry opt. Ated during March at a it. Per cent of capacity on at so hour two shift by Sla compared with 87.8 p cent dining february this year and 66.6 per cent during Mach lest year. Gon a fix axion ciif4�?Tks m i Goldsboro april 21, up a Wayne county farm agent c. S. Mint said 1938 soil conservation checks amounting to $1 28,2 22.80 had been received up to this week. Over and a a a a my lord. Hopey Quot a hunh what s hit you Quot a Asa a a did t you Tell me you held that Little kids doll one Day while the Matron was searching her and her Mother did no to you Quot a yeah. But what Quot a Well listen Hopey that kid has had a new doll almost every Day but my Little nieces Hack Home they Clung mostly to just one doll had a favorite they liked to wag around thai Tafoya woman and Little Angelina s new dolls a a a who new Quot in Allied Hope tit sudden understanding. They confiscated More Titan a gallon of the Little cocaine capsules used for doll stuffing when they arrested mrs. Tafoya and daughter next morning for the third time. The size capsule that retails sub Rosa for about $2 each. To lha on tinned Paris april 21.pic foreign minister Georges Bonnet turgid All governments in a pie i j yesterday to renounce military aggression As suggested in president Roosevelt a mess a to Chancellor Hitler and Premier my sol int. Fra Uco a Moi lean a cooperation j for p Ace and human welfare Quot i finds in the americans Mes a rage Quot a new Huso and a new explosion Quot he said. He described the i sent period j in fit rape As one of a tension of which everyone senses the Grav Little Reo Quot headed Samy Dawson Philippi a has straight Aho curly hair half and half French seek clues in fire on liner of Havre France. April 21. Ipi French authorities working on a theory that foreign agents might have started the disastrous fire aboard the liner Paris sought today the writer of an Anonymous Advance warning of sabotage. They also continued a close questioning of the ship s Crew. Officials denied a persistent tumor that a bomb had been found abroad the French line flagship Normandie two Days ago but minister of merchant Marine louts de Chappdelaine acknowledged there had been threats to blow up the great liner. The Normandie ringed by a cordon of Mobile guardsmen was in dry Dock for a propeller change Only a Short distance front the partly submerged wreck of the Paris. Elizabeth City publisher paid tribute by friends Elizabeth City. April 21. Up former governor j. C. B. Ehringhaus and the Elizabeth City rotary club honoured Herbert Beele founder and editor of the Elizabeth City Advance at a recent dinner. In recognition of his unselfish Devotion to his Community and to his friends Quot read the inscription on a desk set presented pee in a pad president of the club. Production of eel Tain foods Are declining in Germany because of i of shortage of labor and the1 a flight from the m smoked Ham t Here never Mas smoked Ham of such perfect flavor until Wilson perfected it. The Ham in the Orange wrapper a perfect in texture perfect in proportion of fat to lean perfect in flavor and wholesomeness. As for tenderness there is just no comparison in Ith any other Ham. Look for the Orange in rapper. Faqs Tsegei a pipe Ltd and St til department of agriculture baked Ham slice rub 1,4 cup Brown of or into j we. Slice of certified smoked him. Sprinkle 12 do Etow top. Place a a baking pan. Surround with 6 tart apples peeled cored and quartered. Sprinkle i cup Brown Wear oter Apple add v4 cup water and bake is moderate oven so f until tulle cooked about i by. Serves 4 to. Cvar tried Wilsom car Trifo Bacon t its As different from run of the mme Bacon is certified smoked Ham is from other hams. Bus it in the piece or slab have your dealer slice or Bur sliced Carol led Bacon in convenient i end i la. Cartons cellophane Rolls and cd Mytr. A it jct Quot loft cite Csc title Olp folks her it Amorino Relief for condition due to Slu Alfh Bowel k.1sw so run Ihlenf invigorating. Dependable Relief from tick headache i Ilona spell tired feeling when Tii dilated with constipation. Without risk of Ai is iks of not Del i he Ted. Return the bos to us. We will is i refund the Purchase ice. The six i fair. St or tablets today. Always carry at Aroma iffy str i amt to Quick Relief a for acid indigestion Tui fresh fish lb5c beef roast a a a 17 c round Steak la. A a 24ic Roe Shad la 25c speckle Trout la 3cc dressed croakers la 12�?~?,c neck Bones 3 lbs. 25c boiled Ham sliced la 39c Chip beef la. 35c Limburger cheese la 25c pork roast la. 17�c fat Back la. 5k cheese lib 4ic or xxx Hole cured Ham la. A 21 of United Market 206 North main St. Fresh fish phone 2900 and meats Here a what you want in your crackers and what you get in premiums freshness a that tempting fragrant Oten freshness that fairly makes your Mouth water National biscuit company takes every care to assure premiums reaching you at their delicious Best bakes them in nearby ovens seals them in a trip a wrapped package rushes them to your dealer in speedy neg trucks. Flakiness just break a Premium in half and see How tender it is you be got to use Fine ingredients plenty of shortening and really understand the Art of baking to achieve Premium s open Fluffy texture flavor a and How grand Premium crackers do taste they can make a soup or salad. Their restful Tang is unique because they arc topped with a special kind of Salt baked to a glorious Golden Brown. Put premiums on your list for the week end. They has everything you want in a Cracker of this kind. Suggestion of the week tired of Toast As a base for your creamed dishes try Premium crackers. They give the dish an added zest and save tune Coo amp or extra extra luscious fio new tons make a grand a no trouble a a dessert Rich Golden Brown cab filled with finest tree ripened figs delicious ii j products of National biscuit company

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