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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 21, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Weather part is Cloudy tonight and saturday. The High Point Enterprise High Point Industry at High Point otters Good of pm it Tuluii for year around work vol. 55�?no, 111 Mehi Iek associated press High Point y Friday afternoon april 21. 1939 Complete Nea service Price five cents House to extend stabilization fund Slane dowdy j soviet Russia demands triple entente for Alliance monetary Bil refuse offers of a _. A amendment is Oscity cowed i resurrection i woman goes to of world War jail to Avert love Triangle Poland s army fences off the corridor Willis h. Slane and d. A. Dowdy candidate respectively for mayor and City Council on the Republican ticket announced today the it would not accept appointments to the recently created High Point Hoard of Power commissioners. In a Brief statement signed jointly by the two messes. Slane and dowdy said a we Are very appreciative of the councils consideration in appointing us to the Power commission a ii r consider it a great Honor to receive appointments to said pow or commission however since we were already announced candidates for the timing election May 2, we cannot a it copt these appointment a a we consider w our wiil Innesa to in any Way possible by offering for the Council appointed or. Blanc and or. Dowdy As the two Republican members to serve with three democrats on the Board which beginning May i will take charge of the Hydro elect rid project. The three democrats were sworn in yesterday afternoon. Ties requested Hitler Anil Mussolini reaffirm Friendship of Rome Berlin Axis by the associated pre it a soviet Russia has proposed resurrection of the Anglo French russian entente of the world War a highly authoritative source said today As a last minute bulletins to Proi x eds Ith bridles Harles Washington april a i. A a Secretary of i it Bor Perkins said today she had ordered the immigration sen ice to proceed with a hearing of de Horta Tion charges against Larry Bridges West coast it to director. The charges include one that Bridges is a member of the communist party. The Secretary told a press conference that the hearing would determine whether Bridges was a member of the communist party in the Light of the supreme i ourth a recent decision that previous membership was not grounds for deportation. Approve decree Laws Paris. April ii,�?�?~i�?T1�?the Cabinet meeting tonight with president i cd run approx cd a series of new decree Laws which it was estimated would increase France s financial resources 17 billion francs $448,800,000 it for strengthening National defense. Fur of i to see son Washington april a ii a ii a president Roosevelt left the White House at 12 30 p. In. Today on a motor trip to Charlottesville a. Ile planned to stay overnight with the Junior Franklin i. Roosevelt a there and return to Washington tomorrow afternoon. A chatted \ Ork s. C., pril in a jury after Delith rating to minutes today acquitted Robert Newell St of a charge of murder in the death of his wife. Mrs. Winnie Newell 32, last january 28. 1 new weapon Wilson. April ii. A cl1 a county Jailer John w. Woodard discovered a new kind of deadly weapon yesterday. Woodward said he found Alonso Pace 15-year-old negro threatened a n other prisoner with a a a Nurl Quot a a Chicken leg Tome from which was protruding a Long Sharp Spur. Need appropriation Lillington. April is. A Chi a a 85,000,000 congressional appropriation to match state funds for marketing is almost essential in a Well balanced agriculture program Best serving the Fanner agriculture commissioner w. Kerr Scott said today. Asheboro Hobby show runs through saturday april have shown bulwark against possible fun rec our City j lure aggression by Germany Italy or Japan. Such a recommendation of a Flat reciprocal military Alliance was said to have been made by foreign commissar Maxim lit Vinoff to sir William seeds British ambassador in Moscow. Retch fuehrer Hitler and Premier Mussolini were disposed today to have reaffirmed the strength of their partnership in the Rome Berlin Axis As a Surprise Border flare up Between Hungary and Slovakia fed european anxieties. Right mrs attempts in a Long Telegram of con \ gravitation on hitlers 50th birthday yesterday it was Dis j closed in Berlin. Mussolini deflated the Rome Berlin partner j ship a cannot be disturbed by the recurring ridiculous attempts or our p Adit ask it a a april 21.�? to a an attractive blonde woman Aho declined to reveal her True identity or her Home address awaited today to begin serving a a what i want do a a a 10-year prison sentence for attempting to hold up two women with a toy pistol in a theatre. The woman listed As a Barbara a ill Anis a 28, pleaded guilty to a charge of robbery without a deadly weapon in circuit court yesterday. Loiter in an interview she said she came Here for the express purpose of committing a crime an i drawing a prison sentence so site might not interfere with the Romance of a Young couple in a a Northern site intimated she loved a Luau who loved another girl. Charge poles baiting nazis Berlin stories Plait net to be similar to ones Long earning improvement beaten Down in business t is reported refuses Republican Quot request the president s Powers be brought the fuehrer answered with i a assurances of my indestructible Beri in april up Friendly ties wit to you and the j dub the German official news fascist Italy created by i Agency reported today from Khz hungarian military authorities Tow ice a Eny of Silesia in South in Budapest said slovak artillery weal Poland that anti German had bombarded a hungarian Bor to 5ittion of the polish Aalst holler Village. They maid Dunbar i piety had received a special Julian artillerymen and infantry re be tits during its present a prop turned the fire hut neither Side Agenda apparently had crossed the new Frontier. The British foreign office was outlying Moscow s counter proposal Sud negotiations were continuing a ohs tacit to acceptance of Tho russian demand was that Rumania and Poland new holding Brit us French guarantees of their Independence might object. Russia formerly ruled parts of both countries and their government were said to he fearful of admitting red army troops to their soil even a allies. Drafting Spe Eek Welchs fuehrer Hitler was re ported to be drafting the speech he will make a week from today before the Reich Stag in response while european diplomats scurried about to consolidate alliances Poland a army pressed steadily through the polish corridor toward its Western Frontier. These exclusive pictures taken by an Nea photographer by special permission show at top Field artillery on the March below left a High Speed tank slipping Over bumpy terrain and right a Mobile anti aircraft gun being set up near the bolder. The Agency listed the follow ing alleged incidents the stoning of German Homes and the smashing of windows in k of a i gab to. The smashing of office windows of the newspaper Ober Schluc Sis Chen hurlers. The theft and demolition with axes of a school bus which carried German children from Pictro Liz to a private school a to Yuchna. An assault on a 16-year-old German boy because he spoke his Mother Tongue. Confiscation of German news papers taken from newsboys an i new dealers in various districts the report said a police in vesti Gaflin into the in id tits a issues in suits will be heard against City next thursday Public schools sex instruction new York City educator blame Parent for increase of 11 legitimate Bailie to president Roosevelt n plea for a Fjor Way continued on Pago is Michal Ratynski governor of i polish Silesia in an interview b. Byla i of Nabill new York april 21 advocating Tex instr i Public schools Ellsworth new York City educator parents today the resp Tor increases in social Dis the number of illegitimate babies born to High school age girls published n Warsaw new spa Joe said was shown in a National secrecy shrouds defending a a been numerous trial of germans the National Cheek based on in the province for a organising Bureau of census figures was un-1 illegal political organisations do taken by Buck vice president april 21. Against the polish stat a air Fleet off Rhode Island Hillsgrove r i a disc. Very shrouded the movement today of a heavy concentration of aircraft a a defending the Industrial East coast against an a invading six bombers left Boston Airport at 6 50 a. M for a flight to sea expected to last until mid afternoon four hours Atter they headed East six recon nuisance ship swooped Down on the Field after a flight begun at 3 a. In. Army and Navy officials said there was no information to he made Public concerning the planes activities in the War game. A maintaining an insulting attitude toward a he polish he compared German press attacks on Poland s handling o the German minority question with Simitar attacks on Czechoslovakia there Are 60,000 germans in Silesia representing about g per cent of the population of the former German prov line he said the polish West society re gently launched a Campaign for funds to Advance it work of looking Ltd it for the interests of poles in Western Poland for refuses details of secret session with. Lindy of the City Board of education after a similar Survey for new York City and after the Board had voted Down a nit non y report Argine inclusion of to \ instruction to schools Here. Buck said he desired to compare conditions in new a Ork City with other Large cities throughout the country and that a committee would be appointed Short a signed by to study possibility of include Iii s a a instruction to Junior and senior High school courses Here an appalling picture of ignorance a was his description of the Survey showing that about 40 children in every in the nation Are born out of Wedlock almost half of them to girls be t Ween the Ages of 15 and to years. The Survey based on 7 4 cities \ Horne s deride not Loo ahead till show Ait hearing in ii a Len Cine y Hen judge is i Nahle to hear or gum Eiith today special to the Enterprise i Greensboro april 21 de vision to drop petitions for temporary restraining orders in High Points hydroelectric controversy was reached by attorneys Here today after judge h. Hoyle sink announced he would be tillable to preside of a i a Chow cause hearing which had originally been plated for either today or tomorrow. Hut a hearing on the final issues in the suits brought against the City to restrain the project will be started in Superior court next thursday morning at 9 o , a before judge sink which had been carried Over from yesterday prevented him from being Able to open the hearing today in the cases in which the City of High Bolty had been ordered to appear and show cause Why orders to restrain the City from proceeding with construction of us projected $6 to too Hydro Plant should not news censorship in Case of War Ehi tors told by in l. Mencken Long dict would bring Federal control to end Washington april aim after tentatively approving a two year Extension of the treasure $2,000,000, 100 stabilization fund the House beat Down today an amendment to tile monetary Bill to j delete a Section continuing the president s authority to revalue la Dollar another 9 per cent. By a standing vote of 152 to $4, it turned Down an amendment by representative Luce a i mass to bring the chief executives devaluation Power to a end. Republicans had a Chance i before final action on the Bill to try to put their proposal across ome More. Before a hushed House. Luce hiked Down Imo the Well to Tell his colleague that a the question i will you use at this moment the Opportunity to allay the fears of the bust a Ness world phys to of i a j a this amendment will appease diminish at half million that m the on a problem Here is t a i n. One of psychology a its not of ions daily during strike by a 2 to i margin on a strict Parry vote the Republican went Down to defeat in their initial attempt to change the Mon Etty measure representative Reed Roll i posed the Amend men to require an audit of the stabilization fund by Tim general accounting office. It was bowled Over by a standing vote of Iro to 97. On the basis of an incomplete poll. Backers of a Bill to extend administration monetary Powers Pye dieted House passage today with few v. Knif Arnm amendments. The Check up was made by the democratic a a whip organization in the midst of heated debate. The group had orders to turn democrats out in Force to oven ride any opposition amendments. Keek to Kil. Fea it Kem republicans sought to kill two feature of Tim Hill and tighten another. Provisions the wanted to scrap would extend until june , 1941. The in Washington april 21.�? up a improvement of business Over last year Xmas reflected in a Treasury analysis today of Marrh Revenue which showed All types of current excise taxes were higher than in March 1932. Conspicuous gains were shown in the Lex in on gasoline liquor tobacco automobiles trucks accessories and tires. Total on the seven items was a i 15,454,575, compared xxx till $102,316,811 in March 1038. For studies Coal report soft i iou i Reserve new York april 21. Ltd As soft Coal reserves diminished at the rate of More than a half million ton daily. President Roosevelt studied a report of a Federal conciliator and Union officials and operators tried again today for agreement of a new contract to end a shutdown in the appalachian area. Secretary of labor Perkins gave the president a report on the negotiation submitted by John r. Stedman head of the labor department a conciliation service Stedman returned to Washington after having talked with the negotiators for two Days about possible in of a speedy settlement. Meantime tbsp developments followed the Parley deadlock and work stoppage the i noted mine workers Cio Laid plan to fall out by May a bituminous miners outside the appalachian Fields in which 336.000 miners Are Idle. Officials of Coal associations in the appalachian conference estimated he arca who consuming its reserves of Coal at the rate of 4. 006.000 tons a week. Some Coal was reported moving into Eastern states from Indiana. Illinois and Western Kent icky. At Charleston a a a., the progressive mine workers of America a charged a lockout Gavahi three Coal companies and lodged a complaint with the National labor relations Board. Urn in senator Yan Guys attorneys for Duke Power company for a group of High Point manufacturer and Industrial plants and for the City Ltd of High Point conferred Here this morning and decided to plate the original uits against the City before judge sink without a jury for a determination of the issues involved next thursday representing the City were Grover h Jones City attorney Washington april 21.41 members of the american so Doty of newspaper editors considered today predictions voiced by Henry l Mencken As they give it ton to possible Means j of averting censorship in event i this a in Toulu Felt one to Vohid in Quot a Mencken told the editors yesterday that condition of government control of the press in event of War would be a even worst Quot than in the world War when he declared a every newspaper Man in the i listed states did his work under threat and undergoes operation duress a a Walter Harrison managing editor of the Oklahoma City oklahoman said lie intended to bring up the subject of prese Freedom at a meeting of tile resolutions committee. A we recognize the Drift All Over the world against individual Freedom a Harrison said Quot and we possible ought to reaffirm our Faith As americans in the fundamental of Freedom guaranteed in Lite Constitution and we ought to fight for them what in and to the the in red it e doll1 r do i la r it in at Mayo clinic Rochester. Min april i. A Ltd a senator Frederick no s. To underwent an operation at a Hospital Here today. The Mayo clinic surgeon in charge said following the operation that the senators condition is Ruder Normal convalescence the surgeon said. Senator nays should be out of Bod by sat regardless of inlay and out of the Hosp it Ai it a four or five Days. A Silver Purchase Prog presidents authority t he Gold it intent of another 9 per cent. Was devalued la p 193 4. Tin minority was less concerned about the Treasury a 2.00o,-000.000 stabilization fund which Hie Hill also would continue for two years. They wanted however to St t in some of the secrecy Lontine b on pug 2 report of sub tracked Down a a Iii Vir and land Riith Oriler of Canada cooperate in search apis Halifax j and Tan pre a land authorities ing today in a i is. Can naval air and were Coupe rat Broad Effort to the too too or More population Dof roof win. J showed bonkers v a. To Hest a i position with Only 7 42 Ille Giti opiate by the per 1.000. Richmond Washington april 21. La a president Roosevelt said today i he bad talked about the world military plane situation with col Onel Cha ties a. Lindbergh i he would not go into detail Tot the conversation he had yesterday with the famous flier who has been called to Active duty to Lur-1 Vox tin army a aviation research facilities. I when asked about it at to press i policy a silo testified before the Senate foreign relation commit tee a May bring things to a head far More rapidly on the continent of Europe than any other course we could mrs Manning daughter of the late president Taft is Dean of Bryn mawr College she urged strengthening of the present neutrality act and it application to the undeclared War in va., was in the least far Mable position of cities surveyed Altu 97.49. The Survey covered the years 1934-35-36. A a a a Dar appreciates mrs. Roosevelt i Ston appearing for the High Point manufacturer were Thomas Turner. Or. Carter Dalton and John a Myers All of High Point and representing the Power company were w. S. Of a. Robinson of Charlotte Russell Robinson of Greensboro a s. Womble. Of Winston Salem and Owen Reese of High Point defense attorneys begin pleas in murder hearing Asheboro Asheboro rotary 2 i a the club Hobby conference the chief executive re i China plied to had talked about the senator neral plane situation All Over Boral til Idaho i Dur Al the Community gymnasium and continue through saturday evening several Hundred exhibits Are expected to be Emen d. The judges selected Are Harry Davit of the North Carolina state museum Raleigh Joffre Coe archaeologist of the University of North Carolina and Bunn Hackney. Scout executive of the in wha Rte Council. They will be go its of tile rotary club at luncheon Friday from which they will go to the gymnasium for the judging Fleet ashes n. It. Manteo. April 21. Up a the to. S. Battle Fleet was visible from the outer Banks yesterday and for several hours afterwards the Ocean was partially obscured by smoke i ruin the ships tunnels. Show opens this afternoon at 2 to the world. He said the discussion was about military planes Only. It had been reported thai Lindbergh stressed both in his conferences with i lie president and w Ith tin National advisory committee for aeronautics the Desira Biliy of producing Superior planes rather than emphasizing mass production. The president said he had re revived no reply from Chancellor Hitler or Premier Mussolini to Bis Appeal to Thun for a ten Yea peace pledge. He also declined to j comment on Mussolini s speech yesterday Iii which the italian Premier called hts Appeal a lab in meanwhile on Capitol Hill mrs Jolen Taft Manning sister of senator Taft a Ohio accused the administration of making a bullying threats which imperilled world peace. A your present Gnu Rutigl National i Washington april 21.�?gf the daughters of the american revolution adopted a Resolution ing committee questioning of mrs "j1 acknowledging then a pre planning. Declared that a in the of m.r8 a Nklan d room state of mind now prevailing in j 8 Courtesy in arranging for this country it was Well nigh to a a afternoon. Possible a to come to any decision in w�8 voted one Dele that might be regarded at All ate inquired from a Neutral stand Point. Quot the world already is at War a he said. A already things have taken place which make other nations look on us As a Neutral. Do you think that we can write permanent legislation Ai Thi time a mrs. Manning replied that she believed some revision of the Law would be Wise a there is no neutrality at this time. Owing to conditions throughout the world a Borah persisted. A we have practically made up our minds whose Side we Are on. We have practically named tin aggressor mrs Manning urged that Allna i out inned on a in go Quot did she arrange it did she have anything to do with it a Quot i should say that she did have a mrs. Henry m. Robert jr., president general replied. A a number of letters passed Between the president general and mrs. Roosevelt and i think the word arranged is correctly mrs. Roosevelt who resigned from the Dar in february after Marian Anderson negro contralto. Was barred from the Dar Constitution Hall arranged to have mrs. Cordell Hull wife of the Secretary of state. Mrs. Henry Wallace wife of the Secretary of agriculture and Secretary of labor Francis Perkins receive the guests at the executrix party. Government investigating income tax Case against Philadelphia publisher Washington. April 21.�? up a attorney general Murphy said today the government was invest gating an income tax Case involving m. L. Annenberg Philadelphia publisher. Tho attorney general added at his press conference thai the government also had been pursuing an anti Trust cast against Annenberg a for a year or Graham april 21�? up a with George Smith s turning of state s evidence against his three fellow defendants on trial Here for first degree murder in tile fatal shooting of two officer last december 7 in Burlington of by the state As its do eat attorneys on both sides in j the ase of Smith. Roy Kelly i Wade and Ralph Hanford Bogan i addresses to the jury today. The state permitted Smith to change his plea to second degree murder for becoming a state witness. Smith s statement yesterday involved the Hanford As the two men actually in tile Burlington filling station with Roy Huffman. Escaped convict during the robbery which resulted in the death by gunfire of Huffman. Sheriff m p. Robertson and Burlington police officer Connle Vaughn. Smith testified that he it i Gix St Versoi named London. April 21. A i prime minister Chamberlain today and Kelly waited outside in Epa slept on a burning slag pile while inn Down the truth behind report of a mysterious submarine said to have entered Halifax Harbor Ca lid la n naval vessels at tins East coast Bate and planet of Tho Royal Canadian air Force stationed across tin Harbor from Halifax were ordered by Ottawa yesterday to make a joint search the minesweepers Curdy Aud Las in which a based tier leu the Harbor last night lint the destroyer skin a and Saguenay j remained at heir moorings. Roy a i Canadian mounted police at the same time were Busy checking reports about the submarine Atairi to inn been sighted at various Points along the coast in i the last week meanwhile there were fresh developments in Ontario where tears of sabotage inspired by the tense european situation have been Felt. Proximately 40 world War Friend of the evening of Huff vol a in scheduled to roman a to be sure she Cevy str motion at Niagara l Olls talk a Kelly Smith said object 0"1 after Beik in a is cd to this however a because of i report for guard duty at the trouble in hiding her Queen Sion powerhouse of Tho in following Smiths dramatic Ano Hydro electric Power com testimony r. B. Christian. West Mission. Virginia Deputy presented state guards will be on duty 24 Manta a the last witness sum 101118 under direct jul is diction moved in the trial. The state Btu Colrain provincial police ments were allegedly those made i officials of the Canadian in by Wade Hanford As the latter Bower company a print. Lay in custody a West Virginia Hospital convalescing from Burns and poisoning suffered a lie Man was the Only one of the bandits to fire on the officers Smiths Story was a recital of cold blooded planning and execution of a robbery which misfired when summons from a auspicious passer by brought police to i be Hail j scene and Cost three lives. He coup i told of various plans discussed after the i of tongs and discarded aft argument among them a plan to kill Helen Holder a girl named Euan Wallace minister of transport to succeed Leslie Burgin who yesterday was chosen to head the new ministry til Supply with Cabinet rank. Rate ars and had no part in the dodging arrest. The statement killings were a virtual it petition of made Hanford Smith related Smiths statements except that shot three times from the floor As a fusillade of shots purportedly from Huffman pistol felled Chicago Prohl cd Robertson and Vaughn before Chicago april 21�? 4 a j Huffman himself fell mortally butter 949,654, steady Creamery wounded by a Bullet from the 93 score 23 92, 22 avg us 22 gun of officer f. R. Bailiff tone other Price unchanged. Eggs to. Survivor among the officers of mansion i 091. Steady current receipt 15 i the gun Duel previously All clot her prices unchanged. Demo had indicated that Huff Hati Ford w As not quoted As admitting having fired any shot. The defense called no witnesses to the stand and summation of evidence and addresses of the attorneys began at once. Tile Case is expected to go to the jury late today following judge v a Sim Lair charge to the jurors. In owned concern at Niagara Falls said they might Plait guards at their Plant in the near la Ute Cape William Lan it. A Veteran member of the Pilot service had reported to naval authorities that he had so eur a Auburn Vine entering Halifax Harbor Early wednesday. Operators Ai the Cump Herdon radio station near the Harbor Mouth said fish Ernie aboard the Schooner by i lie i hell had reported sighting a sub Marine heading toward the aet shortly fret wednesday mid i night. A

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