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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 4, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather colder tonight More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 94 the High Point Enterprise Call lib circulation 882-1719 High Point n. Cd a thursday afternoon april 4, 1974 44 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c 320 persons killed by tornadoes Bardstown Road on Louisville a East Side after Tornado struck wednesday a wire photo wholesale prices sharply by Robert a. Dobkin of labor writer Washington a wholesale prices Rose sharply again last month despite the first big decline in prices for farm products and processed foods in four months the government said today. A 2.1 per cent drop reported in prices for farm products processed foods and feeds failed to offset the big Rise in prices for a Broad Range of Industrial goods As the Over All Price Index for March increased by a seasonally adjusted 1.3 per cent. Last month s increase compared with a jump of 1.2 per cent in february both highly inflationary rates but move moderate than a increases in the previous three months the labor department reported. Wholesale prices Over the past year have risen 19.5 per cent. They usually Are reflected later at the retail level. The Over All increase of wholesale prices last month lifted the government s pricing Index to 154 5 of the 1967 average meaning that it Cost $154 50 to buy the same volume of wholesale goods that $100 purchased in 1967. The government said that Price increases of Industrial commodities regarded As one of the truest barometers of inflation Rose 2 9 per cent both seasonally adjusted and unadjusted with prices of metals and fuel leading the Way. The increase was the second highest since 1946. Exceeded Only by a 3.2 per cent jump last november. Vows to join Sla committee sets deadline for Nixon Washington api a the House judiciary committee today gave the White House until next tuesday to comply with its request for evidence for the committee s impeachment inquiry or face a subpoena. Enterprise sports Man in storm area editors note a near Brush with violent death produced this account of wednesdays death dealing Tornado in Louisville by. Associate sports editor Paul Shinn in Louisville to cover a professional basketball tournament wrote and transmitted it Back to High Point via Tel copier the evidence which involves 42 presidential conversations about the time by Pai l Shinn the watergate cover up was Loi is Ille. By. A i was being disclosed last Spring standing in the Middle of my was made feb. 25. The com room at the executive inn Mittee has not yet received a when the Tornado hit. Reply from the White House i was hours later that i on its request for the realized How fortunate i had material. Been. The Only thing i noticed committee chairman was a Strong wind rain and Peter Rodino issued what seemed like Hail stones a sternly worded warning to beating against the window the White House at a com of the second floor room. The Mittee briefing today. Sky had been a strange color for some time and the a the patience of this com television kept repeating Mittee is now wearing thin a bulletins of Tornado warnings Rodino said a we have a con in the area. But if you be Stith tonal responsibility in never been in a Tornado what this inquiry. When we made do you look for our request we made it not the time was almost 4 30 out of curiosity not because p m. Time to be getting we were prosecutors but ready for the second game of because it is our respond the Eastern division playoff Sivility. Series Between the cougars and the Kentucky colonels. The television announcer i was talking about taking cover in the basement a ditch or an inside room. Amusements. 3d the problem turned out to Bridge. 3d be that i was so close to the classified ads 5-11d touchdown Point of the comics. 4d Tornado that i did t realize i crossword. 31 should have been scared. We editorials. 4a done to have that Many financial. 2a tornadoes in North Carolina obituaries. 2d to learn about precautions. I sports. Sec. C did t see the dark Cloud television. 6a approaching. Women a news. Sec. B when the wind slammed weather. 3a against the window of new room and then left. I figured it was All Over and i finished dressing to go Over to Freedom Hall for the game. The game never came off. Shortly after the rap against the Glass it appeared Over i looked out the window and saw almost Clear skies. I also saw a House no More than too Yards from my room with a Drain pipe and Gutter ripped from the building and a Small tree lying Flat in somebody s Yard. Then i realized it could have been my Glass blasting in like a hand grenade exploding. Looking farther Down the Road some 1.000 Yards away i saw Freedom Hall. Blue lights and sirens were moving in. The building where horses Are kept for show was flattened. There were huge holes in the gymnasium roof. Recreational vehicles positioned for a show on the fair grounds were crunched Ste Enterprise on 2a by Janet Battaile associated press writer tornadoes struck an area stretching from Georgia to Canada late wednesday and Early today killing More than 320 persons the worst Tornado death toll in half a Century. Thousands of injuries and millions of dollars in damage resulted from the twisters that hit scores of cities and towns leaving Many in shambles. Half the town of Xenia in southwestern Ohio was devastated. Thirty persons were tolled and More than 1.000 were homeless in the Community of 25.000. Rows of bodies were arranged in the rubble strewn streets. More victims were thought trapped in overturned cars but heavy equipment was unable to get through the streets to lift the vehicles. About 1.500 National guard troops were sent to Xenia to protect against looting and help in Rescue work. A guard spokesman said there were unconfirmed reports of 40 to 50 persons missing. Whole neighbourhoods were destroyed buildings levelled Railroad cars and trucks upended by the vicious winds that struck the Midwest and South. In Washington. Dc., the american red Cross said More than 800 disaster workers and nurses were Labouring to Aid the homeless and injured. Other Relief workers and disaster equipment from All Over the country were in route to the stricken states. Kentucky appeared to be the worst hit. With 77 known dead and hundreds injured after tornadoes skipped across a dozen counties in the Center of the state wednesday knocking out Telephone service and Downing Power lines. Five persons were killed and More than 200 injured in Louisville where twisters ripped up Large sections of neighbourhoods. Alabama reported 69 dead Indiana 63, Tennessee 54. Ohio 35, Georgia 15, Ontario Canada. 8. North Carolina 4. Michigan 3. Illinois 2, and West Virginia i. The governors of Alabama Ohio and Kentucky asked Federal officials to declare All or parts of their states disaster areas Early today two tornadoes hit the town of Meadow Bridge. W.va., about 50 Miles Southeast of Charleston killing one person and injuring several others. At Radford in Southwest Virginia High winds flipped Over three Mobile Homes and five persons were inured the rampage Cost More lives than any series of tornadoes since March 18. 1925. When a twister Cut through three midwestern states killing 689. The 1965 Palm sunday tornadoes in the Midwest killed 271 weather forecasters in Kansas City compared wednesday s Tornado outbreak to a Quot fast moving Shotgun blast a a a there were twice As Many people killed As the result of tornadoes in eight hours yesterday As were killed in the three previous said Allen Pearson of the National severe storms forecast Center in Chicago forecasters said there was a Chance of More tornadoes through Friday. The greatest threat today was either Side of a line running from 45 Miles Southwest of Meridian see 320 on 2a traffic on 1-75 in Cincinnati moves on As Tornado Hov ers it touched Down in various locations causing deaths and injuries a wire photo . Tornadoes kill five Murphy n. C. Apr five persons were killed and scores of others were injured by tornadoes that swept through Western North Carolina wednesday night and today. Hardest hit was the Murphy area where two children and a woman were killed wednesday night As a Tornado wreaked havoc in the Beartown Community. The twister knocked out electric Power to Murphy a town water Plant damaged or demolished an estimated 50 Homes and left most of High ways cluttered or blocked by debris. Tornado alerts or watches were in effect for nearly half of North Carolina s too counties in late morning although funnel Clouds had been reported Only in Caldwell and Catawba counties. Some Mobile Homes were overturned near Morganton but no injuries were reported. The twisters wednesday night hit about 9 30p.m., just As residents in Cherokee and Graham counties were settling in Tor the night authorities identified the dead at Murphy As Lillian Blair her 5-year-old granddaughter Sabrina Blair and another child Jamie Aceveda. 2. High winds wrecked two trailers in a Mobile Home Park at St Coah in Graham county killing Tom Jenkins and a woman identified Only As mrs. D. Cook the Murphy Tornado splintered Homes along a 200-Yard strip As it jumped Back and Forth along the Hiwasse River. T h i r t a three persons were treated at see . On 6a will pay $465,000 Nixon to borrow tax Money Washington a White House officials say president Nixon facing a Federal tax Bill Tor about half his reported net Worth probably will be forced to borrow some Money to make the payments. Nixon announced through aides wednesday night he would pay some $465,000 in Back income taxes and or. Patricia Hearst rejects parents in taped message san Francisco a sixty Days of anguish Effort and Hope and a message from Patricia Hearst to her parents i reject you you lie i cast my lot with my abductors my name is Tama her father Randolph a. Hearst newspaper president and editor had spent $2 million and promised $4 million More in food handouts for the release of his daughter. There had been a Promise that she might be released soon. Quot i have chosen to stay and fight a the slim blonde 20-year-old said wednesday in a taped message to her family delivered by a radio station that received it from her captors. Had the sym ionese liberation army won the mind of Patty Hearst was it a Victory for a revolutionary group that Law enforcement officials have said probably has Only 25 members was she aware of what she was doing had she been brainwashed How could her parents her Sisters her Fiance respond we done to believe it they said. That in t the Patricia we know. It was the seventh communication a a tape recording that her parents said was definitely of Patricia a voice that Shook the Hearst Home. Quot dad you said that you were concerned with my life and you also said that you were concerned with the life and interests of All oppressed people in this country a the University of California coed said Quot but you Are a liar in both areas and As a member of the ruling class i know for sure that yours and morn s interests Are never the interests of the elsewhere in the taped message she said Quot i have changed a grown. In be become conscious and can never go Back to the life we led before. Quot i have been Given the Choice of i being released in a Safe area or 2, joining the forces of the symbioses is liberation army and fighting for my Freedom and the Freedom of All oppressed people. Quot i have chosen to stay and Only one Day earlier the weeks of desperation for her parents had begun to turn to Hope their ordeal which began when miss Hearst was dragged screaming from her Berkeley apartment feb 4. Appeared almost Over. An underground newspaper had received message from the Sla saying instruction for miss hearses release would be sent within 72 hours. In working for his daughter s release Hearst had arranged to give away $2 million in food to the poor and announced that another $4 million had been placed in escrow and would be available for More food giveaways if his daughter were released unharmed. For his efforts Hearst Patricia Hearst heard the Leader of the Sla say there was no further need to discuss miss hearts release. Quot the subject has been freed. But she refused to go Home a said a voice identifying himself As Quot Field Marshall Hearst and his wife. Catherine were stunned included with the tape was a color photograph of their daughter holding an automatic Rifle and standing in front of a Banner bearing the seven headed cobra Symbol of the Sla. Interest. He acted after being told privately a Day earlier that the internal Revenue service calculated he owed an extra $432,787 in taxes before interest for his first four years in the White House the presidents net Worth As of last May 31, was put at $988,522 in disclosures Nixon made Lour months ago. His Cash assets were put at $432,874 a White House source asked How Nixon proposed to meet a taxes and interest Bill of about $465,000. Said the president would use some resources and probably borrow the balance. The White House announcement said the irs report contained no suggestion of fraud on the part of the president irs contended Nixon improperly claimed deductions for business expenses and a controversial gift of his vice presidential papers to the National archives the Federal tax collectors also held that the president tailed to report taxable capital gains on sales of a new York City apartment and part of his land at san Clemente Calif the tax Agency which once gave the president an Okay on past filings now challenged also was said by Nixon aides to have found he should have reported As taxable income some federally financed improvements to his California and Florida estates and the value of air flights made by relatives and friends on military aircraft. The White House announcement that Nixon would pay the Back taxes left open the question of the future of Nixon a vice presidential papers on which he claimed $476,431 in deductions the irs now refuses to accept. Nixon said last nov. 17 that if the irs raised any question about the deductions Quot let me Tell you this i will be glad to have the papers Back and i will pay the tax because i think they Are Worth More than that a asked if Nixon now would reclaim the papers Deputy White House press Secretary Gerald l. Warren said Quot that s a subject that no ones discussed around James b. Rhoads the archivist of the United states would not comment wednesday night when asked whether Nixon could have the papers Back Rhoads said he wanted time to study the irs findings. The irs said nothing publicly about Nixon s tax troubles but the White House said its still secret report Quot rebuts any suggestion of fraud on the part of the the official statement said Nixon was innocent of any wrongdoing declaring Quot any errors which May have been made in the preparation of the president s returns were made by those to whom he delegated the responsibility for preparing his returns and were made without his knowledge and without his a White House source said Nixon was not legally obliged to pay $148,081 in Back taxes for 1969, which irs said he owed because the statute of limitations for that year has expired saying the payment would be made nevertheless the source said Nixon was Quot doing this because he said he its a Nixon on 2a food tax repeal gets committee approval Raleigh a legislation to repeal the state s three cent sales tax on food won approval in the House finance committee today bul ran into a delay in the Senate the House committee voted 34-14 to approve the tax Reform proposal of rep Sandy Harris a Alamance but in the Senate the finance committee walked at approving the Bill without a Public hearing it voted instead to schedule a hearing next tuesday morning. The food tax repeal is part of a tax package announced wednesday by it. Gov. Jim Hunt. The package would in addition raise income taxes in upper brackets and give a partial reduction in inventory taxes to manufacturers and retailers. Hunt and his finance com Mittee chairman sen Russell Kirby a Wilson. Were confident wednesday that their proposal could win Senate approval but the objections about Quot railroading Quot by Sens Phil Godwin i Gates and Edward Knox d Mecklenburg were joined by the Holshouser administration s Revenue Secretary j. Howard Coble who complained that his department had not been consulted. Kirby acceded to the committee s wish for a Public hearing but he warned that the Senate would not kill the Bill through delay. Quot Well stay an extra two weeks if we have to a he said the House committee approved a Bill that contained basically the same food and income tax provisions As in Hunts package. But the House Bill did not contain the Senate Bill s inventory tax proposal since the House earlier this session passed an inventory tax Bill. Rep William Roberson. Do eau fort a soft drink bottler made an attempt to have soft drinks included with groceries among the products the House Bill would exempt from the state s sales tax. But Roberson withdrew his amendment after admitting that he did not know How much Revenue it would Cost the state. Repeal of the state food Levy Hunt said would Cost the state $60 million in Revenue. Local i per cent food taxes would remain in the counties which impose them. The income tax increases would raise the rate from the current ceiling of 7 per cent to 8 per cent on income Between $15,000 and $19,000 so food on 2 a

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