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Galveston Voice (Newspaper) - September 24, 1932, Galveston, Texas A the voice of the people is the voice of god volume , Texas saturday september 24,1932 number 36 mrs. Gainer passes v a John garners Mother died at Detroit Texas Early in the week the Mother of the demo vice presidential nominee expressed a desire to live to see her san vice president of the United states. The funeral services were witnessed by several Hundred Kinsmen and intimate friends the newspaper reporter or reporters who covered the sad event mentioned a a group of a darkies a who stood by a tree in the cemetery with tear dimmed eyes As the. Pioneer woman was borne to her final resting place. Its a pity the White gentlemen of the press at least have called those Humble Folk by at least their racial name even though we did not expect him to mention their Given names. A a a -. 1 a i a a some Day such Little things1 even state t. B. Drive to Start in Texas the executive committee of the Texas tuberculosis association met in Waco a yesterday at the Home of mrs w. O. Wilkes to consider a a five year plan for the study and eradication of tuberculosis in the Pian was submitted by or. Elva a. Wright Houston chairman of a state wide committee appointed last May for. The purpose of developing such a program. It was adopted As submitted. Among other provisions the plan outlines suggested a procedure for a the examination of All school children in Texas for the detection of the Early or childhood Type of tuberculosis. Some 25,000 children in various sections of the a Tate have already received this examination and it is believed that five years of intensive work among children throughout the state will in greatly reduced death though connected a with sad occasions rates from tuberculosis. Innell a mini i ii will be Over. Vvs o v a a out West a a you Are following with avid interest the trip of nearly ten thousand Niiles being made by or. A Roosevelt a trip designed to help the new York governor get to the White to pfc Quot he will get four years free rent and several other things. Done to worry about the great crowds that Are hearing or. Roosevelt a wherever he appears. Times Are critical True enough but a the Donkey entry does no to seem to us to be Able to make the trip. The democratic party is a broke a any of several members of the Republican party could a underwrite the if in tonal Campaign and not miss the change disposed of in the transaction and in this particular world Money talks Long and loud the in min it mate of the demo Choice in quite a few states will be a Millstone about the governors political neck and a if the race is close the Sage of Hyde Park May be numbered among the Al so rans on the morning of november 9, 1932 a y. A a it will be Hoover Curtis once again -when1 the dust for As the Lucky that both can twin i a la Follette loses i thas is a year of political unrest and upsets. In Wisconsin a where the family of fighting a a bobs held Sway a Over a Quarter Century another group has succeeded in breaking the pro Fressie spell of the famous family., Oung Bob governor of the state lost this week to the Man he beat a few months ago another Lafollette a a is a senator from his state How Long he will be Able to hold his fathers old Job in the upper House of this nation Al government is a matter of cannot expect to win a All the time the Law of averages will let the other fellow win some where a Down the line has guts enough to stay on in there and fight every step of the Way. Governor Lafollette is Only 35 years old. He will come Back before he reaches his 40th birthday. Texas republicans the Republican is going to try and make a Good showing against mrs. Ferguson in november. If the party does no to split on whom it shall support it has a a Fine Chance to it poll a a surprising vote. The demos need fear no other candidate or candidates the parly of saw will shoot the works trying to land the governor s chair which air. Sun a 1933. The. Or. John Potts president of the Texas tuberculosis association appointed a committee of three physicians to work out a uniform examination card to be used in the examination of children. Appointed on this committee were or. W. E. Hoehn of Waco chair Nuttli or. Henry Meyer of Houston and or. John g. Young Dallas. Is Jackson and a Altai such Mississippi democrats Are having factional troubles enough of their own trying to keep republicans off the next Mississippi delegation in Congress the daily news of this City takes time off to a few sentient paragraphs for. The Benefit of Perry w. Howard Republican National committeeman in a recent editorial. A a a. Like Mississippi smiles the daily news has Long ears arid a Long men democratic sheriff nominee has sergeant f. L. Biaggne popular Democrat Ion nominee j for sheriff of Galveston is a native born Galveston an who has worked his Way. To a the Topi. He was educated in the Public schools of Galveston and is a boilermaker by Trade. A that fact alone Speaks eloquently of his attitude toward those who earn their bread by the sweat of their brow. Or. Biagione is a member of the american legion Odd Fellows modern Woodmen Loyal brotherhood and red men. He j is a firm believer in the doctrine of the fatherhood of god i and the brotherhood of Man. I in his Many years As a Public peace officer he has never a abused his authority in dealing with to la Oso who ran afoul of the Law. He has no Favori ties. Or. Big gone is Lik 1 Able and approachable competent fearless. I he comes from a family who has served governments j and communities in peace and in War. His Grandfather d. Biaggne was a Soldier in Jhu con federate army drag the civil War and fought Vith the Alabama regiment his father f. C. Biaggne was born in new Orleans Louisiana and was a member of the Galveston fire department for 23 years�?19 years of which he was a Captain for the past 3 years he has been a wharf policeman. A Seargeant Biaggne is a worthy son of a Notum sire. He asks oily that which he justly merits he is a Man of few j words and Many courageous deeds. He prefers to let his j record Public and private talk in his de sense. A a Gaia Riiel it a by Agnns has conducted a clean Campaign Iii. R which he did not stoop to mud slinging nor indulgence in personalities. A he re spa a fully solicits your vote and support in the general elections november 8th, 1932. Thomas assails . Roosevelt Chicago his the labor record of Franklin d. Roosevelt As governor in new York was subjected to drastic a John w. Mcgaffey a a., m. Well All we know is what read see saturday by Norman Rora and Hoar. Last week two distinguish c if a houstonian came to town to in in an address broadcast Over station n Zoh by thcch5c3 fed thl or 3h Tion of labor. \ t Ink they cam0 to town to quoth. Hoovers record a said the social Jetle a stake a to primarily keep a Paist candidate is Well Lavown and Gen to go. A Houston and incidentally put really disapproved by workers. Many one Cre of them Are so Busy bating my that that a Aster of the negro schools they Swallow Roosevelt on fart. Lihe Irry Davif promised to sign note have nothing but respect for Roos to Start the Ball rolling according to Volt in a Cron Flomond Titi to my m a the Syndicate to Heads and made pos is Blinten or fifteen dollars he would have had what Burr wanted and then some. A Burr said the venture would to Quot n Success according to our informant. It Seims strange that a amp tonally renown members of the fourth Stato paper men could not raise $160 in Houston whore 70,000 negroes live who know them and still stranger Why they want to go out of their Way to give Galveston a a worthwhile net i a a _. _. Sturt. Tue Taij Luicius Uttmi Mijiu to i Wui til Willolo Ang Eit As a gentleman. But ak2 n information from one of the men Segi of there is a Bug under him As a Leader and governor of new of a Nice a of no a in inv Rivin governor York i bring these charges elected As one of the a fall Guys a but this particular gent did hot Swallow As governor of new York he did the Hook let the whole sinker not make any attempt to Correct the and line. Wall Street abuses which he Row Eon a this is a fins town to fish in but demos though he now Speaks for Afan kers Are not so plentiful Shorter work week he has done Noth we were Torii that the Wise men ing to change the condition existing i from Houston first sought to get $160 in the state of 200,000 Workens who am then they Cut that Down to $100, labor seven Days a week lie has re and it can he sail to the everlasting fused to Call a necessary special ses credit of or. Burr of Houston he Sjon of the state legislature1 to Deal fought a Ood Al not an pc to to press with unemployment and despite Fri a cannot say whether he finished his professed belief in regulation of Pui it of Monty seek info course or not but if no utilities he has permit amp a Theja the wonderful or. Burr does come to. York utilities to raise rates a Tho Iii to of. We extend him the keys to i s Ary effective fight in oppor i the City where Nev papers can to make on a it with Only $150 background. As for As Davis is concerned we cannot see him As an asset to a news paper in fact we see him As he real i 1 v or. We have said the professor wins a smart child of Bam this Lily newspaper Deal say go again. In the l Field. 0fphj Antii Tupy a Davis impress Elk tii a a a a who did t Davis put up the Money vegas a and a arc Kro amp i Are a at the Start surely the head of one irow Ein ploy _ on Bam fact of the largest a far Reily syndicates in the conditions rarer which they Are i the Public schools of the world could working Are satisfactory. To have spared a Hundred and fifty Dol a letter dispatched to William pick Lars to Start a a live worthwhile paling vacates january 1, race promises to be interesting from Start to finish with the a republicans a hoping to get a huge Block of the Sterling votes for. Or. Bullington their candidates. 1 we do not know what the democrats who do not like Jim Feiy Guson will do but it is too much to think that they will Bolt As they did in a Iid and made a record that will stand for years Texas going Republican. A Republican has not been at the jihad of this state since the civil War a Days. I what Ever Chance the Republican party has or will have for Yiirs to come is theirs tuesday november 8, 1032. Mrs. Ferguson or Bullington a. §5,000 per Day a Thutt special session called by governor Sterling is history. In our opinion it did no to mean much to the rank and file of the. People of Texas it looked like it was called for political purposes if it was it foiled dismally to Click. B the session Cost the taxpayers of a bit. A Perry w. Howard a the editor a writes ii a mild spirit of chastisement a is evidently a forgiving sort of a he then recalls How less than three years ago mrs. Willebrandt of the department Fly Justice and with the alleged approval of or. Hoover was trying in her zealous Way to Send or. Howard to prison for Selling Republican jobs in Mississippi. Despite the severity a of i s. Wal Lebrandt attack checkmate some said because of or. Howards usefulness at times to a Mississippi democrats Iipp a passive sort of Way the news editor notes that today a Howard is on the stump up North whooping it up among the negroes for Hoover and the dear g. O. a few Days ago a the omniscient and watchful editor continues a the negro elks of the United states held their annual convention at Atlantic City although the did not publish anything about it. A Resolution was introduced roundly denouncing president Hoover for favouring he Lily-white3 in the South in th6 distribution of patronage and Perry Howard took the floor and made a vigorous fight against it.�?�. A it is easy to understand of course a the editor concludes a Why or. Howard should be grateful to the Republican leaders who seated his c. To Houston Texas sept. 22.�? spa John t1. Grant Well known Republican made Public Here today a form Al demand on r. B. Creager for an audit of the accounts of the Headquarters organization of the state Republican committee. Or. Grant stated that he made the demand Public after failing to get any response from a similar demand when privately made. He assets that he has reasons to believe that funds donated to the state Headquarters of the Republican party Are be ing wastefully and extravagantly spent and that As a contributor he thinks he. Is entitled to an accounting. Gayhead mass a and a John e. Moseley research student at the Marine biological Laboratory at Woods Hole mass., read a Short paper before the informal conference on economic agricultural and interracial problems held Here last week. Or. Moseley treated the biological aspects ens who made one of the original investigations Bere an exp Errice Man one of those employ cd wrote a a Bunch of us went to work to Early August and Vaery into rent a immediately by or Foreman or. Off i Vas that we were not to drink from any of the hydrants used bal White using in this cake we wire forced in a walk nearly a mile to toilets Gravid amp Dot for negroes. A i Quot or. Davis also info nned of that he was from Georgia where he. Work of 1500 a niggers on one of and he was i therefore used to a Nisrin is hat Thot we would get along o. Pc if we would i a w a us Novim Timnui Jjo a per in the City of his birth. To is a fraternal Man and is acquainted a with had he taxed Tolje Chip Someth tire. Day vis promised to sign a note. Most men whose signature is Worth Money can get the amount Thoy sign notes for in fact they must have it Nero Andy in Cash or negotiable securities. Davis would have Given a few months of his night school Quot pick up Quot and that would have settled it. Maybe or. Davis has led the Fellows out of the financial. Wilderness we do not know but we do know that our informant did not sign on the dotted Lino. We done to think or. Davis is big hearted enough to hear the Burden alone if he was lie would Tell one of the underpaid men teachers or substitutes to take the night school off his hands and try to make economic ends meet. A a a a a we Welcome Competition Awe know Burr will give it to us if to can raise enough Money to get going because to has had plenty exp Prience in the newspaper Field arid if lie is backed by Tho Hon. H. To Davis Tho Battle is already partly won. Biirr1 has even run a a negro daily paper it ran a few Days to believe. The new paper if it comes out and Davis backs it might Well he termed Quot Davis official Tho first scoop ought to to a the Liola Huff Case a the script is about ready i believe. By Btl Brown special to the a. N. A been waiting four years for this election to Roll around a a most of Tho big coloured people who Como Down Here go in and talk with item Benjet Winvil hot Tho Man. Ill charge of coloured activities to i hear. He must be a real politician. He sets the leaders Down at a ask and lets them talk As Long As they wish to. He listens carefully to All of their suggestions tells them confidentially some of the secrets of the Campaign that is the White Campaign asks their advice about what they think is the Best thing to do whacks them on Tho by pm resound fiegly shakes hands fervently and invites them to come Back at any time. Most of them Liko it and come out Pepper up until they realize that they arc not much closer to either the payroll nor Tho real animation than they were before. ,.republicans keep loom to in i. It _t1 a Ion that,.withthe a rowing interest in. In suddenly and Call All out to a around but in a Here to Tell you that this Denre Nion Perl mos Thov really biological sciences that americans different class of work Wii Hont Matthev d better get Bosy. Did you Ever it no dough Ini us time to induce Anch a quiet Flea As this a Quot. Bur dress. This chs i a Quot fit oks Alk it it a deserted. Nobody seems nother thing a fellow was Tell i temperature canned Mai in. Juff to a amp doing anything except waiting. J they think Jack Garner being Chicago 111.�?�?owhat�?Td i Tell you a Call All White me i with whom we a asked one of the Cangeni. On As he Casein Contact "av.ter,�?T in tend of glanced furtively Down the Hall of the by their Given names. Palmer House Headquarters of to a we a Ere Given work a hich Wadi. Very bid. They started is in the can National committee. Of race mixture. He told How science a Tunnel mucking then from that Job a Maine a done gone democratic. May is Clear in to away Manv of Tho i to another similar one. Boots Are re Teth amp be slow poke republicans will is a Earmy away Many of the fetish Jred an Ltd a Jery in my watch by now 3nd put some of we is existed about the Nel so that be had to work half to work ing of races and expressed the Opin the Foreman however would Quot the Are slowly but surely being relieved of the fear of polluting their blood. Or. Moseley also discussed recent his statement follows a on August investigations into genetics which 26th i addressed a communication to the state Republican Headquarters-1-which appears to be owned anti operated Quot by r. B. Creager National committeeman Aho has the exclusive privilege of dispensing All the Money Given by All our Republican friends for the support of the organization have shown that a there is nothing in the process of inheritance and development which condemns the hybrid Quot to Yie ills of his worse Parent any More than it blesses him with the Virtise of his better he traced the history of Rac Zyk a buted this fund is justly entitled delegation at the Chicago convention and repudiated or. Hoovers his i to know for what purposes the Money White delegates from this state but i13 e a. A a Why his gratitude should extend to a Creager Beiqiu a lawyer and Hoover is not so easy to unders and. President of the defunct first a a Wafler All it is not important. The tonal Bank which merged with the Republic v.ill not have any merchants National Bank also de a a tto Nago to distribute in missis in fund of Brownsville Texas evident i i or elsewhere after a Btl e 4th of next knows that All depositors Jire in March and present occupants of fed titled to an accounting of their eral offices May As Well Start look Money. With this knowledge and experience m such matters there is no reason Why or. Creager should de requesting that an audit be made. So Meol Itic times to the event f d a tins request has been ignored. Les cd the. 0.ini0n to fico cry Vai . We laying a foundation now for a More intelligent and beneficial mixture ing around for new Houston woman is victim of car crash Houston Texas sept 22.�? spa service car no. 77 of the Houston lighting and rower company crashed into mrs. Luckie Johnson s Nash Sedan at live Oak and East Alabama thursday about l 10 p. M. Mrs. Johnson a car was knocked info the ditch but she was not Cut. The Driver of the other car which was a Ford Coupe was severely Cut about the head and face and knocked his car turned Turtle Lay an audit of the Republican funds to satisfy the insistent demands of the this state ?5,�?~000 per Day several unconscious Hundred thousand of dollars thrown and was completely wrecked a Way that sum of More was a Uoo. An informer reporter wished to investment and the returns will be the scene m time to see the White poorer. You can never Tell about Driver Takon to the Hostal m a White people they run the Golem Fugle West ambulance. Mrs. Ohn tto it you know once upon a time a and soveral bystanders said the to had a vote and a voice in things Driver of the Ford Vas drunk. She Jroud Emu a. R t x said she would prefer charges of intoxication and reckless driving. A it is expected that the Houston lighting and Power comp by will make a searching investigation of the charges. The officials Are absolutely opposed to reckless driving by any of its employees. Political to a you still Nave a vote in some places but not even a still Small voice. You have some of your Good whiter publican friends it to thank for your present plight since they read you out of the councils of. The once Glorius g. O. P. And brought on the a Lily White regime. History a will Tell you it got underway with Mckinley and its Potency has increased with Herbert to that called session of the legislature it was a Flop. The governor dropped a hint a few Days ago that it should come to an end and some of Quot the members laughed at him and had a say All. Their own. You will help defray the expenses of that session a and some not Distant Day you will help elect the individual empowered to Call fiem. Should the economic upheaval on the horizon to it ring a a a re intimate relation Between negroes and Whites of similar class. Catholics close convention net York and a the Federated coloured catholics of the United states closed their annual convention Here recently after a Sessi Ort described As most successful they have yet held. Among the important decisions reached was the changing of the name of the organization to a the National Catholic federation for the promotion a of better race under this name instead of being a separate negro body the federation becomes an integral part of the whole Catholic group. The activity of various Catholic priests in the organisation according to father Lafaj be Jyh. Sponsored the new formation to reach which a Chian be in the Constitution was required was one of the reasons for the the Pew designation. Resolutions deploring the avid Pursuit of wealth a condemning Lynching asking tie equal right to work and opposing birth control were adopted. The liberalization of the it attitude of Catholic colleges toward negroes was also urged. At present Many Cathy. Many enrolled in Wiley College Marshall spa a student body of More than 200 and a Fine attendance of visitors witnessed the formal opening thursday morning of the fifty ninth annual session at Wiley College. In his remarks president Dogan complimented the student body on its Fine appearance and commended the school upon its lon2 record fifty eight years a of interrupted service. He referred also to the fact that Wiley College has had a minimum turnover in teacher personnel the a average tenure of the present Force being seven years. There Are 13 members of the faculty who hold the master s degree representing most of ,. Iff titty were to iting for results from a be ticket Quot is Enol go to scare ail fraternity. Organized Here Maine they re already in and surely the a feed voters into line for Tho Well Zee some action now. G. O. Quot a. Maybe they re right Quot but it done to pay to be Cari Iless. The returns from Maine show that and a lot Zeta chanter of a i Asp a x fraternity u. S. A a incorporated in. \ officially opened this Wrin calves a of re ton for operation. Anro a for the coloured division. I just one Little Hoti it a room a of i a a i ,.__ico. Around on one Side with Roscoe e coloured voters have forgotten v serving As a medium of Brethren find their Way around i _ a it a a in or the for xxx amp to it the it room and he sits at his a a a. Western expansion pro-.-,s% whispers deep secrets to the us sub vol Lluc a file $10,000 suit in charge of it. All the col to i chapter is to hot a City chapter operation for Texas and Western expansion pro whispers deep Gram. 1 caller he is Menfi Ftping Wiki. Wih Foni a. A we a frred Rte to a private room to retire to. All about Abe w me ithout1 o outside room Houston Texas. Kent. 22.�? spa a suit for $10,000.lil eging disfranchisement at the poll on account of color in Defiance a of the fourteenth and fifteenth amen Jris i its to ,.United states constr Ninn during the democratic primary of july 23, and the party run off election of August 27. Will be filed Here within a few tempt on the part of com Annh party to have it presidential Eteter for Mississippi certified by Secretary of state Walker Wood was thwarted tuesday when Wood informed the of the red organization the leading universities of thetis Jan that not accept the Nar fies try. City visitor is robbed b y thugs her Jesse White left thursday after ver it holy eke in the note for Southern University Baton expectant and Wishful while Rouge la., where he will take an a a t be my tend in or ignore to Tive part in the work of the Ira Terai la a by to the main thing is when is the to there. Corr. Ain go ing to it Goins the. I Saint no it to pm Raker. They Point it at. To y organizers on the payroll there Only about for More a Eek. A you know they Alv Aye cult ise out about the Lar to week in october. Seems As Days by Julius White chairman of the v �-1. Al i if they would be making some Effort i Harris county n Gro democratic Jap a Jill poll to Corral the Well known a coloured club and a political Leader of pious a vim i u ill v Bat do you know somebody ton negroes who has waged a Persis told me that a hese new Republican a chiefs they got in Here nov have f done figured out that they Don t need the Black vote. You know that a a a-�?7�?iacar.rfalous attitude but look at that Jackson Quot miss a an at vote in Maine that shows you what that kind of figuring will do for Mem. How Many n euro votes in Maine be there Are exactly 1090. Negro residents in Maine Irien women and children according to the last census. Bat that done to make no difference. Just multiply that Maine result in the other states and they will need plenty til coloured vote3 to make up the difference. A you know what somebody whispered to me in the lobby Here yester in Southern state Houston Texas sept. 22.�? spa while in Houston this week Cleveland Alexander of1 Franklin la., was held up at the Point of two pistols by two newly made acquaintances and. Robbed of his Motiey and clothing by reported to local police officers said that he met a pair of strange men Early monday night who volunteered to go shopping with j ,e1 paso Texas him. Several hours later he told of a Chell use to be Ort a at of gift Sinf Viniti a we the Kut h because the party had not either a primary election or beat county and state conventions As retired by Taw. The communist agent then so tight 3 ruling to determine whether his own name might be filed in a ome Courtiss. This Mark the first official at Day they say that Roscoe and of a a. Ear ha.3�?~got the Only real Money spent tempt of the communist party to it cd w republicans so far and that Tain recognition in uus Ethie. W. Z or. A i iwo recognition m w. Combined to keep it in the Foster White and toes fold. There Are five folks working a Abl a Ian a hcs a grand Fath Simmons who has Beer paid lynched Are the candidates of toe Jar 0, Depriest who Haf been to for president Asi Jice president spa Ltd i suppose for travel or a a a speeches. Oscar Depriest a son who it drawing ?2s a week a Alary John rospoe�?T3 Nephew who discover. Trusty is thief and a Tom it agent $23 and amp stenographer of _ _ _ _ of the it esties at Dep Iest a mrs. Geraldine Glover lie colleges refs a amp goes admission filers at the Southern Pacific Yards i the City jail. But be Hii to qty does no to work Down Here at head tfll1 Rara Ink a lit Mianti u Cut to xl____1_______1__t.f__ �?__1. To _ ten a a is. There were reports Given from 57 they turned on drawing of amp Juhe was removed from that a zip Mica of Saners a amp to out at or. Dep nest s of big Black pistol and took $12 and Tion when police found eat amp it fee Filee u Al of on the payroll. I aint branches representing a membership of 12,000. The total membership was set at 100,000. A a �?1 his purchases a Well As some Ofhie Sowas stealing Radiator Caps from poli Rudgin that but holy Lack excl clothing from him. A quote Cari parked in front of what of cd ii. The rest of us who have tent fight to break Down the primary bar against the right of negroes to vote the democratic ticket it was Learned wednesday. Pea picker is fined. Laurel a Jim Wex. Ten who decided to lat it would be All right to pick up a mess of peas Quot and Corn for himself and his family As he was passing through the truck Garden of Ray Shelby White we fined $10 monday for trespassing _ killed in Dice quarrel quote n g i a n a. and a four years ago Johnnie Banks and Cliff Mcdaniel quarrelled in a crap game and Banks stabbed Mcdaniel. The two men had been enemies Ever Bince. Sunday in another crap game they quarrelled again and Mcdaniels Cut Banks fatally. Tries to kill self in court Meridian a and a a lie n Arthur Tinsley 25, who thought he was unjustly c6nvicted of a charge of assault on a woman in judge Raymond clays court was fined $24 the woman was coloured and ordered to jail because he pay Tjie borrowed a knife from a it police officer to a Cut his shoes and stabbed him self. His condition is serious
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