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Galveston Voice (Newspaper) - September 17, 1932, Galveston, Texas His Home town you read with keen interest the address delivered by Franklin Delano Roosevelt at Topeka Kansas last a wednesday. You know. Kansas is the y Nome state of Charles Curtis or. Hoovers running Matt. / or. Roosevelt really wants to be president and As Little As you May think of it has the Best Chance a Democrat has had to win the presidency since 1912, when a Distant Kins Man of his was elected prof. Woodrow Wilson of new Jersey and Princeton University. Or. Roosevelt was talking directly to Farmers one thing in his favor lie a has plenty of courage and what he has to say he says it in language easily understood by everybody the Republican Board of strategy will Follot him on his extensive tour of that this thing is really going to be taoist. You can rest assured. After a while it Sterling contest or. Sterling is contesting the election of mrs. Ferguson. He will lose just a he did in july and August last. Insurance company put >50,000 Worth of new business on the. Books the first week of its operation according to j. B. Bowl a Secretary of the company. Most of the business was written by the officers of the company who took the Field after writing themselves in quest of new business. The contracts offered by the Quot firm a re the lowest to be bought from any company in this Section. The com Pany is Safe and sound according to the authority under which it operates. The Home office is located at 25051 Avenue a and is open at All times for general Public inspection. According to or. Etter president Home labor will be Given preference. If a policy that is within a Lvi a a sure a Luis Wii uts your limited Means get in touch with u8&uu a we a a a onie.0f the officers or agents of the company and let them explain the contract to you in detail there is no catch investigate yourself and see How the firm stands with the department of insurance in Austin it has v a. A. Qualified As an old line company with Jou a nit disregard the mandate res Rve for Protection of its a of a majority of the people and Hope. Policyholders. It is office red by to retain their respect and support. J Vest a men and will give employment thousands who supported or. Ster to Galveston citizens of color it will Ling will leave him because he has a Long Way towards solving the shown he _ could give it by you Len t present unemployment conditions take it. Mrs Ferguson will be my Montour roup aug rated her second time in Austin you insure with the above i. % 8 company you a re helping to a to the Majenty of those who voted Are Foh of a member 0f a our Rel a a last primary. Negroes of text race. The men who bring you a amp a .0 court m Many Citie in offer Are seeking to sell you i / something you can pay tor without the National Security Mutual life these a Good. Insurance policy is invaluable to the Holder. When you insure yourself you get Protection and at the same time help employ somebody else within your own racial group. Experiment station i s s u e s statement College station1 Texas the Spur Experiment station reports the use of a simple and inexpensive system of diversion terraces for impounding the Runoff water on june 20 from a two Inch raft resulting in the application of so Ven inches. Of water on a 120-acre tract of land. Sudan grass was planted on thirty five acres of this land and As a result of this artificial irrigation 62 head of Hereford or Lings and 15 head do work Stock and milk cows were grazed on tie 35 acres from Jiffy 18 to August. 15, the Hereford yearling making a gain in this period of 3856 pounds Worth at 5�c, 5212.08, or $6 per acre Quot not including the grazing of the 15 head of work Stock and milk cows for the period. In addition to the grazing a Hay crop of 30 tons was harvested and at the end of the period the grazing on this tract was considered better than at the beginning which or illustrates the practicability of using waste rainfall water to great profit by diverting it land in a a if to \ so ii the t in r v % by birth arid the Constitution they were in the right and they were denied an Opportunity to vote in the so called White Many a primary now the governor can appreciate their Post sit Ion of a few Days. Ago and at the Sime time observe several things Cfifi-1 negroes Ulen. When the courts turned the no Gro Down he took his Medicine like a Man a a and did no to holler. To cry and fret evidences poor sportsmanship. If you a were wronged or think a you were a your time a will Cornei Ferguson a did. Anyway. Iuey Long a a Quot Huey. Long United states senator from Louisiana has added another Scalp to his Waistline this time the Veteran United states Sena tor Broussard is the victim of the one and Only to Brook Long in political affairs in louisianans just another Way of inviting disaster he is the big Boss and his word a is Law and from the looks of things will be Law when the voters choose men for office in the immediate future A a a. Huey helped mrs. Caraway get a v Senate Job for six years a few months ago. Quot the Man is really remarkable of what else lie might and might not be. He can really do things and when they Are done that a that. At what period of Louisiana a his tory his like will again appear cannot he determined just yet. Of course Huey must go the Way of All flesh and ambitious humans. The Man who will break the spoil or Charm has not shown himself to the voters of the sugar shiite yet. A Huey will be heard from on matters of great moment Ere Long. He has plenty guts even though they a Tmay be Linex with a brass a a showman of the first magnitude and has that something men Call color and miss Glynn terms in other words Huey has. All the elements to Star in anybody a political cast or drama. A. A the nearest approach to Huey Long we have met or heard of is a negro who lives in Galveston Texas and uses i horus Pokus Wand in the negro schools his name is Henry. Davis it Tler again f / Quot keep in touch with Hitler. Exp. Per Hanger who at present is the Leader of general million German youths. Hitler does no to think much of any democracy follow him and get slant on How he thinks a country f a should be run. Hitler wait. To be a another Mussolini Kef can to make the Grade. A this is night to the time and Ger a Many is not the country .,4 sober thinking germans will Pray that Hindenburg is spared until a the r Hitler Nightmare passes Over because he is the one. Personality in Germany big enough to encounter. Anything Hitler might Start. They Are _ getting ready for another election a Ger Many which will be the fifth held Over there this year of our lord 193-Hitler had this to say to opposing parties a we will meet All opponent sin the Way they deserve and Musta expect a hoist the red Flag. A. Guillotined a. The late president Doumer of France was Assas Iriate a a few in months ago. Wednesday Quot his Albasin was Gitil Lotins a of hefty chopped off when one runs afoul. Of the Over on the cont not its not very Long Befu re to reaches the end of the Road of life in murder acis. The killer was a doctor name Paul Gor Gouloff he was russian. A ,.american White woman it. Nested the and described same a for United press news serv. Ice her employers. The lady miss Mary Knight. She says Quot the spectacle was riot too terrifying to priming the budget. In a times like is not stranded in Russia he cables Chicago and a in a radio a Gram from Moscow dated september 4, Langston Hughes wired the. Associated negro press that the report alleging that the negro actors and actresses who went to Russia recently were stranded and. That the soviet government a h de abandoned the idea of making and White a was a false and or. Hughes wire said that the contract and the salary arrangement under which the group of Young coloured american intelligentsia College graduates newspaper and social workers sailed for Russia a few months ago runs through october. The picture or. Hughes added will not be made until Spring but it will be made he said several members of the american group will not return when the contract is ended but will remain in Russia for., the Winter. Or. Hughes has been Active in the plans for the its Hig Standard a by s. J. Vincent or. A Marshall spa a a a icy poll age a says president m w. Do a is seeking a As far As p Rae Cable. To prevent any sacrifice on the part of a its Ipie sent prospective students in the Type and Quality of training to which they he ave been accustom to look a Forward at this institution states that. Although conditions have necessitated some readjustments in faculty and otherwise there have been no change calculated to. Impair the working efficiency of the institution in its academic or administrative phases. Releases of teachers in n few inst inc a \ resulted from the re turns of former faculty a members who have been on leave attending school. Yvo E. Daniels Dean is Back after i years study on his doctorate at Chicago University b. Telsch professor of English rejoins the staff this year having spent the past 12 months v in Columbia a University we Brkih g for a masters degree arid a. J. Mason former executive Sec Hilston Texas sept. 15.�? up after going on record As being i opposed to outright repeal of the 18th amendment to the United states Constitution the National Baptist convention of America unincorporated v which i. Opened its annual session in Houston at the City auditorium sept. 7, concluded its deliberations Here monday of this week and adjourned until next september when the convention will assemble again for Ita fifty third Parley in Chicago 111 or. J. W. Horse of Kansas City tothe president of the organization who was expected to be faced with serious opposition in his race for reelection easily triumphed Over his foes and was once again chosen to Lead tha Baptist body for another year. The entire Cabinet with the exception of several Tihor officers was swept into office Quot with Hurse. Hurse gained his Victory last Friday afternoon when the rules Wera suspended after he had delivered his annual while the motion for the suspension of the rules was pending before the convention the body was thrown into pandemonium by the Rev. J. P. Redder a Delegate of Columbus s. C., who raised n technical Point that the convention had. Not been properly organized. The South Carolina Delegate was promptly Rule l out of order arid the motion which made it possible for Hurse to win was carried. A a during tie evening of the elect Ioji of. Hurse the convention heard the Rev a. L. Prince a Delegate of Denver colo., deliver a fiery addressing which he accused a number of the delegates with deserting Hin in his race for the presidency of the Conven-fi�hff�?~4 a a so \ Dri Henry Allen Boyd of Nashville. Tenp., the Secretary of the convention pm to meshing Board who had been reported in the newspapers As a being opposed to Hurse did not show any Active opposition to the. Selection of the Kansas pity minister. Mrs. M. A a. B. Filler of Austin was reelected As president. Of the women a auxiliary of the convention which Hel dits the Odd Fellows Temple. The women Only made a two changes on their official staff. Or. Willis j. King who has served As president of Samuel Huston College at Austin for the last two years has formally accepted the presidency of Gammon theological Seminary Atlanta a. Org Means picture and has been engaged in re rotary returns to a fist As alumni writing the scrip so As to make it secret nov and iri Char cry of endowment writing the scrip so More authentic. A report spread like wild fire throughout America two weeks ago after the representative in. Russia of the new York Herald Tribune had cabled his paper a Story saying the negro actors were stranded and that the soviet government had abandoned the idea of making the picture. This correspondent reported that some russian leaders were opposed to making the film which was to be a Stark vivid Story of the atrocities practice by the White South during the Days a slavery. These leaders so the daily paper correspondent said were anxious to do nothing to offend american Public sentiment further because they desire to resume Trade with a this country. They Felt he said that such a picture a would inflame the White South and postpone still further the recognition of the soviet government. Or. Hughes Vertiea this a Fri part categorically. He states that the picture will be made in the Spring among those in the party in Russia Are ted Poston former feature writer with the Nev York , Helry Lee Moon former assistant to a. L. Holsey and publicity Man for Tuskegee Institute and Loren Miller editorial writer for the California the a group was led by Bliss Louise Thompson Well known research worker formerly a member of the faculty of Hampton Institute where she was considered a Radical arid invited to resign after a student strike with which she was said to be Over sympathetic. School receives Aid a Edenton n. And Board of education of Chowan county pm Ann onried receipt of a gift of ?48,000 from the Roa Enwald. Fund to Aid in. The building of a new school for Groes. A a a Nie personally but it was a ghastly weigh a tar words carefully the doctors body was claimed by his wife who is an expectant Mother but it Mij Sec. Lie in a the Square of the damped until the Fri Rich government gives order or permission. For its removal and interment elsewhere. The doctor said he wished his son would be a doctor and would carry out his -oidea.�?�. What was. Or. Gor Gouloff so idea a Secretary and in charge of endow Rilent Campaign. Other members of the Force have been released temporarily for further study. Raleigh a. Wilson professor of history and acting Dean for the past year goes to Iowa University to pursue studies in doctorate courses and j. A. Pierce Assor Date professor of mathematics will attend the University of Michigan where he has already done a summer s work on his doctor of philosophy degree. A president Dogan announces that the institutions working efficiency has not a been nor will it to seriously affected by the financial conditions through which it Jias come arid which still face it. He thinks readjustments affected by the cooperative action of the Board of education and the supporting conference will enable the school to operate on the same academic level that has characterized its work in late years. The readiness with which churches in conference have underwritten a goodly portion of the ii maintenance and operating budget of the school he states practically insured the successful continuation of its educational standards for the current year. 1 president Dogan is Happy that he has been Able to keep the institution out of depressive debt arid at the same time pay the teachers promptly each month without a reduction in their salaries. He states that prospects for a Normal enrolment this year As indicated by. The volume of correspondence passing through. His office Are very satisfactory. He says further retrenchments will have to be made wherever possible without Toa greatly affecting the strength of the organization. A mrs. Crawley passes a ter Dalness Here mrs. Ida Crowley 824 Avenue a died sunday morning at 3 a. M. Decedent is survived by. Her Mother mis Lula Mcpherson sister in Law mrs Mary Mcpherson 2814 Avenue a and other relatives. Tineral services were held at st. Church Rev. J. A a pastor. W. A. Hebert and. Co., undertakers. Had Chafee of the. Funeral which was largely attended by Fri enids and relatives. Several coloured ladles have been see a Dent that out.,of these failures is com cure to act As demonstrators for the. I Quot a a sounder and More permanent firms who will have Booths at the i Nepo business that the negro is fair. A Rodeo is planned in connect profiting by the mistakes he had h buc Croe Beach and a or. And mrs. Robert r. Motor were tendered a testimonial dinner at the Bay Shore hotel Buckroe Beach last Fri Day evening. Assembled there were numbers of their intimate friends from Richmond Norfolk and Hampton one Hundred in All. Captain l. White assistant Dean of men at Quot Hampton Institute presided is toastmaster and As chairman of the Orgrin Zirnig committee spoke fittingly about the. Guests of Honor and Thon we sorted a. B. Young. P. B. Young the first speaker of the evening paid a glowing tribute to or. Motor for the great of retribution he has made to the. Educational and financial Tauare of the negro. Or. Young declared that Noi american has done More for. The negro for Virginia or for the South than . To ton., also expressed his fear that proportionately As education increased negro financial status decreased and Nide a plea for Steps this trend., v., or. D. A Byrd je8djng physician mrs. Eva Ball White of Baltimore arid citizen of Norfolk was there introduced. Or. Byrd after expressing his deep appreciation for or. To top a outstanding Public services took the occasion to introduce or. G. Hamilton Francis president of the National medical association. Or. Francis expressed his thanks to or. Motor and to Tuskegee for the leadership in helping to develop the National medical association. Continuing or. Francis outlined in general the hew program to be undertaken by the National medical association to make possible a better Day for the negro physicians and nurses or. R. P. Daniel of Virginia Union ably represented the City of Richmond and briefly but effectively set Forth reasons Why Richmond was glad to add its greetings. Don a. Davis head bookkeeper of Hampton Kristi Tate expressed Greet Ings in behalf of the Hampton representatives and then introduced or. Moton. Or. And mrs. Moton speak. After expressing thanks for the honors thus tendered or. Moton told of the Early efforts to secure Bay Shore at Beach a if the project is worthy it should be sup i ported even at a sacrifice a he de dared in speaking of the Bay Shore one of the Best Carni hotel. Quot Quoter. Moton then spoke of development of negro business. He stated bjur John w. Mcgaffey Well school is open. You were out to have a look at the new West District school building. Lest you forget you were looking Over the place where prof. Davis was when you look at the new school and a thir Tkv Quot a a of the shriek out East it makes you feel bad. When you recover you pay silent tribute to the fortunate principal who gets More Money a Wiz of a Plant and a Secretary then once again Quot you think of the situation out East. There is a scripture in the Bible that reads a a Prophet is without Honor in his own that in this Case applies to the poor p,ri5phet, not Henry t. Davis the did no to know he was to be Prii Cipal of West District until he was informed by his Peers. If you believe that tale you Are if there was anybody who did no to know about the Deal it was love done to you think so a negro doctor or. E. M. Stanton offered the Board his services a few weeks ago the Board said there was no Money to pay a physician for his services or rather another physician. Or. Stanton then offered his services Froe. They Haven to accepted As we go to press. Naturally you wonder Why. Negro children differ from White children in Only one particular Yea two hair and skin. They can get sick just like any other child one doctor cannot do Justice to several thousand children. Negro school children md., was elected As corresponding Secretary of the women a auxiliary As the successor to mrs. M. L. Hardings. Of. Nashville tenn.,. And mrs. Flora Batson of Nashville Tenn was elected financial Secretary As tie successor to mrs. White. From All indications both session of the convention were a judging from the comments of the delegates they were highly pleased with the reception accorded them in. Houston. Most of the delegates have returned to their Homes. A few Are still in the City resting. Houston Texas sept. 14.�?&Quot spa a the to a s negro Industrial and agricultural fair association wus organized last week in Houston. Plans were made to hold an exposition at emancipation Park this fall. The full plans will be announced in this paper later val shows of the country has been secured. Several of the leading Industrial firms have made arrangements to have Large displays at the fair need to be examined and looked Over move than once or twice a year. There is no Money to pay a negro doctor to perform this necessary service one says he will do it Gratis until there is something and he is yet to be formally tendered the thankless task. Next april will bring showers plus. Maybe we will get Tho negro doctor we Hope so. Your coloured schools Aro in a bid fix. The Case is almost hopeless and nobody can. Do anything about it but the negroes themselves. History shall speak of two men born in Dixie who could do things one to White and one Black. One 1b Huey Long Tho other Henry Davis 1 if the negro schools Are to go Forward Davis and the dynasty loaded by him and stay gone. There is no other Way. To have said and., repeat under the existing order1 a teacher does not fave to know anything at All Quot if he or she can read and know. Or. Davis All is Well. Lovo got a bad Deal one can to implicate or. Davis because to is an honest Man. So was Brutus by the one or two teachers May to put on soon if so we will name them before they Are appointed. The entire system needs shaking up. Thoi children cannot be expected to learn much under present conditions. Family syndicates must go. You wont have to worry about several of the High and mighty Fellows. A new school Board might help things see if it will next april or. Willis j. King president of Samuel a Huston College at Austin who. Is recently offered a the presidency of Gammon theological Seminary of Atlanta ga., has accepted that will resign in Short As head of the Texas school according to a statement released to the press by the Board of education of the methodist episcopal Church. A prior to assuming duties As presi. Dent of Samuel Huston College or. King resigned the professorship of old testament history which he held at Gammon for 12 years and left for London England where he entered Oxford University to take up some special studies. His resignation at Gammon followed a tilt with president f. H. Clapp who subsequently resigned after a strike of students. The students demanded "the,.resignation of or. D. D. Martin White whom they charged with an unwarranted attack upon a student. Failure of president clap a to oust or. Martin resulted also in the resignation of or. William Yancey Bell professor of the new testament and prof. A. E. Paul. A on his return from Europe or. King was called to the presidency of the Austin College. After serving this institution for two. Years during which time it made Many strides in the Field of education he has been called Back to the a presidency of the that although Many negro Banks and businesses had failed he was conf Atlanta Seminary. Or. Kings election to the Presl a Dency of the Georgia institution apparently indicates a a Hango in the policy of the directors of the. School. In the. Past except for a Brief period when or. J. W. E. Bowen sr., administered its affairs the presidents of Gammon have been chosen from Tho White r�gi__jjsi�b.d8 of or. King regard his selection As the second negro president of ga1irimon As a distinct tribute to his personal qualities of leadership since the. Faculty of Tho school is still cent interracial arid All of its members have done extended study both in America and abroad. Technical society closes its session Tion with the fair. Live Stock coh Hibits will be on hand. The officers and directors of the fair association Are or c. W. Pemberton president a r. I. Isaacs first vice president and auditor h. P. Carter second vice president and director of publicity w. J. Smith third vice president and director of programs de e. Jones fourth vice president and director of traffic King Hughes Secretary g. D. A Crawford treasurer l. G. Luper general manager Frank l. Lane assistant manager w. H. Evans executive Secretary. Noted race pastor visits the island4?Ity Rev s. H. Siipson. Stormy petrel of Galveston municipal politics of a. Decade ago. And former the new idea Lias been in the City several Days renewing old acquaintances. Or Simpson t who pastors one of the leading Baptist,.churches in. The nation occupied the pulpit at Avenue l last sunday morning. He Speaks twice tomorrow at Olive Baptist Church and progressive Baptist or. A Simpson is one of the most interesting speakers in America he will a made especially the mistake of Liv ing beyond his. Means and of making unnecessary and unjustifiable display of wealth. He cited the new development of the. National negro business league citing its c. M. A. Negro housewives leagues and the Strong support being Given. Mrs. Moton followed or. Moton and after stating her gratitude for the honors and for the Opportunity to meet so Many of her friends again made a Strong plea for the negro Torii and a support Quot for negro business enterprises. A the negro Jaios scarcely begun to Quot realize her Power in this connection a she Motong address was a fitting supplement to or Motonis. The occasion was characterized by informality sincerity Good food and congenial company�?an1 outstanding event of the closing summer season. Or. And mrs. Moton returned to Tuskegee during the week of sept. 5 police seek blackmailer san . Police officers Are still conducting a diligent search for a group of blackmailers who sent threatening letters to a. W. Brown prominent business Man and Pioneer a us. A Kew us a .,1 ,�., a z�?z.�citizen, several Days ago demanding leave for his Nashville residence Mon that he leave $150 at a designated Day night after preaching for or. Spot in the City or he word be Mur Lampley. A i dered within a specified time. Detroit Mich a and a after a 3-Day Sessio n Here september 2, 3,. 4, Tho National technical association adjourned its fourth annual convention with the election of its new officers for the ensuing year. They were As follows Chas. S. Duke architectural Engineer Chicago president first vice president a Jas. A. Parsons Metta Burgist Dayton Ohio second president John a. Lankford architect Washington . Thirol vice president a aule. Johnson manufacturer Chicago fourth vice president Elmer j. Cheeks electrical Engi. Neer Cleveland Ohio Secretary j. Evans w. Vir Lejk state College Institute w. A. Treasurer j. A Gardner architect Howard University Washington do. A a in addition to the regular work of the convention the Detroit Branch through its committee on arrangements provided a smoker a Sjo a a briquet a ladies night for the entertainment of ladies and a sting delegates and a Public meeting. A orig the speakers at a the Public meeting were Lewis k. Downing Dean of the engineering school of Howard University senator Roxborough Michigan a Only coloured senator and g. M. Mills an official of the Detroit Street railway company. President Herbert Hoover sent a letter to the association the next meeting of the association is scheduled to take place in Chicago 111., during the Century of Progress exhibition. A a a Houston Texas it Scptv-14.-i- spa tuesday the commit Etc on storm sufferers1 took clothing Kitchen food and supplies to Brazoria to be distributed among the flood sufferers. The clothing had been contributed by citizens of Houston Henderson and Keri Leton. Most of the Money was raised Liy the .c6leridge-t,Aylor Conil club which gave a. Program for Tho Benefit of the sufferers at the City auditorium. Ltd. F. Richardson a member of the committee to Aid Tho sufferers Jalso president of the musical club and secured their Aid. The other Money was donated by citizens interested in helping the victims. Since the last list was published the working girls club has sent in $5 and the Henderson Texas sent in $2.19 Louise White grocer on Lyons Averlue contributed approximately $10 in goods. Fehr maid Balters gave much Broad a for Only a Persiny a loaf. Phillipine women get rights Manila p. a turbulent session the philippine legislature last week enacted a Bill giving women of the islands the right to dispose of their own property without the consent of their husbands. Guilty or not guilty once Vipon a time there came to Galveston a written Quot instrument called the a Pink Ever hear of it who started it it surely did not operate by and of itself. What was its purpose All things1 done in the dark at Softie time or other comes to Light. The a Pink Sheet was done in the dark. Know anything about it
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