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Galveston Banner Newspaper Archives Jan 18 1930, Page 7

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Galveston Banner (Newspaper) - January 18, 1930, Galveston, Texas Illustrated feature Section january 18, 1930a Story of Sacri ties rpm Nee humor and Ira Gedy amp a do Boti Hev waft author of Poev what has happened in tiie last chapters Lassa has blossomed into a Maiden of co tic Beauty. She Bas become identified Witban intellectual group where her voice the deep contralto handed Down from Mamba through Baxter has attracted much attention. Lissa is a or a member of Charleston s intelligentsia where she meets Frank North n Young negro pal ter and violinist he is very talented and worthwhile and is interested in Lhasa. Lisa is considerably disgusted with her lofty associates. One Day she tells Mamba that in spite of the a a act that she is told to be proud of her negro heritage All her associates Are trying their a Damn Desty to be White. Gardinia Whitmore a mulatto Beauty and the True flapper Type seeks los say a companionship. But Lissa because of her refined rather afraid of Gardinia a overtures. It Gardinia has asked Lassa to accompany her on a a a wild party. After much inward conflict Lissa consents to go. By she soon Abandons her accustomed Reserve and teepees the scintillating life t a the party. Prinice the Village whelk whose favor is courted by All the fair damsels its attracted to Lassa. He proceeds to give Lis amp a a Good Reinoe does not meet with the approval of Mamba. Nevertheless Lissa introduces Maroba to Prince As the Young co Pic Are about to go upon another of their frequent Auto rides. The Auto ride ends at a dance where the whole crowd Falls a victim to Prince s balt a liquor. Gardinia a member of the crowd recovers from her intoxicated spell Oniya after she his discovered that Prineo and Lassa have disappeared from the Bunch. 1. Gardinia makes Good her Promise to Mamba to a look out Quot for Lassa by immediately notifying her of a Rance and Lassa s disappearance. Mamba senses the danger and immediately summons Hagar who having been told that a a Prince la none other than Gilly Luton whom she befriended years before Cognize the necessity of immediate action. Hagar remembers an isolated Cabin frequented by a Prince during the Jatter underworld activities. Thereupon she and Mamba set out for the Cabin. As they approach it they hear los say a frightened voice. When they open the door they find Lis a scaled in a Corner with her dress torn and a this Locko. About her legs below the Knees. A Prince Quot stands Over her in a threatening manner. La so a leaps into Mamba a arms and together they leave the Cabin. Hagar completely forgetting herself unleashes her great upon the. Cowering and ungrateful Quot Prince a and strangles him to death with her Bare hand.,. Plagar is forced into hiding. Mamba sends Lassa to new York City where Saint went Worth meets her. Saint and Lissa take a. Taxi for the Home of the it Everend Thomas Grayson who upon their arrival offers Lassa the Protection of his Home especially after Lissa produces the address Given to her Mother Naoy ctr. Before by Grayson. A a a it a a. Man a a a up. She a to a now go on with the Story Lissa receives a Fragle let teem amp me sue Waits to Tell the Trissa instalment Xvi above the metallic Roar of the subway a Brassy voice shouted a one Hundred and Twenty fifth Street a and like a succession of enormous exclamation Points Flung for emphasis after the words it series of posts. A flickered across Lissa s vision. Grad pm a a Why with her Muther and a rea1 pleased her to imps no had Rajcon s into her own hands and at to a lost had surprised her into that overwhelming surrender to maternal to e. It was strange that she could feel no Horroc. Over her mothers act. On the contrary a latent savagery in her own nature caused her to feel a carious Pride a deep sense of sym rally the perpendicular bars lessened their Speed until finally each exhibited the numeral 125 in a Black against the glaring White. Behind the girl the hurtling darkness fell away. The train shot out into a Pool of Light and came to rest with a Jerk that precipitated her through a newspaper and against a hostile breast. Doors sprang open with mechanical precision and with a sigh of Relief packed White and Black broke their enforced common imprisonment the negroes pouring out on the platform the Whites appropriating their places and regarding their retreating backs with resentment and Relief. On the platform the dark mass hesitated for a moment Drew deep breaths stretched 1 limbs then like a breaker that has found the Shore it lifted caught i amp a up on Quot its Crest hurled her before it up the stairway and deposited her breathless but triumphant on the pavement. Saturday afternoon her first thrilling week of study under Salinski behind Here his Rug Ini word of Praise singing in her ears. The Day was warm but the Sun lacked the torrid pressure that enervated Lisa during the Southern Summers. Over her head the sky Vas no longer the throbbing Cobalt of a Charleston noon but a thin Ultra Marine Miat seemed to Lessen the Power of gravitation and lift her along with a new buoyancy. She a swung East in the direction of her Home. In her new liberating environment an inherent elegance in her Carriage and manner that had impressed her Charleston neighbors As me Ely amusing Lent her distinction and gave her that air of self Assurance which in Harlem differentiates the cosm polite from the newly arrived provincial. She was Clad briefly in dark Blu. Tailored silk. The Colour was a c inversion to Mamba the Brevity to Harlem. A Scarf of Flamingo red was knotted loosely about her Throat and a Small Jaunty hat of the same Shade fitted closely about her head. Below the dress a rather astonishing length of Champagne silk stocking was evident and. Symbolic of her Complete emancipation these terminated in a pair of red High heeled pumps she carried a modish vanity Case and a Small umbrella in the accenting Colour was pendent from one Elbow. With that Power to evoke memory which contrast possesses to an even greater extent than a similarity the alien setting switched the girls thoughts Back to her last eventful night in Charleston she had been ii member of the Grayson family for ten Davs and with her faculty for expelling from her mind ail that caused her discomfort the tragedy of a Luton a death and her hurried de parture were already As completely dissociate i from her life As a printed Story in a Book that has been replaced upon its shelf. Out of the experience Only one imm Renia ined Sharp a did actual Hagar. Who in that hour had suddenly materialised out of the character Levis Parent that it had Isa tion of a kinship closer even Han that which existed Between Mamba and herself but of the sheltered life Mamba had provided for her with its dependence upon the Protection that civilization throws about the weaker individual she had crashed suddenly into conflict with life in the raw and she had been helpless. During that hour when Luton had held her captive and behind the Shack the swamp voices had thrilled and wailed in implacable nocturnal conflict she had had it in her heart to kill and Only the Man s Prepon Derance of strength had kept her fillers from tearing at his Throat Hen Hagar Hart come terrible in her direct and unfettered simplicity i aed 1 had put Blu Tor. Beyond the Power Ever to harm her again. After the i years of separation he Gar had stood Forth in that Ore illuminating hour More real move. Vividly alive than Mamba for All of the or woman a shrewd Plann no and untiring Devotion. Then in the moment of parting had come the Climax when the big inarticulate woman had kissed her hand and she had found herself in her arms. Her reason told her that Here was a specific act for. Which she should be ashamed of Lier Mother yet by some strange Paradox the thought of her was a Swift infusion of warmth a feeling of completeness where before there had been a sense of want a sudden inexplicable Pride i birth. For the first time in her life she quickened to the realisation of All that Hagar had done for Here the Money that she had sent each week for her music her cloth isl and she had never even gone to see her. It made her feel ashamed. A Well a she told herself Quot ill be Able to make it up to her before now that Salinski had undertaken her training and with the he a they that could be made in new York. She took the Brown Stone Steps of her new Home two at a time. In a vivid Flash she saw Mamba s face wearing its mask of ferocious disapproval. Do you Call that being a lady what the hell now she was free neither a lady of the broaden set nor a waterfront Lissa Atkinson with at last a will of her own nothing behind her and everything that she wanted from life waiting for Threa of them had sat together alter her around the next Comer. Saint had Lei her in the drawing she let her Elf into the dim Cool room and Ada had watched her Hus Ness of the Hall. In the drawing room j band s face with divining intensity a song stopped i the Middle of a the ,1, realising that under his words bar Nanri Ada Orn son a Art Quot a the Tor i he had really wanted the girl to stay litre i sed the a was not merely submitting to a in with her classes Hei slow kind command of conscience had taken smite she War re Culous like her hts a into her affections without re or husband in appearance. 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