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Galveston Banner Newspaper Archives Jan 18 1930, Page 6

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Galveston Banner (Newspaper) - January 18, 1930, Galveston, Texas Illustrated feature Section january 18, 1930 just like in moving pictures a desperate and Clever band of criminals outwitted by a plucky heroine continued from Pope on that. Some of their they met there and planned their1 thought the old wild escapades but cleverly they met the last place that would be search there in numbers of not More thanked following a notorious and Suc tvo and three at a time. Besides cts soul robbery. Moreover it offered ---1 i More advantages than any other a a place the desperate criminals could i i locate. E j it was dark and Dank inside the. Building and when one yelled at the i i top of ones voice the sound came i j Back with a fearful Echo. However a it was t at nil impossible to hear i sounds on the walk if those sounds i were loud enough. Be that As it May they occasionally concealed paused in the Shadow of a signboard Best remedy for cough is easily mixed at Home you la never know Low quickly a a stubborn Couch or rest cold can be Cou Quenel until you try this famous recipe. It is. Used in millions of Homes because it gives More prompt positive Relief than anything else. Its no trouble at All to mix and costs but a trifle. Into a pint bottle pour 2v6 ounces of t Inex then add Plain granulated sugar it it a strained Honey to make a full pint. This saves two thirds of the Money usually spent for cough Medicine and Given you a purer better remedy. It never spoil and tastes Good children like it. You can actually feel ils penetrating poo thing act Iii on inflamed membrane. To is also absorbed into the when ring Harding abducted the William g. Cole baby and was holding it for five Hundred dollars Ransom Marge rite Miller who was the child a devoted governess launched a stubborn fight to Rescue Little Corine. She knew that the child a father would wait thinking the kidnappers would not injure the baby and further knew that Cole would set the police after the Harding gang. Therefore her Cool practical mind took All factors into consideration and arrived at the irrevocable conclusion that it would be disastrous to trifle with the serious intentions of ring Harding. Mood where it acts directly on the Bron Chial tubes. At the same time it prompt a moreover if the Money Wasny to am by loosens the germ lad a phlegm. This a mediately forthcoming the danger three fold action explains Why it brings Ous claws of the kidnapper would such Quick Relief even in severe bronchial j close upon Corine a delicate Throat coughs which follow cold epidemics. A ring Harding would have murdered in Inex is a highly a on nitrated com a a a a a Pound of genuine Norway Pine contain no the Active agent of Creaso Jcj refined palatable form and known As one of that a j renter Healing agents for severe coughs Chest colds and bronchial troubles. A baby As quickly As he would have a two Hundred Pound Man. Margurite Miller Wasny to stupid and moreover had the courage of her convictions. Once had been considered a great swimmer had several times featured in several water Hexhi a. To. Tusca Cui Luicir in acc ii we Sci can a do not accept a substitute for Piner. Bit ions in different parts of the state. It is Elt in arts a to give prompt Relief or .5. Having been born and Money refunded. A a of Axil like Harding on that Banks a of the Mississippi knew every foot of this territory. Without doubt would have made an excellent Pilot. In any event had launched her fight to save the baby and while William Cole was negotiating with the investigators Margurite was experimenting with plans of her own. She visited the riverfront searching the that congregated there for some Trace of Harding believing that if saw the Man would know him. And for several hours loitered about the coloured places of business which struck her As being probable Han Routs of the Bandit Leader. But Quot did not recognize him if indeed he was there. At about dusk began her return trip Home. She passed the old abandoned building and saw the flare of a match through the broken pane of pne of the windows. This appeared Quot to Lier As being exceedingly strange and a dangerous condition Quot there was a time when my health was not to Good a says or. Miles hop Kins of Catlettsburg by. Quot i suffered a great Deal from gab pains my system was saturated with Poison which was not properly eliminated. From time to time i had severe headaches and i Felt sluggish and Dull. Quot i knew of Black draught As a Medicine for constipation so 1 thought i would try it. For a while i took a Small dose every night until my system was rid of the accumulated Poison. Quot i gained in weight and my general health was Good. That experience made me realize the merits of Black draught. I kept it in my Home and when begin to feel lifeless n and Dull i take a those. After which i feel o. In. Again. Quot i try to keep my system cleansed Jula i find Black loot there. They a did t remain there Long when building would be saw a figure Scurry Forth the Man walking with slithering footsteps. Shortly after that saw another Man appear. This was a Large towering fellow who walked with a swagger. He was Well dressed and wore a Black Derby. She could Only enough of his face to notice that the Man had a broken nose. When the last of the two had vanished from sight Margurite waited awhile hoping that if there was another he would appear shortly. A later suddenly dashed into the House. The moment stepped., into the building heard the faint cry of an infant. Margurite knew had found Corine was about to leap Down the crooked trembling staircase when a figure rushed Forward and grabbed her. Then began a Battle Lor life 1 Margurite suspected that was wrestling with a woman. Her suspicions vere Well founded for her adversary was Harding a wife. Belle a notorious creature who was almost As ii Uch feared As her husband. This increased Margurite s Confidence in her ability to subdue her assailant. She was quicker if not As Strong As her Well gowned opponent and succeeded in stripping the clothes from the body of the other woman where so. Could Cut her flesh enough to weaken her. When the fight ended Tjie Only garment Belle wore was thin strip of Silken material and her exposed skin was Tom and bleeding. Margurite had worked her adversary to a Point of advantage us chantly shoved her Down the Steps. Belle sustained a broken Arm and the breath had been jarred from her body. Margurite found the baby in the basement of the building and carried it to safety. She received a Reward of one Hundred dollars from anxious parents. But aroused the enmity of ring Harding. Nevertheless Margurite in t afraid. She smiles when the desperado s name is mentioned. At any rate is one woman that Harding has failed to impress with his Bull like attitude. And that smile will win much for Margurite if does meet him. Certainly Bing Harding s wife is not anxious to encounter Margurite again. To a Point of where the other stood with her Back to the staircase and had then Tri soft dropsy or dropsy swelling shortness of Ore nth write us for free trial package. Id use 34 years. company a ept. 230l Atlanta. A. Purely vegetable. 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A p ft-1 r of genuine Mystic Brahma red highly magnetic Lodestone rare amazing compelling att Rac Tive these live lode stones Are carried by occult Oriental people As o powerful Lucky Charm one to prevent bad Luck evil and misfortune and the other to attract much Good Luck love happiness an Prosperity. Special Only $1.97 for the two with free full instructions. Pay postwar s1.q7 and 15c postage on delivery. Satish faction or Money refunded. You can but Lucky i order yours today dept 68, p. A a 8. Bureau general p. O Box 7?, Brooklyn n. Y. Notice we absolutely guarantee these a genuine Mystic Brahma Lodestone Are alive just what you want for they Are than Fly powerful highly magnetic a so Good hair grower grows Long Silky hair recommended by your doctor for Scalp diseases. Straightens Straightens the hair1 without lot. Comb or pullers nicely. 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