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Fort Wayne Weekly Democrat Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1869, Page 3

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Fort Wayne Weekly Democrat (Newspaper) - December 15, 1869, Fort Wayne, Indiana The Democrat. R. I it. I it Ulvi amp co.,dec. 15fbee Trade. The free Trade league have published an address in which they Assort that their Peculiar ideas Are being rapidly adopted All Over the country and they Appeal for material Aid that the agitation which has acquired such a momentum a Partite ulary i the West a May be pushed still farther Forward. Thoy declare that a Hundred thousand dollars now spent in agitating this question will save the country hundreds millions dollars. At the game time information from Washington states that the High Tariff men propose to open the canvass their measures before Congress through those infamous moans by which Badial congressmen Are bought and sold. The manufacturing Coal and Ore monopolist with nillion Singtho Market to bribe and corrupt will be As we pitted against the people and their interests. The free Trade movement although one Power and influence will a do amp a Short its object As Long As the country is controlled by millionaire Bankers bondholders Stock jobbers Gold speculators and the numerous rings and Comers that flourish in us Minatr. Grant in his message smiles upon the interests those protected by the tarriff and by Way consoling ride glances to those suffering from unjust discrimination advises Quot Cau. Tion against disturbing the Industrial interests the this is the Way discussion fair play presents itself to his mind. He is wholly in the interest the bondholders Gold speculators and protected monopolists. Instead being chief magistrate a whole people to is simply the coerced bribed representative a class who care Only for themselves. Those impressed with the righteousness the free Trade movement will find no Consolation in. Frant s message and Mast look to other than the Grant party for the Success their principles. Some those Peculiar gentlemen great Rich philanthropic undertakings similar to the raising the Avondale fund Are now projecting a scheme to hold an International fair at Washington. They Are no doubt impressed with the glories Boston s huge coliseum and the Money that flowed therefrom into the managers pockets therefore an International fair in other words a in thug Quot is in contemplation. The Success this enter poise a predicated upon the hypothesis that the fools who flocked to the Hub including the Modem Ulysses Are not All dead yet. The most striking impression in regard to this old quaint saying is shown in an Appeal to Congress to raise half a million by taxation for the project. Of count Congress the recommendation our Noble president whose favor it seems these in Tipri a gentlemen have already secured will at once make the appropriation. We ought to have a it big blow out Quot in the shape an inter National fair As Westem Farmers since Selling their wheat at ninety cents a Bushel Are is High q>irit3 for a visit to the capita let the appropriation be made by All Means it would be very in american to deny these enterprising projectors the profits they have already considered As so much made. Go with the appropriation and the tax Quot let Joy be unconfined Quot for it is easier you know Quot to pay a Large debt than a larger be Nhgia affairs. In order to give a our Cher lease Power to the Radical scoundrels who have been holding High carnival in Georgia Grant has been made a party in the conspiracy to still further Rob this unfortunate state her rights. In his message after a recapitulation facts relative to its re construction to says Quot the legislature met and prepared All the acts then required Thorn by the reconstruction acts Congress Quot and very lugubrious by mentions the expulsion the coloured members from that body 1-also in Mission some members Quot who Are disqualified by the third clause the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution. Casting aside All preference if he Ever had any for the White race. Grant farther recommends that Congress should enact Quot without delay Quot a Law authorizing the governor Georgia to Convene the members the legislature originally elected by the carpet baggers to exclude the White members who Are too honest and faithful to the people they represent to take the Iron Clad oath and give Tho negroes their seats. The Georgia papers explain Tho whole this a Laceful conspiracy. From them to glean Tho following facts the Republican state Central committee held a caucus at Atlanta the 1st inst., and resolved to attempt to induce Congress Quot to take a snap judgment upon Georgia before the legislature could its own motion satisfy the Aenis Gasoff Curgie Shley reseating thu negro members and ratifying the fifteenth amendment Illey agreed to ask con Gress to annul All legislation so far had under the Constitution 1867, put the state under a gubernatorial dictatorship with Bullock As supreme recon Star actor so that backed by the military Power Quot the negroes should be reseated and the legislature purged every Man who cannot take the recons acted test this is exactly what Tho caucus resolved to ask the 1st december it is exactly what president Grant recommends the 6th december. Governor Bullock departed for Washington immediately after the caucus and that he has had Gool Success in his Mission the president s message abundantly proves. Before he left Georgia Bullock issued an extraordinary proclamation reciting at length numerous so called political outrages committed a Tang the past fourteen months7forhfpuoso taking it to Washington and displaying it there As evidence that a state intolerance towards radicals and republicans exists in Georgia none these outrages have any political bearing at All and even Foley who visited Georgia a Short time ago was so impressed with the peaceful and harmonious state things there that he printed the other Day in one his papers an Appeal to Congress to let All the Southern people alone for the future the ground that they were doing Well enough and that All further interference with them would be prejudicial and injurious but the conspiracy has succeeded As far As Tho president is concerned and the Congress which has just assembled will be equally As subservient. A demand will undoubtedly be made that the whole work reconstruction be done Over again to add new life and vigor to the Quot Loil Quot scamps who infest Georgia. These political scoundrels and adventurers Are All in the interest Grant s j residential aspirations for 1872, and this no doubt forms the milk in the Cocoa nut which inclines the Modem Ulysses to smile the misfortunes a sister state. Surely in this connection that old familiar exclamation Quot How Long lord How Long Quot has a significance More than Ordinary importance. The following from the Chicago times is truly suggestive and worthy proper reflection Quot the Secretary War s estimate for army expenses during the next fiscal year a $34,536,031, besides $12,000,000 for fortifications the army Force is stated to be 52,000 men. Now if any Man can give to the country a Good and sufficient reason Why a standing 62,000 men hould be maintained at a Cost to the inhabitants the country Over $40,-000,000, it is surely his duty to do so. One would naturally expect to find some reason stated by the president in his message to Congress but. Grant has none to give. If he says the condition the country should be such As to justify a further concentration troops the whole amount asked for May not be expended in the name common sense what is there in the present condition the country to require such an army concentrated otherwise Quot must the hard earned millions taken from the people in the shape taxes be continually squandered a Sot political knaves simply to afford them places Power and prof pc it is about Timo Trio people were answering this question. If there is one spot Earth More Notorio is than another for unexampled tests radicalism it is South a Trolina. Carpet baggers do most there abound. It is the earthly Paradise the rogues renegades and Ragamuffin who give tone and character after their kind to radicalism in the Southern states. Here in Tho language a Charleston paper May the Radical Brethren Crown their Brazen fronts with the i convertible currency the nation Here May they stuff their pocket with Bills and Bonds and no one say them nay. They May pilfer and Pec Ulato cringe and bluster lie and grow Rich. Call them but radicals and they laugh at bolts and bars mock at judge and jury and recognize no other Law than their own Sweet will awl pleasure. A Pajtis correspondent says at the sitting the corps la gis Latif Henri Rochefort Rose and demanded that the National guard be ordered to guard the Hail the corps Logi Latif in future for Tho Protection the members. Tho demand took the chamber by Surprise and created an extraordinary sensation. Expressions Aston i Mont burst Forth from All parts Tho Hall followed by cheers which Wero answered by cries derision and disapproval. Tho opposition members generally applauded but the majority protested against the demand and the demonstration made in its favor. Sui Wieb the Clai Isio Radical who assures himself that he is the american Demosthenes occupies his seat in Wrath whenever the interests White men Are to be Senatori Auy considered. But move a question having Sambo for its object previous otherwise and Sumner is to his feet pouring Forth those Swett guttural accents which remind one music a Bass drum. The other Day he offered a Resolution calling upon Tho committee military affairs to consider whether any further legislation is needed to secure for All coloured citizens who have served in Tho army the United states Complete Equality with All other citizens in Tho enjoyment the military Bounty. He remarked Quot that he had understood that a statute existed by which former slaves who had served in the army the United states were excluded from the e enjoyment the military Bounty. As it had been the object to give equal rights to All who served under our Flag he asked the Early attention the committee military affairs to the Complete accomplishment that in other words. Sambo who fights nobly particularly in the District Columbia election Days and indulges in the innocent amusement driving White men away from Tho polls accompanying the recreation with riot and bloodshed must not Only have equal rights with the Gallant White Veteran but come in for special favors As Tho Quot Ward the such is Sumner and verily such is radicalism. A member from Illinois has a Bill in hand which he win soon introduce in Congress making it a Misdemeanour a penal offence something worse for any officer the government to accept presents gifts from any person persons whatsoever. This will appear unto Ulysses like Quot hark from the Tomb Tho doleful even mrs. Grant Plain Good woman As she used to Quot be is catching Tho glittering whims fashion and becoming As. Much beguiled by its encroaching brilliancy As the wife our late lamented. Already magnificent gifts Are pouring in upon mrs. Grant which she accepts will a grateful smile. Such Are the bewitching Avans Washington society. A Jissi pm paper gives Tai Jan portrait a Carf it it Bagger which we Hope none our Republican readers will consider personal Quot his head is about As Large As a Coon a and recedes so rapidly from the Root his nose that if a Stream water were poured perpendicularly upon his brow More it would run off the Back his head than off his face. His nose looks like the butt end a blood beet and his eyes like augur holes in Muskmelon no. Or. A Ingriam a member Congress from Ohio is very much opposed to any investigation the recent Gold operations in now York with a View to ascertain Tho cause and those con corned in Tho speculation. Or. B., evidently is afraid the accusation that. Grant was mixed up in Tho affair win prove too True and thereby place Bim and Tho Radical party in an unenviable position. If Radical congressmen thoroughly believed that. Grant was innocent Tho charge they would not Only invite hut press investigation. Tho ridiculous manner in which Corbin. Grant s brother in Law figured in Tho speculation Tho mysterious Check he had in his Possession followed by the Onecy Ance $20,000 Worth City lots to mrs. Grant Havo an ominous smack which makes lugubrious Bingham More lugubrious than Ever. To sees in it undoubtedly an apparition As huge if not quite so horrifying to his own conscience As the ghost the poor innocent woman whose blood is upon his hands. We Havo seen it charged that it is Tho costume Revenue officers in some our collection districts to make their Little Quot perquisites Quot by charging fees for their services in making out papers which the Law requires tax payer to furnish. A letter addressed to. Delano in regard to the matter brought Forth a reply which is very explicit. He says Tho practice cannot to sanctioned by the department and must not be permitted to prevail and that Quot All internal Revenue officers who have taken Money for such purposes will at once be dismissed from Delano further says that any persons who have been thus swindled May reclaim the amounts already paid by them. The people interested will be glad to know that measures have been taken to break up these Petty Fraude and that such Revenue officers As have been engaged in them will if reported by those whom Thoy have victimized be deprived any further opportunities swedling tax payers whose burdens Are heavy enough already. There were some rather queer proceedings at the session the women s National suffrage association in new York the such inst. The remarks several the lady speakers were so Broad and so ardently in favor Quot free love Quot that the modest part the Audi Cnoc made a Stampede from the Hall. Miss Norton thought a woman was better off with six husbands than with one she could not love and. Heber denounced marriage As a crime. Before adjourning the association very naturally passed a Resolution endorsing the Tribune. Greeley was present and smiled a response. The opening the ecumenical Council was one the grandest spectacles the ago. Though the weather was unfavourable enormous crowds filled Tho streets and the Vatican and a procession unsurpassed in pomp and magnificence headed by the Pope and followed by Sevon Hundred Bishops from every Quarter the Globe marched amid ringing Bells and thundering Cannon to the place meeting. The galleries the great Hall the Council were occupied with the sovereigns and princes in Rome. No european Power was specially represented however. An eminent writer in new York who clings to a High Standard orthodoxy is hard Hoosier Dom and says that an Indiana divorce is a laughing Stock in new York. This As it May without uttering one word in Defenso the purity our state we can scarcely repress a risible from taking Possession us when we think How Long Tho eminent gentleman has lived in new York and failed to see in Tho papers and Little tin signs sticking up in All parts the Metropolis assuring discontents that Quot divorces Are obtained hero promptly without publicity Quot Tiik marvellous Foat telegraphing to England the entire a message the president was accomplished by the British Cable. Tho message appeared in Tho London journals simultaneously with its publication in the daily papers the United states. Much interest attached undoubtedly to the president s views upon the Alabama claims question. The pall mall Pasette Flat tors itself that upon the whole the message is Friendly but reiterates the belief that England will do no More than she has done and certainly will not make an apology. During the very Brief session Congress several very sensible Bills have already been introduced. Among these is Tho one providing for the abolition the franking privilege but to have no Hope it will be carried. It is altogether too convenient for Radical members. Another is Tho Ono Intro Wood by. Trumbull making it an offence punishable by a Fine one thousand dollars for any member Congress to recommend a party to office unless requested to do so by Tho president but this also As a matter course will be tabled. Evidences the existence the Mound builders in Tho Mountain ranges Colorado similar to those in Montana Utah and Nevada Havo lately been discovered. Upon the extreme Summit Tho Snow Range Aro structures Stone evidently ancient origin and hitherto unknown unmolested. They comprise Large numbers Granite rocks and Many them As Largo As two men could lift in a position that could not Havo Boon Tho result Chance. Thoy were placed upright in a Lino conforming to a general contour the dividing Ridge and frequently extending in an unbroken line for one two Hundred Yards. Tho Walls and Mounds Aro situated three thousand feet above the Timber Lino. It is therefore hardly suppose Ablo that they were built for altars sacrifice. They Wero not Largo enough for shelter Domenco. Tho More probable supposition is that like Tho larger Mounds Montana elsewhere they Wero places be culture. A wedding in High life has lately taken place in Washington. This does not create any special wonder but it carries with it a tingling sensation in the Misc genuine Way that in a very persuasive manner shows the Shadow future events if radicalism is permitted to continue in control Tho country. Tho marriage viewing it As a business transaction consisted in part Monsieur Paul Geraud a Frenchman Good position brother in Law to Yio portuguese minister and a Youmg lady color culture and fascinations by the name miss Nancy b. Worm by. The affair is described As having been imposing and so far As possible under the Peculiar circumstances Couleur do Rose. The message Quot our Noble Long Branch president Quot is freely commended by the Radical press. Some them it is considered far ahead anything Washington Ever undertook to do eclipsing in diction the elegance which made Jefferson so famous As a writer. This is obvious. He is the Only american president who has issued a message making no allusion to Tho constitutions ignoring the old instrument entirely. This is what makes Ulysses so great in Radical estimation. They hate the old Constitution As virulently As a mad dog dreads a Stream pure Limpid water. It is stated the authority a scotch paper that lord Clarendon is about to reopen the Alabama claims question. The London times thinks that such Able jurists As. Geo. Tick nor Curtis and. William m. Evarts Are capable settling the Legal Points involved. If. Grant would take the suggestion kindly he would be Wise but the parties Are not Radical enough in politics to suit manager Sumner and who i Sumner takes snuff the Sphinx has got to sneeze. An appropriation $15,870,531.60 for the support the Navy was made for the year ending june 30,1870. According to the report Tho Secretary this win fall Short about five millions. This is a Little Grant s Economy. The amount which the Secretary Calls for for the year ending june 30, 1871, is $28,205,671.37. To simply Call the attention taxpayers to this Little display Economy. On and after december 13th, the now York Democrat one Tho spic Iest papers in the Metropolis will be sold for one cent. It will not to decreased in size but will be More than Ever alive in its news gossip items and editorials. Quot Brick Quot Pomeroy is bound to revolutionize the newspaper business in now York. The Democrat will soon be the paper the Empire City. Timbre Are 15,000 Miles railway in England which have Cost $2,500,000,-000 in their construction and in the United states there 45,255 Miles Railroad which Cost in building about $2,000,000,000. If English railways have More solicitude for Tho safety their passengers the american ones make the most Money. Our roads came about twice As much per Milo last year As Tuo English roads did. Tiie people Washington Are much chagrined at the omission in the me s Sage any reference to affairs in the District. It is quite at variance with the usual custom and they fear that the president favors the removal Tho capital to the West. So far no step has been taken m the latter direct son in Congress and the movement is less formidable than it was supposed to be. Govern Bullock s method escaping impeachment is entitled to the credit thoroughness. He moves to have the conservative majority the Georgia legislature counted out and a suitable number negroes Quot flawed in Quot and All by act Congress. Or. Trumbull s new Bill is falsely denominated Quot a Bill to define the jurisdiction the supremo court in certain cases Quot whereas in fact it is a Bill to destroy Tho constitutional function the judicial Power in certain cases. Nothing More nothing less. Ben but Leei recently remarked that new York was a fraud. It is thought he had in his mind at the time that stealing spoons is a felony under the revised statutes that state. Pee Hyacinthe sailed for Franco saturday. Do socratic victories Aro reported in the municipal elections held in Spring Field and Lawrence mass., and Hudson n. Y. In Massachusetts the working j men s party appears to Havo gone Over to the democracy where it naturally it belong. Every working Man jealous j his rights Asho ought to to should place his shoulder to the democratic wheel. Current affairs. Boston is drilling girls for Barbers. What next ? Quot ladies without regard to sex Quot arc invited to attend a woman s rights meeting in a Western town. Dayton Ohio uses Baulky horses its steam engines. They Are cheaper. That town is just old a Cononey. A lady in Rochester wants second marriages prohibited by Law account the otherwise confusion in the spirit world. Quot Pearl weddings Quot which occur when a couple Havo been married seventy years usually take place the other Side Jordan. It beats All How Many men there Are in the country with full grown lizards in their stomach. Another Ono has come Forth in Illinois. An Exchange says the horrible Intel Lig onco comes to us from Philadelphia that Anna Dickinson has a sister. Two them we surrender. Two negroes Are to be Hung in Delaware the 9 the february for committing an outrage a White woman if they Are not pardoned by Tho president. A Washington paper Calls upon the lord to protect Thom the ravages a Korosis society soon to to formed Thuru. Don t to afraid. They won t bite if you keep Tho other Side the Road. Brigham Young thinks to has Learned now to get his Quot settlement Quot into the Union. He has sent a Man to Washington armed to the Teeth with Money to buy congressmen. Things look brighter for Utah than for some time. Fremont s recent illness is supposed to have been caused by a mistake in Par Flag his hair. As Long As it is parted in Tho Middle to enjoys Good health but just get one hair the wrong Side and his massive brain Bocolos unbalanced. To Soo by a now Haven paper that a citizen that place has goo to Sparta Wisconsin Quot a grand Bear there Aro about As Many boars in Tho Vicinity Sparta As Thoro Aro in Tho City port Wayne. But boar Hunt Quot sounds big. An Chango thinks John b. Gough would Only do a air thing to his admirers if he would give them a nov Loc Turo at last onco in ten years but would it not 1 0 ungrateful in him to throw away his old tools which Havo enabled him to Mako such an ample Fortune ? a Chap at Iowa City won by sitting a Keg Gunpowder with a Candle in Tho Bung Holo and smoking his pipe for ton minutes. It would Havo been considered a Foolhardy Experiment but upon examination Tho Keg proved to contain onion cod. To is now in the Best health. A Boston sunday school teacher asked a Little boy what Nui Trimont was but he had in his mind Tho answer to a question about Purgatory and fired that at her Quot a Plaw state punishment in this life where souls suffer for a Short Timo before they go to what could Tho Toa Cli say ? Indian sex Laws Aro Runnin Posi Tion to the chinese in sawing Vood at Portland Oregon. Alas poor pigtails the press and pulpit generally seem to regard Plymouth Church ideas in relation to Matrimony As slightly Beech erroneous. St. Joseph mo., is taking City style pretty rapidly. A Man was knocked Down there a few nights since and Chicago Zed out $16,500. The Chicago Post says that Young Iturbide Quot lives with his it evidently considers such action an Quot eccentricity Courso everybody knows most the papers whose editors patronize cheap boarding houses Aro trying to scare their land ladies by publishing a report that those who Servo hash will to obliged to take out a License As manufacturers. They have a Railroad conductor in met due who has landed 900,000 passengers at their destination and never killed a Man. If he could Only to dug up near Syracuse what a treasure he would be for a moral show. Mcfarland perpetrates a conundrum for Beecher. He wants to know How Quot Beecher would like to Havo his wife married to some Ono else who might take a fancy to Hor while to was alive Quot poor Beecher has got himself into another difficulty in pronouncing the marriage Benediction Over a seducer and Tho seduced. English hostility it Quot seems to the Suez canal can not be suppressed. A London dispatch says Tho authority the owner the Yatch Cambria that no vessel drawing Over Nineteen feet water can pass through the canal. Shallow Iron steamers for the navigation Tho canal Are building the Tyne. Don Piatt in speaking the members Congress says Quot Tho Shadow Henry Clay in App Aranco at least stalks in with Gray hair and White Mustache and answers to the name Fernando Wood. To sits Bolt upright with his coat buttoned to his Chin and says sir with an emphasis Peculiar to a past Gene coition it is now believed that the Cardiff giant is Ono Tho heirs Taneko Jans. This will be interesting news to the other two heirs. The wild Goose Wisconsin have adopted a now Mode transporting themselves to the South. A few Days since a Fiock floated Down Tho Mississippi a cake inc. An Iowa editor acknowledges the receipt congressional documents in and Vanoe the mail. Tho Way it occurred was this a Wolf chased Tho mail Arrier about four Miles. Thoy want the government to put that route a number Able bodied wolves to facilitate matters. A Louisiana carpet Bagger had lots fun taming a Panther until Tho Panther got big enough to eat Hearty when he made a lunch off his master. Save items. Indianapolis supports six daily papers and they a seem to flourish. Hiram Tallboy a Blind Man was crushed beneath a Cord Wood in Boone county. A prominent physician washing ton county keeps a coffin in Tho House to be ready for emergencies. Two Carroll county girls who had never before soon a Railroad a Nigger visited Lafayette Tho other Day. In Putnam county a Young Man named Joseph Davis recently stole $595 dollars from his Grandfather w. D. Harrison Wayne county was crushed to death beneath a Large Rock which he was trying to move. A recent mad dog excited the Clay comity brazilians most whom have a chronic horror water anyhow. Four thousand six Hundred and forty eight children attended Tho Public schools last month at Indianapolis. A prominent lawyer tells Tho editor the Terre haute journal that Stevens will not be Hung Tho 23d inst., if at All. Sullivan county is swarming with squirrels. Ono Farmer made a shipment six dozen at one Timon All his own killing. Starr Lute postmaster at Francisville was arrested at Rensselaer wednesday for embezzlement government funds. A Man in Indianapolis found a neighbor s Gold ring in his pork barrel and the neighbor is in a sweat to find out How it got there. Judge Purdue demands one Hundred acres and �50,000 to locate the agricultural College Tho cast Sido the River at Lafayette. L vis Bakrow Hoff 1 Iro. I. In Bridge Over the Falls Friday evening died and was buried from his residence in Jefferson Villo saturday. The Nei Quot a is Tho Namo a thirty two Colura Jia por judo Pendant in politics just established at bail font by Yockey amp Connolly. Some fiend in Tho Haiie human Flash entered the stable. Vii. Anderson some four Miles North Corydon a fms nights since and Cut the Tendon the Hind legs his Fine horse so disabling him that he had to be shot. An Irish Maji in new Albany gave birth to Tho following Bull Quot Jabers Tommy if i live till i die and i Dun no if i will no i want to see Ould Ireland again before i Lave. Joseph Mcpherson who was married in new Albany to miss Neill a few nights ago was robbed $500 while at a hotel in in Cincinnati whither Thoy had gone a bridal tour. A South Bend Bummer undertook to climb to his room Over Tho Verandah and was shot in the stomach by a Boot Flung from Tho hand a follow Board. To bellowed murder and fell to the ground. Mrs. Coleman Brazil found a thief in her House in the act getting away with a Fino picture. Quot Well you be caught me Quot said Tho Fco Androl at Tho Sanio Timo smashing Tho picture Over mrs. Ahead. An old and citizen Tho town boons county named Abel lain was suddenly killed Tho is instant by Tho falling a tree upon him. To died instantly boing stuck and Ono his sons who was with him was much Hurt. Tho state geologist has in his Cabinet at Tho Ortato House five pecans which grow in Posey county Tho present year and which Aro several times As Largo As such nuts usually grow. Thoy Aro All about the Samo size and measure two and one half inches in length Anil Throo and seven eights in Circum Cronce. Joe Jefferson played Ono his earliest Onga Gomont in Tirro Auto about Twenty years ago. Early s pork House was the theatre and tallow candles made Tho footlights. To proposes to open Tho new Terre haute opera House next Winter with a week s engagement if Tho proprietors will give him his figure. At Evansville Susan Clarke a passenger Tho Steamer Tarasco a was arrested Tho charge drowning her child. The terrible crime was committed about 4 clock in Tho morning when the boat was near stove sport. The woman thrust her child aged four years into the envy vault and it fell into the River and was drowned. She was detected by another woman who was Board and who informed the guilty woman. Tho now Albany Ledger says another terrible Accident occurred at Tho great Bridge Over the Falls. Or. Lewis Baker a German residing in Joffo Sonvill Quot while engaged at Carponter work Tho unfinished Span was Stock by a heavy piece Timber which was being raised at the time and knocked off the Bridge falling a distance Ono Hundred foot upon a pile rocks which had been placed upon the temporary work to prevent its being washed away by the River. To was picked up Alivo but terribly injured and conveyor to his residence in Jeffersonville. It is thought he cannot possibly recover. Cie iveral. Views ileitis. Gen. Rosecrans is about to leave new York for Indianapolis. A heavy vein less Al has Benn struck within the City limits Dubique Iowa. Farmers in Tho Vicinity Sycamore iii., Are feeding wheat to their hogs to save Corn. After december 21st, it will be illegal for first cousins to marry in new Little girl in Wisconsin has knitted forty eight pairs stockings during the past year. It is estimated that the aggregate Cost burying Tho dead in new York is $200,000 per annul. Ono the correspondents the London times has been prohibited from entering the papal states. Or. Gladstone has just purchased Tho estate mansion in the Parish Haw. Ardon. It comprises 923 acres. Miss Bettie shy Sodalia mo., recently committed suicide because her Lover took her sister to a party. E. A. Wood amp co., Grain buyers Geneseo iii., failed last Zweck. Their liabilities Aro reported at ."130,000. It is claimed that Long John went Worth throws a Shadow Twenty seven feet Long at 3 p. M., a Clear Day. Thieves at Muscatine Iowa watch Tho Farmers who sell hogs and then follow them and Quot convey Quot the Stamps. John Strouse struck Oil monday week in an abandoned atoll in Hocking county ton Miles East Adelphi Ohio. A Chicago paper says that Henry Ward Beecher charges life insurance companies $1,500 for pulpit notices. A child died recently in Iowa a fit to which it was subject. A living Snake was afterwards found in its stomach. A Coin bearing a Welch inscription and Tho Date 1091, has been found near the place where the Cardiff giant was discovered. A woman is Captain a canal boat running into Cincinnati and transacts business says the enquirer As Woll As a Man. A thousand Dollar Diamond ring has been presented to the chief Tho Boston fire department by some judicious friends. It is asserted that Absentee landlords hold in Ireland 4,000,000 acres land from which they draw an annual rental $12,500,000. Delemater s Bill for building Tho gunboats is $3,000,000 and to can t get his Money till they Aro out the clutches our government. Female missionaries from Utah arc infesting Iowa trying to convince Tho fair Lowans that polygamy is a big tiling. The Lowans think it too big. James Fisk has sued a s. Bushnell Elihu Sporry and others for $30,000 damages for instituting a malicious suit against him last Spring. Reports from Boston Are very unfavourable to the Gloucester fisheries. Sixteen Voss amp is valued at $34,000, have been lost and 256 fishermen drowned. The woman s suffrage convention now Jersey Havo adopted resolutions to Tho effect thit woman s right to vote in that state has never been Ca Colod. Peace is re established in Nicaragua. Or. Brotte United states minister has been appointed a commissioner to see that the provisions Are carried out. A music seller was lately overpowered by a fastidious Young lady who wanted to Purchase Quot. Hood s song a gentleman s a meeting the Oil doors and men the ninth Ohio cavalry will to held at Columbus the 16th instant. A general attendance is desired. Rotum tickets will to free. Tho Woods Polkton and Ravenna Ottawa county Michigan Aro full wild game including wild turkeys. Throe bears wore shot in one Day near Tho Village Llos Oville. A Little son Thomas Jones Iuo Ico. Boecher defends himself in a card. If he had acted As a Christian minister there would have been no need for a defence. The Boston Bulu in says the ladies War so much false hair Vith Thep own that it is difficult to toll which is switch. Samuel Drydon suspected complicity in the murder Tho Cox family in Missouri six weeks ago was killed his farm Throe Miles from Kings Villo by five masked men. The robbers Tho Bank at Gallatin and the murderers John w. Street its cashier Only obtained five from the Bank. They have not been arrested Yot Tho vice presidents the Spanish finance commit Oit Paris and London Miranda and Errazo have been lighting a Duel and to May soon hear a Duel Between Prim and Serrano. Edward w. Tul Edgo one Tho apostles mormon Dom says that the people Havo been reduced to temporal bondage by Tho Power Brigham Young and that spirituality is dying out the Detroit girl recently attempted to kiss a waiter at one the City hotels and was informed by the proprietor that she must respect Tho men about Tho House Loave. A Chicago lawyer s Namo is to to stricken from the Rolls Quot for unprofessional lie probably left a few cents in Tho Possession his client contrary to Tho usage. A poor Wom in in Worcester mass., who for Twenty years has waited to hear from her husband has just received a letter from him saying that to has amassed a Fortune in California and is waiting for her to enjoy its advantages with him. The South Carolina House Elopre Sonta Tives recently voted Down a Resolution to raise Tho United states Flag the Capitol. Aro the darkens who Quot legislate Quot for Tho Palmetto state thinking a new secession their own account it is said that Mccoole so much said about Tho Cardiff giant sends word to Tho Quot backers Quot that Prodigy that if they la fetch his giant ship to St. Louis hell fight him for $5,000�?the stakeholder and it Croc to to St. Louis men com so. Mark Twain s gallantry prevents him from saying that the face a fortuneteller he recently visited was dirty and convoys that impression in this Way Quot she had a dark complexion naturally and this effect was heightened by artificial aids which Cost her nothing. Tho amiable Alexandra has presented her unsteady lord with another Little one the fifth in number and a Princess. There Are now two boys and Thieo girls in the family the Prince Wales �11 added in six years to Tho burdens. Bull who must be alarmed at the prospective increase his expenses in that direction. The confessions Traupmann the murderer Tho Kinck family at pan tin near Paris it has now been definitely ascertained were nothing but issues falsehoods. Tho murderer himself who first pretended to be confident being acquitted has recently grown quite despondent. Nantucket has gone backward instead Forward within Tho last sixty years her greatest Prosperity being from 1s30 to 1840, when the town had a population 9,000, with Over Soo vessels. Now there Are but 4,300 people in Tho town and 1,-142 those Are Over fifty years ago. A Melbourne paper says that imported rabbits had increased to such an no Nous extent in Australia that Small armies had to be organized to extirpate them. Ono Man reported to the provincial Assembly that he had employed one Hundred men several months at an expense $25,000, in Tho work and that in that time two millions rabbits had been destroyed. A wife in Pittsburgh followed her husband Ono night and discovered him Gallantine a frailty to the theatre. The info rated wife attacked Hor rival with an umbrella and the assailed party replied vigorously with her fists. The husband viewed the combat for a minute two. And then said to his wife Quot for god s Sake quit before you have disgraced yourself and to Tho target practice Tho Kearsarge and Nyack alarmed Tho whole Cal lao Peru the 3d inst. Troops Wero put under arms and the president telegraphed to. When Tho truth was discovered. Tho prefect at Callow received an apology from Tho commanders for not noting him but the president demanded an explanation and Tho Consul has reported the facts to Washington. A a Koi Antic Story. A correspondent the Boston journal writing from Concord new Hampshire tells the following romantic Story Quot one Tho happiest thanksgiving dinners in now Hampshire yesterday was in one our Rural villages not thirty Miles from Concord. It was the first reunion for Many years several generations a certain family. At Tho head the table sat the venerable Grandfather. Now eighty one years age. He had come alone thousands Miles from Tho West to meet his descendants. After dinner he told the Story his life. Some its main features to have gathered for this letter. The hero Tho Story was born in the state new York and passed his youth a Fertile farm in Tho Valley the Mohawk River. In the course Timo he was engaged to to married. Before the nuptials were celebrated he became interested in another Young lady who also proved to to engaged but Between them there soon sprung up a Strong intimacy which the part both bras carefully concealed from Tho other parties concerned. The most solemn pledges had been made and they shrunk from the idea breaking their plighted vows. In vain they waited hoping that something might occur which would cause the other parties to give them release from matrimonial obligations. At length Thoy met As they supposed for Tho time and parted. Quot Tho Man married and immigrated to Tho West and the woman was United in Hymen Al Bonds and settled the shores Oneida Lake. These events happened nearly fifty years ago. The Western adventurer proved a Good husband and a kind father and grew into Middle age a widely known and influential citizen. Prosperity attended him and wealth and Many friends came to him. After Twenty years married life his wife Vas taken from him hut children remained. And by several his children married and Ono Thom came to new Hampshire. Years passed but he never again visited the East. After repeated invitations from his relatives to concluded a few months ago to spend with them in jew Hampshire Tho then approaching festival thanksgiving. Quot to reached Albany at the Timo the bight Tho late Groat food and travel being much interrupted he stayed Over a few Days and accidentally met some old acquaintances his youth. During one conversation there was casually mentioned the name her from whom he had Many years ago so sorrowfully parted. Eagerly he asked if she were yet alive and when answered in the affirmative tears came to his eyes and he told his friends that he must at onco set out in search her. To was told where she was living six months previous and thither he went with All to Saibin in Jinn but so waa Joat there. Only a month before she had gone away. He Learned the direction it was supposed she had taken and again with All possible Speed he pushed Forward. But Fate seemed against him for farther and farther away seemed the object his search. Quot at last after he had travelled hundreds Miles going often by night As Well As by Day he found the love his youth. The Story the woman was one Long toil and suffering. After ten years wedded life her husband had died lingering disease leaving her with three children. One after another these treasures were claimed by death until she was left alone and friendless. In such circumstances she was found by one who renewed the pledge his Youthful affection and asked that to Hor happiness to might devote the remainder his life. Such was the Grandfather s Story at the Happy thanksgiving dinner and he closed by saying that one week from that Day he was to be married who had been so Long lost. Head with the Stock a gun Stone similar weapon. No clue to Tho Mux i Derer was Ever discovered the Frenchman Huffe never been in the country since. The supt now is that he committed a trim Der that reflecting the for his crime he became insane the Wood and resided there since that the wild Man that has lately seen and the French settler Thweni seven years since is one and the Sam person. It is Well known that Manj years since the majority Tho indians Quot who resided in the big Sioux Valley were account the Scarcity game compelled to go further West and As it is Only within the last few years that the Section country alluded to has become settled it was very possible for a Man to live there without being discovered any person knowing his whereabouts. The whole Fahir is wrapped up in such a singular mystery that we refrain from comment surmise until we can speak intelligently the subject. Cons17jnpxives. In Boone county Iowa the 20th ult., a Young Man named Emory Ackerman while crossing Tho country with his gun fell into an old deserted Well thirty feet deep covered with Rotten plan los and Earth and hidden with Snow and was found the sixth Day afterwards dead. He had scratched an account his Accident a Stone at the Bottom and it is thought died the fourth Day after falling in. Tho employees the Utah division Tho Union Pacific Railroad two Hundred Miles at its West end have organized a secret society to which nearly every Man belongs whose object it is to rid the stations and the Road the thieves gamblers and murderers who now infest the line. On sunday week several the head villains at Promontory wore informed that they must get Dangle Quot before night and they As mrs. Lic Farland stood by the bedside her husband s victim to marry him a reporter tolls How she looked Quot she has a Small rather slender form with Large Blue eyes full almost Chubby checks regular pleasant attractive but not Beautiful features Rich Auburn hair a collected easy Graceful expression and a quiet composed manner Avrich was the result Strong will As Hor hand constantly moved in agitation and a boy who was accidentally hit it. Tho forehead by a Ball thrown by a schoolmate in Bristol r. I., four a Cess since died Tho 1st inst. Although rendered unconscious for a Timo by Tho blow no serious apprehensions Wero entertained and the lad continued to attend school complaining occasionally a severe Jain in his head. On the 30th ult., Hov As taken with excruciating pains in Tho head convulsions ensued followed by delirium which continued about thirty Livours when death took place. The Cleveland Plain Oaler is informed that Quot Tho dead bodies an aged couple a. And mrs. I Lowry Van Duson were found in the smouldering ruins their dwelling at Greenville penn., near Meadville at three clock monday morning. The Firo might have communicated from a stove pipe but the prevailing impression was that Tho couple were murdered and Tho House set firt to obtain a Lari re amount Gold that was in it. Or. Vanduson recently came from Tho Oil to bar go to Blini Leaota Aad die. Prom the St. Panl press.3 it is surprising How Wiy invalids who come to my Nesotas to get Relief from pulmonary troubles think that the fact being in the state is a sufficient to cure them. They sit Over hot stoves in poorly ventilated smoke clouded rooms. They sleep in airtight apartments. They play billiards till late hours. They talk themselves hoarse. They take Long rides at the most unfavourable hours the Day. They Are irregular about their meals. They Call upon a doctor once and neglect him thereafter. They eat food that ruins their stomachs. They soak themselves with whisky and generally end up with a terrible Haemorrhage. How utterly useless to come to Minnesota unless one expects to breathe its pure tonic air. The invalid who is fit to come hero at All ought to be in the open air at least five six hours each Day. Walking May be too severe exercise but Riding always does Good. Oxygen is what be consumptive needs. It is for the want this that he wastes away and Dies. Day and night the diseased lungs Quot the weak lungs demand pure air. It is in vain to Cadi upon Minnesota to help one in poorly ventilated and Over heated apartments. One May As Well stay at Home East South. Many and Many a sufferer makes this mistake Only to think the climate Minnesota a he Bug and then die. Nor win one blast cold air morning and evening in face. One must be out hour after Yoncis the ii Aii air and thus Supply to. The system the strength and Nutriment it Nee. Amin we say to invalids Don t come to Minnesota expecting to get cured by being boxed up. Air is a Only Medicine i hts i Oazy tiie Henry county. 111., aged 3 years was j a the reputation a fatally scalded the 2gt h ult., by placing his Mouth Over the nose a boiling Toa Kettle and inhaling the steam. Peter tulle a Woll known Stock dealer Whitehall 111., has failed and Sudec ily disappeared leaving an indebtedness upward $50,000 behind him. His creditors Are in Pursuit the fugitive. In the South Atri eau Diamond diggings Tho natives discover All the diamonds. Thoj go Quot All fours Quot scanning Tho surface scraping with their nails while the european maintains Tho dignity an erect attitude. The Queen is very unpopular in eng gland. On Hor recoil try entering London in state John Brown followed her they were hissed. A correspondent Tho now York Bays Quot a Well known merchant Init to that to had never Scon Tho Queen and never meant to if she Vroni to pass to would turn his Back others complain her parsimony and some Tell face Tio As stories her inviting ourself to Dine with tradesmen bringing her own Tea Dono up in a scr a and Buch stale cake that the san ans refuse to con sumo the remainder und John Brown rudely clasping her sacred i cr-8on in his Effort to put her a Tild Man in Dakota. From the Sioux City times dec. 1. We Are indebted to. Thompson who resides Tho Dakota Side the big Sioux about fifteen Miles Northwest this City for the particulars the facts which we Are bout to narrate about one month since n Farmer named Evans who resides a few Miles North. Thompson was engaged in hauling firewood from the Timber the big Sioux when he was startled by seeing what at first glance appeared to be some wild animal bound out from a hollow log but a few Yards from where to was standing. A close observation Tho object Whilo it was de camping satisfied. Evans that it was a wild Man he immediately made Pursuit but Tho rapidity with which the wild Man ran added to Tho thickness the Woods soon put him out either sight Roach. Sir. Evans shortly afterwards returned Home and informed his neighbors his adventure and what to had soon. A Small party Well mounted men started Tho next Day the Trail Tho wild Man. The party first ransacked Tho Woods in the neighbourhood. In a secluded spot entirely obscured from Ordinary observation by the thickness the underbrush they discovered a fissure Between two rocks. This fissure penetrated into Tho rocks about eight feet the top was a Large lot underbrush limbs Trees and several pieces portions hides animals. There Wero no indications that there had been a fire kindled any where near the place but from the pieces rags Long grass and other matter found the ground they wore satisfied that it was the habitation Tho wild Man. Not being Able to Soo any thing Tho object their search Thoy went to their Homes. A few Days afterwards another party horsemen started out the same Mission As their predecessors and with More satisfactory results. About three clock in the afternoon while following up a Ravine a few Miles from the place where Tho strange being was first discovered Tho party wore attracted by Tho Barking Ono their dogs. Immediately afterwards the wild Man crossed an open space closely followed by two Tho dogs. Tho men put spurs to their horses and for a Short distance gained rapidly the object their search but coming to a deep Ravine Gully skirted either bide by underbrush their Progress was impeded and during Tho delay caused by etting out their situation Tho Man escaped. Since that Timo to has not been seen. We understand that a party gentlemen from this City propose starting out in a few Days for the purpose catching this Man rather nondescript dead alive. We Hope that e Effort will to spared to take him Aliv and uninjured. Prom a conversation Avith. Thompson we Loam that this singular being is entirely covered with a seemingly heavy coat dark coloured hair Mijat to a As agile As a cat and As Fleet As a dear. Old settlers in the Region where Tho wild Man has been seen state that about Twenty three years since a Frenchman with his wife and three children settled upon a piece land Tho Banks Tho big Sioux. At that Tima Tho Only occupants this Section consisted the i indians who were the sole owners j Dakota Toiuo half Breeds and a few French ise tiers most whom took Annie James Alton is Desoi bed As the most Beant Ifill girl that Ever found Lodgment the Mississippi. Among other attributes loveliness she is said to have hair like a Quot vexed mass Golden feathers Quot and must be decidedly a Duck a Darling. Financial Jas conure Roial Xci Stork Gold and Stock by Meta. New Tomc dec. 11-4.s0 p. Gold.ls3 i use s Quot 6-208 1868 .118x Quot Quot 1864.113x Quot Quot 1865 old.113% Quot Quot Quot Quot Quot 18ot.11� Quot 1868.116i< Quot 10-40 a. Iwo port Wayne.88 Doh enc prod age Biak a a. A Cotton Bunn sales 1,000 Bales at Mic for state and Western is 8s@6 15 for extra state 85 00�� in for extra Westem 93 8036 25for White wheat extra �5 30�� to Quot round hoop Ohio s6 75�� 50 for extra 8t 1 so 50�8 so for i Ood to Khoiee do Al Osipik 1 Rte quiet Sale 100bo.bat amp 90. Corn Hal quiet sales 120 Bis caloric at s515. Wheat Hecei to �.380 in Market lower rather More doing at Tho decline. Sales in at >1 s8�185 for no s up ring. Latter Ai _ Treme 8183 for Winter red Ulinor to 30@1 33 for Winter red and Amber Western. Rye quiet sales 18,000 in Canada for Export private terms. Sales 81,000 in at is 01 for inferior Canada a �110 for Good 8-Rowcd state 8125 for Canada West. Baby malt Inlet corny receipts 1,000 in Wii Hont decided change sales 3,900 in at 81 00�l 10 for in songs mixed westers 8110�1 is for sound do. Oats receipts 7,700 in Market Gnu Sale 28,000 in at 62ji@8�xc for Westem �4@�4>ic Wool in better re Piast sales 300,000 lbs 8t46@49c for Domestic fleece 48�4se for pin cd 60c for combing. Bdtter-i�11, at 893330 for Ohio. Cheese Inlet at 16�173e. Latest. Squaws for their wives it is. Related that Tho Frenchman to have alluded to did not lire Agi Sahly with his family that his affections Wero lavished upon the Dusky daughter an Indian chief that the White wite learning this upbraided Lier husband for the symptoms his waning Fortins and that Ono morning a Friendly Lillian visiting the chitin the Frenchman discovered the dead bodies the wife and children lying Tho Loloi r. An examination discovered the fact that Tho Throat the woman had been Cut from car to ear and that the children had been clubbed to. Death by blows the closed Gnu and b�10c lower with Only limited demand for Home use and Export. A heat rather More steady with moderate Export demand for no 8 Spring at $1 goal so Winter red and Amber Westem nominal it 8 80a 1 33. A Tel Gnu 81 00� 1 04 for Western. Oats Dau and heavy at 62�e3c for Western. A corny quiet at is 10@1 13 for sound old mixed Westem. Pork steady at 838 85a38b0 for new mess $39 for feb Mary. Bee a Gnu and unchanged. Cd meats quiet and steady. Bacone nominal. Lard quiet at 19@195ic for fair to prime steam. Eggs firm at 30@41c for fresh and 3s@33c for in abet. Toledo o., dec. 11. Flour Gnu and inactive. Wheat nil Lac lowerno3 White Wabash 81 25 no 1 White Michigan 8115 Amber 8107 a 108, Clos Dir at is 07j�z no 1 re Dejl is i no 9 do held at 8107. With 81 0�bid. Corn old Dull no 1 held at 93c no 8 at 90c no Grade in better at 77c. Oats Shade lower no 1 at 51lc, and no 8 at 49c. Dressed hons a Dell and heavy 12� 183<c. Clover seed Nom Lanauy 8810. ?900 bbl floor 8,900 in wheat com 330 in Oats 37460 lbs dressed Boc. ?3,000 bb.8 flour 800 in wheat 4,000 in com 2,100 by Oats 60,000 lbs dressed hogs. Stock. Car Ninati dec. 11-Hogs�?receipts4,700 head Active Chico extra 810 50@10 90 lower grades 89 75al0 25. St. I Onia. St. Loins dec. 11. Cattle Small Supply limited demand and list. Hogs weather too warm for cutting but holders firm 9a9>ic for Light to Good Olujic for heavy to extra killed to Date 131,000 average weight 239/ lbs receipts 6,400. I Louisville. Locis Villa dec. 11. Nog so Active s3 25@10 so receipts 8,boo head killed35,000head. Nash Villa. A Van Gnu dec. 11. Nogs5�? 5009 00. Fort Waite a markets. Foot Watha dec. 13, is69.obai.v. Wheat red per uu.95� 1 00 Coral ear per ba.90 Oats per by a 55 Rye per 90 buckwheat per in. .90 hav Aud seeds. Hay per ton.11 80@12 00 Clover seed per in <4 7 50 Timothy seed per 2 25 flax seed per 1 75 a Tibt Alho fax Mats. Chickens dressed per 8 turkeys dressed per lb.10 Duck dressed per lb.f4 9 Quai la per Doz. 1 75 feathered live geese per go bides hides Green per la a hides dry per lb.16� 13 sheep pelts. .10� 1 co Rit Cit. Apples Green per 1 00 died Filcik. Apples dried per g peaches a ried per 13 Wood. Hickory per 5 00 Beech and sugar per 4 00 Reott Aichs Rno due amp a. Potato per 65 Beans per 8 76 onions per 90 butter per. A an 85 c Heese per a a lard per �0 tallow per la. A beeswax. Per la. A As Salt per. A rags per la. .3�

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