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Read an issue on 26 Sep 1851 in Marshall, Michigan and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Democratic Expounder.

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Democratic Expounder (Newspaper) - September 26, 1851, Marshall, Michigan Whole Calhoun september 1851t twt3e3 Ery Friday id the Kkt Pounder or Blyte and depot by use nov one doll Alt a vib Luvar ably heart to beside i what will my companions say if after Alt my boast a Henrt to Burrt to i tits who bids who to Xifre t a which Floral Dyndur own will not with Tryr expire i do not Vugin Row Arr Echo Oil Henezi that prot Lccy breathes Back a practice subject to f surge to Rrt tis Zmij of or but than Tetil suit As Well one True Trio Rhc nicest Chace youll air try by fat ill ram Lumem since dormancy is Nilor Anil love is lot Jbv a Heartl come be not 1 a rite pleating am just the thing for Idle maid to Wear Tor Lilje a this Hoart of bid How much bad the just one fortnight quite Long enough to i cry a Leah to almost us go Oil is after lot teen Days Yogi 1 1wlll Noi care if you do but warranted till Nomore also 1 Wuu lil the Tii dons a loll take heart in store for Only fourteen slavs 7 for i Jnet Job hour of when a sits Down Lii if the wre Elt of nil his Ond my nothing but the judgments of his for what in Ali Chsn Tochar but re can do and enable to say the Fig shall not Blos neither stat fruit be i fhe vines he labor of the Olive shall and the Fields shall held no meat the flocks shall be Cut off from lie and there shall be no Herd a the stalls yet will i rejoice in the will Joy in the god of my Salva what but religion can Comfort the poor labourer in that gloomy season Whon timeshare and work is and he hardly knows How to procure Bis next what can Comfort the suffering every boy should read Tho following female in that Lofing Ond dreadful it possesses an interest that will wasting Nwoye in deep c Sho not he easily read my night alter consumed by fever it will do you Grod and Day after Day convulsed with cough timely ing Tell me what can Send a Ray of Comfort Lothe scene of or a drop of Consolation to her parched and thirsty but religion and when the agonized with a heart halt broken by the conduct of a prodigal of who can Tell sharper than a serpents tooth it to have a thankless child in shut Simirson erf torture can pour a drop of Balm into the wounded but religion and when to occupy bedside of a departing the Ite Adful Post of Darker Evn what but religion can Susan the and Calm Tho tumult of Iho Scalf but can enable us to Bear with even tolerable the stirring within clasped my own her eyes i yield at and submit to be led prayer and thus within and cast she moved her lips in Sho i remained a still kneeling Deij form till my what agony was Al Spliid on my moth1 gentle sister removed she com ers face when Sho saw that All she said j sorted for Sho knew Tho heavy Load of and suffered to move Mel she Rose sorrow at heart heavier than grief to go and i followed it a i for the loss of my for it was a More to me to reached Row for the Joy of youth had left me my the suffering our own it is school said my and once More let me beseech you to think upon what i have Shant go to said Sho looked astonished at my but replied certainly you will i command i will said i with it tone of de one of the two things you must such memories must Continuo of Long As Ood is merciful but the remorse for past mis deeds is a canker worm in the heart that preys upon it my father ceased speaking and buried Hia face in his he saw and Felt the bearing his narrative had upon my character and i have never for gotten who spurn a mothers who Are ashamed to own that go to school this i they Are who think it to to i will lock you in your and 8st Ner or yield to her influx Kepp you there till you are1 ready to pro beware Rise implicit obedience to my wishes in 0 i dare you to do said you cant get me up choose said Mymo who Laid her hand upon my she trembled and was deadly if you touch i will kick said i in a terrible god knows i knew not what i will you Alfred i but quailed beneath her then follow said As she Lay not up for yourself the following is a and As we admirably drawn sketch of a visit to the editor of Tho York Day to his Home in Greene new is it a wonder that our Lan Guage is More distinguished than any by the Force which is Given to the my father absence of 3 years returned to the House so dear to Llo Hail made his last and Ryjoi Cryl to have reached a Haven of from Iho perils of the during his absence i had grown from a child Atid baby of my mothers for 1 her youngest into a i grasped my Nam i raised cureless and Headstrong her loot and kicked my sainted Mother Goi Itle voice no longer restrained i j How my head As the torrent of was often wilful and bom Stimps Dino memory rushes Over Mel i kicked my i thought it indicated Manly Auto Nohrr feeble Mother Sho priority to be Independent of a Back a few Steps and leaned my fathers return was a for1 Wigt Pinsl the she did not look at tuna to circumstance perceived the spirit i saw by his Man for to soon i saw her heart beat against her of insubordination o heavenly Sho forgive him to knows not what he the bitter memories for your future what arc Guod for the american in answer to this relates the following anecdotes in connection with this we give anecdote related to us last Winter by governor of South of the Rice these Little creatures gather or Oord Tho Rice Fields at in myriads and of courso1 con sumo considerable some years Ngo it was determined to make War upon and drive them out of the and the measure was in some degree so fur As getting rid of the what Are Birds Tho Rioe planter anon found out for with the de crease of this Worms increased so rapidly instead of a few scattering or fins to feed Tho the whole crop right Between the mountains rising on either Side up to the very and before and behind As you face the East or the throwing their arms and looking in each others my a sixty eight years last then a boy of travelling with his a an old Soldier of the ire Hish War on foot from Massachusetts encamped beside yonder Highrock of tha this Little Brook that gurgles and Ripples along at our was then full of spooked and the next morning furnished the father and son with a delicious Here foxes and squirrels and partridges darted and fluttered through the Deer cattle Down from tha Hills and drank in the Brook where they were or a flee Bush ii j is thai covered them in their and therr were none to molest or Moke furaldtu7hcased with open the Mountain Clear the mow1c9 of i envy rank of their books they her to Ltd to human dead ind and ill lifts they dwelt like shadows on he free from Tbs penalties of birth kor let Orr feeling venture Forth but i envy diem i fief Ell tend knew Notzie bitter a str Kat attic Forrs Tali hut linked la the Tomb to them win not a to drown the Best loved of their and blot out tweet memory Trail la Lull to them it wan calmest bed that rents the aching human Hena they looked with envy on the dead and not with no Bonds they no ties they no music 01 the heart they when one Brief moment it had to lose it peaceful they they and there tint did their Fate saw Brothers Wither by their in All they Inte dimmed to nor Iphon held rot Joys hut tie tear of broken of anxious Wijs not their 1 envy monks of old an when uitttmtatues1 carved in the Calm and How title a effigy i i wish my heart was Calm Ami a Lull to bums Klinl and blast that and pangs that play Joys spendthrift thrill with bitter and clearer the Bright Sun Gill i or Surv ded the Hill tops in its and Dwin mistake in follows Down into the dark Valley of the Shadow of by us when and that my father told to to get the last hand has quilted its my and take a walk with we Ler res its mightiest energies for that most turned Down n narrow Lano into a Fine awful to the Eye of Laith open favorite play ground for Jhc the visions of glory no beyond the i children in the after talk Angels advancing to Rej ing cheerfully on i fluent topics for a was demanded to fill Iho insatiable maw of Tho army that cani9 to consume Ivory Young shoot As fast As it sprung from the most undoubtedly the Birds were invited Buck again with a Hearty it was an afternoon in Bright Bio to support herself he stormed she Hioe can no to cultivated it i i p in beckoned hit take this boy up stairs and lock him in his own Pang of Iho Sepo Rution and we too must j Ner that it displeased although for a Gardener just then passed the and Here is the excellence of piety it few he said nothing to to Mother almost Una said and turned from looking without their a few years Tho blackbirds in the Northern of Indiana were considered chive us from the hand of earthly friends my father asked me it i observed As Sho was entering her she a grievous nuisance to the whole gave to such a will forever Fol flel113 of Oak were sometimes Low it was Tho last unutterable Pang depredations upon late Corn were did the Hill tops in its and dwindled and played on their summits so gloriously in its tie old Soldier re solved to live and die scarred with and almost worn out in Tho ser vice of his for he had been thro two Long he Here found a resting in yonder Little churchyard lie his Bones and those of nearly alibis fam the Forest went Down before his the wilderness became a this boat till Valley teemed with the haunts of and life and activity were seen All schoolhouses and churches sprang into what but 8 few years before was alone the abode of wild the with and unshaken i am find will take my he did Many painful hours every diminishing prisoners Chance of until it seemed utterly when some trifling matter which had escaped Memnry Fifthe narrator a occurred read ing him to think it was possible that an other who must much resemble the had been mistaken for inquiry was instantly made of the whether they knew of any such Rasem Blance when it appeared that the prisoner had a Cousin so much like that the two were frequently accosted in the the one for the the Cousin had it Irlis Futy though Doub Flea that a family of respectable station could have been unaware of the Ance of such a or that the who appeared not deficient in and who was assuredly in full Possession of his could be insensible to its value that either he or they could hate placed such Reliance on his defense As to induce Thorn to screen his guilty is to the last degree especially As the Cousin had were quickly who verified the resemblance Between the and Tho counsel for the prosecution Abany ironed their Aase expressing their belief a remarkable instance of mistake in that their witnesses had their Evi which put Iho life of a prisoner in Donee under a mistake of extreme i heard from Tho lips of hold his it occurred at the held at after tie riots consequent on the rejection of the following excellent Tho Reform Bill by the House of in copy from the Clinton fully examining these and with such the a Young Man of pro other information As May to derived from possessing belonging to what the persons need not to May be called the lower Section of the imposed upon with counterfeit Middle rank of being a1 Frame work examine the appearance of a in Tho employment of his Tho genuine Havo a general neat a master manufacturer in a Small i he was tried on an indictment charging i examine the or picture a him with Tho offence of a the Middle of the top see if the sky or How to botnet Rubb by Oare became really a Happy where j which to was alleged to be had Burnt background looks dear and transparent la Bear us to the presence of a smiling other sources of pleasure Are open Only during the season of health and pros admitting that they wore All their most impassioned admirers contend what can cards in the season of or death alas they exist then Only in and the recollection of them a a London writer gives Tho following description of the statesman and historian there is a common pedestrian of Lon Don streets Well known to Ull who arc acquainted with Aluir lie is it inert stir he has a big round and urge and very Bright his hair is Cut and his hat Flung Back on tin Crown of his his gait is firm und with a Little Louci of pomposity he is Ever provided Willi in we Iii to swings and and ters on the pavement with mighty he seems generally absorbed in exciting and impulsive the Cruces of which he takes no pains to his lice his lips move and his eyes gleam and squat us is the and not particularly in the features a an unmistakable air and approach ing to grandeur about the he is evidently under the influence of the Strong excitement of fiery peo ple gaze curiously at him and Stop to stare when be has but he heeds no on seems indeed to have utterly for gotten a is not alone in his from n heart that was in a moment i found myself a prisoner in my own i thought for a moment i would fling myself from Tho win and dash my brains but i Felt afraid to i was not penitent thai huge thrown by a mass of rocks that stood in the Middle of the i replied that 1 father owned ilits said i was my play ground when a that Rock stood Tipiere to me it is and whenever 1 look at in born Pride Rose in an instant and bade recall a dark spot in my event me not to Tho Pale face of my so painful to dwell that r it were i Mother haunted i Flung myself on not As a warning to i uld not j the bed and fell i woke at mid speak of my dear i night stiffened by the dump night Tir and barn Wisdom your fathers Erri fled with frightful i would have sought my Mother at the for 1 my father died Whon i was a Mere with but my door was i was the Only my Mother with Iho Daylight my terrors were dissipated and i became bold in resisting All men delighted to dwell Twenty two years after the first nights Encampment forty six years ago father purchased this farm from Liv who received his Grant of it from1 the Crown of at that peo than can be if the j ple were glad to take Tho Ian Lurker sowed and Lelej and deem it a privilege scolded an1 spy occasionally it upon the terms a Chargo 01 Slot brought Down a but made no More impression upon the great sea of Birds than the removal of a limes my heart was but stub single bucket of water from the great Salt a few years later every Green thing on the land seemed destined to destruction by the army Man was worm among jut la cultivate he built him a Liia and up on this in this Little Basin Between these Clou capped roared and it i rated eleven All of whom heed to see his Grey hairs whitened with the Frost of More than seventy for Colwick near the or soil and and not Donee 6f husband of Mary Whoso name is so closely linked with that of this examine Well the see if Tho expression is distinct and natural and particularly around Tho ill fated lady was approaching Tho last j stage of on see if the drapery or dress fits and wet evening in she was looks natural and shows the folds in from her and compelled to take Refuge among the Trees of Bur Shrub outrage which probably hastened her i the with its attendant cd ecu i smooth and not c was a Strong i work in the looks Asif sympathy by inst the and cannot be perfectly this so praiseworthy in j examine the medallion ruling and Heads and circular ornaments around Tho see if they Are r o fibred his but the Huford Heartfelt thanks to the supreme re came to his Relief just in time to save or universe for the Protection and la Elf i u a Iii i y than forty years he gathered them lob to Strons tendency around the family offered up1 the Public mind to believe in the guilt of More daily around the family nil seemed no human Aid o helped How tha Klu was a Loving devoted to her children and beloved by every 1 me Meier her Brno till kind and i Miler in my childhood 1 loved her was never Happy apart from and Litel 1 be coming Loo much of u sent me 10 tie High school in the As Sofia Imp Lor a time with re rough 1 lost in a my f madness for hum and my reverence for my Mother and it became More and More diff resisting Tho servant brought my meals but 1 did not Laste 1 thought hip Day would never just lit Twilight 1 Hoard a Light footstep approach it was my who culled me by what May i Ull Mother from you1 Sho i for my for All our say that you Are she Longs to forgive wont be driven to school against my Man to that god has Given him companions and cull for her to restrain my impetuous a 1 thought it indicated a want of said i manliness to yield to her or to but you will go if she wishes dear appear 1 knew that my said my conduct pained i could not to i i said and you hear it said my companions that i was say a about lied to my mothers apron from Yon you will a 1 soon became kill and then you can never havo41 a rostering my dear Mother used every persuasion to induce me to when could should for Hia in Iho Iho these Lovely the labourer is worthy of his Why should we grudge the Little Moily claimed by Tho Busy Lilloo Fellows which Tiv and snatched a Way worm Iron the that it might produce Grain for Hij and our sustenance Man would cheat a of his Spring and Summers Arub Tuu of Tho following Story i told by the arabs respecting mount place where the in mate of Jerusalem formerly and where the mosque of omit now it is narrated in a Book just published by the Moses Margoli kill and then Happy no reply to i a tide my feelings seek happiness within the precincts of were but i still resisted their in my sister called but i would not heard her footsteps slowly Fusho exor Tod herself to make our fireside and m follow ing her sought the site was formerly a slowed possessed in common by two one was married had several Chil Dren and the Oiler was a Bachelor Nev they lived together in Perlrot cultivating thu Patrimony they jointly inherited from their har in a r w i ii Aud Pusl res a wiring of in entice Roe by planning games and the Many who and or of the versions for my i saw All few who step respectfully and look with curiosity ail regard upon Thomas Occa the Hul Oriun the poet gives still Freer vent to the mental impulses which appear to be continually corking within a Friend of mine Litif Clur recognised him dining in the cof fee room of the Trafalgar hotel at with a fashionable Whitebait which it appears a frequently Patron lit was As lie Tiu at edition of Mure Thuu one 01 lie company Wum Alt acted by his Peculiar Multi ring and and by Tho mute gestures with which he Ever Andi anon illustrated his mental All at once it roust have been towards the Climax of the verse which he was working up a his mind Mac seized a massive held it my Lias but did not heed la was on an afternoon like that As i was about leaving the dining to spend the Iule Mission Between morn ing and evening school in the Street As my Mother Laid her Jand on my and said mildly but my i wish you to coma Wilh i would have but something in her awed she put on her and said to we will Tuke a Little walk i followed her in silence and us 1 was passing out of Tho i one of my Rule compan ions skulking about and 1 to was waiting for he sneered As 1 went past my Pride was Woun ded to the lie was a very bad bul being some years older than to exercised a great influence 1 followed my Mother till to l moment suspended m the Andi reached the spot where we now Tan dashed it Down upon tuft Vaubie with beneath the Shadow of this won a Hearty Good thanks solid huge my could that hour be blotted of Rny which has cast a dark a Hradovy Overr my whole gladly would Hearty armstal flew about in we numerous parties dining m join purely started up and stared at the i Exchange All that the world can offer a furious Stota Wii ii put oat Jafor i Hilquet who was Well but no known to the called loudly for stands the Kibill to be made out at the and and again 1 Flung myself on Iho bed to pass another wretched and fearful o How Bow tearful i did not another slower and feebler my Sisters disturbed a voice called me by it Way my to i my shall i come in Are you sorry for what you have done Sho j i can not Tell what operating at thai made to spoil Adverse to my the gentle voice of my Mother that thrilled through me mulled Tho ice from my obdurate Anil 1 i lunged to Pirow myself on her but 1 did but my words gave the lie to my when 1 said 1 was not 1 heard her but i i was awakened from an uneasy slum Ber by hearing my name and my sister stood by my get of dont wait a moment get and come with Mother is i though i was Bojt i got up mercies grouted unto and an ear nest Appeal that their and and character might be precious in his his favors and blessings continued unto them while in ibis during the lust seventeen Yoars 1 Havo made my yearly Pilgrin rage to of my As yearly Tho seasons Reli irn and the Golden Harvest blesses the Iho Husbandmen and covers the Valley so Iho sons and Daugh tens of the Good old Man have returned to roof to but in the ripening fruits and receive his his while till have Ever Mel me at the his outstretched but withered hand has clasped mine in and cordial his Placid and Earnest smile have spoken the fullness of Joy in a parents heart Al a Childs but there is a change with my up Little ones Clad to Weir mourning on at i descended from Hie Stags and walked sadly toward the no trembling nonwhite no outstretched no father was there to Intel a the Sun Shona As and Beau till As the Moun Ittin the the the Hill the Gyoeri und the waving All looked As familiar and Friendly a party people sometimes seem to hunger and thirst Afler a Crimi and Are disappointed when it turns out that they Ore mistaken in their slow to believe that such an error has been doubt the impression is received into the mind unconsciously but although on equal u examine the principal line of letters or name of inn see if they Are perfectly True and even or if so of a uniform carefully examine the Shade or paralleled ruling on the face or outside of tiie Apo if it is and looks As if coloured with a the Fine and parallel lines in the genuine Are of smooth and even counter As if done Wilh a in this Case the prisoner was identified by several witnesses is having Laken an Active part in Selling fire to the he had been under their notice for some considerable space of time they gave their evidence against him without and probably without the slightest doubt of in his do mensa was an the Frame Al which observe the round handwriting on the which should be equal in size and of a uniform and in the Genu Ine id invariably Well and looks very ill counterfeits it is Seldom but often looks As if Wilh a notice the or engravers which is always near the Border he worked had its place near the Entrance or end of the Andi is always to the room by the customers and All who had business to transact Al the he acied therefore As and in that capacity had been seen and spoken with by Many in their evidence More than covered the whole limb which elapsed Between Tho arrival of the mob at letters engraved very counterfeiters Seldom do this was re naked by Stephen before he that two things could not be perfectly one was the Dye or medallion and the other shading and ruling above the be Colwick Hall and its the til ii was and the prisoner after a note trial which listed a whole was a Vest Lime Tho Brothers wis cd their and apportioned them into two equal which left in As when in my Schoolboy Days t chased during the night Ali Appy thought the Birds and the butterflies in the Gleeful ecstacy of Young others May Havo buried a child and a father in one Short As 1 have May have seen Tho two extreme ends of Lite mount occurred to the Fujiu married brother he said to my Broiher has a wife and children to support a it that my portion of the Harvest should equal his on that he and took together to thai Joy which is and Down from Tho Heap several i perhaps have left us 1 at the which to added to his this moment Woven putting my hand upon the was done with As much modesty As if he old full realizing sense of to Weir u had been Obs Evang caution while doing a j departure burst upon i know nil Bulloni the next to was to be tried again on another charging him with buying set tire to Llie Castle at Nottingham tvs counsel for the pros influenced by motives 6 human and fully impress sat with the prison ers Gui t on Bolh charges urged the Clun sol fur Ihlo advise his client plead undertaking Leittl his life should by bul Afler observing the same time that Iho social to which was Superior to thai of what a prudent a correspondent of the National Era bad ills Motife was that his 7a what y May b called upon to pass Fulller would make it impossible Tern Al offering should not be the but if there to allotted to me a sadder or Olur brother awoke tie same right and More melancholy Day than Grant said to his Wile my brother lives alone i that i May puss away before Tibai Day Aud Wilhour Coni pity lie has no one Locums i his Hobor or to recompense god has Given is not right of and 1 should Ike this huge unsightly Monument of my guilt if Tiseo pulling with a couple of his Mother Hung feeble in sat 1 Aad his umbrella the i Down and beckoned me to sit Down i tapped the one carelessly on Hia strode out flourishing he Lile to Phi 1 night and Puit of next Day a when Altay were l Jwili Usaj no Lody cheated Winner a Guinea i Riddle q to 4 eoe Erful face is nearly As Good l t i i to dying ail Ialo look Aalf dead Are caching As Side Lier so full of tender Sor is to Usu Eto my dear would not jul verily be said assist him in groan i longed to Valther Hin for Hia who i did me a Aiu that to should take from the Field Soma by shelves a of Citico we have already Tiore Domestic illicit than he consent to we As a comp lit without uis knowing in crease Hia portion of the Harvest by add ing to his Heap a certain number of our the approved and the Pale and cold As Lav my Putin fhe next Day the Bro had not she i repaired to the each was sur had thrown herself on tie bed to rest i Tofee that Sull arising to go again to she was seized during the with a palpitation of the and i conduct was Bill re named As each senseless to her of Camcy to the of can not Tell you tumber de upon rein owe was the one o you lost All love for your Moth of i did not i fear you son continued and May god help you to see your own Arad me to do my than talked to uie if my jul i More Brav from Abe she both resolved to watch the be a i fell of the bed be1 p0 Oft earn the we they Side i could not my heart i mutually for the and All the following is a fatal wristbands at least a a a Steamboat upon the Ohio out of the an old in a plaintively husky requested her to slut Iho As Sho had caught such a bad cold at a was almost at this to extend the mercy of the Crown to him unless he manifested a Duj sense of his offences by fore joing the Chance of is Vou they How rarely an Ain obtains credit with a you can Havo no other defence Loday than that of the Castle is much nearer than Colwick Hall to the i and a very Short absence from his work on the part of the prisoner reconcile Thuc evidence of All he moment a Phthisic Al old occupying client taken i Ito Ever Hoard of a Success Fula twice for be Pusner had Bis 1 a room adjoining the burned in my bosom my brain was All on my sister threw her arms around to or waa they threw into each others each thanking heaven for so Good a the spot where so a thought occurred at the same and Witso much credit lotto Wor me j to the u with u j g0t Flomo Boot m Loafer who he kicked lifting her wrote of a Beith near the forbade the girl to and hav Itig explained to him the Shui it on account of he shortness of her tremor danger in whic1 he told him my of the offer made by the the shut or ill die squeaked the da1 Young Man evinced Somo and4 troit leave it ill smother to death As the War waxed a wag in the adjoining Cabin thrusting his head from his decided the climber Miida by ordering her to 4opeo tha door until the Detroit lady Dies of her and then shut k until the other one As Kettis counsel to what Soep he should the he was an depend upon a fact known o himself guilt or f to death a writer Sayf Grooten More his Chance of escape so in would he Ike last degree o aah Neas to infuse the offer on i Heath were Bis counsel noting Hin Ahelf a the place of the prison would that to however ii the a last which i cams in Possession of a coi of May illustrate the character of Tho new and reveal the origin of some branches of their profitable was the on of a country and was to customer to Labouring on the farm in the Ummer and keeping school in the be was industrious and and took a wife possessing the Sama qual together with a shrewd propensity o calculate the Cost of All articles of Liv one Day her husband brought Home cloth and trimmings for u new Tho wife inquired the Price n the but which site noticed were a Elotis or More fully t i covered on to wooden Button thought she could afford As i made by hand for less the next Day she tried the she bought the cloth by the and the holds week she had better at a less Price in the the thing Youj soon left farming and school bought the cloth which Hia wife Cut into Button covers and Button the women and girls of the neighbouring towns to make them and sold them at great soon another entered into partnership Wilh him and invented machinery to do the Tho Plain lasting was changed to figured and and improvement on improvement in by was till they equalled the beat English or french1 or German now owns one of the sweetest in the Connecticut i most supplies the United states 1 the that male and Baa rescued a so Eye new on the hard and toe de toil of

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