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Democratic Expounder (Newspaper) - September 12, 1851, Marshall, Michigan Ali Hole Calhoun september in my it Biro after Corner of and depot v me Hhd Dollar a invariably 1m Frota the we Rory Marat Lith Saiu set Mhli t but Ltd by Inich on a Stormy h but a whoa of a meteor Oer the i and that pfc Iti dawning hour u Bright with tatty int vet Oer the night dark Rutn flaps her Raven life hut Flowers Ami what am they t the buds of Early lore which Spring ind Wither in the of confiding youth i Hudi decay and Kre opened and matured to Bloom in an hour behold them lie upon the still and lonely life Hith Pang of thy relentless memory Waken until the Toof of Joy Baa ceased to then Whert the Start lion its and told Refl loons gather to Mournful Anthem doth recall bum Aich Bath died to Bloom no Lite Blessing but he storm swaps like the Dewl wifi in to Sere and blight the Lorellea form which sports on Decell Lul of soon the spirit broken so changed from delightful mournfully on the Gale where 1 1 la desolate and lift hath Hope Matin a cantered a setting which easts a Tian Aitoro Geam upon the Cloud of Haas up an that dream hath the on Earth forsaken lie the run Halh whole Lustre Abed a Light upon the haded Iky the Heath of Many whom we dearly love Are not with us the Flowers Bloom upon their a Little while they were Ith us Young and Happy b it alas faded from their and what were our feel was when we looked upon their Pale facet or the last and followed their my forma to the cold and silent Tomb and of when we heard the Earth fall in their How did our hearts bleed and then to return Home without therm and from Day to Day behold the vacant and with tearful eyes gaze a sin and again upon some memento of the departed this is sorrow you perhaps have Felt it in the loss of one the Flowers of Spring now worn upon the give of the dear depart the Birds sing sweetly there but the quiet sleepers hear not their and can it be that the loved one is dead t Farewell you May dear Friend thou it where Flowers immortal in stud of the Pang of thou Art listen to the song of again fare thou Hast entered the Paradise of the sevens of Hunan x Cion try a child was not named be fore 7 not being accounted fully to Hare life before that periodical Fleeth Spring out in the 7th and Are shed and renewed in the 7th is changed into at thrice 7 years the faculties Are devel manhood Man be mines legally competent to All civil acts four times 7 a Man is in full posses cum of his times the Xiv it for the business of the world at six limes 7 he Ami Wise or seven times 7 he is his and from that eight times 7 lie is in his first nine times 7 or he is in his grand or of danger and ten times 7 or threescore years and has by the Royal Prophet been pronounced the Natu ral period of human pretty who can forget the unchanging Alec Ilion of a sister i the following is a Beau of sisterly affection it May worthy of that i while we Havo in our language an expressive Lerm for fatherly for i and for there is no i such single word to be applied or the Sis we have paternal maternal i fraternal love let us Call the Undy ing Devotion of a fond sister eternal there Are several packet this plying Between new York and if i am about to Cross the elect that ship which appears to me to be most commodious other with the Sarne object in select Dif Ferent perhaps they think it Oetter adapted to encounter or they wish in Compaq already secure bark on the Voy with 4 Friend who has is we All in our different god prospers us he sends is wind to waft us across the and one after another we arrive at our destined one ship has furnished rather the Best a common Atins arid most pleasant another has proved the better third has Rode through every with out shipping a but All Are Good All arrive in safety and fire Little inconveniences of the voyage Are soon thus do several individuals who have become the disciples of Jesus set out on their voyage to their their their Means of in formation respecting the different organizations into which the Christian Church is Are one had his at Santion called to the subject of religion while listening to the appeals of an Epis Copal Clergyman and consequently his earliest1 and warmest religious associations Cluster around the episcopal another is surrounded with Baptist friends who have plead with and prayed or him by the he has been Ted to the in their Christian sympathies he finds sup port and such As he can find no v Here another would Havo gone Down to Hie Strong in his own were it not that the Earnest accents of a methodist preacher startled his slumbering he was led to the while listening to fervent the holy spirit renewed his such a Man will surely embark in the methodist to meet storms and Adverse winds Otano ther has been reared in the bosom of a congregational he from Early listened to the prayers of parents whose stable and cheerful piety has Ever been soothing his passions and appealing to he has been led by by Tho to the and has listened year after to the Calm instructions of their revered and by the Grace of be be comes a child of he thinks there is fio ship in the world like the Good old who few Early repossessions to influence his has no religious associations entwining around his embarks on Board any ship that happens to be most after sailing a few a storm arises and fogs and Adverse winds Are he thinks it the fault of the and begins As soon As he sees another sail looming in the he will take no rest till he is put on bag and but before Many Days pass some new inconveniences induce him to try another ship that heaves in and it has generally been observed that such a Man never leaves a ship without throw ing Back a few doilies of peevish Ness and petulance As he goes Down her in this he changes sever Al times before the voyage of life Termi but at last he arrives safely in the and probably expresses his to his Early that he did not continue the voyage with such an one should not be severely his instability of mind As much his misfortune a his we All have our i have the ship i have embarked in 1 i like the Hull and the from the Brocton Olive the his some years ago i travelled through a portion of i went on or As Best stilted my i car ried Rich Silks and to sell to those disposed to my Only companion during my dog of the Newfoundland Breed Xion was fit to be the King of All his he was Good natured and and there was something almost human in his he attended to his own never quarrelled like curs of Low he would Bear an from with philosophy worthy of and i never knew save on a few resent the undue lib erties of puppies of larger when his was thoroughly he made such offender a terrible warning to 4evil when i he trotted along by my and when i stopped to he seated near and watched All my movements with a Businesslike exit annoyed him a some to see my customers drag the goods from and handle them with such which he expressed by a Low while he followed every piece with his to see that were not appropriated without proper Bompensa and with my full he really Strong dislike to those who wore disposed to find fault with eve and my prices in i believe he knew every article i and the value i attached to be this 6s it May he seemed satisfied when i and wagged his Tail when i made a Good he was an excellent watch and there was no danger of any thing confided to his being taken i found him very useful and com in my conveyances were so scarce and in that i was often obliged to go on foot from one settlement to sometimes these journeys were anything but and As the country was new and the state of society anything but robberies were frequently perpetrated upon these lonely and there were no to whom the Rich stuffs i carried would be a sufficient temptation to commit a this idea frequently occurred to me in travel ing through the wild Woods of the but old lion was by my ready to to die in my and proud to share my i always went an excellent Brace of steel bar and loaded with never from my save Long enough to see that they were in and at Lay beneath my i Felt quite Safe with these and who was the com Panion of my eights As Well As he always Laid Down Between my bed and the with his face the no one could enter without attracting the it Tentou of one Day in the summer of i found myself in a Small settlement on the Border of a Small anxious to get Forward to the which was about eight Miles no conveyance could be obtained without waiting till the next which i was not inclined to so i set out on it was near night and i walked Forward i was not Long in discovering that my expedition would be by no Means an agreeable the Road it could be was very and passed through the most gloomy Forest in that part of the the crept on and promised to be Darker than but lion trotted along by my Side i was a smart and was confident i was getting Over the ground so i didst mind it the darkness was on me before i was aware of it seemed to me that i had already walked eight but i could and the q is of a this i to fit full i i j said As she leaned with her hands resting on line window and peered out in the Teet through a chink in the said Hope that Man is 1 declare i do because if he i int in sure he never will for a Idrea Fuller looking creator i never did with them Musty chokes on his Mouth have Ive Heerd Rena say that heavens Best gift to Man j i should say that the next a to Auch a Man As didst take Pride in looking bad in i Olden limes the Junior editor of the Sussex i recently having tirade some i Butures upon the appearance of an in which the ladies had adorned with they sent him a note requesting i Lupon pain of their to in reply lie very a gallantly we cannot do persist ence in our opinions is with us a Raniol cil we have character character or which we an Phreno Logist fifty cents a therein our firmness de the Maiuro develop if Catt which we must live up or soi6taoe t tit Tealla or in of this phrase is thus n israelis miscellanies Dennis wrote a tragedy which the refused to perform to empty but they retained some excellent which Dennis had and one night when Dennis waa in and u was loudly suddenly started and in a fit of cried to the at Tea top i they wont act spy try m they steal mar but when i see another with full sail and favouring careering Over the same sea and bound to the same i for one feel like giving her three and bidding her god if a pirate Craft looms in i feel no Dis position to Stop and fight but to crowd on every of press on our but to leave this become a sincere disciple of Jesus Christ openly profess your attachment to and con secrate your life to his and it is comparatively of Little consequence with what denomination of christians you May i say of Tittle do not say of if the heart be right with Godje shall conscientiously strive in All things to conform to his and when this conscientious conformity results in different holding the same essential and aiming at the same general the frown of god is not to be As far As we can approves of All such for he his special spirit to guide us and Prosper the corns the Corn up Why i Only planted it i know the hogs got in last and guv it a lift you haunt counted Pear to me a very great favor since i had a Chance to observe my Host and the meat upon the coals was set upon the at i was invited to Par take of which i did with my who had been and had returned a minutes before my during my lion took his station by my receiving a As he always when i Drew away from the and taking from my pock pretended to be Busy i glanced up occasionally from under my and was see the a at fit of the woman As Well As the Man wearing off her eyes grew an in unison with his sought my pack oftener Narf they glanced at the dog with evident signs of presently i nodded Over my like a sleeping instantly the manner of the two persons grew More finally the tall hag lifted my and weighed it in her Well As she was her like a ser for it contained a Large Quantity of valuable jewelry and costly i always made a practice of putting my Silver Money in a and depositing it in a Corner of said pack but my Bill were placed in a Belt which i wore next to my after she had done she motioned and rustled about As though 1 wad i put my pistols under my Pil Low and Laid Down but such an Unac countable and terrible sense of evil pressed upon me that i could not think of appeared and put his fore paws upon the bed every few then went Back to his Post by the and Laid a kind of feverish at last i arid snored most musically but 1 did not fail to look through the Crevice to see what my Host were they Laid Down upon the bed which stood in the without taking off their and were quiet enough until i began to then i heard them what were my sensations when i saw them arise and the Man take a gun from behind the i t saw assisted by the draw out a charge of shot which was in the and reload it with a handful of i turned Over heavily and pre tended to my plan of action was arranged in a moment had worn a wig for several on account of losing my hair by a i now determined to make it of More use than it had Ever been i lifted myself quietly from the arid Felt about in the until i had bund one of the pumpkins had Over this i Drew my and it happened to be an excellent having dressed it in this uncommon i for him to come and lift which he crept pack to my and paced it u with apparently As much satisfaction As the in Star Elfall position my head his other half had i had when it was thus adjusted and he then opened the door motioned the dog to go though i have no doubt but lion understood pan Tomine As Well As any he did not offer to but Lay at my feet As qui etly As at last the old hag grew and Shook the poker at lion showed two rows of White and uttered a Low the pantomime ceased in an the door was and the poker returned to its i stirred a they Wero Quick to observe Fine said the thinking it probable i might hear the i reckon he wants to get growls As though he a pause followed this he thought 1 might order him but i did no such Nice woman after a Nice and then she offered him a piece of and attempted to fondle him contrary to her expectation lion utterly refused the and put an end to All familiarity by showing his Teeth again in a very testy this was something strange for i never knew him to refuse meat when it was offered had lion shared my suspicions had his instinct taught him that the hand outstretched was not a Friendly by this last act of hostility on the part of my the and was n juxtaposition with the Long Crevice through which i now took another heavens 1 the fiends were loading a Brace of pistols with Tho same i cant say but i Felt a Little dry about Throat i looked towards old i could just discern his great eyes through the to was still upon the the perspiration began to Roll Down my face in great not that i Felt absolutely 1 flatter myself i am not a i did not like the idea of taking human i was confident i could defend yet even that Confidence was not enough to make me feel altogether taking my pistols in my i Over the and commenced an at the same time watching Tho movements of the Man and his amiable every explosion from my nose seemed to give her infinite they looked at each and smiled he took the gun and in his stocking feet approached the Crevice opposite my followed the hag with the pistols and carving Stop he peered into my Ruom and Brot his ferocious looking eyes to Bear upon my 1 knew it would to dangerous to see any i raised my head out of harms Way and emitted now and then 1 heard him distinctly fix a i heard him distinctly tix the hag appeared not a Little Muzzie of the gun against the fissure of Sho retreated almost be Poulte the and then with a tremor of Hind my and Shook her Skinny fist and a kind of creeping sen at him but he did not condescend to sex Over m0t Drew and press any uneasiness at that rather Deci ded and energetic expression of her feel i now thought it time to Wake which i did with a preliminary Yawn or the same apathy came Back and sat upon the features of my 1 made them understand that i wished to awaited the it was a moment of awful suspense to what if he should discover the cheat and elevate his piece a thousand such thoughts rushed through my mind in an the cold sweat ran Down my face in thank heaven i was not kept Long in a terrible explosion followed the fear said an impudent wag to a conceited i know a Beautiful girl who wishes to make your i a glad to hear Fine with my appearance he i much she thinks youll make a Cap ital play Roife for her poodle struck very much Keu Gion but to which Means much profession and no Good and no Good in the religion of the by Poorte thafor Al r mum Juji c that half of tit that Rai Suot prised me a Lor 1 was used to trav n knew Well my ability to calculate but 1 kept up a Good heart and went until 1 waa quite cer Tain i had mistaken my or been mis informed in regard to the i concluded it would be Best to keep the Road that i was in until 1 reached some in a Short Lime i was glad i had made this for 1 saw a Light Glimmer ing from a i approached it As soon As it was rather above the medium i thought 1 might be accommodated ther it had the appearance of being very comfortable i knocked for the door was opened by a now i am not a person to believe in misgivings and All that sort of but i certainly saw some thing in that mans countenance that i did not the moment 1 my eyes upon in a Gruff voice he asked my i told him 1 believed i had lost my and waa under the necessity of asking after hesitating a a asked me to a female was seated in a near a Large Rock she seemed Busy in watching a piece of meat hissing Over the it struck me that 1 Hadt Mcever seen a More apathetic looking countenance she hardly noticed my she might be forty years her face was remarkably and wrinkled to a degree to excite her nose was Sharp and As was indeed Bier whole the head gear waa wholly and from Grey hairs were her entire dress was quaint and unlike anything i had could hardly keep my Eye off As veil As the glanced eagerly at my pack m i Laid u the lat Ter was a coarse looking whole countenance appeared More indicative of opacity than to Roy questions he replied very after i entered and he had got a View of i Learned from what i for there were but two apartments i a storm of slugs poured into in the Cabin and they both left the one i was in to make some arrangements in the other for my they were absent some and i was quite sure 1 heard them moving the bed to another part of the room they came out at and i was told that my bed was watched my movements with considerable interest when i arose to i started first without my pack on faces of the worthy pair lighted up i returned and took and they fell in a this was not passed in and the woman at tempted to shut the door on lion but the latter putting Forth his sprang after me in an almost upsetting the hag in the 1 thought the Oreter would like to stay by the said she by Way of Call the Varmint Likely the gentleman wants to sleep in a room with the added mine in a Way that expressed a great Deal of Chris Tian anxiety for my i prefer to have him with i re he wont eat that Quarter of meat in will he i you Are quite never takes anything that not saying i wished them a Good and closed the they had provided me with a Lim Tal Low and the first thing i did was to examine everything in the it waa pretty Well lumbered various kinds of vegetables occupied different among which were together with a Quarter of some jerked and skins of i examined the bed it was a poor the Frame being made of round in the same state they were taken from the Wood and upon it waa coarse enough for a but what struck me a being a Little singular was that the head of the said bed was the partition separating the two and opposite the Pillow was a wide which had the appearance of hav ing been left by i began to feel queer and that a not just the word to express what i i had Large sans of Money about e enough to tempt the cupidity of my entertainers at any As their actions had perforating my and scatter ing the pumpkin in every he worry never Tell no i heard the Assassin As he dropped the Breech of the gun heavily to the now for the during these lion had placed himself by my with his fore feet upon the while to keep him i put my hand Over his he knew Well what i for i had kept him quiet so u at the moment of the he gave a Low 1 pointed toward the he understood my meaning his eyes flashed like balls of while he waited the moment to wreak his vengeance on the i will open the door a and when the Cretura Sticks his head out shoot said the she the door was opened but the Croter didst stick his lion knew bet Ter than and waited his emboldened by not hearing any the door was gradually now was the with a terrific lion leaped Over the head of the and the Ruffian by the dragged him in an instant to the where a great struggle took in another moment the hag was in my Ner Vous her Surprise was so that she but Little resistance nud i quickly bound her hand and foot with a Cord which she had procured for another us perhaps to drag my body away into the Tite next tiling was to attend to the Man and the struggle was still going but the former had the worst of lion had set his Sharp Teeth into the Throat of the and rendered All his efforts although he was a Man of powerful he was already reeking with and i hastened to save what Little life was left in the dog was loth to quit his and when he he left one victim to punish another for before i could prevent it he set Teeth quits the hags who shrieked like a the fellow looked ghastly enough when i released his neck was rightfully torn hut he got no sympathy from i bound him As i had his companion in while he maintained a Moody is and the heaped curses upon i bound her apron about his which waa All the aur Ginaj Aid w got won teemed very already convinced How easy it woj ulu be fat them to shoot Rne through j fied with the Adlaia the Crevice while i idea got in the Corner and wanted Theca Possession of a and i could not much Palm drive it i would fest Onod have Man passed the Nett by whom sent word to Tjie nearest Settle ref what hid before Oclock the the hands of the they were conveyed to the nearest where they awaited their which took place about two months they were sentenced to ten years which Aryl the circumstances was not too i believe if they live to get they will kill should he survive their and he is still As Strong and healthy a dog As you Carf find any no Money would tempt me to part with he is now looking quietly in my face As i write 1 have hinted to him the propriety of having his likeness published with this sketch but he shakes his head As much As to say dont care about it Worth less Puppy has his likeness published grateful for past i suffer hint to have his own Way in this As in a Many other matters let no one despise the As he is the Only who forsaking his own cultivates the the Friendship of Lolo at the fete of i had a Good Opportunity of seeing Louis As it was the first it May be easily believed that i looked with All my he was about entering the where the refreshment table was set on his right Arm was the marchioness of As he advanced through a crowed on either he stepped aside two or three time to shake hands with ladies whom he and whose eager eyes seemed to Force him a moment from his i had become from busts and with the appearance of Napole and if i had met him anywhere i should have known him without a his general As Tho engravings represent is Square and heavy but the living person admits of a minute and interesting As Well on account of his strength fortunes As his present Louis Napoleon is a Little under say five feet eight inches rather Broad and Square a Stdio what thick and a than French his complexion and his wide Hia ample brain expanded at the sides and rather lowered at the All would have led me had i soon him without knowing him to say he was a his hair is dark his moustache very and shaded by heavy Fleshy his movements natural and mod with a touch of which is the More As it seems suggestive of something More behind on the Louis Napoleon might pass in the crowd Aarah Ordinary unambitious at bound to no Fame by consecrated to no High Pur pose or achievement by 1 looked intently at his countenance for some traces of Whoso blood beat in his but in 1 looked again for the semblance of the great a of whose lineage he whose name he whose sceptre he All but u May be yet i thought i could perceive something of that sadness so so Mysti which was characteristic of the pm it not the repulsive Asiatic gloom a Tutti Black ened and rendered terrible the clouded countenance of the on the Louis Napoleons face is decidedly his smile is and the play of his rather social and genial yet there is a sadness and a tinge of mystery about him like that of a Man trained to and Little accustomed to Hope one who has walked the world by not refusing sym a nor yet designing it one who is accustomed to be looked on As a Riddle which he would or could not he does not look nor the contrary neither Happy nor unhappy neither exalted nor his Gen eral with an air of melancholy which irresistibly invites sympathy and begets lots Alp w p because of the Blaze and Pomn and Power with which he in and which he seems to 1 can very easily the which Louis Napoleon exercises Over a considerable part of the people of in spite of the difficulties of his and the Many Good or which he has and which of necessity have often fallen with annoying emphasis upon the clashing interests of cliques and a 0004 the Adrian expositor is responsible or Tho following a tall Ken eyed country Man stepped into the court room at de Tho other during Tho Progress of the Railroad stepping up to a requested that the prisoners might be pointed out to the Man he being something Oja wag pointed to the fellow scanned Tho twelve with his interesting and when satisfied with tie turned to he Well they Are a hard looking set aim they 4 i know Byj Bjk look i they Surjit Salgo to states everyone of them f of the pupils at the West Point Academy recently graduated with High when asked a distinguished what constituted a he promptly answered with the boldness future two one Little Jef course the Feyga ate j ate went Forth one with t figure by to mlle a Earnest with bit on he holding Vii Dom by the where the softening the adopt and the fragrant weary huh Andrei pred Hli Glothar he should meet a age with their Wisdom till his fingers and where cent Ike Iky bade him there Lirtie to nor again attempt to Tore Poutt Ali at and he wished bands were Tareia Wisdom cheeked him at a that his Short wings sought the heavy Soshe fled his while amid tweet buds he pined Ever for a or Mph thai he dreamed the Earth gathering up the crashed wept he tears of eloquence in Sitarek no ill i Kai Wand Iret tour f a wedding a merchant of had Tor several years maintained intimate re lations with a lady named Lucy 4 originally from for about a month past the lady observed a degree of coldness and embarrassment in her that caused her great pressing him with her he finally acknowledged yielding to the incessant solicitations of his he was on the Point of marrying a Rich this annunciation aroused the italian blood flowing in the Ladys and threw her into violent sending without designing to look at the Rich presents sent by her Lover to a Poasa her she declared her intention to de stroy herself in the presence of the bridal pair on Tho Day of their took Evory possible precaution to pre vent the threatened ing the audacious character of his former was not without anxiety As to the two Days at the Church where the wedding ceremony he appeared dreamy and preoccupied and Ter Day during the wadding to scarcely it wan not until the that he began to recover his in the Hope that to would escape the effect of the fair italians All at once Tho noise of an altercation was heard upon the a mortal pallor overspread the face of the Bride who recognized the Ladys voice alternating with that of one of his clerks who had been placed there to her but the enraged woman burst through All with disordered streaming and a stiletto in her Ehe rushed to the did not expect said she to the new husband but your marriage lacked a i come to Seal it with my thus saying she aimed a deadly thrust of the stiletto at her Pill one of the guests caught her Arm in such a manner As slightly to change the direction of the so that it but slightly entered her left the Waistcoat and shirt bosom of d were sprinkled with the sporting it would be Dif Cut to imagine the con fusion caused by this melodramatic seen among the wedding the Bride one of the bridesmaids went into and most of the guests escaped from the d waa so much overcome that he was for some time unable to the unfortunate lady was conveyed to her and precautions were taken against any re Newal of the attempt at she a now understood to be out o danger and to have become somewhat Parit correspondence of the Boston we yesterday ii one of the company Sii freged in the Titi Ilean Nikol searching and digging for ingot on Strat Ford under the and incantations of mine wizard of the clairvoyant these seekers alter hidden treas Havo Luh ored two or three and Havn expended sufficient Energy and Means 10 Timve constructed a goodly portion of u Railroad Trnik ram Stratford to and vet their labor has been in not the first red rent of the ill gotten gains Haa greeted their anxious have excavated their pits to a depth almost the member of Ihu spiritual rapping Engwer Power corps whom we Law had much the appear Ance of a new York with about the Quantity of Brinin necessary to furnish the upper tory of one of Hitt of the Genus mid judging from the Vuper Abua dance of hair on Tot we suppose Natora once deep Juneil Lor n we think he would find Intel difficulty in tracing bin genealogy at far Back As the urn of if not directly to live old Gra Alenier Vive la Humbug Hacen will1 Here Ever be an end to popular but Idle ind Init a vague report that a pirate buried Liis imagined treasures Tome tins kept sixty people digging for More Ihnn sixty years 1 Almoral every faint and Rove along the Hudson River and about Long has been the scene of opera Lions for american and their the Moil impudent end sex was hat in the under the and patronage of the journal by in the Early port of this Century the Villa along the Hudson River went largely in to excavations Kidde which supposed to to buried in Iron we when a to Hiva bean present where a party was fitting ool to near Tho Oki Manor Csc below the work we to continence at and when near up Pom place of the Black cat Woito under a conviction that its blood would indicate the exact ii of Tho hidden treasure let a convince if we can but whether or Lef us do what is if have Only hindu eur to the exercise of Lone thou hut never aimed at what but Only at what waa right if thou Dost but thou Haat thy

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