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Democratic Expounder (Newspaper) - October 10, 1851, Marshall, Michigan F Jast opened with cured Setles room a 1 of to Ltd boar mail and also a Btl paid Alobba Bis sides f shuttle Cocks and one shuttle Ben theh Witch Wellington fit with at fit Battle of Waterloo i whom is six feet Long and Broad in with a 8nobmous Hattle Tail san Reg whopper and the tosses of a too theh with fall great moral View of mount part Seine Distant View of i Bay of a thin smoke it it the beginning of the erection the Naples folks begin to travel Yaller fire hollered by silent awful constr Ruthin it is Tho Hunting preparing to comic 1 they Call upon the fire department it is of no use i flight of Stool a Cloud of impenetrable smoke hangs Over the fated through Witch the no it May not take More than half an hour to ascertain so much when i can direct Riff thoughts to for that space of life and property to Many innocent peo i i know the words rattled out of my Mouth like but would you be so unreasonable As to re and mob would nil break that might cause loss of lie quire an artist to draw a straight and Frfd her body nil would to while fit of delirium Sar Irrer Rynita Tirjan t than my that i was striving and plot Are an incomprehensible Tih she replied coldly so i shall you to your Legal and lawful stud hut Are going at tack of delirium perhaps i had perhaps she had been seen to enter my better Send in the shall i j every step i heard i feared v Well i dont anticipate any attack might be that of a in Tho this i answered with a forced morning a strange called in Jaragh 86 i will not give you the j this of course was nothing the Footra i had been violently agitated by but when to was gone Ifrat that to in the mean time i was a prey to the most painful i by that Thrift Sitf must a Short time since and my mind has recovered its not was a detective and had Corrie As a i thrust a few clothes into my we talked for a few she quiz carpet intending to escape to zing me in her slight and playful j i caught up a Box of matches to set and delighted to be so standing place on i grasped a razor and stupid and scarcely Able to say a looked eagerly on its keen As Tho though very anxious to prolong surest and swiftest Mode of ending my the delightful moments by keeping up the but then All these would leave at length she Wenta to the her to the Josts of the and my own and i was about to to escort her i sufferings were nothing in u at this distance of Timo i can look blk partially and coldly Serpe tiles and four billion moulting Laver begins to Squash end or part comic the parochial live injun of the Slack obligation on the by Signor in the course of the evening there will u an exhibition of Gast upon a Laffin muffin part Bey of Naples ruminated by bang Ola the Laver gushes through the smoke is seen the City in co Flagra the last whar is our pm Rentto a red hot Stone of eleven tons wait Falls onto the Bea headed Fai the fatal an exciting some years after i commenced prac the practice Date i for obvious reasons avoid had a Friend at whose House 1 was a pretty con Stant lie had a wife that was the Magnet that Drew me she was but i shall not describe she was More than was her presence was to me like the intoxication of 1 was Only Happy when under its influence after every indulgence in the fatal 1 Sank into the deepest Des in my own justification i Musl int 1 never in word or look betrayed my feelings though 1 had some reason to Susan cd thai they were reciprocated j while in my company she was always Down when she some one speaking Good god she exclaimed clinging wildly to my Arm that is my husbands voice if he finds to Here 1 am ruin dont be i endear Oring to reassure you can come Here on and such business too i he could tout love you the More for dont know Atio Utthi so Well As i she shuddering he is of you and a i i fear not without some hide to for mercy Sake tack seized her and had fallen in unperceived and they returned a verdict of accidental and shews buried in a pretty country Church near where they found two years later her married he i is Stout and and laughs As heartily As i shall die a Bachel 1 am icon am my own laugh is strange to sound of a speech Abis a the following speech is said to Hove been on a late by Daniel Union candidate for auditor in h is a Model Effort of the and too Rich for us not to give oar readers a Chance to laugh Over so Here it goes Ladius and but theres no use of tolling you you know that i am As Well us i i am a modest i never lost a Picayune by it in my a scarce commodity among t thought i would mention for fear if i didst you never would hear candidates Are generally considered is but they Are they arc r g pol test men in Tho Shako you by coldly on dreadful l ask Hows your whats Day emf i can so Conly declare that i to Roro sprit for and i am the would Enthor have been Hung for murder ing than to have allowed a breath to Sully her fair i had just Laid Down Tho when a hurried step crossed was her my dour he in a Nerv Ous unskilled you the yes my tonight have words i Shoulis not and i would 1 Coull recall Wonlu i Hud not been so hot one unguarded moment i were it mine to live All the strength of temptation would Appeal to me lit my lips hero Only uttered wlm Ever in my i Imp Jewhen beside wretched1 when we arc apart though i listen to his always longer than 1 yet my Heiwtt never hear them Anil i would could not Wou lil not for the i would Honvo him know Mike t As n us n Friend Bat i meant to keep one secret in my Hosun twit hrs Halih for 1 never Nikrant to Tell him that i loved Iii the is n Man my i Golwiter i fur he com Urlini for his in Rifle unit i Viala o if his Inni it Hnit Iso Man a bit Tho better 1 Anil if n Muir no hit twin better tin Nihil his n Vinc Varl Flifle i Why in Idun Siim Trio Ami Caln in of i ulily if a mans n i hit the Heller 7 is a Man n hit Tho Wuorio Kuril Ivy Tlam r ones t lie in Lii Illy if huh Merlh urn i Anil la a no Fra bit Lam 7 anal if a Tunini m hit the Worso n Jill i e i it All i it f it ily h int v to in us i him by a c s in ill it n Lii lilt us Wulson 7 braddcick3 his Western in t reviewing do in Rosa which he was born my ing hands of one of i and most successful it appears that the Sash referred some years singe Decarrie the of a gentleman at new after the Brilliant achievement Rio Grande in the owner of the relic Forward edit to request that it might be presented to the distinguished Hir Timeir on that the old Generel promptly sort it by special messenger to the Tho person who bore thus of lie presentation and Baylor took Tho Sash and examined it at it was of unusual being quite As when As a com non in Tho meshes of spurn did Rod silk that composed the Dato of its 1707 and although it was one Hundred and forty years save where the dark were stained by the blood of the hero who it glistened As brightly Waif it had just come from the upon the unusual size of Sash being who had the party in Tho thai such was the old fashioned Stylow and that the soldiers Sash was if the wearer from of the Bat it was mentioned in the con that altar Ripley was wounded at Sundys his Ilner in was used As a Hammock to boar him the in it he Rosy Brilliant and witty As i from at limes she was sad ther Falls scentless before the stator of and the verge i powerful was the temp 7 a vote to conclude tation to make an disclosure shakk3pbabino pvrouoneou3 Dis of my but 1 resisted that i Pluy ult Rire Tourel Maroon changing to a spiral Witch changes to the Star of our Union after to Beautiful put of red Lites to finish with busting into a Brilliant perspiration business that i came about yesterday 1 and do you remember Tho words used when coins f i Man in i of in 1111 do not How it but my what you said about my not being Sale to to oondidate3 instructions they must he Arm was round her and i Hulf carried touch this Money till after Tho death of Call on me her across the room to a Large Book Clos my wife t in Tomid had i i remember them my wife has Ter Day paler than and if any Thimig Side of Tho negro Lino Yit that should Havo you and if of the negroes pro born pol test Man Tigro is in Tho Davy Crockett Tho pol test to Over when he asked u Man to turned so that Hemi Glit drink As much ivs to i beat that All i give a Man a Chance twice if to wish or i am not Only Tho pol test Man but Tho Host you out lit Tosono to some incidents connected with his Voy Anoo could to More Arat Ful air 1 i o i to Cut Iho account of i Torry was carried several his body Sway to and fro botwen Tho to following which Tho ends of the Sash wore securely to a wounded Soldier no con can you slay Here i asked hastily i will leave the door ajar for shut away who or 1 shall not feel there is plenty of and she sprang into Tho Fon Cine moment her eyes met and i thought they beamed with in Passonen the i had locked shaking hands with the Tiro pump and tha Cross great defect of in this Cut and wiggle waggle i Tiro an is Well was his neglect science and if any of Tho 4ndinn a mods of to have Boon a daring nerd a Nii regeous officer of the of Hli Ioil and Thunder school but is Sau Rifino of Tom lives of Man if it i Hilve been a Sinco yes but i am going to Tell you he turning not in but twas on the Taylor broke the silent Admi by saying would not receive the upon our expressing to that to did not should rec Ivo presents until the Cam so for Ashe qua was to elaborated you should repeat those they on Tho same i started in might to Laid held and i dont know As poor As a Church what might be the might be suspected of having murdered poor follow if i had not known the been my had the firmness to do had Only Consolation for one morning 1 sat alone in my my clerk was a Gen webs Tho outer 1 shouted come in in no very during performance a of pop amiable humor for wb8 g in a heirs will be plaid non the scotch reverie on the lady of my fiddle and by a real Highland he pre8eno6 of ten Ordinary mortal Jer i was the and real or j do know any boy making a muss will be inject j did u Bea Iong before 1 could Rise and Welcome As the Bunkum museum is Temperance Wilile she 8lood there with a timid no or Mem aloud but anyone can find of he and glorious 8mile the Best of lickers in the Sloon admission 26 cents children on the a a scotch who had been so skilful the us of Iha in Ford with but to fight in account of ii quarrelsome and boasted w by he brother of i one of u Large there happened to be present a Yuan of officer of the same who related Hie Ailoro Olih Ceri Iii to Wui Cli he had the my Fortune to be Woun i that been use Pou were a radically of Aid the m you Are a d liar1 aunt the Tho com Piny the Scotchman looked on Linn with the utmost con i Tod Ianneci Julely Are you to meet rate Ai apy nowhere that you with the proviso thai we meet p Lomo Grovr at five Clork the company endeavoured to Diw unde 4k telling Linn Ibe major had eve i no he Mill the y Inker repaired to Toui Egliht a Torr the Ainoi Wirtl with lure shortly upon her lips which made me feel it would be too great a happiness to die 1 dont wonder that you Are surprised to see she with a provoking Little but is your astonishment re atty too great to allow you to do you do the spell was i started up and Toote i fear i pressed it More and held it longer than was absolutely will be increase Shu when i inform you thai a have come on business 1 i muttered something about not being so ambitious As to Hope she would visit me from any other she took no notice of what 1 had a speared Pittoli Aud Advance the bade him nop or he would blow Tho major Wajih Ai rela Tanily and Muchl Ulm Wou Bat ibo Jour word or manting the door on my thrown the i should have suspected it pers she had brought into a and from his excessive terror and was apparently with my pen in to wiped the perspiration irom his face when my Friend com1 and Sank into a the sight of a fenced in a round about Way to Quesi person Intro than myself Roas Tion me upon certain Points of the sure 1 was Calmer Thun 1 had been respecting marriage set Lemei and since the or coding after a tedious amount of where did she go i How was she to gave me to understand that All this j dressed i know regarded a desired Transfer of rooms prop All i could on the erty of his Wiles into his lie i she Tol ilme she was had come in fact upon the same errand going out shopping and visiting but no As that to also had one saw her leave the and none of a copy of his relatives and these i Tho servants exactly How she was was obliged to examine for to alien i went Homo to was desperately and would the first thing 1 heard was that she had not be put i was angry at not the thought of what his poor wife must what have you you sent be pent up in that narrow Pris to Tho police and to the hospitals f and 1 Felt that i could have kicked i and to my Fri rids and trades her husband met of doors for keeping her men on whom Sho was Likely to at last he made a move As 11 to you May depend upon i replied i started up and stood ready to Bow that 1 will not repeat him what you said you Are right said he tying up his papers in supposing that it might Tell very Seri with provoking nothing Ousby against if she should to found but my wife death can put me in pos dead under suspicious session of this 1 want it very to talked a Little and then went but nobody will suspect me of Deto renew lie search for his How siring Bur for the Suko of having preserved my self Possession during ibis it a Little i do not know so far from my he laughed at his own poor and being really Calm i could have gnawed made a sort of a Hyena chorus at it that Tho flesh from off my Bones in my sounded strange even to my own that night when the doors were Fust he went at but stopped again on the was for the company of the shut myself up five minutes 1 fell by sympathy in Tiffit closet for two to ascertain Ell the Wiigs of my to front whither she had did fur want of Lor seemed burning Niy to head 1 distrust id my own knowledge of ii Good god to never to gone will appearance of suffocated the he stand gossiping about the place wus Well supplied with air from Sev Wea Ihor and the generalities of the i eral my first idea was Correct while hib Lovely Wile came to had died from some other fice her own individual interests Lor his when i emerged from the Tho Dies a terrible and lingering death i night was intensely dark it was ruining he is gone 1 Rush Buck to my in and the Thunder and wind a step behind me makes me turn roared a terrific i passed by the but i received that her face turned dead it it is my clerk curses on him 1 i sullen booming of the then at by that her hand As she placed before me a bundle of you will see by she said in a Low hurried voice that some property was left to me by my and my High but so strictly settled that he has gone up Fleet 1 even i can touch nothing but the think run after and request him to my husband is in want of a Large leave those papers with say sum ill Thia and 1 wish you to would like to examine them u to him More i t examine the affair and see if by any run quickly Aud you win twist of the 1 can part of my overtake capital at his could have stabbed him shot Aud already swollen by his brains out hurled him headlong i sat there in the dark upon the Down the stairs in a few minutes my holding the cold stiff hand of the dead brain wus it Iii my i thought Bow Oft it cried has a i welcomed me with its soft whilst Tho Sweet eyes had beamed brightly upon and the full pouting Iii had wreathed into dimples of now that Hund that used to be so i have done him a great she added in a Lone so Low that no ear less jealously alive Thau mine could have caught the poor As this reparation it is All i can and 1 must do u if i pretended to study before but the lines Dancea and Mingl d by a great 1 forced my eyes anguish a it conveyed not the among to my whirling i of blood in pay body seemed aspirate and Rushing to the i presence within i was the Only thing 1 so full of warmth and was rigid Atid eyes were a Tulud und Watson i turned lips were Dummy and key of tilt outer and sprang toward hard tears came to my 1 wept As grow re men Seldom and with that hear teasing gush cume anew idea of is the As i unlocked it 1 remembered the look she had Given me when i shut it and i wondered with a beating whether the same expression would Greet my enraptured gaze when i opened there she with her eyes calmly fixed on you Are i she did not rebuke me for calling her so and emboldened by her 1 took her hand to Lead her from her Nur new she moved Forward and came honestly by my for i inherit and if 1 did Start poor no say that i Havo held my own candidates generally you think they Are now i dont Asl your hut your Why theres nothing to think of except to watch and see that swans name is not on your if think to scratch it Oil put mine that 1 am our jul to know belter than 1 will allow Swan is the auditor Iti Tho thai is till 1 then per hips its not proper for Trie to say anything but As an honest i am bound to say that t a grievous sin to hide anything Rny Turro lore i say it is my private opinion publicly that 1 will make the beat auditor in the United tis Root for Honor 1 wish to lie an a or in my own county i ill rid an Olvice that wus All 1 respectfully to a Pitois Soltico Worth some a Var i am in for it like a of Sci show my goodness of ill make Iii of str to my 1 am sure of being Clit of and to will Loso Soin Ughini by the i am willing to Divide equally with Ami make Ali s tw6 ill Lake tha salary Ruul Lio May have Tho or he Nuiya Hugo lilo Honor and ill Tako the in Ilic of honors i luvs Reci ived enough Lolor i went to eat por Kund Boa Siept in Iho ruin find inn swallowed but his in on Tho i pro was fun Raul do Haas As panty of naming children after i Vine men an unquestionable Point of that fearing that hoi Jred might he fell by a shot from Ono Olheis own j Graco their to urged the acceptance of Iho present and he that he would put it carefully a Way in his military and if he Thot to deserved so Groat a at the end of the to would Vokn div Edge the stirring events that have transpired since to Mado that have added Iho laurels of Monterey to those he my Toranda of the cd but Are strik in the ranks of Braddock were two and Thomas or Fawcett Iho a and the other a noncommissioned Tom an Drew Stewart of to knew very and often conversed with him about Early to did nol hesitate to then wore and the As Well As the 1 donors of that will insist upon Hli of Sinco in the old chief Tain himself has passed from the living to the he a singular Cionci on Tho anniversary of that terrible the defeat of but a few previous to his the a then on a visit to freely conversed with the distinguished chief Tain upon the very subject about which we have been he said the Sash referred to was still in his and us any Timo to desired would have h knowing that matters of state pressed heavily upon we did not ask it at that time and the Portu mtg has been last forever certainly deprived of one of its most interesting Fea to in seen in tha hands of general during Tho interview referred he spoke much Aud frequently of Wash father was moving with his family to the ring toils Early operations in the West and enquired whether any of the remains of Rort necessity could be own in Tom presence of his friends that to shot the circumstances were briefly thepso of paddocks Posi Tive and foolish thai the troops should not protect themselves behind a Uitich ficus Cut had so pos cd in which lira Dock discovering Rode up Ami struck him Down with his Tom who stood but a Short Dis Tance from his saw tin whole and immediately Drew up his and shot him threw the As he afterwards was partly out of Rovi Iii for assault upon is and partly to get the general in of l Otway mud Uius save the remnant Lulf to the to May give Ali of a correspondent of the seems to have a Iii familiar Wilh the Ivick when my when 1 was order 1 g it d to Cape for her and i wag ready to believe at this moment that her spirit rested upon mine and inspired the for in burst upon me lha conviction if executed it the run parents appropriated ail thu Nice in would be crowned Wilh therefore they had Louko what could i otherwise have had the temerity was left and Divide round among Anil the Yod had bettor believe 1 beat a Quanor nag in doing my my a Bird of Golden who has been swimming Lor the last four years in the auditors it a 1 am for i want to rotate him out unti rotate theres plenty of room for him to swim outside of that in your vote for pop him out Zuj pop myself 1 am for division of Swan says to has to work All the Lime Wilh Bis iks Down upon a Public g Zuur years must Hugo go oud it to a 1oor the Public not insist que having the handle of his Mug ground Cleiv 1 have a Large full Iown Well blown red As a beet and toughs 1 Rush to the Post of i offer it up As a i clap it on to the grind till i holler mud that 11 be some time for ill Littig like Graa to a dead times most Well i Lika to forgot to Tell you Uay nol a Hanji ome for one of the Fatis its kept a Public to the eastward and near Ilion Tovin now at this in Wihs hid Iii we about the Lotholz and a in months alter Brad dots Ilii it wus Mado anything but a that one family Dah the nut blow to Iho Liritis thirteen years Aitro words i Tow i to in his to him 1 Jii t i Puin and received the Plain if Tot 1 never Tuc witchcraft of i want to Tell you a the Way to make yourself pleasing to is to show hat you care Lor the whole world i like the Miller at who no no for Lite j fell into my arms a Corpse i 11 i ii i Only was Opin to the i cannot recall what know that i tried every Means her restoration to life alas without Suc of one thing 1 was fully convince had not died from once seen the body of who was killed by the falling in of the 1 recollected by purple swollen a Ltd sue the to Roult her own Emouna have Kiuei the moment the door was Oloa v poo some Means i kept my f t of ajl that in Wrab of album l Wai forced i us thai to snatch her up in my carry her but its As handsome As i am Down stairs at the risk of being enc Oun remember every one of you tired by some of the other Itiba Bitanus of its not the through Iho l am sure to be so one and and by a Way that 1 knew into the great Short Aud when you Comer Down to after thu cd Ciuti the River was running Strong arid Stop it the Latch deep against the 1 pressed pne string always hangs wit oui kiss upon her cold and threw take Oil your things Jud make her into the i yourself at have gone and held her to my pan Orav fished out of the Bob heart till Cuth but the impulse still Bing head like a afraid Chers on without delay 1 hastened for no one saw and tha beating Davy rain had effaced my foot a jew Days i saw by the whats that her body been found far Down Tolje the medical evidence after a Josl Portem waa that Ahe u a died from the rupture of and Man Juat of ii or Llinat killed Watson nals of the Olden 14ij Whalin 1h33 a met a private in the j Irimia greens at Llu Defi us of i asked him particularly who Iliadi Ocif and be answered promptly one brother of one i Whu i Brudt lock had killed a a pass j in Rutle saw Faustel near car i whore he had gone on a visit to his i d the Perry i spruks of slut Lars i being t and in company Wilh an sgd i Soldi Rin Tui Lulu who Hui been in j lir unlocks und that concur red in that uru Idock had been shot by minister of the writing to the the old Man died it the of 114 win killed lira thu Ilni lil of clares its with Daniel and an old Soldier of thai Geti who Trio shooting of Bud Juck by one of Liis own lira Dock wore a of mail in which turned the bulls fired i front he was found it r t boil nov nobody care j for and the whole world will Servo you if you give them Tho let therefore see that you do care for by showing them what Sterne so happily the Sweet in which there is whose voice is too Small to which manifests themselves by Tho tender and affectionate and 1u Llo acts of others the preference in every Little enjoy Mejt at the in the sitting or this is the spirit thai gives to your tuna of and to your their sweetest charms it constitutes the sum total of All the witchcraft of Lei Tho world see that your first care is for yourself and you will spread the Solitude of the Upas tree around in the same by the emanation of a Poison which kills All the juices of it Section in in such a girl May be admired Lor her in Mersl Riding and but she will never be the seed of love can never grow but under the warm and genial influx no of kind and inflect irate vivacity goes a Way in Young u Calls i ten ton to her it and if it then be found usso suied with a generous execution is on the it it be found in Alliance with a selfish it pro in the Puiul the Balliu to civil by the cout of mail the venerable William of Wash Huglon has recently stated to Flat during his Early he never heard it doubled that Fausett had kilted it seems a Genera conceded and Moat of lib a coders went disposed to applaud the the full of with Stuart of the Virginia hastened to his Rufuf and bore him from Lue Field of his in glorious in the Sash which had decorated Las this thus alluded has another recent and melancholy interest it pass in military into the bands of Gen curious by Story Ihus pie served de tue Braddock die time of and a worn by c ducks no further Adverse attend Oak Tiews from a heart that feels for a Parent can Aud not without the Hope Wlinich constitutes the parents highest May god protect and Lem air Pompey did you take the Billet to Jonesl did you see him me jus How was he looked Booty Well Birlie so f hindi Ejbl a Gibbing him de a was my and haps you wont top of

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