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Democratic Expounder (Newspaper) - November 28, 1851, Marshall, Michigan J 3 of whole Ca Floun november cd Evory Corner of stat by Dollar a invariably la a voice from lot As we were Aloi Clark tha Micisio of pm choirs in three churches came float Jug Ouinto the darkness around and wore All new tunes and strange i Tut arid that was not Sung owe have but it awakened a train of Long buried that Rose to us even As they Ere the cemetery of the soul had a Tomb in it was Sweet old Corinth they were we have Seldom since the Rose color of life was blanched and we in a Back again Village and it was summer and the yellow Sun were streaming through the West and the Silver hair of the old 3pt near the pulpit was turned to Gold in its and the w6 used to think could never had concluded am and the Village choir were singing the last and the was it is dare not think How St Foght Subj Intini what you to not fears Jour Boom fill 8ifitrh tie Consa it to gather Alx Lostrom tire Pant to the wind give Idle and you Mhead to it i on useful Xet your motto try who Ever is Hert and Hope 111 by Mii though u in Thote Rei soon youd put to flight i upward to your and those or world in moral freedoms All Thoie forts Ami out Polis which your enemies yield no take no Compromise no Cher lobed freedoms never but Atkind rot Hern with your might i of dont defer lifes Span soon flits if Youm Finin i ought of Merit you must ily you Rusk set the Ball it to keep it Ftping to Riff each not doubt ii Mivle will yield the you that his horse had suddenly become he examined the horses and land Small Nail drove into the Centre of the Hoof of one of the fore p to t to 1 said As he extracted the Nail with his he again mounted into the and taking pistols can spare your All for he did your bidding but too i discovered your Villany too soon for your about to Temperance Man now if you will suffer yourself moved with his family from South Caroli to be bound hand and foot 1 will take you a to the the sparseness of the Back to the if i shall Only population and tha continual travel past 1 trouble you and that is All rendered put spors to your horse Andi Rido fast or the gathering storm will from his Belt he examined them and found3 that the charges had been to i to t no Oil in the a Nail in the horses foot and no charge by methinks i smell a rat and reloading his pistols he Rode no sooner had of falcome Rode out of sight of the than the Page was locked into his fo6fti kid the i Ostler Laid in a Lotze of command put Hunting Devil under the and Loose not a for i would myself try the courage of this rattle brained Knigh though he will not travel far before our trusty men will bring that is required for the ten thousand tha the last Hope but one had and that was thai some his men might res Cue the once powerful robber suffered him self to be bound and placed upon his own it a necessary act of humanity in frequently to entertain travellers who could get no owing to the frequency of these he re solved to enlarge his hou3q and put up the usual soon after an election came on the Triumph ant parly Felt that it was a Wittu not in Edom Ltd Dati Tom fior Una the Len get smile of a Tibet Falls Pfifle j but heaven i pore met Mil noun ten whole head pillowed in Thi Saviour to favorite Hunting with wonderful and some Young returned to the which bloods in they reached at just As a party of have blow of soldiers arrived at the their mounted on their Fine Prai Way through the Black As an Esrie hor8e8f they on a j ride to whom Helderbrand and Bernard Taverra was visited Oft up Ute were Given in within three and Tea drank produced a when j Par Oer the the Piccine of is soul up Ullh her Ninsi Smullo but phen pole co Ali or Pena Hud Flawn tier aim the in ulnar bought the Saviour Knelt to not for life or that ii or death Enettia Wing for More of human or less of but or All that my flit the Long the last the Kan Lour to t j i 11 i him i us of v Luin i1 Days from that time they were tried by a greatly to the Bois it Public condemned w Terou Nessi 6f 4u in con the band was broken up and edition hey came about dozen n Berj to our the be upon us in All its fury before we Retick j was called to the report a Musket Ball which whistled past his to 1 to i that again this Road is a lonely and i re him to a halt and throwing off his frock j Mai come received the ten thousand Urf w uu1 m be leaped upon his horse and was off Seum Ian dior and lady were absent the eldest full Speed in Pursuit of who had not proceeded far when his attention shelter and if f mistake we Are not far from the Black Foff est sir Trio Paga who Rolde by the Side of Tho first j quire something to amuse me hut the who was a powerful Knight mounted of j words hardly escaped his lips before a 1 Havo heard strange second report greeted and his horse stories of this same and How Many reeled Ond fell beneath a Largo War since and Tho prayers of a weary has sought Refuge under to hoi said this is warm its Rool but has never been heard of my horse is dead and i must methinks i should car to Tarry there Over talks thou to Mal to prayers 01 David Tho son of Are and the choir is scattered and tha girl with Blue eyes that Sang i and the girl with Black eyes Llinat Sang 1111 the eyes of the one were like a Clear surn arned Tho who have in line heaven at and Elioso of the j never Down what it was to who that same in Avn at noon have fought hand to hand with u of itch a both became and both Moth Saracens on bloody Fielis of Ken and they Are who shall j by my Patron i Are not both Sieng Corinth made them bite Tho talk no where sabbaths never and conure More of fear to Iii bin never break u there they methinks i see align Glimmer l Sabbath after by the Square ing faintly through the lofty and if column at the of the and i remember it is near tie re passing their column 1 to our Young they wore and to our Young cars tones were who very soul of i that column bears their pencilled Ina mus As they wrote them in those Days Ere dreams of change hid overcome their spirits like it sum mers plied the Page my 1 no right for i would break our fast which has lasted since Early my Noble if the inn be and to find no but have to continue our by Tho of 1 will Tarry alas Llinat with Tho old most there Over if Helderbrand the Tern of Tho sweetest old have died upon and Hia band Are quartered within but they Lin fir in and its it Bey shall yet be Sung in who so oct at this moment the travellers Rodo up to if Union of song that shall Tako by j Tho door of the dismounting Thoy in a ill Whoso columns Are gave their horses to the Groom and enter a Jesama of morning Light those ceiling is the Houari where seated before a Large whose floors Are All and sat two men in close i where hair never turns and hearts the first was Tho landlord who had an never a Jross lion she Klinl song Ai that Sang will tit in Ali or on ctr for nil Coull the to Anil places Chirdo without them expression not Tho most Favorale the second a Man of lrtrg3 dross id a a Littler but flier a was o Oft during in his Faco and appearance Naglit is boat ill iia Elf hut still More Beau ill in its association it is Noi linked As Day with our cares and business of the Sunshine brings with it action we Rise in the and our is before night j comes mid with it if we leave sleep ask not of dreams our diking is not and our employ ment is imagination his thrown her glories around the Midnight the orbs of Tho the Shad Are steeped in even in the heart Ofa crowded where Tho Moon Light Falls Bui upon the pavement and roof the heart would be softened and the which by Laid Hia dress and Tho Rose to receive and with a sycophantic Sumple welcomed them to the Blat Snyr Stinn will you or will you pass through the Forest r said the i elevated amid the loveliness of nights deepest and still est manufacture of talks thou of Riding through the Black Forest on such a night As 1 Wager a thousand thales there is not a Knight in Germany would run to not even worn the life of his Lily love at infested As it is by the terrible Helderbrand and his said Tho Listler with a look of indignation at the Knight be Content to go on foot and As he started a Man sprang up from behind a treo and demanded his Money or his whichever you coolly replied but the first i have left at the and the latter i have brought with me thus far and it it is of More Val to vote than it is to Mev provided you Are the Best Man of the with a dexterous move nent it knocked the pistol from the Des Perados now you Black hearted draw and defend for your moments Are say so then heres at you and the Bright fire flashed from their swords As they but with a sudden plunge Mai come sent his sword reeking through the body of his Llo hoi what next at this moment he heard the clattering of a horses and looking in the direction from whence it a Bright Flash o lightning revealed to him a horse and re Der approaching him at p most Rapic hoho i repeated the thought i was to travel but this is trailing in company with a by tins time the pursuer Haj Nearl gained air spot where Mai come lie culled on him to or he would Send him out of the world quicker than he came Llo hoi exclaimed the out thou not a Coward to sit on thy horse to fight a Man on foot nay from whence come and whither do yen Bend your Steps asked the unknown from the Black Forest since shades of night and on my Way to the inn of the withered head and ten More Lor the land second in with the Mai come erected a magnificent called he or the Black Forest by which name it is Cnown to the a hide on a Captain Mayne in his new work he Scalp tells the following rather adventurous Story in a journey across the Prairies from Louis to Santa the in camping out with a Par years of and five your Igor were alone in the these they considered themselves As for w we keep none was the modest reply of the Young what do you keep tavern for1 then for the accommodation of to and Unertl ryes to it Lamondy lit the Clew Lynns on the and hushed their to vans to Abi wrapped the Angel lied that 11 the will be to wonder tie Earlh is the shy above which on that How of in the heart of love i tin nil in spot i Hilo Ivoti thy whoever Thoj rth Teer thy trip Saviour prayed Fer thru 1 Plantation of when Flie off with some of human hair is not perfectly seems to be Whert with the 1 s1 is one stores Sood a other is then accommodate us with Thercie n Maxim Bhough wll Lnu torn to you will by the sign that we an keep a Temperance a Temperance the Rea a a an i True As la kind Worth i give to an axe and ill sign Cut Down the to of is suddenly surprised at children clustered around their night by the Rush of Herd of Many thou Sand careering madly along Oge Thor in a Jelense body across the Plain will find the ago at the Wood Pilo the it Noumena of which is thus described Ger i sprang to my flinging aside my Tho each one with an a fearful spectacle was Bufore a Rush Wood Edaj Ming the lilt flirt to in Freml i Aav Loni Orrow i will that Ono Fito Ryu Cooj Mother is Midi a for Lens like Wylli Mulo and Long he 11 r of Ontl silly him along rut Sec no pm aft lain t and menu to hotter his nit in tie Henrt lint tronc and i Imti to n inc Isnit no Stover Vinyl Ajril stores Good till Mother in told away to the As far As the Eye Theson Dow Wuh Theson could reach the Prairie Searna in who in ing Outi discovered in feb until he looks As Black Waves rolled Over its undulating fun adoring a splendid piano is an find As ugly As a Mill t Hough Burnarr i Tias though some burning Moun Tain was pouring Down its lava upon the a thousand Bright spots flashed and flitted along the moving surface like Jetti of the around horses roared upon the neighing my dog barked and howled running about for a moment i thought i was dream but the scene was too mistaken for a i saw the Border j of the Black wave within ten pass of and still and not i its who makes that thing squeak said u old Friend with All sight neither Ore such marvels of the As the to Tribla combat Dis play said in a qui pjay0d in Tho circa of Light on the Walls of Tho Iolite comic an you do gives a tune j imfti3i like All sorts of tigers and and taking the and blurt and twist and or the body of a a Milf Spring before the natron from this Bale the half and gradually becomes bulkier it on w a at which the greater growth trained and then the hair degrees and beautifully teas Imu full growth As on Young its Point Ismay Tiomi smaller Ami More delicate than the por Tion near the Centre of its some hair is much Moro than other some being and mom Tho Flat hair is that which chill Adonis and the negro Art j one Point at hairs vary very both in Thi Kimm and in length those on the female Scalp the longest of All my those of the Beard of men being next to and longer than those the hair of the female not Only longer than that of the in proportion to its is larger in the thickest of All human is that of the Beard of Attu arid the invest Gittis of this subject and to justify the assertion of he frequently cutting and shaving the has a tendency to make in cry hair has a Stem and a just the tree has the Root being bedded in Tho skin just As the is in the but the comparison docs not end j Tho Trpe has add Ning substance the hair has the the bark or the hair displays a series of Scales one overlapping another just As or see tiles overlap Ona immediately below this scaly bark we have a fibrous forming two thirds the bulk of the these fibres Are to separate when the hair splits from being Leli too Long the Centre of the hair has a Little full of an marrow like Taining Tho greater part of the colouring c p i directions unfamiliar even to Tho old and nervous these close while the children formed a Circle Sung the and nervous Arm some of them had not heard 1 Are amongst the chosen subjects for popu a piano before others had not heard one i car but fur More startling for the tumult was soon j my be seen through the lenses the gentlemen were drawn Back from Tho i nearer Man May be magnified As matter Black n Black Brown and almost Circle outside again spoke Well As Tho fancies of swill have discoveries of the Wood and formed a the the Leader again spoke paralleled by Tho discoveries of the i will you be so kind us to favor us with micros Eppis be rough skin of the another another was and has been shown in reality with things e than any Tho Dean till did i recognize the shaggy crests and glaring eyeballs of the y god of heaven i am in their 1 shall be trampled to it was too late to attempt an escape he be Corning some cd by running i my of him joined Vilces much More and fired at the Foremost of Tho g song we Sung and to Nowa Dava from the effect of my shot was not touch the sympathies Crown of the Hend to the Sola of tha tha water o the Arroya was allol1pr Mali j Loti Lisso of the human Frame a Hue ahead of lilo Ono Rouie in Lurn subject of i Vestiga another their chivalry and the Bonus on which the body is until at ashamed to ask for thai move brain they each made a Low thanked the the nerves that wished her a Good mul mias quietly is if Thoy had been to a months after this Tho lath the inn of the withered repeated the you must be a knows thou not that the inn of the withered tree is Tho rendezvous of the terrible Helderbrand and Hia and tis thou Cravon i that this is Lair and All must the to in thy snid and pay a tax Ivhon Doss this Way will you if 1 thought void had half the sum you j run the risk of being hanged on a Tret have would accept Tho Chalas a caution to other presumptuous knaves ride through tha return and if you would escape death and re give you a lesson in Courtesy which thou turn by who Way you Stan lest much in need to 1 Iio replied i a Flash of passion passed r the Faco thou Wilt but dismount from thy horse ant of lha and it was Pale meet me hand to 1 will make thee ids and curse the Day Thoi and let me Tell thee that i wiled in my furious and snorting plunged through he Stream and up the i was lifted and tossed High into the i was Crown and fell upon a nov tag mass 1 did not Hurt nor is 1 Felt myself carried Onward upon Tho jacks of several animals that in the dense ran close fright ened at their strange bellowed and dashed on in a Stid that Willa each blood Llinat vitalize and repairs the lungs which feed the Bloomil with All in travelling stopped at a Village sphere to lie and made to reveal Aco Omed 1 Are y of Jol nil tie manufacture of percussion Caps is carried on extensively Mclntyre employ some eight or ten men and can Mak Caps per the Copper from which they Are with but quickly regaining his come oat thy words and curse the Day Thoi made is first Rolel very thin in a rolling j Posu Relie said to the wast born and let me Tell thee that 1 Wil and afterwards Cut into narrow strips Many years have i toiled for the sum not till i have accomplished my i an passed into a machine which punches Whlon Haye but i not if the Rascal Helder out pieces of the required shape and size it in the hands of my Brand and his hired cutthroats stood in Mil passes them under a die which set nips them into at the rate of an i they Are then placed Puri Gill in and the powder which has been by a very simple and expeditious opera Tion arranged in quantities exactly punched into they 1 we then ready to be glazed and packed for i a very Drift life in the old North is undoubtedly the Healthiest spot on the mid it was on that account that some lower country gentleman were surprised one Tanto see a bunk mite at work upon a i Mirous looking Hole in the course they enquired what be was give you the an honest if my now Art thou answered you will do the same with a like at this taunting rebuke his opponent and then the Forest to the became and throwing himself inn of the withered and pass from his rushed upon Mai come sex watchword of the inn which i will i receive the signal of the Bouse j boasting idiot know that thou stand and return before Light in the i est in the presence of lie Tho whole sum is what say and the Listler Are pipe i now say thy Brave will you accept 1 last prayer and preparator Long Jour your 1 on three hoho come and we shall de name i kids who shall travel this Road the that 1 May a bottle of j and their swords met for the dreadful con wine and my the second is a j dark acid tha third is that i have Lang and desperately they a fresh for is jaded with a u digging a digging a grave Why i thought no they never die but once they never asked that Nuest Ioa but was most under i dropped my legs astride of embracing his and clutching the Long wooly hair that grew upon the animal touted with extreme and plunging Forward soon headed the this was exactly i wanted and on we went Over the the Bull run Ning at top no he had a Panther or Catamount Between his i had no desire to disabuse him of this belief and lest he should deem me Alto Gether and come to a i slipped out my which happened to be and pricked him up when Ever he showed symptoms of at the first touch of the Spur he roared out and ran Forward at a redoubled my danger was still Tho drove was coming on with a front of nearly a 1 could not have cleared had he stopped and left me on the a Genrl Oael p 1 1 am spokesman of the grossly insulted your innocent threatened to Cut Down your and spoke so rudely to your in thou have just cause to to Proul of your sir her Noble bearing and Isar less courage were remarkable in one so Ana can you Pardon i feel that i can forgive Ali air we 10 Sci All sit up one of Rosss fifty Guinea or trouble anal Muus for who task has been gone thro by various and we have terms by dont these Are common words a hear use every and results Arthur Hill his volumes on micros co Pic Anatomy Oltha Lluann in health and recently completed and troubling the doctors for us sea what facts they fiord no Microscope Ever was Marie nor eve Erwill be made probably Large enough u grasp any whole specimen of the Genus at you cannot catch a life yet we May almost i or even a Tom and How meaningless they what is in pm him under of eight or nine we that which was hand St but though we can and set Down in the tablets of memory not magnify tile entire animal at we May not we Cun examine him in portion by Ber May not remember j one or Ono drop of blood but it is there remove with the j displays the characteristic of its Brown in absent when the the marrow of the and its two outer Well seen in a Section of a hair from a Well shaved the Dav by cuts it across it cannot grow it grows thicker and stronger Ana each slice taken away by the Matutina under the Lika a Section of a just As a Bone is Cut across when is cat into for broiling who the stump remaining on the Chin has just the same look As the Bone on the Section of grilled Ham ready for the the primly shaved Inonu h is round myriads of hideous with in Ner layer and marrow All Fash Ever Sinca the clays of Louis Quarter has demanded the and Tea continue to happily they do not of their beards through a or razor makers would fat appears to be a series 6f Little glob each enclosed in a a you Lection of is like a series of Rece Piclas each full of oily the hold of a dutch or Irish trader full of Well filled bladders of resemble the material which makes up the Rolls of fat that traditionally like Robes of office about an Tho consistence of fat varies in different and also in hot or cold Tho fat of an of or sheep is harder than that of a pig that of a human subject being inter mediate Between the two the Quantity of fat varies is Well known in different and in Dif Ferent const Tationa thu tendency to increase varies at different times of in the unwieldy accumulation of usually indicates that lie has passed the Meridian of a moderate proportion of these Blad jecs of adds a nah to health and their uses care a feel Jutt Exchange paper gives the following tto Jept Cor Date cure of this troublesome f red Long Days the the three requirements Are answered the in a Short time Mai come and the Page had their horse being already to your a said sir youre to ride landlord bring me my pistols and a dark they were brought he was on Point of when he discovered said As you it Lor a time which would the As both were very powerful and Well skilled in the use of their the fight was for life or desperation of a Tiger Holder pressed the but he 1 notwithstanding the peril 1 was 1 could not resist laughing at my own Ludi Crous situation i Felt As one does when looking at a Good we struck through a Village of Prairie Here 1 fancied tha animal was about to turn this brought my mirth to a sudden pause but the Buffalo usually Runan a and fortunately mine made no exception to the on he sinking to the kicking the dust from the conical snorting add bellowing with rage and in Palm of the inscriptions upon mar As completely As skin out with its corroding whole or the contents of the lettering upon but that Liling i the Liepart Bowld be seen at know some j Oguewe know breath May whirl Back the leaves of a Cine a Small piece of for dts Ory to its some an cp1 plays a series of riders and a use coolness and presence of until with a powerful broke the sword of and he did to a loud laugh of worn rang out upon the Midnight now wolfs know thy Tifis come t to said the drawing one of his pistols from Hia Belt and presenting it to the breast of Uke r at answered the landlord prof Bouse in theory without i 1 hat a Tail was father a a ilm an dlr took iu6 lamp the use of this lamp disconcerted air the landlord now by my Good Fortune has by time of its base the Plum were directly in the line of our i bad seen this in tit would reach them i would be they were nearly three Miles from the Bluff where we bad bivouacked but in my ride i fancied them ten a Small one Rose Over the Praise Sev eral Hundred Yards nearer than the main towards this i pricked the foaming Bull in a last and be Brot me cleverly within a Hundred Yards Tome of its contents May be unrolled be fore every thought consigned to memory is existence runs parallel with tin mind thut the heart that cradled dont we cannot is full of strains Lethean of mans but the past is with him new new new loves arise but pleasant Mournful to the soul is the memory of Joys that Are past somewhat Sully surface Bil ecu Little Opuni rugs us of the Are Many they give softness to t symmetry to the human outline i contents of i hey ars a garment to keep out cold often As on the soles of tha fuel act As guard Ugains injurious pressure on and and and in certain form a Reserve of nourishment on which can draw for sustaining when food cannot be or is not to to i the fat of the when important Ai is be id Uiti casting portion of the layer ii which reside i Tho of a provision is in fact As in Only from Tat in this re and tomorrow 1 will claim the ten thousand thales which the government Lias set m a Price upon thy head h tomorrow thou jul never see know that by weapon u Power and that at my command the charge m hoho so we Witt try men and sea it thou Anil the Ball tired Arm and lodged in the Fie gave one leap into the air and fett but quickly raising bima Elf on Bis be a Ait us jus our was now time to take leave of my Dusky 1 could have slaughtered him As 1 leaned Over Hia my knife rested upon the most vulnerable part of Bis huge no i would not have slain that Buffalo for the Kohinoor in twisting my fingers Furdin his thick i slipped Down Over Bis and eyes Are dazzled with the Clear of the but dimmed with the Cloud of the As we on the swiftest billow of we Are never out of sight of there it shines with a gentle Light like some Pale pleiad through the rack of the forget a the science that could men to would be More Wel come than All the trickery of when the heart beats sadder and the tide of life runs How the yester Days come drilling Down to waiting age waiting for him who enters Hall and unbidden and dont forget i alas who does not remember i even Ocean a u in la ving from its shores All records of the is the great memory of the natural Clarence dream was no and its treasures glitter and a Biden Mac a Deuso crop scaly cuticle for it Looss More j of double Teeth than any thing else each tooth having four Sharp Between duct winding its with cellular inside a the fat in less lying together than is needed in or situations on the from this partial subset into for food u the Masticatory of is no very violent dec Fanner places tiles to Drain his different portions the enamel on Are Moat there most Tiyae Sensitiva hands and Young look Deli they Era ranged Tsick Ayrf three fold and Are they on the skill my fingers of to More delicate St sense of the bul cof the tooth Ben Atli Thea Namel and Tho coating of the the the tooth full of from the cavity in the outer Surcie of the gel finer and finer a Theja and Many of Tjas like Little tubular the to Nice the buried under thard of the baked can Easly detect the ride which de papillae Are arranged my out gives strength to me Cay fib with the without much a ran with All my Speed towards the i climbed aiming Down a boil Lex of looking out Over Kos of double t s Urle the Prtine the Roo on yer for

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