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Democratic Expounder (Newspaper) - February 14, 1851, Marshall, Michigan By at one Dollar a invariably in chary a Law and Anil inc same As the Inte of Parji wafd Orl birr annual Fotr Calhoun agricultural gentlemen of me a Kilhouni us Cox in in rite Johnston her lev in school and stationery the Host ill Lirar in dry Hunts and urn and opposite Murk null to Lousy prayers in dry drama Mill opposite National Jullum the Elum Catiis of Hutnan subsistence rare the of no Man can tin Hini ily be just Anu Wahput is the the Unn Lerable it unto Man to till the to subdue replenish it if any will tint neither shall Irwim the Earth is to be a filled with d moral acre can Sib ruin its in the Beautiful of the ancient they shall every tinder his Vine and Fig and none shall make them having Belen their instruments of death into implements of nations Leani War no when ibis High p shall be fully the e Irth beautified and Lucking with living he elevated in in in con and buffing All Nigri culture will have attained its destined cur and even the natural productions 5f the Earll a Forl Aluir tie but there is no reason Waco he Man Huw receive for a Days which Cost in their creation the labor of a Vebere Irno no Justice n it but it is the Way Tho merchants of your Reat cities become just in pro Ion is the producers of wealth can Ain in Possession the properly which hey is there encouragement for in Rove men in All the departments of did each and every one contribute his full Hare in production of All the require ii f in and Bur i t t the great object should to mint to her in Trie abundance of Etain in the Trinde of the producers of wealth manufactured and she Large proportion of the riches Winch they became merchants were they May Exchange value for Val but like had no agriculture in the principles of a Lair and just equal other Drew off her rivalled her and her depart Spain was once a highly prosperous country but Gold and he Silver new world was opened to her was and Spain sunk into utter Ifie tire in the scale of through he Abun dance of their Venice and Holland i in to life Empire of the process of Venice Sunko utter for she had no agriculture upon which not so lobe set aside or and fed or say that Law is this what Soweto that shall he also Grain he May Chance to whether it wheat or some other the god of nature hath Given to every Serd his own 1 once thought i could do tie s Ime so i went to work to get Tonj Vemi uni of Floo offered through the a Bahy Cul i made a Little Yard in Thyl Corner of the and out of sigm of de Merino is evidently n Grade so i they Are Henek a Ollow relied on of the French ii is unquestionably 9 Cross of Hie Fine Spanish with of the too Grid Sheet of Frunze the Murine sheep of Tho Merino Neep i tiny Ted the certainly kno sailed in quest bled to have with or Ninny of the the chop into Ken 4 it what is to be done seed Down to Clover and Ottier Mew every no matter hut die crop May Send plentifully of Clover and other grass j cultivate less land and raise More in Early when you Reed Pur of to your wheat Field a Light and the daily amount of though she lost the yet 1 of Ench individual would by she maintained herself As in important pow lion and he degree i excessive and mire it an to humility is Evand in h Job a genl s 1ye is m i Offley than is essential Tif health of or for she had also abundant agricultural and Iho highest England Drew Tohe serf the com of while to Merce of the and added thereto Man is n positive bless Ulac Turing rivalling All others on the face of be was Long alone in the True she his Agricula a but not to sustain the mighty Fahire of her Russia a chiefly and is Al ready More formidable on the continent of than great tire nations have Censed to tremble at the lil Ingup and of others Are sharing Large Commerce which Lon control will be Independent offer fact to her Job evident and cer main twin her present Posi her con Jona than will Ink Deer h Fleet of and Noi easily taken the Huntsman often returns Wenry am empty tie Lish that Divide the Waters of the drop Are not to he Eltien Wilho Tif berries of the Low lands Are gathered by Cah Noi be raised without a proper Xirui h i i i b of noddy look at the hot the that say for it Man est tie his Bis social Nitelle and Mobil la is the fool of the l eat order that can Dippie labor will out it you can no More rear up the grown Active and with nil Bis and moral faculties developed in due than you can real the or Erk in the Flower pm of our 1 Girth Rcd thirty Heads wheat hat had tire Rit an new s mentioned by som been exposed to the weather of Over iwo j of thee who resided in Spain in the vitality of the wheat was the reign aft Tali i crossed with some fur Gioio Only fifteen plants these Barbary this m the supposed Ori were is stunted and poor As Cmil he of the now it is useless Fonlk i v watched i was sore of about wooled Merilos As Ucli so As when they headed True to 4fcff of ftps of i would e talk shout Short a fooled Lei Ithily and in nerf Lien the before sow of an new s if a Tioney by some i it he seed in Strong and Lei their there web b Keull or sheep May in is plants would to he brought hero and sold Lor a in to t Iii old of he in but see Lobo sure that the Wool ways Lik Ihfe f 4rove tried seu0 not of two years some of Tho to change its it future and Belle but have finer Grade sheep have much longer Wool t think i shall not try any More Unthank the pure Bloo i but they Tiro so of Nenn Tifful in with her to Ami of in and coh Ineller it of Floc Cutill Iliou kit t i i Ulm i Sui blur in up t attorney and coun Rollor and solicitor in i m of Lviv k Kkt k i Innery air build circuit Inu i Innery ii no nil Ali mar Mil f nil Lynnl lilt tide Wilbut they mud and Lor 11 a hence the wot id inuit the Cle Metiam of human Subi Steucke Are the products of there u no living w Lehoul Lif the race is on grand made x exl Mcl one f r to d will m Iho Rose or the Idy upon the icebergs of the How much More worthy of commen Dation and and to be is engaged in n laborious employ in hippy in and Blessing All bound to do limited to tiring capabilities bods of Jenlih in the great and the Hie the suns Are usually Kapihe and their daughters Olsen Shunpo and nervous As the Aspen Leal and by the Lourich Genera ton the Fame and Dif Pule or tar or is lil my Fine Merino sheep begin a a furl of shop any firmer can raise with lifers of Young perhaps the inhere a Little care and when you pay May he sortie belter Chance of Fivi Condrod or Hundred for n ral upon he adv onatus of to it will be sometime before you gel Cive us no longer your Money Lam incredulous when but to go to work like men arid 1 fee la Stancil that n flock of French Meri by actual thai noes will yield to Twentyfive the Goode Cpd a the doing pounds of Wool por i think the whole in the u is of guilty of i Story is not Cyl i Rico Tow a if Witni i i it i die died and mint in a paper is respectable known to in n Umil no i seduced that Merth come right of to Tho Wurker all4askin 4he Mower Are la my if you be sure that each and every Plant Foex a and he Yra Owen or Days Roll in work All this for n Corn your mind to abandon of give up tit the Oats to twirl will then have abundance of crop something Liko Justice an j be sure of gelling More com to the than you can of Oats or and Bushel is Worth More than two of Corn is a euro there has been no fail ure since the settlement of after the ground is draw out and spread upon the poorer parts of if lot enough Tor the All the manure in Neil of it Bini your pens and this will promote the or Owlet health of the and contribute Lilly to the health of the family purpose when this is Tho plough and turn Over the feel seven inches deep if you ban team and go or let every Furrow inane Lite end Reptah Irnen the pure when it ran be that Barley prod ii 1 give less than three t the sheep had been Well kept and was in Fine while i lie ii ii Ifill 4fo pm i j Ces Pigeon then ill Niiya be lint it will would improvement m the 1 by it 11 111 to in Itrat i be clearly Sien that enitan the Good is ing of Ami a Man or a in the Noi become Independence sense of these ran no More the Silver and the if the fathers of inc had relied expressly upon Inci Mady Fiu luring and external what would Plicon grass resembles Barley Syon 1 to this it would Bill i it diffs j v t t the enemy chargeable wih ure Intro Rotim Lor the i Oul j say to the Farmers t j alien of in Many of the but Nero Gall be sure re on sheep a his by every and be straight a a Jin i Hajj Fri t Ito r put on the harrows the furrows Tull he surface Mark ont and Plant plow and drets and then Vunior will keep u clean of weeds by n i n him and since Ull of Ulisiss on the pro of them should be no drones in the e every one bound to i Bis to the common and he the mean aim she the mean woman Lui a clues in do uie guide it you lid Hie Nii Ilter nver As j wi11 Ihen arc but two of living 1 i be succeeded Bertuso they had resources with the Lory of French most no recruited an rained i y such training than you can rear the in relied upon i Rondo of cultivation is surely Ted fuck Ubo til eight a Hill Earth and her yielded them a Duco in the Reward of their agricultural is a g Farmers vast must yield u in Liia by of Ibe pirn1 d Al cd average Why should pounds unwashed Wool allowed to Are out Farmers to be when Wal omit Harvest is is the Lime for blowing or Lite next i t pfc Bill time one it Elf in matter that demands the Earnest consideru1 unless they Linn of nil classes of Community no mat1 As soon As Iho or crop u to chess and Pigeon with the that by crossing the to by the fleece will incr nne in 11 i a l in Irile n i Anil t r ick on inc l la d every by us d w n or of is no the whole tribe Olson proud Tho the the whole Host of frivolous with All these tire n Creamer Burden than they have a deep stake in the Prog in veg been sown to such nil mid cover the Ewe three be i i unil i Ahja i Youj poorhouse and it i hence Clear hint labor is the he Tiven ind the work cart in 11 if Tho lot to be slowed is a Meadow mat was lust of it will still it Avo upon in a i go growth of and Oiher to to turned and so if it has Houmu of been plow As in the Corn i Al fit ii Appu Nicil Means of gaining an i it is Bielly important that labor u is the of inject 1 of tit s to Chi Minarc to Ionin i i s i n i 1 1 1 Tutti civil Linvs to Leith from each others exp that Llie labor of the county May be directed to the most profitable a vast do Al of Benefit has resulted from such in dry n nulls i ilk i if Bici n n leg a i ill u n i l i k a in i i who Sini Brawny and of s i ii jail did on Charity or by Thorp no in they a notice nothing Nind yet Many or Ritrivi to i Loic themselves in in Filks and and i Inni nobly and they in pc Brici Iii Jed in Wirk of robbery by spec Iii the poor Irving ind of the Ruil no imm ii inking it of of All employments agriculture is the most ambient and our common w is placed inn g Irden to keep h and to dress inc second lather of the was a Husbandman Anil a Vii i i u v ill ii tin if i Lucy in Rich i re Viil nil Tecsi lire i their Are ill two u us if Inre inn i m i v u in n ill to for forty kept Llie flocks huh carving in Andlini id and thus engaged were ii oily vital the ii Ricieri i an i in the Prol Tictin of inti Tun Lily and n id cd ult every one lives by or in Tiwi hid ther Triin Brij Linn of nil classes of Community no mat As soon Asmo or Oiler crop u to to average Over j and if Ler what their or employ no or seed washed Wool per head Only hunk of a not j pm j i Imp Ion in Vlha 1 Vou co 10 80 mull every file Row and so Mojo pulverize lha a late writer Tiu Ress of off in it is their they cannot ran1 she will nou Enve the or mid not rub Sut without its j Ler unless the boil u worn utterly of Luicir live Weiglin lop the is Lulu de in Oil or Fillod in tar tha flee1 and go 10 80 much one i old wig iting Hundred turn every file Row and Birly pounds of the whole super incumbent mass of All the Foj every name or nature is based j Riant and useless in the upon agriculture and sustained no j am Oil n n brie Ami to u i v in 1 d d this live by i lie t i Aluir line i i not in in the ii 11 in lint tin v c Silipi Ibe und her i Tiro vol ii Lam the Ini Lutty Tony he Huil of id but others Oil bul Oil u by it i warm ii in the or u would i inc of the tie nil Lile lieu i l though the then princes of the their Fiti Miliea were Noi above Rural and Domestic lend inc flocks slay and dress the and in fur even though Angels were in attendance to Dine or to the eve Eccl Singer of Israel ruin Active i in or Side us Couf the of in thu Enlil Lys of the ii Nisun r Gruini men and wan wins culled Llie and i lie Cohilj Illtred Iii Hui Idi Critis Ami Cuil Tuluo in an Invar hut when Hume up to the gel of mid had triumphed Over every and i hero Veru or More my ions to dimmer or Ihu people turned their Fri us in l civil wars ind july it Sill Ami then to this inimitable of lick As to world a Lull Ami Wrons an nation can permanently Prosper unless this be made its fast the genl object of Farmers in this Cotin try is to make Tho most of their in England the object to make the Mostof their lure Lifbor labor cheap and Joel the Mode of farming Here in att respects be the same As to Moke it profitable there must be n difference corresponding to this different state of Oberc arc three modes of pursued error pair less which f purpose trip fit to the is i have no one word to describe it i shall denominate the you u fair Chance id select the covering1 soak cob in old scare in in Irto Evurd Ali Ismajl n prove columnst3 but Are Lor an inordinate desire to Moke Man deep enough to la come up Una for who your Corn deceiver bar j of be do pct it them an even Chance for the sorrel shallow lowing and besides naked Effird a Fine naked below this Modo of farm Opportunity for such seeds to come farming ibid web Ibri Nimmler Init his Many practical before und perfect their seeds anew before the sec1 u Ond this is n great there id one advantage in this system of farming not to be nuked shallow and lowing require less strength of it is common to keep working Teutila on Oak grubs in and to i raw them thoroughly in Winter on Lite Bleak aide a perfect of Llesi Between of a there id vibe ii undue thus vents for a loner time of it u not All Mere Prev audio in ing Iba Doub hoi Uii there Jins Beon too much ii pos lion p that by this tuft crop being he the or proper w Etoni h too much Hurr buggery in the this hits created sup Linti in the of a Multi Udd of hence they re be Thyl Moon is to to looked Ali and if she inti in the right or in the right Llibre must he no r sowing a roman id quoted an Beans in of the nun fill Ali rail by Ivel Luu a Llo Iii Isle wit i now i apprehend shul col Nemit is Misun was a Man of too much sense Viiu nose that the Moon had anything to application of the Blue Beech or Duckory would your is the True l the the second Modo of to Vii Gard jul distrust All which Wem to them of n character like t Osc have been proved be there should be in this Rua Jer of the part of the agricultural the utmost carefulness otherwise is liable o Drent the object it f ii ill i a of i 1 Tonti i i m in Plum i l i i k u Lif 1h s paths Tomp t in ii i id Spidy Llie Idi the Llie he Lului Wilh will thai Why or the whole Burden n on a Ihu expense id Dubau Ezcry und or me u by create their tur become of your born Ujj Cine Kofl let in Iii c what would i pro and u Tlell in ulc y nil 1 la i re i i Lull r a lilt tit Cut i lion Tico Tail tit cart Juko real line Tito in of m Stlot 1 i Jiuu Liliu ii uial Tali Imler i attic Ulilis of All hit Liu Lucaa u b Cuiulo insure lit Var Nril lilt shh do Lilliel Cisi him i i s John 1 t Vii u in i i us or Lluu 1 in i l und and by Wili out Ever dreaming t the Lii Orr of h in no a mini i Lii lulls lit in y and then1 eur Jill at taif Trio pc 1 Ami uly Lam vast the whole i Sounlay reduced the Fields the Lor there was danger of tumult and am then it was that the Wise men of Tatj turned their attention to Bari lure As inc Only Means of saving the Slae oin Utler the in Civy hit Liua milk i suit Init Willona will ii Nizia serial it Ollil 111 Ellul Llull there is a Lack of life0 and they run is b lining to pro menu readily be supplied by a frequent external i Tho i Ira Modo of to which i would Tiow Call your is the True no Chetem of farming can be the us Ina lion this the Uncle la Hud no tub second Moil of to n i Irue Ono is not adapted to the Peculiar almanac 1 hey observed the phases of the shall is the real Humbug the and condition of a Moon what a Muir to say great purpose end Ojeni of this t u have Rul Orence to Huir the sow your peas Ond Beans in Llie old of Llie seems to be to relieve he unsafe pockets Market Nhin their the nature of Mona after Ilia Vernul Equinox Noi one Cluss of Farmers fur the special Beti fit the oils they have to the Chirac la been that soap the pork Eta of another and Micaller Ter of the and a proper a of must be made in the new of inc Mobil there Are in the Phimory of the list a lungs adapted to those Tudd Oad porno Choice specimens und Beautiful it t and the kind of Chi Vutison Uniat of this system of a bling tin m to full mini takes his sheaves of the Tel and strikes j profitable fall t ived taken of uni the flood of p that it must be at Euch a it so of or jul it bus been Timu Tinl und these essential Likely ensure a elements j i i1 it i l i Cood lev fttiu1 clean grease will make Good them Over a and in this Way procures of a Irmo proper Cyan of of soap and thai found Corn will make pork his seed Tho earliest and ripest i duly would in a time change Ihui will not shrink in the whatever ilm May be the condition of the or the Bluite of the loud a and the the entire of the co Guilry an entire abandonment f nuked Fallows who anti Ohk Hiick if i j Inma ill Kil will a i u m lil k Tuli ii d h l v i by j a j of i Juhn a j i ci1as Asci i ill m i Lut Public thai lie Lia hotel porno is of the race reproduce the whole amount in five tills of n is Pec full Ken the in Utt Village of Musk the very Best or this lie Hie a Tho will be Al Widyn Uke from tote i Truac Iii ice lug to take my us tie stages Irvine win Onia Trub Llie a All Ike stages cull Here far id inc live us stable of Komi c mar Wittla connected tills whore every Iii us in Iune will Furini Arcil at much Ami ill la i 1 t the the Llie the Mil Ler us Well a ill of Nolle and yearly of the rear cd a us priv used by the hand of Are mime it is difficult to Upp Roxi the Lor a moment Liua a Ruih is in juiced to support one family Lur Aud tool the Bill Lur All the i milies on Iho Klohe Flor the Tuke one allow to curb in Iii Buchelt of i read j and ii is a ill and Yum Banc it Luidl bum of i Illius of required fur the whole race in one is but one Cingle Ilam Iti the great Bill of human Butti Leuce j i is Witiw it is in at probe Chi As near an approximation to the truth us Oun be Tibai Vilall the nil the pro Perty on the Nice of the Globe was Avruck out of existence alone fatal the labor while without no Realier whether the far Mer Iho noon or a Good crop will not say the practical advocates of Lens an we cur wheal will turn Najip no doubt of i once had a of the frugal the like Munoz the principles of Cor More Iben Hull of which turned to the nature of Theada Puvion 6f Gorrel of the finest Broadleaf the pm o different and men of let next year i put three Hundred of Nia i i in a Nipa no the same and ibo of Corn and and Bull Imp u the firm requisite in uti improved system Olna Fitl lows Are worse Tun they involve two or three Trusle of Lulu Una out of and an sex Jinn Vitura wholly and injurious4 a Emden they sex Pon the in u turning Sun b Wiuli a Grcar the decaying Planta Walliin it Are live dignity to the subject by higher Ensor la of her Ultra and for Lily were then too it was Virgil wrote Bis Georgies four Poe i Tal a work As a never yet Miqu i cd tiie effect w is like Luly h he taught hid com ramen kind of cultivation Oro Lucis the Joy giving con in Ita Milf erect when it is proper to Attr the Earth the wheat were Uura on five acres of the Evaie and ibo sorrel Ull turned Back to and i Gol fifty bushels to the i Lud about an acre of Iho nicest kind 61 la grew on new land never before tying at the end of the where in wus Trode Over by cattle and and when sowed in dragged Over hut the surface being few kernels of wheat were now it must be Wucki 11 to of the grape yielding Vine to perfectly obvious u All be natural what care und culture Are owl Avion scheme of Hinl the wheat h i it a t m the Ibe propagation and rearing of left exposed to the action of Wea Uuie and Arr How to sue became so Damu cd As to lose its i Calie an Gnu the Ever Btry and Honey gather tasty As when 11 grew u a Clear there could ing Bee Sliewa that one lilith of All the goods cheaper than the cheapest Jann Craig a tech Lens me w4 Ell selected St Vns me coma in Ell selected Stock coma Intine of Piaru the that compete Triin Conn Struhall All when it Leal int Kirar Jow a who want Emi to purr us Hue Odu Criso Lunior pass into the hands of the producing and u the Aiqouni which they yearly what ii Ujj or Moua tax no Ilio usand live poor and Petiny less and die in in and eight millions toil Perselu thai May live in debauchery and every named Iid und the peo ple of England Puy yearly out of their Bard eur dogs about two Hundred and fifty thou Sand do litre to a Urikh provisions for the table of one them Over five to enter upon a High career of agric Ltd be no chess in the bad be improvement is an object of Paramount lore had a crop upon the r and Ibe Selea l Nuat spoil the whole Story after the very next morning 1 Efure the Field could la in every of View the happiness of the the welfare of every the so or Rowe As to cover the of and Power of 4he Are depending 00 to Jour Rowe As to cover me successful cultivation of the the came and garnered up Obj the successful cultivation of the firming in its several is the Ibe of All Oiler flourishes they when in languished they a fort crop in any country will try the stability of Premium ii if it Tiila whom a Arpin Doti i mud appropriated it to their own hot n Kernel was to be to grow or become Esau of slate in Hundred thou eau told Iid Tho remedy of the enor Mous to which i have Are to Kicul which i shall not discuss on the present occasion but Ilia of tie Luigu esl importance to the great Larf Liing comm und to All other producing to know what of the of ceaseless they Cao nol know what measures of Public policy to or we a build ing and they must know sore u second will Buke them us dreamed to fur its and third leave scarcely n Field where he had jailed to cover i should the Banks of Mother Vorih j of tend be Reluse for a coned Desabla her or or discount a from her Rich your Mon fool we eyed Listii Utens would be and the unless As the Frost bitten Oaken Leal 10 mid no Trade no Ibe great Tural interest of the coup try with Energy and what a Urevig or res Ursea a country Jay rely for us Llie the the Lew Bavell to Power to can ural their Tod mus Tua but berries shelled first and he obtained the beet Lor Liia wheat improved and id in i attracted a i tent Dar no wheat became he kill ins own and sold from year la year Ull he could Ruise for two or or five a Bushel was of no ii would la was barrel in or Mccae of time the Mode of obtaining in and the Bubble in waa found Well us Ibe shrewd Vermont another lakes Good care of his und n u Short Tiju he Hua a Rue Breed of hey Are noticed written and the do nand for them soon becomes i Iris dollars Zwir is a crop s Garden u Taim Winlun Bemi info fruit w n a much in inv aug a Breed of Here is also much in Ibe of spacious old gentleman who always had Fine they Home to f Reed of but they to fed to keep the blood next comes Ilia Rohan potato All were on if a Man coup gel one in Liia pocket at any Rale or be was Alt Lura to Point sea Ibe largest arid feel of the miserable out Lor from ten to Twenty but Rohan gone Toht like is i Ai j Ruttur m til Sili Edi Lawni up h a of Iha Liaw plot three or four i Cliea deep will not e nothing com than will o to accomplish the by the Here a Genus rotation of crops can be into such a rotation will not Only uhf Fertility of the bul improve b Dor the farm More productive i divided into a suitable number of i u can have one for one for mow Ifyu to preserve of your Ian increase their you i raise wheal to same Field ofte once in four this course of will enable you to keep More Sloe More so and in keep them to in ii gradually the Dairy no la More All who have i in have became it is a to to to importing and paying from Fen to twelve i r when Clover will grow la y us Here especially if you will apply u b acre of your Meadow land Ono half i l a be of pin is j ten you seed Down the the improve every subsequent to ready for an occasional Drc n Bushel of Lime to acre will found essential service to this when Ever the Field comes in Ord Corn every loud of on l should be spread upon you abandon you v a Oft s v i us nig no u idiot till by of these unnecessary and useless which commence Yoou uie Bay crop Ibe i10 Iloe c Reha d is the Lerui list Al of re Are Meadows fever and Lent of Hoo ends were every Man Aarjo Nebiu it no Patter whole family the quest pick wad jaw the at k the Case of Date parable of Lull where ulay to via came and devoured it bet a Wriler in Tui a wow ble of and the Al Tetupu to no matter upon that then Claua Cone Jila arc neg backing Bour id Winter in wit h of the sorrel acid it Gen on to 6um met no Beler Preier Phon for Buve Tilliy to the on to us Nadio the of o Lauua when the Marl deposits Coo used Soond eur Lucienl in Teda Bulu plaster and poor Lodr in i u r Altimu Arvra Tab just Etna so Long As a mows teams a All be on the be of tiie Zowi or it of the and no cutting pc off v in Del ii Tut Uechi to and Lite Lettla us in strut a town i Sui ret Kogil to of Fine up by of the Bpwe j Wittl Wjk a Tiai r

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