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Delaware County Daily Times Newspaper Archives May 14 1990, Page 2

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Delaware County Daily Times (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Chester, Pennsylvania Inside Andrew Dice Clay rolling to Quot the Dice Man Quot racked up record ratings a and protests a on Quot saturday night see Page 7. Index almanac. Amusements. 29 Boyd. Bridge. Business. Celebrity cipher. .34 classified. 38-60 columns. .27 comics. Crossword. 34 dear Abby. Editorial. 26 Flo Kain. Horoscope. Lotteries. Obituaries. 24-25 other times. People. 7 police report. .20 sound off. 14 television. 32-33 weather. Directory circulation. 622-8830 classified ads 622-7400 classified and fax. 622-8829 news. 622-8810 news sports fax. 622-8887 retail ads. 622-8860 retail and fax 622-8889 sound off. 284-0222 sports. 622-8880 the Delaware county daily tiny u8p8 161900, u published daily except saturday by Central states publishing inc. Of 600 Mildred Primos a. 19016. Second Daas postage paid at Clifton Heights Post office Clifton Heights. A 19018. Mail subscription $93.60 far six months $187 .20 far one year in zones 1 sad 2 Home delivery $2.36 s week. Motor rout charges May be higher Spencer Gil Spencer russian to Freedom shortly after Walter Pozero to father immigrated to the United states from Eastern Europe in 1910, he went before a judge to become an american citizen. A of what to your name a the judge asked. A Opo Zerauskas a said Walter to father. A spell it a said the judge. Top of or a it the judge stopped Walter or. Right there. A Othats to it a said the judge and the Pozer name was created in America. Walter or. Had come to America to escape conscription into the russian army. Today the entire country Walter Poz Rauskas came from Lithuania wants to leave the soviet Union. It has declared its Freedom but the soviet Union has been reluctant to let it go. A Oletz to take our time with this a soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev has told lithuanian leaders but once lithuanians tasted Freedom under Gorbachev to perestroika they wanted More of it and they wanted it right away. The supreme soviet however Wasny to ready to move that fast. As a creaking rust Ridden political system it feared that if it moved too fast it might simply collapse. Gorbachev was pursuing Reform not chaos. So in came soviet tanks and soldiers. Economic sanctions were brought to Bear by the soviet Union against Little Lithuania. The country relies on the soviet Union for 100 percent of its Coal Oil and Gas. It relies on the soviet Union for 37 percent of it fertilizer and 58 percent of its sugar. The . Simply slapped Lithuania to snout like a dog to. That to what biting the Paw that feeds you gets you in Eastern Europe these Days. Facing shortages of these economic Staples lithuanian leaders asked the United state for help. The United states in the person of president George Bush said in effect a your hearts Are with you but it would no to be prudent to help ?� in other words our he amp its were with them but our interests were in helping or. Gorbachev survive to enact the changes he to paid lip service to for the last five years. And if it meant sacrificing the Freedom fighters in Lithuania for the time being no problem. As unpalatable As that might seem Walter Pozer or. Says his relatives in Lithuania will wait for Freedom if they have to. Because there Are things in the Short run that Are More important to human beings than Freedom eating is one of them. And according to Pozer because most lithuanians Trust Gorbachev to eventually allow their country its Independence. A most of the lithuanians that i talk to about Gorbachev believe he is a firm believer in More Liberty More Freedom and More consumer goods a says Pozer who lives in Folsom. A Othats to the reason most of those countries like Moldavia Georgia and Lithuania Are starting to think about Freedom. They done to want to be ruled by a russian. They want to be ruled by a ?� of course Young lithuanians done to want to be ruled by anyone at All. They Are interested in self government. They Are interested in Good old fashioned Messy democracy. But the older lithuanians who have lived through world wars and Joseph Stalin Are Happy enough to wait for what they Are Given. One such older lithuanian is Walter Pozero to aunt Stella. When Pozer a 72-year-old retired gym teacher visited her in 1984, he wanted to give her some Money but she proudly refused his Charity. A Oshe took out a Roll of rubles about 8 inches thick said Pozer and waved it in his face. A look she said i lived in Lithuania under the Czar. I lived in Lithuania when it was an Independent country. I lived in Lithuania under German occupation and i never had it so Good As ?� during his visit Pozer travelled to Siale in the North to visit a Cousin. His Cousin to husband had fought with the lithuanian partisans during Wii against the nazis. In their Back Yard he had a dozen posts each with a German helmet on top of it. He had taken the helmet of every German he killed during the War and kept it. In Lithuania even today their Best enemies Are remembered As speaking with a German accent. Pozero to visit to his Homeland came As the result of his involvement with a local gymnastics team. Now a group of lithuanian and russian gymnasts and coaches Are visiting Here for two weeks at Pozero to invitation. This past weekend they went to a Phillies game together and had a picnic. Given the recent antagonisms involving their countries you might think get together of russians and lithuanians could get a Little tense but according to Pozer they have All gotten along famously. A othe feeling is that everything is going to turn out of a says Pozer who gets the lithuanian newspapers sent to him twice a month and frequently corresponds with his relatives. A othe lithuanians Are not worried. As Long As Gorbachev is the head Man everything will be of. Their Only worry is if somebody else decided to be the head ?� which it seems is Washington to Only worry. Russians of course speak russian and lithuanians speak lithuanian. Pozer grew up speaking both though now he favors lithuanian the native Tongue of his parents. At the picnic on saturday though there was a language Gap Pozer said everybody had a Good time especially the kids. A Othey May not be Able to speak the same language but kids have their own ?� it is the language of Freedom. To. And they were playing together a he said a Olike they the known each other for a thousand ?� Gil Spencer s column appears monday wednesday and Friday. People poll daily times correspondent Barbara Ormsby asked at our lady of peace school do you feel you need a College education to be successful in life yes. A College education gives you an advantage. When Bosses look at your resumes and see you went to College they immediately feel you Are right for the Iob. Jeff Hardin Folsom eighth grader yes. I feel College is definitely needed. Not Only does it prepare you for a career but it helps you decide what career you want. And it also gives you experience in life. Theresa Lacoste Milmont Park eighth grader no. Not All people have to go to College. People have different intelligence Levels. But it does help to have a College education when you go to get a Iob. Melissa Salerno Woodlyn eighth grader yes. When you go to collage you get real life situations that you have to work out that will prepare you when you have to go out into the real world Denean Maruca Milmont Park eighth grader yes. I feel you have to go to College because in the future not going to College will be like not finishing High school today. Mark Cipolletti Woodlyn eighth grader

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