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Defiance Weekly Express (Newspaper) - July 30, 1903, Defiance, Ohio The raiment of the redeemed every thought word and deed should be clothed in the spirit of Christ Sermon toy the a Highway and byway Quot preacher. A copyright 1903, by j. Edson Chicago sunday. July 36, 1903. Text a a put be on the lord Jesus . 13-14. He question of dress has been an important one to the human race Ever since the guilty pair in the Garden sought to cover their nakedness by the Fig Leaf aprons. What one wears is to a great extent a guide to ones station in life and to the occupation pursued for a livelihood. The Natter of dress and fashion is of supreme importance to vast multitudes of people and More time is devoted to the of abject than to any other one thing. Styles change and the dress of to Day fens Little to remind one of the garments which were worn by our forefathers. The people of the different nations May be distinguished by their dress. Its supposed that with the multiplying of the languages of the Earth at the Tower of Babel and the scattering of the peo Jle there came a change in style of dress and soon each nation had adapted to its own Peculiar tastes the raiment of its people. Scripture employs the term of garment in a figurative sense. The psalmist declares of god a thou Art clothed with Honor and majesty who Cove rest thyself with Light As with a in another place he describes the wicked by saying that Quot Yio Letice cover eth them As a garment a and in still another place god declares that he will a clothe in shame the enema is of his children. The priests of the lord Are urged to a be clothed with Wight Riisness a and he gives his Promise that he a will also clothe them with Paul tells us that a was Many As have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ a that is theoretically and by outward sign and then begins the practical experience of putting a off the a id Man which is corrupt according to she deceitful lusts a and the putting on a a the new Man which after god is created in righteousness and True the command to the one who Bas put on Christ in baptism is a put be on the lord Jesus Christ a by a daily exercise of the will and heart. And then Paul particularized when he says a put on therefore As the elect of a god holy and beloved bowels of merges kindness humbleness of mind meekness Long suffering forbearing one another and forgiving one another if any Man have a quarrel against any Esven As Christ forgave you so also do and above All these things put on Bove which is the Bond of the raiment of the Christian is to be of such a character As to unmistakably identify him with the lord whom he professes. At the immigrant station at new York it is not difficult to distinguish the nationality of the men and women landed there by their different styles of dress. The garments they Wear Are characteristic of the countries from which they have come. It should be so with the Christian. He a ought to have so put on Christ As to be easily distinguished from the people of the world. The face should be illuminated with the Light and peace of the Christ who sits enthroned within. The eyes should be Quick to see the places of Meed should be channels through which amp be Good and never evil reach the soul. The ears should by keen to hear the cry of distress should be open to receive the goodly message but deaf to the impure and vainglorious. The lips should move under divine inspiration should speak clean and True and never be stained with impure unkind or thoughtless word. The hands should be Busy in kindly Loving ministry for satan finds mischief for Idle hands to do. The feet should be ready to travel in the pathway of duty and not be eager to run in the byways of sin and pleasure. The eyes the ears the lips the hands the feet would thus All Bear the distinctive livery of the divine lord. The a put on lord would be the Light in the candlestick giving Light to All about it would be the Salt of the dearth which not having lost its savor would be Able to season the unsaved and unsavoury masses. The Beautiful transforming Quality of the raiment of the redeemed is that it makes of one All people. No matter of what nationality those who put on Christ May be they Bear a likeness one to the other and each to Jesus Christ. The chinaman is easily distinguishable from the Hindoo and the russian peasant from the son of sunny Italy but the chinaman and the Hindoo the russian and the italian who stave put on Christ who have clothed themselves in the raiment of the re Siegred All possess divine graces which Mark them As members of the household of god. One has but to read capt. Cooke a graphic accounts of the savagery and licentiousness which distinguished the natives of the South sea islands and then to listen to the testimony of the missionaries As to the transformation which took place when the gospel As a garment clothed the people to realize How All Peoples Are made one in Christ Jesus. The Christian in Asia in Africa Europe in the americas or in the Isles of the sea if fee be wearing the livery of the lord Jesus Christ is easily distinguishable from the people of the world. The world is not slower to Day to observe the followers of Christ and a take knowledge that they have been with Jesus a than it was at Jerusalem when the disciples were being accused before the Sanhedrin and their Gold and everything else which they possess of this worlds goods but it can never Lay a soiling defiling hand upon the raiment of the redeemed which consists of the indwelling Christ manifesting himself in their every thought and word and deed. Put on your Broadcloth your Silks and satins and laces and they May become soiled and torn and ruined but put on the lord Jesus Christ and the raiment of the redeemed becomes the brighter and More Beautiful and More powerful in the influence exerted the More it is worn and brought into everyday use. In fact if Christ be not put on daily if the soul fails to clothe itself with the divine presence the raiment of the redeemed surely and swiftly is withdrawn and the thoughtless careless Christian finds himself standing naked before the world a reproach to the profession which he makes and a Dishonour to the Christ whose name he bears. B it if the world May not Rob the Boring House i heard the voice As of a boy or girl i know not which singing and Oft repeating a take and read take and read a Che Kish the torrent of my tears i arose interpreting it to be a divine command to open the Book and read the first chapter i could find. I seized i opened and in silence read the passage on which mine eyes fell a not in rioting and drunkenness not in clambering and wantonness not in strife and envying. But put be on the lord Jesus Christ and make not provision for the flesh to fulfil the lusts no further would i read nor was there need for instantly All my heart was flooded with a Light of peace All the sadness of doubt melted away a history a Page and his own confessions give us a glimpse of the profligacy of Augustine and we can understand that it was no easy task for him to put off the old life and nature and put on Christ. But this he hid and we have in the foregoing a vision of what that struggle meant and the peace and Joy which came when be had by Faith put on the Christ whom he professed. Artin architecture i designed and written especially for tills paper the sunday school. T tarnish it the Christian May soil his own garments. In the message to the Church at Sardis we find the charge made that there were not Many who had not defiled their garments. Only a few there were who had kept themselves unspotted from the world. The majority had so far forgotten the profession they had made and the name they bore As to share in the sinful pleasures and ambitions of the we orld. The garments of Christian profession had become soiled with the filth of the world had become torn by its snares and temptations. Demas a co labourer with Paul and Aboul whom Paul sorrowing by had to write a Demas hath forsaken me having loved this present world a was one whose garments had become soiled and defiled with the touch of the world. While he stayed with Paul and Laboured in the gospel with him he came in Contact with the sin spots of the world he went into the dark and needy and foul places but it was not then that his garments became defiled. Christ could touch the lepers and not be unclean he could feel the pressure of the ceremonial unclean woman who was suffering with an incurable ailment and not be defiled he could lift the sinful woman to her feet and Tell her to go and sin no More and still be spotless and pure he could eat with publicans and sinners and still lift up and save for a the came not to Call the righteous but sinners to and Demas could go with his lord and master into the needy and dark places and be untouched by the sin and dirt of the world but we Hen be went off by himself into the world drawn by his own desires and longing for its pleasures he at once lost that immunity and the sin and dirt of the world made hideous disfiguring Marks upon the garments of his Christian profession. He world expects the professing Christian to Wear the raiment of the redeemed. It is constantly looking toward the Christian for help in its distress and need. It knows that Christian profession if it be genuine is followed by the outward expression of Good works. And on the other hand it is Able to pick out the Christian to know him when it sees him by the kindly word or helpful deed. I remember hearing the testimony once of a redeemed drunkard. He had been not Only a dissipated Man but a septic. He put All christians Down As hypocrites and refused to believe in the genuineness of religious experiences. All appeals by Christian workers were fruitless. He was untouched and unyielding. But one Day a Christian who was clothed with the compassion and love of Jesus came along and found this miserable drunkard and septic in the Gutter where he had fallen. He saw beneath the dirt and filth and besotted condition the soul which god loved. He went Down into the Gutter. He put his around him. He lifted him up. He took him Home. The Man was not so drunk but that he knew he was being compassionately cared for. He knew he was having a new experience that instead of being abused and mistreated by the wicked and thoughtless and shunned by others he was being delivered from his wretched position. As his brain cleared and he was Able to think the question kept arising in his mind a Why did he do this a it was the first thing in his life that Ever made him realize that religion was a reality. He said a i knew he was a Christian if Ever there was one. I wanted to be one too a that Man who had been denying the reality of the Christian religion was Able to identify the Christian by the Christly raiment he Wras wearing. Does the world have an Opportunity of identifying you and me As christians by the raiment we Are wearing Are we putting on the lord Jesus Christ in the Home on the Street in business in the social Circle everywhere and always in such a Way As to be easily identified As a Christian pretty dutch co Lonial cottage offs this cottage will Cost $1,825, All Cornin plete the estimate of work being As follows excavating. $15.00 Stone foundation. 100.00 Brick work. 25.00 Carpenter work. 950.00 plastering. 135.00 plumbing. 200.00 painting. 100.00 electric work. 15.00 excavating. 15.00 Furnace. 100.00 Fence. 25.00 Cement floor. 30.00 mantel. 50.00 hardware. 15.00 total 51,825.00 the lumber sizes Are As follows first floor joist.2x10, 16 centers second floor joist.2x 8, 16 centers roof rafters .2x 4, 20 centers Wall plates .2x10, double studding .2x 4, 16 centers the plastering is two coat work and painting to be three coat work inside finish of Georgia Pine All Glass american double thick the carving shown is of composition planted on. Chimneys showing above the roof Are faced with red press Brick. The floors Are double having Felt paper Between them. The siding and a t the Entrance to some of the great Coal mines where the Fine Black dust of the Coal settles upon everything with soiling and disfiguring touch there grows a Little White Flower which glistens and glows in its spotless purity amidst All the blackness around it. The effect is startling and you wonder How it is that the pure White of its petals is not soon tarnished and blackened by the Ever settling Coal dust. All else about it is Dingy but Here is this Little White Flower which the Coal dust seems unable to injure in the least degree. In searching for the reason we find that the Little Flower has a transparent enamel covering for its White petals which is absolutely impervious to the dust about it. The blackness from the Coal mine Rolls from its surface and leaves no Tell tale Marks behind. The Flower is still possessed of its purity and loveliness. It is so with the Christian who abides under the sheltering presence of his lord. His garments cannot then become tarnished or defiled with the sin dust of the world but let him wander off into the pathway of sin and he has like the christians at Sardis soon defiled his garments. A a up a and this raiment of the redeemed is something of which the world cannot deprive the soul. It can strip of earthly possessions it can Taine the garments with which the body is clothed but it cannot touch the raiment of the souk the heartless roman soldiers a could strip Jesus of his raiment and put upon him a Scarlet Robe and plat a Crown of thorns upon his brow but i amp by were utterly powerless to take Sway that Sublime Faith that quiet dignity that matchless Grace and love which clothed his presence As with a Garmer. And a it a its influence in All about and made those same soldiers declare in the dark Bour of death a truly this Man was the son of god a they could in avaricious Zeal seize upon his raiment and cast lots for his cloak but they could not Rob him of that inexhaustible mercy which reached out and shortened the sufferings of the dying thief and took him with him into Paradise. And that which was True of Jesus 4a True of every one of his disciples. The a world May be Able to take their Silver it be on the lord Jesus a because the garments of the natural self Are but filthy rags. Gods word gives us the picture of Joshua the High priest standing before the Angel of the lord. The contrast is striking. Joshua is clothed in filthy garments the Angel in Robes of spotless White. Joshua has upon him the garments which he himself has secured the Angel has those which god has provided. And the command goes Forth a take away the filthy Gar ments from and a change of raiment was provided for Joshua. He was clothed upon by god. Although it was Joshua the High priest who had been ministering for the people before the lord still the righteous Nesses of the natural self were As but filthy rags Iii the presence of god. He must receive garments from the hand of god. It is so with the Christian. To put on Christ Means More than Mere acceptance of him As a Saviour. It is the putting away of the natural self and allowing Christ the supreme Rule Over and control in the life. Joshua until he came into the very presence of god probably did not realize that his garments were filthy rags. It is always in the presence of god that the Christian comes to realize the True condition of the natural self and Longs to be clothed upon in All fullness by Jesus Christ. There must be a putting off before there can be a putting on. The garment of Christ a presence will not fit Over the garments of the natural self. The Christian must put off if he would put on. That is we hat Paul Means when he tells us to a crucify the flesh with the affections and the put i Ting off is a painful precess but the putting on of Christ is the Reward and blessedness of the change of raiment. And the people of the world Are Quick to detect the Sham. They May not have Light enough to realize their own need they May never be brought to the place where they know they Are lost and need a Saviour but they do know when the professing Christian is not wearing the livery of his lord. The shallow minded superficial Christian the worldly minded Christian is Blind and does not realize that the world can detect any difference Between his veneer and the genuine raiment of the redeemed but the world is keen and observing and knows just what a Christian ought to be. It can soon penetrate the outward Sham and know just the depth of the profession. What a reproach it is to Day to the religion of the lord Jesus Christ that the Christ is so readily and universally professed and so Little put on. If you profess Christ the command to you is to a put on the lord Jesus Christ in every relationship in life. Up off the things of the former life the old Adam and put on the divine graces of the second Adam the Man Christ Jesus Wear the raiment of the redeemed jovw0 $00777 my a a a a Quot Jar utter he Flaa Fuher of %&Quot.5 6 plans of first and second floors. 0 be Rich though for. Tile Bank Tain account of a Man no cer inc Lex to How a Well off he is. T his is illustrated by the experience of Augustine which has made this our text memorable. He says a thus was i sick and tormented in mind bitterly accusing myself and rolling and turning about in my Chain till it might be wholly broken. At length i Rushing into the Garden groaning in spirit All my Bones were crying out soul sick was i and grievously tormented. I said to myself a be it done now said and upon be it done and a voice a Why stand est thou Iii thyself a i Sandest no ? cast thyself him. Fear not he will not withdraw himself to let thee fall. He will receive and will heal thee. Stop thine ears against those unclean members of thine which Are upon Earth that they May be then arose a mighty tempest bringing a heavy downpour of tears. I cast myself under a Fig tree and gave rein to my tears and the flood of mine eyes Brake Forth. Why not now Why not this hour make an end of my uncleanness and to from the neigh you can to Tell How Rich a person is by simply counting up his dollars or examining his Bank account. A to be Well off is a common phrase which would mean More to us says the Christian Endeavor world if it were not so familiar. It is a very expressive phrase when one stops to think of it and it contains the Gist of the matter. To be Well off is to be really Rich. Have you Good health you Are Well off. Have you a Good Friend you Are Well off. Have you a Good Home you Are Well Oft. Have you enough to do to keep you Busy you Are Well off. Have you enough to eat and drink and Wear you Are Well off. Now the last items Are All that a Man of Money necessarily gets out of his Money. He we ill have enough to eat and drink and Wear but he May have neither Good health nor Good friends nor a Good Home nor enough to do and if he has not these things he is not a Well a Man with $15 a week is quite As Likely to be a Well off As the Man with a million a year. A the does no to know we Hen he is Well if a is a phrase we often hear about uneasy mortals we Hose ambition outruns their discretion. It is True of ail of us in a degree. Though we have Good health and a Good Home and Good friends and enough to do we done to know that we Are Well off but sigh for some figures with the Dollar sign before them which would make us no better off if we had them. These True riches almost anyone can have if he cares for them. To a few health and Home May be denied but not to Many and when a we add to these lesser blessings a Good conscience and a Good Trust in Jesus Christ and a a Ood Hope of eternal life which every one can have and which make one superlatively Well off we see that anyone who we ill can be Rich though poor. The sizes of rooms Are As follows sitting room .14 xl4 feet living room .114x14. Feet Kitchen 114x12 feet chamber .10%xl5� feet chamber. 84x12 feet chamber .9 xl54 feet reception Hall to. 8/�xllh4 fee. Pantry. >v2x 84 feet Bath room. 5 x 7 feet veranda. 6 x 8 feet the size of cottage is 24x30 feet. It contains six rooms sitting room living room Kitchen and three Chambers bathroom pantry reception Hall and Large closets. The height of the first floor ceiling is 9 feet second floor ceiling 8y2 feet. The walking Hills. A High Chain of them is said to be creeping slowly Over the Colorado desert. The Laws of life. God helps and perpetuates those who Endeavor to learn How to live and to know the Laws of . F. Q Hall. In the Eastern portion of the Colorado desert in Southern California is a Chain of Hills nearly too Miles Long which Are known As a the walking these elevations which Are 200 and 300 feet High Are constantly advancing across the Plain. The desert is about too Miles wide at this Point and it is for the most part a level Plain devoid of vegetation. Across the Plain continually blows a Strong wind always in one directions from the West to the East. Some time in the dim and Distant past at some Point far to the Westward the Sands which Advance before the stiff Breeze of the desert began piling up and this great Chain of Hills had its beginning. Then it began its journey across the deserted Plain. The Hills Are always advancing. The wind which is constantly adding to the Heights of the Hills by bringing new material also cuts away the Sand from the Western Side and shoots it Over the Hill where it Falls upon the Eastern slope so that As fast As one Side is eaten away the other Side is added to and the Hills Are thus slowly advanced to the eastward. A Little More than 25 years ago the Southern Pacific railway company built its Road along the Eastern rim of the desert East of these Hills. At that time the Range was a Long Way West of the tracks of the roads. Now the Hills have advanced to the tracks and Are threatening to Bury them and the company will be obliged to change the roadbed either moving further to the East or else by swinging around the base of the Hills to the South pass to the Westward and follow the other Side of the Hills on up through the desert. In either Case a Large Section of the Road will have to be entirely rebuilt As a consequence of the wandering propensities of the a walking enquirer. Brass casting is killing. Few trades if any Are More dangerous to health than brass casting on account of the fumes of Zinc oxide that surround the workmen on pouring the Metal. In the new apparatus of w. Lynes a Birmingham brass founder the melting pot is covered with a Hood which leads to the outer air through a length of flexible tubing and a galvanized Iron pipe and both skimming and pouring Are done under this Hood. The foundry is kept free of poisonous fumes while the Zinc oxide condenses in the Iron pipe and is collected and utilized. Lesson in the International series for Angust 2, i Shuit Samuel anoints David. Forecasts his own death. Chicago Man according to prediction at deathbed of wife passes away two months later. Aroused to take future. The soon end. Who twelve Miles to Lay the famous sheathing will have Felt paper Between them. Siding 4-Inch o. Laid three inches to the weather. All shingles will be dipped in creosote stain Olive Green color. The plumbing fixtures Are of the up to Date kind. The Chimney Brace is of wrought Iron. All doors have five Cross panels. The hardware is of neat design. Finishing color of cottage to be a Bronze Green with White trimmings. All material is of Best kind and All workmanship done in a thorough manner. George a. W. Kintz. A i cannot live without you. I will follow you within two months. It will not be longer.�?T4 Mathias Luecker of Chicago his voice broken with sobs spoke these words eight weeks ago at the deathbed of his wife. The other Day almost to the hour he died. His wish has been fulfilled. On the Day he died he said to his son Mathias that the end of the two months would come within a few hours. The son treated the remark As a joke but when he went to his fathers Home at to of clock that night he found him dead. Luecker was a prominent figure of the old fifth Ward in which he had been known politically for several years. Mrs. Luecker died from heart disease the evening of May 4. Shortly before she died her husband and children gathered by her bedside. It was at that time Luecker told his wife he would follow her within two months. Since her death Lueckert a health steadily failed and his children noticed that he was grief stricken. Nothing was thought of the remarks he made to his dying wife until the Day when he said the end of the two months was drawing near. The lesson text. I Sam., 16 4-13. 4. And Samuel did that which the lord spake and came to Bethlehem. And the elders of the town trembled at his coming and said. Comes thou peaceably 6. And he said peaceably i am come to sacrifice unto the lord Sanctify yourselves. And come with me to the sacrifice. And he sanctified Jesse and his sons and called them to the sacrifice. 6. And it came to pass when they were Home that he looked on Eliab and said surely the lords anointed is before him. 7. But the lord said unto Samuel. Look not on his countenance or on the height of his stature because i have refused him for the lord seeth not As Man seeth for Man look eth on the outward appearance but the lord look eth on the heart. 8. Then Jesse called Abinadab and made him pass before Samuel. And he said neither hath the lord chosen this. 9. Then Jesse made a amp is by. And he said neither hath the lord chosen this. 10. Again Jesse made seven of his sons to pass before Samuel. And Samuel said unto Jesse the lord hath not chosen these. 11. And Samuel said unto Jesse Are Here All the children and he said. There re main eth yet the youngest and behold he keep eth the sheep. And Samuel said unto Jesse Send and fetch him for we will not sit Down till he come hither. 12. And he sent and brought him in. Now he was Ruddy and withal of a Beautiful countenance and goodly to look to. And the lord said arise anoint him for this is he. 13. Then Samuel took the Horn of Oil and anointed him in the midst of his Breth Ren and the spirit of the lord came upon David from that Day Forward. So Samuel Rose up. And went to Ramah. Golden look eth on the outward appearance Bat the lord look eth on the Sam. 16 7. Outline of scripture Section. Samuel a Errandi Sam., 16 1-3. The Sam., 16 4, 5. The Sam., 16 6-10. The anointing Sam., 16 11-13. David and Sam., 16 14-23. about 1065 b. C. , Bethlehem and i Beah. Notes and comments. We think none the less of Samuel for taking to heart so keenly the disappointing failure of Saul. He mourned for him As for an Only son. His grief seemed to Cut the nerve of his Public ambition. How Long he did nothing about it we do not know. It May have been years or Only a few months. But he kvas finally action for israelis dynasty of Saul must should succeed him the South of Ramah town of Bethlehem the Home of Jesse the grandson of Ruth and Boaz. His Fine family of eight Stalwart sons was doubtless known to Samuel whose judicial journeys for Many years had Given him a wide acquaintance. One morning under divine Impulsion the old Prophet took his own Horn of sacred Oil and walked to Bethlehem. His arrival causes Surprise and fear at Bethlehem. Apparently his visits had been infrequent in his later years and Only some momentous errand could have drawn him from his quiet retirement at Ramah. The people tremble As they think How the old Puritan Prophet treated his enemies and half suspecting some unpunished criminal among their number the ask a a comes thou peaceably a quickly he allays their fear and quiets All suspicion announces laconically his purpose to sacrifice and bids them prepare themselves and join him. A Sanctify yourselves a a Wash your persons and put on clean Geikie. The sacrificial rite having been attended to. Samuel now devotes himself to the business which was the real cause of his coming. He goes to Jesse a House and interviews his sons. Each youth is measured by the lofty Standard of the divine Ideal for the kingship. Eliab the oldest is in the full strength of robust manhood. At first thought the Prophet is inclined to accept him and look no further. But his divinely inspired second thought warns him not to Trust too much in outward appearance. The memory of the handsome Young Saul haunts him. He turns away. He scrutinizes the faces of six More of Jesse a sons in turn searching for kindliness in character. None of them meets Jehovah a requirements. A goodly to look upon a something in David a face and manner be tokens the boys developing possibilities. Being Youthful and untrained he was the More susceptible to Samuel a influence. Early youth is the time for anointing for ones life Mission. A then Samuel. Anointed him in the midst of his Brethren a the ceremony was not understood by the Brothers. They Little dreamed the office intended was the kingship. Probably the Prophet revealed his full purpose to David and what n deepening effect it must have hat upon the Young Many a life a strange malady had attacked the King a species of insanity or perhaps Only violent despondency induced by his growing evil temper. This distemper was found to yield to the soothing effect of music and the Young Shepherd musician from Bethlehem was brought to court to Charm into Good Humoured sanity the King whose successor he was destined to be. Here he soon became a favorite and in due time he was made the Kings Armor bearer. Public officials United states officers. Special examiner John t. Sadler Defiance special examiner u. To. Bureau of pensions. Pension board.4 t. C. Kinmont Hicksville president. H. C. Lindersmith Sherwood Secretary. R. B. Cameron Jewell treasurer. Meet each wednesday in Defiance. Post office cd j. Thompson postmaster. John Storck. Assistant postmaster. Hate a. Ayers Money order clerk. Fred a. Wei sen Burger. Mailing clerk. Iva h. window clerk. Office hours�?7 a. In. To 7 30 p. In. Money order department�?7 30 a. In. To 6 30 p. In. Sundays one hour�?9 90a. In. To 10340 . City mall carriers�?6. Rural mail carriers�?7. Courts. Circuit court third judicial circuit. Meets in Defiance during 1908 As Folio a March to. October 20. C. H. Nohr 8, we. T. Mooney Jas. H. Day judges sitting jointly As court. Common pleas court. We. Ii. Hubbard judge. Meets in Defiance during a 1903, As follows March 9. June i. Novem a Ber 9. County officers. W. A. Snider. Auditor. We. A. Schmaltz clerk. T. T. Shaw. Probate judge. D. F. Openlander prosecuting attorney. John h. Metz recorder. John Mccarty sheriff. Henry f. Teberan. Surveyor. C. W. Kerns treasurer. Chaa. Behringer i Geo. F. Henning commissioners. Peter Corressie. I justices of the peace or. H. E. Myers dentist successor to or. H. W. Myers amp son is now better prepared than Ever to do All work pertaining to his profession office Over or. E. N. Lewis a drug 8fore, Corner Clinton and third streets. Defiance Ohio. Township Adams Richland Highland Tiffin Noble Defiance Wash gtd a Delaware Farmer Mark Hacks Vlf a name i sheets j w Knape if e Travis it f Brancher it a bord w g Kopp l f or Hood we. Rath h c Breezie c h Hunter c e Maxwell c f Coiler u g Fogley h l Traxler John Core o a Rice w l Hosack a l Mcbride p. O. Address term expires Jewell rr2 vet res def rr2 def Defiance rr3def Evans put Defiance Defiance apr. 26, �?~04 mar ii in apr. 20, 08 apr. 19, a of May 7, k 5 Mav 7, �?~03 apr. 20, Kab May 7, �?~06 apr. 28, �?T04 Ney rr1 Bra Bend Sherwod Farmer Farmer Mark c. G a gecowets Mark c. B f Case Beer i Nixville John Berger i Nixville Defiance May to �?T05 Defiance apr. Is �?~08 nov. A of apr. 28, Khz Mav 7,�?T03 Mav 22, �?T08 May 21, Xuy May to Kwh apr. 17, kit apr.21, Kwh via 7, �?T05 apr. 25, 04 Milford has no qualified Squire. Township clerks. Adams Chas. Bidlack Post office Defiance route b. Defiance George a. Lle Atley Post office Defiance. Delaware a. W. Huff Post office Sherwood. Farmers a. O. Stone Post office. Farmer. Highland a. Stone Post office Defiance route 8. ,Hicksville. Mark Paul Hagen Post office Mark Center. Milford George j. Serrill Post office Hicksville. Noble Walter Brown Defiance Ohio. Richland George Worth Post office Defiance. Tiffin to. E. Shuter Post office Evansport. Washington a. W. Garber . Clerics Board of education. Adams Dias. Bidlack Post office Defiance route 2. Defiance George a. Heatley Post office. Defiance. Delaware a. W. Huff Post office Sherwood. Hicksville a. Birdsall Post office Hicksville. Highland a. Stone Post office Defiance route 3. Farmers a. O. Stone Post office Farmer. Milford Geo. C. Serrill Post office Hicksville. Mark Paul Hagen Post office Mark Conter. Nobles. I. Gruner Post office Defiance. , Post office Defiance. Tiffin to. E. Shuter Post office Evansport. Washington a. W. Garber Post office Ney. Ayersville a a. K. Philips Post office Ayersville. Defiance a. H. Gleason Post office Defiance. Hicksville Geo. Shepard Post office Hicksville. Mark a. E. Cline Center. Sherwood a. C. Lindersmith Post office Sherwood. Evansport special District to. E. Shuter Post office. Evansport. Southwestward. Joethea Suvad. 7 o 23 stations 22 6 2 4 p in p in a in p in p in 7 00 3 15 5 30 Toledo 8 40 2 25 9 30 8 of 4 06 6 34 Napoleon. 7 38 i 27 8 22 8 la 6 44 i Okolona. 7 -28 i 17 8 12 8 i7 6 52 Jewell 7 20 i 09 8 08 8 27 4 31 7 04 Defiance. 7 to 12 59 7 54 s 33 4 be 7 la Defiance it. 7 03 12 53 7 40 la 52 4 54 7 37 cedi. 6 44,12 37 7 25 .9 04 5 04 7 53 Antwerp. 6 31 12 25 a in 7 to 9 43 5 38 8 35 it. Wayne. 5 55 la 48 6 so to 22 6 22 9 32 4 58 la 07 5 till of 6 �2 to 05 4 31 to 47 4 33 la 21 7 to to 2fi Peru. 4 07 to 16 4 21 la 58 . 7 43 to 57 Logansport. 3 42 9 53 3 58 i 03 of co 4 la 56 . La Fayette 2 38 8 45 2 42 s 07 9 48 i 37danville. 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One of the interesting exhibits that May be seen in the horticultural department of the Louisiana Purchase exposition at St. Louis next year will be the fruits from South America. The managers of fruit farms of the late Cecil Rhodes at Cape town have announced their intention of placing fresh fruits on exhibition each week. Even in London this feat has never been undertaken. Latest Novelty in Babbles. Doctors have invented a new form Ltd Bubble. Neuralgia sciatica Aud Lumbago Are known to be affections of the ends of the nerves which lie just under the skin of the painful Region. It has been discovered that by injecting air under the skin the ends of the nerve Are lengthened and the pain relieved. The Bubble of air is pressed by the fingers and caused to move about until All parts Are relieved. In dislocations fractures and bruises the same treat ment has Given relic. It often happens that ease bound from Defiance a la b. 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A Deshler 9 to or Deshler. 9 20 a Defiance. Ill is la Roll 3f la 57 p in p. 83 i of 1 39 2 35 3 25 3 44 4 12 4 35 4 58 5 to 12 47 5 21 i it 5 35 i 05, 6 43 i 451 7 29 8 41 2 45 8 5? a a a d. G. Edwards passenger traffic manager Cincinnati Ohio. Cincinnati Northern by. North and South from Defiance via the. K o. North bound South bound a in la Defiance to 12 a Sherwood to 30 p in or Sherwood 2 28 la Moats. 2 37 la n ey.2 45 la Bryan. 3 of la West Unity. 3 25 la Alvord ton 3 37 la Hudson Mich 4 09 la Man Tau by cd 4 31 a 5 30 or la a Sherwood to 90 p in la Sherwood. 12 38 la cecil12 29 or Paulding. I Oslo laity. I to to Volant Lescot. I 23 la Van 90 la Celina. 2 so a Cincinnati. 7 to one through train each Way each Day except sunday. Close connection is made at Cecil with Wabash for Defiance at 7 24 p. Rn., arriving at Defiance from the North at 7 54 d. In. Wab bin j. Lynch to eur a fag. Is ticket agent. Cincinnati Ohio. Saffy. Always reliable. Ladle a a dry Girt Fri uht Chester s English in red and Brood metallic boxes sealed with Bino ribbon. Take no Ether. Berate Dos Jerreu ached lotion mad imitations. Buy of your druggist or Send 4c. In stamp for particulars testimonials Sod Ute ref Tor ladies a in letter. By re tora Hall. bold or All i Ruer Chighi std ohm goal of. No and is a Osbu a new York Tribune Farmer a new old paper for sixty years the new York weekly Tribune has been a National weekly newspaper read almost entirely by Farmers Ann has enjoyed the Confidence and support of the american people to a degree never attained by any similar Public cation. The new York Tribune Parmer. La made absolutely for Farmers and their families. The first number was issued november 7th, 1901. Every department of agricultural Industry is covered by special contributors who Are leaders in their respective lines and the Tribune Farmer will be in every sense a High class up to Date live enterprising agricultural paper profusely illustrated with pictures of live Stock Model farm buildings and Homes agricultural machinery etc.? Farmers wives sons and daughters will find Elal pages for their entertainment. Regular Price $1.00 per year but you can buy it with your favorite Home weekly newspaper the express one year for $1.50. Send your subscriptions and Money to Tex express Defiance Oma Spe

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