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Defiance County Republican Express (Newspaper) - September 19, 1890, Defiance, Ohio The wings of love. Tabernacle Sermon on the experience of Ruth. The Oriental re it it no and till salutation of Hoar. Hut ii a had become a voluntary exile for love Ami Hor Howard xxx a 1 treat. Tho subject of a recent discourse by or. Talmage was a wings of i Jove a Tho famous preacher taking for his text the words a the lord god of Israel under whose wings thou Art Corno to Trust a Euth ii 12. Scene an Oriental Harvest Field. Grain standing Drain in swaths. Grain in sheaves. P at the Side of the Field a White tent in which to take the nooning jars of vinegar or of sour wine to quench tile thirst of the hot working people. Swarthy men striking their Sickles into the rustling Barley. Others twisting the bands for the sheaves putting one end of the band under the Arm and with the free Arm Ami foot collecting Tho sheaf. Sunburned women picking up Tho stray straws and bringing them to the binders. Boaz a Fine looking Oriental Gray boarded and Bright faced Tho owner of the Field looking on and estimating the Valuo of t lie Grain and calculating so Many Mph has to tile acre and with ii is Large sympathetic heart pitying Trio Over tasked workmen and Tho women wit ii White faces enough to faint in Tho Noonday Sun. Lint Thoro is Ono woman who especially attracts Tim Many a attention. She is soon to to with him the joint owner of the Field. She has come from a Distant land for Tho Solo purpose of being kind to an aged woman. I know not what her features were but when the lord god sets behind a woman a face the lamp of courage and Faith and self sacrifice there comes out a glory Independent of features. She is to be the Anc Estress of Jesus Christ. Boaz Tho owner of the Field As soon As he understands that it is Ruth accost Lier with a Blessing a a full Reward be Given time of the lord god of Israel under whose Wing thou Art Home to Christ compares himself to a Hen gathering the chickens under her wings. In Deuteronomy god is represented As an Eagle stirring up her nest. In a great Many places in the psalms David makes ornithological allusions while my text mentions the wings of god under which the poor weary soul had come to Trust. I ask your attention therefore while taking the suggestion of my text i speak to you in ail simplicity and love of Tho wings of the almighty. First i remark that they wore Swift wings under which Ruth had come to Trust. There is nothing in All the Handiwork of god More curious than a Birds Wing. You have been surprised sometimes to see How far it could Fly with one stroke of the Wing and when it has food in Prospect or when it is affrighted the pulsations of tile Birds wings Are unimaginable for velocity. The English lords used to Pride themselves on the Speed of their Falcons. These Birds when tamed had in them the Dart of lightning. How Swift were the Carrier pigeons in the time of Anthony and the siege of Jerusalem wonderful Speed a Carrier Pigeon was thrown up at Rouen and came Down at Ghent ninety Miles off in one hour. The Carrier pigeons were Tho telegraphs of the Olden time. Swallows have been shot in our latitudes having the undigested Rice of i Georgia swamps in Thor crops showing i that they had come 400 Miles in six i hours. It has been estimated that in i the ten years of a swallows life it flies far enough to have gone around Tho world eighty nine times so great is its a velocity. And so the wings of the almighty spoken of in the text Are Swift wings. They Are Swift when they drop upon a foe and Swift when they Home to help gods friends. If a father and his son be walking by the Way and tile child goos too near a precipice How Long does it take for the father to deliver the child from danger longer than it takes god to swoop for the Rescue of his children i the tact is that you cannot get away from the care of god. If you take Tho steamship or the Swift rail train he is All the time along with you. A whither shall i go from thy spirit and whither shall i flee from thy presence if i ascend up into heaven thou Art there. If i make my cd in hell behold thou Are there if i take the wings of Tho morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea oven there thy hand shall hold the arabian Gazelle is Swift As the wind. If it gets but one glimpse of tile j Hunter it puts Many crags Between. I Solomon four or five times compares \ Christ to an arabian Gazelle calling it by another name when lie says a my 1 beloved is like a the difference is i that the Roe speeds the other Wray Jesus 1 speeds this. Who but Christ could have i been Quick enough to have helped Peter when Tho water pavement broke who hut Christ could have been Quick enough to help the Duke of Argyle when in his dying moment he cried a Good cheer i i could die like a roman but i mean to die like a Christian. Como away gentlemen. He wha goes first goes cleanest a i had a Friend who stood by Tho rail track at Carlisle pa., when the ammunition had give. N out at Antietam and he saw the train from Harrisburg freighted wit ii shot and Shell As it went thundering Down to the Battle Field. He said that it stopped not for any crossing. They put Down the brakes for no Grade. They held up for no peril. The wheels were on fire with tile Speed As they dashed past. If the train did no come up in time with the ammunition it might As Well not come at All so my friends there Are times in our lives when we must have help immediately or perish the Grace that comes too late is no Grace at All. What you and i w ant is god now. Of is it not blessed to think that god is always in such Quick Pursuit of his dear children when a sinner seeks Pardon or a battled soul needs help swifter than thrushes Wing swifter than Ptarmigan swing swifter than Flamingo s Wing swifter than eagles Wing arc the wings of Tho almighty. I remark further carrying out the idea of my text that the wings under which Ruth had come to Trust were very Broad wings. They have been eagles shot in the Rocky mountains with wings that were seven feet from tip to tip. When tile King of the air sits on the Era Hiern sometimes conies a period in ones r faint life when he feels forsaken. You said a everything is against me. Tho world is against me. The Church is against to. A sympathy no Hope. Everybody that comes near me thrusts at me. Thoro is a god anyhow a everything seems to by going Slipshod and at haphazard. Thor a does not seem to to any hand on the Helm. Job s health fails. David s Absalom gets to to a reprobate. Martha s brother Dies. Abrahams Sarah goes into the Gravo of of a ii pc i a. A woe Worth the Day in which i was born a has said Many a Christian. David seemed to scream out in his sorrow As he said a is his mercy Dean gone forever and will he be favourable no More and hath he in anger shut tip his tender mercies a Job with his Throat swollen and ulc ered until he could not even Swallow exclaims a How Long before thou Wilt depart from my and leave me alone that i May Swallow Down my spittle a have there never been times in your life when you envied those who were buried when you longed for Tho Gravedigger to do his work for you Ltd the faithlessness of Tho human heart gods wings Are Broad whether we know it or not. Sometimes the Kotlier Bird goes away from the nest and it scents very strange that she should leave Tho Callow Young. She it lunges her beak into Tho bark of the tree and she drops into the Grain Field and into Tho chaff at the barn door and into the Furrow of Hie plough boy. Meanwhile the Birds in the nest shiver and complain and Call and wonder Why the Mother Bird does not come Back. A she has gone for food. After a while then is a whirr of wings and Tho Kotlier Bird St a lids on the Edge of the nest arid the Little ones open their Mouths and the food is dropped in and then the old Bird spreads out her feathers and All is peace. So sometimes god leaves us. He goes off to get food for our soul and then he comes Back after a while to the nest and says a open thy Mouth wide and i will till it a and he drops into it the Sweet promises of his Grace and the love of god is shed abroad and we Are under his wings Tho Broad wings of Tho almighty. Yes they Are very Broad there is room under those w Ings for the sixteen Hundred millions of Tho race. You say a do not get Tho invitation too Large for there is nothing More awkward than to have More guests than i know it. The Seaman a Friend society is inviting All tin sailors. The tract society is inviting All the destitute. The Sabbath schools arc inviting All the children. The missionary society is inviting All the Heathen. The printing presses of the Bible societies Are going night and Day doing nothing but printing invitations to this great gospel banquet. Arid Are you not afraid that there will to More guests than accommodations no All who have been invited w ill not half fill up the table of gods Supply. There Are chairs for More. There Are cups for More. God could with one Feather of his Wing cover to All those who have come and when lie spreads out both wings they cover All the Earth and All the heavens. Be israelite who went through the red sea come under be multitudes who have gone into glory for the last six thousand years come under be Hundred and forty four thousand and the thousands of thousands come under be flying cherubim and archangel. Fold your pinions and come under and yet there is room a if god would have All the space under his wings occupied he must make other worlds and people them with other myriads and have other resurrection and judgment Days for broader than All space broader than thought wide As eternity from tip to tip Are the wings of the almighty of under such provision As that can you not rejoice come under be wandering be weary be troubled be sinning be dying souls come under the wings of the almighty. Whosoever will come let him come. However ragged however wretched however abandoned however woo begone there is room enough under the wings under the Broad wings of Tho almighty of what a gospel so glorious so magnificent in its provision i love to preach it. It is my life to preach it. It is my heaven to preach it. I remark further that the wings under which Ruth came to Trust were Strong wings. The strength of a Bird s Wing of a sea fowls Wing for example a you might guess it from the fact that sometimes for five six or seven Days it seems to Fly without resting. There have been condors in the Andes that could overcome an of or a Stag. There have been eagles that have picked up children and swung them to the top of the Cliffs. The Flap of an eagles Wing has death in it to everything it strikes. There Are Birds whose wings Are packed with strength to Fly to lift to destroy. So Tho wings of god Are Strong wings. Mighty to save. Mighty to destroy. I preach him a the lord Strong and mighty the lord mighty in Battle a he flapped his Wing and the antediluvian world was gone. He flapped his Wing and Babylon perished lie flapped his Wing and Herculaneum was buried. He flapped his Wing and the Napoleonic dynasty ceased. Before tie stroke of that Pinion a Fleet is nothing. An army is nothing. An Empire is nothing. A world is nothing i he universe is nothing. King eternal omnipotent Iii asks no counsel from Hie thrones of heaven. He takes not the archangel into his Cabinet. Ile wants none to draw his chariots for they Are the winds. None to Load his batteries for they Are the lightnings. Non to tie the sandals of his feet for they Are the Clouds. Mighty to save. Our enemies May be Strong our sorrows violent our sins May be great. But quicker than an Eagle Ever hurled from the crags a Hawk or Raven will the lord strike Back our sins and our temptations if they assault us when we Are once seated on the eternal Rock of his salvation. By hat a blessed thing it is to he defended by the Strong Wing of the almighty stronger than the pelicans Wing stronger than the Albatross Wing stronger than the Condor s Wing Are Tho wings of the almighty. I have Only one More thought to present. Tho wings under which Ruth had come to Trust were gentle wings. There is nothing softer than a Feather. You have noticed when a Bird returns from flight How gently it Stoops Over the nest. I Hoyoung Birds Are not afraid of having their lives trampled out by the Mother whip poor will drops into idea of the Beauty that comes Down i Over the soul when on it drop Tho Forth Era of the almighty j Here fold your weary wings. This is j Tho Only Safe nest. Every other nest i will be destroyed. The Prophet in is so a a though thou exalt thyself like the Vagle and set thy nest among the stars Jot will i bring thee Down Saith the lord of tinder the Swift wings finder the Broad wings under Tho Strong wings under the gentle wings of the almighty find shelter until the calamities be overcast. Then when you want to change nests it will Only be from the Valley of Earth to the Heights of heaven and instead of a the Wing of a Dove a for which David longed not knowing that in the firs mile of their flight they would give out. You will he conducted upward by the lord clod of Israel under whose wings Ruth the Beautiful Moab Tess came to Trust. God forbid that in this matter of eternal weal or woe we should be More stupid than the fowls of heaven a for the Stork know eth her appointed time and the Turtle and the Crane and the swallows observe the time of their going hut my people know not Tho judgments of the Indiana republicans. Proceedings of their state convention a Oft a very prof. Visiting manner. Many of us who Pride ourselves on our Good Breeding Are singularly Blind As to what is due to friends who Are vis ring people unknown to us or who Are entertaining guests whom a Hay never met. Nor Are we More assured As to some of Tho Points of etiquette toward our own guests and to our own hosts when we make an occasional flitting from Home. It is useless to decry etiquette by say ing that the Best manners in All cases Are those which Hurt no one. This is True As a general Law but there always Are some mints which leave no room for experiments As to what will Hurt another and which yet May be settled once for All by a few rules. If you Havo an acquaintance who is entertaining friends whom she wishes you to meet it is your duty to Call promptly and if possible offer some hospitality to both guests and hosts. If the position is reversed and your Friend is visiting people unknown to you never go to see your Friend without leaving a card for the hostess. If you give any entertainment for the Friend be very sure to invite her Host Ako. It does not follow that your invitation will be accepted but if it is the hostess must be treated As the guest of Honor and shown every deference. If for instance the entertainment is a luncheon for Young ladies she May be asked to take the seat at the end of the table opposite to your own if the Mutual Friend is your guest you May lie sure that if she is a woman of Good Breeding she in turn will accept no invitation which does not include you although you May think Best to decline it Aud insist upon her going alone. Nor will she receive visitors without asking you to join them in the Parlord should her friends be rude enough to have sent you no cards. Here too you May excuse yourself or at most join them with such delay As to give them a Short interview alone. These same rules hold Good for you when you Are the guest. Before you go to make the visit Send word to your friends where and with whom you Are to stay so that there May be no idea that you Are in a boarding House and therefore mistress of your time and surroundings. This constant deference to your hostess should Lead you to order All letters and packages to be addressed to her care. As to the disposal of your time when you Are visiting no etiquette requires you to accept All the plans of your hostess if you feel unable to do so but care is needed to show that refusal Means Lack of strength not Lack of interest and inclination. With a Little tact on both sides you will have Many hours for your own. Indeed a skillful hostess will manage to secure you this privilege and not make Tho mistake of working too hard to amuse you and so absorb every moment of your visit into her idea of what is pleasure for you. No greater compliment is possible than the quiet acceptance of your presence in the intimacy of family youth s comr Anion. Co flirt Ril xxx. Elton . Pro clout Tho nominee Ami haunting a my he Vij t a mini it rut inn endorsed Tiitto to rpm a live a special from Indianapolis say it Hainin a Wehener of the slate Central committee called the Republican state convention to order Tho committee on permanent Organ ration reported r. W. Thompson sex Secretary of the Navy for chairman and Maries s. Landis of Delphi for Secretary. Sex Secretary Thompson was then introduced As chairman and a received with tumultuous applause. He said that fifty years ago he attended a convention in t his City Whoso chief duty was to condemn Tho demo a ratio party for its policy of government he said that Tho history of Tim last fifty years had shown that the democratic party was still incompetent to take charge if the government. To spoke for the better part of an hour going into a history of the Republican and democratic Tariff interest Etc or. Thompson closed by a Strong plea for absolute Protection and endorsed the present Silver Bill. I to plat form was then reported. It endorse Tho administration of president conduct of by Waker i teed companion. Josh Hillings philosophy. Tow work is the grate jaw of Natur. If the woodchuck done to dig a Hole he wont have one. It in Trew he May steal one but then sum other will Hay Tow dig two. Human happiness in a dreadful hard thing Tew define. I hav seen a Man perfectly Happy without any shirt Tew Iii Back hokum suddenly furious be Kause sum body had Given him one the Collar of which Waunt starched stiff snuff. A the Are is a grate Deal of bad Luk lie ing around Loose in this world but it in Publick property it done to belong few Enn body in Cert Ikuiaro. Things Liz got so now if a Man stops lie in a going Tew be run Over for thare Ain t no men of consequent snuff few Stop the whole proc Eshun. Of i was a going few civilize a parcel of Heathen on sum Distant Ile by the Job i should debate sum time in i mind which few Send dancing masters or missionary. One of the Best things a Man Kan say when he Haz reasonable doubts what to ought few say in Tew say nothing. Sycophants Are Altus the Fust ones to be sacrificed when disasters cum. In a world like this whare thare in at least five false filings to one that in True guessing in poor Biz Ness. The Best kind of advice to Loller is that which agrees w Ith our own Pinyun. A new York m weekly. Harrison arum Tho condemn the democratic doctrine of free Trade favor reciprocity approves Tho pension legislation of the Pron in Congress approves tile Silver Bill onto cd convict labor and child labor favor the logo Bill opposes alien ownership of land. And demand Bina to Privet food and iteration denounces trusts Aud combination favors i nimble River and Harbor improvements endorses the administration of governor Hovey demands non partisan control of state benevolent institutions denounces the White Cap outrages demands local option and approves the original package Bill demands the election of United state senator by popular vote demands Public improvement Ozara for a it ios demands regulation of foreign building associations condemns the last demo Erat in legislature for tilling of Licos with partisans denounces the democratic platform for Tea King charges against the Tato and Federal judiciary favors free text Hooks for Tho Public schools opposes any interference with private or parochial schools condemns the financial administration of the state finances opposes any increase in state taxation condemns Tho legislative Gerrymander heartily approve the action of the Republic ans in of ingress. Under Tho Brilliant leadership of i Bourns b. Row they Havo again proved Chat the Republican party can be relied upon to meet and solve great Public questions and have once More demonstrated its capacity for Intel Lugent und Itri Otic government. The import ant. Treaties concluded Aud pending the Liberal pension Laws the revision of a system of import duties the provision for certain and impartial collection thereof Laws authorizing a states to Ileal with articles deemed harmful legislation to secure pure food for our people to remove All objections to the products or our farms in foreign markets to tip provision for increasing the volume of sound currency jaws designed to make elections fair and pure legislation for the Protection of rail a Sqq employees Laws against trusts and Monopoles to suppress lotteries to prohibit c a Viet labor on Public works to prohibit importation of foreign labourers under contract Tor the Protection of miners to endow colleges of agriculture and Mechanic arts Tho statutes adding six stars to the hag of the Union each representing a Commonwealth already great and populous c Institute a work completed or Well advanced which in character and value Bas rarely been equalled in any single sos a Ion of Congress. The Plank endorsing Harrison is As follows a we endorse the administration of Benjamin Harrison and the Able statesmen selected As his co labor ors and advisors As being Wise vigorous and patriotic. It has kept tile pledges Modo to the people has carefully guarded and zealously promoted their welfare and elevated the condition of the Public service. The fleets of Mon Tai exhaustion. Many disease especially i. Ii oho of then a it Vons so item Are the products of Dally renewed mental exhaust.?Busine Avera a or involve an amount of mental Wear and i prejudicial to physical health and Tho sinus if third Musty pursued Are no it is <1 tire to brain and nerve tissue it in one of the Moat important attribute of Host Otter s stomach Bittern that it comp it no it for this undue bus of t Issue Quot Aud Liat it imparts new Energy to the brain and nerve l Ite rapidity with which n Renews weakened mental on Ray and phys Ai vitality i remarkable and shows Bat its in Vigo Atung properties Are of the High St order beside increasing vital stamina and counter a Long the effects of mental exhalation ibis potential Medicine cure and prevent Feer and Niu rheumatism chronic dyspepsia and constipation. Kidney and Merino weakness and other complaint Rhynie Ciamp also commend it a a medicated stimulant and remedy ii training. Harry looking Over manuscript a you Don t expect atty editor w ill accept Mich stuff is that do you Jaek a certainly not it has been refused by seven already. Harry Why Andor Tho Sun do you keep on sending it around. Jack in a trying to discover How Many ways a thing eau to courteously declined Harry what for Jaeky i promised to to the dinner of the . Its excellent qualities commend to Public approval the Cal font a liquid fruit remedy syrup of Fig it i pleasing to Tho Eye and to the taste and by gently acting on the kidney liver and bowels it Clen sea Tho a Stem effectually the Rob promoting Tho Houltby and Comfort of All vrho Lee it. To 3 lunch cd. Rand appropriate pastry for a from counter sponge a Tel Yew go with Imogene Mystic cooking do. L. H hoi Surh Toledo 0.,nay Quot i have practice Medicine for forty yet a have never seen a Ere a As Ion that i mud prescribe with so much confide a ice of nieces Iii i can Hall Catarrh Cun.4. Hold by i t Iggie 75c, the Plank referring to Tho Tariff follows is As drugs. Ruth had been under those wings in her infantile Days in the Days of Lier Happy girlhood in Moab in the Day when she gave ller hand to Mullion Iii Lier first marriage in the Day when she wept Over his grave Iii the Day when she trudged out into the wilderness of poverty in the Days when she picked up the few Straw of Barley dropped by ancient custom in tin Way of the poor. Of. Yes. The wings of god Are Broad wings. I hey cover up All our wants All our sorrows All our sufferings he puts one a Mig Over our Cradle and to puts Tho Olin r Over our grave. Yes my dear friends if i it not a desert in Winch we Are placed it is a nest. Sometimes it is a very hard nest like that of the Eagle a spread on the Rock with ragged Moss and rough Sticks nut still is a nest and although it May be very hard under us j Oyer us Are the wings of the thee with his Wing. Of the gentleness of god but even that figure does not fully set it Forth for i have sometimes looked into the Birds nest and seen a dead Birds its life having been trampled out by the Mother Bird. But no one that Ever came under the feathers of the almighty was trodden on. Blessed nest warm nest Why will men stay out in the cold to be shot of temptation and to be chilled by the blast when there is divine shelter More Beautiful than any Flower i Ever saw Are the hues of a Birds plumage. Did you Ever examine it the Blackbird floating like a Flake of darkness through the Sun Light the Meadow Lark with head of Fawn and Throat of velvet and breast of Gold the red Flamingo flying Over the Southern swamps like Sparks from the forge of the setting Sun the Pelican White and Blacks morning and night tangled in its wings give but a very not Fallon so Row As that. An English Magazine in an article on restaurants tells of a new y Ork Speculator who came to grief anti went to work As waiter in a cheap eating House in that City. To this waiters i table came a broken Down seedy look ing individual of an aristocratic fifth Avenue Brown Stone front Type sneaking in with every sign of being very much ashamed of himself. When tile waiter arrived to take his order there was Mutual recognition and the newcomer murmured a great Scott Thompson you Here a the attendant showed no sympathy at ail but drawing himself up haughtily dryly replied a Yaes Jones i wait Here but i done to Dine i a Vav a in a e let a is your a in Mary a a yes but you May come a i done to Tii Ink he likes me Aud he might a a there is no need of being afraid he is a engaged is he a a yes be stayed out till after twelve last night Aud went off this morning without giving a a Chance to talk to him. She is talking to him now and he wont be in this part of the House for the next three hours. Come right Many bodily disorders could be avoided if people would Only take air. We reaffirm our belief Iii Tho Republican doctrine of Protection to american industries. Rome Market wit h i Lions of Consumers Ltd a Noil in varied industries Are the Best in the world and for Many perishable articles the Only ones accessible. American markets should lie first for our own citizens and to this end we favor levying import duties upon products of other nations often the result of degraded labor selecting such articles As we can produce prefix Al y and As will bring Revenue to the government and impose the least Burden upon our own people. We condemn the doct Rine of free Trade under the operation of which thousands now engaged in manufacturing milling and like industries must be driven to agricultural pursuits at once increasing our farm products Aud destroying the Best Aud most reliable Market for them and commend the policy of reciprocity proposed in connection with pending tax it legislation to the end that when our markets Ore opened More freely to the products of other countries we should obtain As a consideration therefor More favourable Trade privileges with countries to be benefited. We will thus secure especially in. Mexico the Central and South american states and adjacent islands such a Market for our agricultural and manufactured products an will Clit Oblo us top in Fox our no iou and Coffee with the product of our Mills Aud farms. Every reference to speaker Reed was greeted with prolonged applause. A Resolution was adopted selecting the Eagle As Tho Emblem of the Republican party to be used on the ballot provided for by tile australian ballot system. A Resolution was adopted ordering Tho Secretary of the convention to Send a congratulatory Telegram to Thomas b. Reed a formerly of Maine but now of the United the following is the Complete ticket Secretary of state Milton Truster of Fayette county auditor of state i. N. Walker of Marion county treasurer of state George w. Pixley of Allen county attorney general John Vav. Lovett of Madison county judge supreme court it. Vav. Mcbride of Elkhart county clerk supreme court will to Noble of Wayne county statistician John Worrell of Hendricks county superintendent Public instructions James Henry of Morgan county. The Only fight was on state treasurer and Pixley was nominated on the second ballot. The convention dosed with cheers for president Harrison speaker Reed and the state ticket. Avoid ii conspicuous it a. First custom House inspector of the steamship pier a in be been watching that heavily overdressed woman for some time and i have my suspicions. Second a Stoia House inspector so have i i think die is heavily underdressed. Lets eau one of our female smuggler pullers Quot do noon with that thou Hast or it will do thou no Trout Quot i you know All about bar Olio put your knowledge to Uso. Tho swans song. Mrs. Be Torbyn done to you Tii Ink it is very remarkable that a Swan should ing before dying judge Peter by not so much so As i would if they Sang after sittings. A mistake perhaps was made when or. Sherman named his great remedy prickly Ash pit us but it is presumed that at that time ult remedies for Hie blood etc., were Calix bitters. Had to Calli d it prickly ask a div Eulator a a a curative Quot almost anything but hitter it undoubtedly would in pc superseded All other preparations of similar character. The Namo lilt Ter is misleading it is purely a Medicine and cannot be used a beverage. Sealskin of four mar. Gush after Hie proposal a and what can i Gin you Darling to Seal Tho vows which have passed Between us miss Giddy Well George done to you think a Jacque would be very Nice if Tott it Tiff a i ii ooh Jolt Evoi. Akk. A enrol seen of the eel bated Smith a Warson or i is. Tits nest Mali Arm or in in if trip a in the first cd tie of attn Matin fart n red in calibres is. A d to it. In action baby in Toner hn-1 Arvrid models Cut if tru Teda it. By Lanai it or Nurt Fieri car Fenily in e a i for wont a Tanh a it arum Stock Arn Ufi Rivil it for git i ii. 4 ii in vilify n rid at counter. In or id Quot a Sam a which no sour has Ever been imitated a much an Dobbins electric soap. Tile Market is us of imitations. Be careful that you Tiro not Deer nil. A a a. Ii. Dobbins Philadelphia and new York Quot is stamped on every bar. The reason men Novor Stop at Ono Glass when taking who by is i Elt a ii be it is a Cereal drink und always has to to continued in Tho eleven children out of twelve next Der. Bulls worm destroyers occasionally those Dainty Little candies Are always Safe and sure. _ i m looked in slumber murmurs Tho Pris it a Bird in his sleep la bul doth a n Rord. Beech a mrs pills weak stomach. Net like magic on a girls look upon the engagement ring As a very promising a Ludelphia to runic do he mid. The Best cough Medicine is a go a Are for consumption t old everywhere. 25c. The Man who lives too lust i bound to die too e w Ort in i n ii a a Merit wins and this is the reason for the unequalled popularity of hoods Sarsaparilla unify your copyright i a too. A departure from Ordinary methods has Long been adopted by Tho makers of or pierces Golden medical know what it can do and they guarantee it. Your Money is promptly returned if it fails to Benefit or euro in All diseases arising from torpid liver or impure blood. No better terms could to asked for. No better remedy can to had. Nothing else that claims to to a blood purifier is sold in this Way because nothing else is like Tho a a g. M. so positively certain is it in its curative effects As to warrant its makers in Selling it As they Are doing through druggists on trial its especially potent in curing Tetter Salt Rhc Uin eczema Ery-siiela8, heels carbuncles sore eyes goitre or thick neck and enlarged glands tutors and swellings. Great eating ulcers rapidly heal under its benign influence. Worlds dispensary medical association 003 main Street Buffalo n. Y. Is re Annot Supply Yon in order int Load re a a flew will is ref romp4 and cans Ful Artrist on. Ital Tripti caul my. A id prior f in of Duvin ass Ith to Ives nov of mention this paper. . Was Ropsy titrated Fiske. A positively cured with eff Tel Rem Dimi Huv co my Tunny thou id �. Fur pattern or Nom Topolo by the wed j Holt in from by Dorp a yrs Tim rapidly and a Tim Days i a it i. To r to a i a i a pm oui in rvmow�?~1. A i for or we of to St in it inlaw of Uil Ramoa Cun. Titi Days burnts Ltd Iron Fey mail. If Yea order trial scud i omit in stamp to put in a fag pit. La. A Gheen 4 sons a Dan to go. Pensions the did Al i cd Bill i a Law. Soldier disabled inc tit War a re Nett Tom dependent we do and Parent Bow dependent who Sou. Died Maiorff Mot amp Vic Star included of you in hero a claim up Jagt ily and pro a outed and ire on ii tour claim ape James Tanner late cd a Maui a inn Rof put us a i. Wurfl Natsi d c of a you want to know itt 11� six it the human to Tom psf met a a a. Amoral i tvs ii let Boruni and a Illume i sir to All forma of Hunt i my i Yra is Hurt. 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La Dext to u a. Cure is cerium. For Pitfor s for . Relief is immediate. A cold in Iii head it hit no equal. A Ata r it is an ointment of which a Small particle is applied to the nostrils. Price Coe. Ftp to by druggists or sent it by ii. Address k. T. A Saltink. Warren. A. Evert we Ieti f Kuo t full Arf or cuff that can be relied on not to split a a i itt ii into to Discolour bears this Mark. Trade be up to the Mark Mark. Needs no laundering. Can be wiped clean in a moment. The Only Linen lined Waterproof Bollar in the Market Mam p unacquainted with the geography of the country. Will obtain much valuable information from a study of this map of blood too extravagant an old lady had invited another old lady to take Tea with her. After the departure of her guest the hostess who was of a penurious turn of mind said Scoffin Gly a Well Betsy Blake makes a mighty loud per session of being a Good Church member and All that but i watched Lier to night and she up and put three to aping Teaspoons of sugar in one cup of Tea and if she Calls that christianity i done to but do no use the dangerous alkaline and mercurial preparations which destroy your nervous system and ruin the digestive Power of the stomach. The vegetable kingdom gives us the Best and safest remedial agents. Or. Sherman devoted the greater part of his Lite to the discovery of this reliable and Safe remedy and All its ingredients Are vegetable. He gave it the name of prickly Ash bitters i a name every one can remember and to the present Day nothing has been discovered that is so beneficial for the blood Tor the liver to the kidneys and for the stomach. This remedy is now so Well and favourably known by All who have used it that arguments As to its merits Are useless and if others who require a corrective to the system would but give it a trial the health of this country would be vastly improved. Remember the name prickly Ash bitters. Ask your druggist for it. Prickly Ash bitters co. St. Louis. To. With me you insult too Fly. Armand come i Fly implore you Camille never sir me. Armand what you will not go Camille i xviii resist you with All the strength of my woman a nature. If you would tear me from the Placo you must first drug me and Render me unconscious. You xviii find a bottle of chloroform on the Bureau Over there from an a produced of Ama by Dumas. Irreparable. There is no class of persons perhaps who follow their chosen profession with More enthusiasm than do the members of the medical fraternity. One of our Exchange reports this Little dialogue Between two of them doctor did no to get to the society meeting Hast night. Or. Jays Pajer on a a germs was very interesting. Doctor several Calls in the evening sorry i attend. Doctor , the it or will be published. Doctor , i know but the up Tuffs pills enable the dyspeptic to eat whatever he wishes. They cause the food Toa mini Lato and nourish the body give appetite and develop flesh. Office 39 amp 41 Park place new York. Beecham s pills the great English remedy cure bilious Aud nervous ills. I 25cts. A Box. Of4 All . Fat folks reduces a a ate Fem Al of Ike Art a i am Mit it Moo i has Tam is i Mhz gtd Joe k aum t go. A urea or Tat a a a a a min Uhm Roar Man Tim Amu shut a a ten a a ski Tim in patients lr.0��?� of treated by a a Lueetta amp ass 3 9m gut Gums Aud i4- ? a a a in no or. O. W. R. In pensions Law. 9m ant Gums and i�4 a a a a a a a a tue a or. O. W. R. Oms Ora. Ass Sui pm Cele a a old claims settled under Stew a i soi<1,?,?4,,0v4 or rat a in it i for Wink so plication a and information. Str Lek a x �?n4 Washington. It. G4. Farrell the Assn la entitled a Iller till sew Ait. Writ immediately to it a _ _ by ask f it a applies Jikit co Woald Gem. D o new Law. Son to or idler widows and or Lii vet e int Vejum sift to a. A 1 Lna trn it lion free Homes a co. Atty. Washington. Ii he Chicago Rock Island amp Pacific railway including main lines branches and extensions East and West of Tho Missouri River. The direct route to and from Chicago Joliet Ottawa Peoria la Salle Moline Rock Island in Illinois Davenport Muscatine Ottumwa Oskaloosa Des Moines Winterset Audubon Harlan and Council Bluffs in Iowa Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota Watertown of High in Dakota Cameron St Joseph and Kansas City in Missouri Omaha Fairbury and Nelson in Nebraska Atchison Leavenworth Horton Topeka Hutchinson Wichita Belleville Abilene Doutre Ciao Caldwell in Kansas Kingfisher Al Reno in the Indian in Erri tory Denver Colorado Springs and Pueblo in Colorado. Traverses now areas of Rich farming and grazing lands affording Tho Best facilities of intercommunication to All towns and cities East and West Northwest and Southwest of Chicago and to Pacific and transoceanic seaports magnificent Vestibule express trains 01between Chicago and ? i r a Bluffs and Omaha and Between Chicago top a is and Pueblo via Kansas City and Isnor Mav or urls a a Rhrou a coach a Palace sleepers new and elegant dining cars and free reclining chair cars. Of a me Cursione daily with Choice of routes to and from Salt Lake Helena Portland Rolos Angeles and san Francisco. Fast repress trains daily to and from All towns cities and sections in Southern Nebraska Kansas and the Indian territory. The direct Lino to and from Fikes Peak Manitou Cascade Glenwood Springs and All the sanitary resorts and Scenic grandeur of Colorado. Via the Albert Lea route. R aet express trains daily Between Chicago and Minneapolis and St. Paul making close connections for All Points North and Northwest. Free reclining chair cars to and from Kansas City. The favorite line to Pipestone. Watertown Sioux Falls and the summer resorts and Hunting and fishing grounds of Iowa Minnesota and Dakota. The Short line via Seneca and Kankakee offers facilities to travel Between Cincinnati Indianapolis Lafayette and Council Bluffs St. Joseph. Atchison Leavenworth Kansas City Minneapolis and St. Paul. For tickets maps folders of desired information apply to any ticket office in the United states or Canada or address e. St. John general manager. I. I Ensio is Ai it kit Al off John Sebastian Chicago i la. Gene a ticket amp pass agent left i new pension Law. In n Gnu Fri Iti. Al xxx la h ask Kut in Ken Knix kid. Address a a Lur i onus Tor application and Tau information. Xxx. , late commission be of pensions attorney at Law. Wash ii ton _ mention this paper.,i n. Us a f. . 38-9<v Xix heir xxx Ritang to advertisers please sap Job saw the a Iivo Rte a Lieut in tills papery

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