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Defiance County Republican Express (Newspaper) - October 11, 1889, Defiance, Ohio Dut a pm age s advice. Frk Ahks a Sermon on Ftp. Worlds fair la rival Cit Cran flirting mud at to Hor. Ii Sara shall the fair Ila a indexing or a Carua the Rev. To de Witt Talmage. D., drenched in the Tabernacle on the subject. The coining worlds fair shall it be made a i Leskin or Curie Quot his text wee Ezekiel xxvii 12 a they traded in Thor he said Faire May to for the Hale of goods or for the exhibition of goods on a email scale or a Large scale for county or Cit for one nation or for All nations. Ivy text brings us to the Fain of ancient Tyre. A City tout is now extinct. Fart of the City was on an Island and part on the Mainland. Alexander the conquerer was much embarrassed when he found to Norh of the City was on an he had no ships. But his military Genius was not to be walked. Having Intro had his army to Tho Beach he or dered them to tear up the City on the Mainland and throw it into the water and build a causeway of Timber and Brick and Stone on which his army marched to the capture of that part of the City which was on Tho Island a though a hostile army should put Brooklyn into the East River Aud Over it March to the capture of new York. That Tyrian causeway of Rains which alexanders army built is still there Aud by alluvial deposits has permanently United the Island to Tho Mainland so that it is no longer an Island but a Promontory. The Sand the greatest of All undertakers for burying cities having covered up for the most part bul Bec and Palmyra and Thebes and Memphis Aud Carthage Aud Babylon and Luxor and Jericho the Sand so Small and yet so mighty is now gradually giving rites of be culture to what was left of Tyre. But of what a magnificent sity it Onee was mistress of the sea Queen of International Commerce All nations casting their crowns at bet feet where w e have in our sailing vessels benches of Wood she had benches of Ivory. Where we have for our masts of ships sails of coarse Canvas she had sails of richest embroidery. The chapter from which my text id taken alter enumerating the richest countries in All the world says of Tyre the extruded in thy look in spot a worlds fair at Tyre. Ezekiel leads us through one department and it is a horse fair. Ender fed and Over driven for Ages th1 horses of to Day give you no idea of the splendid Ani Mals which rearing Aud plunging and snorting and neighing were brought Down Over the Plank of the ships Aud led into the worlds fair at Tyro until Ezekiel who was a minister of religion and not supposed to know much about horses cried out in admiration a they of the House of Togarmah traded in thy fairs with Here in another department of that worlds fair at Tyre led on by Ezekiel the Prophet we find everything All ablaze with precious stones. Like petrified Snow Are the corals like fragments of fallen ski Are the sapphires and Here is Agate a Blush with All colors. What is that Aroma we inhale it is from chests of Cedar which we open and find them filled with All styles of fabric. But the aromatics increase us we pass Down this Lane of enchantment and Here Are Cassia Ami frankincense and Balm. Led on by Ezekiel the Prophet we come to an Agri cultural fair with a display of wheat from Minnith and Pantag Rich As that of our modern Dakota or Michigan. And hero is a mineralogical fair with specimens of Iron and Silver and tin and Lead Aud Gold. But halt for Here is purple Tyrian purple All tints and shades deep almost unto the Black Aud Bright almost unto the Blue waiting for Kings and Queens to order it made into Robes for Cornn Tion Day purple not like unit which is now made from the or Ohilla Weed but the extinct purple the lost purple which Tho ancients knowhow to make out of the Gus theropod molluscs of the Mediterranean. Of look at those casks of wine from hellion Bee those Snow Banks of Wool from Tho Back of sheep that once pastured in Gilead. Of the bewildering riches and variety of that worlds fair at Tyre Bat the world has copied these Bible mentioned fairs in All succeed engages and it has had its Louis the sixth fair fit Dagobert Aud Henry the first fair on St. Bartholomew a Day Aud hungarian fairs at Perth and easter fairs at Leip Sac and the scotch fairs at Perth alright was the Day when i was at one of the Maud afterwards came the Loudon worlds fair and the new York worlds fair and the Vienna worlds fair Aud the parisian worlds fair Aud it has been de Eidos that in commemoration of the discovery of America in 1492, there shall be held in this country in 1892 a worlds Muir that shall eclipse All proceeding National expositions. I say. God Speed Tho movement surely the event commemorated is worthy of All the Are Itee Tare and music and pyrotechnics and eloquent and stupendous planning and monetary expenditure and congressional appropriations which the most sanguine Christian Patriot has Ever dreamed of. Was any voyage that the world Ever heard of crowned with such an arrival As that of Columbus and his men after they had been encouraged for the last few Days by flight of land Birds find floating branches of red berries and while Columbus was Down in the Cabin studying the sea Hurt Martin Pinou standing on deck and looking to the Southwest cried a land land land Quot and a Gloria in excels is Quot was Sung in raining tears on All the three ships of the expedition. Most appropriate and patriotic and Christian w ill be a commemorative worlds fair in America in 1892. Leaving to others the discussion As to the site of such exposition and i wonder not that some five or six of our cities Ore struggling to have it for it will give to any City to which it is assigned an impulse of Prosperity for a Hundred years i say leaving to others the selection of the particular locality to be thus honoured i want to say some things from the Point of Christian patriotism which ought to be said and the Currier the better that we get thou Sands of people talking generations of women since eve what philanthropists who do not feel satisfied with their own charities until they get into the hundreds of thousands Ana the millions what a a god a acres Quot for the dead gardens of Beauty and palaces of Marble for those who sleep the last sleep now Stop your slander of american cities. Do Yon say they Are the centers of crime and political corruption please admit the fact that they Are centers of intelligence Aud generosity and the mightiest patrons of architecture and sculpture and painting and music and reservoirs of religions influence for All Tho continent. It will be Well for the country districts to cease talking against the cities and it will to Well for the City of one locality to Stop talking against the cities of other localities. New York will not get the worlds fair by depreciating Chicago and Chicago will not get the worlds fair by bombarding new York. Another suggestion concerning Tho coining exposition let not the materialistic and to Mcenry idea overpower the moral and religious. During that exposition the first time in All their lives there will be thousands of people from other lauds who will see a country without a state religion. Let As by an increased Harmony among All denominations of religion impress other nationalities As they come Here that year with the Superior advantage of having All denominations equal Iii the sight of government. All Tho rulers and chief men of Europe belong to the state religion whatever it May be. Although our last two presidents have been presbyterians the previous one was an Episcopalian and the two previous methodists and going further Back in that line of presidents to find Martin Van Buren a dutch reformed and John Quincy Adams a unitarian and a Many a religion in this country is neither hindrance nor advantage in the matter of political Elevation. All Europe needs that. All the world needs that. A Man s religion is something Between himself and Bis god audit must not. Directly or indirectly be interfered with. Furthermore during that exposition. Christian civilization will confront barbarism. We shall As a nation have a greater Opportunity to make an evangelizing impression upon foreign nationalities than would otherwise be afforded us in a Quarter of a Century. Let the churches of Tho City where the exposition is held be open every Day and prayers be offered and sermons preached Aud do ologies Sung. In the less than three years Between this and that worlds convocation let us get a baptism of the holy ghost so that the six months of that worlds fair shall be fifty Pentecost in one and instead of three thousand converted As in the former Pentecost hundreds of thousands will be converted. You must remember that the Pentecost mentioned in the Bible occurred when there was no printing press no books no Christian pamphlets be religious newspapers and yet the influence was tremendous. How Mano nationalities were touched the account says a a parthians and medea and Elamite that is people from the Eastern countries a phrygia and Pamphylia Quot that is the Western countries Cyrene Aud strangers of Rome cretes and arabians a that is the Southern countries but they were All moved by the mighty spectacle. Instead of the sixteen or eighteen tribes of people reported at that Pentecost All the chief nations of Europe and Asia North and South America will be represented at our worlds fair in 1892, and a Pentecost Here and then would mean the salvation of the round world. But you say we May have at that fair the people of All lands Aud All the machinery for gospel nation the religious printing presses Anil the churches but All that would not make a Pentecost we must have god Well you can have him. Has he not been graciously waiting and nothing stands in the Way but our own unbelief and indolence and sin. May god break Down the barriers the grandest Opportunity for the evangelization of All nations since Jesus Christ died on Tho Cross will be the worlds expos t iou of 1892. God May take us out of t be Harvest Field before that but let it be known Troug hut Christendom that this year Between May and november will lie the Mountain of Christian advantage the Alpine and Himalayan height of Opportunity overtopping All others for salvation. Instead of the slow process of having to Send the gospel to other lands by our own american missionaries who have difficult toil in acquiring the foreign language and then must Content with foreign prejudices what a grand thing to have Able and bide tial foreigners converted during their visit in America and then have Thom return to their native lands with the glorious tidings of for an overwhelming work of Grace for the year 1892, that work beginning in the autumn of 1889 another Opportunity if our Public men see it Aud it is the duty of pulpit and printing press to help them to see it. Will be the calling at that time and place of a great peace Congress for All nations. Tho convention of representatives from the governments of North Aud South America now at Washington is Only a Typo of what we May Havo on a vast and a world wide scale at the International exposition of 1892. By one stroke the Gorgon of War might to slain and buried so deep that neither trumpet of human dispute or of archangels blowing could resurrect it. When Tho last Napoleon called such a Congress of nations Many did not respond Aud those that did respond gathered wondering what trap tent wily destroyer of the French Republic and the builder of a French monarchy might Spring on them. But what if the most popular government on Earth i mean the United states government should practically say to All nations on the american continent in 1892, we will hold a worlds fair and All nations will Send to it specimens of their products their Man fac Tores Aud their arts and we invite All the governments of Europe Asia and Africa to Send representatives to a peace convention that shall be held at the same time and place and that shall establish an International arbitration commission to whom shall be referred All controversies Between nation Aud nation their decision to be final Aud so All nations would be relieved from the expense of standing armies and naval equipment War having been made an everlasting impossibility. All the nations of the Earth Worth enough of its own and we need no new instalments of that kind. A world s fair will bring All kinds of people Good and bad. The Good we must prepare to Welcome the bad we most prepare to shun. The attempt will again to made in 182, As in 18i6, to break no our american sabbaths. That attempt was made at the Philadelphia Centennial Bat a Defeated. The american Sabbath is the Best kept Sabbath on Earth. We do not want it broken Down and substitute in the place thereof the Brussels Sabbath the Vienna Sabbath the St. Petersburg Sabbath or any of the foreign sabbaths which Are no sabbaths at All. I think the lord is More than generous in asking Only fifty two Days out of Tho 365 for his service. Yon lot the Sabbath go and with it will go your Bible and after that your liberties and your children or your grandchildren will be Here in America under a despotism As bad As in those lands where they Tarn the lord s Day into Wassail and frolic. Among those who come there will be As at other expositions lordly people who will bring their vices with them. Among the Dukes and Duchesse and princes and princesses of other lands Are some of the Best men of All the Earth. Remember Earl of Kintore lord Cairns and lord Shaftesbury. But there is a snobbery and in american society that runs after a grandee a Duke a lord or a Prince though he May be a walking Lazaretti and Bis breath a plague. It makes the Fortune of some of our Queens of society to dunce on cotillion with one of these princely lepers. Some people cannot get their hats off Quick enough when they see such a foreign lord approaching Anil they do not care for the mire into which they drop their Knees As they Bow to worship. Let no splendor of Pedigree or any pomp and paraphernalia of circumstance make him attractive. There is Only one set of ten commandments that i Ever heard of and no class of men or women in All the world Are excused from obedience to those Laws written by linger of lightning on the Granite surface of mount Sinai. Surely we have enough american vices without making any drafts upon european vice for 1892. By this Sermon i Woald have the nation made aware of its Opportunity and get ready to improve it and of some perils and Trot ready to combat Thorn. I rejoice to believe that the advantages w ill overtop everything in that worlds fair. What an introduction to each other of communities of states of republics of empires of zones of hemispheres what doors of information will to swang wide open for the boys Aud girls now on the threshold what National and International education what crowning of Industry with sheaves of Grain and what Imperial robing of her with embroidered fabrics what scientific apparatus what telescopes for the infinitude above and microscopes for the infinitude beneath Aud instruments to put Natoro to the torture until she tells her last secret what a display of the munificence of the god who has grown enough wheat to Mako a loaf of Good Breud Large enough for Tho human race and enough Cotton to stocking every foot and enough Timber to shelter every head making it Manifest that it is not god s fault but either Many a oppression or indolence or dissipation if there be any without Supply. Under the Arches of the chief building of that exposition let capital and labor too Long estranged at last be married each taking the hand of each in pledge of eternal Fidelity which representations of All patrons stand round rejoicing at the nuptials and saying a what god hath joined together let not Man put then shall Tho threnody of the Needle woman no longer be heard Light and Bright. Dance music is usually sole stirring. An apron Trust is threatened and All the Young men w ant to sit Down on it. A Man who owns a Goat has Only to earn his bread he has his butter for nothing. W Hen a Man gets to be a Grandfather he sighs Asho thinks How old his wife is. Or. Samuel Joava on must have been a new York policeman at some period in his life he used to say he liked a a club Abler Man. Dumpy Yon say miss period looked Beautiful in her bathing snit. What sort of a bathing suit was it a Mem Ley a blocking and style. A Mamma i m afraid our dog is going to have the hives a a what makes you think so Alfrida a a Why i saw Bim eat two bees this a pour Etc ooh made of Rattlesnake hide which is so repulsive to ladies that they wont touch it is having quite a Sale among married men. Mil Tan Pend great statesman a Lour old neighbor Grabill is High no in political circles now. Or. Tax paid \ of i have heard he belongs to the rings. A i like to wait on that Man he never asks the Price of anything but just takes what lie fancies without any a ooh. Price is no object to him he never settles his East Ken Man i do business in new i Oik hut i live in Tho suburbs. Jio you live in the suburbs too Cli Fago Many the suburbs of Chicago great snakes do you take me for a frontiersman v ,. A you can to think How smart that dog is. On eau say everything to him exactly As you would to a a shut will he understand a a ooh i did not say that. You most no task too much of p dog. You it autistic Friend and so you Are to lie married miss Marie bilking a struggling artist yes it h simply impossible to sell a picture with such a a name As Bilkins on it and so i have accepted the heart and hand of a grocery clerk named de la Croix. Unjust taxation. To is unjust to tax Tbs stomach with Burthen that it cannot Bear. Many silly people thus tyrannies that faithful Servitor until it rebels and punishes them As they deserve. Dyspepsia is usually the child of gastronomic Folly but whet tier this or the natural associate of inherent feebleness from childhood it is surely and pleasantly redux liable with Hostetter s stomach bitters the finest and most highly sanctioned gastric tonic in existence. As a result of the Lone in Par to i to the stomach and the increased activity of its digestive arum assimilative action insured by the persistent use of this benign Tariff rant general stamina is augmented the nerves strengthened and Tranquill ised Sud a tendency to insomnia and by pts Hondria Sis defeat d. Bilious Ness chills and fever Pianim. Tistus and kidney troubles Are conquered by tins admirable Medicine. He kept his Worth a female heat with the title. A gaze into her eve exhibited by ten in Kier Tho artist at the Paris halon last year created quite a sensation among the visitors. A scottish Laird of the name of Penrhyn was so enamoured of the pie Tore that he stood for hours looking at it. At length he called on the Painter Aud insist Oil on being told the address of his Model which the artist however refused to give. Last of All or. Pc Rhyn said a you Are destroying the happiness of tile Young Omati by your obstinacy. Take me to her and i give Yon my word whoever and whatever she is that i w ill marry he next Teni Unior reluctantly consented and led the a Scotchman to a Humble lodging where he found the Sweet face bending Over a sewing machine but As its of tier Rose to Greet her visitors or. Penrhyn saw to his horror that Tho pretty girl was Hump backed Anil lame and unable to walk without the help of a Crutch. The Laird fulfilled Ina Promise. La Chro Nique. A Hans a said one German to another in the streets of Frankfort a what Are Yon crying Al out a a i am crying be cause the great Rothschild is dead a was the reply. A and Why should von cry about that a was the further query. A who was no relation of yours was How a no a was the answer half smothered in sobs a no relation at All and that s just what i Aru crying work work work till the brain begins to swim work. Work work till Tho eyes Are heavy and dim. Seam and gusset and baud. Hand and gunshot and Neil to till Over the Button i fall asleep Aud hew them on in a dream. Of Christian America make ready for the grandest exposition Ever seen under the Sun have bibles enough bound. Havo churches enough established. Have scientific Halls enough endowed. Have printing presses enough set up. Have revivals of religion enough in full blast. I believe Yon will. A Hosanna to the son of David blessed is to thai cometh in the name of the lord a through the harsh voices of our Day a Low Sweet prelude find its Way through Clouds of doubt and creeds of fear a Light is breaking Calm and Clour. That song of love now Low and far Ere Long Hmil new Tel from Star to Star that Light the breaking Day which to j the Golden Spires apocalypse a tramp s complaint. A a tramp has written to sittings complaining because the names of men of his class who Are killed in Railroad accidents Are never printed in newspapers. A there is rarely a smash up on the Railroad without one or More tramps being killed a this follow writes a Blit who Ever saw their names published we have names As Well As other people but no one Ever takes the trouble to find them out. A a tramp who can afford expensive habits a two things i could Nevo Rafford Are getting shaved by a Barber and smok Uig cigars a remarked a wealthy Trojan recently. As he is also abstemious in an alcoholic sense Ami declines to partake of even a Glass of Beer we infer that he thinks he can not afford liquid luxuries. And yet he lives in an elegant House drives Fine horses before costly equipage and has a handsome income. Isnit it curious that he is Labouring under the hallucination that. He can not afford luxuries which Many a Dollar a Day clerk indulges in extensively the Man is honest. He really thinks he can not afford to drink whisky smoke cigars or get shaved a loss of Lime waiting at Barber shorn being his principal objection to Tho latter practice. To does no to understand what an educational and news Center a i Barber shop is. On other subjects this Trojan is perfectly sane and to might say sagacious for in spite of these 1ml-j Lucina ions lie developed himself from a penniless my into a Man of wealth. A singular ease Isnit it sex Mavor Kemp tells of a Man w to come to him in destitution out of work As w Ell As Money and applied for Aid. With characteristic Benevolence and a heart stretching sympathetically toward his unfortunate brother Man the i sex mayor responded bountifully and went the suffering suppliant on his Way rejoicing. Taking a stroll a few Days after or. Kemp was surprised and delighted to find Tho applicant flourishing. He was sitting at a Boot Lack stand smoking a Cigar and having his boots polished. From Beggary he had reached that i Wiuf in a few Brief Days where he could afford the luxuries named. All he needs is a Little substantial encouragement from open jacketed men like or. Kemp to become a leisurely Man about town and a Welcome and valued Patron of Boot a Bhicks Bee shops and Cigar a tails. With such an example of what a Mere mendicant can afford the Rich Man a new departure Frem Ordinary business methods is made by Tho manufacturers of or. Pierce Golden medical discovery in guaranteeing this world famed remedy to care All disease arising from derangement of Hie liver or Stoni Aoh As indigestion or dyspepsia bilious Ness or a liver or from impure blood tis boils blotches pimples eruptions Scalp disease Salt Rheum so Romulous sores and swellings mid Kindred i f011 a dross la to. Ailments. Money paid for a discovery Quot a promptly returned if. On fair trial it does no to cure. What everybody say must be True and the Universal verdict of those who have used Bibbs Ltd s rheumatic Hyrup and strengthening plasters is that there is to doubt of their curative qualities. I. F size lore. Agent m. C. R. A 1-bion. Mic says a the was cured of Brights disease by the use of Hibbard a rheumatic syrup mrs. M. E. Jones. Prairie City Low. Says for three Vears i have been afflicted with inflammatory rheumatism and kidney and liver troubles. I have taken Hibbard so rheumatic Nyrup and applied thir Blas i Fern Over my stomach and Ara entirely cured. I it is the greatest remedy that i Havo Ever fit St ask your druggist should to not keen it. To will Send a receipt of Price. $1 per bottle or of. Rheumatic by Hup co., Jackson Mich. Sound and life a Law miss Bello a said oils de Jay Quot do you know i Vel in thinking Quot Quot indeed a Quot you us thinking of doing some Quot then you had bettor hurry up or you will be so tired thinking that Yon wont have any strength left to work merchant traveler. Your life in Hanger. Take time by the Forelock Ore that rasping Backy con ii of yours carries you where so Many consumptive have pre coded you lose no time Blit pro lire a bottle of Hie rational re mod of or lung and bronchial dioceses a vows new Sun of Coil Oil with it will euro you. Hold by All druggists. Why is a Painter Liko a second hand clothes dealer because he brushes for a living. Weak women of to Licin Nelvy no duty to Uke Hood s sunup paring in flew of the great Relief it has thous who Huger rom ailments Peculiar to the aet. By purifying the blood regulating important organs in ii thesing Tho nerve and toning Tho whole system it or Torra to health. 1 have been for Ream trying to get help Tor that terrible general debility Anil we a Tiara so Rem Mon to women. Within a year i have taken ton or twelve bottle of Hood s Harna Parillo and the Benefit derived from it Nee has been very Groat. I Ain now feeling like a new creature Quot in f. B. Boas Marlin Texas. Jacobs of for sciatica. Quot the of a cured or mfr toy or i up cd f at in tron Avo Deam. The Charies a Vogeler co. Rammers. I Ely s Cream Balm will Curr Catarrh f drier of cents. Apply Haim into a h nostril. Ely hron., is Warren St. % y Chichester a was killed a or a two tramps were buried , Blush to acknowledge the frugal in the right direction and that will make healthful consideration would come to it mighty Publio opinion. I beg you to consider men of England and Germany and prayerfully what i feel called upon god i France and Russia and All Tho other a Anai Neicen citizen Aud As a preacher of righteousness to utter. My first suggestion is that it is not Wise As certainly it is not Christian to continue this wide Aud persistent attempt of american cities to belittle and depreciate other cities. It has been going on for years but now the spirit seems to culminate in this discussion As to where the world s fair shall be held a style of discussion which has tendency to injure the Success of the fair As a great moral and patriotic Enterprise after the locality has been decided upon. There is such a thing As healthful rivalry Between cities but you will Bear me out in saying that there can be no Good to come from the uncanny things said about each other by new York and Chicago by Chicago and St. Louis . Paul Aud Minneapolis by Tacoma and Seattle and All through the states by almost every two proximate cities. All cities Liko individuals have their Virtues Aud their vices. All our american cities should be our exultation. What churches what Public libraries what asylums of mercy what academies of music what mighty men in Law and Medicine and Art and scholarship what schools and colleges and a diversities what women Radiant and gracious and an improvement on ail the Groat nationalities. Bismarck who worships the lord of hosts and Gladstone who worships the god of peace and Boulanger who worships himself. The fact is that the nations Are sick of drinking out of chalices made out of human skulls and filled with blood. The United states government is the Only government in the whole world that could successfully Call such a Congress. Suppose France should Call it. Germany would not come or Germany should Call it France would not come or Russia should Call it Turkey would not come or England should Call it nations Long jealous of her overshadowing Power in Europe would not come. America in favor with All nationalities standing out Independent and alone is the spot and 1892 will be the time. May it please the president of the United states May it please the Secretary of state May it please the Cabinet May it please the Senate and House of representatives May it please the printing presses Aud the churches and Tho people who lift up and put Down our american rulers again i suggest in regard to the worlds fair that while appropriate places Are prepared for nil Loreign exhibits we make no room for the importation of foreign vices. America has Iii the debris a is All they say. They Are careful to give the names of All the others who suffer but with us it is a Only a who travels More by Railroad unless closely watched than the tramp he asks for no Palace car he in t particular whether there is a Sleeper or a dining car in the train or not. Never in a hurry himself he accepts a Corner in a freight car just As cheerfully As How does a parlor chair on the Burner of the limited express. If a passenger train is crowded at night he never disturbs anybody but crawls under a car and takes a seat on a Brake without troubling the Pullman Porter for a Pillow. And he would share his seat with a fellow traveler any time unlike one of Tii Ose Railroad hogs who want a whole Section to themselves. And yet when a tramp is one of the victims of a Railroad Accident not reporter Ever takes the trouble to find out his i name so that his brother tramps May learn his Fate and drop a tear to his Texas sittings. Remark with which this article is introduced. I Are there indeed habits which none it it of us can afford a Troy press. A mutter or build. A Little girl of this Village was crying bitterly the other evening about something that had happened when her Kotlier endeavoured to soothe her. She told her to a a hush and a never mind and a Stop crying a when the Little one answered Between her sobs a Pic Eanet Mamma a cause i ainu to built that Akron Breeze. Characteristic. The Ocean Steamer was speeding along when a Gigantic iceberg Hove in sight. The passengers crowded the bulwarks to see and Admire it. A what do you think of that a said the englishman to the american. Was Al a was the reply a i should say there were no flies on Huston courier. Grkman photographers arc now photographs of sign tug. They Are said striking . Bais Law has to ated jumbo Joiret As lie a Tho Public stuffed him Burlington j re Brit. A Man with water on die brain should Wear plug hat pit had Phui bulled a i he Engineer of the Sod. Fountain attends strictly to that business of fizz. Teaching patriotism. It has Bren prof used in a recent address by a gentleman of now York to i teach patriotism in the Public schools As if it were not done already. The suggestion is that the american Flag be hoisted Over every school House in Tho 1 country and kept afloat As Long As the school is in session. In that cast there would be a Flag raising every morning and a Flag lowering every afternoon at the dose of the school As there is at Sunrise Aud Sunset Over forts and on Board of men of War 1 j Here Are better ways of teaching patriotism than this. Make the pupils Well acquainted with the history of their country. Our school histories Biti much too Short. Most school books 1 Are the letter for being of Small size but a history for Young people should Tell All the True anecdotes and stories at full length. Boys want pages and pages about Washington. Old put old Hickory the i Bree militia Alen Commodore Decatur a it it no Indore Perry Admiral Farragut the Battle of Hunker Hill Hie coming Over of Lafayette Tecumseh Ben Franklin the pioneers of tile great West the building of Tho Brooklyn Bridge the jetties of the Mississippi River and the oratory of Patrick Henry Clay and Webster. These things captivate the Young Only when they Are related in detail with simplicity and truth. By and by they will want history of another kind which will relate a few stories pass lightly Over most wars and dwell Only upon events which affected the lot of the people permanently. Boys and girls want to know what major Andre said when he was Cap making tired Ai d How thick Tho rope was with Al Tibu w hich Farragut tied himself to the rigging. Such facts Are the vehicle through which More important truths find Lodgment in the Young mind. After All our boys Ami girls Are already very patriotic. Wha they now need is to be taught the dub s we All owe to such a country As ours to it k it pure arid Good. Done to Hawk. Hawk. Blow. Spit and disgust everybody with four offensive breath but use or. Kagous Catarrh rented and end it. _ _ _ expert testimony. A i there anybody from Vermont in the car a asked the conductor opening the door and letting in about forty two rods of Western blizzard. A i rest guided a tall Lank individual rising up in the seat next to the stove. Well if you will be kind enough to come Forward into the Pullman ear a replied the conductor a there is a lady there who has got her Spruce gum mixed up with a paper of Rosin and she wants in exp Cert to Piparato Burlington free priss. A not enjoyment and not sorrow is our Dent mod end or Way but to act that each to Morrow find us farther than the sent Linen so aptly expressed by the poet ought to sound Liko a Trump to every sluggish soul Aud animate them to new Ami vigorous efforts to improve their condition. To All those who have Tho desire to pres Forward but who Are not sure or the Way. We say. Write to it. F. Johnson is go. Richmond. Va., Arn they will tie of service to you. _ it mum a it non Tony. Editor or. Paragraph i wish you write so Many jokes about men who can to pay their Bills they Are funny enough in their Way but so Many of them Are a Little monotonous. Can to you get your mind on some other subject or. Paragraph thoughtfully perhaps i could if i had a Little larger salary. A Nev York weekly. A in Sut Ifni picture free. For a 2-cent stamp to pay postage and wrapping we will mail a panel photogravure of our popular picture. A kissing at Hoven. Seventeen Ami address the makers of Tho Groat anti bile remedy Quot bile j. F. Smith is co., St. Louis. Missouri. Overhear j at the newspaper club. Bibbs let me Cee did t Stubba make an offer of marriage to Tho Eitress of some publication or other Bibbs yes and the offer Liko his latest manuscript was respectfully declined. Hibbard a rheumatic and liver pills. These pills a scientifically compounded. Uniform in action. No griping pain so commonly following Tho us of pills. They Are adapted to both adults and children with perfect safety. We guarantee they have no equal in the euro of sick headache. Constipation. Dyspepsia. Bilious Ness Aud As an appetizer they Excel any other preparation. Every Man takes care thai his neighbor shall not cheat him. But a Day coffins when he begins to care that lie do not cheat ins neighbor. Then All goes Well. He has changed his Market cart into a Chariot of the Sun. Mon tuna s free lands. The great reservation of Montana thrown open for settlement by the president last May contains 18, my too acres of land All legible for entry for free Homes Nuder Tho United states land Laws. It extends for three Hundred Miles fast mud West and on an average of one Hundred Miles North and South. If you intend going to Montana remember that the Wisco Nhun Central is the direct line Between Chicago and St. Paul making close connection at St. Paul for All Points in Montana. Solid through trains with Pullman Palace sleeping cars and unrivalled dining cars Are run Between Chicago and St. Paul Tor other information pamphlets etc., address James Harker. General passenger Aud ticket agent Milwaukee Wisconsin. When a Young woman tells a clerk in a shoe Shire that she is not prepared to a try her shoes on he blushes at tile thought of a Hole Iii her stocking. To night and to Morro a night and each Day and night during this week you can get at All druggists Koi apr a bal j Sam for the Throat Sud i Ling acknowledged to in the remedy Ever sold for the cure of coughs. Croup bronchitis. Whooping cough. Asthma and consumption. It rot a bottle to Day and keep it always in the House so you can Check your cold at once. Price 50c and $ Luo. Sample bottle free. A Toung Man biting his Mustache is a Casa of a Down in Tho or pod Kex or to. Oregon the curare in of Farmer. Mild equable climate certain and abundant crops. Beat fruit Grain grass and Stock country Iii Tho world. Full information fret. And Dree Tho Oregon immigration Board Portland Oregon. A Hen people Are compelled to nor snuff they arc in rum put to a Pinch. Batlan.,re event Tutu Day. Is it Economy to save a few mints buying a cheap soap ors Ion. Wa-1, Inz powder and Tom. Dollars in ruined rotted clothes it not use Dobbins electric soup whim a Snow and As pure. A k your grocer for it. Hoods Sarsaparilla by Al or Magist. I Gnu for eve prepared on by c. I. Hool fib. Lowell. Man too doses one Dollar. Oun to Ano i a to wet. J/m1 rift Quot to j Cis Carnet i a say or i Wal in. A thai Flonta. P. In we St of rvs a a a a state Felt to ii. T. I Stem i top a. Eve Maut Catalf Wuo pm. Actu m acan be cured. A a a a atrial sati ant err to a Nynie a Hlib Lim Taft bro., Loeh Mutof n. Y. , a Quot i Vii a wan a. Nil Immi it Ulm. A Mai re a it my to maim v Lull Kim. A inn tip. Must of Iii a a i. Go him a Irwill to int. Ilk Aiu. A att to a i. A him. A he i Ufal Ini. He a a a $65 a a month and Dov re i amx or torn tree comm re Ion and to Hayn _ to kit to it its on our a a n. I a i of a if aet it Holm Tam at kure Relief in til of a ki0der8 pa8ntle8.l a i a a a a a a a a a my. Flue Tii by of took us in. Idun turn k me uric o i us i a print -.hhert-hnd, Ere. taught by rum ii. Firm urn free. I tar ant s Sliaut pm Buffalo. By. Viable the Only Mertala and easy cure. Or. J. L. Ate be Lebanon Ohio. H opium $25 Young men 3 address y Alen Tine a hour mad by our t pennyroyal Pius so cogs Diamond f Paoo neb and Alvar Rrita Hie. Laude a , born a a a rt4 to red. In a la. Bai a led aah take no Athar. la lain i Ink wrapper a �?�iaeger., Raszl rat la. Send 4<v a it by parueqiar., Ani Keller of or latties in Tain Bartar Nail. Stat />.p-. Tau mar a Haea la. Sadaka 84., ,la., a. Asthma. Popham i at the me specify. It be in its mini Tim w ii g ego m i it no want use a it Quot flare not bad kit up an hour Tor turn a ear. I hoi the Man that Lna edited the into Irb mar have Lur amt god Blex King retd a he s lid by Al dog Tete. I per by a or . me. Adore. Popham pm lean Al rim up family m5? a it Aeron Ted v. A. Stan Hurd family brain % a win to Jai pored a a it free anywhere in d. H on Are att of Price. Prore l>4 of Lisier feral. And Terr a Quot Jon he he pave tilt Balu ton. N y. Tend for Chiel feted Caret gue. Fire. This Trade Mark is on toe bes Waterproof Coal in the a Orion a. J i Arr to atm use scotch condition food Kab Roa hot spot and cattle. Odum tit m Kin cry. Co., it. Wats late in Inowe rom orly for Catarrh in Tho a but easiest to use and cheapest. Catarrh Kohl by dmejrbt.1 or hot by in ii to. Ii. T. A Zollino. Warren a. Try lift for co. Tolu Noui a. Alton tawk in Anteal to Izz a inn Phy up Lone Fumi he a. Circular True. Llrgrt., Janesville wit. 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I i. to it Funn Ion without Iii lax. Won catalogue term Ere,., int Freil a Drewi in in Hhd ant a Mon. Proprietor. Chi ago us we race it it. Id Tine collage to our Eudora. Anu Tiou i Hie Sapor we you Watt. A re Ash to it Pici Gist Freoff itt Etui Laqu scream a a is thu Hay fever Catarrh cold in the head Fri ii Ink to it a i s. Sarpi Meert tre toe in chem Ica i. Comi and fort Wayne id. Unacquainted with the geography of the country will of taif Moch valuable information from a study of this map of the Chicago Rock Island amp Pacific railway including main lines branches and extensions East and West of Tho Missouri River. The direct route to and from Chicago Joliet Peoria la Baile. Moline Rock Island in Illi no 18-da veep Ottumwa Oskaloosa Des Moines Winterset Audubon,narl�?zua1.u in and St. Paul in Minnesota Watertown san Moi rp8 in a Cameron St. Joseph and Kansas City in i?xsx5?, and Nelson in Nebraska Horton Topeka Hutchinson Wichita Belleville Abilene Caldwell in Kansas Ponti Creek Kingfisher f Ort Reno in Tho Indian territory and Colorado Springs Denver Pueblo in Colorado. Free reclining chair cars to and from Chicago Caldwell Hutchinson and Dodge City and Palace sleeping cars Between Chicago Wichita and Hutchinson. Traverses new and vast areas of Rich farming and grazing lands affording the Best facilities of intercommunication to All towns and cities East and West Northwest and Southwest of Chicago and Pacific and transoceanic seaports. Magnificent Vestibule express trains leading All competitors in splendor of equipment Cool Well ventilated and free from dust through coaches Pullman sleepers free reclining chair cars and East of Missouri River dining cars daily Between Chicago Des Moines Council Bluffs and Omaha with free reclining chair car to North Platte neb., and Between Chicago and Colorado Springs Denver and Pueblo via 8t. Joseph or Kansas City and Topeka. Splendid dining hotels furnishing meals at seasonable hours West of Missouri River. California excursions daily with Choice of routes to and from 8alt Ogden Portland los Angeles and san Francisco. Tho direct line to and from Pikow a Peak Manitou Garden of the gods the sanitarium and Scenic grandeur of Colorado. Via the Albert Lea route trains doily Between Chicago and Minneapolis and St. Paul frito through reclining chair cars free to and from those Points and. V. Through chair car and Sleeper Between Peoria spirit Lakel and Sioux Falls via Rock Island. The favorite Lino to Pipestone water-5pn and the summer resorts and Hunting and fishing grounds of Tho Northwest. _ the Short line via Seneca and Kankakee offers facilities to travel Between Cincinnati Indianapolis Lafayette and Council Bluffs St. Joseph Atchison Leavenworth Kansas City Minneapolis and St. Paul. 2r to lace it a folders or desired information apply to any ticket office in the unites amp ates or Canada or address e. St. John general manager. John Sebastian Chicago ill. Gen l ticket amp pass. Agent. The first i ecu Lei re Tho p o joke of a lie which Kilt i we Hare a a it fourth. Any Cep ask your druggist for a Tan silly a a Isis up Young lady from Tho feast still 141 Uri. To j it jul ii / i it free Trude prices be nun i it the i o i a i of s45.iljlffil.ws15 a nag he Llin it our West Thrupp Meeb singe r sewing a re no in Ruth it Oil a a i Jall it Ali Bodt guilt w ill it a yearn Tor Only ?i5. Fat a Linn Jar and eel full to i to. T it i other sri to i Sui Lolk a co. A i j Ako i. Coh Bijj. Out Walton made .$.�. Rug f a s fun a Ilse Trogg. Etc., a i Kiung. I Uil Ilia xvii Al Nuj. Magic remedy a i Isle ii i pol am whore _ fail. Owned Ami urn a Alo Only by Obj a Itou Iedy . Neb. Write. Iss sewing of Hind for list of in choke Sill Rioe. Cli in to t n. A. In. . A i articles ate a in of Aix co. Cli tug la. A i. 4 i i. Lion writing to til i liners to say Yod no or the advert Isheim it it to t j tis Pipor

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