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Defiance County Republican Express Newspaper Archives May 23 1890, Page 6

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Defiance County Republican Express (Newspaper) - May 23, 1890, Defiance, Ohio Defiance Republican and express. Def1anck news record. Gave them his 81.11% if the resolutions arc carried out it Means death to the Basilica interest of Tho town. Many of the merchants Are preparing to leave the place. The Only paper in the town. The n a suspended publication from the Iii me ran he and the editor will remove to Niles Mich. The president of the fair association a issued a notice that there will be no 1 coh Ibitson this year owing to the disturbed Busine relation. Country. When thay have once reached Han Diego unobserved it is practically impossible to prove when or How they came in. Tok Asi sunk Dio steer. A Suai by any Oka weeks eventful Hapl . Intelligence by electric wire from Ewy in or. Or of the civilised world political Conini Creciat and Industrial news. Fires accidents crimes suicides kic., Etc. Crawford the new York express thief escape in South America. Mew York special Edmund Sturgis Crawford the Adams express thief a escaped from the Honduras government and has taken to Tho Woods. To had been taken Down to Porto Cortez by a Hie of soldiers to await final papers of extradition. Ile was permitted to go into a Elonet built Over the water. It w is at dark and he managed to slip into a boat held in readiness by confederates Aud disappeared into the darkness. It is of importance for the express company to product Crawford in any proceeding leading to a recovery of Tho #41,000 paid Over to the Bank. The method by which Tho bogus package of Bank notes was substituted for the real one is As much of a mystery As Ever and whether Crawford had Conli debates or not must still remain a question of Legal doubt. Or. John Hoey said that the Adams express company had not the least idea of abandoning the Pursuit. This season of Tho year in Central America was especially trying to northerners but the Pinkerton men who have been Down there for three months Are rapidly getting acclimated and have already More than Likely located their game. Filly Bien killed Al Havana. Havana special a hardware store in which was stored a Quantity of powder was destroyed by fire in this City. When the fire was raging and the firemen were endeavouring to subdue it a tremendous explosion occurred bringing Down Tho will is v. Us a fright us Erath and scattering Borning brands for several Block in All directions. Over fifty persons were killed and wounded either directly by the falling debris or by the explosion itself. Among tile number was five chiefs of the fire department several firemen and the resident Consul for Venezuela. The calamity is one of the most disastrous that has occurred to this City for Many years and has produced a feeling of general consternation and horror. All business is practically suspended and every Effort is being directed to an examination of the ruins and discovery of the extent of loss of life which cannot be now estimated with certainty. Working parties were at once organized and it is hoped that in Twenty four hours full details As to the number of dead Aud wounded a Well As the financial loss eau be ascertained. A score of f Harrod wild blackened Bodle taken from Tim Tine. Dukes birr. A special exploring parties have penetrated the horrible death trap at Ashley Aud Nineteen miners were found dead. Six of the men Are still missing and it i More than probable that they too Are dead. Tho scene at Hie mines As the Nineteen dead Anil barred bodies were Beme brought out was heartrending in the extreme. Men women Ami children shriek tug Aud groaning fell upon their Knees lifted their band and eyes towards heaven and prayed for Tho dead the work of attempting to Rescue the doomed men was delayed by escaping Gas As soon As possible a Large party of rescuers entered the slope and commenced work upon the Cave beyond where three men were found. They soon broke through Aud rushed into the chamber beyond where in the Semi darkness the men stumbled Over the yielding bodies. A close search revealed six blackened corpses near Tho opening none of them recognizable. Further along at various places were found thirteen other bodies All More or less burned but Moat of them could not be recognized. The sight was so horrible that two or three of the rescuers fainted. When the men appeared at Tho Mouth of the mine bearing the body of a Man on a Stretcher the women Tore away the Blanket lint saw Only Tho blackened Aud charred remains. Other bodies were brought out he fast As possible until nil but live of those who were in the mine when Tho Cave in occurred had been found. Tho excitement pervaded every part of Tho town and the streets in the Vicinity of the mine were completely blocked with people Many of whom came from other towns. A guard of fifty policemen has been necessary to keep the people Awny from the mine. General superintendent Phillips says a themen lost their lives through the negligence of assistant mine Dohs Allen who insisted on delighting his lamp in the presence of a Large volume of Gas. Had he not done so the men now dead could All have been rescued alive by there was a Good current of air going through the chamber where Tho men had taken Refuge after the Cave in had occurred. A Fml honeymoon. Chicago special two Fine looking nicely dressed Young Mea giving names of Brown and Gnu Dent were arrested for attempting to Rob g. E. Gilman jeweler at 12% North Clark Street of valuable Diamond rings. Appearing before Justice Kors Len the men protested tin in innocence. The evidence of their Hilt however was so conclusive that they were hound Over to the criminal court in $h00 each. Gui drat s wife a Young and handsome lady was recently Man led in Baltimore to Gui drat. The Young couple were on their bridal trip and Brown had been their constant companion. A number of paste stones were found upon Gui drat when searched and As the party had visited Kansas City by. Louis Omaha Aud other cities it is believed that Many jewellers have been losers. Gui drat claims to to a travelling agent for Beach a co., hat manufacturers of new York and that he a influential friends there who will come to his assistance. Inc him across the Hack of the neck and holding his face in the water until he a drowned. St r it Tiffany Riel Ltd it John b. Abell business manager of the Springfield Ohio Democrat a been seized with a tin a tar Canso of mania. He had been bitten on the Middle anger of his right hand by a dog which had been sick for several Days. The Finger became swollen end very painful Aud or. Boil a noticeably worried about it and expressed to several friends that lie was afraid of hydrophobia As he thought the dog was mad. Or. Abell Laboured under great mental excitement and was advised by friends to go Homo and rest while eating his dinner at. The office he suddenly became frenzied and commenced screaming. Attaches of the office ran to his assistance but in his wild condition it was difficult to handle him. He suddenly fell to the door in a Semi conscious condition with his eyes fixed and Glassy. Physicians were summoned and he wits taken Home. Or. A. M. Potter one of the physicians claims that it is not hydrophobia dementia but that Tho attack is due to worry about the bite of a dog. Or. Abell has not been physically Well for a nearly a year. Slew attic i vase maker. A special from Oklahoma City says Frank Ely shot and killed Henry la born. Five Miles North of Here. Ely and a. It. Laborn Henry brother had had some difficulty As to who owned a Stone Quarry. The Brothers had Possession at the time. Ely and a brother in Law passed the House and a. It. Laborn came out and ordered them off his claim. A quarrel followed aim Henry came out of the House to quiet the disturbance. He called out to his brother not to shoot when Ely fired three times the second Bullet entering his breast and causing instant death. Ely fled but was captured anti is now in the guardhouse at the military Camp. Exile mounted alive St. Petersburg special the City of Tomsk was visited simultaneously by a conflagration Aud a Cyclone and Tho result of Tho combined disasters was Tho destruction of three fourths of the City and the loss of hundreds of lives. Tho scenes during the raging of the tire Aro described As horrible in the extreme. The Cathedral was burned to ashes Aud its falling Walls striking toe buildings of an adjacent Hospital crushed them in pieces Aud buried the inmates who wore roasted alive. The Garrison of russian soldiery refused to lend the least assistance in saving the lives or property of Tho residents whom they styled worthless exiles. A almost before the fire Aud Cyclone bad completed their destruction there was a sudden fall in the temperature. And a heavy snowstorm added to the horrors of the unfortunate victims. Tomsk is the capital City of w Ester Siberia Aud is inhabited almost wholly by exiles. Sail ending of a nuns wife life Bluffton i id special John Siberry a Young Farmer living nine Miles Softli of hero on the Camden Plank Road is Well nigh crazed w Ith grief. John has been married Only one Short though not Blissful year. The Stream of Domestic Felicity in his Homo has not flowed in the Placid and peaceful manner so much desired. Recently however husband and wife buried Tho Hatchet Aud were fast beginning to Tanto Tho Joys of Matrimony. The other morning John entered the House Aud stepping up to his wife playfully placed a revolver to Lier breast Aud exclaimed a look out. Tho revolver supp it d under the pressure of his Finger exploded and then his wife with u scream of pain Aud terror Sank a helpless lifeless mass at ins feet. Tho despairing husband became almost a maniac with grief and Only the intercession of neighbors prevented him seeking by suicide Relief from the awful remorse. Mrs. Siberry was Only eighteen while her husband was twee to four years of age. Siberry is in Tho county jail held to answer to n charge of murder. The Coroner s jury which held in inquest Over the remains of his wife gave a verdict of death from the criminal carelessness of Siberry. Iii Union card gave him away. New York special Charles Jackson alias Buo Etouan w to murdered Francis Murphy a few weeks ago and who Lins been captured and brought Back hero himself furnished the clue which enabled the detectives to arrest him. To was unable to got work As a Printer in Muskegon. Micb., without a Union card. The one he had was made out in the name of Jackson by which be was known Here was of course useless to him and hot wanted one made out in his new alias Charles Arthurs. He wrote a Friend in this City to get such a card for him but the Friend turned the letter Over to inspector Byrnes Aud the capture followed. Killed in . Joseph Butcher Aud his brother in Law Frank Perkins were returning from mount Vernon Ohio both in a Drunken condition. When near Bangs station they had some difficulty and Perkins going to Tho Side of the Road Cut a club from a w Illow tree and returning to the buggy struck Butcher on the head killing him instantly lie then went ton neighbors Aud informed him a Drunken Man was lying in the Road and then went Homo and went to Bod where lie was found sound asleep at Daybreak Aud was arrested by the sheriff. Surprised to burglar. Mrs. Jacob to Reb and her daughter Lizzie while engaged in housework at her Home in Louisville ivy., heard an unusual noise in an upstairs room. I lie daughter aged about id investigated and found Thomas Stockdale coloured ransacking a drawer where the family valuables were kept. Silo sprang at Tho fellow who partially stunned her by a powerful blow Aud then made an attempt to ravish her. Her screams attracted the attention of her Mother and the brute fled but was captured and jailed after being clubbed by the police in a terrible manner. Father and children drowned. Marion Tucker a Farmer Liv ing a Short distance from Stanton neb., was out rowing in a boat on a Small Lake on his farm with his two children d us aged ii and Frank aged 14, w Hen the boat upset and the three were drowned. The bodies were recovered. The a ii Ken Wab. Business interest of the town almost interest of the a stagnant. Warren ind special the Boycott of the Farmers of this Vicinity against Warren is becoming a much More serious matter than was at first supposed anc1, threatens to destroy the entire commercial interests of the Villa Quot. I he Row is Between the merchants and Tho Farmers Mutual Benefit association. At the last meeting of tile association the following resolutions were adopted whereas the majority of the business men of Warren have ignored us therefore be it resolved i hat we use All our influence in securing merchants from abroad that will enforce Competition and further be it resolved that we Trade exclusively with men with whom the committee make contract s. Henry c. Chi it Toh president. Alva v. Christman Secretary. In the territory adjacent to an Arr in there Are thirty lodges of the association with a membership of 1,000 men. Must in Hack. As a result of correspondence Between the department of Justice and the Treasury department it has been decided to Send Back to China the Twenty one chinamen who were smuggled into thib country from Mexico and who Are now in custody at san Diego Cal. They will a transferred to san Francisco and placed on the first Steamer sailing for China. Thib action is taken on the theory that it is cheaper and better for the government to Bear one expense of their return to China than to Send them Back into Mexico and running the Chanco of having to re arrest them Ami Send them Back indefinitely. Twenty five Aliner entombed Wilkesboro a special information Bas been received hero of a Cavern which occurred near Ashley in mine no. 8, operated by the Lehigh and Wilkes Barre Coal company. Twenty five men Are said to have been entombed. The scene of the disaster is one of the wildest confusion. Wives daughters and sweethearts and friends of the entombed miners Are crowding about Tho spot frantically wringing their hands in the agony of suspense. The work of rescuing the men is progressing with Tho utmost expedition but it will be hours yet before the True state of affairs eau be Learned. Art Kin Lor Man at or. The democratic caucus held at Frankfort ky., to nominate a candidate for the United states Sinato to fill Tho unexpired term of the late Hon. James b. Beck was Short yet full of interest and excitement immediately Pou Tho As Assembly of the caucus the withdrawal of sex governor Knott and the Hon. Evan t. Settle was announced after which a ballot was taken resulting in Carlisle receiving fifty two votes. Lindsay thirty three and Mccreary Tlsty. The name of sex governor Mccreary was then withdrawn which left Tho contest Between Tho great democratic giant Aud judge Lindsay when the second ballot was taken resulting in Carlisles Victory the vote being Carlisle seventy two and Lindsay forty three. Bunched the hockey James Maguire a Rich resident of Lima Ohio was bunched out of $.&Quot>,000 by two Well dressed strangers. One pretended to be a rank cashier the other to be drunk. The Drunken Man showed Maguire #20, 10 1 in Bills and Maguire and the alleged cashier tried to coax him to put it in the Bank. The Man consented providing the cashier and Maguire would each put in #5,. To humor him Mage ire and the other stranger consented. The Money was put in a tin Box and Maguire took it to the Bank to Deposit it. The tin Box of course was empty and the two strangers cleared out with the other tin Box and the Cash. Buckeye happenings. A plucky detective. Detectives Granger and Mcmillan had an exciting adventure with Avilliah Ferguson a Young thief at Cleveland. They arrested him on Ontario Street but he broke away from them and jumping Over a Stony embankment made for the River. He clambered Over railway cars and lumber piles and As lie neared the River jerked his coat off and dived into the Muddy Stream just As grangers Fin Quot ers were reaching for his neck. Ferguson struck straight across the River and Granger without pausing a second splashing into the water after him. The fugitive had a Good Start but the Swift current of the River at tin Bend where the plunge took place prevented ii in making much headway. Detective Mcmillan fearing that the Man would drown before Granger reached him threw Over several boards from the lumber pile one of which Ferguson seized just As detective Granger grasped him. The officer did not relax his firm hold and propelled Ferguson steadily toward Tho Dock and detective Mcmillan assisted by the crowd which had followed drugged the two men ashore. A fierce hat tie. A desperate conflict took place Between Chickasaw cattlemen and Oklahoma Farmers on the South Canadian ver about seventeen Miles from okla. Aaa City. Five Farmer were killed and several others badly wounded. The banners had adopted a Herd Law among themselves and refused to Fence their crops. The cattlemen drove their herds Over the River from the Chickasaw country and Tho settlers resisted. A number of the cowboys were wounded but they fled and it is not known whether any were killed. Marshals Are in Pursuit of the murderers. Murderer Blythe sentence commuted. Tho Ohio state Board of pardons considered the Case of Charles Blythe the Cincinnati negro sentenced to be hanged for the murder of or. A. E. Jones who was a colonel on governor Foraker a staff when he was killed last year. The Board came to the conclusion that the killing was premeditated but was committed in a moment of frenzy caused by the murdered Many a irascible temper therefore it recommended to gov. Campbell that Blythe a sentence he commuted to life which the governor will do. A fudge Drummond dead. Judge Thomas Drummond sex judge United states circuit court died at Wheaton,111. Judge Drummond As the Leader of the a whigs was pitted against Thomas h. Campbell a lawyer of exceptional ability and brilliancy who was Reco izod As the Foremost Democrat West of the alleghenies. The deceased was 80 years old and a widower his wife having died a few years ago _ flouring Mill burned. The a Nona Minn flouring Mill together with the Large elevator adjoining and two Small Ware houses and residences were destroyed by fire. The capacity of the Mill w As 2,500 barrels daily. The elevator had a capacity of 235,000 bushels. The estimated loss is $300,000 insurance about $200,000. Four men in the engine room escaped with their lives As the falling Walls knocked the roof and sides of the room in. Chinamen and the census. The chinese minister to this country has directed the chinese Consul at san Francisco to Issue a proclamation in the chinese language to the chinese in san Francisco explaining the object of the census next Mouth and advising them to give the census enumerators Allim formation desired. The object of Tho proclamation is to dissipate the prejudice of the chinese with reference to such matters. Out if the kure. New York special t. A. Palmer of Michigan United states minister to Spain has arrived on the French Steamer Jai Gascolgne. To was accompanied by his wife and Bis adopted son. Murillo Castellar. Air. Palmer was not looking quite Well and said that he had suffered greatly from the grip. He was interviewed and in answer to Tho reporters question said Quot yes i in tended fully to become a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor of my state but my nieces death changed my plan. I wanted to to governor of Michigan and my intention was to make the race but i do not care to now. I have not resigned us minister to Spain. I shall Confer with president Harrison and Secretary Blaine and it is certain i will resign. It is my intention to do so unless the president and air. Blaine convince me that it is Best not to do the Caisson again capsize. Tho Caisson at the new Bridge at Louisville capsized killing one Man and injuring several others. De Mcdonald a Corker was inside the Caisson and fourteen men were at work cementing the outside. The Caisson began to Careen and there was an Effort to right it when suddenly the timbers holding in place snapped and the massive Structure slowly turn d Over and now stand Bottom Side up. I he men who escaped were at once taken from their perilous positions by bouts that hurried out from the Shore. Killed by the car. Frank a. Hedges of Columbus was run Over by the cars at the Rig four depot Springfield Ohio dying in about an hour. Hedges was accompanying an excursion from Columbus to Dayton and had left the cars. Attempting to jump on he was thrown under Tho wheels and run Over. He was a former resident of Springfield and a son of mrs. B. B. Miller of that City. The Detroit River Tunnel. The House committee on Commerce has reported favourably the Bill authorizing a company to begin the work of constructing the Tunnel under the Detroit River for the use of railroads the Tunnel to be used by any company desiring to pass through it at rates to be fixed by the Secretary of avar. Indiana school Hook. A St. Louis special says that the Standard school Book company which owns the copyrights on the school books furnished by the Indiana school Book company under their contract with the state has been sold to the american school Book company which was recently organized by the big four publishing houses of Van Antwerp Bragg a co., j. Appleton it co., Iverson by in Ney a co., and a. S. Barnes co. Manager Haw Kins of t lie in Diann school Book company says that ibis Sale will not affect Thorn nor interfere in any Way with the execution of the contract with the state. The contract will to fulfilled in letter and in spirit inst the same As if the Standard company had not been acquired by the big four combination. An sex my Yore a son arrested. New York special Peter Cooper Hewitt was subjected to very rough handling by a policeman and was taken to the station House on charge of assaulting a cab Man. He was arrested by a policeman who dragged him to the station House without allowing him to make an explanation Aud he treated him most brutally. At the station House air. Hewitt was immediately discharged. Charges will be preferred against the policeman. Iii markets. Or. Meyer brought to Chicago. Or. Meyer the physician who is accused of defrauding the Germania life insurance company by playing the grave Yard insurance scheme Aud arrested in Denver Colorado has arrived at Chicago in custody of detective Llo Erle t Yipu juju a a a he was interviewed by chief of detectives Ripley but refused to make any statement. Quot he said however that when the Case against him was called for trial he would make a positive and convincing denial. They flayed with match. Two Little children of , four Miles North of Findlay,jo., set their clothing on lire with matches with which they were playing Aud before they could be rescued from the flames by their parents were severely and painfully burned. Tile House was set on fire i rom the burning clothing of the children but this was also extinguished before much damage was done. Evasion of tile exclusion a the Secretary of the Treasury hag transmitted to the Senate a report from Dat use. Coon chinese inspector at san Diego cab dated april 21, with respect to the chinese exclusion act. Or. Coon says that the it Bine a Aro coming to the United states despite the efforts of the customs department to keep them out. He says the opportunities for crossing the mexican Border into California Are Many and with the Force at the command of the department it will be impossible to prevent All of them from entering the honors to Stanley. London special the reception to Henry Ai. Stanley in Guild Hall was an enthusiastic affair. A dense crowd thronged the approaches to the building and the appearance of air. Stanley was the signal for a tremendous outburst of cheering. The guests numbered 2,1 00. The lord mayor presented to tile explorer a Gold casket containing an address from the corporation of Lon Don. A Farmer drowned in a hitch. John Butler a Farmer living near Detroit was thrown from his buggy. He struck a ditch filled with water and the buggy fell on him the dashboard catch 4.75 m 5.50 fair to Good. 8.50 4.i5 common. 2.50 amp 3.50 hogs shipping grades. 3.75 amp 4.50 i keep. 5.00 amp 7.00 wheat no. 2 red. .94 amp .95 cohns no. 2. .34 amp .35 Oats no. 2.,. .25? .26?6 Bye no. 2. .51 .52 but term Choice Creamery. .17 <s9 .19 cheese full Cream Fiat. .09 amp .10 eggs fresh. .10 9 .11 6 potatoes Choice new per by. .40 .52 Poukh mess. 12.75 ct13.25 Milwaukee. Wheat no. 2 Spring. .86 amp .87 c Orny no. 3. .32 amp .33 Oats no. 2 White. .28 is .29 Bye no. I.50 amp .51 Barley no. 2. .44 be .46 poker mess. 13.25 iii13.75 Detroit. Cattle. 3.00 e 4.25 hogs. 3.00 4.50 sheep. 3.50 5.25 wheat no. 2 Bod. .93 0 .95 corny no. 2 yellow. .35 l<0 .36 Oats no. 2 White. .31 amp .32 Toledo. Wheat. .95 amp .95 ?4 corny Cash. .35 co .36 i Oats no. 2 White.7., .28 amp .28 new York. Cattle. 4.00 amp 5.25 hogs. 4.25 is 4.75 sheep. 5.00 co 7.00 wheat no. 2 bed. it 1.02 corny no. 2 White. .3 co .45 Oats mixed Western. .33 co .36 pork new mess. 14.00 Iii ii,50 St. Louis. Cattle.,. 4.25 5.00 hogs. 3.75 co 4.25 wheat no. 2 bed. .93 Ltd .94 corny be. 2. .34 co .35 Oats no. 2. .27 .2854 i Bye no. 2. .55&3 .06 2 Indianapolis. Cattle shipping steers. 3.00 a 4.75 hogs Choice Light. 3.00 amp 4.25 sheep common to Primo. 8.00 amp 6.00 wheat no 2 bed. .93 co .94 -4 corny no. I White. .34 i .35 Oats no. 2 White. .27 be �?�27 4 Cincinnati. Hogs. 3.75 in 4.50 wheat no. 2 red. .83 co .91 i corny no. 2. .87 co .87 >4 i oat no. 2 mixed. ,27 2 co i Bye no. 2. .50 co .57 Buffalo. Cattle Good to prime. 4.50 @ 5.25 hogs medium and heavy. 4.00 amp 4.50 wheat no. I hard. 1.00 co 1.014 Corn a no. .36 co .365� events Anh incident that hav lately la a Uken he. An inter fluff summary of the More important doing of our neighbor wedding and death crime casualties and general Mew notes. Stale Encampment cd. A. K. Department commander p. H. Dowling g. A. A. Bas issued general order no. I from Headquarters department of Ohio Toledo announcing the selection of the following officers senior vice department commander Comrade c. M. Mussier Tost 23, Dayton Junior vice department commander. Comrade old. S. Grant Post 125. Middleport medical director Comrade Al Galloway Tost Soo Xenia chaplain Rev. John j. An in son Post off Coshocton Council of administration Comrade Wells 8. Jones Post 280, Waverly Comrade Thomas Mcconnell. Pot 08, Urbana Comrade n. S. Smith. Post i Columbus Comrado j. W. R. Cline Post 45, Springfield Comrade b. Ai. Al Oulton Post 202, Lima. The following appointments Aro announced assistant adj stand general Comrade Charles Reed Post 15, Toledo assistant quartermaster general Comrade a. W. Alcorn Post 107, Toledo department inspector Comrade Charlei a. Reeser Post 15, Springfield chief clustering officer Comrade e. 8. Bullis Post 403, Cleveland. Oil inspector Dowling Dpi Tilc. A Apt. Joseph ii. Dowling state inspector of oils announces appointments of deputies As follows Daniel j. Dalton Cincinnati de. Sau Serand Fred w. Green Cleveland f. L. Levering Columbus for Franklin Aud Madison counties w. A. Kelly. Toledo Barney Higgins Springfield Avilliah yet. Johns Lansfield Charles a. Mckibben Larietta also Parkersburg a. A a. Avilliah Bateman. Zanesville Phillip Traub Sandusky John a Ooley Urbana Emmet d. Mckee Steubenville. For Columbiana and Jefferson counties also Pittsburgh pa., j. Ai. Grossell. Carey for Hancock Wyandot Crawford and Marion counties b. E. Al Organ Alliance. For Stark a Ayne Aud Tuscarawas counties b. D. Kauffman Lima. For Allen Hardin and a a Avert counties Isaac k Ort to or of Logan has been chosen superintendent of the Hocking canal. A a at Toledo John Dent an old negro was purposely thrown Over a Stair railing by Lohn Gordon Aud killed. No cause for the murder. A the residence of air. John Swiss a clan two Miles North of Hillsboro was robbed of a Fine Gold watch two revolvers and a Small amount of Money. A pocket Book in which there was quite an amount of Money in Gold and Bank notes was overlooked. A airs. Jacob Morell was probably fatally burned at Sabina while making soap. Her clothing caught fire and before the flames could be extinguished her lower extremities were burned to a Crisp. Her recovery is despaired of by the physician and friends. A a Little daughter of Jacob Naragon who resides near Roseville found one Clay last week with a setting Ben a Stange Bird. It is is Large As a pheasant and has the Guady plumage of a Parrot the legs of a Crane and the feet of a peafowl. The Bird is on exhibition at the town Hall. A air. Frank m. Warwick local editor of the Clarion daily Star was married to alias Edith Alice Parsons at Tho Home of her parents in Johnsville Lorrow county by Rev. Do Blazer. Air. A Are Wick is a most estimable Young Man and Bis future Success is wished by his Many friends. A a Board of Trade with too members was organized at Bellefontaine. Robert Lamb was elected president j. Q. A. Campbell and lieutenant governor alar quis Alce presidents. Judge Avilliah Lawrence was elected president of the Board of trustees and e. I. How Enstine president of the executive Board. A Frank a. Hedges a Well known Young Man of Springfield met a terrible death. Awhile hurriedly boarding an excursion train going to Dayton to slipped Aud was thrown under the wheels. He was dragged one Hundred feet and his leg shockingly mangled. He was picked up and taken to the Hospital where he died. A Nathaniel Edwards and old Man living at Bethel was horribly bitten by a mad dog. The dog bad been caught in a steel trap which was set the night before by Edwards for rats and in re Thomas Al Cormick Bezaire also or in Ftping to the dog sprang upon him an heeling a. A a., i. I. Adams i of jj4. I Ait Orent Nln cps. Toria. For Seneca and avoid counties Frank o. Miller Newark. A town destroyed by fire. Fire at Auburn neb., Twenty Miles Southwest of Nebraska City destroyed nearly the entire business portion of the town. Loss $100,000 very Little insurance. Torn Oil jul Arm. Frank Brily married had his Arm torn off while operating an automatic lathe at Zimels spoke factory Portland id. Minor slate items. Oil h. Pressler formerly of Cincinnati was instantly killed by cars at Oberlin. A at Circleville Eugene Herron was disfigured for life by a horse biting him in the face. A police officer Sims of Cincinnati attempted to brutally murder his wife by shooting her. A Silas Lapton was fatally injured near Lima while trying to steal a ride on a freight train. A a company has been formed at London for the purpose of furnishing the City with electric Light. A the Standard Iron and pipe company of Cincinnati has signified its intention of locating its extensive works in Piqua. One thousand hands will be employed. A the body of Daniel Ai cnally who mysteriously disappeared from canal Dover last Christmas has been found in the Tuscarawas River. A the Bonds issued by a special act giving Dayton $300,000 to fix the streets and construct sewers were sold at a Premium of $42,750 to n. A. Harris amp co., of Chicago. A about Twenty five buildings were completely destroyed by the storm at Akron. Seventy five persons were rendered homeless. Of the eighteen persons injured All Are expected to recover. A awhile Hunting Birds nests at Steubenville an 8-year-old boy named layers fell Over the Edge of a Stone Quarry a distance of fifty feet Landing on the rocks below and fracturing his Skull. He died. A pleasant southward living about six Miles of Alt. Sterling was struck by a raging Bull causing the dislocation of one shoulder and the breaking of a rib. Owing to his age 80 years his recovery is doubtful. A the corporation of Lancaster Bas been extended a half mile East West and South with the exception of a few tracts of land within those limits Tho Extension taking in about sixteen Hundred acres of new territory. A the attorney general of Ohio has instituted proceeding in quo warranty to annul the charter of the Standard Oil company on tee ground that it has violated the Law. And is a combination injurious to Trade and Commerce. A awhile Alessis. E. L. Alc Cune and Charley Price were out driving near Flint their horse ran away injuring them somewhat though not seriously Aud tearing the buggy to pieces. The horse is a very High spirited animal. A undertakers from Clarke Champaign Ladison Logan and Greene counties met at Springfield and organized an association by selecting Ai. A. Broadstone of Xenia chairman and John a ebb of Springfield Secretary. A the Al Ontgomery agricultural Board under the now Law giving one member to each township and eight to Dayton organized by electing j. Iclain Smith president g. B. Harman treasurer Aud George a. Knecht Secretary. A seven years ago Charles Avin Eings of Youngstown eloped with Augusta Kline a jewess and they were married in Pennsylvania in the protestant Faith. Tho parents of the girl would not be reconciled but two weeks ago wine Ings forsook the Christian belief and solemnly pledged himself to adhere to the jewish Faith and accepted the name of Charles Abraham Avin Eings. A second marriage of the parties was celebrated the other night rabbi Bernstein performing the ceremony which was followed by an elaborate feast. A auditor of state Poe announces that he is ready to Issue warrants for the refunded of the fishing net tax. The persons who paid the tax should Send proof of their claims and receipt for the refunded and the warrants will be forwarded at once. A airs. Mary Heistand a Well known lady of Canton dropped dead while conversing with friends. Some time ago airs. Heistand predicted she would die during the present month and began about a setting her House in she was the wife of a prosperous Farmer and very charitable. As he to his found inter biting Bim in several different places upon both arms and legs. Edwards is now lying in a precarious condition and will probably die. A As Aliss Opler. A Young lady living near Uniopolis was driving Home unaccompanied two men drove up in a buggy and after passing her one of the Fellows jumped out assaulted Aud attempted to ravish her. She fought him desperately and her screams having attracted Tho attention of several persons he jumped into the buggy with his companion and drove rapidly away. She recognized her assailant As Edward Atkinson of Ava Nesfield and his companion As will Ial Zimmerman. Officers have been unable to find either of them. A a tramp Blacksmith named Charles Davis assail Ltd and attempted to outrage airs. Henry Debus at yellow Bud. Her screams frightened him away. He made Good his escape at the time but Early next morning he burglarized Charles Kline a Saloon at that place and was captured shortly after he left the Saloon. He had pried the door open with a crowbar. He was taken to Chillicothe and Given a preliminary hearing in Justice Alicks court on the charge of attempting to rape and recognized to court in $500, in default of which he was sent to jail. Air. Kline will also file an affidavit charging him with burglary. A . Mault was stabbed through the heart at Portsmouth by Chaa. S. Huston. Huston Smolier bad left her husband eight years ago to live with Lault. Once or twice since then she had gone Back to her husband but was coaxed away again by Lault. Young Huston had tried to prevent her from living with Lault. The other morning neared the House on a visit Mother he heard screams Aud Lault beating airs. Huston. To feared when Lault attacked him. In retreating he stumbled and fell and Lault came Down on top of him. Having drawn his pocked knife he made a backward thrust As he Lay on his face driving the Blade into Maults heart. The Young Man at once went to the sheriff Aud gave himself up. A John Pealer aged 22, son of Fred Pealer living about three Miles East of Independence was found dead in a barn belonging to George Staley. The condition of his body went to show he had been dead Over Twenty four hours. Circumstances go to show he was either murdered or had committed suicide. He had been working near Fredericktown Aud a few Days before Bis death had been known to have $100 on his person none of which was on his body when found. No cause has been Given for i his death. A postmortem examination i held by prs. Stofer and Horn showed i the Bullet had passed through the Center of his heart. He was to have been married to a Aliss Plinnie Staley Tho Day he was found. The following was found near him a dear sirs the first one that finds this please Send word to Alin right away. I would like to have seen Ber before i die but i guess it is impossible to do so. This is not because i do not love you Plinnie. Hand this to Alin As soon As you a the quarterly examination of the state Treasury shoves the following sums in Coin and currency to the credit of the several funds general Revenue fund $50,372.40 sinking fund $234,217.45 state common school fund $204,541.35. Total $439,121.26. A in the avid Avest concluding performance of Stowe Brothers circus at Lima a negro is Lassord and dragged around the ring. Too much of the rope was let out and he was hurled against a Post with frightful Force and seriously injured but May recover. A at Eaton or. A. C. Hawly emptied the contents of a Bull dog revolver and forty and one Quarter grains of Morphia into himself. They went by different routes but worked in Harmony. A air. Frank Cowden while using dynamite to blow out stumps near Pemberville met with a serious Accident. A premature explosion blow a Large portion of a stump up which fell on him crushing him across the Chest. He Lay in the Field about two hours when he was discovered and attended by by. D. B. Brown who was driving past. His injuries Are not thought to be fetal. York of the Senate and hoes of representatives. Our National and xxx lint tin Are Dolan for o Good of tile it Oun Tryr various measure proposed. Discus mid arts on. A Mono the petitions presented in the Bena on Tho lath inst. And referred a one by of Quay from business men in demonstrating against the increase of Dut y dress Good Nia Law wholly or rattly from a amour the Bills reported Nykl poo cd i Al Quot adar vers the follow lag Ben at my on t aim Iii inline�?~75,000 for it Public building of Moi son. Id. Nit. Darts from the committee pensions rep red Back Tho la use subs tit for the Senate dependent pension Bill with written report and moved that Tho hoi so statute i non concur re a in ail conferee med. Agreed to. Messes Davis Sawyer a Blodgett were apis into conferred on the i of the Senate. The Senate then of i p. In sliced consideration of the Silver Bill and i Lones of Nevada continued till speech beg by him the previous Day. At the Eon Elusina air Jones speech the Senate went into sex tire session and adjourned Quot to House of the transaction of some routine business. We into committee of Tho whole or. Payson Illinois in Hie chair on the Tariff Bill it Mcmillin of Tennessee moved to red my Dut v on ammonia. He could Selt nor a Why this article of n it Oes sity to the Tam should be so heavily taxed. Or. Mckinley Ohio opposed the amendment and stated to since the Tariff had encouraged Competition this country the Price of ammonia had Iwen dared from to cents to 7bj cents per Pound. 3 butterwort then made a Long speech on 1 Bill and at its conclusion or or Mulli amendment was rejected. Or. Niedringhaus. Missouri moved to Amend by reducing the i on refined Borax from 5 to 8 cents Pound. Rejected yeas of nays by. J Tracey of new York moved to ame the Section relating to Coal tar preps rations a to reduce the duty from 20 to to per be lost. Or. Beggs of California offered increasing Tho duty on Olive from 35 to 50 cents a gallon. He advocated i Protection of the Olive Oil Industry in the Forest of pure Olive Oil. The amendment v rejected. Various other amendments were fared but were rejected and after consider thirteen of the 150 pages of the Bill the co Mil tee Rose and the House adjourned. Amoro Tho Hills reported and placed on t Calendar of the Senate on Tho 14th inst. W the following House Bill to establish new h Bor lines in Portage fake Houghton Conn Michigan Senate Bill subjecting Imp end liquors to the provisions of the Laws of the s Oral states. Or. Edmunds introduced a Bill c8tabli�h n University of the United states a had it referred to a select committee of Iii the Senate Bill appropriating too too for a i lie building at. Hock Island 111., was pass the Silver Bill was taken up and or. To addressed the Senate. Without one Ludo his speech or. Teller yielded to a n Hon to go into executive session. We the door were reopened the ail Bill was Laid aside informally and the sen proceeded to business or Tho Calendar in House on motion of or. Morrill Ika Shouse in Sis of on its amendment to the sen dependent Union Bill and a conference i ordered. The House then went into commit of the whole or. Grosvenor o. I in the chair the Tariff Bill or. Bynum ind moved to Duce the duty on common earthenware from to 15 in or cent and Valorme. Defeated�?-66 06. Or. Bunnell Minn moved to reduce duty on China porcelain Etc., from 55 to per cent and Valorme. Lost�?70 to til. Or. I i Iii 11 ten to moved to reduce the duty decorate d chinaware from of to <5 per cd rejected. Various other amendments look to a reduction of Tho duty on earthen Aud Gin Ware were made on the democratic Side i met with no Success. Or. Chandler Ilia offered an amendment fixing the rate of duty lamp Chimney at 45 per cent and Valorme. L �?55 to 70. A living considered sixteen of the pages of the Bill the committee Rose and to u to adjourned. In the Senate so Nator Teller concluded speech on the Silver question on the la senator Coke of Texas then took the a or. Coke styled the Bill As nothing More less than a warehouse Bill proposing As did to turn the United states Treasury int it vast storehouse or warehouse in which to posit Large sums of Silver Bullion. He for a was not in favor of Tho United states go into the warehouse business. The amandine proposed by the Semi Tor from Colorado i Teller for the free and unlimited coinage Silver he was heartily in favor of i would give it his Earnest support. I or. Coke had concluded the sen took up Aud passed a Bill to authorize the s of Timber on certain lauds reserved for Tho of Tho Menominee tribe of indians in the St of Wisconsin. In Tho House air. Mckinley Ohio from the c Ommittee on buies reporte Resolution providing that hereafter the to shall meet at la o clock that after Reading journal and Tho disposal of conference rep the House shall go into committee of the we on the Tariff Bill that the Bill shall to r through commencing with paragraph 111, i shall be open to amendment on any part of Bill following paragraph 110, Andt Atlon wed Day Tho 21st inst., at 12 noon the Bill w sanding amendments shall be reported to oust. After a Long debate the Resolution i adopted Yea 12s, nays it i. Messes Mon Sawyer Aud Yoder were appointed conferred the Senate dependent pension Bill. The to then went into committee of the whole i Grosvenor of Ohio in the chair on Theta Bill Aud spent the afternoon on the subject evening session was held for the Cou Sidaras of pension Bills. The Senate spent most of the 16th inst bating the amendment by senator plumb to Silver Bill now under consideration. The Ain meat provides that the Secretary of Tho Tri Ury shall at no time be allowed by Law to l i and hold in the Treasury departed Utas a i plus an amount to exceed #110,000,Ojo amendment provoked a running debate which senators plumb Ingalls Sherman rounds Allison Cockrell Reagan and Vest tick rated. All the speaker condemned policy of hoarding Money in the Treasury i some such measure us senator plumbs in Iii to pass. In Tho House or. Henderson Iowa and or. Candler of Massac setts kicked Over the traces. The to Bill was under discussion in the House or. Mckinley offered an amendment specific including git is chimneys in the clause Delft to thin i Lown Glass at a duty of to outs a do and 40 per cont and Valorme. Or. Render said he would decline to vote for the Mcneai any duty when lie l and not the info Malio justify that vote or. Cand or stated hat constituents were opposed to the foal of the Hill under discussion and that should vote against it. An Amend offered by or. Henderson to a ave duty on lamp chimneys a it the present Law was Defeated by a vote of to 103, and the Mckinley amendment was at to. The Wool schedule was next taken up several minor amendments offered by committee of ways and Means adopted a considerable discussion. The duty on Woi yarn which was fixed by the Bill at t Wice amount per Pound of Tho duty on Wool raised to two and one half time the rate Wool and the duty on wools of the third e valued at 13 cent per Pound or less was creased to 32 per cent and Valorme and on to valued at Over 13 it ins per Pound was fixed 63 per cent and Valorme. At 5 p. In. Tho he took a recess until evening for consideration pension Bills. In the Senate on Tho 12th inst., or. H from Tho judiciary committee reported t the House amendment to the Senate anti to Bill with an amendment. Messes. Vest Coke slated that As members of the commit they did nor concur in i he report Aud or. F explained the effect of the action re common the matter went Over. The Senate bib fix the times and places for holding fed courts in the District of Kansas was ported by or. Ingalls from the Quilic committee and was passed. The Senate appropriating #200.000 for a building at cd. Utah was reported and placed on the Calci. Tho feature of the Days proceedings was a speech by or. Jones of Nevada in support his Silver Hill. He argued in favor of the coinage of Silver increased volume of cum and the re monetization of Silver and by of ism and warmly defended the Silver no from the charge of selfishness in desiring re monetization of Silver. After a s executive session the Senate adjourn in the House or. Mckinley of 1 moved that speeches in general Bate on the Tariff Hill be limited to one ate. The motion was agreed to and the h went into committee of the whole or. Lay of Illinois in the choir. Or. Anderson off an amendment authorizing the presiden suspend the duty on any article when he to convinced Tho production of the said a is controlled by any Trust or com bin tip govern prices or production. Air. Alc Ai Xiii i flied that any representative of the sugar t had Ever App ired before the comr i or Niedringhaus s moved an Amend for a reduction of the duty on Bracic j quite a i Cushion arose Over the feat i toe Bill fixing the rate of duty on this Arf which it was explained was used in the i facture of Borax. The California delegation posed a motion made by or. Mills for auction of the rate of duty saying that the auction of Borax recently discovered in fornia ought to to protected. I be motion t Duce the duty was Defeated. Or. Covert att cd the feature of the Bill which place a hut Muri Atic acid Aud sulphate acid used Large manufacturing fertilizers. After a Long hit bion or. Coverts motion to strike out the cd placing a duty on Muri Atic acid was defeat Rural Loti Aud Novi. Yes got a stood Grindstone. A Good hired Man is a treasure. Lead not follow your Field Force. How Many Trees have you Plantell method and system on the Farije Amber is a Good variety of Borgh work and Pluck Are surer than ii ignore a a a rubs raise More Good St the worst haul on the farm Alco

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