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Defiance County Republican Express Newspaper Archives Jun 7 1889, Page 1

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Defiance County Republican Express (Newspaper) - June 7, 1889, Defiance, Ohio Aunty 1ft a publican vol. Xxxii. A grand Chance Defiance. Defiance county Ohio Friday. June 7, 1889. No. 25. We have bought at a Biff Ballam Glim for Bas i a big lot of dry goods dress goods shirting House furnishing goods a o e s i a must be turned into Cash will be sold dirt cheap. Come at once. Extraordinary bargains in carpets lace curtains parasols. Wonderful bargains on our 5 and to cent counters. We will save you Money by buying at f. Swalley amp co. Peoples store. Headquarters for bargains. For memorial Day Hom. M. I. Boothman s address to the 0. A. R. At Defiance 0 in Southern ties Oxford ties Crescent Congress and primer Albert in All the new textures for Fine foot Wear. The most Complete and Best selected Stock Ever shown in this City at Chas. L. Mcbride a. 11020 successor to Bittnerr a. Chas. E. Bronson a real estate Exchange Defiance Ohio. Til representative of tile sixth District talks eloquently to Tho boys in Bino a glowing tribute to the dead. Ladies and gentlemen and comrades one Hundred years ago this year the p. Ole or this Union started out to Demon Strate to the civilized world that a govern moot by the people is possible not Only that it is possible but that it is the form of government Best calculated to Adjure the happiness and Prosperity of the human race und the moral development of nations. Weak in numbers poor in Point or acct ulu lated we Lith but with a comment of vast and Rich though undeveloped re sources the fathers of Tho Ara Ermon Republic said we will put to the test i his ques lion. Cana nation endure whew p a. R lies not in the Puissance of one in but in tile patriotic thought and action it it a nil its citizens ? is there among men a p. A Nihi Lity of any considerable body of govern lug themselves ? when they propounded the question his tory answered it with a negative whose emphasis was intensified by the Long list of failures from the Days of the roman la a Public Down and doubly intensified by the practice and condition of the then civilized world. Their proposed action was a leap in the dark As an exploring expedition in in n unknown land. It was a thought to tie projected into the face of a sea of assured doubt und against the beliefs the theories the Pratti. Is und the opinions of u world. They stood menaced upon the one hand by the humbled Pride and virulent hatred of the British Empire. A nation whose Flag the Boid hand of Washington and his compatriots had but recently trailed in the dust and covered with eight Long years of sock defeat and humiliation As that Prou i people had never before experienced Aud upon the other hand by the jealousies the try tons and the contemptuous intolerance of the Cher nations of the world were arrayed against the a practically untried Experiment of free self government. It was As if those three millions of americans springing from the blood of tile Puritan the Huguenot and the 0 Valler stood upon the brow of some bold Cliff whose outermost verge they bad reached a in hoeing from tyranny without the Power to re treat and yet forced to Advance. The inexorable logic of the revolution compelled the creation of the Republic. It was not in the Power of Washington and Bis men to have met the situation in any other Way. Impatient of kingly control spurning As a lie the Dogma of the so called a divine right to Rule a the americans of that Day could do no otherwise than turn with bijection to its Converse the equal right of All men to p Rte rate in the formation and administration of the Laws which were to govern them. The men. Who had battled from Lexington to Yorktown were sentient with a hatred of kingly Power. Every desire was alive with the determination to Giro to the world a better form of government. Here was a sentiment formed in utter Defiance of Long established usage and Otis. On a thought born in spite of previous training and teaching an innovation bristling with Novelty a bold Challenge to preconceived ideas an affirmation that Tho one Man is the equal of every other and every other the equal of the one when each observes the Law it was not an invitation to Lawless Freedom. It was not communism it Cut through the myths the traditions and the Sophis tries which for thousands of years under the forms of Law had enthralled men warred with their Comfort and Tii Pluess and Dwarf cd their love for their 306 for Sale 60 acre farm in Section 30, i 370�?for Sale House and lot on Holgate a Glaize township Paulding county 60 acres under cultivation Good Frame House and other buildings. Price $2,600. 308�?for Sale 65 acres in Section 7, Noble township Defiance county Good buildings. Price 1,700. 328�?for Sale 40 acres in Section 19, Mark township near Mark Center 5 acres cleared ditches on two sides. Price $1,100. 339�?for Sale Corner lot at la. A o. Depot in Defiance desirably located. Price 750 348 for Sale 40 heros in pleasant township log House Frame Kitchen a Good Well Good Fence to acres under cultivation. Price �?�1,500. 352�?for Sale 40 acres in Section is Delaware township. If sold soon will take Soo. 357 for Sale 20 acres East of canal in Section i. 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Every bottle is guaranteed or Money refunded when our rules and instructions Ara earned out in full. The Only Catarrh Medicine of Merit and the Only company that gives you this Chance. This is to show the Public that we do not come before the people Ith a worthless nostrum but one of Merit. Do not let your druggist sell you a bottle unless it has our guarantee on same. For Sale by All drug Trade. Price 61.00 per bottle of your druggist does not have it Send $1, Aud we will pay express charges. Or. Livingston Medicine co. Dayton. Ohio. It affirmed directly and boldly the Equality of and men before tile Luw. Teat Tao in Power and place were there no fur i Cir own aggrandizement and their own Elevation but Tor the common Good and advancement of their country. This principle this Experiment fragment of right Flung off us it were i rom the wheel of Progress which had run in tile rut of Imperial Power for hundreds of yearn claimed As us sponsors the fathers it tins Republic. They stood during that awful period of doubt and uncertainty of Dis he t and death which preceded the to Aal Victory at Yorktown at All times ready by the sacrifice of their lives to attest the tru to of Tun doctrine they had espoused. A Home Rule Quot not in America alone but for in Eihud Aud for the world As Well is the full statement of their Contention. No wonder they found themselves practically alone and Fri a lid less and friendless and alone they would have remained had it not been for the kingly struggle engendered by selfish greed and a Long standing enmity Between the Mother country and her neigh bom believing they were right and trusting to that omnipotent Power for guidance which bad blessed american valor Brou eight Ion years of bloody War in 1789 our fathers launched Forth the new nation to run its race. Twenty three years later they found themselves Gaiu compelled to do Battle with the Mother country. Again the United patriotism of a free people triumphed and the new Republic stubbornly proved its right to an existence As a Momer of the family of National Floe Quot tide of definitely find the weak spot in the Structure which the patriotic hearts of 177q had founded. Then the demand for new lands wherewith to balance the growth of free territory in other parts of the nation by additions to the Cotton producing and slave propagating states plunged us into the War with Mexico Many men both North and South Depre outed and condemned the Issue thus raised. They Felt As one whose conscience is touched feels and dreads a blow Ere it Falls that the inherent wrong in the system itself would finally result in an injury to our nation. Then began in Active form the series of events which could have no other ending than either to establish slavery As a permanent institution or to overthrow and destroy it. The conscience of the nation was touched. There wus no rest until the question should be settled. Until we subscribed in deed and in truth both by Public enactment and private sentiment to the inscription on the Crest of the old Bell in inde Fien Dence Hall and proclaimed a Liberty throughout the land and to All the inhabitants thereof. ? i speak of these things in no partisan spirit. They stand Forth us the assured1 facts of Hig Tofy it can do no Goff to any cause to deity their existence or to equivocate about their Force and meaning. North and South East and West in every household in the land the Issue was raised and sides were taken. In 1861 seventy two years from the time Washington and his co workers of the revolution had bid the new nation a god Speed a their descendants were required to face and overcome the first real danger to the american Republic theretofore our danger had been from without but now it came from within. The predictions of european statesmen where be wish was father to the thought a that the Republic must fail seemed about to be fulfilled. The crowned Heads of that country covertly hop d for our fall. The masses of their people secretly sympathized with us and prayed for our preservation. The lighted lamp of Liberty to the unthinking mind seemed about to be extinguished. Eleven or these states with a population of 9,000,000, of people were in of in revolt against the authority of the general government while the leading citizens and a Large proportion of the masses of three others numbering Over 3,000,000. More were either in secret sympathy with or openly aiding the insurgents. In round numbers 40 per cent. Of the american p Ople in 1801 said we will give up the Union wit j Ile Gallant 1 Ecol d of heroism und Vair wan assured blessings Aud wan its glorious prom so for the future in order the a s a try Lime continue to exist us a in Tonui 1 us i i it Uii o to. It Yukou us we May deny of we w Jim this was the one Issue of to. Great ,and history must to record. It is urn mat Lim g in Cert us g. Ii a Alita tue tute has the Hist 1 gut to Luo Hilt glance of its citizens a a Gnu Tea Orlef gild d and de nationalizing declaration a i followed the eau of my ,�?� a. Now Pat Forward to modify me Jung Nunt of history upon the a Ion of die men who organized und carried on Ute . But toe Jiuu Wuo will reflect must us a these questions Why did the Blate require an allegiance Wuich destroy the nation did the state demand that us citizens should follow it into rebellion and the answer returns and must forever return it was that hut Nuu slavery might be established. I do not deny the Oft repeated assertion a Bhat Many men from toe South took no arms against the Union without understanding the i give to every Man who de ii the Rigi to answer limn by Way of confession Ana avoidance i will go even further und nay thai a Large proportion of them were in a degree excusable for their failure to understand the Lull import of their nation Butin the worlds court before the judgment of thut tribunal which looks to principles end not to individuals tic no in utne if t in human race it must be Viivi Yibu Bidi Sun this Issue the people of the South were wrong and the people of tile Norm mete eternally Aud grandly right. The enlightened judgment of Ute world must upon tins question tinally decide that the plea of ignore Nee cannot bar the action prosecuted by me defenders of the Union in this court of Public conscience for this final decree nor Vert the consequences to the losing Pardon. Nor would it be to advantage were it otherwise. You cannot gild a falsehood so the truth will not con ode and destroy it you cannot make that appear to be Noble and great which is in f 01, wrong and false. And this is As True of Tao Many As of the few. I regard that As a false Pride whether in the Man or in a nation which would gloss Over and excuse and defend a wrong act. No possible or permanent Good can in the end come from the advocacy and defense of a false doctrine. There is but one Manly and Safe Way out of a wrong position and that is not by defending but by abandoning it. I have no sympathy with that sen. Tim Enlal reasoning which in effect declares that Bec Musj the men of the Mouth were Brave and fought stubbornly therefore they Are to be extolled and honoured to the men of the North. I Render to the Southern soldiery the homage due to mistaken bravery. I Honor them for their Manly courage As soldiers. I Welcome them a citizens in the race for the continued life and Prosperity of this saved Aud regenerated Republic. But i have the right to demand and do demand thut the men who in the interests of human Liberty conquered them shall stand first in the hearts of my countrymen it does not follow that those who engaged in rebellion will in Anywise be wronged by this i would not of i could ask the citizens of this Union to encourage the growth of any thought which would needlessly keep alive the bitter agony and hatreds arising out of that great struggle. God knows that no Soldier who fought and suffered id the cause of the Union would now ask that anything should be thrust Between toe two sections to prevent their Complete and lasting reconciliation. But we want an enduring and sincere sympathy to exist Between them. A reconciliation without this is of no value. We know this cannot be had except it be founded in truth. We also know that if forgetfulness of the hardships and sufferings of of comrades be permitted the Pride of our present peace and happiness will be held too cheaply no nation can afford to forget its history nor dare it lightly regard the Travail of sorrow by which it has been preserved. Neither can it safely encourage the growth of any sentiment whose logical effect is to obscure or obliterate the dignity and greatness of the principles by which it was Quot the men to whom it owes pure Pabis Gheen Helle Bibb is but pow Ber sure death to insect pests at Colby amp Scott a. People of the Mouth shill Belli to Bear the guru Emo caring for the Northern Soldier a title those of in own Section who Are in the same helpless condition go unaided or must be supported by the r respective slate to tins i make answer woo ought to Bear the expense of curing for the helpless Confederate soldiers Tho general government or the states that alone Ara responsible for the unfortunate condition in which those men Are now placed certainly those states for saying Noth no about the uti onal bar those states alone wore the primal cause of their injuries and no government even in the most frantic Donne for peace and fraternity can afford to thus place a Reward upon such Acta it would amount to the highest encouragement for the commission of similar acts against the National authority in the future it is a Case in which a departure from Cor reel principle could not result in Good for the lusting reconciliation which All Good citizens desire to see Between the sections cannot come from the one Side alone til Ere must always be two parties to a come pact of peace the one to offer and the other to Uco ept we of the North cannot afford to sacrifice the principles in defense of which 3tm> too of our citizens died and in support of which a million More now go through Lite halt and maimed or so injured in health thut existence is a grievous Bur. Den we dare not listen to the cry of the widows mud orphan children of the men whose memories we this Day recall and then say that we should go further than we have in our attempts to wipe out the hitter memories of sorrow and suffering that grew out of that terrible struggle. We cantle oven for reconciliation do More than we have done we cannot compel the South to be reconciled. Tory must say to us by their not As citizens that they love the Union that they no longer Oling to the ideas that the cause of rebellion w As just and founded in right and in no More convincing murmur can they do , than by consenting to such just legislation As will be adequate in caring for the doubled and deserving Union soldiers. Let the men of the South but once loin hands with toe men of the North of ail parties in the accomplishment of this just and most righteous object and the inst vestige of distrust on our part would melt away ilke the Frost before tile summer Sun Delaware township. Al Buff farm. Has purchased the Stockman cd. Ewing farm. Has purchased the Brubaker a a. And James Payee fathers farm. Have bought their the generosity then would not be All on one Side and under such action Ull men would forget Mason and Dixon a line in the generous enthusiasm that would Burn in every heart comrades and fellow citizens i have spoken of these things to Day for the reason that to make no mention of them on such an occasion would be to ignore the very subjects this Nav was intended to bring for Ward for consideration. I feel go by und the children born �?8uporvlson Henry Lapp has done borne Good work on the roads. Up. Lorah died at the Home of his brother i. I Airn a Muy loth. No notice has been printed before. He was buried in the clinker cemetery. Wand Tenuto Jon. Their business booming. 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Every woman should have the Book on diseases of women and children published by the Zoa Phora Medicine company Kalamazoo Mich. A Rice Only 10c mailed sealed no2-Ly we8t Noblet wet weather has made the Corn As the since ears to preserved or of its preservation f a Reo Limitt i of Ibe thorny and agonizing , that Lins brought us to our present Prosperity May Oast y follow in giving Way to our Joy Over the return of those who obit meted our pah who Pia oed the thorns in it and Wuu lauded its agonies. While we rejoice we must remember with sorrow a i the curse of human slavery blinded so Many eyes and caused so Nauy he try ashes and stricken Homos among our people. We must remember upon this Day. Consecrated As it is to the memory of our patriotic dead and to the a off a a goof our living comrades that love of country Devotion to the Union and sacrifice and buffering in upholding the starry Banner is of More value than courage however great or sacrifice however Complete. In battling for a wrong principle. In a word that loyalty to Flag and to country is Ever to be remembered and praised and disloyalty is Ever to be hated and condemned. I can and do consent that those of our citizens who fought for the confederacy in that great War shall now that they have returned to their allegiance be invested with All the rights of american citizens in the fullest and most Complete sense of the term. I Hope for a reconciliation Between the hitherto estranged sections of our beloved Republic that shall not Only be real and Hearty but that will cause each to strive in generous emulation for the continued Seace and Prosperity of the whole Peorlie it i do not and cannot consent that it shall come because the people of this Union have reached the conclusion that after All. Was not Stoh a heinous wrong for a Man have committed treason and ii was not much of an Honor to have been Loyal. J want it to come As i have the fullest Faith it will come if we Are True to the teachings of those who founded our nation As the result of this sentiment. On the part of the North we forgive your wrong although we cannot forget it on the part of the Houth we abandon our wrong we fall into line with the duties of Good citizenship we heartily consent that those of your citizens whom we injured in our attempt to destroy this Union shall now be cared for by the Union. When i feel that this to bought has a real Lodgment in the Bear a of the Southern Louie by seeing them willing to assist in King my distressed comrades out of the poor houses of the land then i shall know that they wish us of the North to believe in the reality and sincerity of their desire to abandon the old non progressive ideas of the slave and secession periods. Then i shall know that they do not Sui scribe to these words of the late chief of die dead confederacy who but recently sail if he is correctly reported by the Public press while from your shattered fortunes you contribute to Priston Sqq a assailants the Are succeeding to the plumes of those who were prominent then that our p. A pie Are Ila we to forget in some measure the work and sufferings of the Union soldiers that we Are Apt to Overlook the fuel that our present prosperous condition As a nation conies to us As the result of a Hundred years of most Earnest patriot.0, and self sacrificing Effort on the part of the Union Loving citizens of our country. Aud there is another reason Why we should consider these subjects on this Day and that is that in the presence of our sacred dead we can reason together without passion and without prejudice we can Here look the situation fairly in the Fae and justly upon these nation to questions that concern our whole country. We can thus Best further the purpose for which our revolutionary fathers founded this nation and in defence of which our comrades so unselfishly died. I feel that we cannot recall these fundamental truths too often. And further feel that the est bushmen of fraternal regard Between the two Seckons of our people upon a sound and just basis is Essen i a1 to our continued existence us one nation. Tuat it is the one work la it for our Day and generation. That a failure to attain it is to leave a garnered the legitimate fruits of the labor Aud sufferings of our dead comrades and that to it by ways Wuich belittle their sacrifices or destroy the principles for which they so grandly and nobly died in not Only unwise and ungrateful but is the very height of wickedness and would Gnu Down upon the nation the right eau Wrath of an avenging deity. For who shall Melaure Tho Groat Mountain of suffering the people of this nation were compelled to hear by reason of that great War. The Homes desolated the children orphaned the wives made widows the Strong Meu torn with soot und Shell the trave hearts made sick unto death in the prison Pone the starving of sons and Brothers the writings and the agonies of death in its multiplied forms surely Infinity alone can compute the Price at which we saved the Union. Let us then More firmly resolve each year As we join in the Observance of memorial Day thut by no act of ours shall this sacrifice be rendered unavailing. And in the spirit of Justice without hatred of affection for the Union without hypocrisy do what we can to make our nation United and our people one people. Doing this we shall Ives an a Rev. Flick Nger was in West Noble sunday. The yellow. A i Roethig will build a new barn this summer. A Johnie Grogg Suu Dayed with h. Mosier and family. Fine sheep for Sale a ii. Mosser has some in West Noble. A a. F. Lung and wife Hundayen with Jna Koch and family. 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That Devotion to Point nag is an unselfish and worthy justly 00mruanda, a it Ough tilt 4 to and e respect perished i say when i find the men of the Houth willing to permit proper pensions to the Union soldiers then j shall Snow that so a a a sentiment As that does not find a Home in the heart of Tho a to whom it a addressed Neu shall know that the men of the month do not regard the Union soldiers As Quot their assailants Quot i it in their tree Light As the preservers of this Republic. Then i shall know that they no longer love the works of resell Lou so that they consider it a duty on the part of the general government to pension Tim dim bled Confederate Soldier. Then i shall know that the men of the Houth have so far conceded their wrong in attempting to destroy this Union that they do not consider it c use of complaint against the North that we May persist in refuting to permit such Adion. And t Ien i shall also know that the men of the Houth of a truth sincerely desire to fraternize with those of the North. Not that Thev May use them to further a secret and hidden purpose but that the two sections May Prosper each with the Bein of the other a r now it May be i id this is asking that the the affectionate and the lasting regard of ail Ofir people. T Hua should we remember the honoured dead that sleep beneath the Sod. Who gave their lives for Liberty our country and our to Tho Chi aus of Beltane county. Colb 4 Bow druggists Defiance keep the celebrated Inman i. Call for Mac Fak Lanpo a 1�?Tp.l ibis is the Dill 1 hat cures Hick headache and headache of ail kinds constipation or Cost Venesa $100 for a failure. We can Tell you More they cure rheumatism Horatio or All stomach diseases and kidney troubles yield to this great discovery. 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Kramer a a House last week. A Lewis Miller was in Paulding county last week buying sheep. A Rev. F. L Snyder is visiting friends and relatives at Kendallville lad. A Henry Miller of Paulding county visited relatives Here last week. A William Nelly a horse ran away last wednesday injuring its leg badly. A Abe Overly is engaged to work for Abram Higbee of Adams township a Conrad Miller and others lost valuable Colts last week by blood poisoning. A miss Etta Deepe of Menton ind., in visiting her parents in this Vicinity. A a number from these parts attended the children a Day exercises it Mtcarmel. A we. Dick Mun returned last saturday front Iowa where he has been visiting his sons. A it was win. Karate re a horse instead of we. Karsner Sas was stated in the last Issue of the Republican. A the trustees of the Noble and Tiffin cemetery held their annual meeting monday. Fred Kellermier is the newly appointed member for this township. A memorial Day has come and gone the interest manifested in this Day is demonstrated by the fact that despite the inclement weather the surviving heroes performed services Over the Graves of their fallen comrades. _ to Sicola. Bucklen a Arnica Salve. The Best Salve in the world for cuts bruises sores ulcers Salt Rheum Feer 8ores, Tetter chapped hands chilblains. Corns and All skin eruptions and posits vely cures piles or no pay required. It in guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or Money refunded. Price 26 events per Box. For Sale by Colby a Scott. Has a Barber shop at Frank is a Tine artist , i keep x. $1,00 a Box. Pill at bed time. They Clear and beautify the complexion. Iio43-Ly engine and the Field. A Frank mattock Ridgeville Corners. Give him a Call. Of. F. Bennekers Mother died last week interment took place from the German Luther Church on Friday. A business was Dull last week owing to the heavy rain. Young ducks and chickens of Well As Corn Fields were thoroughly soaked. A it surprised some democrats to think John Wisda would a it treated to a position an a Delegate of to e recent convention. Wonders have not ceased Dennis Jones. Deserving Confidence. It is quite surprising to notion the numerous reports of remarkable vases of nervous diseases cured such Ai headache fits nervous prostration heart affections St Vitus dance imy Itury and prolonged sleeplessness by Tiff. Miles restorative Nervine. This new and approved brain and nerve food and Medicine is every where gaining a remarkable reputation for caring the worst Jot these diseases As Well As the injurious a effects of worry nervous irritation mental and physical Over work. N. G. Woodward the druggist will give away trial bottles of this wonderful remedy. It positively contains no opium or morphine. Powder absolutely pure this powder never varies. A Marvel of purity strength and wholesomeness. More economical than Tho Ordinary kind and cannot to sold in Competition with the Multi _ _ _. Tude of Low test Short weight Alum or nos Defiance races july 3&41

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