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Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - September 7, 1953, Decatur, AlabamaPage fourth Decatur daily. Monday september 7. 1953 the Decatur daily published every afternoon except saturday and sunday morning in Decatur Alabama by the Tennessee Valley printing co., inc. 1 w. It. Shelton a founder editor a 1912. To 1924 entered As second class matter february 2o 1911 at the Post office at Decatur Alabama under act of March 16. 1871 member of the associated mess the associated Kress is exclusively entitle1 to use for re publication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the latest news published herein All Rehta of re pull cation of special dispatched herein Are reserved subscript told rate Tbs mail three months. $2.25 daily Ane sunday per year $ 7 00 Sis month $4.25 beyond zone twe per year >10.00 delivered by Carrier Dally and sunday per Weer. 35c Drew Pearson cd Washington merry go round prayer for today dear lard thou wast Onca a Carpanter and thou must know How possible it is for one to Forgat in tha pressure of work that he b More than a tradesman. Thou know est How Low at times i feel How Atily replaceable and How soon forgotten. I prey to be reminded each Day that my stature is above Atlas shoulder. Help a to work and Liva As a True child of cod. Amen. A Paul s. Wright Portland ore., minister. First presbyterian Church. ism s National Council of Char Cha fall Taa fast Era we be made no Gallup poll on the question but the several women we have heard express themselves regarding the execution of mrs. Dennison declared she got what she deserved. Balloons for Russia the reds ruling behind the Iron curtain also have their troubles. They have had a difficult time explaining Why free food from the United states should not be Given hungry germans in the russian controlled Section. The reds will have another hard time of it to keep russian people from Reading selections from the new testament which have been floated Over Russia. Attached to 5,000 balloons these cellophane wrapped selections will be eagerly read by the russian people. And that wont do the red rulers any Good. Money for the Bible bombardment came from evangelical lutheran churches of the United states. A postal service Charles Lucey Scripps Howard reporter says postmaster general Arthur Summerfield now is studying reports on postal business which May Lead to the saving of a great Deal of Money and improvement of service. No postmaster general before Ever had studied the figures Lucey adds because the figures never before have been obtained. Or. Summerfield however wants to maintain in his postal Job the same Finger tip control he exercised in private business. One idea tried out in the capital is Likely to spread to the entire country. Or. Summerfield a Experiment revealed that a the path to better services is not two deliveries a Day but later collections the night before so that a a single delivery grabs everything in or. Lucey reports this result a a Pilot operation Here in Washington delivered 80,000 letters a Day 24 hours earlier than the old Way. Sounds Good. The Only effective Way this week in legislative Halls will Tell the Story of How much responsibility the state of Alabama is willing to assume for controlling tuberculosis. As reported by the ways and Means committee a Bill authorizes the state to pay $2.50 per Day for each Sanatorium patient provided the patients sponsor county matches with 80 percent of this or $2.00 per Day. Alabama tuberculosis association closer to the needs for operating Santoria effectively wants this figure reduced to 60 percent requiring a payment of $1.50 per Day from county funds. We Hope the Ata reasoning will be accepted by the legislature and governor persons but at Best the legislation is Only Stop Gap. There will be no truly effective control of tuberculosis until the state of Alabama accepts full responsibility for treating and completely controlling tuberculosis. In that manner the Alabama tuberculosis association the trustees and directors of Santoria will know How far they can go with treatment of patients will know the amount of Money they have to spend. Many of the Southern states have already accepted the responsibility of treating tuberculosis. We a vill do it too when we make up our minds that this is the Only effective Means for ending the disease. B a ble to me forestry among the attractive and informative free booklets on conservation at the regional Forest service Headquarters in Portland Oregon is one beautifully illustrated titled a Forest and flame in the the foreward explains a the Bible urges us to the Protection and Wise use of our forests ranges and Woodlands a and the compiler cites texts genesis to revelations under seventeen pertinent subheads that reveal Forest problems of modern civilization to be As old As Mankind. Cedars Pines and firs Are mentioned frequently. The Wood of firs according to the glossary in an old edition of the St. James version was used in biblical times As today a for floors rafters ceilings decks of apropos to the Forest fire season in the Northwest Are the texts a the fire that Dev Ureth before them and behind them a flame Sumeth Yea and nothing shall escape them and a the beasts of the Field cry unto thee for the Rivers of water Are dried up and fire Dev Ureth the pastures of the wilderness and a the mountains Sumeth with fire. With darkness Clouds and thick of logged off regions listen to Isaiah a the Heweth of Cut Down Cedars and Tabeth the Cypress and the Oak which he strengthen eth for himself among the Trees of the Forest he Plant eth an Ash and rain doth nourish it As a counterpart of our own reforestation program Thane is the advice a the that Kindseth a fire shall surely make a Portland oregonian Washington. A labor Day 1953 represents something of a crossroad for organized Tabor for this is the first labor Day in 20 years that labor has been on the outside looking in. For 20 years labor enjoyed a situation wherein its top leaders were not Only consulted at the White House but where the Basic policy of both Roosevelt and Truman was aimed at what might be celled a people s administration. But today labor sees the Man it vigorously opposed safely ensconced in the White House naturally inclined to favor the policies of the businessmen who backed him rather than the labor leaders who bucked him. So. Despite the appointment o i Martin Durkin head of the Al plumbers As Secretary of labor organized labor frankly recognizes that it is t Long Way from having any voice in Washington. Quot Durkin says Pearson that he a been consulted on All labor problems a remarked one top labor Leader Quot but what difference does that make when the Secretary of the Treasury increases interest rates on the mortgages which every Workingman has to pay Quot or what difference does Durkin s consultation on labor problems make when the Treasury proposes a sales tax which increases the Cost of living for every Workingman or when the Eisenhower administration proposes cutting out cheap government electric Power thereby increasing the electric Bill which workingmen have to pay Quot no a concluded the top labor Leader a we Are in the same position today As with Herbert Hoover. He had a labor Man William operation big switch 52 office cat Day of Complete repose suggested to Honor labor by Hal Boyle new York opt labor Day is a Fine idea. It gives the Boss 24 hours in which to escape from the critical Eye of the working Man. It gives the conscientious employee the same re spite from his Stern duty of reminding the management there Arentt enough towels in the washroom. The theory behind labor Day is great that is to Honor labor by abstaining from it. And it is a sound theory so far As it goes because any kind of work looks better from a distance than it does when you get involved in it. The trouble with labor Day is that it lives up to its name instead of the theory behind it. Both Boss and hired hand work harder playing on labor Day than they do playing they Are working on an Ordinary Day. They put out enough foot pounds of Energy on labor Day to turn every wheel in America for a week. Quot no nothing Quot Day Why not save All this wasted Energy Why not Nave a a no labor and no put Aye Day As it is now millions of americans must we Ork on labor Day in order that other millions May play. That is the Way our civilization by Junius love that labor Dayi a most misleading title is Given to this Day when people do not labor but spend their time at play. A Louise Darey to old Friend what happened to that dizzy redhead your husband used to go with wife i dyed my hair. O american politics go hybrid skunks have minks. Officer to recruit a Man alive where Are All your shots going is geared. Every one has missed the target. But How about a Law creating Soldier nervously a i done to a National Public Holiday on which know sir. They left Here All right. O everybody and everything would be forbidden to do work of any kind or play in any Way the cancer heart palsy etc., after mrs. Hobby Secretary for health and welfare Cut the Money in half. Also the Public does no to realize that the . Of l. Maintains an Nuckels Doak in his Cabinet. But expert m Washington sex con hoovers policies were among the 8ressman Andrew Biemiller of most reactionary in history and Wisconsin whose Job it is to watch led to one of the worst Depres a her legislative matters such As Sions in history. That a what we have to look out for As Piegler sees it taxes Public Power Gas and Utility rates which also effect the lower bracket Public. Furthermore some labor leaders stung by the on sided treat two labor reactions the above viewpoint has cause two significant and important ment amp Iven their views by certain moves in labor circles 1. The greatest stimulus in labor history toward Unity toward an amalgamation of the . Of l. And the Cio. 2. A much greater Effort to push policies that will help lower bracket groups generally regardless of whether they belong to labor unions. This includes social Security health benefits lower taxes for the lower brackets Public Power As against private Power. Regarding Point no. 2, most people done to realize that the . Of l. Maintains a Man in Washington Nelson Cruikshank whose Job it is to watch Congress regarding health legislation not merely for organized labor but for the Public generally. It was Cruikshank among others who helped increase congressional appropriations for newspapers especially in one newspaper cities Are discussing the establishment of a daily newspaper with a National circulation somewhat along the lines of the Christian science Monitor. Cio Al at Stockholm on Point no. 1�?unity�?there Pegler has been no period since John l. Burnishing. Put Down such Mutiny by the Standard military Means without violating Quot Freedom of the press and a Cio communist from new York turned up in Honolulu in a Soldier suit making inflammatory speeches to troops and Blue jackets without serious interference. Lieut. General Nellie Richardson com general Matt manding the mid Pacific did his Ridgway a con Earnest but necessarily futile Best Cern about the 1� Cope with communist prop sneering Imp Lica Ganda in Soldier papers. Like most Tion of the term other regulars including i sup a a brass is Justi pm so Eisenhower it stunned Rich fied but the Ardson to hear that men in the worst of it is that american uniform could be Dis the generals of loy1 t0 this nation and Loyal to the big War and soviet Russia. Eisenhower some since have be in times seems not to know the score eluded Many Eyen to this late Date. General Gold bricks who Richardson said he would have no tarnished quickly political motivation in any i pub and beyond re cation in his command. But he had not Means of defining it be a sense of humor is what makes you laugh at something that Hap Law would apply to men animals pens to somebody else which would and machines. It would enforce make you angry if it happened to Complete and absolute rest from Dawn to dusk. All beaches filling stations bars dark one sugar pie did that restaurants Heaters and highways kiss i just gave you make you Long would be closed. All Power plants for another would be shut Down. There would Susie it sure did but he a out be no television or radio programs of town no Ball games no newspapers o printed. The zoos would lock Upton thereby denying the caged in then there s the Guy who a so habitats the pleasure of laughing completely Dull and Boring that human visitors he cant even Enterlin a doubt. Not it com. Allow gtd nr�,.,t t. J cops could stay Home and Cool y y u l00k 50 it ils their Bun on. As no burglar would dare burgle on that Day. The Only human institutions allowed to remain open would be a few hospitals As no Law can keep a fellow from dying falling ill or getting himself born. Hens gusted patients of the doctor told me to Bury myself in my work. Nurse Well patients in a a Cement mixer. One of my Plymouth Rock hens would b 1 cnut 0 to Lay. Laid four enormous eggs with a la a and cp0ws rive milk hard shelled egg and another yellow and White in each one. A a the largest of these giant eggs weighed nine ounces and was ten inches Lewis bolted the . Of l. When Quot brass is an abbreviation of a cause there was no Standard nor the two great labor groups the British term a brass hats a which stopping it because these papers Al and the Cio have been near in its original meaning was Jocose or Unity. Part of this has come and familiar but not contemptuous. About because of the policies of the Eisenhower administration part because new and younger leaders Are now in command. At the recent International labor meeting in Stockholm for instance Walter Reuther of the Cio worked closely with George Meany British officers from brigadier general up wore Gilt devices on their Caps. Probably they actually were made of brass. Gold would seem to have been prohibitive. These ranks were called Quot brass hats and Quot brass a but their patriotism never was doubted. The election of Omar Becu of Belgium As president of the 1cftu. Both were opposed by the British. But in both cases the quiet cooperation of Reuther and Meany scored a Victory. Both men also addressed the Stockholm meeting on East Germany and sent a Telegram urging Eisenhower to take a Strong stand in support of East German workers. The president wired Back that he considered it significant that it was the workers who were the Backbone of the revolt against communism. Labor leaders incidentally Point to Ike a laudatory statement in contrast to the statement of his attorney general her living t Oday by Arlin b. Davidson enjoy yourself Are you enjoying your life while you have a Chance or do you think of life More As a bore a weight and a Handicap do you get much out of your Days except so much More time spent in the heated Cut Throat Competition in economic pursuits Are you living merely to earn More Money and accumulate More from some indefinite future or just trying to get ahead of somebody else in the race for material possessions do you worry Over things you can to avoid or those things which have already become a part of the Bert Brownell that there Are More past do you feel that your organization can t get along without you do you feel that you must be on hand at All hours every Day for fear the business would go to pieces is your organization Bui organization built on no firmer foundations than y o u r s e if alone have you yet realized that you can to take what you have a a or what you Are trying to get with you at the end Davidson you Are a trustee of material property and someone else will take it Over when you reach the end of Al. Together they succeeded their judgment was belittled but in overruling the British on two hey rated Well with their troops important moves. One was the and 1e pres and Public until the Sec Mission of Israel to the executive on War was Well along. Then the Board of the in Ftp. The other was generals became the goats for failures in France Norway and Africa w hich were to less the responsibility of the Whitehall politicians and the French nation. In our ease the sneer of a a brass and Quot big brass or Quot High brass was touched off about the time of the Victory in Europe when the communist plants in our army our government and our press set up their clamor to dissipate the toughest fighting Force this country Ever had. Many innocent americans joined in this for decent motives. The russians wanted Europe to themselves and after Victory in the Pacific they stimulated a duplicate Hullabaloo All Over that Quot theatre to get the americans out for the same reason. They wanted a free hand there too. They had Many Covert agents but their most effective propagandists were those who from the outset had wormed their Way into the so called Quot gig publications. These things became a menace to discipline morale and National safety because the professional military officer is not equipped by training or mentality to Cope with subordinates who use publications to incite disrespect for authority insubordination and communists inside labor than any other group. Unions dream of a finer Quot Esprit de corps Quot in organized labor. Nor is it Likely that Pioneer labor leaders of the past Uke Sam Gompers and of your Days. What else Are you John Mitchell whose attempt to living for does life have no mean improve he status of the working ing beyond what you can get and Man was derided As spend or use for your own mater j foresaw in their w oldest fancies Ial Comfort the tremendous gains made by Why not spend More time in labor in the last generation. Joying life and what it really of according to elder labor states fers in enduring rewards in values Man a1 Hays of which cannot be destroyed in the labor cannot rest on its past Achi accumulation of inner resources elements. The american fac which will be your standby to the tory worker today earns More than end bring in More contemplation six times As much As in 1913. Labor notes labor Day was first proposed by Peter j. Mcguire president of the carpenters and joiners Union in new York in 1882. By 1894 Congress declared it a Legal Holiday. Eventually the first monday in september became a red letter Day in All the 48 states. Approximately 17,500,000 workers including 3,000,000 women Are Mem-1 Mutiny. Bers of Al Cio and Independent j some of the stuff published in unions a the greatest number of the Pacific of which i had know organized working people in his Edge a few months before the Victory. Peter Mcguire could hardly a tory As plainly mutinous. But the generals m the administrative jobs figure out How to As responsible labor leaders Are no longer smeared As Quot socialists a except by extreme reactionaries so has the american Workingman formed a new concept of his relations with management. Because he and his family have prospered under our system the working the machinists Man is a Strtt no believer in free Enterprise As Long As it does no to become word Quot capitalist has pretty much Dos ,. Appeared from the american work in place of Competition. Cast out though living costs have greatly or s vocabulary at least As a Terra fear and worry. Enjoy your work increased the factory workers of aversion. He does no to suffer from your friends Beauty Opportunity wages still buy More than twice the feeling that he is in a class for creative work and a Precia As much As they did 40 years ago. Distinct from the Quot Boss a or that Hanl �ut.s.t0 tract cd Aiso Luce asm by american he is incapable of thinking like a the chinese proverb enjoy your workers own their own Homes to Man 0f business which in every self. R is later than you Day compared with 1913. Just Mem a is. Had become very Strong. General Wedemeyer solved the Puzzle in China by transferring out the principal propagandists. He did not fill their jobs so his i press died from Lack of manpower. As with every other respectable decent thing he got his hands on Roosevelt cheapened High rank and the process unfortunately is not yet finished. In the first War we had three or four lieutenant generals and they All were soldiers. In the second War. Bill Knudsen a magnificent grease Monkey who was a Genius at producing automobiles and other machinery Given the Plant manpower and tools was wheeled into the army and Given three stars when he actually did no to know the manual of arms or for that matter How to Salute. Civilians were inducted As ready made colonels and soon became brigadier and major generals who had none of the bearing of soldiers nor the slightest knowledge beyond hearsay of military propriety. At one stage in the disintegration of the army in the Pacific a petition said to contain 30,000 names was circulated openly and sent Back to a propagandist in Washington who delivered it to the White House. The gigs were demanding demobilization. This plainly was Mutiny but nothing was done to punish anyone. The propagandist who sent the document to the White House boasted of his part As though it had been a humane or patriotic service. Throughout this phenomenon the proposition was hollered up that such men As general Devers and general Macarthur wanted to keep the troops under Aims and discipline so that they could continue to enjoy the sensations of High rank and Power. The idea that they saw the need of keeping a hard front against Russia in Europe and Asia was hardly mentioned our papers were emotionally affected by the actual hardship and longing of the bravest americans in the fighting outfits and joined in the outcry for Quot rotation and a Complex a Point Quot system. The purposes were generous but the effect was a disaster from the standpoint of strength. In a few months the whole Force had been reduced to a Skeleton of real soldiers and a flabby disorderly mass of uniformed novices. The record of this Force in Germany was a disgrace which could gratify Only the soviet government. It was not surprising hut the decent Quot brass Quot lost Confidence and command. General Ridgway and others concerned might Bear in mind also a habit of the a brass Quot of kicking one another of Grade upward on ing and cows to give milk As there Isnit much Congress could do to Stop them either. But for everybody else repose ,. ,.a i peace no work or duties or Energy wound one by and inches u j of plea Hurt of the other. A mrs. Charles Sny kind b 1 Der Ashland a. We at a us nce would Ain a o a a every City As fresh winds cleansed Decatur Man _ your husband hem of Muke and factory looks like a Brilliant Man i sup fumes a a w Serene America Rose he knows All about every would a seem nobody any t j a thing except just lying in bed rest y Fren Judon t be silly. He eng dozing., All Day Long. Does no to even suspect anything o parlor maid and the guests All came in limousines and had on the grandest clothes and wore the biggest diamonds. Gardener and what did they talk about parlor maid us. ,. A. Well its a Fine goal this a no it is not mistakes that retard us labor and no play Day. There so it is not learning the lesson they Only one wrong with it. It should teach. work. Would drive people mad it would drive americans Stark crazy. They possibly sit or lie still that Long. They Arentt made that Way they either have to be doing something or going somewhere. By 10 a. The housewives would be saying to their husbands a Law or no Law this House is going to be cleaned. And you get up. You Loafer and help by noon to keep from breaking the Law at Home the husbands would be out breaking the Law everywhere else and every Saloon would have a Back door open. The highways would be jammed by mid afternoon and Bootleg Gas would be Selling for a Dollar a gallon. Before Nightfall every City would sound and smell the same As usual and 160,000,000 Happy lawbreakers across the nation would be telling each other �?o1 guess we showed the government it can to make an american take a Holiday lying cause and defect married men Are usually Meek they Seldom have a say its not because they re born so mild its that they got that Way. A Jack Herbert a Clergyman chose for his text the following verse a Wilt thou go with me to Ramoth Gilead then pausing he again and again repeated the words. At last a Sailor started from his seat and looking around him with eyes full of indignation exclaimed Quot will none of you go with the gentleman then hang it ill go a o the mind is a wonderful thing. It starts working the minute you re born and never stops until you stand up to speak in Public. Retirement so that their pensions May be a Little bigger and so that colonels and Navy four stripers May achieve their laudable ambitions to become a a general or a a admirals by a trick. This does not Cost much in Money but it creates so Many technical generals and admirals in addition to the real and synthetic hordes in the same ranks that the titles have lost prestige with the people. They also should get rid of the women of All services absolutely and without forming any a reserves a and quit this silly and expensive affectation. Female nurses do not belong in male forces. Above All the West Point code should be preached constantly not Only to the officers but to the ranks and vindicated by the personal example of All the officers. It is the finest code of human conduct for men outside holy orders that i know of. Brown ambulance phone 1234 Nado Fence St Southern engineering co at salad a a my meats of tum my mortal St my a Quot hts City or in a Wootry. Of hem or Wood o por Sonoi pro party Floater into ranch policy pro oct your Parton Al property front proc tic Olly Oil Kindi a Low a. H a Worth in a a Odowl Cott in proc of mind Alona a id in min Avent of in it pay a a a a of. Herd co it. Coll Al Earl Glenn insurance a real estate 22 Grant St. Phong 766

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