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Decatur Daily Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1970, Page 5

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Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - October 17, 1970, Decatur, AlabamaThe Decatur daily. Saturday morning october 17, 1970 studying the Bible equipping our8elve8 for god s will scripture a Tajet 119 9-16 ii Timothy 3 14-17. By r. H. Ramsey today a lesson makes use of a Section of psalm 11�, one of the most remarkable of the songs employed in the Temple services of the ancient hebrews. It is the longest of the psalms and divided into Twenty two sections. Each of these sections is designated with a letter of the hebrew alphabet and in hebrew each verse of a Section begins with the letter used to designate its Section. The question asked in the opening verse assigned to this lesson would indicate that the problems faced by today s Young people in trying to Lead clean lives Are not indigenous solely to the age of aquarius despite All the talk about a new morality. Just As the problems Are not new neither is the solution. The text from psalms provides an answer which centuries of re search and discovery have failed to improve upon. Those who live according to the word of god find most of the problems they face already settled for deep personal convictions upon spiritual matters. There is no substitute for meditation on the word of god. Timothy is an excellent example of one raised according to the scriptures. He was born into a Home divided racially and religiously. His Mother was a jewess his father a greek. Timothy smother and grandmother were devout believers in god and they instructed him from Early childhood in the scriptures. For them the word was not something merely to be studied in the synagogue it was a Way of life. Paul probably met and converted Timothy on his first missionary journey. On his second journey he took Timothy along As a Helper. Now awaiting death in a roman prison Paul wrote to encourage Timothy to continue in the things he had teamed from childhood. They had been proved they were trustworthy. These things in eluded the gospel he had Learned from Paul As Well As the old testament scriptures Learned Golden text Tench me o lord the Way of thy statutes and i shall keep it unto the end. Live me understanding and i shall keep thy Lawi Yea i shall observe it with my whole 119 33, 34. To sing 1 be Eastside Baptist Charch youth choir Birmingham will present a concert at the Morgan county Baptist associational youth rally today at 7 ., at Lebanon Baptist Church in Falkville. Poor pay r Eason for ministerial exodus them. But it is not easy. As the psalmist discovered it requires a total commitment. He declares he has spent his entire life and Energy to seeking god and prays that he will be kept from straying from the path marked out by the divine commandments. By keeping the word of god in his heart the psalmist had the right thing in the right place As a Protection against sin. But having gods word in ones heart is not enough. If it is not translated into one s personal life it is of Little value. The words in the heart must become words in the Mouth for to declare the judgments of god engraved them More surely upon the heart. Even memorizing the wording of gods word is insufficient we must meditate on them Ponder Over them scrutinizing them carefully in order to discover for ourselves its meaning for our own time. No Art More lacking in today a world than that of meditation and nothing is More needed to form by George w. Cornell a religion writer new York a the i spreading exodus from the ministry often is blamed on com from his Mother and grandmother which had led him to salvation through Faith in Jesus Christ. All scriptures says Paul Are Given by divine inspiration. They i pie Modem sociological and z human Tsas. A Holo in. Factors but a they represent the unfolding of cause May be a simple gods will and the revelation of common Gripe among working his divine thought. Men poor pay. The Bible is a a a textbooks de at least that is indicated by signed to make men mature two recent protestant studies on spiritual persons a course in morale among american Pas righteousness that concentrates _. _ on the essentials. Stem rebuke is Why Many Are quit Given for errors and sin. Cor a Melr profession Section is Given for mistakes such departures have stepped instruction is Given for the at up sharply lately among both Tain ment of a right relationship protestants and roman Catho with god and our fellow Man. Us and while researchers have spiritual a a tap Puslis of a a found ii the scriptures. By to Quot do a he a a com in studying them those who live i bounced in s time of their lives in accordance with squeeze on paychecks gods word will find them moreover the two new stud selves completely equipped fori a the United methodist Sod 1rs�lfogs� ? t found words Are not enough. Without Jey so Urce a clergy a Good works to accompany i Cne dissatisfaction was their them Man cannot please god. Low salaries putting a Strain based on copyrighted outlines produced by the do Talens of Christian education of their families and their sense National Council of Church a of Christ in the u.s.a., and used by permit stir a of effectiveness distributed by Kins features Syndicate various other frequently mentioned causes also were cited local Man to head Unicof such As uncertainty among clergymen Over their roles in with Church authorities and Lack Seldom Quot reach such an acute of encouragement from people state Quot about it that they quit the and Church colleagues. Ministry for that reason alone however the United method although it crops up regularly st Survey conducted by the among other subtler factors lev. Or. Robert l. Wilson also cited was the Quot push pull found that most ministers in demands on clergy by various discussing their discontents groups his Bishop co Grega stressed financial problems and Tion family Community which Felt they were badly underpaid often leave him unable to Quot con or. Wilson research director cd nitrate his efforts in an effect of the National division of the Tive directed pattern of minis United methodist Board of mis try Sions surmises that Money problems May be Only the sur face symptom of what pastors sense As his declining status and doubts Over his role. New York pays its garbage men More than some churches pay their pastors a said one Southern sex minister. A similar study in the episcopal Church found that 47 per cent of its clergymen have Quot seriously considered Quot leaving the clergy while some already have done so and that a major Rea son for it was Money. Asked to specify the the traditional halloween trick or treat for the Benefit of Unicof United nations sunday school 9 45 am. Morning worship 11 00 am. C. A. Service 6 00 Evang. Service 7 00 Wed. Praye serv. 7 00 We Welcome you to worship with us Nursery at All services Rev. C. S. Howell pastor phone 355-6974 first Assembly of god 312 8th st., . Tell me Ron Bishop childrens fund by groups in the changing society their seeming Decatur area will be coordinated i wan no influence conflicts by Robert Andress of Central United methodist Church. A a ?d the Power of Faith groups needing supplies and by Woodi Ishmael details. He said Money collected 1 will be used by Unicof to finance programs for needy children in 128 countries. Andress said that Unicof trick or Treater will be identified by their official Orange and Black collection boxes. Only children with an official collection Carton will be authorized to collect for Unicof he said. Interesting men of history. Cicero win the new Book of knowledge 20 volumes. Send your questions name age main address to Quot Tell me Why a care drawback their profession has 0f this paper. Include zip code imposed on their families the in Case of duplicate questions most frequently mentioned item the author will decide the was financial Strain. Winner. It causes a a constant chronic Many men have influenced the anxiety Quot among Parish priests course of history by the Power of the study report says but they their speech and perhaps the greatest of these was Marcus privately owned passenger automobiles in Yugoslavia total a Little More than 560,000 for a country with 20 million people. Welcome Sherman Street Church of god family hour�?7 15 wednesday sunday scheei�?9 45 . Sunday Mamino worshfo�?11 00 . Sunday Evans Elisha servke�?6 30 Sunday Rev. Albert Batts Amsl tech. 48 sat. 12 30 1528 Sherman st., . A. N. Lee Poi tor Okono 333-s432 a a Mew Waw Hanapi pentecostal gospel singing featuring the Joy master s quartet of Birmingham Ala. At the United pentecostal Church is mile North of Stock Yard w. Moulton st. Decatur Alabama pastor Rev. M. C. Pitts pm. 355-3130 singing st arts at7 15 no admission everyone Welcome sat., night oct., 17th -70 Welcome memorial drive Church of Christ services sunday Bible claim .9 30 . Won hip. 10 30 . Won hip. 4 00 . Wednesday prayer coating. 7 00 Elmer h. Lusk minister or. Mohamed Kamel Hussein a medical doctor in Cairo Egypt is also a qualified spokesman for the islamic religion. Many years ago he became deeply Cori corned about International cooperation and world peace and has written Many articles on the subject. In february 1965, at the invitation of u Thant he addressed the United nations general Assembly on this subject. He is a member of the executive Council of the new continuing conference on world religions sponsored by the male of understanding. At the spiritual Summit conference at Geneva Switzerland in april or. Hussein vehemently condemned War. Quot War should be understood. It is the ugliest expression of what is Best in men Quot he said. We take the noblest of our creatures and we order them not to die for a cause it is we say but to kill others. Quot the enemies Are created by the social system by the whole outdated feelings of enmity which have to be changed. We have to take up a new Tullius Cicero. Cicero was the greatest orator Rome produced. He was bom in 106 . As a Young Man he studied Law philosophy and Public speaking. In 70 . He won great Public acclaim by successfully prosecuting a government official for his dishonest Rule Over the Island of Sicily. In the year 63 ., Cicero won an election for the Consulship the roman republics highest office. Cicero a chief opponent was catiline a revolutionary with a Large following among the roman mob. Catiline gathered some other dangerous men and made secret dans for murdering Cicero and seizing Power by Force. But Cicero discovered the Dot just in time. In the Senate before All the leading men of Rome he denounced catiline in a stinging powerful speech. Catiline who was present ran away. In the next years Julius Caesar Rose to supreme Power in Rome Cicero opposed this because he Felt it was destroying the Republican system of government that he loved. So Cicero rejoiced when Caesar was assassinated though he himself took no part in the plot. Then Mark Antony Caesars chief lieutenant gained Power in a series of Brilliant speeches Cicero opposed Anthonys plans for dictatorship. But he was killed by antonyms soldiers in 43 . Of Cicero a work Over 50 speeches nearly 800 letters and Many essays have survived and Are still being studied today. Fun time the chuckle Box Billy Jane you re the Only girl in be Ever loved. Jane Justtna Luck. All i Ever get is beginners. Mary How Many inches in map newbie nature Welcome to Brookhaven Baptist Church a a Southern Baptist Church 635 memorial drive . Sunday school.9 45 . Preaching.10 50 . Evening.6 0t &7 00p.m. Nursery for All services Randy Washburn minister off music Rev. Wayne Fields pastor st. Ann s begins course for retarded a program designed to teach the mentally retarded about Church and religious concepts has begun at st. Annas Catholic Church said msgr John m Morgan pastor. Msgr Horgan said the Decatur program is one of three in the to Trimingham diocese. Mrs. Lynn arks 2504 Sherwood or. Be is local coordinator of the program. Mrs. Parks said that the Decatur program has seven mentally retarded children ranging in age from 7 to 14. These children Aire taught by teenage practice teachers for half an hour of each meeting Day said mrs. Parks. The group meets each saturday at 4 At st. Annas tie children participate in a simple Liturgy. Mrs. Parka said the priest involved in the Liturgy explains the Points throughout the service on the children a eve of understanding. The last half hour of the program is spent by the children n group activities said mrs. Parks. The teachers remain to evaluate their students Progress said. The program will continue through the school year said mrs. Parks revival set Courtland United methodist Church will hold revival services sunday at 7 With William Wells Falkville As guest speaker. Special singing will be featured each night. Our doors Are open you Are Welcome to worship with us every week. This is gods House. Come and worship Here sunday school 9 45 . Morning worship 11a.m. Evening worship 5 Training Union 6 Midweek service 7 30p.m. Choirs for All Ages Nursery provided choirs for All Ages Westside Baptist Church 311 my mortal drive Tow free t. Wide Oil pastor speaker named for revival evangelist Ron Bishop Chattanooga tenn., will speak at a weekend youth led revival at the Moulton Heights Baptist Church today and sunday. Bishop is head coach at Tennessee Temple College in Chattanooga. Music for the revival will be furnished by the churches Junior choir and brass ensemble a Day a service will begin at 7 30 And sundays service is set for 7 With training Union at 6 30 The pastor is Lamar Nile. Women baptists to gather quarterly meetings of the Baptist women and the Baptist Young women organizations of the Morgan county Baptist association will take place next week said Church officials. Mrs. Fred Halbrooks missionary on leave from Brazil will address a 7 Meeting thursday at West Meade Baptist Church in Decatur. Her husband Rev. Fred Halbrooks will address a meeting of the groups at 10 . Friday at pleasant Valley Baptist Church West of Flint. A covered dish luncheon will follow in the Church Fellowship Hall at 11 30 . Nursery facilities will be available at both meetings. A amp Mil Stiie Baptist 9tist. Altti avt.. Docaturdiol353-m14 sunday school.9 As am. Maming worship.11 00 . Training unitit.6 00pm. Evening warship. 7 00pm. Wad. Pray Savka 7 00pm. Uthe Friendly Church with the lighted Spires Rev. Jaad. Ray pastor f first Christian Church disciples of Christ 4tti ave. At e. Moulton st. A Church whose message is relevant to today s personal and social needs. Sunday school 9 45 am. Morning worship 10 50 . Lawrence Maines pastor a 353-0421 or 355-7470 Yard How do you expect me to know when every Yard is a different size did you know Mommy warship Junior a a a a a tic service. Ivenz elastic service. Wednesday evening prayer service Kiv. J. F. Dunlap Pastar Phona 3555261 Welcome to Laft wooo Church of tin Maza tank 2201 Seadon rd., . 9 45 am. 11 00 am. .6 30 pm. 7 00 pm. 7 30 pm. Nowadays Many people Wear their hair longer. The longest tresses on record belonged to a woman called miss Owens who lived in the 19th Century. Tiey measured 8 feet 3 inches answer to yesterdays Puzzle Box Hemingway Hawthorne Wolfe. Win the new Book of knowledge yearbook. Send your riddles jokes.,.to a riddles. Jokes Tell me Why a give zip code. West Meade Baptist Church Corner of Botty is. And Runny tade you Are invited to worship with us joust said a Eye Mutt to born John 3 7 sunday school.,. 30 . Won hip service. 10 30 . Training Union. 6 00 Evening Marvica a. -==5 7 00 Prayer coating wad. 7 00 A Southern Baptist Church Joe Hoover Poetar Nursery provided for each service sunday school 9 45 . Morn Worth in 11.00 . . 6 45 Ive. Worship 7 30 Redie broadcast Sim. Amsl 8 301 to 9 . Wed. Prayer service 7 30 Rev. Kovell Keenum a poster / we Welcome you to worship with us Nursery open at All services of Nimes Baptist Church 16th Avo. Of Magnolia st. Dial 353-8942 revival october 18 thru 25 7 30 Nightly Ernie Gross evangelist Willard Stallcup pastor Grace Baptist Church Sherman st. At Riverview everyone is cordially invited

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