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Decatur Daily Newspaper Archives Oct 4 1970, Page 4

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Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - October 4, 1970, Decatur, AlabamaThe Decatur daily or count by May vat Iviz pc most put Krohto wrong my commom iwo. Mclim it it member of associated press client of sen York times mews service. Congressional quarterly mews so ice and w orld Book encyclopedia so fance service w r. Shelton founder editor 1912-1924 amp october 4, 1970 m Mon \ if you Dondo it it wont get done your pledge to the Morgan county United fund this year will measure the love that the Decatur area has for the Public Good but As an individual you will be reached both directly and indirectly by the work of the Many Public service agencies which Are included in the United fund. The task of pledging and raising disabled the lonely the mentally retarded. A there Are Many phases of Community and area life encompassed in the agencies within the United fund. You might also consider the plight of everybody Volunteer worker and giver alike if the United fund did no to on aaa exist and instead that we 1311,000 this year is admittedly Achi Quot re being called on to conduct 25 one but it is also a rewarding its tor different campaigns throughout the it is a test of Community spirit As expressed in individual generosity. It is an expression of our concern for our Young people our old people the year. You As a giver would be called on 25 different times to support causes of which you approve and which your conscience would Yurt Nixon holds key to Power woes congressman Richard Fulton of Nashville is another who is pointing right to the desk of president Nixon asking for action which will Avert a fuel shortage this Winter. Or. Fulton recently spoke to the House of representatives and his remarks and a copy of a letter he wrote to president Nixon is printed in a current Issue of the congressional record. His remarks and his letter follow or. Fulton of Tennessee. Or. Speaker we have All viewed the Lovely shadows which draw so beautifully across the Capitol. However for the past few Days we have been experiencing some additional shadows around Here that Are not Only alarming but needless. The shadows i refer to Are those that Darken the corridors because half the lights Are out. The reason the lights Are out we All know is because the entire East coast from Here North is suffering a severe Power shortage. The reason for this in turn is due to a Power fuel shortage which i am firmly convinced is More imaginary than real and which should and is going to be investigated by the Congress. In the meantime however this problem could be alleviated Over the Short run by the administration. The president has executive Power at his disposal to take positive action. To Date he has failed to respond. Meanwhile the lights go Down and consumer Power rates go up. A yesterday. I wrote the president outlining some of the options open to him to alleviate this critical situation. Or. Speaker. I ask consent to place a copy of that letter in the record at this Point. September 23.1970. The president. The White House. Washington. . Dear or. President this morning i and other members of the Congress from the Tennessee Valley Region received a disturbing if not distressing letter from Tva Board chairman Wagner. A copy of that letter is enclosed. Because Quot of a shortage of fuel it has been made Crystal Clear the nation faces the distinct threat of a severe Power shortage this Winter unless immediate action is taken. This fuel shortage has already forced the announcement of an intended october 1st 23 percent increase in rates to Tennessee Valley authority Power Consumers and Consumers of both Public and private Power across the country Are or soon will be suffering similar inflationary rate increases. The full Story behind the fuel shortage has not been told but will be 1 have been assured brought to Light add treated in congressional hearings Over the weeks ahead. At this time however the underlying causes of the shortage Are not As important As their potentially dire effects and something must be done immediately to prevent major Power shortages in the cold weeks ahead. It is my understanding there Are three actions available to you two of which would ease the fuel shortage and Power Price spiral nationally and one of which would alleviate the need for a 23 percent rate increase for Tva Power Consumers. By executive action you have the Power to limit the Export of Coal. This would significantly ease the Coallar shortage which is delaying shipment of Coal to Power plants nationwide. It would also make Coal available for Domestic Power production though i realize that a considerable amount of Export Coal is not suited for this purpose. Second you have the Power to increase or temporarily suspend import quotas. Unfortunately foreign Oil today is not As plentiful As it normally is because of unexpected but hopefully temporary Adverse conditions existing in some of the primary foreign Export Fields. Nonetheless the Opportunity for increased exports by these foreign allow you to refused in giving the United fund Way you pledge once for 25 different worthwhile agencies. Let us run Over the list of agencies which Are included in this years Campaign which is being headed by or. George Hansberry. There Are these four recreation programs Cotaco communities league Brindle m r m mens association Eva activities association Hartselle youth recreation. Two agencies at the District i tuberculosis Sanatorium patient welfare and chaplain funds. The salvation army the crippled children and adults association the Decatur boys club and the Eva a. Sterrs Branch of the boys club the disabled american veterans welfare fund the american red Cross school lunch program for underprivileged children in City and county schools the boy scouts homeless children Sterrs Day care centers mental health girl scouts the Uso retarded children cystic fibrosis and three National agencies american social health National travellers Aid and International social service. There Isnit a one of those agencies that is not deserving of your financial assistance and the time is now Here for you As a citizen to respond to these Decatur area needs. There will be hundreds of volunteers working throughout this month and until this necessary $311,000 goal is reached. Just please remember a if you done to do it it wont get done. Producers with the Promise of greater revenues to the foreign nations wherein lie these Fields should provide Strong incentive to remedy the causes of current production restrictions in foreign Export capability. An increase in available foreign fuel Oil supplies even a temporary one would significantly ease the tremendous demand for Coal which has sent prices skyrocketing and resulted in highly inflationary consumer Price increases. Finally it is my understanding you have the Power to approve a suspension of payments to the Federal government by the Tva for a two year period. Such an action on your part would i am informed greatly alleviate the necessity for the 23 percent Tva consumer rate increase scheduled to become effective next week. Or. President chairman Wagner Points out in his letter that if Coal costs continue to Rise rates will increase again. The time to Stop this inflationary Cost spiral is now. I am certain if you implement the actions available to you you will find the Congress More thah cooperative and the people of the nation most appreciative. Respectfully Richard Fulton member of Congress. A a. \. Nasser s estate Washington merry go round of Jua Why the Power of Faith by Norman Vincent Peale by Jack Anderson Washington a the truth about Egypt a Nasser despite the outpouring of words that have followed his death remains buried in secret state department files. This column has been Given Access to the files and can now reveal the highlights How Nasser Rose to Power in the Arab world with Little More than a radio station and a Genius for inflaming the masses How he repeatedly bounded Back from disaster like a cat with nine lives Why the . Helped to keep him in Power despite his flagrant anti american policies. The Story helps to explain the decline of Western influence in the Middle East Fountainhead of Western Europe soil and historic Crossroads of the world. For the ebb and flow of history Over this scorched land has produced a new tide that has been running against us. Arab nationalism has All but washed away the common ground that once joined the arabian and Western worlds. More than any other Gamal Abdel Nasser has inflamed and guided this nationalism. As late As 1953, he pledged that a Egypt stands today in every respect with the but by 1970, he was screaming Over Cairo radio a the aim of american imperialism is to destroy the Arab countries a the real clue to Nasser was his megalomania his dream of presiding Over an Arab Domain stretching from the Atlantic and Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean. He seriously likened himself to the heroic Saladin who in the 12th Century founded the last great Arab Empire. Nasser was willing to work with the ., it developed Only to the extent that the . Supported his dream. Here is some untold history that explains the deterioration in egyptian american relations untold history president Eisenhower s Secretary of answer to Campus chaos the faded envelope bore the postmark of a hard depression Era. The letter addressed to Bill smother was on the stationery of a second rate hotel in Pennsylvania in his fathers familiar hand. After some hesitation Bill opened it. A Dearest i have something to fell you which will be hard on you. I would do anything to spare you but things Are getting really Tough a my salary has to it n Cut and also my commissions. I cannot blame the Boss and he assures me it does not reflect on my ability or performance. I know that factories Are st i closing and men Are being Laid off so perhaps we should be thankful it Isnit that bad. Everybody is taking a Cut. I am really discouraged. I need your help my customers Are afraid to buy they wont put in an inventory. They think prices will go town and nobody will have the Money to buy. Quot hard times Are really with us. I am going to work harder than Ever but i cannot Promise you an easy time ahead. We will have to curtail at every Point. But 1 Don t want to Stop saving for our Little Bill s College education. We can do without everything ourselves. I Hope you agree. Kor. You and i together can take it. We will talk it Over when i get Home Friday night. I love you. hippie style Bill sat a moment staring at the letter an intimate document of 2 / had for his Iron Gray father ebbed away. A what a Man a he sighed. Many students Are returning to College and others Are entering universities for the first time. What casualties will occur this year Between faculty students and administration How much conflict and violence will take place the academic crisis is continually being Analysed and though educators and administrators come up with scores of reasons for All that is happening there does no to seem to be an end to Campus chaos. Youth has much to offer. They Are tor the most part More erudite than Ever before and some Are perhaps More Brilliant. But have they Ever had it rough the former president of the National student association describes his As the first a Post War Post depression pos television Post technology Post bomb Post space this generation is parental suffering and love out of the past not worrying about How to make a living carefully he put it Back in the envelope and returned it to the desk. A maybe a he thought with a seriousness foreign to him a there Are sore real people in the a bit of the resentment he and they cannot seem to understand that their parents had to struggle for economic Security. Because they have no real fear of economic want they have More time to be concerned about the worlds wrongs # previous generations of americans were hard put to it just to keep their Heads above water. In the Best centers for creative research our Young people Exchange ideas and search for truth. They study and read. They read and study. And then All of a sudden they act. But what Are they acting upon do they really know Are they just frustrated because after so much Reading and learning they Are not satisfied could it be they rebel because they simply feel empty Here Are two suggestions. If students would realize the fact that this is a hard Tough world full of struggle and would develop an understanding that everybody has to tussle with life All of us would Benefit. And if parents would sympathetically let Young people find their own Way we would have More harmonious conditions and therefore a better National climate. Most Young people today Are interested in improving rather than destroying and we should be thankful for that. Next week i will write about the role of the faculty in a what can. We do about Campus chaos a. State John Foster Dulles came away from his first meeting with Nasser in april 1953, tremendously impressed with the dynamic Young dictator. Dulles promised to pour economic Aid into his country and to work with him in the Middle East. Unfortunately Nasser took this to mean the . Would work through him. He was bitterly disappointed Over our refusal to help him raise 10 Arab divisions and put them under his command As his first step toward uniting the Arab world. In 1955, Nasser summoned Arab leaders to Cairo. The secret minutes betrayed How his attitude toward the West had soured. A Western policy is carefully Laid Down to destroy the strength of the Arab countries a he charged. A the West has succeeded in separating Egypt from the Arab world through Israel which the West created. Do you accept such a situation the state department seeking a counter to Nasser turned temporarily to King Saud of saudi Arabia. The Hope was that the King As ruler of Mecca the holy City would provide a spiritual rallying Point for the arabs. But in the ferment against feudalism and old forms of government the Call of Cairo radio extolling the Creed of Nasser a new political Mecca was More powerful than the Call of the Koran. Cairo radio carried Nasser a voice to All the Arab countries. Across the desert Sands Dusty arabs listened enraptured As a a the egyptian Leader harangued them in simple language Replete with references to Allah a will. Increasingly the voice of Nasser acquired a venomous anti Western Edge. . Rescues Nasser yet time and again Nasser was rescued by the same . Which he 5 excoriated on Cairo radio. First we persuaded the British to withdraw their troops from egyptian soil and hand Over their huge Suez base to Nasser. After his seizure of the Suez canal we also talked Britain and France out of Strong countermeasures. But the most dramatic was our intervention in 1956, which stopped the British French israeli invasion at Nasser a Doorstep. He repaid us by spitting in the hand that helped him. He. Continued to fill Arab ears with hate America propaganda and sought to undermine his pro american neighbors. Uncle Sam made several Friendly overtures to Nasser. The most serious was delivered on april 25, 1958, by Raymond Hare then our ambassador to Egypt who found Nasser resting in a Houseboat on the Nile. Hare announced that the . Wanted to restore Friendly relate with Egypt. A let me put to you a single direct question a replied Nasser. Hare took out a piece of paper to Jot Down Nasser s exact words. A is this change of policy a asked the dictator a strategic or tactical that is to say is it a change of the objectives of your policy or merely a change of method share assured him the change was a one of far reaching character and goes beyond Mere what would americans attitude be pressed Nasser if he should find himself in trouble with Russia this seemed to betray an uneasiness Over his spider and the Fly relationship with the Kremlin. Hare repeated his assurances but Nasser insisted on Washington a official word. It came on May 20, 1958 the . Promised to stand by him if he were threatened. But when the . Subsequently objected to Nasser a efforts to undermine the pro Western government in Lebanon Nasser took this As a double Cross. The american pledge was clearly meant to support him in any crisis forced upon him not one of his own engineering. This tendency to give our promises his own meanings complicated our dealings with Nasser. The charismatic egyptian Leader never was Able to fulfil his dream. The Arab states led by men even More volatile than himself never would fall into place like pieces in a giant egyptian Puzzle. In the end Nassar backed away from the idea of a closely welded Arab Empire. He spoke privately instead of a Loose federation with each state running its own Domestic affairs but taking its foreign policy cues from Cairo. My answer by Billy Graham about six months ago i began to hear a voice in my head and it brought a feeling of fear to my heart. The voice tells me that god will never forgive my sins. Since this is an unusual Phenomena would you interpret it As the real voice of god s. M. L. I certainly would not god always Speaks the voice of forgiveness and love. The Bible says a who Forg Iveth All thine iniquities who health All thy psalm 103 3. A in whom we have redemption through his Wood the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of his Eph 1 7. When Jesus hanged upon the Cross though he had every reason to seek vengeance he said a father forgive them for they know not what they Titis a a voice you hear saying that god will not forgive your sins is either the voice of satan who is the father of lies or it is a symptom of some sort of mental disorder. I am certain it is not the voice of god for he never Speaks that kind of language. Perhaps you should see you physician. If there Are symptoms of mental disturbance he can readily dated them. If he says you Are All right then As the lord to remove these satanic suggestions. Christ cast devils out of Mer when upon Earth and he can remove diabolical suggestions today. A the Decatur daily w. R. Sbcltea�?foeader-eduor�?191m924 a Mem Matey Torrate Krte a. Ate Decatur. Ala my second dais Plaug paid at Decatar Ala a is sits a Oft do a a ate to Stew Yort to no Rwjr a to or sees prompt pm Teate the Toap us mammon rates a a a a a a a Ulm i site. A yer Isolo Trade Mimi m daily and Tageym is tim utter fraternal. A Imam 1 m delivery by Carrier a daily ate sunday per a Tel u4 30 doily ate sunday por Monis h a daily ate Montev in Mont ii by Rafal motor Root pm All Mara up he Tiete

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