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Decatur Daily Newspaper Archives May 22 1965, Page 1

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Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - May 22, 1965, Decatur, AlabamaToday s woo her. Warm Cwik la let wet for Revor pts a s place a daily want and Day 353-4612 All depart mint night 355-1116 the Decatur daily Quot my country a May Shi Ivor by Emht but Emht or wrong my in Tho Dolly today 0m--am- a Owre Hes 4 a Ottilee 11 84oylee f Gree ewer 11 rate to t Ila m of a a in i sport m a a a volume 54 Stai Lisheid february 24, 1912 Decatur Alabama saturday morning May 22, 1965 Mimir of Thi associated it ass number 86 quest editorial Campus disorder a thing to avoid in Nashville tenn., the other Day Steve Weissman one of the original leaders of the a free speech movement at the University of California addressed students at Vanderbilt. Why the was permitted to speak m the first place is surprising but after the first session with him he should have been ejected from the Campus. As it was he talked with students on two other occasions. How did he justify the disorder that erupted the sane atmosphere of Berkeley last fall and Winter when that institution became the scene of rioting and obscenity by a hard Core of student anarchists Weissman described the revolts As a helping students on other campuses to the change he advocates would be turning colleges and universities from centers of learning into centers of insurrection. What other Wisdom did this Young Ritter have to impart said he a i am not responsible morally in observing a Law in the making of which i had no decision a this exempts him on his terms the Gadsden times from obeying the ten commandments. This recipe for chaos would permit a him without punishment to kill steal rape assault Speed be a traitor to his country Kidnap bomb properties or commit any number of unlawful and criminal acts because in none of these instances would he have had a decision in the Laws that govern them. Weissman asks for a moral Jungle. It is nearing the time far High school graduations. Plans Are being made to Send Young people to colleges and universities where plans Are being made to enrol them. I it should be Paramount in the minds of parents to select schools which have no disorderly records As those left at Berkeley a door. Extreme caution should be taken in concentrating on centers of learning whose reputation in character is indisputable and academically sound. X we Are living in a time of revolution and disorder. Our Young people must be made to understand that respect for Law and order is As necessary to the life of this country As blood itself is vital to the heartbeat of men. If amur s diff iwo a Akut dui comm duty and mine the National association of sanitarians with Headquarters at Denver colo., has announced that Emmet m. Hamilton. 110 10th St., s. W., Decatur has been accepted As a member in this professional society. The National association of sanitarians is an official organization of professional persons engaged in the promotion realization and maintenance of a fitting healthful environment for the people of the world and is dedicate to the High principle that the citizens of this country regardless of station deserve As a natural right the Best possible conditions in which id live and pursue their happiness. A Decatur police investigated these two accidents in the City yesterday a a 1959 Ford driven by Charles b. Hefner 712 line St. Be and a bicycle Ridden by Dan l. Thomas line St., were in collision at 5 14 . On line St. Thomas was slightly injured and was taken to a doctor for examination a at 1 35 ., cars driven by James f. Waugh 2210 Willow ave., and Katheryn s. Hudson Cullman were in collision no injuries. A a a the Decatur fire department answered one Call Friday a trash fire at 2200 country club rd., no loss. A a a the children a Story hour will be held at the youth Branch Library today from 10 to u . All children Between the Ages of five and nine Are invited to attend. Cong said part of coup try by Petrr Arnett a Saigon South Viet Nam apr assassination of key vietnamese civilian and military leaders was officially described Friday As one of a plot crushed through a series of overnight raids. North sector rebel posts said smashed u. S. Troops in Viet Nam to increase by Spencer Davis Washington a there will be a steady increase in the number of american troops including combat forces sent to Viet Nam authoritative sources said Friday. The additional troops May amount to a 50 per cent increase Over the approximately 50,000 now in Viet Nam it was Learned. Officials said that if a decision is made for the american troops to take a More Active combat role the manpower will be in position to carry out such orders. For the present it is planned that additional forces will be used to extend the defensive perimeters around areas from which . And vietnamese aircraft Are operating. No one has set an absolute figure on what the total requirement May be in the future. But for the immediate period ahead a total of 73,000 american troops in South Viet Nam is called a not the question of a More direct combat role will a speak for itself As time and circumstances evolve a a Well placed source said. A we expect a More direct combat As a result of the increased see u. S. On Page 2 presbyterians see by George w. Cornell . Religion writer Columbus Ohio a United presbyterians saw heightened prospects Friday for peal to the presbyterian Church .1 the . Southern to join in setting up panels to explore ways to heal the breach. The 3.5 million member unit closer Bonds with other protes Jed presbyterian Church has Tants and roman catholics and nearly 500.000 members in the appealed anew for Presby Erial South. The Church has Solidarity in the South. Fewer than one million Mem there were individual notes of opposition. The Rev. Or. Richard l. Davis of Washington d c., in urging the new bid to end the Cen Bers. The Southern Church has rejected past moves to end the split dating to the civil War. A representative of the South. A v. Kern Church the Rev. Or. T. Watson Street of Nashville the pro info Iwuc Lien Salt ans Tenn voiced disappointment at Point Chrish \ i h Uri ency i past failures and said a we con joint chistian labors. To Hope and Pray for delegates to the 177th general Assembly of the United Presby passage of a proposed Meas Terian Church in the .a. Apr ure condoning interracial mar Premier Phan Huy Quat declared Viet Cong elements As Well As chronic vietnamese dissidents were involved. A vietnamese spokesman said the Zero hour for launching of the conspiracy to topple the government and the military High command was 11 . Thursday. But Loyal forces got wind of it in the afternoon and launched Swift counteraction. One rebel officer capt. Huynh Tan Hung was shot dead and 33 suspects were arrested in the Roundup. The spokesman said Hung was killed trying to escape. Hunted As the Leader of this third attempted uprising in the last eight months was col. Pham Ngoc thao a former press officer at the vietnamese embassy in Washington. Also wanted is Brig. Gen. Lam Phat. Both Are under death sentences imposed in absent a for past antigovernment activities. Uliey Are believed to be hiding in the Saigon area. Quat charged that vet Cong elements took part in the conspiracy along with ringleaders see Cong on Page 2 trophy winners mrs. Noel Callahan Center and mrs. J. B. Jackson of Augusta ga., accept the l. E. Oliver award from or. Oliver for their two cities winners in the two divisions of the hands program in the Southeastern Region. Hands City beautification program originated in 1956 in Raleigh n. C. Breaths held As awards told by Fannie Richardson daily woman editor Ponte Vedra Fla. One Hundred ten women sat fidgeting while Clyde Greenway director of the hands program and Lucien e. Oliver Sears vice president kept making pleasantries at the breakfast meeting opening the second Day of the eighth annual hands conference. Eighty eight delegates from As far away As Newport news Norfolk Richmond va., Cape Girardeau mo., Knoxville Chattanooga Memphis 13 North Carolina cities including Greensboro and Wilmington nine Alabama cities with three fro i the North end Gadsden Huntsville Decatur new Orleans Baton Rouge South Carolina Kentucky Arkansas Florida Georgia begin to enjoy the breakfast until awards were made. Oliver announced Nashville it the runner up to Augusta a. In the group of cities joining the program prior to 1943, and Dur see breaths on Pagels with 10 other cities. The program was considered so successful that it is now in one form or another in every state except Hawaii and Alaska according to Clyde Greenway director of the program. Courtesy the Florida times Union More Money 1 needed Myers by Winford Turner county editor Montgomery a a a it a Good As far As it goes but it ends before it saves our this was the Way or. Ira Myers director of the state health department summed up his departments part of gov. George Al. Al Al. Al Wallace a proposed $102 million District vote on senators is suggested who s lost a this somewhat weary youngster awakened with an unrestrained Yawn after spending a Long night in the Indianapolis ind., police station. The youngster we it turned out to be David Vernon 4, wandered away from his Home thursday evening and was picked up by police. His frantic Mother proved overwhelmingly an a. See presbyterians on Page 2 came to his Rescue Early Friday. A wire photo budget. Under gov. Wallace s proposal or. Myers stated the state health department would a allotted $5,428,985, Quot exactly $1,549,500 less than i asked or. Myers said Wallace a recommendation was a $600,000 increase Over last years budget but stated the department needed a far More than that. A we always appreciate whatever the governor allots us. also know that our department is not considered a Money making department and realize that there Are other problems but with the increase that he recommends we can not operate like we should a or. Myers said. The state health director said he had proposed to do something about the shortage of help in county health departments and had asked that $1,125,000 be allotted to this project and a the Wallace recommends Only $550,000.�?� according to or. Myers Wallace s recommended budget would increase the general health funds by approximately $911,000. This the state health director said is $847,000 less a than i asked or. Myers said this fund is the unit that operates a your see More on Page 2 vote debate of Walter r. Mars Washington a Senate leaders moved Friday to choke off debate on president Johnson a negro voting rights Bill. A Survey of senators bolstered Republican Leader Everett m. Dirksen a forecast of Success in the showdown next tuesday. But a band of uncommitted or unannounced senators most of them republicans appeared to hold the balance in the cloture vote that will come one hour after the Senate begins its 24th Day of debate on the measure. If the two thirds vote needed to halt the debate is mustered it will be the second time the Senate has invoked its cloture Rule on a civil rights Bill. That first happened a year ago on a 71-29 vote. If All 100 senators vote it will see vote on Page 2 by Rex Thomas associated pros writer Montgomery ala., May 21 apr a legislature newly beset by strife received another record budget from gov. George Wallace today along with an Appeal to re apportion itself rather than let the courts do it. Wallace coupled his reapportionment plea with a suggestion on How it could be done. He said the legislature might consider the election of state senators by congressional districts to get around the supreme courts one Man one vote requirement. The reapportionment Issue Dely scattered showers or Thun meanwhile led indirectly to the de showers affecting about 50 first House filibuster of the re per cent of the area a the Wea Gular 1965 session. Therman said last night. Official forecast Calls Ter dead wounded hauled from Battle scene a a a. S. Plans to begin withdrawing american troops by Louis Santo Domingo do Rani can Republic apr the civil military Junta claimed Friday that All rebel resistance ton Santo Domingo a Northern suburbs had been smashed. Red Croes teams hauled dead and wounded from the battered area under a 24-hour cease fire that halted the longest continuing Battle in the month old dominican civil War. The United nations was reported trying to negotiate a 24-hour Extension of the cease fire. In Washington the United states announced it soon would Start withdrawing some of Ita nearly 23,000 marines and paratroopers now in the dominican Republic 1 newsmen touring the four Square mile Battle zone said they saw bodies being burned in driveways and in the streets apparently As a measure against possible spreading of disease. A High official source claimed casualties in the five Day Northern sector up Campaign waged by the Junta had Cost a no less than 400 dead and about 1,000 injured. Brig. Gen. Antonio Fenbert Barrera the Junta president told newsmen a we Are in full control of the Northern the cleanup was completed he said just before the Start of the noon to noon cease fire. Col. Francisco Carmand Deno the rebels president said earlier that despite Junta gains rebel pockets were still holding out in the North of the City. Junta forces a using tanks and machine guns a had pressed their offensive right up to the 12 of clock deadline. Shower chances to decrease Cloudy humid weather conditions which have prevailed in the North Alabama area for several Days will continue today and tomorrow with a a few i big county House members in a tactical show of strength to lot their colleagues see what might come later deadlocked the House for More than an hour by requiring the journal of the preceding legislative Day to be read at length. They were promoted by the see District on Page 2 Cloudy to partly Cloudy skies with warm temperatures. Sunday s Outlook is for Quot Little change Quot except the percentage area for showers is expected to decrease to about 10 per cent of the area. High predicted for today is 85 degrees followed by a Low of 66 tonight. To Cong recognition by Henry s. Bradsher in granting increasing import Moscow apr the soviet Tance to the National liberation Union has moved close to for front the russians might be Mal recognition of the comm motivated by rivalry with red office Here a five Man delegation headed by Dang Quang Minh arrived april 23 to open the office. Diplomatic sources report that since then Minh has imitated the ambassadorial procedure of nist rebels National liberation China As Well As hostility to front Ashe government of Ward u. S. Support for Saigon South Viet Nam diplomatic some observers suggested. Quarters noted Friday red China Long supported a a a notes you a Ott Tambat the front s representative or the front and treated to repro a adors annoy oct it Moscow has been Given the sub tentative m peking with the re he it has sent a a to Al to a stance but not yet the full Diplo Spect due an ambassador. China number of Nona waned african Matic form of accreditation As has accused the soviet unum of an ambassador of the Viet Cong failing in its communist duty to and a asses Mirc movement. Do enough to Back the rebel enough the soviet Union does not rec a cause in Viet Nam. Cognize the South vietnamese possibly to Spike some Chi government in Saigon. Soviet Nese propaganda the Kremlin spokesmen argue that it has no agreed last december to allow Legal existence. T the front to open a permanent Viet Cong in South Viet Nam. Yes said. The soviet Union has repeatedly said it is giving defensive Aid to North Viet Nam. But it has been vague on help to the next target Imbert has said his next target would be the rebel downtown enclave which is surrounded by .-controlled areas and the sea. As everyone Here wondered it the cease fire would be extended or if the bloody fighting would resume saturday noon the United states announced ii Washington it will soon withdraw about 1,700 of its troops from the Santo Domingo area. A a u. S. Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker told a special organization of american states conference that the withdrawal of some of the . Marines and paratroopers would Start with the arrival in the dominican Republic of a 1,250-Man troop contingent from Brazil. Bunker said the . Withdrawal would be equivalent to the number of latin american soldiers in the dominican re see dead on Page 2 a a idus storage 4014. not Coll do lot of 813 Odd quickies toy a my wife did no to like the Laura Mower i got in the daily want ads for her either to v

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