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Decatur Daily Newspaper Archives May 12 1974, Page 1

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Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, Decatur, AlabamaJones blasts spending on Nixon Homes rep. Jones Washington apr a member of a House committee investigating the use of tax revenues for presidential Homes accused the administration saturday of spending Federal Money on a frivolous luxuries for Nixon a vacation retreats. A the presidents aides have shown poor judgment in the excessive spending of tax dollars for improvement of presidential vacation facilities a said rep. Robert e. Jones d-ala., in a statement. He said the executive Branch agencies have spent More than $17 million for president Nixon a three privately owned properties and office complexes. The three properties were listed As the Homes in san Clemente calif., and key Bis Cayne fla., As Well As the new York City apartment which Nixon sold several months after becoming president. The final draft of a proposed report to be considered by the House government operations committee says that Nixon a Homes have Cost $17.1 million in Federal funds. The report also said the Federal agencies should try to recover any improper expenditures. Copies of the report have been distributed to committee members. The associated press was permitted to take notes from one copy. The report says the total includes $9 crucial week faces judiciary committee by John Beckler Washington a the House judiciary committee will examine evidence this week dealing with the watergate cover up that could be decisive in determining whether president Nixon will be impeached. Although watergate is Only one of six areas the committee is investigating it includes the most serious charges and could produce the accusations of criminal conduct that most House members Are Likely to require before voting to impeach. Impeachment by the House is in effect an accusation. A trial on the charges would be held in the Senate with a two thirds majority required for conviction. One committee member rep. John Conyers d-mich., already has said he found in the White House edited transcripts a a Clear indisputable violation of Federal criminal Law in Nixon a discussions of payments to keep convicted watergate burglar Howard Hunt quiet. The committee has its own transcript of that March 21,1973, conversation Between vote confusion puzzles Embry by John Doty confusion which arose saturday Over the Winner of 800 Morgan county votes in the race for place three on the state supreme court has apparently been resolved. Birmingham attorney Eric Embry apparent Winner Over William h Morrow jr., said someone had called his office saturday and informed him some 800 votes which he had received had been totalled for Morrow an authoritative source said saturday night the state party had told Embry privately he would be declared the Winner by 434 votes. He said the confusion apparently originated when the Morgan county total was telephoned to Birmingham Headquarters As 3,011 for Embry when Embry had been told earlier his Morgan county figure was 3,811. The figure Quot eight apparently had been misread Asa Bob Vance state party chairman said rumours of some confusion As to the Morgan county figures had reached his office Quot there Are so Many stories going around in a not going to say anything about who i think has Vance said Vance said the Winner will be named monday after the last two counties had sent in their official totals. The associated press said Embry was leading m the unofficial count although Many counties had not been reported to the wire service daily want and Sells camping trailer. 34 More wanted s. J. 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Ziegler said thursday night that the total includes such items As Security costs the Cost of paper desks and typewriters and the five year cumulative Cost of main Taining presidential communications. Quot an honest report would show that out of the $17.1 million referred to Only approximately $205,482 was spent on the presidents Homes a Ziegler said. In comparison to Federal expenditures on Nixon a properties Jones said the Cost for Protection and related improvements during president Johnson a terms was $5.9 Nixon and former White House counsel John Dean. Produced with Superior sound equipment it reportedly is More Complete than the White House version. The committee also has secret grand jury evidence dealing with the payments to Hunt and other watergate defendants. See crucial on Page a-3 Hartselle Man wreck victim Harold Franklin Smith 36, Hartselle died when the vehicle he was driving collided with a tractor trailer on Alabama 67 two Miles East of Decatur at 8 45 . Saturday said trooper k v Robbins. Robbins said the car was travelling West on the Bethel Road and pulled onto Alabama 67 when the collision occurred. Injured in the mishap were Harlan Smith 17, and John Robert Smith no age available. Both Are listed in satisfactory condition in Decatur general Hospital. Robinsons repossessed store he Magna Vox and Ria stereo s and to s used Only a few weeks. Downtown 2nd ave. Adv ask for resignation anti Nixon protesters hold no a Banner to show their displeasure of the chief executives record in office during commencement ceremonies saturday at resign the sooner the better. Lap Oklahoma state University in Stillwater wire photo okla. The Banner reads sooner say Nixon says Congress should dispose of impeachment Issue million. And he added funds used in behalf of earlier presidents a was far Jones said the committee report will make specific recommendations for improvement of management procedures and limitations on the number of private facilities which could be provided with Security measures. Minimum wage prompts Calls by Lee Sentell the minimum wage was hiked from �1.60 to $2 an hour last week for Many a age eamers in the area. Employers however Are having trouble finding out in what cases the new standards apply to their businesses. Quot we be been getting a k t of Calls from people in the Decatur area a said a Federal department of labor compliance officer at the Huntsville office. Quot but we Long to have All the answers a said Fred sri by. One trouble stems from the Lack of printed material from the Federal printing office with regard to changes in the existing Law the Huntsville office does no to have a copy of the new act. Although copies May not be available for five or six weeks says Grisby Quot the Law is on the books and employers Are liable for s adding to the confusion Are three different standards for the minimum hourly wage. If a worker was brought under the minimum wage by the 1966 amendment he gets at least $2 now an increase of $.40. Workers covered for the first time such As domestics a must be paid least $1.90, a Standard which increases to $2 the first of 1974 even that has a hitch to it however. The maid must be working at least eight hours a week for the same employer or receiving at least $50 in a three month period to qualify for minimum wage. The third Standard applies to farm workers. These figures were included in the congressional digest specific details that might not be available yet at the Huntsville labor office. Specifically the 1974 amendments provide that a for workers covered prior to the 1966 amendments the current $1.60 an hour wage was increased to $2 an hour May Uto $2.10 on Jan. 1,1975 and the $2.30 an hour on Jan 1,1976. A for porkers covered As a result of the 1966 and 1974 amendments the Law establishes wages of $1.90 m May $2 an hour next january and $2.20 in 1976 and $2.30 in 1977. A for far workers the current $1.30 an hour minimum wage is increased to $1.60 this month to $1 80 next january to $2 in 1976, to $2 20 in 1977 and to $2 30 in 1978 see minimum on Page a-3 by Gaylord Shaw associated press writer Stillwater okla a vowing he would Quot never give up a president Nixon came to americans heartland saturday night and told a University commencement crowd that Congress should promptly dispose of the impeachment Issue. As a warm Spring Twilight settled on Oklahoma state Ulve Risty a football stadium Nixon told the graduating v class Quot what a great time for a new he said the graduates could look Forward to a More peaceful world where people of All nations work together in the common cause of bettering Mankind Only once in his 35-minute address did Nixon refer directly to efforts to oust him from the nation s highest office although he acknowledged that some in the stadium crowd of about 25.000 Quot obviously disapprove of the the president declared that he had a presented All of the evidence to Congress a a statement greeted by a smattering of Boos a and added Quot i Trust the House of representatives will act promptly. So the president and Congress can get on with the Peoples business As we the crowd was generally quiet but a few shouts such As a pay your taxes and Quot liar could be heard As Nixon spoke University pres Klent Robert Kamm had banned signs and placards from the stadium and m introducing Nixon Kamm said he had com to Campus a was president and As a fellow human Kamm said Nixon should be treated with Quot the affection and respect due one who has Given so much in Public service Nixon a reception was generally regarded As friendlier a with less heckling a than that he received last weekend at a Public appearance in Phoenix. Ariz. He received standing ovations when he was introduced at the conclusion of his remarks and when he and mrs. Nixon were escorted from the stadium to head Back to Washington several times the crowd applauded his Call for cooperative efforts to conquer the Energy crisis and world food and health problems. Nixon spoke of efforts for peace in the Middle East an area that he said Quot could be equated As the Balkans of the �?T70s unless we do something about it and do something about it earlier As Nixon flew to Oklahoma. Vice president Gerald r. Ford said in Texas that he did no to think it was Quot fair to the pres Klent for him to resign with the inference that he i gift be guilty when he does no to believe he is guilty. A % Ford said he had told Nixon he did no to believe the government was a about to sink and said again he believes the president to be innocent of any wrongdoing in watergate. As the Nixon arrived at Vance air Force base near Enid okla., they were greeted by a Friendly cheering crowd that base officials estimated at More than 12.000 n today s daily Calendar. A-6 classified. D-9 editorials. A-4 e Tain ment. B-6 financial. B-8 Horoscope. C-12 Landers. Cell obituaries. D-6 sports re to log., b-7 women cd on this Day m 1949, soviet authorities in Berlin announced that the 328klay blockade of land routes to the isolated City had been lifted to place a want and dial 353-4612 Athens-2321535 Quick weather High today in the mid-7qs. Low tonight near 50 High monday in the mid-70s Complete weather map River paged-4. It s a privilege to live in the Tennessee Valley my country May she Ever be right but right or wrong my Commodore Stephen Decatur a a a Quot a is a 1---- a a a a a v a a. Amp a a a. A it a a a a a. A a a a. .�63rd year no. 76 Decatur Alabama sunday morning May 12, 1974 96 paces 25 cents a jew boy a Wop Nixon racial slurs tied to president a a and i Only Hope that should 1 win this election that i could approach president Eisenhower in maintaining the dignity of the office in seeing to it that whenever any Mother or father talks to his child he can look at the Man in the White House and whatever he May think of his policies he will say a Well there is a Man who maintains the kind of standards personally that i would want my child to a by Seymour m. Hersh new York times news service Washington president Nixon made disparaging remarks about jews and called judge John j. Sirica a Quot Wop during 1973 White House conversations on feb. 28 and March 20 with John w. Dean 3d, according to sources with direct knowledge of the president s comments. Copies of tape recordings of the two Oval office conversations were turned Over by the White House Early this year to judge Lee p. Gagliardi of the United states District court in new York for use in the trial of former atty. Gen. John Mitchell and former Commerce Secretary Maurice h. Stans. The new York times has been told of the presidents private comments to Dean his former counsel during interviews with officials who heard the original recordings and with other sources who were provided by Gagliardi with edited and excerpted transcripts of the White House conversations for use in the trial. The White House initially refused to comment but shortly before publication of the first edition of the times Ronald l. Ziegler the presidents press Secretary made available a statement by Fred j. Buzhardt counsel to the president. In the statement Buzhardt asserted that the recordings of the president did not contain Quot racial he denied that Nixon used the epithet Quot jew the conducted an inquiry last week into rumours spreading through Washington that Nixon often used ethnic and religious epithets that some of them showed up on White House tapes on watergate matters and that others had been edited from the White House transcripts of tapes made available to the House j judiciary committee. The times sources while confirming that such epithets were on the Mitchell stans tapes said few such epithets existed on the tapes edited by the White House and sent to tie House committee. A number of former High level White House aides said that while Nixon frequently used ethnic and religious epithets in private they generally were not meant seriously and were made in a spirit of Good humor among friends and close aides. The private remarks of american presidents traditionally have not been considered appropriate material for newspaper publication. Presidents John f. Kennedy and Lyndon b. Johnson for instance were known to have used rough ethnic language in private but such remarks rarely appeared in print. However neither was Ever placed in a position in which he was forced to surrender tapes and transcripts of private conversations. In a speech thursday in Charleston 111., vice president Ford criticized the White House editing of the released transcripts saying that Quot while it May be easy to delete characterizations from Peoples mind with a wave of the hand the matter is so vital that it must be discussed in Public by Public officials and it must be discussed thoroughly a a one of the presidents most sharply critical remarks about jews came in the Mitchell stans tapes came during the meeting March 20 with Dean All sources agreed that meeting dealt in part with the then pending securities and Exchange commission investigation of a secret $200,000 Cash contribution by the financier Robert l. Vesco. According to the sources the president complained to Dean that Quot those jew boys in the Sec Are All Over everybody. You can to Stop see racial on Page a-3

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