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Decatur Daily Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1961, Page 5

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Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Decatur, AlabamaThe Decatur daily saturday morning. March 11,j 961 presbyterian Westminster 8th ave. And Jackson St. Edwin f. Dalstrom pastor. Church school 9 40. Morning worship 11, a impossible with Man possible with god a Carol i ions 4 15 . Trailblazers and Junior High youth Fellowship 5 . It it it Willoughby Corner 6th ave. And 9th St. Be. Frank Richards minister. Sunday school 9 45. Morning worship 11. Evening worship ?. Prayer meeting wednesday 7 90. It it it Grace Baptist that Earl br0thi�? names speaker sex b says some men shave Heads needlessly the Rev. Paul Vanaman of Pontiac mich., Wal be the speaker for the special meetings to be held at Grace Baptist Church March 12 through 26. Rev. Vanaman is pastor of the Dixie Baptist Church Clarkston mich., and Tennessee dry Bill is killed movie to be shown at Moulton Heights by Earl Wilfon new York sitting in Vir Ginia Gilmore a handsome ranch Church of Christ Beech Street Cor. 16th ave. And Beech St. John Barton minister. Lords Day services As follows Bible study 9 50 ., regular worship 10 50 ., evening worship 6 00. Wednesday evening Bible study 7 00. It in it episcopal St. John s Corner Gordon or. And Jackson St. Rev. James o. Bodley Rector. 7 30 ., holy communion. 9 15 ., family service Ami classes. 11 ., morning prayer and Sermon. 6 ., House of Young churchmen. It it a registrar of the my Wrt in Lup a want Slot up nent the other Day i noticed some Silver Garet cases which obviously belonged to her sex husband Yul Brynner because they bore the initials a a you be still got some around a i remarked with what i hoped was a casual tone. Of yes it s been so Long since list Seminary Pontiac Midi he was formerly on the faculty of Bob Jones University. Music will be under the direction of Kenneth Wells of Middletown Ohio. Wells is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and of the Cincinnati College and conservatory of music. He travelled with the Moody chorale in Europe. He is a native of Decatur and is the son of or. And mrs. Robert l. Wells College St. Gideons meet Here tonight Noza Rene first 210 7th ave. So. Wallace Bell pastor. Sunday school 9 45 Worship service 11 Evangelistic service 7 . Prayer meeting wednesday 7 . A. A a Southside 1221 5th ave. Be. Verbon Mur Phree pastor. Sunday school 10 Worship service 11 Evangelistic service 7 . Prayer meeting wednesday 7 . It it it Decatur members of Gideons International will hold their annual banquet tonight at 6 30 Crescent Motel. Layman Bill fiery Chattanooga will be guest speaker. Some 90 persons Are expected to attend. Gideons from Birmingham Tuscaloosa Mobile Nashville and Chattanooga Are to come Here and speak in various churches sunday his head Carl Mcdonald is president of it Moha King the local Gideons. Gideons International is an International organization composed of Christian businessmen. I used any other initials a but in be started a and bouncing up she trotted into a bedroom and then Back displaying some Pillow cases and sheets with the initials a i plan to keep these quite a while a Virginia Gilmore said. Hie new initials a or the return to her old initials a Are a Symbol of her new life her comeback on Broadway in a critic s choices in which she plays Henry Fonda so other wife i him he had i laughingly she said a a he a been shaving his Bead for the Tengee time a but he did no to need to bother because he did no to have much a ooh come now a 1 demurred. A i used to Tell him when he shaved it a you can Stop shaving now. But he did no to went to hear it. A i guess when men get to that age they like to think there a hair there but there Isno to miss Gilmore Snow one of the sex ingenue who after t Short retirement is Back in a new Field where there Are very few women of her experience and ability and looks. A there Are very few actresses around in my age group a she said. Miss Gilmore showed me some of the apartment. I noticed n Wall Street journal on her desk the after the theater crowd and the drinkers who Are the forgot the theater wish id said that summer must be almost Here a Walter Slezak a neither returned his bottle of cough Medicine and borrowed his suntan lotion. Sir Laurence Olivier said head vacation from a Aback Etc the first. A the first of april a a Friend asked. A no the first Chance i get.�?�. That a Earl brother. Ceffo Leffet Iso. To Han a Dkl a the film a goal to go a Fol be shown at the c b a. Youth meeting tonight at 7 90 at the Moulton Heights Baptist Church. Nashville ttnn., March 10 a Bible will be Given the men the House steering commit i Ber who brings the highest Mantee killed today a Mil that would her of visitors have made Tennessee Bene dry by i _ a Lauar w. Berlin mayor Juk meet monday Washington a mayor Willy Brandt of West Berio will Confer with president Kennedy monday the White House announced. A a plans for the conference at 9 a looking so youth a she did no to do badly with one of pm. Were announced shortly aft town Creek first Baptist Fred Walker pastor. Sunday school 9 45 Preaching service at 11. Evening service beginning at 7. Wednesday evening service 6 90. It it it Church of Christ Rayford Henry minister. Sunday morning Bible study at 10. Worship service at 11. Sunday evening service at 6 30. Midweek Bible study wednesday evening 6 30. It it it methodist w. W. Brown pastor. Sunday school at 9 45 Preaching at 11. Sunday evening service at 7. Wednesday evening service at 7. Georgia aids Safe Drivers Atlanta. March 10 a if you Are a Safe Georgia Driver and have been for the last three years your Premium rate May drop on your next automobile liability insurance policy. If you Are an unsafe Driver the rate May go up As much As 150 per cent in extreme cases. An insurance plan which rewards the Safe Driver and penalizes the unsafe Motorist won the approval of insurance commissioner Zach Cravey today at the same time he authorized an average 8.4 increase in current automobile liability insurance rates. Cravey a action which he said he took with reservations covers Only the More than 200 Georgia members of the National Bureau of casualty underwriters and the National automobile underwriters association. Underwriters estimate that about 84 per cent of Georgia policyholders will qualify for a 15 per cent Safe Driver reduction in the new liability rates. The 15 per cent Safe Driver reduction also will apply to current collision insurance rates. To qualify As a Safe Driver a Motorist must have a clean slate for the three previous years. This Means no damaging accidents in which he was at fault and no major traffic violations such As reckless driving or driving while drunk. If you can to meet those qualifications and you do business with an insurance firm which has the Safe Driver program your rates Art going to climb. Underwriters estimate that 17 Drivers out of 100 will have to pay the new Basic rate Phis a 5 per cent penalty 3 out of 100, a 50 per cent penalty 4 out of 1,000 a 100 per cent penalty and 1 out of 1,000 a 150 per cent Premium depending on just How bad their driving is. No existing policies Are affected by Cravey a order. Lop dressing now is urged a if your Smalt Grain and Winter grazing crops have not already been top dressed with nitrogen it should be put out just As soon As that is advice to area Farmers by Morgan county agent Charles Rutledge who said to a use 50 pounds of nitrogen per acre. Top dress while plants Are dry. Keep animals off the Fields for a few Days preferably until after a in answer to t h e question if nitrogen was applied to Small grains before the recent heavy Rains should additional nitrogen be used now Rutledge stated a if nitrogen used on a Good stand of fast growing plants was moved into the soil by Light Rains before the heavy Rains started it probably wont pay to repeat the top dressing. This statement holds Good Only if enough nitrogen was used on the crop. Fast growing Small grains take up nitrogen rapidly and can hold Large amounts in their roots and Rutledge further stated a if however nitrogen was applied immediately before the heavy Rains and was soaked in with Light showers additional nitrogen probably will pay off. A water run off and teaching due to heavy Rains May have caused a loss of half the nitrogen applied. This lost nitrogen needs to be replaced. An additional application of 25 to 30 pounds of nitrogen per i acre should be Ful in the role that few people eve at or think of her As having been i a mrs. Baldy for 17 years. For 10 years she did no to work. That was about the period since Brynner shaved for and la a but you a probably like to talk about other things a 1 said. A i sure would a miss Gilmore shapely in nicely fitting Slacks confessed that Shell probably marry again a a Why not live dangerously a Bari Melhei her stocks. Her son Rocky 14, is in Switzerland in school a. There seemed Little likelihood that she would Ever have to work As a grease Monkey in san Francisco As she did once years ago. Quot by the Way a i said a i was talking to mrs. Otto Preminger about her husbands being Bald m a a a i wonder if he havea his head a she said. �?o1 would t imagine head need to a i answered. A that s what i mean a she said. A some men do it just for Pride you know. They keep thinking they be got some the weekend Windup. ,. A dont print that a a to entertainer refused to do a Benefit show for the favorite Charity of a Manhattan judge. A net for him a snapped the Star a a a be married me to my first wife a. A by Way he Wood to Star has his lawyer trying to hire a press agent for him offering to pay a not with Money but with enormous a Crew of workmen is being paid $1,000 to a dirty up a Manhattan poolroom so it la look decrepit enough for Paul Newman a scenes in a the Hustler. Huge Primo camera attended a under the Yum Yum tree a got last Row seats so be Block anybody a vision a. Lionel Hampton insisted his wife go along on his european tour a cause he wont Fly without her a. Archie Moore wants to remake the film a the Champ a with Eddie Hodges. Ethel Merman who la tour for the first time in her career with a Gypsy a says a did you Ever see a Gypsy who travel a. Carol Lawrence begins filming a View from the Bridges Here next month. A a director Billy Wilder asked Rowan and Martin now at the latin 1-4 about doing a to series based on his a some like it hot characters. Several Small Manhattan cafes Are about to shutter they borrowed Money from loan Sharks to tide Mem Over during the mow storms now can to pay it Back. Early a pearls if you think the Best things in life Are free Banning the sate of liquor wins and Beer. 17� action followed House approval of lbs to outlaw the communist party in the state regulate professional Charity fund raisers and authorize the state Revenue department to regulate the Sale of firearms. The Bone dry Bill was tabled by the steering committee after its sponsor rep. Charles Moffett a Knoxville asked that it be cleared for floor action when the House resumes work monday afternoon. Moffett introduced the Mil wednesday after the Bouse killed his proposal for state owned liquor stores. The vote on the Bill to outlaw the communist party was 61-0. There was no discussion and the measure was sent to the Senate. It would set the maximum penalty for belonging to the party at a $5,000 Fine and 21 years in prison. The pistol Bill would authorize or Wert Germany a ambassador a re Wilhelm Grewe had discussed the Cense flr<k�r�5 d?Al?".a,t forthcoming visit with the presi a in by regulations t0 followed in Vienna Trade fair has record turnout Vienna Austria a the Vienna Spring Trade fair opens sunday with a record turnout of Domestic and foreign exhibitors. There is a . Pavilion with 106 firms represented. The soviet Union shows Here Only at the autumn at fair. Lowered the proposed License fee from $25 to $10 a year and returned the Mil to the Senate for concurrence. The House adopted 66-0 and sent to the Senate a Resolution to provide an alternate method of Federal Constitution. The measure i would allow one state to propose an amendment which. If approved by 11 other states would be submitted to All the states for ratification. Nasa awards study pacts Huntsville. March 10 r the Marshall space flight cer today Aunan iced award if three contracts for studies of possible future space vehicles. The studies would involve rockets with s Booster thrust of from 6 million pounds to 12 million pounds the space Agency said. The contracts went to Coo Var division of general dynamics corp., san Diego. Calif., $130,817 Lockheed aircraft Georgia Divia Marietta $196,743. Ami North american aviation inc., los Angeles calif., $160,041. The announcement said some of the proposed vehicles involve solid and liquid chemical fuels and liquid chemical and nuclear propulsion. Coal at m Viry bin new Revtt elite set Iota devote Chi i feed co. My Hsun a is is the Sale of weapons. The House Dent. Crewe also told newsmen that be and Kennedy discussed plans Rad Adenauer. Adenauer is sched for the presidents meeting with used to be in Washington april Wert Germany s Chancellor Kon 12-13. High test tractor fuel Moody s court and my 7-9988 Decatur in 3 1980 Virginia Gilmore last year she did a to soap opera a she could earn $1,000 a week if she could memorize five half hour scripts a week. And she could but a Edge of the knife a As it was called left her with Little time for living. She was still so much mrs. Yul Brynner there we go a Back to him again a that when people said a miss Gilmore a she probably walked right on. A but now i answer promptly a she assured me. 1 would have been kicked out of the interviewers Union if i had ask the Man who married one of not asked How she liked Bald men1 them. A now and she said a ooh jeepers today a Best laugh res-�?1 done to know a it does no to mat Tauran eur Nicky Blair says there Ter of course a i never think of Are three kinds of customers Yul As Bald because when i met a the before the theater crowd parking Meier Case continues interpreting British settlers Are Tough situation key Cullman probate judge Graf Hart has allowed condemnation proceedings to continue in the Case of the City of Hanceville against Warren Brothers general merchandise. The condemnation proceedings came about when the Hanceville business firm refused to allow the City to install parking meters in front of their store and the City Hall. The City Hall is also owned by Warren Brothers. Hart has appointed three commissioners or appraisers to appraise any possible property damage and see if any compensation is due he said Friday. Within 25 Days from thursday the commissioners Are expected to make a report to Hart who will then make his final decision. Either of the parties involved in the Case will have 30 Days afterwards to Appeal the Case to circuit court if they wish. The commissioners appointed by Hart Are Rene Clark of Cullman savings and loan association Raymond Lowry of Lowry implement co., of Cullman and Bert Morgan of Morgan Oil co., of Cullman. Parking meters were installed in Hanceville in recent months. Do you have a Cotton allotment if you did not Plant any Cotton in 59 or 60 Sto your ask office to know How to Savo your allotment a do you want to keep it from getting smaller in future years if so there Are two things you con do 1� you con Plant your full allotment for 1961� 2. If you can t Plant your allotment you con Rol Tasa it to Tho county ask commit co for redistribution to Othar for Mart if a a your county. You will got full credit in 1962 Uitos if it Hod Boon planted. Whet happens if you Don t release or Plant at least 75% of your allotment in 1961? How much will you lose if you Don t Plant or Roloos if you Don t Plant or Relloso you will lose approximately 50% of Tho amount that you Unda Plant your Ollo Mont. Who Goto this of Cecogo you lost in 1962? Soma of it May stay in your county Somo of it May go to other counties in Alabama but Somo of it will Oyent Olly wind up in other states to further increase the surplus of Cotton at Alabama s exp onto. So Plant if you you can t Plant then release before March 15 and help save our Cotton Industry. Rely on us to help tout or for help your health we have the training to give you a lust what the doctors ordered Dillihay drug dul i 3-2021 by j. M. Roberts associated press news analyst great Britain in trying to prevent an open break Between members of the Commonwealth Over the South african racial As a corollary Britain a developing a political Aid program i for them extending what she already has been doing by some $45 million to provide technical Issue is trying to keep the lid on advice and civil Servante. Bookmobile schedule March 11 Reece a grocery Cartwright con Unity 9 15-9 45 it Shannon a grocery Cartwright Community 9 50-10 15 Owen Junior High and Community 10 20-11 20 Farmers grocery Buck Island Rdv a 11 25-11 50 problem which has been increasing for her Over several years. In 15 years 6ix nations which were formerly ruled from London have become republics and joined the Commonwealth. The emerging nations All of them coloured will soon be in a majority if plans go Forward. A West Indian federation is being formed. Efforts Are being made to stabilize situations in Kenya and Rhodesia where Many problems Are closely Akin to Frances in Algeria. Political Independence for the natives with Protection for the British settlers is the key. The settlers have broken openly with British liberalism on the mint. In All 19 nations or prospective nations Are involved in negotiations looking toward Independence internal self government or constitutional advancements this year. They Are Sierra Leone which is to have full Independence Tanganyika Kenya the Central african federation Rhodesia Zanzibar Uganda Southern car Nereas West indies Malta and Mauritius. The process of Clearing her Imperial skirts is costing considerably and coloured immigration into England is creating economic troubles at Home. She has a problem with West Indian immigrants for instance quite similar to the one in new York with puerto Picans. Just where its All going to end is a question. Britain has made considerable sacrifice in other quarters especially in her Trade relations with the european too i Tinnent in her attempt to make the i Commonwealth a modern Cue Cessor to the British Empire. As events serve to bring out the Many divergences in tha Commonwealth a Ghana As Well a South Africa is a Case in Point some britons Are beginning to i wonder about tha Long haul and to advocate closer Trade relations with both Europe and the United Athens 1-4 13c ii Jutt Geer a met or of tic nor Seifi p w 1 m # Mads a shakes Dairy Queen 1214 mum St. In s-.727 Thi Farmers who want Mori Cotton acreage must Maki written application to Timir county ask office showing the number of additional acres requested. This must be done by March is 1961. A a million Bales on a million acres in Alabama in �?~61 ii Alabama Farmers Coop inc. Decatur Alo. Bank of Moulton Moulton Ala. Capital fertilizer co. Sacator Ala. Citizens Bank Hafti Alla Ala. Citizens Bank Maulton Ala. Decatur Cotton Oil co. Decatur Ala. First National Bank Decatur Ala. Limestone county Bank Athens Ala. Mccullough Gin co. Moulton Ala. Moulton Gin co. Moulton Ala. Murphy Gin co. Tannor Ala. Preuit amp Mauldin Gin town croak Ala. Sivley Cotton co. Hartsalla Ala. Southern Cotton Oil co. Decatur Ala. State bonded warehouse Decatur Ala. State National Bank Decatur Ala. Union compress amp warehouse Decatur Ala. It \

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