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Decatur Daily Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1961, Page 3

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Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Decatur, AlabamaGo to Church attend the Church Al your Choice sunday out first inform yourself on the Sermon topics new by turning to Poge four. The Decatur daily in the doily today Church Quot my country a May she Ever be right. But right or wrong my m Rete to a Brof a a it 1 ramen a Cavil volume 50 Stab Leshk of ossuary 24. Till Decatur Alabama saturday morning March 11, 1961 it mme 09 two Assoc lated Stuss number 14 jobless pay Rolls take first downturn milk support Price raised $.18 a cwt Washington March 10 apr Secretary of agriculture Orville l. Freeman today ordered increases in government support prices for Dairy products Rice and peanuts. Quest editorial Flap of the seasons Oak Ridge Tenn Oak ridger a local lady reports seeing a flock of geese flying North Over Oak Ridge one morning this week. We envy her the experience. Just having her Call gave us vicarious Shivers. It is one of those childhood memories that Sticks vividly. That Birds of various sizes and shapes Migrate is commonplace. Yet when one actually watches it happening it becomes wondrous. Geese of All fowl Are the most exciting As they Fly in their amazingly Correct a formation and honk honk honk on their instinct propelled flight. We can recall actually being awakened in the Middle of late Winter and Early Spring nights a or in the fall a by the sound of a Large flock overhead. At first there was mystery. The cry a wild geese a would go up from some Comer of the House. The whole family would Rush to windows or outside to search the Black. Amazingly most every time we found the envy and of one precious time when they actually flew As in 1000 pictures across the Moon. Oscar Hammerstein so rightfully included a wild geese that Fly with the Moon on their wings a on his list of a my favorite things in the song by that name from a the sound of we find a sense of Security and continuity in that even in a sky filled with jets and satellites geese flying North or South a signalling the seasons As they Flap a still thrill. Mall i Oumi amt your comm0mty Ano mme Wheeler Basin regional Library which moved into the basement of Morgan county courthouse recently from 228 Grant St. Be will be closed saturday afternoons As other courthouse offices Are. Hie Library which will be open sat . May get port by Peter Grose Leopold Ville the Congo apr Rajeshwar Dayal Bead of the United nations Congo Mission left for new York Friday confident the congolese soon will restore the major port of Matadi to . Control. The Prospect that the congolese army will Loose its strangle bold on the port through which flows the bulk of . Supplies no action taken on surplus food urday from 9 . Until noon is also closed on mondays and wed a came amid these other develop nes Days. J a mrs. A. J. Coleman iii will have charge of the Story hour from 10 until 11 . Today at Decatur Public Library roys and girls six through nine years of age Are invited. A a a the following visited the Tennessee Valley vocational technical school recently James Corum Grady Widner Kenneth Vandiver Donald Loggins Ann Starr Audrey j. Norton Floyd n. Hennesy Butler p. A. Hinds. Carolyn Braswell Marvin Elledge Leon Braswell William l. Crane All from Decatur Bailey Leopard Lee Woodard w. B. Buchanan from Athens Garth Kimbrel Nancy Gilliam and Garth comp mayors of towns in county met with the Board of Revenue Friday afternoon at the courthouse to discuss plans for entering the surplus food program of the Federal government. The meeting was held to acquaint the Heads of the municipalities with the program and discuss ways of administering the program. No action was taken on the. Program but another meeting ton from i titty a Lon so they will be held in the near future to ments in the turbulent Congo 1. Reports lacking . Confirmation spread that Antoine i Zenga had been unseated As head of the communist backed rebel regime in Stanleyville by army commander Victor Gundula or president Jean Foster Manzi Kala of Oriental province. 2. While acknowledging the United nations does not know who is wielding Power in Oriental a spokesman said sex president Jean Mirtho and 10 of his ministers from Kiva province had been released from prison in Stanleyville. They were jailed by Eizenga when he seized Kiva in december. 3. In Mak Gasy Republic the round table cohere Nice of congolese president Joseph Kas Mvubu president Moise Tshombe of Independent Katanga province and Morcan oter can goes leaders agreed to create a Supe Cabinet to preside Over a new Congo federation. The federation excluding Eizenga will be made up of Independent states set up on tribal lines. Katanga and the Independent mining state in Kasai province were among the first to be accepted As federation members. Freeman also announced that support prices for gum naval stores a turpentine and Rosin a will be unchanged. The Secretary told a news conference the increases should raise farm income from $1 to 2 billion Over Levels which would have prevailed had the increases not been made. He said president Kennedy had approved the increases not Only to help producers of these commodities but to strengthen the National Economy. The support prices for milk used for manufacturing purposes was set at $3.40 a hundredweight compared with $3.22 previously in effect the support for butterfat was put at 60.4 cents a Pound compared with the old rate of 59.6 cents. The new Dairy supports go bite effect the new support for Rice effective on this years crop was put at $4.71 a hundredweight compared with $4.42 for last years crop. The Peanut support was set at $221 a ton for this years crop compared with $201.24 last year. The support level for the 1961 production of gum naval stores was continued at last years level of $28.96 a Standard barrel of Pine gum processed basis. Freeman in reply to queries said it would be difficult to predict just what Impact the increases would have on consumer prices. He said he believed that on a per unit basis the increase would be Small if any. In the Case of milk for example he said the increase was equivalent to Between one half and one cent a gallon. The Secretary was asked whether there was any connection Between today a announcement of the Dairy supports and Senate debate on the administrations emergency feed Grain program. Some Eastern Dairy groups have opposed the feed program because they said it would increase feed costs and hence Dairy production costs. Freeman said there was no connection Between his announcement and the Senate consideration of the program. He said the Dairy supports would have been announced earlier but that time had been needed to study the situation. Freeman said his increased rate for milk compared with $3.06 a hundredweight for manufacturing milk and 56.6 cents a Pound for butterfat proposed by the Eisenhower administration in its budget report for the 1961-62 fiscal year. He said All Dairy Farmers will Benefit from these higher Price Levels those who Supply milk for consumption in fluid form As Well As Farmers whose milk is manufactured into other Dairy products. Freeman said the Eisenhower administration budget also had 4 in Athens Hospital have sore throats . Withdraws any advances made on Berlin slate department says it does t plan troop Cut by John m. Hightower Washington a the Ken Nedy administration divorced itself Friday from concessions once offered the soviet Union by the Western Powers in an Effort to negotiate a Short term agreement on the future of West Berlin. The state department also asserted that the United states has no intention of reducing its military Garrison in that City which the Western Powers Are pledged to protect against communist pressures. The United states Britain and France have approximately 11,000 soldiers stationed in West Berlin of which about 6,000 Are Ameri by Hollice Smith county editor Athens there were four patients in one Athens Limestone Hospital room Friday night with cans sort throats. T were offered to the four All members of one j the soviet Union by joint action feb. 25 week saw j Rise end Washington apr the steady Winter Long Rise in the number of workers drawing unemployment compensation benefits halted and edged Down during the week ended feb. 25. The labor department reported Friday that unemployment among workers insured for jobless benefits declined that week for the first time since october. The drop was 13,500, with the total falling to 3,408,800. The departments employment Security Bureau said that although there was a slight decline from the prior weeks record 3,422,300 total the feb. 25 figure still represents a record jobless volume for this time of the year. The rate of unemployment among All workers insured for jobless benefits was 8.4 per cent during the feb. 25 week. This compares with a 5.5 per cent rate and 2,155,800 volume for the comparable week in 1960. See feb. 25 on Page 2 family underwent Tonsillectomy is Friday morning and Are hoping to go Home sometime this morning. All were put in the same Hospital room. The children of or. And mrs. Roy Cooper who underwent the operations Are twins. Vivian Lynn and Carol Ray both age four Stanley 12, and Kay 15. Only child in the Cooper household escaping the operation was Sherron 17. Father in Italy the father an employee of Redstone Arsenal is on special assignment in Italy. He left in january and Hopes to return in june or july mrs. Cooper said. The family moved Here from Orlando fla., last november. Mrs. Cooper who said they were hoping to get to take the children Home this morning stated that residents Here have a treated us although the children have been a having quite a time a mrs. Cooper stated a i have had some wonderful assistance she stated �?o1 am glad to get the operations Over with All at once. It would be a so much anxiety going one at a time she said. The operations began about 7 30 and lasted until noon. They have been a very All Are doing about As Well As could be expected the Mother said and she hoped everything would soon be Normal again. The family lives in Belmont subdivision. Castro executions creep near 600 Mark Havana apr a military tribunal sent an accused terrorist to the execution Wall Friday but spared the lives of three others. The shooting brought to 597 the unofficial total of executions since Fidel Castro became prime minister. Of the three Western Powers during a conference at Geneva in the summer of 1959. Under negotiation was a proposal for a limited agreement by which the communists would have been committed to keep hands off West Berlin for a number of years at least. No Accord the Geneva conference failed to produce any East West Accord. Later the question arose whether the concessions which the West Era Powers had offered including a possible Cut in the size of the West Berlin Garrison would provide the starting Point for new East West negotiations on West berlins status. Eisenhower administration officials then said privately that if further negotiations did take place the same concessions might or might not be offered but they would not constitute the initial bargaining position for the Western Powers. Comments Friday by state department spokesmen were much More explicit and they were on the Public record. The diplomatic effect was to serve notice to the soviet government that past offers on Berlin will not necessarily figure in any future East West negotiations. This hardened the United states initial bargaining position. Only for us state department press officer Lincoln White said he was speaking Only for the american government but he assumed that Britain and France take the same Posi Tion. As to the size of the West Berlin protective Force White declared emphatically a i would like to state that the United states has no intention of reducing its Garrison in West he thus put in precise terms what had been implied by Secretary of state Dean Rusk at a news conference thursday. Rusk see . On Page 2 Aid for youths will face showdown As Senate begins study by g. Milton Kelly Washington apr Federal state Aid for amp a children of jobless parents was approved by the House Friday but president Kennedy a emergency program of unemployment Relief faced threatened slowdown in the Senate. The House passed by voice vote and sent to the Senate a Bill that would make Chil Dren of the unemployed eligible for the same benefits now received by children whose parents become disabled die or desert them. Ans. Williams said he will move to substitute pay As you go financing for the deferred funding of the Bill a emergency benefits. A tem if All 50 states chose to Partid a Horary two year .4 per cent inmate the Bill Zouki Cost the gov j crease in employers payroll taxes Ern ment an estimated $305 Miloj would finance the program and lion based on a 60-40 Federal j Williams said it should be in state Matching formula. Not All posed retroactively to Jan. 1.the states Are expected to do so however. In the Senate the child Aid Bill overtook a companion measure passed by the House last week which would provide up to 13 weeks additional unemployment benefits to Long Idle workers who have exhausted their present rights. The Senate finance committee completed Public hearings on the 13-week Extension measure but re the House approved Hill would defer collection of the tax until january 1963 and january 1964, Williams also demanded an amendment to curb what he Calls abuses of the unemployment compensation program. He said he has Learned of a 71-year-old retired government worker who in one year collected a government pension of $188 a month $48 of social Security for himself and his wife $78.75 a month veterans Cei Ved demands for amendments pension a Cash settlement in Beu of accrued vacation time plus unemployment compensation. Williams said a Survey of 298 retired government workers shows that could throw the legislation into a Senate House conference. The Extension Bill would Cost an estimated $990 million to $1 Bil so a backing county Loans it la to a ttys. Crop Washington March 10 a the Small Busi peanuts. Ness administration today designated Marshall Morgan Rice growers at a recent con j Anci Walker counties ala., and adjacent areas As discs Ference with administration and lion. Like the child Aid measure i 45 of them received at one time k would expire on june 30, 1962. Three or More types of Federal Secretary of labor Arthur j. Benefits including unemployment Goldberg pleading that a a time is compensation of the essence to relieve hard Goldberg urged the senator to ship for 600,000 jobless who have save the amendments for Seonaid used up their benefits urged the a ration when Kennedy proposes a committee to approve the House revision be Basic uner ploy version without change. T compensation Law in a later Goldberg urged enactment in 1 time for the extra payments to. I Start by mid april. He has noted Pord will flow that it will take some time after congressional leaders had urged an increase in this years Federal acreage allotment of 1,652,596 acres for the crop. Freeman said Southern that he had decided not to Autho reported Rize an increase. Ter areas As a result of Tornado damage March 7. Homeowners business firms churches and charitable institutions May apply for Loans to repair damage. The Bill is signed into Law to Complete the administrative tasks needed to get the payments going. Chairman Harry f. Byrd d-va., announced the committee would Start closed door meetings tuesday to consider whether the Bill should be amended. Sen. John j. Williams r-del., announced he will demand two Sheffield Plant Sheffield March 10 us a about 450 persons will be furloughed for one week in a production cutback at Ford motor cons aluminium castings Plant Here. A company spokesman who revealed the figure tonight said the Layoff is effective monday. Applications May be filed with Sbars Birmingham amendments. Sen. Joseph s. Office 2109 5th ave. From Moulton Curtis Moching from Eva and Sherman Spiegal of Cullman. The Rabbit grub will meet tonight at 7 at the City electric department in the Large auditorium. Make some plans As How to finance the program. A group of Charity and welfare members met with the Board last month to discuss setting up the program. At that meeting the possibilities of setting up two Distri a buting Points was discussed. Also the Decatur Coin club w i 1 l an administrator will have to be meet monday night at 7 15 at the appointed to handle the program. City electric department in the in targe auditorium., a a a a a Quot Quot a Nunt a 1 9299 of few a a $2 6 of see diary on Page a ,�,i lad Art. Adv four Days left to release Cotton acreage on your farm. You must go to your county As amp c office to release. A War study planned Clark d-pa., announced previously he wants an amendment to Correct what he termed an inequality which would reduce benefits available for jobless Pennsylvania a motion to authorize probate judge t. C. Almon to appoint a committee to make a Survey of the possibility of having a War Between the states commemoration in Decatur was adopted by a group of residents at a meeting yesterday. Meeting at the courthouse at discuss the proposed commemoration with civic chips veterans organizations and women a clubs and report Back to judge Almon by mar. 31. Judge Almon who presided at the meeting pointed out to the group that the people should want to have some kind of Commemorac 3 30 ., the group authorized Tion. A the intent of the Cor Mem judge Almon to appoint the com oration Shouff be much More than Mittee of about five persons to just a horse play or it will fall Flat on its face a judge Almon said. William Jenkins a member of the state commission to commemorate the War Between the states pointed out some of the events which took place around Decatur from 1961 through 1965 As did Leroy Mcentire or. The group was in agreement that the commemoration should be a meaningful and dignified. Weather and River Decatur and Vicinity Tennessee River Reading at Keller memorial Bridge Friday night was 19.61 feat a fall of 1.15 feet in 14 hours. Reading from sea level was 553.35 feet. High temperature Friday was about 45 degrees. At 9 15 It was 44 degrees. Forecast for today is mostly fair and warmer. High for today in the 46k quickies by Ken Reynese Washill Rapic a but. Lady it was in yesterday a paper my daily want and amt the largest Stock in town v a it

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