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Decatur Daily Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1974, Page 1

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Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, Decatur, AlabamaQuot my country May she Ever be right but right or wrong my Commodore Stephen Decatur 63rd year no. 118decatur, Alabama sunday morning june 23,1974 84 pages a 25 cents Orch scr 4 dead end for Man who shot Wallace by age salpukas new York times new service Balitmore except for a full Reddish Blond Beard Arthur j. Bremer shows no outward changes since he was convicted of shooting gov. Wallace of Alabama at a political rally on May 15, 1972. During the first 20 months of a 53-year sentence at the Maryland state Penitentiary near downtown Baltimore Bremer has remained the private mostly silent Young Man who dominated the news Date this capture. He has turned Down Many requests for interviews and has settled into the dreary routine of prison life. The Only special privilege that he is allowed is a private cell. Most of the other prisoners Are doubled up. He lives in a severely overcrowded and outdated prison with massive Walls made of Large Hen stones blackened by pollution and topped by dark tin turrets resembling a medieval fortress. The prison dedicated in 1894, was built for 500 prisoners and now holds about 800 inmates mostly Black. One Day recently most of the inmates stood outside their cells on litter strewn ramps while others sat in the Sun in a Dusty exercise Yard played basketball or stared at the Blue sky framed by High thick Walls and wire fences topped with barbed wire. In contrast to Wallace who after a period of severe depression is rallying his supporters for a possible 1976 presidential Campaign Bremer has seemingly reached a dead end. An Appeal of his sentence has been unsuccessful. On july 6, 1973, the Maryland court of special appeals upheld the conviction and the 53-year sentence. Last february the United states supreme court turned Down a request to review his five Day trial by the state that ended in his conviction on aug. 4,1972. He still faces Federal charges based on the shooting for violating the civil rights of a presidential candidate assaulting a secret service agent Nicholas j. Zarvos who was assigned to protect Wallace and was wounded at the rally held in a shopping Center in Laurel my. Illegally transferring a firearm to shoot Wallace. George Beall . Attorney for Maryland said in a recent interview that after reviewing the Case again he had recommended to the Justice department that the Federal charges against Bremer be dismissed. His recommendation now going through processing at the Justice department is expected to be upheld. Beall whose office prepared the income tax evasion Case that led to the resignation of former vice president Agnew gave the following reasons for his decision a if Bremer were found guilty the judge would let the sentence run concurrently and no additional time would be added to the current sentence. A it made Little sense to try the Case again and open the a slight possibility that a jury could find him not guilty and therefore jeopardize the original conviction. A it is the policy of the Justice department not to try a person twice on essentially the same charges unless there is compelling new evidence that should be presented. Beall said that after reviewing the evidence he his staff and the Federal Bureau of investigation had concluded that there was no evidence that Bremer was involved in a conspiracy or that he had not acted alone. Since the trial questions have been raised about his involvement with other people who May possibly have aided him in the attempted assassination. In october 1972, Alan Stang a television writer and consultant wrote an article in american opinion Magazine a right Wing publication saying that he had evidence that Bremer had attended meetings of students for a democratic society at Marquette University in Milwaukee in november 1969, and had a been seen by an undercover agent with Campus radicals. Also As a result of disclosures in the watergate affair when it became evident that the Wisconsin primary was a key target of a sabotage Campaign approved by the White House to disrupt the campaigns of democratic candidates there was speculation whether any of the saboteurs had had any Contact with Bremer. The speculation intensified when Howard e. Hunt jr., one of the watergate conspirators testified at the Senate hearings last year that Charles w. Colson then special counsel to president Nixon called Hunt on the Day of the Wallace shooting and asked whether he would break into Bremers apartment to determine if he had acted alone or was part of a plot. Hunt testified that he got word later that Day from Colson a office that a break in was not necessary. But investigations by reporters and other private individuals have not Etab wished any evidence to link Bremer with any of the sabotage efforts. Bremer spends most of his time running a press in the prisons print shop. He has worked his Way up to the last Job in the shop starting As a wrapper and is now running the press which can turn out about 5,060 state forms an hour. According to Charles Selig the Industrial Foreman in the shop Bremer likes the work but rarely initiates a conversation. A the likes his privacy a Selig said a and wants to keep away from other the main diversions for the prisoner Are the Baltimore Sun which he gets it daily television and staying out in the prison Yard an expanse of yellow dust from which one can see the High office buildings and hotels of downtown Baltimore. He is considered a Good prisoner but has been involved in one incident. On oct. 14, 1972, while on his Way to watch to he got into a fight with another inmate who he said made homosexual advances toward him a three Man disciplinary Board found that Bremer had started the scuffle and Cut off his privileges of attending movies and the exercise Yard for 30 Days. His main visitor has been his father William who flew in last week to see him. His attorney Benjamin Lipsitz who used to visit him almost every week when he first began his term because Bremer was severely depressed now visits less often. A the s pretty much the same. A Lipsitz observed a the wants his privacy. A after 20 months in prison he is. Still silent and turned Down the most recent request for an interview with a shrug. Poke picker Frank Pickett 86, who has lived in the Mooreville area All his life specializes in picking cooking and eating the Southern delicacy known As a a poke for a just Wasny to Toms night Richmond a. A it Cost Thomas Gordon $421 to get Home Friday night he was mugged twice. The second time the cab Driver watched a then took him Home and charged him $6.05. Gordon 60, a pastry Cook at st. Mary a Hospital said his problems began at about 10 30 . When he get a cab to Stop for him at a downtown bus terminal. A this Guy came up to me and told me he could get a cab a he said. A i followed him and he and another Guy who jumped from an Alley took $400 from my front pocket. Gordon said he had $14 stuffed into a secret compartment in his Wallet which the muggers left. After reporting the mugging to police he finally flagged Down a cab. But he said another Man jumped in the cab too and asked to be taken to an address a few blocks away. A i wanted to go hone so bad i told the Driver to go ahead and take the other then take me but when the cab reached the other Many a destination he and two men who were waiting there filled Gordon from the cab and beat him taking his Wallet and the $14, he said the cab Driver just watched. Gordon reported the second mugging to police and climbed Back into the cab the cab Driver took him Home and charged him $6 05 for the ride. Gordon went inside for Money gave the Driver $7 and told him to keep the change a i just had a bad night a Gordon said Hughes contribution tied to vegas hotel glimpse into Pickett a life with daily photographer Bobby Herbert and reporter John Doty see Page cd. Daily photo by Bobby Herbert Washington a one of two $50,000 Campaign contributions from billionaire Howard Hughes to a close personal Friend of president Nixon was set in motion after atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell approved Hughes $35 million bid to buy a vegas gambling hotel the staff of the Senate watergate committee reports. The 47-Page report to the senators Calls die administration a handling of Hughes efforts to buy the dunes hotel a a classic Case of governmental decision making for a was the evidence indicated the apparent decision by Mitchell to approve the dunes Purchase is clothed with the appearance of impropriety a the report said. A the facts of this Case pointedly suggest impropriety to a significant degree and raise serious questions about Campaign contributions and Justice department practices. The report was made available to the associated press by a source close to the committee. It analyses the relation Between Hughes repeated attempts to expand his Las vegas hotel and gambling Empire and the $100,000 Hughes paid out to Nixon a Friend c. G. A a Bebel Rebozo at about the same time. Committee sources say the investigation has left Many questions unanswered and Many leads not fully pursued the committee is scheduled to end its probe officially next Friday the Day it issues its final report. The approval to buy the dunes a Deal which later fell through for purely financial reasons came after the Justice departments antitrust division had frustrated Hughes 1968 attempt to buy the stardust hotel. The report noted that Richard Danner the Man selected to present the Case for judiciary panel May limit its witnesses Washington a the House judiciary committee is planning to limit sharply the number of witnesses called in its impeachment inquiry and the areas in which they will be questioned. Under increasing pressures to wind up the inquiry in the next three or four weeks the committee is expected to decide that Only five or six witnesses will be needed. That would include witnesses recommended by the inquiry staff by committee members and by James st. Clair who is in charge of president Nixon a impeachment defense. The witnesses will be examined Only on specific Points where gaps appear in the committees documentary evidence or where there is conflicting evidence. Longer sworn statements from witnesses would be available to the members. Few major watergate figures except former White House counsel Charles w. Colson Are Likely to be on the witness list the committee has the testimony of the others from the grand jury and the Senate watergate hearings. Colson reportedly told committee attorneys that he warned Nixon in january and in february of 1973 that forma atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell was involved in watergate Nixon had said he Learned of High level involvement in the break in on March 21, 1973. Colson a attorney on saturday confirmed these accounts by columnist Jack Anderson and the new York daily news of Colson a testimony. The identity of the impeachment witnesses and the ground rules for questioning them will be worked out next week in a series of meetings that will also Settle the questions of How st. Clair presents his defense and whether evidence gathered in the inquiry will be made Public. At a meeting monday the committee is also expected to Issue another subpoena for White House tapes and documents. Nixon has refused to comply with four previous ones seeking watergate evidence. The new one will demand evidence relating to the settlement of an itt antitrust suit to political contributions by the Dairy Industry and to allegations the Nixon administration used the internal Revenue service for political purposes. One reason for the new subpoena is to build up the committees Case for making Nixon a noncompliance with subpoenas a possible ground for impeachment. The committee has also notified Nixon it will feel free to infer he is withholding incriminating evidence if he fails to provide material that could fill in some of the gaps in the Case. That there Are gaps is conceded by nearly every member some of Nixon a strongest defenders on the committee say nothing that could involve him in an impeachable offence has been proven so far. On the other hand a number of democrats say the documentary record already provides sufficient grounds for recommending that Nixon be brought to trial in the Senate some democrats Are considering Basing one article of impeachment on constitutional grounds however in Case proof see judiciary on Page a-5 Nixon knew before March claims Colson the dunes Purchase directly to Mitchell had delivered the $100,000 in Cash to Rebozo. The Money was returned last see Hughes on Page a-5 he takes a 6-d no this Chimp Isnit asking for a pair of skates for Bis son to try on a but he does appear to be giving some advice to one of the younger members of Lipkos comedy chimps in Newport news a. According to their owner Jerry Lipko most chimps have the intelligence of a four or five year old child. A wire photo a Good new agreements possible after Summit Washington a Charles w Colson has told the House judiciary committee he alerted president Nixon both in january and february of 1973 to High level complicity in the watergate affair. Nixon repeatedly has insisted that his first such revelations were presented by John w Dean in their conversation of March 21,1973 Colson a warnings were addressed specifically to the involvement of John n. Mitchell an Jeb Stuart Magruder according to virtually identical accounts of his testimony published saturday by syndicated columnist Jack Anderson and the new York daily news. See Jack Anderson column Page a-4 committee officials would neither confirm nor deny the newspaper accounts of Colson a interview with the panels counsel a week ago. But Colson a attorney and former Law partner. David i. Shapiro confirmed that a a it Sall there in the published reports. In what Anderson described As a draft of Colson a statements the former special counsel to Nixon said that in january of last ear a i determined it my responsibility to express to the president my belief that certain persons in the Campaign organization namely messes Mitchell and Magruder must have been involved in the a i told the president that whoever it was who had ordered the watergate had ill served him. I did not discuss any specific information about Mitchell Magruder or others because frankly i had no hard evidence a a on feb. 14, i told the thought whoever was involved at the committee for the reelection in ordering or authorizing the watergate would eventually be exposed. I a told the president specifically that i thought John Mitchell had1 to accept the responsibility that the facts would in due course come out. recall that the president reacted angrily. I can almost recall his precise words a Are you suggesting that John Mitchell be held responsible or be made a Scapegoat Mitchell has after All sworn he was not involved. I want to get to the Bottom of watergate but i cannot ask a possibly innocent bystander to be a Colson is almost certain to be called before the full panel to repeat his testimony. Washington a president Nixon Heads for the Summit in Moscow tuesday hoping to promote .-soviet detente through new nuclear and economic agreements. Officials Here Are careful not to excite american expectations. But Leonid l Brezhnev the communist party Leader already has set an optimistic tone predicting a Good new agreements that will please people in both countries Nixon and an entourage headed by Secretary of state hairy a. Kissinger will Stop first in Brussels a the signing of a new declaration on . Relations with its allies in the North Atlantic treaty organization Kissinger plans to report to the nato Council after the Summit and to swing through Paris Munich and London for coming Saon Decatur daily 100,000th want and published in 1974. Earlier than Ever before very soon we will publish the 100,000th Decatur daily want and in 1974 a and a $25.00 Cash prize can be yours if its your and. In 1972 it was August 24th before we published our 100,000th want and. In 1973 it was july when we published the 100.000th want and. Results Are Why a we re earlier and earlier. If you have items you no longer need or use. Place a fast acting daily want and and sell them plus you May win $25.00 in Cash by placing the 100,000th daily want and published in 1974. Want and department open 8.00 . To 5 00 . Sat. 8 00 . To 12 noon dial 353-4612 nights sundays and holidays 353-4739 Athens dial 232-1535 the Decatur daily classified advertising n today s daily meetings with French West German and British leaders Nixon s soviet visit begins on thursday and will last a week with probable Side Tours to such cities As Yalta and Minsk. Coming on the heels of a five nation trip to the Middle East the Moscow Summit serves to focus attention at Home on the presidents interest and accomplishments in the foreign Field. Critics suggest that Nixon Hopes thereby to offset his watergate troubles and to improve his chances in Congress of surviving the impeachment drive initially the administration looked to the Summit session to produce a com see Good on Page a-5 Decatur s Magna Vox dealer for m years. Robinson f uni tire. Downtown second Avem it a Decatur 3s3 2370 1 adv Calendar. Classified., editorials. E Tain ment financial., d-2 d-2 a-4 r-7 a-6 mini Page. A-7 Horoscope. C-10 Landers c-5 obituaries. D-2 sports by t v log b-7 living today cd on this Date in 1836, there was a surplus in the u5. Treasury and the $28 million was divided among 26 states. To place a want and dial 353-4612 Athens 232-1535 Quick weather showers and a possibility of a few thundershowers today. High today Low 8q slow tonight upper 50 s. Complete weather map River Page d-2 it s a privilege to live in the Tennessee Valley

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