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Decatur Daily Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 4

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Decatur Daily (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Decatur, AlabamaA-4the Decatur daily. Sunday morning. January 8. 1967 the Decatur daily will they pass unnoticed Conan or. Published every afternoon monday through Friday and saturday and sunday mornings in Decatur Alabama by the Tennessee Valley printing co., inc. W. R. Shelton�?foundar-editor�?1912 to 1.924 entered As second class matter february 26, 1912 at the Post office at Decatur Alabama under act of March 16, 1878. Member of the associated press the associated press is exclusively entitled to use for republication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the latest news published herein. All rights of republication of special dispatches herein Are reserved. Misstatement of fact appearing in the Dally is never intentional. If you Hove grievance of this sort we Are More than glad to investigate fully and if found to be Well founded redress will be prompt prominent and thorough. Subscription rates by mail Dahy a sunday per year $12.50 Dally a sunday per year $20.00 red Carrier in Trade zone beyond Trade zone 3r 1,?< Alt sales to included Quot so Mhz a a in delivered by carriers daily and sunday per week. 50c Dally and sunday one month. $2.10 daily and sunday Par Waak by motor Routa. 50c All Teles taxes included a dual responsibility since the Early 1930s we have seen sweeping changes in the american Economy american government and in the american people. More sweeping changes Are even now on the horizon although they May be years in the making and in the acceptance on the part Ottke amen can people. Quot a. A Quot while we stand around arguing Good and bad Points As we see them the changes take place. Whether they Are to our diking or not depends largely on the degree of our participation. Consider one of these changes now underway. We Call it the War on poverty. Actually we know very Little about have heard it severely criticised. Poor people seem to be just As poor. The War on poverty does no to seem to have reacted them at least not yet. But there is a dual responsibility developing. Government has started this War on poverty but government can to go it alone. Business people have to become involved. People who Are unable to take care of then selves either have to be trained to fit into the american Economy where they can be useful or they will continue to be burdens on Relief. In either Case the responsibility Falls on the shoulders of government and hopefully on the shoulders of business. What most of us have heard about the so called War on poverty we Haven to liked. We Point to failures on the part of government or what we Are told Are failures on the part of government. Too Many fat salaries for administration no dollars leaking Down to the poor. If this be True then what is the responsibility of american business Elmer l. Winter president manpower incorporated Milwaukee Wisconsin has an article in the current Issue of kiwanis Magazine in which he examines the role of american business in the War on poverty. He writes in part a a recently i was flying Home from a business meeting the Man in the seat next to me put Down his Magazine and said a i have just read that the government is about to spend another billion dollars to fight the War on poverty. As far As in a concerned this is Money Down the ,. A after thinking for a moment i replied a i can to share your Point of View. I happen to believe that if there is poverty in any Corner of this country we As businessmen had better do something about it. If we done to then in All likelihood the so called planners will. A i suggested that we cannot sweep the problems created by poverty under the Rug nor can we say that poverty is no concern of ours. I said that i believe that the same creative ability and Energy that businessmen have displayed in organizing people for production and distribution can be redirected in a new dimension a into social action with an efficiency and with an Economy of motion that would be the envy of every government or. Winter continues speaking out for this dual responsibility Between government and business in this War on poverty and concludes with this paragraph a let it not be said that any businessman tried to sweep the problems of his Community under the Rug. Rather let him take his rightful position of leadership in his Community. Let him wage his own War against poverty by making himself heard in his Community a not in pious statements but in answers to the Many growing and serious problems facing the people of his country. Let him put As much thought Energy and Money into solving these problems As he expends in building his own business. Let him use his Arsenal of Good business judgment advanced training techniques and dynamic thinking processes to win Battles being waged in the social revolution going on around is there basis for this Challenge from one businessman to All it Well we would say a look about you. Poverty is perhaps within a stones throw of your place of business your Industry perhaps not too far from your own Home. It is possible even probable that most poverty stricken families have never had a Chance at training for responsible employment. The government in our opinion is attempting to wage a War on poverty because poverty is Here for All to see if we dare look. Government aft people working together accepting dual responsibility can make real strides in winning the Yar on poverty. A a a or. Norman Vincent Peale strange prescription Drew Pearson Washington the most sensational political trial in recent Washington history opens monday when Bobby Baker former Senate Secretary goes on trial for income tax evasion. Involved will be not merely the future of a Young Man who was the Friend of senators and presidents but also 1. The ramifications of illegal wire tapping even when the evidence is not used directly to secure an indictment 2. The past operations of one of the wealthiest senators the late Bob Kerr d-okla., who took Baker up on the Mountain top 3. The operations of a powerful Republican rep. John w. Byrnes wis., and his financial ties to Bobby Baker through the magic firm 4. The Friendship Between Baker and Lyndon Johnson who used the enterprising Young Man from Pickens s.c., As his eyes and ears in the Senate 5. The whole question of raising political Campaign funds. Of these the most important principle involved is the use of wire tapping. One revelation Likely to come out at the Baker trial is a phone Call he received from Bobby Kennedy then attorney general. A get off the phone. You be talking a warned Ken . In View of the Justice departments recent revelation that wire taps and electronic devices were used to Monitor Popae of bakery a conversations the warning is highly significant. , judge Oliver Gasch has now supported the Justice departments claim that none of the evidence used to indict Baker was taken from wire tapped conversations. But the Basic constitutional Issue is whether the Fri can listen in on a Many a conversations and pick up clues As a Tell a a not to say then the Fri can go in cold Cash. Judge Gasch also ruled that j. Edgar Hoover did not have to testify As to whether he had supplied the Justice department with All the bugged transcripts involving Baker. Hoover did not even sign a statement on this Point. Merely an inter office memo from Hoover to Fred Vin son jr., head of the Justice departments criminal division bearing no signature was submitted in evidence. To a and can Bluff him into revealing what the conversation was All about. This phase of the Baker Case is certain to be App Alec to the supreme court if there is conviction. Cash prom savings Banks most sensational testimony in the Baker trial will concern sen. Bob Kerr the big Oil Man from Oklahoma who dominated the Senate finance committee when in 1962 it was writing tougher taxes on the Federal savings and loan institutions. Many savings and loan executives were anxious to avoid this increased tax jut their overtures to both the late sen. Harry Byrd d-va., and Kerr had been unsuccessful. However Bobby Baker suggested to Kerr that some of the savings executives were willing to put up $200,000 if their taxes were. Not appreciably increased. At first Kerr was uninterested then he recalled that the democratic party faced a Tough election fight in Oklahoma. The testimony will bring out that he agreed to receive the Money on nov. 9, 1962 Bobby Baker brought in the first instalment $100,000 in greenbacks a my and by Billy Graham question when i done to get my prayers answered in a afraid god is angry with me. Is this the reason our prayers Are not answered m. B. Question i will answer your question by asking you one if a child does no to get eve r y t h i n g it asks for does this mean that his parents Are angry with him so u we like Little children want the things that Are not for our Good. Would it mean that god loves us if he gave us everything we ask for. Sociologists Are finding out that the Over privileged child is just As much a problem As the underprivileged child. The children who get everything they ask for de or 7r Zelop All kinds of psychological problems. So when you ask the lord for something and he answers with a a no a you can be sure he Isnit angry but that he loves you enough to withhold from you the things that Are not for your Good. Anyway prayers Are not just a Means of getting what we want. The secret place where we meet god is not a a wishing in the Model prayer Given by our lord Jesus said a thy will be done on Earth. As it is in prayer is an exercise in which we commune with our heavenly father and find out his will for our lives. Sometimes he wills things that for the moment May be unpleasant. But this does no to mean he is angry with us. It Means that he loves us enough to allow Good things and bad to work together for our Good. And Laid it on sen. Kerry a desk of this $33,000 came from Sid Ney Taber chairman of firs financial in Beverly Hills $50, 000 came from Stewart Davis and $17,000 from John f. Marten officers of the great Wes Tern financial corp. In los Angeles. Kerr counted out the Money and stacked it in three piles on his desk. He put $50,000 in one pile to go to the Oklahoma Campaign he put $10,000 in another pile to go for contingent expenses and he put $40,000 in another pile which he gave to Bobby Baker. He told Baker at the time that he should begin looking out for himself and that this was a gift. The second instalment of $100,000 never was paid by the savings executives. They got their tax increase killed without coughing up the rest. When this occurred in nov Ember 1962, Lyndon Johnson had been two years absent from the Senate. Significantly All of the indictments brought against. Baker were based on facts occurring Well after Johnson a term in the Senate expired. The Baker trial will probably last two months. Washington expose sen. Tom Dodd d-conn., lately has been Reading More and enjoying it less. He sent directly to the Public affairs press for four of the first copies off the press of the Book a Washington expose a which will be released this week. Dodd did no to like what he read. The Book told How he had phoned Windham High schools principal h. Chester Nelson in Willimantic conn., on sept. 28, 1962, to Tongue lash him for featuring a lecturer critical of Dodd. Then the senator called in his internal Security staff aide David Martin and ordered him to run an investigation of the of fending lecturer who turned out to be a hungarian Freedo fighter with anti commune credentials As Good As Dodds. Another time when these Atory a son Tom jr., Brough Home a a a do in a course Georgetown University t h Ite father sensed some Hii in american about the to that Tom jr., had not been do ing his Homework. Reagan and redwoods Ronald Reagan the new governor of California must de what he said about Califon redwoods a that a a tree is tree when you be seen one you be seen them under an agreement already signed by of going gov. A physician made a surprising statement a often the first place people get is in the spirit and this illness in their spirit transmits itself to the body. When the spirit is made Well there is an excellent Chance of the body getting he told of an interesting Case in his practice. The patient was a Man in Middle life who constantly vague 1� by complained of feeling ill. The doctor gave him every test in the Rook and found there just was not much of anything physically wrong except that his general vitality was Low he lacked Energy his whole body tone was poor. Finally the doctor said to the Man a Charlie i will give you a course of treatment that can Cuite you of what ails you and get you once again in vigorous Good health. But do you really want to get Well a a of course i want to get Welt a Charlie replied in injured tone. A a a Why do you think i keep coming to you a a but the treatment wont work unless you really follow instructions i wont even Tell you what i have in mind unless you first Tell me you will follow it As outlined a the Man agreed a fall right i will. You re the doctor.�?�. A first every Day i want you to take a three mile walk. Every single Day rain. Shine sleet or Snow three Miles each Day no less. That will take pressure off your brain the pressure that comes from thinking and rehashing unhealthy thoughts of worry tension and a but i play Golf a said Charlie. A do you want me to walk three Miles even on a Day when i play 18 holes of Golf a a absolutely. Golf is play. That a not the idea at All. Your three mile walk is not to be play. Its to be something you do every single Day As a vigorous self discipline. And As you walk Gjyle than log no for wry thing you can think of things like the Sun the rain the Snow for giving you two Good feet to walk with for people you pass along the Way your Home for your country for every bless it ing you can possibly think a and the doctor continued a second make a list of persons who Are worse off than you Are those who Are in trouble or sorrow and Goj co them and do something for it Charlie looked Blank. A Why a he said a it know what to say to a a then go and say nothing. Just show your interest and friendliness. Let them see Yong. Good will. You la find other ways to be helpful. If you done to know of anybody who a in trouble he added a i can sure give you the names of plenty a a and the third part of this program a he said a is to read and reread the gospel according t6 St. Luke. Over a a period of time see How much of it you can actually commit to after outlining this strange prescription he told his patient to come Back and see him in two weeks. 7 pausing at this Point in the Story the doctor asked me a that was the program i prescribed. What do you think of it a a sounds sensible to me and How did. It work out a Quot r a Good he was soon much improved and so i extended the program for another two weeks. And at the end of that time for another two weeks. It really took. You should see the Man today. His heart action is the Best its Ever been blood pressure absolutely Normal his whole body vital full of Energy. He has new enthusiasm. Life to him is a lot better and he takes pleasure doing things for people in trouble. He really enjoys trying to help them. And he quotes St. Luke by the paragraph. This Man has actually had a renewal of the life this doctor i assure you was no Crackpot but a sound highly respected physician. He knew that people can indeed destroy their feeling of Well being by unhealthy thinking and self cent redness. So in the Case we have described Healing was brought about by a unique procedure which the doctor said a will do anybody and i know he is right for i myself have made use of the a a prescription and it works. Distributed 1966 by the Hall Syndicate inc Don Maclean a the Sturgeon affair Washington a when it comes to caviar the russians have a Tough Roe to Hoe. Soon they May not have any. The embassy set Here is buzzing about it although for my Money russian caviar tastes like salted Blackb bus. The russians epic struggle to save the Sturgeon the fish that lays the precious eggs makes for sadder Reading than a Dostoevsky novel if that a possible. Before me i have a scientific paper on the sex life of the russian Sturgeon for Lack of a title i care it the Flinsky report. I the main reason the russians Are trying to save their caviar Industry is because they can sell the stuff to our state department and other party givers for $40 per Pound. Considering that one Sturgeon can Arry up to 300 sounds of caviar the reds would hate to see the fishes Finis. Forgive me it was As Early As 1930 that the russians l first realized that something fishy was occurring in the Sturgeon world. They were disappearing trom european and american Waters and their growth was stunted in the Caspian sea. This made the reds Blue. % i the Sturgeon is an ancient fish and live an incredibly Long time often As Long As 200 years. Some at the sturgeons being caught now were born before the american revolution. Think of that. Anyway water pollution and Ever fishing is about to make if extinct. The russians discovered that the Caspian sea sturgeons were starving so they immediately moved to make the sturgeons burgeon. They seeded the floor of the Caspian with special rubbery Worms that sturgeons love. And then they attempted to Breed the huge sturgeons with a smaller but hardier fish. The results of this Experiment Are Uncertain. Unfortunately Many of the hybrid fish Are still Virgin Sturgeon and have not yet produced eggs. In the meantime russian Industry has been tii Lomg dams and this unfortunately has caused the level of the Caspian sea to fall. This has wiped out All but a few Square Miles of Sturgeon Breeding Gro 1and there is one other problem for years the russians have been catching Sturgeon off the coast of Iran its Caspian sea neighbor and Selling the eggs As a russian this finally annoyed Iran and it cried a caviar emptor a it went into the Sturgeon business itself and now two countries Are Hunting warned you. It was a sad Story a a. Slight Ems Skriver implies that la Jas neglecting the War on poverty. Apparently he has no time for Sargent. A t. You la have to give Manchester credit for Une thing a he certainly has made his bookmark on the world. A it we hear hat some rhodesian manufacture Esplan to adv i Tise their products As sanctioned by great Britain a a a a a a a a a a a a in an actual Federal Trade commission Case a questionable businessman once in it ived a cease and desist order and Irma it Catir lately started advertising his junk As Quot cited i it the Etc a and there was a highly condensed version of the Warren report that on the cover carried this phrase completely abridged Quot distributed by United inc feature Syndicate. This Day in a Ern ment which Purchase 8,500 Woods Timber la in turn Wil acres of red one big redwoods National Park. The two California state Parks Jedediah Smith Park and 1 a a a a a a a a a a by the associated press today is sunday Jan. 8, the i eighth Day of 1967. There Are t 357 Days left in the year. ? today a highlight in history 1 1 1 on this Dale in 1867, a Bill a granting suffrage to negroes in the District of Columbia was passed Over president Andrew Johnson a veto. On this Date Lawrence county non Gray near mid Way Satur red Hill Jessie Mccaghren a 6 6170. Several Are ill with flu at this Day. 1 miss Ann Callahan is a patient at Lawrence county Hospital. Time. Mrs. Leonard Peters and girls and miss Jessie Mccaghren visited or. And mrs. Ver mrs. Wilbur Jackson is on the list. Or. And mrs. Jack key were business visitors in Moulton. Tuesday. I Park both in Northern califor the Many friends in this com Mia a comprise some of the a finest redwoods forests in the country. With the Federal parcel the new National Park will cover 43.234 acres of Forest land sen. Tom Kuchel r-calif., will introduce a Bill after con Unity of mrs. Irene Hampton were sorry to learn of her death and extend deepest sympathy to the family. Mrs. Bob Mccaghren is improving after an illness. Mrs. Biddie Johnson mrs. Gress convenes to incorporate these three parcels of redwoods. It will take negative action by the new governor to Stop him otherwise the agreement signed by Brown will commit California to the Deal. Unless Reagan objects Congress is Likely to approve. Crey Riffat. 1967, by Bill Mcclure syn John Sullivan and miss Jessie Mccaghren were business visitors in Moulton tuesday. A vibrating Gold whisker one tenth the diameter of a human hair and about twice As Long As a hair is thick is the heart of a new kind of transistor that can handle Many intricate jobs with exacting tuning needed. In 1642, the italian astronomer Galileo died. To 1815, Gen. Andrew Jackson was victorious in the Battle of new Orleans. In 1918, president Woodrow Wilson outlined his famous 14 Points for world peace in an address to a joint session of Congress. / in 1944, the free French asked lend lease Aid for its underground forces. In 1945. The last nazi escape route out of the belgian bulge was being hammered by Allied artillery. Ten years ago a president Dwight d Eisenhower and Republican congressional leaders agreed to press for the cancellation of automatic corporation and excise tax cuts scheduled april l. Five years ago a the Bonn government rejected a soviet proposal that Russia and West Germany talk directly to each other about the problem of divided Germany. One year ago the polish government banned Cardinal Wyszynski the roman Catholic primate of Poland from travelling abroad

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