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Danville Register Newspaper Archives May 7 1972, Page 4

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Danville Register, The (Newspaper) - May 7, 1972, Danville, VirginiaThe Register Donville to sunday May 7 1972 an error can be corrected can of course and no doubt will speak for themselves but it is probable that others on City Council to some extent shared the sex Ireri ence of vice mayor Robert h Clarke voted in the committee of the whole for a raise for City Man James w lord and later realized that he May have participated in what is a breach of wag Price Board regulations if so the Effort can be corrected be t fore anybody is embarrassed seriously Clarke in a forthright acknowledge ment of his error of judgment does not himself in argument on the Mer of the raise proposed for the new City he thinks As a majority a thought that lord is due some raise since he had been promised at the time his employment that his salary stat opus would be reviewed after six months but the raise to be granted in opinion should come within the set by the wag Price Board he id it would be wrong for the City of j Jeanville to set a bad example by Violat the wage increase limits fixed by the Federal Agency in that View councilman Clarke has general support among the people of Danville and certainly among City employees who Are to be held within the wag Price Board regulations with the 5 per cent wage increase proposed for them Clarke now joins generally in the positions taken at the committee ses Sion by councilmen Barker Harris and Townes there is time before formal action on the salary increase for City Council to get itself and the City manager off an untenable position and spare them selves from challenges certain to come before Federal administrative bodies should the action of the committee be come the action of City Council on tues Day night Here is an instance wherein a stitch of precaution taken in time can save nine tears in the fabric of municipal morale those second thoughts that came to Bob Clarke should not escape the five who joined him in the Effort within the committee to show the City manager that his efforts Are appreciated they still can show or lord All the consideration that the wag Price Board and the cites financial predicament will permit Honor for Craig boost for Poff associations propose and the gov disposes when it comes to appointments to be filled when the general Assembly is not in session one of the appointments pending before gov Holton is the vacancy on the supreme court resulting from the resignation of associate Justice Thomas c Gordon effective May 31 Gordon wants to practice Law rather than sit in judgment in Law cases the Virginia bar association has recommended a slate of lawyers its com Mittee considers qualified for the states top Bench and now comes the Virginia trial lawyers association with its own list of qualified persons from which gov Holton is urged to make his selection doubtless other groups will make some recommendations to the governor for the appointment since gov Holton is a lawyer with wide acquaintanceship among both bar and Bench in Virginia he probably has his own personal Choice to consider and obviously will do so even As he appreciates the interest of groups reflected in their recommendations to him of outstanding men judge William w Sweeney of Lynch Burg is on both the lists prepared for gov he tons consideration the trial lawyers in addition to Sweeney recommended rep Richard h Poff of Roanoke and judge Stuart l Craig of the Dan Ville corporation court it is an Honor for judge Craig to be cited by the trial lawyers As qualified for the supreme court of the common wealth Craig like Sweeney a demo crat probably will have to await a democratic governor or action by the general Assembly before moving up to he supreme court the prospects for or Poff who is retiring from Congress and who was High on president Nixon list of pos sible nominees for the us supreme court until he voluntarily withdrew his name from consideration Are considerably better at this time Poff is Well known in All parts of Virginia As an Able lawyer As Well As a Fine Public official he also is said to be gov Holtons personal Choice All of which tends to give him an inside track As a Republican Holton can name without much fear that the general Assembly will Buck him when it comes time to extend or ratify the interim appointment a primary just went by l d Johnson chaplain Furman University who survives on the space ship some Mit scientists have made a computerized Survey of in worlds known resources and have come up with the sobering conclusion that about the year 2040 these will All be gone among the assumptions underlying that doomsday announcement was Lack of optimism that we human beings Are going to make any Funda mental change in our behaviour before it is too late h is an appalling Prospect is it not your children May be Here 68 years from now to witness and participate in this Deli la throes of the planet Earth dare we think the unthinkable an we contemplate the global panic As the Scarcity becomes More acute and one after an other the life supports of our tiny spaceship Are exhausted How tic you react to the Rais ing of this sort of Issue some refusing to think about it have Iro Babiy already switched to lha society or sports sections is Oie incensed citizen who asks with an edgy tone with so much to depress one any any Why did you have to bring that up this is the Frame of mind that turns to pleasantries whenever it is asked to Deal with Somei Hin that threatens its peace of mind in the old testament Book of Kings there is a striking illustration of the perennial escape Many people to operate out of a context that has no dimensions of past or future such people is stance toward reality King refuse to see that an existence Hezekiah to of Jerusalem had naively trusted some emissaries from the rising Power in the East Babylon revealing the extent of his nations wealth and military defences when the King with childish Pride told the Prophet Isaiah his advisor what he had done Isaiah was appalled Why said the Prophet dont you know what you have done those peo ple will come Back one of these Days and destroy your City and drive your descendants before them into exile and slavery Hezekiah must have blanched at that prediction but he quickly recovered with devastating Simp City the Bible says for he thought Why not if there will be peace and Security in my Days Why worry about your children and grandchild Ren let nothing interrupt the enjoyment of your own Days after All you worked hard so so As to be Able to have a Little fun unfortunately the dont bother me attitude pervades our society fuels the fanatical Pursuit of pleasure and causes big but quiet Job changes head the death of j Edgar Hoover and the appointment of l Patrick Gray As his successor grabbed the front pages television screens and the attention of the Public As it deserved another change in a really big Job in government attracted Little attention than it deserved Edward p Cliff who reached the mandatory retirement age unlike or Hoover retired and he was succeeded by career Man John r Mcguire 56 As head of the us Forest service so quietly and effectively did Cliff manage the sprawling us Forest ser vice for ten years that his name was known to few other than those in or who did business with that Agency even so that would add up to a Large acquaintanceship the us Forest service is a govern ment counterpart to today Large Industrial conglomerates it has 187 Mil lion acres of land nearly a tenth of the total in our nation billions of dollars All subscriptions payable in Advance daily and sunday in City and suburbs by Carrier delivery soc a week is copies Loc each sunday Only 20c daily and sunday by one year tix months three months s52o one month of assets 20000 employees a budget of More than million a year and National forests in 44 states puerto Rico and the Virgin islands while recreation ranks High there Are half a dozen diverse activities in the service facilities they include Timber production grazing mining watershed maintenance flood control and wild life Protection the National Forest lands Dif Fer from place to place and the problems in each Are Peculiar to its site and its makeup conflicting Between use and preservation guiding principles of Forest manage ment Are multiple yield uses Best suited of Public maintenance of a continuous Supply of All Forest resources Mcguire a forester and an economist who has spent his whole career in the service appears Well Quali fied for the multiple Job sen son per says to the Point will the president filid support by Russell Kirk a hard where does he the communists suffered a be find support president Nixon raised that question in a conversation with this commentator recently or Nixon can count on main Street still but the Academy is Little Comfort Vancl often big business is less Reli Able at least where foreign to vere military defeat so they could not mount another big offensive until this they won a propaganda Battle the tet fighting persuaded Many americans that we had Best make a virtue of necessity by letting the Saigon govern ment sink to its ruin i w jus i Lull by is concerned than is big Gen and labor just now or Nixon needs support for his hard decision to increase bombing of North Viet Nam in both Senate and House powerful factions demand that he Stop bombing altogether and withdraw All troops from Indochina within 60 Days a Manifest impossibility As no communist government in Hanoi make the same attempt though they cannot conquer Saigon by their present Campaign and so to attain by propaganda tactics what they have failed to accomplish by military strategy president Nixon requires some i More months of Freedom of a Viivi Iliia i at loss eminent an advocate of Ion in order to Complete his Pian of orderly withdrawal peace than or Eugene Macar thy pointed out not Long ago committee sometimes seems to regard Gen Giap rather than president Nixon As conman Darin chief sen full Bright senile some people in quire of me As i lecture across the land in Congress the advocates of i he transports which would leave South Viet Nam in a tolerable position to conduct its own defense after the present communist Offen Sive has spent its Force the communists of Hanoi Hope to spoil his design by frightening Congress and the american Public into a foolish scurrying for peace at any Price have been Tilly Doest envy the astronauts wives unless their husbands Wash those week single rocks off before bringing them into theism neral a Lublic will Sand it v a i is Nixon in his Vietnam poli and that his firmness will Law rewarded rather than punished at next novembers elec his trip to Moscow or persuaded or intimidated by the Nivon intends to bargain stoutly mutant bands of doctrinaire with the soviet russians if i l they continue to pour armament the Optimist Points out that Cream to Lions pour armament and trucks into North Viet name Campaign he will warn them hey must expect no american Lon term credit for russian Grain purchases from United states and no other Ralph de Toledano the fairness doctrine t extended to lbs news its always a question of whose of is being gored it takes not a very Long memory to recall the lbs documentary on the Pentagon in which the network doctored tapes o interviews with de sense department officials and others in order to make a propaganda Point less Well known Are other lbs documentaries which falsified fact in order to Shower Praise on Fidel castros Cuba or to denigrate Peoples and places Unbe loved of the new left establishment in these instances Richard s Salant president of lbs news has been totally unrepentant he has in fact de fended practices that increasingly destroy the credibility of television As a medium for the honest discussion of controversial topics lbs has an a to grind and it will be stayed by no Man though television channels theoretically belong to All the people not merely determined York and the ideologically sachets of new Washington lbs has played its game with impunity but now Richard Salant is in a High dudgeon Are there Low ones because of a column i wrote recently in that column i stated that according to a source that i have always found to be trustworthy Wil Liam s Paley chairman of the lbs Board of directors had decided that the lbs Mission Between now and the november elections must be to get presi Dent Nixon fecs fairness hanged Salant writes and let the doctrine be Nie your made up of a series of isolated and unconnected incidents adds up to nothing save the value of the latest happening Akin to Unis is a kind of perennial optimism about the human condition which denies hat the warning signals mean what they indicate Man has always found a Way this View says airily after All prophets of doom Are nothing new in nans experience and some Low or other if Only by the skin of their Teeth men have always come through what such a posture ignores is tie awful trauma of such historical crises More crucially it fails to take into consideration that for the first time Man is approaching the end of the resources by which he May survive let alone live in the manner of a human the More industrialized is his society and he More dependent he is upon an Economy of waste the More perilous becomes his position others sensing the crisis May be paralysed by the feel ing of helpless frustration what can i do we tend to grow apathetic about things we Are powerless to change the rage we feel because of the situation and our total Inadequacy in the Ace of it is sometimes turned inward to self hatred because of our futility that explains the self destructive nature of much of the irrational behaviour of peo in our time Toftey know enough to know that itis a bad Teeling to perceive yourself As powerless there is another unthinkable Way of dealing with this unthinkable Prospect it was suggested the other night by a couple of students in a dorm rap session it is tie View which says quite candidly if there Are too Many people in the spaceship and not enough food water and air to go around we shall have to Lull the others and toss them overboard in order to save ourselves but what gives us tie right to suppose that we Are entitled to survive at the Cost of others extermination we must think that we deserve to survive i was told and besides the question will be resolved in terms of who is the strongest source sir is an unmitigated liar lbs has received no such instructions or Paley has is sued no such instructions your outrageously inaccurate Rumor is As unfairly and erroneously insulting to or Paley As it is to us in lbs news it is As unthinkable that or Paley would Ever Issue such an instruction As it is that any journalist at lbs news would accept it and he continues if you can produce evidence satisfactory to arbiter to be agreed upon by you and me that any such instruction has Ever been issued i will pay of my personal funds to any Charity designated by you provided that if you fail to produce such evidence you publicly if or Salant had eve been a Newspaperman he would know that i would be drummed out of the profession were i to reveal a confidential source let me state however that i have rechecked and that he stands by the Story i print sealants indignant disclaimer because unlike lbs i believe that someone who has been seriously critic de has a moral right to equal time those who have seen themselves or what they stand for maligned by lbs news with no recourse May think me quixotic but so be it 1 this is not nobility on my part and Richard Salant does make a Good Point Why would William Paley have to give Oral orders to get or Nixon when lbs news has so happily dedicated itself to that endear or this is not merely opinion rampant Edith Efron of to guide taped the news Broad casts of lbs and foe other net works in the 1968 Campaign showing statistically How they loaded the Dice against or Nixon even a casual viewer can discern the hostility which with a few notable exceptions Marks the lbs approach to coverage of the president in fairness to Salaff it should also be noted that this systematic Bias is not a monopoly of lbs nor is it limited to reportage on Richard Nixon to cite but one other instance lbs and its sister networks have refused flatly to give Ariy thing but Adul Atory treatment to Cesar Chavez and dictatorial farm labor Union fit will give Richard Salk it any satisfaction i might just apologize by stating that lbs news ate the whole thing without any prompting from chairman Paley this would be a far More serious indictment of lbs for at least Paley has his own personal reasons for being an Gry at the president but if lbs and its political perform Ance is a result of collective prejudice then the network stands self condemned will you buy that or Salant Holmes Alexander Whalen turns Brutus to use knife on Nixon d if Julius Caesar instead of be ing assassinated had gone on to become the roman turned out to be a Dud would Brutus then have been justified in plunging the Dagger into the Royal breast and would Bru Tus then have been called the noblest roman of them you Are entitled to ask such questions after Reading Richard j whales Book catch the falling Flag it is Dick wha Lens autobiography 196772 and Hes referring to the Lapel Button Flag which president Nix on and most of his aides Wear on their Coats symbolizing re publican party ideals that falling Banner pro Vides the author with his la ment and Motif it explains Why once a trusted Counselor he has struck at a King for Nixon is a born second Stringer the nobility of the act is not at Issue on account of wha Kos close association with candidate Nixon As idea Man and script writer at no time does Whalen profess to have been the intimate Friend he telephoned me one night in the autumn of 1967 saying hed been invited to join the Nixon Campaign staff and asking my reaction he told me and tells in this Book that he believed Nixon the one to cure and strengthen what was even then a helpless pitiful giant called America As a Brilliant and in tuning As a boy to the train whistle blowing in the califor Nia night on election Day Nixon had reached his Deesting Tion but there the tracks had stopped now he began his improvised presidency Dick Whalen want there to help hijnan4therniddle Chapt ers recount the break it began Oneda when Whalen was told his badge didst entitle him to see the Boss he was sent to John Ehrlichman a late re Cruit who made disparaging remarks writer and research types and Whalen told him obscenely what he could do to himself next there was another Nouveau h r Haldeman who replied put the request in writing when whaler again desired to see the Carid Date finally there was his voice a bit thick after dining Well who chewed Whalen out for offering advice that did it Whalen wrote or Nixon a resignation letter a naked personal but Haw Manrin to excepted it and read a ipod Only the sharpest gibes to or Nixon the idea Man a analyst of americas Juji Kriess had been snubbed by Mere political technicians and j i must Tell you that that kind dependent Young writer then of solution would make survival not Worth the Cost shall survive at the Price of All that makes tis human besides who knows in a contest of extermination who is going to prevail there have to be better Way As a beginning let us examine the priorities of our culture in the Light of the threat to sur Vival of the race let someone who ran be heard speak to us it the mobilization of resources and the changeling of energies into the life Eddeath straggle of the whole human race and now Whalen can say what Ever he chooses about Politi be delinquent to do otherwise but the Reader borne along by the compelling narrative of inside events will wonder which of two reasons really caused this slashing blow to be struck was disillusionment with Rich member of the associated press tic associated press is exclusively i i i to the use for republication of All news disc that la takes a lot of patches credited to it or not otherwise credited even Halfway to this paper and also the local news published i 11 11 11 or a Fulu the same thine american troop be More moderate and Scensi from Vietnam steadily and on a ble scale indeed scarcely 1 without massive russian several candidates have discovered70000 american troops Hanoi could not sus Money to run for on special Dis patches herein Are also reserved for the tiny tigers of l j inv is tvs Iii 11vl there now and of those Little Tain its present Large scale a Myrtta thin c More than 6000 Are combat in Fantry bombing in the North is meant to make this continuing withdrawal possible with Grission until or Nixon extracts concessions from Moscow he must bomb North Vietnam whatever members of Congress advert Stag the Branham company Chicago new York Atlanta Detroit san it Cisco log Angeles Miami Minneapolis new Orleans Kansas City Dallas St Louis Charlotte the Danville Register All departments dial 7932311 entered at Danville a Post As econ class mail matter zip code 24541 the Littlest league is very Good at Sells vital out an abrupt abandonment of j May say in Public actually Oil j u Peanut clusters and nougat now i the manager has suggested that he work on Caramel centers to round out his repertoire if you cant seed your Lawn Iho next Best thing is to he downstream somebody who does from Cambodia and Laos to the mercies of the communists the Public seems to understand this better than docs Congress if bombing compels the North vietnamese to abandon their present offensive prospects for successful american disengage ment will be very Good indeed four years ago North Viet name Gen Giap ventured Mueh on the act offensive though most of them recognize privately this hard truth what can tiie average citizen do to give or Nixon support for his political diplomacy to buy time for him Why write letters to senators and representatives in Washington the Best Prospect for an enduring peace is to let the president act at this juncture As a statesman unimpeded by congressional demagogues and Tim servers mayor John Lindsay is named to the list of the nations ten men that All right its too late to Hurt his chances for the presi Dency the re haired stenographer goes directly from the office to meet her Date after Only a Brief pause o change to her evening eyelashes the practice of naming hurricanes after women offends women except perhaps for those who were named after hurricanes since they Are having so much trouble with the site maybe the republicans could save Money and win some votes among to addicts by not holding a convention Ard Nixon crepe sole cause publicists he Deg used be e i was ashamed of ins the company of mediocre merchandisers concealing a sad Max fire of cynicism apprehension suspicion and fear fear of 68 the reason Man higher up fear of being found out by the encircle i press Dick Whalen left the win ners cheerless Camp and whether More in disgust with the Winner or the sentries who guarded the tent each Reader need King judge but none Ca doubt that this blow at the sentiment toward those who be came More inside than himself it wont be difficult for the Reader to find both these motivations separately and in combination for they Are Flung in his face from Page after Page Whalen quit the entourage Between the Republican and democratic conventions he believed by then that or Nixon had a consuming Ambi Tion to be president but not the foggiest notion of How to use the office for the country 53 rejelh1 in an open o Vatko the gop candidate about rapidly promising an open society Black capital ism the lift of a driving dream and a secret plan to halt the War and win the peace this Moonshine sedative was enough to earn him a first bal lot nomination and to stake him to a 15 Point Lead Over Hubert Humphrey which had Al most disappeared at the end there stood the Man Whalen writes who remembered Lis in the author closes his Book Al daggers Point v a the Flag As Symbol of ideals is falling and have written to hasten the arrival of the courageous leadership need de to catch and raise it u the new husband Down the Block says his Bride served him an a rated to dinner the office dub has tried fris Bee tossing with his offspring and is pleased to discover he Doest need t Golf club in order to mess things up forget about East and weit the Twain that shall never meet is the team that ahead acid the team that behind when the game is called on account of rsm r the front runner Vin politics of cent necessarily run of Gas but hed belter hate enough credit cards to for a lot of it pay

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