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Danville Register Newspaper Archives May 7 1972, Page 1

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Danville Register, The (Newspaper) - May 7, 1972, Danville, VirginiaWeather fair today the Danville Register founded february 1847 no 29291 a leased wires Hundred and Twentyfive years of Public Danville a sunday delivery Home so week daily a sunday a new features Price Twenty cents governor Rolls up 50 per cent of vote Wallace scores solid win Over Sanford in Carolina with 59 per cent of the 2255 precincts reported this was the breakdown Wallace 246327 or 50 per cent Raleigh Cap Ala Bama gov George c Wallace won the North Carolina demo cratic primary saturday and crippled the infant Hopes of Tom Terry Sanford to emerge As the Sanford 187337 or 38 party leading dark horse i cent presidential candidate j Chisholm 38544 94 8 per solid constituency cent Wallace who spent most of the past week campaigning elsewhere while former North Ting 94 per cent of the vote to Campaign for the Cal said when you lose your he said that is Home state 1 think it damages your chances i say it Paul n Mcclosky for califor Nia Pel residents exercise in nearby Rockingham county joined other North carolinians to cast their ballots in saturdays primary elections this polling place u at Leonard Pryor store on it 700 at Mayfield one woman is shown Back to camera As she marked her ballot while three other persons wait their turn the county went for gov George Wallace in the presidential primary enemy wrecks base recaptures key puss South vietnamese bid to reopen vital Highway apparently collapses Carolina gov Sanford blitzed the state with personal appear ances and to advertising proved he has a solid constituency Here As he rolled up at least 50 per cent of the vote against Sanford Black congresswoman Shriley Chisholm and two no campaigning candidates with 58 per cent of the precincts reported Sanford was getting 38 per cent of the vote Muskie 17617 or 3 per cent Jackson 5696 or 1 per cent both Muskie and Jackson had the totals were Nixon 96221 Mccloskey 6204 Wallace was asked in Balti More whether the Victory would influence a decision to wage a dropped out of Active campaigning in recent weeks Nixon gels 94 per cent president Nixon was winning 94 per cent of the vote in the Republican primary against Calif rep Paul n Mccloskey who left his name on the ballot even after dropping out of the presidential race in March favored in w a primary under consideration and that he would have a High Echelon conference with his aides be fore deciding asked if he thought his Victory Hurt Sanford Hopes for the democratic nomination he ends them Sanford defeat could kill any chances lie had of Blossom ing As a possible Compromise see primary Page 10a t i t demo skipper Bowles Republican Jim Holshouser top governor Raees Raleigh a Democrat was disappointed in that we in voters split their support in did not run As Strong As Alici Vii 1 a Niiva wallaces Victory Here came North Carolinas gubernatorial just two Days after he won All j Juan leu Udys lie Wii an and mrs Chrisholm 8 per cent 49 delegates in the Tennessee Saigon a the South vietnamese attempt to reopen the Supply route from Plesku to Korntum in the Central High lands appeared to have col lapsed saturday after the ene my wrecked a base and Recap tured a vital pass despite the South vietnamese setbacks the North vietnamese still held off from an offensive that has been expected momentarily in the Highlands the major fighting in the Central Highlands entered six Miles North of Plesku on High Way 14 the Supply route and at Chu Pao pass seven Miles South of Korntum Korntum is 27 Miles North of Plesku the major base in the Highlands the North vietnamese struck hard at a South vietnamese brigade Headquarters known As fire base 42 six Miles North of Plesku talks enter fifth year this week it looks like Indochina s future will be settled in Vietnam and not Paris an a news analysis by William l Ryan the Paris peace talks enter their fifth year this week after All the meetings and millions of fruitless words it begins to look As if Indochina future will be resolved not in Paris but probably in Vietnam any other Way is there any other Way if the United states is going to continue phasing out its ground troops and the diplomatic efforts continue futile the Only american resort is to intensified bombing and almost whole Vietnam nation concept As an american Way out of the War and establishment of an entrenched liberation front government in a Southern prov Ince All hands seem to bombing in itself decisive what could alter agree that cannot be the whole picture dramatically would be a sudden change of government in Saigon because of the pres sure of North Vietnam Offen Sive suspended again the Paris talks once again Are in a state of indefinite sus pension from there the Diplo Matic Outlook might appear hopeless but the show goes on because probably the that cancelled it propaganda could reap bad however the Battle situation and the further unfolding of North Vietnam vaunted three prong offensive on military political and diplomatic fronts make the Paris exercise seem like a curtain for the realities despite heavy losses in the current offensive Hanoi sounds exultant about results of the offensive it launched at about the time the Paris talks started in Vijil m 10 amino Iii re no i Ducu 111 in ill Liu 1968 its strategy has brought the flames by 21 Volunteer fir the North vietnamese within units from neighbouring Gasto grabbing distance of two Impo county and three from Clev Tant goals destruction of the land county the offensive has indicated that american air and sea Power Are not enough to make the Saigon army and government see analysis Page 2a fire destroys 26 apartments Kings Moutain n c a fire destroyed three buildings in a million hous ing development Early saturday and a Cleveland county official said arson was suspected the fire was reported Abou am in the Pine Mano apartments on the Souther out skirt of Kings Mountain project of the Phillips construe lion co of Gaffney s c there was no estimate of the loss l t Davis Clevelan county fire marshal said the fire apparently started in two buildings simultaneously am spread to a third none of the buildings had been completed the three buildings contain ing a total of 26 apartment units were destroyed Davi said evidence was found to in Vicale the possibility of arson he said the evidence a turned Over to the state Burea of investigation the Kings Mountain fire department was helped in battling advancing under a mortar Arrage enemy sappers mashed into the base dam Ging bunkers destroying Sev ral artillery pieces and killing wounding 100 South Vietnam be in Athree hour attack the defenders counted 36 enemy Ead inside the base one us adviser was killed main target associated press correspond it David j Paine reported the base that smoke was ill pouring after Daylight from he command Post Bunker the Nain target of the attack maj Michael Haynes 35 a is adviser who survived the track told Paine the enemy opened with a rocket and Morar barrage to pin Down the Arrison while sappers slipped nto the base used bandages the sappers put bandages on heir hands and Knees to avoid utting themselves on the per meter wire Haynes related once inside they got Zap Ped he continued i saw one f our men virtually decapitate to of the North vietnamese he shot them at close Range with an m16 Rifle and you know what that Bullet does to Skul Bones Early Success farther North the South Viet namese on thursday launched heir first counterattack since he enemy offensive began March 30 and scored an Early Iii Cess at Chu Pao pass on Highway 14 South vietnamese officer said they cleared the pass am one Convoy from Plesku go through to Korntum before the a Forth vietnamese struck Back the South vietnamese wer driven from Chu Pao after a Day of heavy fighting another government position a Ranger Camp of Polei Kleng 14 Miles Northwest of Korntum came under increasing pre sure Field reports said tvs us advisers were evacuate the i trailing with less than 5 per ent each were Sens Edmund Muskie of Maine and Henry Jackson of Washington will help elsewhere Wallace was campaigning saturday night in Maryland Here he seeks More delegates 1 a May 16 primary he told a Alimore news conference thai 2 thought his North Carolina Story would help him win delegates in other Southern and order states i think our Victory in North Arolina combined with our dories in Florida tenness Sce and Alabama proves that we an win any primary in that Art of the country Wallace Aid and the Camp was hit by rounds of Shell fire during Day poll Kleng has been i by daily bombardments for the past week and the Field report said the Camp has lost about 2 men killed and 100 wounded the base is important because it is the last major position be Low rocket Ridge Guardin and observing the Aji Roache to Kolum on the Northern front Aroun Hue Field reports said the North vietnamese had move 130mm artillery guns with Range of the old Imperial Cap see Indochina Page 2a five americans presumed dead in crash rescued after surviving for 13 Davs Plesku Vietnam a five americans presumed dead in a helicopter crash were res cued saturday after surviving without food for 13 Days near an Airstrip captured by the ene my three were badly injured us and South vietnamese planes have been flying daily Over the Airstrip in the Central Highlands a radio picked up from i Point about four Miles away from the wreck where two of had walked Call for help was saturday afternoon several questions about their Rescue remained unanswered these included where they obtained their radio Why it took 13 Days for them to make radio Contact and Why they had to walk four Miles before getting a radio message through there was speculation that the two fittest had set out to walk for help through enemy held territory and on the Way had found either a radio or Good morning Section Page amusements p lt11 but Kung d 7 classified ads b crossword c editorials a 4 local news b sports i 15 television d ii wombs news c lers Pollee planes and othe aircraft have passed a dozen o More limes a Day Over the area no signs of life have been k ported and from the air Dak t and Tan Canh present a diva rated appearance when the iwo american walking South finally made radio con acl Iacre was Ion questioning of them to Mak sure they were nol North vie see survivors Page 10a the five were among 10 Crew Mem Bers from the helicopter and six were believed to have died when their aircraft was seen to crash in flames no further information was available on the Fate of the other five Field reports said they had no food during their ordeal since North vietnamese spearheaded by tanks rampaged through the Airstrip Dak to ii and nearby Tan Canh nearly contest and three Days before the West Virginia primary where he is favored to beat sen Hubert h Humphrey in a Headon clash Wallace appeared certain to pick up at least 36 democratic convention delegates committed to him for the first ballot in Miami Beach in july Sanford will collect the remainder of the 64 at stake Here a Candi Date needed 15 of the statewide vote to figure in the split of convention delegates president Nixon whopping percentage on the Republican ballot gave him Tennessee 32 gop convention delegates with 58 per cent of the precincts counted Nixon was get primary saturday giving former state sen Hargrove skipper Bowles the Lead but failing to give him outright nomination after careful analysis a spokesman for it gov Pat Taylor bowies major opponent said however that careful analysis would be undertaken before Taylor would seek a run off an even tighter race developed in the Republican Battle Between former stale gop chairman Jim Holshouser and Jim Gardner parlays nominee four years ago percentages close with 1583 of the states 2255 precincts reported Holshouser had 62018 votes or 50 per cent to 60334 and 48 per cent for Gardner Thorn As Chap Pell had 992 Voles and Leroy Gibson had 871 with 1611 precincts counted Bowles had 45 per cell of the vote drawing 255396 votes Tay Lor had polled 205845 votes and per cent Wilbur Hobby had 43782 votes or Reginald Haw Kins 46215 Gene Lengell 4970 and Zeb v k Dickson 3701 Early sunday Taylors Campaign manager Lindsay Warrenjr of Goldsboro said his staf rated its now a question of careful analysis of the situation before we can decide if we will seek a he said Warren said the help wounded vietnamese Marine and an american advisor help a wounded South vietnamese sol Dier off a Sampan at my Chanh 20 Miles North of Hue my Chanh is the new defense line a Wir photo via radio from Saigon unit provisionally certified nine dead 32 injured in nursing Home fire decision May require two to three Days of study bowies strength was spread throughout the state As it grabbed the advantage in most see governor Page 10a t t Galifianakis leading but May face Runoff Raleigh Cap rep Nick Galifianakis led the ballot saturday in the fou Way race in North Carolinas democrats senatorial primary but the Vete ran sen b Evertet Jordan had a Chance to Force a Runoff elec Tion Fis he steadily inched for Ward in the late counting Jesse Helms a Raleigh Tele vision executive and comic la or easily won the Republican nomination Over his two opponents without the need for a run off Galifianakis getting Strong support in the metropolitan Are As of the slates Piedmont Crescent took the Lead Early and held it throughout the night but As the Rural vote came in Galifianakis margin corroded and the possibility of Runoff in creased in the democratic race with 1673 of 2255 precincts reporting the vote was Galifianakis 283404 or 51 per cent Jordan 243069 or 43 per cent or Eugene Grace a Durham Eye doctor 1 121 and Joe r Brown an Anli busing Leader from Greensboro 18649 in the Republican race with 1 644 of 2255 precincts counted it was Helms 66949 or 59 per cent state rep James Johnson of Cabarrus county 34337 and William Booe a Charlotte at see Senate Page 2a 2111 our ordeal started in Pennsylvania skyjacker who got parachutes into Central America Mexico City a a skyjacker who extorted from Eastern air lines parachuted into Central America before Dawn saturday ending a 21hour ordeal Pennsylvania that began in Springfield 111 a nine persons were killed and 32 injured saturday in a fire that destroyed a provisionally Cert fied nursing Home thai had been checked by state fire inspectors iwo Days earlier the cause of he fire which i persons broke out on the second floor of mayor pita in Springfield reported nine persons were dead on arrival at the Hospital eight oth ers were treated for smoke inhalation and two persons were in the Hospital Burn unit st Johns Hospital admitted 22 the Carver convalescent Center rapidly spread through the two Story Frame Structure the cause was not determined at once or Franklin Yoder director of the Illinois Public health de William Telford of apartment said the Center Oscr ated on a provisional License and had facilities for 52 per sons he said 41 persons re sided there at the time of inc fire Springfield said the fire was the worst disaster in terms of death in the history of Springfield in Washington a presidential fir control panel said the while House was deeply distressed Aboul the fire Yoder sectors said state checked the fire in building thursday he said he has not seen the inspectors report to Der was unavailable for further comment spokesmen Al memorial hos the statement by the Nalion commission on fire pc at All times he said Hendershott said the Hijacker claimed the Money was not for himself possibly for the use of a foreign Power Bill would not elaborate he said the Hijacker knew a lot about the aircraft but i doubt that he could Fly it none saw him jump the Pilot said none of the Crew saw the skyjacker Para Chute out and he was unable to Sec any parachutes open the plane was flying at Nool feel Over the mountains of Brit ish Honduras when the Man walked to the Reir Section of the plane and Drew the Cabin curtain closed behind him chances not Good said the Hijack ers chances of survival arc not very Good because he Para Chuld Over the mountains Al dark and jumped from a Small exit the Captain said Al the Crew grew weary but revived some what Over Central America be cause it was so interesting to the extortionist wards the end wondering when the Hijacker thus became the second Man still sought for a Parachute Ransom hijacking in 10 attempts since fast nov 12 search on in Honduras at the request of the us embassy honduran authorities sent eight air planes and 180 searchers across Western Hon Duras where it was thought the Hijacker had hailed out of the Boeing 727 at a news conference in Miami Fla following sessions with the Fri capt we Hendershott of Miami said the Hijacker seemed to know where he wanted to go completely ruthless Hendershott 52 called Man completely ruthless the and kept a gun on one of the girls claimed he had a suitcase filled he was going to leave the with bombs but later examination turned up no explosives the Pilot said the Hijacker handed the Crew a three Page list of demands including the parachutes and sup plies Deal of cooperation and Energy from honduran authorities in the search for the extortionist and if captured they expected no difficulty in having him extradited to the United states honduran authorities offered Sec Hijack Page 10a Gui us Ami Cash seized in kaid Columbia of each were set saturday for four men arrested in a raid on a Columbia Cache of guns Cash ammunition and Black militant literature none of the four would identify himself to the u s Magis trate before whom All were arraigned on charges of violating the u s gun control act of officers said a fifth Man is sought r i c h 1 a n d county sheriff Frank Powell said in plane the stewardesses said the Man was nol very communicative and would say a Olbina Aboul his personal life an Eastern spokesman said weve been receiving a great Cash was thursday confiscated night and in the Friday morning raid that yielded 20 pistols rifles and shotguns and a store of ammunition local state and Federal offi cers took part and the Case was turned Over to Federal authorities Modly dressed former College student arrives in Cuba after hijacking jetliner Miami Fla a a modish air Holbrook said Butilla Clinejr in retaliation for the by dressed youth who vowed then he had a Ruhl to do it Irr Henlly renewed us bombing the skins of America not Russell p Calamc fi2i agent of North Vietnam be Safe again until the unite Liin charge at sail Lake City Stales pulls out of Indochina said the Hijacker said he arrived in Cuba saturday after see West Berjv 2a a cation and control said a Western airlines Jet would like to know f the a no Scoth flight from the ice had smoke or fire detectors coast in operations we would like to in sail Lake City the Phi identified the Hijacker As Mii know also i hair evacuation plans and hip condition of the wiring in the Center the commission iwo car study of student americans red fire problems to report to the presi Lenl and to Congress Virginia partly Cloudy in the mountains and mostly sunny elsewhere sunday highs in the readings trom station atop re Ulster who friends said car Posler in a re 70s Jot much Hope now held for finding alive 47 men missing in Silver mine Kellogg Idaho a funerals of some of the victims of the Sunshine Silver mine Dis Aster were conducted saturday in cold rain that fit this com munits gloom Over prospects of finding alive 47 men missing j in mining Anvic to men mix suit avg sue two weeks ago Allied he Scopa mile inside the Earth from the thirty five others already Are known dead none of the 47 men still missing have been heard from since fire swept through the mine shafts shortly after noon tuesday Rescue workers pit they reported would unable to Block off smoke leaks or use elevators for the descent until sometime sunday by then the missing men would have been out of Contact 125 hours subsisting on Only sen mint Page 2a with kidnapping Bond was Al although he was in custody an acquaintance of said he was a loner in recent also attended in califor Cloudy rail Aso Attene in califor Nia was charged in an soles if10 slow a ani1 Mon with kidnapping Bond was set a a Chan Cut of showers in place demons rations Stephen Holbrook an Antiwar organizer in Salt City said Hanson carried a poster with pictures of communist leaders in a re cent demonstration i told him that Wax not the kind of image we wanted to mountains monday Ami in my Northwest mountains Sun Hanson afternoon High monday in inc upper fios and lower 70s Low sunday night in the 50s and lower fios North Carolina far through sunday night becom ing partly Cloudy monday except scattered showers in mountains Sims Jay Mon Day lows at night mostly 50s highs sunday Ami monday South Carolina Clondy through monday with Chance of showers sunday night Northwest Section and entire stale monday Low sunday night in 50s High sunday and monday in 80s sw7 sw5 downtown weather log saturday hour temp bar wind 7r 3033 3835 m sunday i am 63 sw8 21hour Low to 1 am 4c 21hour precipitate it 7pm 9pm 1 1 pm

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