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Danville Register Newspaper Archives May 7 1972, Page 2

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Danville Register, The (Newspaper) - May 7, 1972, Danville, Virginia1a the Register Danville to sunday Moy 7 1972 Hon from Page one Vietnam attempt to reopen ital Highway apparently collapses Tah the reports said three of forces knocked out bombers guns which Piave a i on the Saigon front a Bridge of 17 Miles were on a secondary Road j5 Miles l n f lit Jiji Ujj by us fighter Southwest of tie capital was blown up by enemy sappers fighting also was reported and traffic was halted Tempo around fire gasp Rhino him a aril there pro 11 around fire base Birmingham West of Hue the Sai gon command said 39 enemy were killed and government losses were two killed and wounded 1us 7th Fleet ships bombarded enemy positions to the North of Hue Between the Cua Viet River and Quang Tri which fell to the enemy Mon Day they were credited with a secondary explosion in a Supply and tank area it still was generally believed that new assaults were Only Days away in the North where Hue is the enemy next prime objective and in the Highlands with Korntum and possibly pie Iku As the goals although the 38dayold North Viot Yaniese offensive had slowed during the past week it was the Pught this was Only to give time for bringing in More sup plies and for regrouping of Senate from Page one Torney 12847 Galifianakis the 43yearold son of greek immigrant parents who climbed the political ladder from state representative to the us House had stumped the rarely there were isolated at tacks and shellings in other provinces adjacent to the Capi Tal analysis continued from Page one self reliant it raised an obvious question where would the Sai gon regime be if the americans were gone the North evidently had Hilsden in houses or behind fac planned for just this sort of Wals big George Virgil Partch paratroopers were fighting to Clear a Riverside Road leading out of phenom penh of enemy sappers who staged a daring raid on the capital Early Satur Day under the cover of the heaviest rocket mortar bombardment Ever to hit the City paratroops backed by a Morud personnel carriers mount ing heavy machine guns and recoilless cannons moved carefully along the Road to Takhman Only five Miles South of phenom Pohs City limits soldiers searched houses fac tories and warehouses lining the Road South of a major High Way Bridge they repeatedly traded shots with enemy troops a elopement Ever since its 1968 Ever since us Loo a Dju men tet offensive failed to achieve women and children refugees its major objectives that had moved toward the capital and Cost the North and the Viet any from the fighting most Cong heavily but Hanoi had Fivi iian vehicles were allowed never concerned itself much pass y sides but a car with time or Cost it began was hot by a rocket planning anew inning anew ii i that May upon a partial halt in command said the to the bombing of the North casualty count in phenom 11 r l n re fun Wal 9r o Hanoi began talking with the americans in Paris it soon be came Clear that Hanoi was there for one major purpose As its Delegate put it to learn exactly when the United states in tended to Stop All bombing and acts of War unless it did Hanoi said nothing could Hap pen in Paris nothing did that september after four to nouse Nau stumped the Ucic Xhuvi state calling on voters to break months of Paris stale Manle Urivi or Pming Phim Van Nrma tradition and pointing to Jordans the onetime University Law professor who in his first Politi Cal Campaign told voters they forget his name be cause it begins with a Gal and ends with a kiss took com Mand Early in the night and Holdon despite Jordans strength in the Rural sections Galifianakis Rode a surge of better than 2tol margins in the big counties of Forth Guilford his Home grounds of Dur Jam and a 32 Edge in the Capi Tal county of Wake to what could be one of the major upsets in the Many years in North Caro Lina politics Helms meanwhile led in All but five of the counties reporting and Many of the voting areas not As yet tabulated were be to be Helms Strong Early in the Campaign observers gave Galifianakis Little Chance of upsetting Jordan a Myear Veteran in the Senate but during the last month of the Campaign the effect of Galifianakis intensive stumping throughout the state began to show up in polls and surveys in Early april Jordan hired a television Crew to film Campaign advertisements of him going about his Senate duties he said it was the first time to had used television advertising except for a single program in lived holds also began moving 196g Jordan o v about the state More in the final month when the candidates filed their preliminary Campaign spending reports april 26 the Premier Pham Van Dong made a speech in Hanoi unveiling what was called a new phase of strategy the North had Pur sued since Spring this he said involved simultaneous at tack on the diplomatic Mili tary and political fronts the diplomatic prong was aimed at world opinion a typical Hanoi commentary noted that the diplomatic struggle which is being waged in the form of the talks in Paris exposed the United states As the intractable party the political prong was sup posed to create ferment in the South against the Saigon re Gime because of endless Vio Lence and to keep it off bal Ance the military prong would be the pressure of Hanoi regular forces eventually this would take the form of yet another major offensive a month after that speech president Lyndon b Johnson ordered a Complete end to the bombing of the North so the Viet Cong and Saigon could join the talks it is hot yet wholly Clear if Hanoi assumed any under taking in Exchange but us intelligence sources have said that the North did withdraw 40000 or More of its troops at least to its own Side of the de militarized zone at that time aside from the official Halton bombing of the North there was no us Dees 1uvi61i Caralion but rather an Effort to Ning out increase military pressure on the enemy records showed that had outspent his compared to spent by Galifianakis the major Issue in was age Jordan 75 stressed Jordan his continued from Page one water and pumped air one of the 108 miners who were rescued before smoke and fire shut off the exits said grimly there is really not much Hope he was working at the 4600 foot deep level where the missing men Are believed to be a bartender who was a Miner Here until about 17 months ago said most of the townsfolk Are Hulwi to Xico As the talks entered to boil Sec gels there first will Send Down Ond year Hanoi foreign television equipment to assess n ministry said Progress would the area then follow with a Tai non solely on the american woman conical torpedo for Hie United Stales had firsthand info Nalion resumed b o m b i n g the both operations Are new in North and the Hanoi ministry he Metal mining Industry prompting Carl Burke Sun Nio Rity and used his advertising that he is still Active and healthy despite a Success Ful operation for intestinal can cer last year Galifianakis 43 Sniel the value of Jordans seniority was being exaggerated and said the state needed a new Leader for the future the congressman also charged repeatedly that Jordan was running for another six year term in order to hold the seat for someone else who would be appointed if Jordan was unable to Complete the term a steady Stream of men a spokesman for the Cam penh was 28 wounded most ians killed or wounded by ene my rockets or caught in Cross dead and 96 of them civil fire mine window Box of my very own Western continued from Page one United states Doest Stop Vutci l Olulo the to dishy dressed gun bombing we Are going to kill Man hacked the plane Friday Richard Nixon mrs Mast after it left Salt Lake City for say Angeles and ordered it to Dallas and Tampa Fla Salt Lake City under the name the 737 Airliner finally Are Harris the Jbf said it had i i t y in eau Uio Yiu Daoara Ana Rived at Evans Jose Marti tentative identification of the eight More to Airport at am and re turned to Miami minus the Hijacker at pm it carried 61 persons the Hijacker spoke to the passengers Over the planes Public address system Jan Hugie 21 a coed at Utah state University said he vowed he would sneak Back into the country and Hijack planes to dramatize his Antiwar views a Hamilton 63 Pacific Palisades Calif said the Hijacker claimed he belonged to an Antiwar group called Down with imperialists and said if m ii Setji we Piitz Ivow Iii six 3r Tiivi a Jota ainu Oahu u not counting on finding any of line United states didst halt the the men alive bombing by july 4 his group that would bring the final would assassinate president death toll to 82 unprecedented Nixon in this Western Metal mining Edward Richardson one of the three Relief captains who Ine bartender said i give boarded the plane when it a 30 per cent Chase general them about Chance Marvin c manager of the Sunshine dung to Hopes that at least some of the men have survived recall a West Virginia nine Accident where they brought up a worker alive three weeks later he said people can last a Long time when they have water seven separate funerals were conducted during saturday at the mine face about 20 relatives of the missing men re fused to give up Hope they Iii Decd around Oil stoves hooded with tarpaulins against the rain one woman said if her husband comes out alive hell never go Down again inside the mine Rescue Crews strove to Complete bulkheads in two separate shafts gruelling and dangerous work that had to be done at a snails Pace even though precious Lime was run each Crew is trying to reach an elevator whichever Crew Shine lawyer from Boise to comment theres always some Good that comes out of things like this said that if Washington continues breaking its promises on suspension of bombing we shall make an important Deci Sion that decision May have been to prepare for inevitable intensification of the War for two years thereafter the United slates continued method in a i 1 y withdrawing us ground troops while Hanoi re Sci cd new supplies of n Lica cd heavy weaponry from Lon i believe the soviet Union the indications Are thai the current strike is seeking a knockout punch Axa Insl the political Lead ers of the South in the Hope of creating a situation wherein stopped in Dallas for the first of two refuelling stops said of the hijacking theres really not much to it it was very simple he said Hijacker was clean Cut in appearance and did not appear Radical looking he was not a Kook a hippie or anyone who was Way out said Warren Hillgren of la Canada Calif who was among a group of passengers allowed to leave the plane in Texas Hillgren said the Hijacker boarded the plane carrying a 22caliber pistol in the hol Lowed out Center of a hard Cov rebook the Hijacker said he had been thinking about seizing the plane for the last three or four weeks Hillgren added the Hijacker took Over the plane shortly after its take off from Salt Lake City when the Jet arrived at its scheduled destination los Angeles Friday evening the Hijacker allowed four children and seven adult passengers to get off he first demanded that the Short distance Airliner Fly him to Hanoi North Vietnam but later decided on Havana in Stead the gunman delivered a note o authorities in los Angeles claiming the hijacking was the work of several heavily armed members of the anti imperialist movement however Western w ii Xoi Xii 11 the thing we Are going to offlcial5 said they believed Only got Here is new techniques he one person was actively in said in the Hijack Bureau of mines spokes airline spokesmen quoted the said video to As Sain the Man said video tape inspection i As Sayi has never before been used Inion America will used in such a situation and he added i dont believe a torpedo has been used in a Meta mine fire Galifianakis said it was Lime i break the tradition by which to break the tradition by which senators gained office through gubernatorial appointment in Stead of by popular Cocci on Jordan was appointed by gov Luther Hodges in 1058 to fill out the Senate term of the Lute w Kerr Scott Jordan sub sequently was Cleved to two More six year terms the senator denied All charges that he was holding the Seal for an appointive Succes Sor and called Galifianakis re Marks a reckless and irresponsible act of desperation he said he intended to serve another full term and his he nth was Fine Jordan ranks 32nd in the sen ate in seniority and emphasized in Bis campaigning hat he move up to 28lh among the 100 senators if he were re elected he is chairman of the rules committee the Agricol Ture subcommittee on product lion marketing and stabilization prices and the Public works subcommittee on flood control Rivers and harbours Galifianakis called the rules committee Post a House keeping committee and charged often that Jordan was lacking in real Power and leadership neither Brown an and abusing Leader from Greensboro nor Grace a Durham Eye doctor was Ever in the running Al though Grace kept a heavy schedule of across the state the skies be Safe again until the us government ceases its aggression against the people of Indochina Federal and stale investigators Are interviewing rescued miners to try to find out How the fire broke out whether safety procedures were Laid Down before the fire and who la Linda Mast 26 City one of those Salt Lake allowed to i Viv Wii Iron i me Niu Iuo Oncin in Ramoie on mostly come relatively Mcanin less or the miners an political things like take leave in los Angeles said the sky pirate addressed the Pas song cars on the planes Public address system he rambled on mostly archaic custom no Sociol custom endures for of Long As funeral service unless there is o sound reason for its evidence love respect Devotion Faith ail Ore honest human sentiments which have formed the very basis of funeral service since its Eor licit beginnings at Swice cod funeral Home we believe that funeral service performs Art important function for bereaved families their Complete peace of mid is our 564 weit main Succo Danvila Western spokesmen said the Kennedy Wing democratic convention presidential nomination a wept Lexington a sen Edward m Kennedy of Massachusetts won the Washington Lee University mock democratic convention presidential nomination late Satur Day night on the seventh ballot in a groundswell of support from former Hubert Humphrey 20 Voles on each of the first two supporters sen Edmund Muskie of Maine put up a Strong race but fell Short of his bid to Block the nomination that Kennedy so nearly won on the fifth ballot when he came within three votes of the required 1509 majority the totals were Kennedy 1 728v4 Muskie 954v4 Humphrey 204 and sen George Mcgovern of South Dakota 73 rep Wilbur Mills of a Kansas won the vice presiden tial nomination in what was viewed As a Southern a com Modalion vote Kennedy had garnered Only leading on both the first two rounds Mcgovern had a healthy Lead on the first ballot but sen Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota put up a Strong Chal Lenge on the second round Mcgovern on the third round had of the necessary or 509 votes for the nomination but then states started Chang ing their votes the draft Ken Nedy movement propelled the Massachusetts senator into con Tention with votes Man but would not release it at once after the los Angeles Stop the plane departed for Dallas where it was refuelled and Given a fresh six member Crew which volunteered to Fly the Jet on to Cuba the skyjacker de 1 con v inc 3 brought aboard and allowed As nervous fused ordered 70 ballots with sen George or Richard Daley by Telephone Mcgovern of South Dakota switched its 170 votes to Mcgovern Humphrey firm with 1333 fell to stayed 1140 and relatively Kennedy grew stronger on the fourth ballot increasing his votes to 912vi with Mcgovern plummeting to 315 and Humph Rey sliding to 941 the fourth ballot saw a Small but vigor Ous renewal of support for sen Edmund Muskie of Maine it was Massachusetts that be Gan the Kennedy movement Massachusetts had Given All of its 102 votes to Mcgovern on the third ballot but suddenly switched them All to Kennedy Ohio followed suit with its 153 votes which had been split 91 62 Between Humphrey and Mcgovern Illinois whose delegation had tried in vain to push Mcgovern Over the top on the third ballot after talking with Chicago Lay d y Illinois Mcgovern 134 and Hub Aphrey 36 the failure of the Illia Sitf delegation to bully the Coati lotion into nominating my Gaviri on the third ballot was the Peak of Mcgovern Strenz Juch the Illinois Man said he had mayor Daley by and that the mayor concurred in the move to swing the Illinois strength behind Mcgovern when it appeared the senator was close to Victory the delegation chairman said we thought the vote was close enough so that if the Illinois surge to Mcgovern could carry Rhode Island it could spell Vic tory Illinois and Rhode Island had passed when the original third round Roll Call was made Illinois believed with its swing to Mcgovern might abandon Rhode Island its stance for Humphrey and cast its 22 votes for Mcgovern but Rhode Island held fast for Humphrey Mich Eli tires 40000 guarantee Crane tire co author had dealer 7923066 for some time now american National Bank and Trust co has supported the f f a program by helping these youngsters raise animals for the Junior livestock show Sale we purchased the grand chamr10n owned and exhibited by Leslie Winn of the pit Sylvania 4h club we this grand Champion Witk Yov 9r Register for the drawing at any of our locations monday May 8 through Friday May 12 drawing at 5 pm Friday May 2 you do not need to be present to win primary prizes will be the Choice cuts Many other prizes of prime beef hamburger 30 winners will be selected and a Bonustro if you Are a depositor with us american National b and Trust company member Federal Deposit insurance corporation

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