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Daily Review Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1961, Page 4

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Daily Review (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Hayward, California 4 the daily review saturday. March ii 1941 guess who Dorothy Dix teen agers hit Mother s rules by Helen Warden Erskine has a child on program. Bus with new paint Job taken Richmond. Calif. A a Grey Green and Silver Alameda Contra Costa transit District bus is Back at the bus barn after an afternoon guaranteed to shake Iho wheels of any vehicle. Home the Driver of the bus Marie is Home to the end of the run Friday and left it parked at 5tli and Modon the set of rules devised by mrs. G. For her old daughter arc drawing fire from Oiler teen agers. In Case you missed the column in which they appeared Here Iboy Are 1. She May aund House parties if a Parent is Home to supervise. 2. She May attend dances bin must not go out during the dance i to Park or ride with a boy. J provide her to and from dances l i. She May accept an invitation from a boy to a Church or school1 affair or movie if his parents pro Livido transp nation. If not we 4. She May attend an afternoon movie with a boy providing they travel by bus and another couple goes along. She May entertain a boy or dear Helen a group of her friends in her own which he or she not bought and paid Lor. This would automatically put of our Drivers on their tre and slash the Juv Nlle delinquency rate. I know that parents rive their children cars primarily or transportation to and from school but where alliances Are great Community buses would serve the same pure okie. Ii buses Aren t available let the children walk. Our ancestors did. I once heard Eisenhower deplore the fact that american soldiers were no marchers because there were no longer any walkers. Are we becoming a nation of softies 1 fear it. Word a Day by Bach quixotic k Wika of i idealistic Butu prac visionary As a quixotic plan school reds Brown s denial cues Challenge Sacramento a Asscm-1 warn the people against a menace Blyman Louis Francis a san Ahat continues to grow t flourish Tea has challenged gov. Brown in inc slate then i am guilty. To prove there is no communist if the governor wants to stick infiltration in California s Educa his head in the kind i feel More ional system. More people will realize that i is Buncom Rnic comm Friday 11 said Francis charges of subversion in califor Mem As is the Colht r terms of Nias colleges were Irres Ponsi soul robbing and moral racier to the governor also said he encouraged by those who would destroy apparently Nei Ihor the Gover-1 nor nor Bis Large staff arc cog Atlanta strife opposed francis1 proposal for a joint legislative in american activities investigative group. I Imam of the Fri reports the con a i Francis said in a statement. ,.nml i use is the desire his own i lure s reports on the serious in filtration of education and other j major Fields by communism and other subversives 1 should by Careyl i Crown said Friday i think chuckles in the news Cleveland. Ohio up Anthony cel Breiu gave a Quick la and Clear an Iwer today to a request to proclaim a burglary Preven Tion week. said the mayor every week is burglary prevention week in Cleve am 16 years of age and sex one of her Par by a boy of 20. He has j offered to marry me but so far the daughter resented t h e we Haven t done too much plan d h a i i insisting that All girls he does t have a future Aid streets in Richmond while he age Rode in cais. Be ode Teci no does t have a permanent after n couple of gulps him looked out the window. L the bus was driving away. Si1uw us one of my former boy friends a half hour later another but has asked me to marry him and Driver saw the vehicle a Sirof told him i would but i Haven t negroes asked to Calm Down by associated press four Miles away. Two said a Man left j we really wanted that Bush said Don Potter general superintendent of the transit District. We d just painted children ilk use lest these rules told him about my condition. Negro integration Leader Martini North Carolina College chairman Luther King or. Has called on at of the Liaison committee for the i Lanta s negro Community to Calm faculty members told newsmen Down and accept the picketing by the faculty is i counter desegregation agreement not a one time shot. It will he a ousted negro Oor person new York a dear Helen we violently disagree with the i rules tar to follow. Every family with daughters should have rules for them to live by but we feel that such strict rules As those devised by mrs. G. Betray the unt Rusl Worth incas of the Parent. Some of the rules like parental supervision at parties seem logical but the idea of parents providing transportation to dances or Mak Ling their daughter take a bus to Hulan movies is absurd. We feel had planned to Tell him about it when he comes Home on a fur Lough next week. I think he has a better future to offer. Do you think i should marry my baby s father or marry the other fellow All of us Are High school graduates. Which halted the recent wave thing As far As we Are sit in demonstrations and Boycotts in another North Carolina do in the downtown area. Ihal people holding Public office i such As or. Francis and others should be very very careful be fore they charge air great institutions with subversion or in i i the governor said such state mints give Aid and Comfort to the Radical Charleston. W. A. Delegate t. E. Bytes emphasized thai he t was completely serious f when he said he would in 1 r o d u c e legislation thai would place a is head tax on All cats in the stale. But colleagues Tongue in Cheek followed up with amendments which would from the Bill All hepcat. Cool cats Civet cats and excess funds into capital improvements such As Catnip. Airport Kite perils planes j san Jose. Calif. Large red Kite with a Long White Tail dipped and bobbed about feet Over municipal Airport Fri King urged calmness and Unitive Loument Joseph Charles Jones iria vol caused airliners and Pri a at a mass meeting held to was reinstated in Good plants suddenly to switch terms of the settlement worked ing at Johnson c. Smith univer i out with the Atlanta chamber of sity in Charlotte after serving 30j Commerce after some expressed dissatisfaction. Once the highest ranking has is he rc5p0nsibiijty of either inc. Jack. Negro municipal office Holder in the boy or his parents. Do you the country says he s broke. Jack ousted from his a year Post As Manhattan Borough president Friday filed an application to Appeal uie a poor person. He claimed he is totally with out funds and does not have pm Jack was Given a suspended sentence Jan. 16 for violating con a Flint of interest provisions of the City charter and for conspiracy to conceal the violations. He was convicted of accepting a House remodelling Job from a real estate Man seeking business from the City. Dear undecided marry the boy you love. If Yon love neither go it alone. But once a Otavo conceived a child you assume r a v e responsibility and unless you Reco nhe it you Groes in the Warren to jail rather than Post remain an immature human be i Church Friday night was one of Bond. Their Landing approach patterns to miss it. J irate pilots complained to the students Days in jail As a result of a sit in j Tower and the Tower complained demonstration. The theology sw-il0 Lluc Pulire cml i minutes to locate the Voung kit i Lent was convicted of breach of i fiver. The Kile was hauled Down. The rally attended by be the peace at Rock Hill s. C. Ant Columbus Ohio up Wisdom prevailed this week in 10th District appellate courtroom when loosened ceiling plaster be Gan bombarding the judges. Judge William c. Bryant appeared in court wearing an army combat helmet. Canton 111. Up town officials Learned Fri Day thai their new Regula Tion Banning vehicles of More than 10 tons from City streets has one flaw. The town s fire trucks weigh More than 10 ions. I three held in As Many Southern at Oxford. Miss. Billy c. Bar think situations through. Caster shopping , 20. Of Pontotoc miss. Said make decisions and have the in Rockvoy Sci Rogalio forces were circus the agreement Between attempt to prevent his Helen readers and major depart j election As editor of the student moral courage to stand them right or wrong. By agree and Nancy dear Carole and it is immaterial who does what so Long As older an around to keep an Eye on the to Imor sters. Personally i think All Worden Erskine. Be sure to in Imant a variety , n ule us diversity of pro Vul cars should be out of close a stamped Bonamis for teen agers unless an envelope and address her rare on a. Segl the College senior showed cop aider person is with them and of this newspaper. Helpful the i is of letters originating from the Send your problem to i do not believe that any teen pets available. Write for Success Agar has the right to own a car Ful a opened to All when school relation took place. Atlanta Public schools youngsters win Yoyo prize Cash Virgin islands senators Grill Juk s nominee been ordered to Start desegregation in the Lith and 12th grades nigerian rites yank Tot feted after violence Lagos Nigeria a three1 the col inns baby born last weeks ago the american embassy dec. Had already been Nanct in Lagos was stormed by scream Jay Nolua in a Christian christening commission. Flip letters said Ling nigerians in an outburst of ceremony. I citizens Council in Jackson and sent by the state sovereignty All this fail. The University of t. Gia at Athens admitted two negro students in january. Negro attorney a. Told the Meetin Ament was a necessary Compromise land said that no other City has made such a sweeping disc Gryga Ilion agreement in but the Rev. Samuel Williams said his understanding was that Fowlin an angry Mohl ving in a while lace Lumumba s ceremonial gown in the a flier s of coloured people. Death overturned cars driven by arms she Given the Yoruba Barton said he was working and stones and spat name chosen by her parents of a the Atlanta journal last summer on Willite Ped syrians. One born at christinas me sit in 1 Friday night More than 100 per time and a third to and was assigned to help cover in he denied he took part sons. Mostly nigerians from Nab Orindo chosen by a e demonstration and said the walks of life honoured an Macri presiding priest. This name Means e be was a member of he l an n peaceful cordiality con this Honor passes to the a act was May. Washington a presi sections in the Virgin islands no j Dent Kennedy s controversial extensive i do not believe. For governor of the infection with i i where he could be an impartial. Youngsters took a total of islands Raphael m. Ution. In prizes Friday night at the More critical questioning to annual California state Yoyo in 4fjshares set Williams said confab slated by merchants sax Leandro a Progress a trailing so Rangely with inc Tobii Lence of i rec weeks ago. The american was a 2vj. Months eld i shares set the witness said he and a Bratli was agreed with the ceremony Cynthia was accepted As a full member of the Onikoyi family one of Nigeria s Royal Akk Moxy oldest Royal families by the fam a the occasion was the Royal ily head Oba King add Toyes baby naming ceremony one Timi ruler of fide in1 report on downtown in fun nigerian tribal Nigeria. J ment completion of the 1961 of first White child every the Timi of Ede is recognized lunch counters would desegregate Iet and the next year s retail 30 honoured in this vast afr Canias one of the few remaining tra u1 on an integrated basis. Assn win join the downtown can Oil organization Mobil Oil i Senate Nia i at Rock Hill about -100 negroes t0up noon for Geria his wife is the former bar Timi of Ede said the Golinas i. Paiewonsky said that to a rally voted to o a contemplated series link of Scarsdale. . Baby had been chosen or any question he would place 1hc an the Day before the Senate insular of Donald Richards ii of committee. South h. St., Bakersfield won chairman Clinton p. Anderson for his machine like handling d-n.m., said Here is a Poss Iii of two Yoyos at once one in committee action May be delayed each hand. Some members top girl Winner also worm 5500-was Jackie Box. 14, of Mauer St. Sacramento. The All stores on he City s was meetings. According to the ceremony conformed to full High Honor because her parents. Second prize of for boys shares in Trail Ullh for a of a midst of the Down. Traditions of the Yoruba came to Nigeria in 1958 he went to Sieve pc epic. . Of Bolin St auctions to the trustee to Dis through the easter shop Lown 33s, it. 3, Chico. A s250 second the no minho is Virgin islands pose of them As promptly As prize for girls was won by Belli bom industrialist and sible. In any event within a j amps Farmer of new York. Morehead la of 14go Euclid rum in Akcel. Re has i National director of the Congress Berkeley. Been an Active figure in the is the nominee also said he racial Equality told the meet-1 All 27 contestants at Wilson democratic party circles his family vill dispose of their i ing that four negro girls would High school auditorium were a Colo was Stock in another rum making con apply for admission to win Hiop awarded transistor radio. Only q in consolidated distillers. South Carolina woman s1 Tion to the nomination. He Saidie Lucr by Sale to Schenley to old College in september. He will ask Hie committee to Holder stockholders or by liquidation. The rally followed by a dance. Association. One of Nigeria s Larj St tribes the four winners were ranked. Body aflame pair jest up Artini pending an on the spol of paicuon5ky s opera inns. Anderson told a reporter town that some members of his com Mittry already been As signed to visit the Virgin islands Sacramento Apt a 22-27 and it May be that an menial Hospital aide has been hey will be asked to gather sup fired As investigators in or motion before the out brutality Ike fishes in Gulf of California met at Church j about 200 negro to inns three while persons met at a i a Church and pledged to sex fisc " and " e buy nothing for easier 1 Campaign. At a. Six fore Independent had impress Rel As being the Ideal Type of Whito Dix cons needed in Nigeria. They arc Earl by the sort of whiles we like in he said. In their race relations and in every other Way we consider Ideal Cost my i of de wore n edit pm and i while n Irti m costume i Matching Cap for he ceremony. Ski read in front of him on a polished Coffee table in the silting room were two the Hows and several arrows my Palm Springs. Calif. Their probe of alleged brutality at committee is up to the r n n Dewitt state Hospital. mrs. Lillian c. Allman. 52. Xmas today for some accused Friday of slapping kick deep sea fishing in the Gulf of youths picketed two variety Lores ing and hair pulling in a count Paiewonsky testified in charge by the menial Hygiene to avoid any con list of in. Of attempt to seek service at the of a unch counter no in an investigation of brutality distillers corp. To the Schenley i golfing companion Grill be i m it and divesting themselves companion for the nine near Auburn was started recently other holdings which might con Day slay near la Paz. Mexico. After officials received an i h his serving As governor Jones private plane was to he students in picketing two movie sliding Moi is letter. The charges against and As n member of the Iniard used for the six hour flight from protest Seal brushing of mrs. Allman Are the Only ones 0 Lyhl l s government owned Palm Springs. The Trio men will policies. The to were among shocks 7rnm the u. S. That Haxe in in announced. Virgin islands corp. Slay Ai Rancho Las Cruces. A professors of the Tuo mrs. Allman has been a mental but allot said he was not sat guest ranch0 Miles Southeast of no signed a Resolution earlier la Hospital Ward worker for 29 isfried with whal he called Paie n Paz. This week condemning segregation the City s and psychiatric technician at Wonsky s vague and Marlin Sailfish. Stoid duh and at the Heaters. Miami s Dewitt since 1d17. Added this Man s financial abound in the Bay. Was staged in Honor of who recently terms in York county rather ban Post Bond for breach of Pence convictions in connection with anti segregation demonstrations. Houston Tex. A up like a c male Impersonator and his Carolyn Ann Lima told to palc fails of Beans and roast chid and i k and. Is. Laughed As they told lice and newsmen. In. He explained in perfect ens Ruay night of shooting a realtor she and Leslie Douglas Ashley Lish that the Yoruba were a War x times soaking the body with 93. Claimed they shot Fred a rior Irhie and thai and a is olmec and sinking a match. K. In Uima sym Folk of to Bun and he i they Sull he a four by after miss Lima of to id lie fond represent cd the victuals to tones conduct and Ashley they carried with them when they so Cal him once before dropping the sent to War. One of his miss Lima said she picked up Brilliant Blue e was the weapon and fired five More and turbaned n i times because tones had a Butch spoonfuls of Himi s ave alter Friday. Or knife. The child s i walking across carpeted floors. The a whole s Auto seats and must a the hair produced Ashley electricity As officers Letu weather jolts City dwellers of a Ltd Johm wearing a and sold costume at passed fair horrible1 1 she us. In on n k h m Hor Bio she a on Diel. D the pair Rel live humidity Dropp a to from v a Erc cent just one Point above Ashley was dressed As a woman la time Lois. Uhn police the Cupie average annual after Bolh face murder charges their the Rev. J. Cal hug Iiley humidity is to per tent. Trial is set for april 10. No Money Down Kitchen installations Woll be 8-5677 or ma17 797h Mission Biro. The Reader service Accident insurance pays big Cash benefits for minor scrims and fatal accidents pays in addition to 24-hour-a-Day Protection at Home work play school in autos howling Etc Best of All. Costs Only 65 a month for polio expenses do not write Here resident agent National casualty co., care of the daily review Hayward Calif. Mark one Square below d for first policy in fam no Money. Pay car Rier 65c each month at the same time you pay for paper. D for each additional policy in annual Premium w t i h each application. Applicant s full name print Given name like Helen and last name to 79 phone no. Street address City and zone state number. Name Only one beneficiary who must be a blood relation or member of your family or name of beneficiary relationship. I apply for accumulative Accident insurance to in com fac Livo Day policy ii i quod and dated and ogre i to pay the Premium 2j Dei Ignoto Ponon who Collell for my Nowin Apfler As my Meninger to deliver Premium to above office 3 that policy will automatically expire if i foil to pay Premium when due. In Tronco Daft not cover per Joni who have Lott both Handi or Flet. Or the sight of both Odoj. Signature Date. Subscription agreement Mark one Square Bolow Foj Tho daily review it now delivered to to. J Loose Start delivery of the daily review. I agree to pay the regular subscription Price

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