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Daily Review Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1961, Page 3

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Daily Review (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Hayward, California Saturday. March ii the review Oakland mum auction set wednesday Home Harden ers of Hie Ray Ami will have their Mill annual Chiacc to add prize chrysanthemums to their plantings As the Oakland Parl department auctions clumps from its famed Lakeside Park trial and show gardens wednesday through Friday Marrh 15-17. As has been the custom in re cent years the event will Lake place in the Sailboat House near the Duck feeding area from 10 . Till noon and from 1 to 3 . Cadi Day. Bob am Merman. Park department head nurseryman will be in charge with mum specialists Earl Kuklo and Mike Silva As sisting. The clumps offered Lor hid arc from the same plants that Many thousands of visitors to the Garden saw durum last octo Ber s spectacular mum show. They Are examples of the 400 varieties which Park depart ment tests have proved Best suited to local growing conditions. Pad. Ten ii Many gardening enthusiasts use pad and Pencil to insure getting plants in which they Are particularly interested Ammer Man reports. They make noles during the autumn show and then come to the auction in March to bid on their he says. This does not prevent Many others from relying on their general knowledge or on Luck come up with plants that will be appropriate for their Gar Dens he hastens to add. The yearly auction is the Only Means by which the City May legally dispose of ils surplus plants. Clumps arc sold to the highest bidders on an individual basis for the winning bids plus sales tax. All sales Are Cash and and no resale of mums will be permitted in the Park. Actual in location actual location of the clumps is in the gardens directly across the main Roadway from the Sailboat House. They Are Laid out accor Disir to a number ing plan correlated with the auctioneers files thereby As Suring Quick and accurate distribution of. The plants to their new owners. Bidders Are requested to bring their own cardboard containers or boxes since paper wrap pings Only will be provided. Plants must be removed immediately after the Sale. The annual auction is part of the Park department s Collinu ing project of creating Beauty in Hie Public lands and streets of Oakland and of encouraging similar development in private areas As Well. Home gardeners Are drawn into the department s programs and activities when Ever possible and the advice of its experts is always available to those Tittio Are interested. Pap Day lilies offer lot of color Day lilies arc not exactly Glamour girls in the Garden but what Hoy Lark in individual Beauty they More than make up for in their Overall mass of color. They Are prolific in Chr truest sense of that word and no Gar Dener who them will Ever Lack for a summer Lonj to keep him Nappy. During recent years a Reg ular cult of Day Lily enthusiasts has Crown up across the coun try and this alone is. Mild tip you off dial they Are Worth looking this area i following is due in part to the fact that Day lilies easily and new Varie ties Are Ever Heilim offered. Rut that s not the whole Story or in Al Kracl Ami hold a cult of devotees a Flower has to do More than Mil tips. Dandelions will do that much. Will confirm that Day lilies do Well in a wide Range of they Are Heller in warm gardens where full Sun is not Loo much. But they Are grown up and Down the s t .11 e from Fos hell to desert. In warm areas they can have part Shade hut in coastal dons. Lull is he lick. Oay lilies should he fixtures of Trie summer where then narrow strap like in Ives and Illy Well with marguerites and delphiniums. Panorama of Homes girl scout Rose shown first time a Golden Floribunda named he Flirl scout Rose is making its debut at the International Flower show March 1-12. In the new York coliseum and at the world s f1 o w e r show March 11-19, at Mccormick place Chicago. Visitors at each show will see Imlah the girl scout Rose in Bloom and a portrait of the Rose painted by the noted an is Stevan Robanos of West port Conn. This first Public showing of the girl scout Rose portrait will help to celebrate girl scout week which extends from March 12 through March is. March v Marks the Width anniversary of the founding of girl scouts of the . The portrait was presented to the girl scouts of the . As part of the organization s Golden anniversary program. The girl smut Floribunda. Which wars clusters of up to 15 blossoms on each Stem is a seedling of. And derives ils Golden color from the All american Floribunda for 1958. The Gold cup. Ener a stylish two the Center Hall is the dominating feature of this Large two Story four up stairs bedrooms Are grouped around a Center Hall while the living areas downstairs adjoin the Entrance foyer. Other features Wood burning fireplaces in the living room and the Den a Large Kitchen with adjoining eating area and an open Terrace in the rear. The architect is Herman York 90-04 161st St., Jamaica 32, . And the plan is ha182y. Flowering Type crab apples Fine Garden by Ralph Harrington in their search for a s m a 11 horizontally branched to 25 feet tree Many gardeners Complete High and 30 feel wide. The flow by Overlook the flowering crab ers Are Pink fading to White apples. With Small yellow red fruit. Here is a tree that is spec Schuir locker crab is slow and la Culner in Bloom slow growing upright. The branches interlace Ideal is a backdrop for Garden naturally becoming 20 feet High tools a Patio Ricc Hardy against and nol quite As wide. Flowers Frost and heal As Well As being Are Pink to White and the fruit most any shape you May desire is yellow. Some arc symmetrical some Torino. Sick Oldie is slow Are irregular some have purple and Graceful with a angular foliage others have a Graceful spreading growth habit being considered one of the Best. Ii will remain a smaller tree than angular habit and certain varieties arc faster growing than others. Many of the others to 10 feet one variety Arnoldina is High and 1 feel wide with deep slow and spreading with Long Flowers and red fruits urchins branches becoming thai Mound like in Lime. 11 will grow Kaido crab is fragrant. The to 20 feel High and 2o feet wide growth is upright to 10 feet High with Pink fading to while flow and As wide bearing Clear Pink ers and Small yellow to red Flowers As Early As March Mak fruit. Ing it earlier than Many of the acc hotels crab is moderately crabs fast vase shaped to 25 feel Katherinc is a superbly Beau High and almost As wide Bear White flowered crab. Ins Large showy Flowers As wide As tall to feet High arid Al feet and Small yellow to Brown annl. Wide and appearing As if the fast go Wiki branches were covered with Klc i crab is last glowing it Snow. And us the Bloom . Becomes an open tree Irreg film Vars a womb Lin Rcd Wilh Early branched hut very Grace Ful to l o High and As wide. It Pink. There Are Al least two weep ing crabs for those who might consider them Oriental appear ing and they should be Good crab japanese is or met a is slow and irregularly angular. Alk he other is red Lade. Wii it the hitter has while flows. But it is the red fruit in the autumn that gives it real Appeal. Roth arc slow growing to per haps if feet in to years being treated As Graceful dwarfs and Ideal substitutes for japanese Maples. Oah apples have a lot to of i m1. They Are easy to grow. Lacking the temperamental aspects of Many flowering times. Has wine red Flowers and fruit. Oakland Bloom contest open As a of Oakland s 27th Observance of California conservation week which began March 7, the birthday of Luther Rurbank the is Tak ing part in naming an official City Flower. Entries Aie being sent to the Oakland Park Ivet. Oakland. Be announced Dir no the Callnn the Market need no special forma clubs Conven soil or exposure and the Small lion. May Ji-j7. At Lakeside ills a inn fell need of the Park Garden Center. Modern Gardener. 1. Take some Stem when you Cut camellia blooms if you would keep the shrubs com pact 2. Feed established roses to get them off to a Good Start. Wait until the first Bloom to feed newly planted roses however. 3. Plant a new Lawn or reseed spotty areas in your established Lawn this month or next. 4. Plant summer Bloom ing bulls such Asli Gidias cannas glad Iolus. 5. No Home is Complete without a backyard Orchard. If your Yard is Small Check into the Many new Varie ties of Dwarf fruit Trees. Tub shrubs Fine for terraces the age of outdoor living has brought ils share of Burnt steaks and charred Chicken wings hut it s also encouraged the wonderful custom of grow ing shrubs in tubs. There s no denying that a few Container grown shrubs do won Ders for the deck or Terrace. They increase the intimacy of an otherwise Barren setting and ease the transition from House to Garden. Where no Garden exists As with an apartment deck they create one however Small. The in Ilinor itself has much to do with the enjoyment a Gar Dener derives from tubing a Shoih. And any nurseryman can show you a Good selection. Once you be chosen these your Choice of shrubs to grow in them is greater than that offered Gar Turners in any Oiler part of the country. The bamboos Sra Coful is sharply defined in the Isola Tion a tub affords it. Bamboos Are perfectly Happy in tubs and a Row of them makes a Nice backdrop to outdoor living. There Are o i b e r common shrubs thai Lake on special Good looks when planted in containers. One of these is the cop Pery new zealand flax with its funnel shaped clump of word like leaves. Another is hoax Ink Bamboo which is not a Bamboo at All. But r c s c m h i r s one in its feathery appearance. Days of Yore Bachelor grew 6-Inch dahlias symbolic Rose mrs. Charles u. Culmer of Libertyville 111., presi Dent of girl scouts of the ., accepts a portrait of a senior girl scout planting the girl scout Rose from artist Steven Dohanos. Looking on is Elizabeth Ann Beardsley of greens farm Conn., who served As Model for the painting. Homes and gardens for Southern Alameda county begonias pruning time at hand when Spring begins to make itself known by bursting buds that form the Beautiful blooms and lace like new foliage on plants and Trees it is the Cue to gardeners that there is much work to be done. If they have had some Winier Protection fibrous begonias Al ready arc putting out new tip growth and now is the time to prune to reshape and report if necessary. Early Spring is the Best Lime to prune and report otherwise the Plant is washing Effort grow ing new growt i on its old Wood. This is Hie Ideal time to make Cullings As they will Root and develop rapidly As the weather warms up. Prune old Wood it is desirable to prune out All the old Wood on he Cane and like varieties of fibrous and one May shape the Plant As he prunes. Pruning should be quite severe on the Cane Type As some grow almost to the size of Small Trees. Pruning is especially important on the plants grown indoors. Although some of the older varieties were the Pels of our grandmother s window Sills fibrous begonias have never swept the country As House plants As african violets have. Some varieties of the Cane Lype makes attractive indoor plans before they become too tall but varieties of the Rhino Malous group of begonias make very handsome plans and their growth is More constant. Remove Plant after pruning if roots Are showing through the Drain age Hole in the pot the Plant should be removed and placed into a pot one size larger or two sizes larger if it s a full grown Plant. New soil should be Light porous Well drained and Rich in organic matter. While fibrous Eutt incs can be made at any season of the year Early Spring will give them Lime to establish themselves As plants in one season. New Lender lips Are preferable glads require planting care most bulbs will grow straight up no matter what Antic you Plant hem at. But Gladiolus Are just Plain ornery. Plant the Conns leaning to port Side and that s just the Way they will grow. Needless to say. For the Sake of appearances this will hardly do. Take a Little extra time and make sure you Plant glads on an even keel. You ran continue planting them incidentally through this month and next and next for a Long succession of their gorgeous blooms through summer and into fall. By Dorothy Bayliss to old Wood and should be pieces about three inches Long and Cut off just below a Stem Node. The rooting soil should he moist Sharp Sand with a Little strained Leaf Mold or peat. Rot Ting May be done in any Shal Low Container of a size to a Como Alc the number of Cut Lings being rooted. When leaves and roots have developed they Are ready to go into iwo or three Inch pots with a soil of equal parts of Light Loam Sand and compose or Leaf Mold. They should remain Here until the Small pols Are filled with roots and then moved on Inlo one a size or two larger. If repelling soil is Rich it May not be necessary to Icart Liz until late in the season but Lor Vigo Rous growth a Small amount of commercial fertilizer May be used regularly according Lodi sections on the Label. Moist begonias should be Only moist nol wet. At All limes sex hours for camellia show told Northern California camellia society will hold its kith annual show. March 18-19. At the Ory 1soo Carmel ave., Walnut Creek. Or. Fred Citman of Lafay Ette and Lloyd Smith of Marti Nez Are chairmen. Show hours Are 2 to 10 . On saturday and 10 . To 6 . On Sun Day. Charm of the Orient is the show theme and some blooms will be exhibited singly and in groups of three seven and 12. Container grown camellia plans will be in Garden settings displayed by nurseries in com petition by members and Grac ing the backgrounds. Many new hybrids and new types of Camel has created by society Mem Bers will he shown in a seed Ling class. Mrs. Mihon Rell is chairman of the Floral arrangement Dis plays. There will be demonstrations of camellias Corsage Mak incr. Kwh suitors do not have to be members in order to participate. They should bring their blooms to the armory by 10 . March is. Exhibitors will vie for 10 trophies hundreds of rib mins. And Merit certificates Given by the american Camel Lia society. Hepting during Winter when grown indoors or under Glass Sven Only enough water to keep the plans from drying out should be Given. One of the grandest of All Dis plays of fibrous begonias in the Bay area is at the san fran Cisco Flower show in August Al the Golden Gale Park Garden Center. These plants Are envied by Begonia growers who visit the annual display of san fran Cisco Branch american Begonia society. While the East Bay claims successful growers parts of Southern California Are known for the raising of fibrous be Gonias and Here Are located More of the nurseries that Ca Ter to begonias than elsewhere in the state. Highly interested Hayward area growers at one time were highly interested in growing begonias under fluorescent lube shelters but nothing has been said recently regarding use of the tubes that is at meetings of Southern Alameda county Branch Abs. These shelters protected against Sun cold and winds the tubes being vacuum acted As insulation and when placed close together on a Pilch shed water very Well. But sad to say they became targets of mischievous boys with play guns and interest in growing under them soon died. However the Story is different in Southern California As reported by Edward Kappler of san Leandro who toured Many famous Begonia gardens while attending the Begonia Conven Tion last fall As Delegate of the Hayward area Begonia growers. He had pictures to prove successful culture and magnificent plans grown under tube shelters where boys Aren t so mis Chievous advice offered on geraniums geraniums lion scr Crow them in pots should he moved up in pols is the plants incite in in during the growing season. Young plants that you Start with from nurseries this month will Borondy for graduating you can see a Root Ball full of new roots gently tap the Root Hall from the pot to inspect potted geraniums arc Metier for daily watering than for t rational drought so see that Thev Don t out. Kitchen installations fim Eili Moi be or ma1t 29213 Mission bad. Llu contracting Industrial commercial residential free estimates fixtures supplies alterations repairs open daily 9-5 closed saturdays for adequate guaranteed wiring phone co. 373h Nillos blvd. Nellei John Brahms a owner Sycamore 7-2500 by Carl Angel As 1 recall the town of Stege when i was a boy it still had some of the flavor of the old West. The Railroad right of Way was fenced and barbed wire was stretched along the top of the Fence. Where the Road crossed the tracks there were spiked cow catchers As we called hem to keep cows from spraying onto the tracks. There was a Corral and cattle loading Chute. Elcer Garden club news the Cactus and succulent society of California meets Tomor Row at . At Lakeside Park Garden Center Gas Belle vile ave., Oakland and guests Are invited. There will be a study on the variety Kalan Choe a slides of a member s Garden a Brief Busi Ness meeting and refreshments will conclude the program. V if Joe Machado Oakland Fuch Sia grower will discuss the culture fuchsias and tuber Ous begonias at the March Ali 8 . Meeting or South Ern Alameda county Branch american Begonia society at Strobridge school 21400 bed Ford dr., Hayward. E. E. Hammond will be in charge of the Plant tables and visitors Are invited. East Ray Rose society will hold an 8 . Meeting on March 13, at Lakeside Park Garden Center and Eastlake Garden club will meet the same night at 8 . At Markham school 73rd and Krause aves., Oakland. San Leandro Dahlia society will hold its surplus Dahlia Root Sale March 25, in front of Gill s shoe Box in the Pellon Center san Leandro. The Sale will take place be tween . And . Into was known As siege Tion. The Tram brought mail to the depot. I never heard anyone Call it the train station. The postmaster was an elderly gentleman who wore a dark Green celluloid Sun visor and Black sleeve protectors and sported a White Walrus Mous tache. The Post office was a wooden Shack straight out of the to westerns. Two doors away Wai a Saloon and next door was grocery where they sold frag rant Cut plug chewing tobacco in Hulk and even had a slicing machine for cutting it. Individualists people in Stege were Strong individualists and did t seem to worry about identifying with the group. One of the most notable persons we knew then was a big Strong healthy looking Man whom everybody referred to Ai poppy which was Short for an unpronounceable German name. Poppy was a Bachelor and lived alone in a Small neat House surrounded by the Best stocked Flower Garden in Stege. He also raised fascinating things like Banty chickens Quail and pheasants. He always raised the finest Flowers he could obtain and was forever giving armful of Flowers to All the neighbors. His dahlias were his Pride and Joy and for those Days i suppose Urey were remarkable. As i re member they ran possibly six inches in diameter. Tubers arrive just recently we received our Dahlia tubers from Holland from the South and from the Northwest and i could t help thinking of poppy and his six Inch dahlias. The Holland Wagon wheel Dah Lias make Flowers a Good 1j inches across and from four to eight inches thick. There is also a wide variety of colors and blends. Dahlias As poppy grew them were huge masses of f o m a g e with just a fair number of Blos soms. Dahlias today Are bred to have Many Large Flowers with Good Long stems on fairly Low and All proceeds will go towards compact plants the society s aug. Dahlia show for flamboyant masses of to be held at Bancroft or. High Flowers and ease of culture try a Dahlia. Even in our heavy soil they will do Well. With very Little knowledge any Amateur can do about As Well As the professionals by merely Starling out with the belter variety of bulbs school. The gelling committee includes Loren Dowell chair Man Paul Keno Arthur Pyle Frank Bricker. Joe Enns mrs. James Raffurty and mrs. Harold bluest North. The Southern Alameda county Branch of the american be Gonia society will meet at the Strobridge school in Hayward on thursday March 1g, at 8 . Guest speaker will be Joseph Machado local nurseryman who will speak on and demonstrate the proper care and pruning of fuchsias. Plant table and refreshments will follow. Visitors Are invited to attend. Available today. Good old poppy would have loved them. Delphiniums spelled out gardeners c o m in o n 1 y ask what difference there is in Plant ing Delphinium seedlings and in planting Field grown clumps. The difference lies in the amount and time of Bloom that you get during the first year. Held grown clumps will often give three flushes of Bloom be tween late Spring and late fall. The most you can Hope for from seedlings is in summer one in fall. And As an added Jinis. Clumps produce More spikes of color per Plant. Seedlings Are less expensive though Lake your Choice. Aphis sneaks up on roses our Friend the Aphis has it Knack for sneaking up on Rose when the latter Are pushing out tender new growth. And since roses will be doing i soon in pays the Gardener to keep a Sharp Eye out for invaders haul out lie Spray gun Al the first sign of Aphis and fire at will. Do it on a windless Day for Best results. Liiri Arp says Cuddy plumbing heating i. W. Iling . Fofi or Al dirty air fill Iii Alto ind give you nothing but Largo full Colt Only to and soon pay for themselves when you have a question phone la 1-4080 or Al 1-5020 a r. Peterson and sons Simf a tool. Hinting Mitt air Candith Ning Confra Trasi 22851 Sutro St. Hayward

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