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Columbus Telegram Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 1

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Columbus Telegram, The (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Columbus, NebraskaConcept of profits pro a life our Only objective measure of the Utility of any Henry number 227 ninety first year up leased wire Columbus Nebraska saturday september 26, 1970 10 pages today weather Outlook generally fair some whip warmer tonight and sunday. Tonight in 40 a highs Sun Day in 70 s. Evening exc Cpl sunday Loc single copy h ussem announces n government by United press International King Hussein today formed a ii a civilian government for his War torn nation in a move to Case the crisis Between the jordanian army and palestinian guerrillas. An. Announcement by radio Amman said the civilian Cabinet replaced the military administration Hussein installed sept. 15, the Day before the War began. That government headed by. Brig. Mohaned Dawoud resigned Friday. Installation of the military government was regarded As one of the main triggers of the War. The guerrillas strongly opposed Dawoud. Although fighting was reported subsiding today in Jordan the War deeply split both Hussein s kingdom and the Arab world. As Many As persons were reported killed or wounded and thousands were said to be dying of hunger in isl and unattended wounds. The United states was in the forefront of Relief efforts. Fears mounted for the safely of 38 american Hijack hostages still in guerrilla hands. President Gamal Abdel Nas ser accused Hussein s army of massacring palestinian guerrillas and breaking the cease fire which began Friday. Hussein denied this and said his nation is pledged to peace despite continued in Damascus the Al Fatah newspaper which Speaks for the 11 major guerrilla organizations said fighting Between the guerrillas and the jordanian army was continuing in Amman and other areas despite the cease fire that began Friday. Luessen in a Cable to Nasser following the egyptian pres ident s charges the Arney carried out a horrifying massacre of palestinian guerrillas said we have not and we would not think of liquidation of the palestinian new government planned As for the cease fire he said jordanian forces were observing it in face of continued and supported provocations. Yesterday and before we were ourselves target of a heavy shelling part of which the Arab delegation hues sin said. He apparently referred loan Arab guerrilla attack on the King s summer Palace of Al Hai mar. Hussein also said lie would name a new government to replace hat of Brig. Mohammed Daoud who resigned As Premier thursday night. 11. Was Dawoud s appointment to head Lite military government 11 Days ago that touched off the War. Hussein also said jordanian army forces in the North Jordan areas of Irbid and Hain lha had been waiting for the past three Days for implementation of the cease fire agreement. He said both the towns were occupied by guerrillas. All fighting in Amman had slopped excl some shooting by criminal the King told Nasser. Report 76 hostages freed no word on 38 americans end of the barn this big old barn on the Dick Wyman farm in North Polk county came to an end Early Friday morning. A freakish wind Hail storm demolished crops in the Vicinity broke out hundreds of windows wrecked Power lines and blew Down this barn. Hail Lay several inches thick in Many places and some Hail stones still were unmelted at noon Friday. Volunteers will gather at the courthouse in Osceola at a. M. Sunday to go and pick up downed Corn at the Bill Bryan and perhaps other farms in the hailed area. Everyone should bring their own lunch Coffee work clothes gloves and such. The Gram photo u. A appropriate action if user builds sub base Washington up the White House has publicly told the soviet Union the United slates will take appropriate action if1 the russians construct a nuclear submarine base on the Southern coast of Cuba. Eight years after. President John of. Kennedy forced the soviet Union to Renive Offen Sive land based missiles from Chiba the Pentagon announced Friday Russia May he building a base to support missile firing nuclear submarine operations in the Western hemisphere. A defense department spokesman said however it was too Early to say if construction activity in Cienfuegos Bay less than 260 Miles from key West fla., was definitely intended to be a submarine base. The soviet Union can be of no doubt that we would View the cons Truclio of strategic bases in the Caribbean with utmost said the while House official who asked nol to be named. We Are watching events in Cuba. We re not in a position now to say exactly what they mean. But at the right moment we will take whatever action is the official said in. Response to a question that Kennedy s warning to the soviets on nov. 20, 1962, nol to introduce offensive weapons into Cuba is still american policy. Kennedy said there would be peace in the Caribbean Only if All offensive weapons Are removed from Cuba and kept out of the hemisphere in the future under adequate verification and Safe the russian activity at Cienfuegos Bay was spotted by american u2 spy planes. As late As thursday seven soviet vessels were spotted near the suspect Ltd site. Amman hos tages from the three hijacked jetliners were free today but Here was no word on the 38 americans still missing. Jordan army soldiers first rescued 15 of the hostages Friday one More As they searched the Palestine guerrilla Camps following a cease fire agreement to halt Jordan s civil War. The freed British six Swiss and two been abandoned by their guerrilla captors during the heavy fighting of the War in the area of the guerrilla Camps. Army sources said they probably would be repatriated in Ribeir respective countries today possibly aboard Hii evacuation flight to Cyprus. The sources also said they might be flown to another destination depending on the routing of today s evacuation flights. There was no word on the Fate of the 38 other hostages All americans presumably still in guerrilla hands except a report from guerrilla sources thai some of them had been transferred to Northern Jordan or Syria after the outbreak of the War. Jordan army units combing the. Mahdal guerrilla Camp Friday heard shouts of help from one of the houses and upon knocking the door Down found 15 of the hostages abandoned hungry and thirsty. Laler in the evening Amman radio said another hostage had been found bul gave few details of his Rescue. The hostages were aboard three jetliners hijacked by guerrillas from the marxist popular front of the liberation of Palestine on sept. 6 and to a desert Airstrip Northeast of Amman. In Geneva the International lied Cross which had figured in the Early negotiations for the hostages said the 15 had been taken first to the . Embassy in Amman and later to an army Camp. Community Calendar sponsored by Columbus area chamber of Commerce and Columbus Telegram. September 27 to 10 . Humphrey St. Francis Paris n Bazaar dinner served 4 to 8 28 . Pat politick Al Lincoln school 3rd . Pat family potluck at Williams school . Pat covered dish supper at North Park school . Pat at West Park school. ., Toast masters meeting at congas. October 3 noon City auditorium Reo Barbecue and Republican parly 3rd congressional District caravan. 4 ., St. Joseph card party plate Center auditorium. 6 8 . Columbus High school Premier showing of band trip to Winnipeg. B convention of Nebraska diplomats evening dinner Al 6 ., elks. 12 evening retailers rally Al ikes Cabin. 13 . Mrs. Jay cacs. Consumers . Ubanks Ami Clair Callan guest speakers Public Welcome . Elks ladies Stag Eltes elks country club . Newcomers style show cily auditorium. 15 . To . Scr Toma Pancake feed auditorium . Arrival of Omaha flying ambassadors Moon luncheon for f lying ambassadors. Elks. 19 . Us a meeting plate Boone col a Nance counties a Park area film presentation 20 women s division membership meeting . Rotary 5fllh anniversary banquet elks dinner . Jaycees meeting. 27 we travel and adventure series ., Columbus High auditorium. ., elks ladies slag Elte elks country club . interstate hearings at cily auditorium. Send or phone your meeting Dales and information to Colum bus area chamber of Commerce phone 5g 2709. Lincoln up the slate Board of equalization Friday lowered Nebraska s 1971 income tax rate l 10 per cent and Lell the sales tax rate unchanged Al 2.5 Pel cent. The Vole was unanimous. At the same Lime the five member Board automatically reduced the corporate income lax Rale from 2.6 per cent to 2 per cent a move made Neces sary by the statutory require in Tex farm z women s Page 3 editorial Page Horoscope Page 5 sports Page 6 comics Page 7 classified pases 8, 9 in k jn5uitep Kkt anticipation excitement shines in the faces of Kevin Gardiner As he Waits for the propeller reflected in the aircraft window to take that first turn. Telegram photo students flying High in aerospace studies Columbus youngsters a being Given the Opportunity to learn and Hae a Ball doing it. Columbus school system s aerospace program has been expanded this year and students in Junior and senior High May participate. An elective course aerospace i leaches the fundamentals of aviation which consists of units on importance and history of aviation aircraft structures engines instruments meteorology navigation communications and Caa regulations. Forty eight slide nos Are enrolled in the one semester course this year. They Are divided into three classes. In addition to classroom work students Are afforded the Opportunity to participate in Field trips to airports and an orientation and navigation flight. Flights Are scheduled through and conducted by local Airport personnel. Most recently representatives from the state aeronautics Board flew to Columbus in gov. Tiemann a plane and took the youngsters on an air tour of the area. A bus trip to an Airport in Omaha is planned for slide nos Laler in he be Mesler. Diplomatic sources claim by will not attend rally Here Paris up diplomatic sources said today South vietnamese vice president Nguyen Cao by has decided not to attend a controversial rally in Washington next month. The report came As Henry a. Kissinger president Nixon s foreign policy adviser arrived in Paris for conferences with by and ambassador David k. E. Bruce chief . Delegate to the Vietnam talks. By is scheduled to appear on twin 3 prs unit captures town of Tang Krak phenom penh cambodian Lask Force Friday captured the town of Tang Krak where Viet Cong Ami Norelli vietnamese forces had blocked the Advance of the biggest cambodian offensive of the War for nearly iwo weeks. Although the estimated communist troops in the town 52 Miles North of Pinoin penh had put up heavy resistance earlier in Hie week cambodian spokesmen said today the attacker s moved in costly Friday. The Viel Cong pulled Oul before our final he spokesman said. The cambo Dian command had said the army was trying to entrap inc. Communist defenders in Tang Kauk but the strategy apparently failed and the defenders escaped. By his Victory we can press on with our drive to to Mpung the spokesman said. It proved the Viet Cong even when they Are firmly dug in cannot Slop the cambodian american spokesmen in Sai gon reported Highl Gas killed and 34 wounded in Light and scattered ground action in South Vietnam Friday. Four americans were killed and so wounded when their trucks hit mines in Onang tin and Quang Mai provinces. 50 Miles South of Danang. South vietnamese spokes Nice said government troops killed 51 vice Cong and North vietnamese soldiers in two Bat Les Northwest and Southwest of Svay Rieng. In the Parrot s beak area of Cambodia 72 Miles Southwest of phenom penh. The purpose of the drive was to Ciecir Highway i Between phenom penh and Koppang Thorn on important communication Center of 10.000 persons 80 Miles North of the capital and to relieve the siege of the North can City he target of almost nightly rocket attacks for two months. Communiques from Saigon said three americans Curc killed and eight wounded in separate communist attacks on two . Army units in the Northern Schlor a Viet Cong mortar Hatlack near qui Nhon. 250 Miles North of Saigon caused Light casualties. Men thai the corporate Rale must be 20 per cent of the personal rate. The lowering of the income Lux Rales came As no Surprise since the Board chairman and incumbent gov. Norbert t. Tie Munn had said earlier in the week the slate s economic condition would allow a lax Cut. Szalc tax commissioner Mur Rell a Mcneil said projections of incoming stale lax dollars and expenditures showed the new Rales which go into effect Jan. 1, would leave a balance of ?25 million in the stale s Treasury at the end of the biennium next july 31. According to Mcneil s figures stale government ended the fiscal year with a bal Ance of More than million some million More ulan sex pc Clad did t estimate tax the bulk of the ?20 million excess he said was caused by underestimation of revenues collected from the sales and in come taxes. He said the lax collections had been based on a Persona income growth Rale of 5 per cent tint this actually turned out to be 12 per cent statewide and 40 per cent in the agricultural sector of the Economy alone. Another Factor which allows for the tax Cut Mcneil said was the supreme court s decision which upheld Tiemann s Volo of some million in appropriations by the legislature. Mcneil noted dial she million end of Lac biennium bal Ance would actually constitute a 7 per cent Reserve rather than the minimum 5 per cent required by Law. However he said this would still nol be Loo High because there would he several areas where Domicil appropriations will be necessary Afler the legislature convenes at the be ginning of the year. "1 know by Law we can Only consider fixed appropriations when Selling the he said bul in would he fiscally irresponsible for us to ignore these Forse Earlc this is he absolute lowest figure we can accept if we Are to maintain fiscal response the motion to accept the new Rales was made by Mcneil and seconded by Secretary of Sale Frank Marsh. Besides Tiemann other members of the Board Are Sale auditor stay c. Johnson and stale treasurer Wayne h. Swans on. Report fires raging in Southern California Anui Illis up rampaging Brush fires whipped by Gale Force winds shot across thousands of acres of parched Southern California today turn ing scores of expensive Homes into piles of soldering rubble. Thousands we r e evacuated from their Homes. At least 100 Homes in the to class were destroyed when giant flames from a fire thai started Friday afternoon ate their Way into the Porlar ranch development in Chatsworth and spread in All directions. In the coastal City of Malibu at least 45 Homes some in the Range were burned to the ground ring of fire shot Down two canyons and surrounding Hills. Officials Esti mated Hal it covered acres. The two blazes spread into each Oiler separated Only by the Ventura freeway which was closed to traffic. Contain ment of the fires was nol in sight fire officials said Early today. At least 20 ire fighters were injured Balling the Blaze. Hundreds of others suffered smoke inhalation and Eye irritations a third fire in mint Canyon near Lancaster 35 Miles North of downtown los Angeles charred More than acres bul Here were no reports of structural damage. Another fire in Lopez Canyon in the Foothills area around metropolitan los Angeles destroyed two Homes and severely damaged 12 Mobile Homes while charring Coo acres. Friday. Saturday total his year total last year injuries deaths report Calls to Date to Date last year Days without Call 1 1 595 590 52 1 123 76 2 Airliner guards to begin training Washington up the Nixon administration says the first of 800 military g cards prepared to shoot hijackers if necessary will begin training monday for duties aboard commercial airliners. The first contingent of military air marshals to be trained at it. Dix n.j., will join Fri agents and . Marshals deputized by the Federal aviation administration Faa by week s end. Transportation Secretary John a. Volpe said at a news conference Friday the military guards would shoot if it comes to the lives of 200 americans or a Fri director j. Edgar Hoover making a rare personal appearance attended the news conference with Volpe and attorney general John n. Mitchell. Despite the presence of armed guards on some com Mercial flights the air line pilots association repealed Friday its proposal made in april for bulletproof cockpit doors and bulkheads in All major passenger planes. Go to my Brethren until sunday eve Ann provincial sup Thren is the theme of the workshop being held at Solus memorial Hall Ning. Standing left to right Are sister m. Luella coordinator sister m. Barbara Superior and sister Maristella conductor of the workshop. Telegram photo television interview program at . Edt sunday and diplomatic sources said his decision on the rally would he made Public then. By has been invited to attend the rally for Victory in Washington oct. 3 by its sponsor radio evangelist Carl Mcintire. White House officials have left the Clear impression that Kissinger would try to discourage by s appearance. Franciscan Sisters in Wor local readings 50 at 10 . 36 Low this morning 62 High Friday 84 High year ago 42 Low year ago Sunrise sunday Sunset sunday Sunrise monday Sunset monday scotus memorial Hall is the site of a go to my Burcl Hrcan workshop which opened Friday evening and continues until . Sunday. Sister Maristella of Little Falls minn., is conducting the three Day workshop for some 90 Sisters from around Nebraska and bordering slates. Sister Maristella is co author of the Book go to my a spiritual document for apostolic communities of franciscan Sisters. The theme of the talks during the workshop arc the ideas developed in the Book. The author s message will he discovery of the True meaning of the spirit of Saint Francis which motivates a vocation. The charismatic of St. Francis was in be a sign of the loll gospel message that is of brotherhood of poor men saved by Faith in Christ father Regis Watts . Is the spiritual director for the workshop and sister Luella of Springs colo., is coordinator. Sisler Barbara Ann. Provincial Superior of Colorado Springs colo., is also pres Cal

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