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Columbus Telegram Newspaper Archives Aug 7 1976, Page 1

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Columbus Telegram (Newspaper) - August 7, 1976, Columbus, Nebraska A old bureaucrats never die a they just waste a Graffiti Columbus Telegram a Freedom newspaper Good morning no. I 87�? ninety seventh year saturday August 7, 1976 Columbus Nebraska 28 pages today i 5c single copy he s Down in the dumps but cheerful nonetheless races open tuesday of a Park by Stan Linhorst Platte Center Gottlieb Kuhn admits he has an easy Job. But then the 81-year-old world War i Veteran explains with his Quick wit that the Platte Center town Board had to talk him into it. Kuhn goes to work in his Quot office at the Platte Center dump every tuesday and saturday opens the Gate and makes sure trash is dumped in the right spots besides that he has to collect a charge from those he Calls his a Cash customers a those living outside of Platte Center. A pickup truck drove Down the Steep Entrance tuesday night and Kuhn stood up from his office suite a tractor umbrella and Lawn chair to direct them. Good Nat redly he inquired about what they wanted in the place and because he knew they lived outside of Platte Center informed them that it would Cost to dump their pickup Load of trash Kuhn needled the Driver about paying up and the Man needled Back As he picked up the Dollar Bills laying on the seat Between him and his wife. Finally Kuhn took the Money and with a laugh told him to Back up to the pile of garbage he directed the Man As he backed the Load to the appropriate spot and then leaned up against the Side to watch As the Farmer and his wife unloaded feed sacks full of trash a this is really easy see Quot he said Between exchanging conversation with the couple. Quot i just stand Here and talk to the the past a Sar Ben Good neighbor award Winner runs the dump on tuesdays from s . To 8 and on saturdays from noon to 5. Tuesdays he gets from three to four customers sometimes none and on saturdays up to 30. As he gave a tour of the dump Kuhn philosophize and asked a i wonder where it school boards to meet Columbus City schools Board of education to meet at 8 p in monday has a fairly routine Agenda so far. Among items mentioned by supt. Fred Bellum Are resignations and hiring change of assignment for an employee tads on milk lunch items and garbage disposal assignment of some students to centers outside the District and consideration of a reception for the professional staff. Lakeview High school Board of education will meet at 8 30 . In the school offices monday. This meeting will follow the budget hearing scheduled for 8 . Matters before the Board include a representative of a local architectural firm will propose some plans for a gymnasium a shop addition for the boards consideration receive a request for a diploma for a former student will discuss a questionnaire filled out by two Board members the superintendent and principal concerning school activities. Milk bids for 1976-77 school year will be considered. Today a Index farm news. Pages 2-3 opinion. Page social. Page comics. Page to classified pages ims All comes Quot i wonder what they do in Omaha Quot he said As he surveyed the pile of Platte Center trash cans especially Beer cans seem to be the most common item in the dump he said As he took his Pitchfork and pitched some onto the pile. A they ainu to supposed to throw Wood in Here a he observed As he picked up a Post and threw it i the Heap. Why do people throw out so much especially what appears to be usable items Quot i done to he said and shrugged. But As he walked around picking up Loose junk he jabbed at items with his Pitchfork. Quot see that sofa. Why its As Good As in any but Kuhn laughs and tells about a Platte Center Man who comes to the dump and cuts open the sides of the couches to find Money that has fallen out of pockets. He has found As much As 50 or 60 cents he said. A a there a a lot of junk gets out Here a Kuhn continues and a lot of it he thinks might still be usable. Quot take these wheels Here Quot he said poking some old rims with the Pitchfork. A a they a Cost 84 at a junkyard $12 a right Here a Man threw this away a he said making another Stab this time at a thick piece of pipe attached to faucet. Quot a faucet like that would Cost you 110-12. You could t buy it for $10. I imagine something went wrong and he bought a new one and threw this out Here Quot that a not Copper either a he added Quot its a Elf a Farmer would come in a lot of those boards or posts he could just have. You go to a store Man it la Cost you. Here they can just have it a As he settles Back into office Lawn chair Kuhn said a yeah i get along Fine out Quot sometimes in the summer it gets too hot almost Quot but he pointed at the umbrella and said Quot with a Little Breeze and the Shade its almost Nice Quot could t get along without the umbrella he said. A i was out Here in the Winter and almost froze a he laughed. A dam it get s cold out a but ifs Only eight hours a week. You could be too years old and do it Quot he said. Kuhn surveyed the surroundings Steep Hills weeds and the pile of trash which rests on top of two other dirt covered piles and contemplated what it might be like in five years. A in five years a Man can plow this and never know there was a dump Here. Hell buy it and make it look like a Little Kuhn praised the Caterpillar operator who comes in and routinely pushes the garbage together and compacts it with his machine Quot that Man can do wonders with it a he said. To keep himself Busy Kuhn brings a portable radio and swats the omnipresent flies. Quot i sit around with a Gol dam Fly swatter and i keep pm away a he chuckled Kuhn especially likes to listen to the saturday afternoon ballgames Quot in be heard More ballgames out Here already a he said. And with obvious Delight he remarks that he Hasni to missed listening to a Nebraska Oklahoma game yet but the conversation meanders again to the things people throw away. He said one Good example was a Lawnmower someone had thrown away. It was in Good shape except for some engine problems a Man from town came out saw it asked if he could have it and took it Home to put on an old motor. The next time Kuhn saw him the Man came up and exclaimed Quot Man now have i got a armyworms into East Platte area Many com Fields in the East Platte area have been invaded by hordes of armyworms according to area Extension agronomist Duane ran Tor. Large areas in some Cornfields have been completely stripped of leaves. As shown in the accompanying photo taken in the Columbus area Only the ears and stripped com stalks remain in parts of the Fields where the armyworms have been most severe. The armyworm is not confined to the area surrounding Columbus but according to Bob Roselle University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension in Toni Logist appears to be causing damage in All parts of the state where com is being grown Roselle noted that damage is usually not severe until Worms have stripped the leaves below the ears prior to Dent stage of com. However at this stage controls might be profitable. Insecticides registered for control include Sevin Hylox and to Laphene. Parathion is also being used where spider mites Are found in addition to the armyworms. In some Fields of com the dense foliage of narrow Row com is hard to penetrate with insecticides making it More difficult to get Good control insecticides must come in Contact with Worms or be eaten by them to be effective. Improved facilities an expanded season and a change in combination bets will Greet thoroughbred horse racing fans when the season opens tuesday at agricultural Park. The season has been lengthened at Columbus to allow to Days of Nebraska state fair racing tuesday through aug. 21 while the Fairgrounds track in Lincoln is being renovated. The regular Columbus races will run for 25 Days. Aug. 24-sept. 25 racing is scheduled each week tuesday through saturday. Weekday Post times Are 4 . Saturdays Are 2 . Racing will be held at 2 . On labor Day sept. 6, but not on sept 7. Tile Columbus races Are the first track in the state to abandon the $6 and $15 combination bets for win place and show. Instead fans will be Able to place $4 and $10 combination bets on win and place according to general manager Warren Albert Albert said he expects the change to meet with approval from fans. Improvements at the track include re roofed bams a resurfaced track a new Metal rail on the inside of the track new Marker posts 16 tack rooms and a new water Wagon that will be Able to water the entire track in one sweep Albert said the minimum purse will be $1,500 he said about $9.5 million Are expected to be bet during the season. About 225 employees have been hired for the duration of the races which Are sponsored by the Platte county agricultural society special stakes and feature races scheduled include the inaugural purse $3,000, tuesday juvenile Laddie stakes $2,500 added. Sept. 3 Husker Handicap $3,000, aug. 28 Columbus special stakes $5,000 added sept. 4 juvenile miss stakes $2,500 added. Aug. 27 labor Day Handicap $3,000, sept. 6 Columbus futurity. $5,000 added sept la agricultural Park Handicap $3,000, sept 18 Van Berg stakes $3,000 added sept. 23 and Platte Handicap $4,000, sept 25 race proceeds Are used to sponsor the Platte county fair the society a scholarship program and other activities. The Columbus area chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the agricultural society is sponsoring a Columbus Day at the races this year. Friday sept to has been selected As Columbus Day at agricultural Park track. Any area businesses wishing to take part in this promotion Are asked to Contact the chamber office by Friday aug. 13. A list of participating businesses will be announced in the future so that patrons May pick up their free admission tickets to the races for sept. To. A a Jim Gottlieb Kuhn a on duty in his office. Telegram photo by Stan Linhorst &sri2 Aerial photograph of platted where the action is a i cultural Park Rossma forecasts 3 per cent sales Levy uncool neb. Up an emergency meeting of the state Board of equalization and assessment was called Friday and an administration official said that Means the sales tax rate will Rise from 2.5 to 3 per cent. The meeting is scheduled for next thursday at 2 . And was called using provisions in Nebraska Law which allow for special tax rate setting sessions if Revenue projections prove to be too far out of line. Quot there is no question but what the sales tax rate will be increased a half of a per cent Quot said William Hoppner administrative assistant to gov. J. J. Exon and speaking for the vacationing governor. Hoppner said the one thing the equalization Board will have to figure out next week is whether there also needs to be an increase in the individual income tax rate from its current 15 per cent. The emergency meeting which Hoppner said replaces the need for a special legislative session was called following receipt of a Legal opinion from the state Justice department. An opinion was requested by the administration on whether provisions in Nebraska Law allowing for emergency tax rate sessions could be brought into play. The Law says the Board can work on tax rates each november or after any regular or special legislative session local readings 63 at Midnight is High Friday 89 High year ago la Low year ago dedicate waste compactor official praises Columbus about 50 people attended a Jovial and sometimes Tongue in Cheek dedication of Columbus s new $400,000 solid waste compactor Friday afternoon. Garbage trucks were washed and polished punch and cookies were served and after City Engineer Merlin Undahl explained How Many thousands of cubic feet of dirt were required to create the 25-foot Hill for the compactor mayor Fred Gerber said Quot we May rename this Columbus Heights a in keeping with the gags. Norfolk City administrator Paul harm presented a gift to Columbus a newspaper wrapped package which contained assorted trash. Columbus was praised by featured speaker Dan Drain director of the Nebraska department of environmental control who lauded the City for its Quot Strong progressive step he said Columbus was one of the leaders of the state in garbage disposal and said that despite the unpopularity of the move at first it will be applauded in the future Drain said the department s goal is to promote the Region ligation of waste disposal Luik my it cheaper and making it easier to permit recycling of scarce resources one example of Region ligation he said would be Small towns collecting the garbage hauling it to a Central compactor perhaps one or two per county and from there hauling it to a Central Landfill. He said such a system would reduce costs and make recycling feasible. Drain compared it to operating one Central Hospital in a county construction of the solid waste compactor was begun in june. 1975 it was completed in january it has a capacity of 66 garbage trucks in one eight hour shift. Currently three to four Semi loads of compacted garbage Are hauled to the Landfill near Duncan per Day. State environmental control Council members attending the dedication were Larry Donegan mrs. Margaret Sutherland Paul harm and Dale Sampson. City councilmen present were Don Peterson Carroll Olcott and lies Pillen garbage contribution a mayor Frad Gerber prepares to throw a gift from Norfolk into the solid waste compactor after dedication ceremonies Friday. The gift was a selection of garbage watching Are Dale Sampson behind the mayor Ond director of the department of environmental control Dan Drain. Telegram photo by Stan Linhorst

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