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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Sep 17 1964, Page 3

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - September 17, 1964, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Citizen times volume four Nuin Ber Xxxi published weekly at Cedar rapids Iowa september 17 1964 second class postage paid at Cedar rapids la subscriptions 50 per year 324 seventh Street s e demand charges be filed the words of Koh Eleth the son of David who was King in Jerusalem for everything there is an appointed time and there is a time for every purpose under the heavens a time to be born and a time to die a time for planting and a time for uprooting a time to slay and a time to heal a time to tear downwind a time to rebuild a time to keep and a time to throw away a time to tear and a time to sew a time to keep quiet and a time to talk a time to love and a time to hate a time for War and a time for peace there is a time to Stop being civilized and a time to Start raising hell for us that time is now behave had a belly full of the tactics of the secretive and Clandestine investigations on top of investigations and the glee fully served up dishes of innuendo that Are clouding our character and ruining an under taking for which we have Laboured too Long and too hard to take it laying Down the investigation of the citizen times fire has drug for thirty Days from the Small amount of information reluctantly Given to us it on for another thirty another sixty until the millennium or until we throw our hands up in surrender whichever dam Ages most no insurance settlement can be made until the Marathon investigation has reached its conclusions we cannot resume operations until these settlements have been made checkmate impasse stalemate How very neat we be More Ham Strung be pushed closer to financial ruin be put out of business More cleverly if All of these machinations were being pursued by design maybe they Are information concerning the fire has been turned Over to the county attorneys office some objects have been sent to the Federal Bureau of investigation for analysis we have been told by fire investigation officials that we would need to secure a court order to gain Access to any of this information the implication seems Clear enough the fire department is proceeding on the Assumption that we Are the parties responsible for the fire through innuendo Hal truth and Misin formation we have already been on trial for the citizen times fire for a month without the Benefit of counsel or the Opportunity to con front our accusers in a courtroom where evidence not guesses truth not half truths can be presented to ascertain guilt or innocence they have had enough time we have had enough delay we demand that the Public be Given a full report of the lingering investigation we have nothing to hide we demand that either charges of arson be pressed against us or that the Hanky pank cease we do not fear a confrontation with these charges in open court they cannot Hurt us we cannot allow this trial in absent a this undue process of Law to continue it is Able officials have stated flatly that the citizen times fire was arson we Call on them now to Back up this charge to Stop the hedging to either charge us As arsonists and substantiate that charge in a court of Law or to admit that they do not know How the fire started who started it or if indeed anyone started it at All we Are not without Means under the Law to Force action to be taken it would be regrettable indeed if we were forced to take such measures we would Hope that a sense of fair play would preclude the continuance of a state of affairs that casts doubt on our integrity and threatens to destroy this newspaper we can not and will not tolerate it any further for All things there is a time it s time now As Harry Truman once said to do some cooking or to get out of the Kitchen the other Side of the Coin a great Deal of misinformation has been circulated concerning the citizen times fire most of it we Are sure is the result of a Lack of full information some is we Are just As certain pure malice and is being distributed by those who have been waiting for some time to get in a few licks at us just to set the record straight wed like to note a few of the myths being circulated and give our response to them the citizen times was in bad financial trouble answer weve lived on the ragged Edge of starvation for nearly two years financial difficulties have never been a stranger to us however the Dawn was beginning to break and things were looking better than Ever be fore weve never made any Bones about being poor weve never pretended to be anything else but we had been in consider ably worse shape before and had weathered it without igniting the business the soup has always been thin but not quite that thin the insurance was taken out Only a few Days before the fire answer True a substantial part but not All of it was taken out a relatively Short time before the fire but we fail to see anything Odd or illogical about that the major portion of the articles under insurance had Only recently been installed and we had Only recently occupied the building you dont normally insure continued on Back Page reports that the pub Lishers of the citizen times failed to show up for a scheduled polygraph lie Detector test to the contrary the publishers were willing last week and remain willing this week to undergo the test prior to the Day set for the test we asked for certain information we Felt we had a right to know if everything was on the up and up that information was not Given us prior to the test and we declined to take it for that and for no other reason we wanted to know the following 1 could our attorney be or Esert 2 who intended to and u 3 what were his qualifications for administering the test 4 what questions would be asked we do not feel that we have made any unreason Able demands if As stated the purpose of the test was to get impartial and objective to questions re Garding our activities and whereabouts before and up to the time of the fire Are our Askings unreasonable consider them one at a time we asked that our attorney be present during any questioning is there any reason Why he should not be if the purpose of the test was to Echo borate us not trap us in the sue do scientific Pitfalls of the polygraph there should be no reason for denying us the right of Legal counsel we asked who was going to administer the test it seemed reason Able to us that the oper Ator be established As an impartial source obligated in no Way to either us or the fire investigators we asked to be Given the qualifications of continued next Page

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