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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives May 14 1964, Page 4

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - May 14, 1964, Cedar Rapids, IowaCitizen times May 14, 1964 Page 4 citizen times , or and 1 f Tor. new two j j. W. Grant or. A citizen Rubli cations i. 3rd Avenue sooth West m Ofer i. Washington and the editor s note Book hard to understand it is hard to under tile for the Kindergan stand the school ten room at Garfield Board s policy of re school but the school fusing such gifts As Board refused the off the one offered by the or. It would seem that Garfield elementary most any improvement pta., the Parent Tea to the schools at Little Cher group offered to or no Cost to the tax buy acoustical ceiling payers would be welcomed by the Board. Small business by c. Wilson harder kudos to Board animal lovers and build and maintain visitors to Bever Park municipal zoo fact Board have expressed con cities. Cern Over the years Hope for the animals its action to fill the about the conditions in Bever Park lies in of vocational and facilities provided two alternate courses director the need for animals penned up the passage of a Law f or vocational and the there for our amuse in the next legislature ment edification or or by interested Citi sadistic gratification Zens will be taken with few exceptions to allow municipalities t conditions under which to expend funds on zoo these pitiful creatures facilities or the Rais Cedar rapids cynical training in this of education is Community is an in be commended for creasing one. Hiring qualified people to do the Job is an important step toward fulfilling that need. Should be tried spite of the limited exist Are sickening and ing of funds by private Public Little Short of civic Library a few years civic subscription. Are Hope for the animals that in Bever Park lies in alternate course passage of a Law disgrace. Some penned in cages offer Little More than two turn around room and the Are close enough to in the next legislature viewing Access so that to allow municipalities those inclined Cantor to expand funds on zoo ment them witly Sticks facilities or the Rais Atid other weapons vate subscription. While it is certainly we Hope that some a matter of civic con action either by the the fault does legislature or by not lie with City Park interested citizens officials. They More will be taken son. The than anyone Are aware addition of a natural of the problems and habitat zoo would like to do some Only be an attraction thing about it. The sad for Cedar rapids but fact is tha t the Iowa would be a humane re code makes no provi Medy for conditions Sion for the certainly Success of sunday one Way of increasing the Library s effective use capacity without a capital expenditure time would not be out is to increase the num of order. Ber of hours it is open. Obe offis yogic according to biblical sources dab Elliis a place in ancient Syria whore Thuy not Only tried to build a lower toward the Moon but they spoke in so Many strange to Tigos nobody in inv Luil tic other fellow was up o. There seems to be Simil Arity to n More modern place along the Potomac. And while Rock ets not Low ers inc insert for a m o o n project the language con fusion is apparently the same. Some time . Harder ago the limited surgeon Genera issued a grim re part that cig Arette smoking is a cause of lung cancer. Immediately 11 10 Federal Trade commission which would much rather fool around with any chore to avoid doing its principal Job of enforcing the anti Trust Laws jumped into the act to consider a turn on advertising of in addition the of flick of education considers a Campaign to discourage cigarette smoking while . Of agriculture is pc Dirie counterpart funds equalling rep. Clarence Brown Ohio reports to encourage for Eigners to smoke cigarettes. And now senator Gayl Nicl Nelson of Wisconsin has called for a War on poverty calling for Federal expenditures of billion Over the next Iii years. Where s he Money to come from through a five cent per pack increase in cigarettes. A Illonal enl Rillon of it is also pointed put that cig Arette taxes in this nation Are Low compared to Europe Only 12. Of in . As compared to a 43. Be lax per pack in England 3c.sc tax in Ireland. 41. Be in Sweden and so i on. Largely overlooked is the fact that the per capita consumption of cigarettes in America is much higher than in these nations to for the nonce it is perhaps Well to Overlook he economic considerations which would indicate that the higher he cig Arette tax the lower the. Con sumption. And of course reduction in consumption in this nation would also reduce the amount hat would be derived War on poverty. But this. Viewpoint in perhaps too practical and thus immaterial us instead it is Well to Inibig. Inc us must delightful set of paradoxes thai will result it the surgeon general continues his warning inc r to muzzles cig Arette Adverl Sinaj and the of fice of bldg cation decides to Campaign against cigarettes while in lir same Lime Cong a Ress passes a High Cikar Kllc tax to War on poverty. Of trial i bullit i Naldi and education a Murrau releases will Issue warnings against smok ing the Etc will require each package in carry a warning that the product is dangerous on the other hand whatever cans wars on poverty will he urging people to smoke Iii ire o in the taxes. This Bureau in order to keep from offending the ii Thor bureaus will undoubtedly adopt a slogan such As the following contract t Ancor to cure Pov erty smoke and believe the Story of Rahel is merely n folklore myth. An extra pack some agnostics the lock on the fruit Wood door to the editor Day before the House speaking in Des passed . 7152 with Njo Isth Strong Republican and senator Jack Miller stated his belief that cities Cedar rapids most Lowans Are Opp citizens had a used to the House in at the Post office. Expend that exist now As Well passed civil rights yielded 1 000 Dit re of Money to bil1 l wish to express cards and letters m i rat my Surprise and favor of the Bill. The a Uli Zens viewpoint agreement with t Mso Des Moines and Keo Pinion of senator Mil Kuk a act branches talk about the new made. I for Ler s. Had mail ins of courthouse addition that a lot More thought Louis Harris april 1700 or 1800 messages sunday do not use the Library on that makes reference to the is Given to the subject poll shows 70% of the supporting . 7152, professional Raen or retired people. Underground parking before the final Deci american people in after it passed the lot in the Plaza As if Sion is made. So far favor of the Johnson House there were no ques arguments in favor of Kennedy measure. The last month some Tion that the facility the underground Park state College of Iowa 1300 Iowa citizens will be constructed ing lot have not been at Cedar Falls is sent our senators a legally no such Deci convincing enough to having an All College Telegram petition Sion has yet been justify its expense. Civil rights Demon favouring the civil stration this week. Rights act of 1964. In we May be them Are she inline. Six years ago the Library was representative James recent weeks some 2, on saturday ni8hts. Three years ago it was open on Sun reprinted f rom Issue of the you can go to the flicks on sunday in our town. Or Bowling or shopping. You can rent a Canoe or g9 to a Ball chop Down a tree or steal hubcaps if you re so inclined. But you can t go to the Library. It s closed. There Are two excellent reasons for its closing some other cities close their libraries. And besides Rio one uses the Library on sunday teenagers and College students do not use the Library on they can t. It s closed. It costs Money to run a Library on sunday. Probably even More than it costs to put out a quarterly newspaper advertising its services and maybe even More than it takes to re Model a Branch Library. Our Library facilities Are expanding. The hours during which fussing and feuding As their feud continues concerned intensify with Hass the debate on . 7152 rapids citizens have the Spring edition of the Library news Organ not that Over 9000 Well been Labouring on a pet get Ngone funny you re paying for it had this to say about supervisor Henderson with his Arm on super Only four Short months ago the newspaper carried a charming letters came to Ilion urging the Senate the Worth of improvements to the Kenwood picture of county business Tri Etc his office almost All to pass the civil rights the tightly finished in soft shades of in favor of the Bill. Bill passed by the Bali and match Green with a Cork tone Asphalt tile floor steel none of this support House. Shelving painted the same Shade of Green is furnished in of senator for these reasons in fruit Wood end pane s to match the fruit Wood Library furniture Amend then i Call on senator the bal most Duel recent ver became so heated with thai it in Rte that it ended visor Scolaro s Shoul Der As if they were Long lost Budd ies. The picture must slander suit. It have been taken Dur ing a Lull in the voters reactions to these goings on. Was for Dirksen s Reat of agents Hickenlooper and sen just Between i Bali Green shelving i can t inter Potino a senat0r Miller should Ator Miller to vote for help but believe that the Ould Settle if asked for the our the Civ rights bin hours and less a few . Civil rights Bill As passed bythe House Carlyle once said that founding a Library is one of the greatest rally of last july in of representatives lungs a Man can do because every Man who reads a Book Des Moines. In oct without crippling a becomes a Wiser Raan Ober the conference amendments. Their the Jaycee s Bough on the Many. The marched for a Strong vote on the proposed we have a a one. We can be proud of it. Themselves some in manager of the Dama civil rights Bill in Morton amendment but must never a luxury that Only a few can enjoy. Favourable publicity by ged hotel apparently Burlington. The fort could hardly reassure u Raust tailor its hours needs of ail of its people it s raising a Rucus and was t As upset about Madison Branch of the Iowa citizens in favor no sin to read on sunday. Damaging a hotel Dur the whole affair As the n. A. . P. Had a of equal rights for All we believe that the Library open on sunday. The ing a convention Indes headlines would Lead similar peaceful de americans. Town Cher intends to work toward that end. We Hope that those Moines recently. As you to believe for demonstration for equal Russell w. Nash citizens who As we do win express themselves for if is usual in. Such in said that the Jaycee s constitutional rights president Iowa they do their Library Iii be open for everyone to enjoy. Stances it was Welcome at in november. State conference and this is Asil should be who cast the bad Light the hotel again. Last february one of branches n. A. 1 . P

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