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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Mar 30 1966, Page 5

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - March 30, 1966, Cedar Rapids, IowaPublished weekly by Phoenix enterprises v 606-4th ave. Mourn cart. Cedar rapids Iowa 534o1 owner publisher a w. Grant editors Paul Kelso Page 5 citizen times june 30, 1966 next week the citizen times fire a look at the facts special features chief Maltas continued. Moris face so James m. Stevens Jam Susan Barrett. Departments advertising Art Marsha Kaiser photographic editor a. W., Grant labor Akin automotive butane pc circus Avion be so subscriptions a year in Cedar rapids a year out of town second class postage paid at Cedar rapids Iowa editorials our responsibilities the responsibility of the citizen times is abroad and heavy one. Are charged with the Publica Tion of truth and the expression of fair and in formed to accomplish this we Are faced with the need to be critical while being constructive. To comment on every thing to local conditions is an enormous task for any Media. For a newspaper with growing pains and a Small staff such As ours it would be impossible to carry on the portrayal of human events without sometimes being less than fully but we will continue to present the Public re Cord. will publish both sides of a Story including police work go Down the Drain because of red tape and inability to obtain convictions. It s getting to where the criminal has More rights than Ordinary Citi Zens. The Law abiding Public is the loser. Peo ple have the right to walk Down the Street and be free from assault. Businessmen have the right to robbery and persons the right to be Safe in their Homes. Better citizens have the right to expect Law enforcement officers to be Able to properly punish those who abuse the chief Matias feels that the recent court ruling is badly timed. Crime rates Are at a Peak yet expected to increase even Lias been the that Side that May have trend for several years been overlooked by others while constitutional i we will research ques Ghag must be respected Tion listen and learn. The in dealing with suspected policy of the citizen persons chief George times is to offer valid a. Matias feels the new arid criticism rules Are a dangerous on the line for the Benefit of the pub Lic in general. As any newspaper or private citizen we admit to having prejudices and sympathies in various a reas of Community and intellectual life. But responsibility demands we follow Davy Crockett s advice to be sure you re right then go this goes along with our Masthead pledge to in form the Public without fear or favor and right or wrong will prove Best for the Long term Benefit and education of readers and the Community. Watch this my sister is expecting that stupid basketball player Experiment in the the Ory and practice of Law enforcement. Trie court said that the suspect must be advised when the accuse atrial stage has been reached after an arrest. In attempting to suppress police methods which my be brutal or coercive the court decision presented several theses. One was that our system of Justice demands that the government produce the evidence against the individual by its own in dependent labors rather than by the expedient of compelling it from his own secondly the court wishes to put an end to the Back room at the station House. Suspects Are thought to be appressed and intimidated by uniforms guns ble Filc rooms and Isola Tion. Ail t ius is thought to via Friend less and oppressed defend visitor service Guadalajara Mexico s Sec Ond largest City has a new visitor service. Guides on motorcycles tour the City answer ing questions supplying tourists with City maps and hotel and restaurant lists As Well As assisting motorists with minor automobile repairs. Law grass for sans having Only average attention a mixture of grasses or a Type having some hereditary diversity usually performs better. Blend of Ken Tucky Bluegrass varieties or Bluegrass mixed with Fine fes cues works out Well Over most of the country. Fly Paul by 1900 Farmers had spread Over the Northern Plains and the Frontier had been closed. Although we think about die Frontier As a Cowboy and Indian Saga the Farmer was faced with nothing so romantic. Just hard business facts. During the 1870 s product Ion of farm goods increased while the country was in a period of depression. This drove farm prices downward from High civil War Levels. Farmers were convinced As Many Are today that middlemen were the problem. The unorganized Farmer could t Fig fat the railroads Grain elevator operators Bankers and Mer chants and a depression too. When the banker says he s broke Aid the merchants Upin smoke they forget that its the Farmer feeds them All. The Granger movement founded in 1867, recruited hundreds of thousands of Farmer members and captured control of several state governments in the Midwest. Laws were passed regulating middlemen and railroads. But by the 1 ate. The. Rapid expansion of agriculture in the West had caused prices to drop off again. Because the Farmer had invested heavily his debt did not scale had roote to break even. The of 1887 teamed with the depression of the 1890 s to bring ruin. The Farmer then began to shift the blame to currency regulations and organized the Greenback party. They demanded through the Northwest and Southern alliances an inflated currency to wipe out farm debts incurred while prices had been High the Farmer s income would Rise according to theory but his payments on past debts would stay the alliances also suggested a graduated income tax. The Greenback Era faded after the 1884 elections but Alliance leaders and others formed the populist party. The platform called for government ownership of railroads and the free coinage of Silver. Populists hitched their political Wagon to William Jennings the democratic party in 1896 Only to find that free Silver did t excite the voters. The Teddy Roosevelt years following led to increased farm Prosperity and the movements lost political Power. The Long Range influence of these Farmer politicians is still seen. They anticipated Public regulation of railroads and govern ment agencies regulating Public utilities. If Granger s Experiment with cooperatives failed then they set the stage for the Success Ful Coop of today. Although populism never created a major party almost All the reforms they advocated have been applied in this if anybody should ask you who was it made this song Tell him it was poor Farmer marching a million Strong from his wry s scrapbook dates and events from yesteryear a world peace Jubilee was held in Boston june 17, 1872. Napoleon was Defeated at Waterloo june 18, 1815. Susan b. Anthony was fined for voting at Rochester n.y., june 18, 1873. Emperor Maximiliam of Mexico was shot to death june 19, 1867. Bartholdi s statue of Liberty arrived in new York june 19, 1885. The first american Steamboat the Savannah crossed the Atlantic reaching Liverpool june 20, 1819. Cyrus Hall Mccormick secured the first Patent on his reaping machine june 21, 1831. Charter for the new league of nations was completed Al the san Francisco conference june 21, 1945. The nazi army invaded Russia june 22, 1941. The i Bui of rights was signed by president Roosevelt june 22, 1944. Wiley Post and Harold Gatty began an around the world flight june 23, 1931

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