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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Jun 26 1964, Page 5

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - June 26, 1964, Cedar Rapids, IowaEditorial citizen times and owners editor . Mm4aguk by citizen publications inc. 819 3rd Avenue South West Iowa second Ltd subscriptions 50 per year citizen times june 26, 1864 Page 5 a citizen s viewpoint Bill says says goodbye watch on Wapski congressman brom Well s announced intentions to reactivate a study of the a Tsipin icon River near cent ral City As a Reser voir site has caused a flurry of comment in the second District largely from his opposition in the upcoming second District congressional race. It is of course predict Able in any election year that the opposition will Over lbs no Opportunity to put the congressman on the spot. That s politics. We re sure the con Gressman expects it. But before the matter is dismissed As pure Campaign Ballyhoo some unanswered questions should be put to rest. It remains an unanswered question As to just if any one is urging or. Bromwell to seek this project for District or whether it is a venture under taken on the Congress Man s own initiative. heard of Little enthusiasm for the project which has lain dormant for 25 years and of no group that has urged for re activation of the project through Federal funds. 5 if or. Bromwell has initiated the program strictly on his own we wonder about the advisability of keep ing Only his counsel in the deliberation of a project that carries an estimated tag of nine million dollars and affects a sizeable piece of Linn county real estate. We would have imagined that the congressman an announced advocate of better communication Between the various Levels of govern ment Wouldhave taken pains to keep All involved Levels of government informed in regard to this project regrettably this weeks column will be the last appearance of a citizen s View Point for the time being at least. Cir become a widely a be a successful paper we re sorry Cepter publication it this shortcoming must to it will fill a Long neg be suppressed. Elected Gap in Cedar i do feel that Tom we regret that or. Rapids. That being and Lee Are Well in Rexroad finds himself a newspaper which mentioned As they con unable to continue in cum stances Are such keeps its ear to. The tinally run articles his capacity As a guest that i am discontinue ground and reports the editorial and other editorialist and re ing the column at this otherwise in Public Wise which present Spect his wishes. We time. Sized View of the Var views opposite to those cannot agree entirely i will take this oppor issues that come of the publication. For with some of the Points Unity to say a few our Community example they have made in his Adieu words about the Citi Auch a publication is printed this column a however As or Rex zen times undoubtedly a nuisance number of times when Road correctly pointed first of All Cedar a the governing to the substance of the out we re not afraid Dies but it is Essen article was diametric to have someone Dis kids needs a weekly newspaper such As this. Whether this one Good local will make the Grade i would not make a prediction. I Hope it does though for it can Benefit the City. But it tial for the continuance Cally opposed to the agree with us and have views held by the Edi Ahvay accorded them tors. I think the pro the Opportunity to there Are areas where Blem is one of sex voice that disagree Prience and that will ment. Ment. The paper has had its god knows surely come with time. Not perfect Bill second need the but then when did we paper has is a me Ever say we were the improvement is needed in the paper. The first and most import the _ Tant is that of being Downs and will completely thorough Chancial one. More important thing is we no doubt continue to and objective. While care should be taken feel is that we strive have them. Some 4s it is necessary to pre in laying out the paper to improve and if de sues Are very Good sent an opposite View the columns should be sire counts we will newspapers. Other Point As the a Toften wider words should be we be never seen any issues Are not so Good. Does. It must be done hyphenated properly situation or cause and solicited their and Many readers greatly fairly and with a11 the and news other than Vance by throwing vice before any action. We Hope. Or. Brom Well will speak out fully on this matter because we agree with him that the Conser vation of water re productivity and pleasure Are of Paramount import Ance for the second District and indeed for the nation. We would hate to see a Worth while proposal torpedoed by politics but it remains for the _ 4-Rtll congressman to ten. The District just what he has in mind. Initiating enjoy the paper. A facts at hand. Some few despise its very times it seems the existence. Editors get a Little car if the citizen times ried away and in does maintain its foot courage controversy for the Sake of con continues to grow. Ing and grow to police items is needed hands up in the air it s been fun writing rolling up the sleeves this column. I Hope it More often does the has been worthwhile Job. While we have and i Hope the paper not always agreed with or. Rexroad s View Troverso alone. To Good Luck fellas. Red Cedar shavings wants world fair changes of visitor to the new York Washington and a congressman from Aarma. Our neighbouring state this is most regret to a Tatlo Zionc mob Favio on no q n exc pm cart tic 1.1 it cell was a recent f impress indelibly upon world s fair the fair is so breath Tak our citizens and Visi Zorias Ine in tors from abroad the honorable roman c. My so blessings of our Heri ton Candy Ferris would every Tage and to rekindle spec Ted him As an intelligent and articulate commentator on the local scene. We too Hope that his absence from our pages will be a temporary one and thank him for his efforts on. Behalf. Of this publication. Go every Small business by c. Wilson harder tic fact thai Washington a leads the nation in per capita consumption of alcoholic beverages n and the fact that the cily also experiences a very go rate of traffic accidents a not necessarily go hand hand but there is a pos that Nestr future some inter est i n g data will be devel oped if tin s docs come to pass it will largely due to the work of Tor Wayne Morse of orc-1 gon. While . Harder Many people hold different opinions on the expressed philosophies of the Northwestern senator if is generally acknowledged Hal As b former University Dean of Taw to does bring in the Congress Ime of the most comprehensive Irga Hook grounds to he found in either Ehammer. N g a foot thick. He stated that in 1961, ick cts were fixed in 38 and in 1063, traffic tickets were fixed. The Oregon senator also re acted the polite phraseology used in Washington regarding hese tickets. These tickets which were Lorn up have been officially referred to Asad lie said every place else hey Are called fixed and Hus his Bill spells out that busting is actually fixing. Now perhaps As legislation docs in Washington this particular Bill assuming it gets passed will probably not go Down in history As a major legislative act yet perhaps this is an instance where history will fail to emphasize the truly significant. After All. The main business of Washington is that or Mak ing Laws administering Laws and interpreting Laws. And lawyers by and Large usually believe Llinat the Jiw ii the Law. Regard i is of the Loci they May personally a arc i with the provisions of a Law thus it was interest info the other Day in the aug is United states Senate when sen Ator Morse introduced a nil entitled a Bill to prohibit the fixing of traffic tickets in the this Bill May set a Irand District of Congress also passed the i known As the Kobin Soh Lalman in is Bill. The action of the senator san Ali displayed an i a hit of i May Lead to a study of Ivhan paper Elisii Liiri a happens to the Enron Emend o incl a Quarter of Iii Inch of by Uherc Laws Loo. The District of Columbia governed by Congress and Uherc Are inilljt1 Laws. Rut whal use is in for Congress to pass Laws if they can be series Leppel. As evidenced by the wholesale fixing of Frallic Nickels in llii1 Chin ill. Mucins a May like cot wel1 conceived Candy Ferris would urse. Wheels and Pink Structure or spectacular exhibit of on our part that he saw America its Industry or speaker it grieves me to voice their Federal verment. I have in my District american if at All imbue Pride a private concern in lemonade bathed in t possible to visit this dependence Hall of it Chicago whose presi the m of he like the attitudes representing the uni and the world Ted states at the fair. The unhappy fair going Solon had this to say about his vist and ably to catch what he saw Spring Tempo or. Speaker i fair. Should like to Call to every other country the attention of the which has a Pavilion most convincing argue Cio 3_nrf lug still j Cutie Branch of go Ted a living Symbol of verment the fact that its attributes while the. The most uni Magina american exhibit is Tive exhibit at the new dul1. Drab and Corn York world s fair Petely unimaginative tragically is the u. To fails completely to s. Government Hexhi show that our True bit known As the strength cannot be Deral building. Found in our weapons it is indeed a those who a. J this indictment against the Federal building b 5 those who Are respond exhibit failed miser t sible for arranging the . Government s exhibit at the fair. Their Complete Lack of Ima of suggest that president Johnson consult immediately with those responsible for this exhibit and order them to award a contract forthwith to sad private Industry to re at Dent , has done a magnificent Job in helping arrange an inspiring exhibit at the Illinois Pavillion which is just across the Street from the Federal building at the world s fair. I am sure that there Are Many other private companies capable of taking this Federal exhibit and reorganizing it completely so it will inspire instead of detect. I can assure eagles most disappointing exhibit reflection unon the is deep in our con completely people in our govern diction and dedication Federal building ment who a Sedan to the american Ideal. With Animagi ment no Aesir Neawana nation that Mil of a he for by Ulitt ult ih11 Tufi pm nit at i a Tod. V to Jjack 1 1 c i o him it Iii i i that the Money we have convince that our Des spent has just not pro tiny is in our g Vears will the i ctn i Rndt Orono f o Wilaj. Diced an exhibit which Ana that each he t reflects America s ration earn and p rejects America s d f americans proud of great strength and bold preserve i Reedom Tor the world s fair is the Federal build ing. I do not believe it is too late big crowds Are yet to come both this year and next year

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